The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 25, 1918, Image 1

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Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
Jitney Main bave mad thrlr ap
pearance In I'nrllamt
J a mm Ellison, resident nf Albany for
th aal 40 yrara. ll! t li-r. aged 10 Mm-lf In sympathy l,h movement
ail ii r h ilmlnK Hie wi ihmI.
I'nr I hi' pulp."..' III ill n loping M Ifi
1 1 r -in fur tin' tili-iin ni n( airrl
minimi anil luamtl nil I I i f the
stale. Governor V lihvi innl' Ima ere.
id ii a ii hum aulaili l iim lnnlon,
to Ik know a aa the Oregon I .and Hot-tlcim-nt
roiniiiUrliiii Hk' commission
Imlmlca Hiaii- Trruauri-r Kay. Halcm;
ft M ( lark. I'm lluntl . W Milam Ham
!). llurns; Knur) Olmliil, Port
land; J l Farrell. pi. Miami; Whitney
I,. Ildw, Portland, ami William Poll
man. Maker.
Governor Wltliycoiiibit baa declared
Fill In Picture Puzzle No. 27 1
Th" Faroiera' Crtatii'fy inpaiiy nf
Csrllon la Inalaltlh plant f'r I In'
manufacture of milage i hcae
The president Sent In the wnatc III"
minmlnallnna nf mi Hi II Ward. post
master at Htatiflcld, anil II '. Hmall.
Hialmaatrr at Turner.
Morion Nunn, alair highway m
Rlnra-r. we cltM-trd pr' nf lit"
Northwest Hocloty of Knglnci ra at
meeting held In Portland
'urge G. Wada. a Cnrvallla bll'.r,
ml Private Claude P IVrtlit. nf Mon
roe, Willi thr Attn rim li rtpetlitloiMry
form In Fiance, died rif pin iiiiionla.
The Oregon pt-niicnUnry aervlre flat!
ban IS alar and bt Mill la soon lo l
added, aa another prisoner liaa Ju(
been pard"md In fight fur Ilia rnuntry.
Two f lulaa rnunty'a pioneer
died last week. T fi. DiiImII, hi year
nlil. pawl say al Riddle, ami l.ral
till! WnrthlhKton illnl tit Mjrllc Crnli
An organized effort l under way fur
the OralnliiR nf rr-a f In" 'I In
lh southwestern miner of Marlon
run nly, known aa the Ankcny bottom.
The consolidation of Otegon rural
a. hoola aa a wartime measure of econ- .
omy la ail l'd strongly by the Oregon
normal school department u( rural edu
cation. Oregon farmi-ia rc an ex
rccdlngly during ib past year Hint
they arc from 24 in l" uT ( l-lt-r
ff lhn"th,y r a )i-ar a". a-rrd-Ins
in t uilniaiia
Mamllua ()wii, m r of tlin flno
Nrrll farm and aitHk ram h at
Rrnhtra, a fpw nillea antitli nf Knral
Gmw. died at Ilia limm- frmu id
on f.Hit to rri-al" aonir anrt nf a board
or i iinilaaliiii to Iiuvp ai'tKial tbare
nf ralaliiK iluiiailnna for ur iniiU. to
a vnlil lu.ll. ui inn In tin' ouik.
''iiinij iii. i h art- tuki n to tak by Kvid W II Ayir for fnll'iri'
In fiillu limn i ..m ;-, tin- fiMii) rnnai r
vallim aiiKriitiiiiia Ml A)T aa llial
tK i i.iiiiiiii m Ih of ai-l aaalaf
aiii'i' In rarriliiK "ii' th" imll.iiiul run
arailiii Un If tiny HI ri-rrl
lirrattr arlf !- Ijit
A blK llltil" r ia nn i onmiiiiiiiafd
laal .ik. olnii tin ( I.i i ). t Wllaun
I.iiiiiIh r noi ii.iii). nf l.liiiilnii. pur
rluM il a"i-ral tlmuaand nnn nf tint.
