The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 18, 1918, Image 1

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Briefly Sketched for Infor
f ,!- -i f,,m a.4pa
m.tlon of Our Reideri.
Eastern Oregon I experiencing In
flrti winter watbr of th" 117 II
Military drill la part f the r-mi
Ur roljafl work at Willamette I'nl
varsity at Hal to.
Mra W. Hudklna of Alhsii) liaa knit
tad t sweaters for the locsl rhspter
of the Hed Cross
Charles l.ymsn Barnes, "tin uf th
moat wldsly known citizens of folk
eeuoty. dUd In Dalles, sgd M
Tb flrsuts Psss high school debat
ing tssm won the triangular debatn
between Mod ford. Ashland and firsnts
Mid year commencement ejterrlaea of
tk Kufaa hlh acbool, enatomary In
former yera. were abandoned Ibla
fkep ralaln la lo be a feature of
tb Industrial rlub work amonc the
arbool cblldren of Klamath rounty Iho
eomlnc yea.r.
Tha WaahlnRton County I'atrlotia
council waa rerentl) organlfxl by
repreeotUe meo from varloua parta
of lb county.
Tb first annual convention of the
Oregon Creetera. a hotel rlerka' orianl
at Ion. was bald In Portland Tueaday
and Wednesday
rirs wblcb originated In lb Odd
fellows' building
builneaa section
Ipad out half of h
of lono. The loaa
la antlroatad at l0.OW.
Thomaa F. flyan. aaalatant atata
trauror. haa made foruml announee-
mant of hla randldary for the repub-
lleaa uenilnatlon as state inaaurer.
Retail hsrdwars dealers from all
parta of Oregon will gather at Pori
land January II to St for the 13th
annual convention of their aeM-latlon.
tr. J. W. Meredith. M year a old. and
for 4 year a practicing dentlat In
Ralem. where he continued hla prac
tic during the entire tint lu ono of
flea, la dead.
Applications for tJ3u.i0 worth of
Inasa have been made by t& member
of the Lewla snd Clark Farm Umn
association of Clataop county sltu-e
April . I17.
folk county fsrmers are puuled over
recent hesvy losses of sheep. While
It Is known tbst dogs are dln the
work, there haa no effrcilve
way to find the dogs
Arnold Hando. In a fit of aimer.
Shot and killed his hrothortnlaw.
Lawls Chss. l the ranch home of
bta father. Alfopio Hando. on Mill
creek, five mllea south nf T he lisllea.
The building of 40 mllea of track on
th Valley it Hllel railway between
Independence and the Bllem lln. haa
opened up the largest body of yellow-
fir timber on any one watershed
the state.
In a formal statement. Representa
tive C. N. McArthur, of Portland, has
announced his csndidacy for-renominn-tion
upon a platform pledging con
tinued support of the government's
war program.
The Oregon Association for tho Pre
vention of Tuberculosis ha exceeded
tta quota In the sale of lied Cross
Cbrlatmas sesls by more than $2ooo,
th total returns being 113,161.06. The
quota was
Another big logging tamp will be
opened at ones (h the coast mountains
west of Eugene, for the Booth Kelly
Lu ruber company, adding largely to the
output of logs for the company's big
plant at Springfield.
On the morning that tho dally papers
told of the worst billiard of years In
tbe esst 0. W. McFarland brought Into
Cottage Grove a tomato which had rl-
pened In hla garden and which he had
found that morning.
Charles If. Qrarfl, for six years presl-
riant of the state federation of labor
Md for ten yeare deputy atate labor
commissioner, bss announced hla can
didacy tor the republican nomination
aa atate labor commissioner.
One hundred per cent organized In
logging camps and lumber mills Is tho
record for Coos county. It Is reported.
The Loyal Legion of Loggera and Lum-
bermen, a patriotic orgsnlzatlon, now
bss a total of 3821 members.