I., r tiinil In t'nliiinlila 1011111)'. dr. ki.ii,
at M I'll.r irolllllltllli IXIHI.IMMI 1 hr
Kir Ti"- l.iiiiilH-r hi 1 ( 11 ) and tin
Aiib dule I -4 ml i iiiiiimii) miIi) tlio prop,
nil. 11
Cnvrrnnr WliliyromlM- ll Iw ankwl
to 1 ul I a hi'IiiI uliit' il Hon In Ix
In Id In conjoin ! l"ii Kith 'hr pi Unn ry
tioniliiatliiK i ln tlon M iv 17. that tr
ftoii nii-ra by tin' 1 mo ttui nt of appro
piint.. lyl.lnili.n mi. 1. 1 Hi.' Initl.illw
may' a noanp bv "lilili iml.lli r
ami nllor riillntliit: fimn thla alate
nmy pnrili iputi- In futuro ln(l"ii lu
Ihi-lr lioini" atati-.
HrprnM-iitatlvi- Hlnnott Iiiih brti(ht
In 1 hn niiiiitloit of Itailroinl Intitior
M. AiIiki thr mi d for f. ib ml owiatntirn
In nnnpli Mns 1 In' railroad from Brnd
to KU 111a ill Knlla Tin-re la now a
imp of 40 or LU mlli a liryond Kirk.
If tint Koiiriiini 11I la K0I11K to aid 111
fliiam In m-w nil J Itupiirtaiit rlli'ai
3f S6 Sl'yfzj
u & 2 - . .47 -J 7 ' 8.
Th pioplr inuat rlth'-r go oa or f)
undi-r." a lh ailrrlnK illniai of an
addn-aa dllvnd to lh- tradu union
of f;rat llrlialu by David Moyd
Giik-, th- llritla'i prltiif mlnlatT
A mutiny anion aubmarlne rrrwa
at Ihn Otrman natal Imiw of Kid on
January 7 la r purd d In an KxcbanCD
Tl'raph dmpairh from fnea.
Thlny-rlKlit "tfn-r arr aald to ha
bn n klll"d.
Th pnirr ronfTpnre prorin-dlna at
nri a' l.ltovik aaln bav ln-n aua
pinilid. and Kor-ln Mlniatrr Troliky
la rrpored 10 lia rfturnil to fclrt
Itrad. Kon ln olawrvcm In I'rtrograd
brlli-re that thr n'-otlatlnn are work
in to a final brrak.
Tli" polltli-al unrat In frmanjr
rontlnui-a anabat-d and Ctiann-llor ron'
Ilirtlln aaln haa poniporn-d bis
api-c-rh to th- main rommitfe of the
HMrhnta In anaw-r lo the war alma
announrrd by I'n-aliknt Wllaon and
I'remlor Lloyd George.
The Auatrlana bave made another
attempt to forre the Italian right flank
More Than Million Workers in
Dual Monarchy Have
London. The itrlke movtment and
the accompanying food detnonitra
llona hare apread throughout tha
arhol of tha dual empire. Including
GalieU. and hara veTrvbera a
aumed a political character, with tna
demand for peace Uklng precedence
over everything elae.
With more than 1.000.000 worker
on itrik and widespread report of
disorder In Auitrla and Hungary, tba
iltuatlon In th dual monarchy la be
clouded, the cenaorahip bavin; atlfled
ail new. The German eenaonblp
alio baa prohibited German newapa
per from telling of the altoatio la
Effort of Austrian atateamen to
il. Plav rlvi-r lln nmt fitifch A
way to Vrnice rlowe to the Adriatic tb httnr' PPl ".e'r de-
coaat. Romo rrporta an attack on ",n1 for
wide front In thla sector. The Italian. ,he,r w"" nd lh
met the atta determinedly, and ar- Prmltted the promUe. of the
r-aud the enemy effort government .pokeamen to rech th.
The cri.1. In Austria, arising from ouU,,e M. again ha. reaumed tu
the discontent of the people over the troubl to Mid to be deep-
eaiea ana ia a mixture 01 war wean-
i. t.
IT; tnnt vtna liKtitltniiMt you drew In your laat picture, children. Many
.tup crew liuvi. timiiki-il ," kI when Uu-y aw It on utormy nighta at ae.
II han narnt-.t ilirm of a irnctr , Nw art buy aaain with your pencil.
.Iillilirn, UmnolliK at No. I, ami you'll drutv th plrtuie of aumrtlilne that will
ft-ioiml )ou of hlpa. .ntlioviM. and tbaawa. No; we won't tell you any more
iiixiut it, itui you may have awn It eotne time in an exhibition of things that
live in th water. It 1 one of tha quret npeirnrn that you can Imagine and
ban a funny name
thr mill, wan-bouai- and shipbuilding nouncr-mmf !'" by the ffdiral food
continuation of the war. to the scar
city of food and a general desire for " bwtT nd nti-Germanlm
peace, haa resulted in the resignation
of the Austrian cabinet.
Indication that the widespread
peace movement in Auatria la spread-
In Hungary alito the people are en-
Ing through Germany are carried in
properties at Portland, the e-xrcutlve
announrrd that he would swk the men
available In the recently orcanlird Ore
gon militia to serve at surh pay as the
ciimmisalnner for f"iillforn!-
Thc new minimum price, fixed at 1
cent under the food administration
minimum effective on the Chicago
market, which now- ia $15.50 per hun-
atate I ablo to give them. The gov
rrnor state that In the event funda dred. It was ald. was expected to re-
for that purpose are Inadeijuate, rathej Bllt n a irenu ndou Increase In pork
than to call a Vneclal session of (bo nnuioriinn In (he HilM Bfferleit hr
cohat ruction. Mr. Hlnnott urg.-s that n,,,!.,,, he wia ,,,, ,0 ,ho twr. hp ,gmnint.
mis roan m- aiuea. K(1(.y
The iMcretnry of aKrlrulture ha ad- immediate organitatlon of a non
dearoring to ascertain what are the o.spaicnee 'm noua sources, ie.i-
prospects for a cessation of hostilitle ,n of demon.trationa. Including th
and a return to normal life. 80 In- "P jr ob of meeting of
aistent has been their effort In Ihia Ktherland party,
direction that the Hungarian premier
ha been forced lo announce in the
lower bouse of parliament that the
government adhered to the principle
of peace without annexation or indemnities.
aulia of ef Inflicted wuuuds made by Itrprrm ntailve lUwl. y that no pr,wn league lu this state wae de-
i ri tan t sent to ottag" urove tor r,(1 ,, nl executive mectlnis of
rasnr blade.
Ilend will be the convention city of
Ilie Oregon State federation of Labor
In 1919. That wa d-cldetl by the
unanimous vote of the deli(ata at
tending the fifteenth annual conven
tion at Astoria.
Klft-y four men and women give
cuticle from their limb for a allo
grafting operation designed to save the
life of Hurry (I. Welger. a soldier of
the spruce division, at Ht. Vincent'
hospital at Portland.
The beat record of any rural mall
carrier In Oregon In the rale of war
aavlng stamps la claimed by Hoy linn-
vllle, mail carrier on route No. 2 out
Two Ship Sunk With Loss of 718. PetrogTd.-Russia- constituent
London. Two steamer were sunk pbly hd been in existence but
in the Mediterranean about December few before it was dissolved
31. and caused a loss of 718 live. Sec- Sunday by the executive com
ma ry to the Admiralty McNamara mUtee of the congress of workmen'
announced Tuesday. -nl oldler delegate. It to reported
It will be succeeded by the workmen'
the purpose of reseedllig to suitable
grass a large area of land west of dial
city and eaat of the Kluxlaw valley,
whli h was burutil over by forest flrra
last fall. Itesldents of Cottage tlrova
had agreed to sow the aeed It the gov.
eminent would turn lull It.
Several county stock Inspector in
various parts of the suite will find
llielr offlelul position kumked from.
between 30 and 40 members of tho
state federation of labor, the grange
ami the farmer' union at Portland.
Whether the promised organisation
shall be affiliated with the Nailmml
Non-Partisan league or shall merely
he patterned after the North Dakota
li'HKiie wo left to it spi-clnl committee
i-oiiHlatinK of C. K. Spcnce, master of
the grange; Hector Marplieraon, ol 'he
The price from the retailer to the
consumer wilt not be raised. It was
Announced, the producer alone benefit-
I .. 1 I .. r- .OBH . f I - .,--rl Ia.
hi. output from now on. particularly 18.000 Army Officer, to Be Advanced. '" ol WhiCJl"l
for animals ready for slaughter next Washington. fclgnteen
thousand supporting the Lenin government
temporary second lieutenant in the Dissolution came after the Bolshevik!