Never before In their history were
the factories nf Oregon in a condition
as prosperous sr at present. In nesrly
all caaea they are running to capacity,
and many of teem bsve orders booked
which it will require months to fill,
Under the probability that several
Cooa Bay aawmllla will go on double
and ship timber tr.ti t si-iral
hundred rstra ni'ii must he housed
VI ft houses oul'l lie tented if axil
Ir. tarl tiregg Nwy, president of
Willamette l'nteral). hai beep given
trualsea of Dial Institution to t to
Krsorp, lliteattgat" conditions
there and return to America lo assist
n thn ,,,. . ,(irh
conditions. Ihirlng hU sIinkihc fiean
George II. Allien will art aa trcaldeut
of tli achool
Representative llawley has bau ad'
vised that preliminary eiamlnatlou
made In Yamhill and Polk count lea by
II H Oale. of lit" I tiHr.l Htalea geolo
gical lurvry, showed ninn'-mui. indlta
tlona uf natural can. but uu ludlca
lions nf oil.
Kslltnatca publlahrd at th" Hao
Kraiirlsru office of I hi- fulled Wales
geological survey, coiireriilug the min
ers! output of the slstc of Oregon. ar
In many lustsiirra niitiuli tory, un-
reliable and unfair. aconim to II M.
I'ark. of lb- ru bureau of mine.
A trad of spruce In the Weatlak
dlatrict near Florence. hlch "III
erulae u per cent clear spruce and
produce from n,ooo.noo to 90.ono.o00
fet of spruce timber ha leen discov
ered and ateps arc .elng made to begin
logging operallona In the n-ar future.
William Chandler. 50, tai shot and
klllml. and Mra. Amanda llounvr, 47,
aa irobahl fatally woumlrd in I'ort
laud by V. II. Clark. CI, an uiituc-i-raaful
aullor for hand of Mra.
Ilonnrr. Clark tli"U turiusj his platol
on hlmai'U and Ml dead with a bullet
In hU brain.'
Crailuc for lnad of C)ricon
alii In )h national foroata of Idaho
I prorlid In an a return-lit reached
by T I'. Ma kentle, In iharxo of Krai
Inn prlvlli'Kea In the national foreata
of Orcicon and Waaliluiiton. ni! a rep-
reaentatlve of foral iluirli t 3, In
conference at Mlaaoula. MoiiL
Knglnerra huve ronipli'ted a third
aurvey of a proposed route for the
Columbia river IiIkuwbv b'lin Hood
fttver and Mlr. Tm new aurvey.
referred lo aa the compromise route,
rraches a maximum cli val Ion of 400
feet. The total dUtnnee of the pro
posed new routo Is approximately
a-veti uillcs.
Attorney Onernl llrown haa advlaei
Governor Wlthycombe? lo direct the
dim rb l attorney of Multnomah county
to Inatitute procH-llnits In the name
of th atstc. uion U-ve granted by tho
circuit court for Multuomnh county, to
annul the charter of flu- Portland
Stewards' association borsusc of It
many com let tuna for gumhllnK.
It. P. Sdicel snd William McAithur.
of Tcnlno, WashliiKlon. hnvc suhmltted
a proposal to tin- citUens of Miirshflcld
In i-stiihllsli s cohI briiii tlliift stul by-
products plnnt with un inltlul capacity
of ttifl Ions daily, to employ at the
atari from &0 lo "." nirn nnil within a
year agree lo have a ::.0.noo Industry
operallng. The plant would oHTate
entirety on the slack con I which is
wasted st tho various mines.
A total of 617 accidents were re
ported to ihe Induntrlsl accident com
mission for tho week ending January
10, of which number, six wvro fatal.
Ono of tho deaths reported was duo
to an accident sustained prior to tho
week covered by the report. The
fatalities were: Henry J. Ilauer. steel
worker, I'ortlnnd; J. Johnson, Astoria;
K. N. Kllsworth. Mill City, and J. O.
Drown, Harrlshurg, loggers and Joe
Pappus, Astoria. passcnKor.
Jackson county cannot bo considered
a lying cast of the Cuscsde mountains.