regular army were made eligible for dherent had been defeated In- at-
promo'.ion to first lieutenant In the tempt to gain control of the assembly. armv bv a war denartment Lenlne himself -introduced th dl-
under them. Slate Veterinarian Lytle Oregon Agrliultural coUege: E- J.
says, as the result of an' opinion by Stack, secretary state federation of !,
Attorney tJeiierol Hrown. The attorney,
general holds that the old act provid
ing for county stock Inspectors is re
pealed by Implication by Inter statute
bor; J. A. Smith, of the farmers' union,
and C. L. McKenna. of Portland.
of Newberg One day taut week bis providing for county veterinarian.
sale amounted lo between fUnti ami
The car service committee bus ad
vised Senator Chamberlain that In.
slruetlons have been sent the local car
committee at Seattle to Investigate and
take afepa to remedy the nir Kliortiig"
complained of by Itimlfr mills tit
Attorney-General Gregory has Issued
general limtrurtlons for thr Informa
tion of German aliens who must ri g
Ister either with the chief of police
or lite iHistmiister between Ki'brunry
4 and 9, both Inclusive. These. Instruc
tion are designed to Inform limse
covered In (he registration that lias
been nidi-rod and are expected to
The authorities, at Astoria luivn simplify that registration when It I
doubled the military guunls uboiii the made.
'mills, wharves and warehouses In the
city. It la thought (his action was
taken with a view of preventing any
disloyal act by German sympathizers
or agents.
Sergeant George II. Miillln, of Port
land, who, according In presn din
Attorney. (icneral Hrown bus held
that candldiites for (ho Hull Moose
party are not entitled to a place on the
primary ballot in May. The attorney
general holds that tinder the law a
party, (o set-uru 11 pluee on tho ballot,
must have at least 20 per cent of the
patches raptured a "plll lmx" single vole for prcsliieutinl electors nl thfc
handed, and rushed a sniper's post, preceding clciulnu mid (but the Pro-
destroying the garrison, on the western gresslve parly fulled to awn re that
front, I a nephew of Mr. J. M. Shelley, number.
of Kugene, Douglas enmity must pay H. M.
Theist legislature changed the law flultle, n traveling Kali suinn of De
relative to Arbor day so that It will Moines, In., $1:100 us 11 result of Injuries
hereafter be observed on the second alleged to have hem the remilt of a
Friday In February In all schoolH west bml road, according lo a mandate re-
of the Casrade range and on tho hoc- ceived by the Lane county circuit court
ond Friday in April in schools east of
tho mountain..
Tillamook county lnlori-alsvare tak
ing up with the atate highway com
mission it proposal that a service
ablo automobile road be constructed
f ; . 1
IV v J
L Ay )
Senator Stone Call Him Most Sedi
tious Man In America.
Washington. Smouldering fire, of
partisan feeling were set ablaze in the
senate by Senator Stone, veteran dem
ocrat, with a long prepared speech ac
cusing republicans of playing politics
In their criticism of the government's
conduct of the war and calling Theo
dore Roosevelt "the most seditious
man of consequence in America."
There were many sharp Interrup
tions during the two hours Senator
Stone wa. speaking and when he clos
ed Senators Penrose. Lodge, New and
others on the republican side an
swered with vigorous defense of their
right to mnkc proper criticism of in
efficiencies and with counter charge,
of partisanship. Senators Lewis, Klr
by ami other democrats Joined in the
Roosevelt Goes to Washington.
Washington. Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt arrived in the capital Tues
day, ready and apparently euser to
swing his big slick in the political
Donnybrook Senator Stone started
with his speech In the senate. The
colonel was in high spirits when tha
train pulled In and muuii'estiy enjoyed
the enthusiastic reception aocorded
him by persons in the station.
solution decree in the assembly and
in 90-mlnute speech lauded the oviet
deputies as representing- the highest
power of democracy in the world.
A. I. Shingaroff, minister of finance
in the Kerenaky cabinet, and Profes
sor . F. Kokoahkine, state controller
under Kerenaky, were murdered in
their bed. in the Marine Hospital.
Establishment Except Orag
and Food Store Close.
Washington. The eastern half of
the United States observed Monday
generally a. s holiday, the first of 10
heatless Monday decreed by the gov.
ernment to conserve coat and clear
congestion from the railroads.
Although the closing order, promul-'
gated by Fuel Administrator Garfield,
goes no further than to forbid the use
of fuel for heating, fuel administration
officials expected business to cease,
nd Dr. Garfield issued a direct re
quest that all retail establishments,
except food and drug store., close
their doors for the day.
Food store which, in the original
order were permitted to remain open
"only half the day, were granted a spe
cial dispensation under which they
may Bell goods throughout the day.
from the supreme court of the state.
Dot tie was a passenger on a stago
which upHet while (raveling over the
road between Drain and Si-oltsburg
April 11.
Chrome ore from Josephine county
through tho Gr,anri Ronde Indian rea- soon will he shipped cant In large qunn
ervnllon lo tap the extensive spruce tides for use of tho United States gov
region of th county. eminent. The (lolcondu chrome prop-
During the past week 604 accident crty at Tnkllnia, which has been lying
were reported to the state Industrial lille for several months, will be placed
accident commission. Of thla number, n Immediate operation, and concen-
four were fatal, aa follows: Jack trilling machinery will be tnstafled. It
Allnnlua, Astoria, shipbuilder; A. B. lo expected that within 60 days thla
Ilreedon, Portland, shipbuilder; Ankle." mine will bo shipping five carloads of
Vocum, Sheridan, logger. concentrates per week, requiting tho flan Francisco. A minimum price
On account of war conditions, tkreo mining of 100 ton a daj'. for hoga In the Pacific coast state waa
of Foret Grove' leading churchea will After the federal government, fixed by a voluntary agreement be
have only one pastor. To thla end through Secretary of War Raker, had tween more than 30 packers represent
alepa were taken toward organising Ih rejected a suggestion of Governor ng California. Oregon and Washing
three churchea Methodist, Christian withycombo that men be sent from tho ton, with the United State food ad
ad Contregatlonal loto on federated eantonmenti at Camp. Lewi, to guard mlalstrtUon. according to an an
British Sink Two Turkish Cruiser.
London. In a naval action between
British and Turkish forces at the en
trance to the Dardanelles, the Turkish
cruiser Mtdullu, formerly the German
Kreslau, was sunk and the Sultan
A'awuz Selim, formerly the German
Qoebeu, was beached.
Hrry A. Garfield, Federal Fuel Ad
ministrator, who Issued a dra.tio order
restricting th use of fuel.
Auatria Wanta To Quit
Zurich. All Austria Hungary is cry
ing out for pence. Reports show gen
eral atrikes, spreading throughout the
nation. '"
German Yacht Seized.
New York. The steel pleasure
yacht Joyeuse. said to be owned by
Emil H. Kleuge, an unnaturalized Ger
man, of Englewood, N. J., wa. .eized
by United States Marshal McCarthy.
Federal authorities said the yacht.
Portland. equipped with wireless, with Kleuge
Oats No. 2 white feed, 59 per ton. on board nd unel by a Swedish
Barley Standard feed. J37.50 ton. crew, naa oeen cruising recently along
Corn Whole, $75; cracked, $76.
Joseph Caillaux, former Premier of
France, who waa arrested on charge
of treason.
the Atlantic coaat.
Often Well Hidden.
"A woman cn never keep anything
to herself." suld Daulmy to bis wife,
who hml been reiteatltiB something? be
didn't want knov-'u.
"Oh. yes. ahc cau." said Mrs Danboy
Tl like to know what It Is?" be
grow IihL
"It's her real and private opinion of
loir biiHbuml '-Louilou TU-ltita.
Hay Timothy, $27 per ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, 49c per lb.
Eggs Ranch, 50c per dozen.
Potatoes $Hil S5 per hundred.
Poultry Hens, SSgHc: geese. 16
tJISo: ducks, 2224c; turkeys, live,
Butter Creamery. 53c per lb.
Eggs Ranch. 58c per dozen.
Potatoes $324135 per ton.
Poultry Hens, 2ijj27c; dressed.
2g32e; broilers, SOc. '
Three American Killed in Franc.
Washington." Three Americans
were killed in fiction with the Ger
man Tuesday, General Pershing re
ported to the war department The
dead are Private Albert Cook, West
Almond. N. Y.: Private Harry V. Gar
man, Catawba. Va.; Private Leo E.
Radi, Cleveland. Ohio. The Pershing
report carried only the bare fact that
the men were "killed in action."
It is expected that Germany will
soon bave 200 divisiona 011 the west.