In tho application of chapter 555,
laws of 1915, which provides that no
bull, except a pure bred bull of a recog-
nlced beef breed, can run at large on
ranges of the counties east of the
mountains. A small part of tho coun-
ty lies east of the main divide of tht
mountains. Stnto Veterinarian Lytic
asked tho attorney generl for an
opinion on the question, with the abov
Purchases and household supplies ot
flour are limited to one fourth barrel;
definite limits are ulnced on suitar
sales by wholesale dealers, and a full
complement Vf county chairmen to aid
In enforcing food rcKiilotlons are an
nounced in a letter mnlled to every
retail and wholesaln grocery desist
in Oregon by W. B. Ayer, federal food
administrator. Administrator Ayer
ssys In his letter that the more
stringent restrictions are not promul-
gated bersuse of existing shortage, but Whistler of the 354th Infantry, became
merely to conserve the supply. his own executioner ufter suspicion
A number of Important steps in fit- hnd boon directed t him ss the proo
fing state regulations ot rallroHtls to able murderer of four men In the buuk
the system of federal control wero at the national unity camp here who
taken by the public service rommls- were hacked to death with a hatchet
slon at its last meeting, foremost
among which waa the acquiesconce in
the demurrage order Issued by Direc-
torQnral McAdoo and slvlog to tti
FU1 In Picture
U j
1, -3
AN an
nh"r. which u drew In your
lan'l It, children? Tet wbsn anrhora are dropped to tha bottom of th
aea (hey hold fajit tha blsxeat warahlpa. Keeuently when there Is a gals
blowlnc sod a fog at Ma captains of thlp don't knew w hare they srs going,
tin dark nights they look for aome sign of warning to keep off dangerous reefs
snd rorka. You can draw th picture now of something thst has saved thou
sands of lives, titan your pencil at No. 1 sad you'll gat an Interesting picture.
Pacific car demurrage bureau autb- suicide for a long tim. but 1 never had
orlty to publish the demurrage rules d nsaon. Y.-sterdsy I went out
sccordlngly. These new rules start ! wade niyoelf a reason."
demurrsgo chsrges st $3 a car and go Tu murders In the bank were com
as high aa 10 a day. while the titata "'" om, "Inc f,er 8 30 "l nl'lh'
rules atsrt at 12 a car and bo only as Cashier Ki nrn.-j Wornall of the bauk.
high as 14 a dsy. The fHeral rulea ho b,'on l"rnbly battered and cut
will become effective January 21. by the murderer. ntunibU-d from the
Benator Chamberlain has Introduced bllk covered iib blood and fell at
a bill at the request of the alrcrsr of P"ln sentry. He de
productlon board authorising the presl- Hrwl ,h' nln ,n "P"1"'
dent, as a wsr inessure. to tsko pos torm nd nl,'d four mcn ,n tnc ba,lk
seaalon of prlvstsly-owned timber tbst
may be required for any gowmment
purpose, particularly for shipbuilding
and the construction of airplanes, and
In pay the owners of such timber a
fair recompense. The powers confer
red upon the president are to he dele
gated by him to the socretsry of war.
secretary of the navy snd chslrtpsu
of the shipping board. These officials
will be empowered, under tho bill,
when in need of lumber or loj:s of
partirtilnr dimensions. to ' furnish
specifics Ions to losgers and lumber
men, who will be required to furnish
the log or lumber csllcd for.
Jules Cambon, foamer ambasssdor
to the United States, now director of
the American department of the
'"eh government.
Camp Funston, Kan. Captain Lewis
Whistler shot and killed himself
with an army revolver after he had
written a note In which he said:
"I v bs?u u-Mn ot cou.itUii
f -
Puzzle No. 26
luat picture, la s queer looking article.
d nsd fled.
Fingerprints of the murderer were
found In the bank. Because of Wor
nall's declaration that a man in a cap
tain's uniform hsd done the killing,
all captains st the post were ordered
to report. It was soon after thla order
waa Issued that Whistler's body was
found In bis room in the officers'
For the first time In many months
British aviators have carried out an
air raid on Ksrlnrtthe. capital of Ba
den. The raid was made in tha day
time. President Wilson's address has been
widely printed and commented on by
Pctrograd newspapers. The Bolshe
vikl newspapers are divided In their
Yarmouth, ou the English coast, was
bombarded from the sea. it is an
nounced officially. About 20 shells
foil In the city. Three persons were
killed and 10 injured.
The British destroyer Raccoon
struck rocks off the Irish coast on
Wednesday and foundered, it is an
nounced officially. All those on board
the Raccoon when the vessel sank
were lost.
Winter has settled down In earnest
over all the important war fronts, and
beyond artillery actions, which are
being carried out over very limited
sections, there has been little fighting
either in the west or the east.
The British empire has enrolled 7.
500.000 fighting and labor battalion
forces during the war. according to
a statement in the house of commons,
and now has more than 4.000,000 en
rolled, but needs more men to hold its
own against the enemy until tho Amer
ican strength is available.
Control ot the destinies of the Ger-
man empire, press accounts from neu-
tral countries agree. Is passing Into
tho hands of the militarists or the
leaders who want to hold what has
been gained by intent and the sword.
The militarists and pan-Germans are
domaiHilng the dismissal of Dr. von
Kuehlmsnn, foreign secretary, who has
hesded the German delegations at
To Protect Farmers.
Washington. To prevent the con
trol of national farm loan associations
from petting out of the hands of the
fsrnicrs who formed them, the federal
fa ln board haa U"S1 rulln8
forbidding election or airectors oy
yroiy votig. tha board announced.
Waehinfjton 8Uts Peed Administrator
Issue Ragulstioos.
Rpoksna. Overstocking of flour by
fsmllirs and Individuals In Washing
ton was put under the ban by Charles
Hebberd, state food administrator. Ha
announced that retail isles of flour to
fs ml lies In towns and cities are limit
ed to qusru-r barrel lots snd to fsrm-
rs from on half barrel to one barrel,
depending on the distance from th
point of supply.
For Isrgi-r supplies thsn one barrel
reipiested by those tiring at distant
(mints from supply bsses permission
must be secured. Hotels and restau
rants may be aold a 10 days' supply
Advertisements tending to indue
Increased purchases of flour and sugar
are declared by Mr. Hebberd to b
against public policy.
Canncrs Included In License System.
Washington. By proclamation of
President Wilson the food sdmlnlstra
lion's licensing system bss been ex
tended to include canners. roannfsc
turers of wheat snd rye products, deal
ers in feed and malt, and professional
salt-water fishermen. Persons, firms gsnliation of th purchssing and sup-
and corporations affected are request- ply ends of tbe war department haa
ed uoder a penalty to obtain licenses accomplished everything th creation
by February 15. of a munitions ministry could do.
With Wadsworth, Weeks and Fre-
Exploaion Averted by Capture of Spy. Bngbuysen. republican, and Chamber
Norfolk. Va. Naval intelligence of- lain. McKellsr and Hitchcock, detao
flcers here arrested Waller Spoer- erate. leading the fight for the Mil.'
mann.. suspected of being an active the struggle will assume a strictly noa
figure in plots. According to the story partisan aspect
unofficially told, the man was arrested
Saturday while n the act of attempt
ing to blow up a magazine in the un
finished army aviation field under con
struction. THE MARKETS
Oats No. 2 white feed. $60.25 ton.
Barley Standard feed. 155 per ton.
Corn Whole, $75; cracked, $76.
Hay Timothy, $27 per ton; alfalfa,
Butter-Creamery. 50c per lb.
Eggs Ranch. 47c per dozen.
Potatoes $1.2501.35 per hundred.
Poultry Hens, 24 c; geese, 150
17c; ducks, 20025c; turkeys,
Butter Creamery. 53c per lb.
Eges Ranch. 64c per dot.
Potatoes $3235 per ton.
Poultry Hens. 25 6 27c; dressed,
28(t?30c; broilers. 30c; turkeys, live,
:84130c; dressed, 3638c.
United States Senator Jamea H.
Brady of Idaho, who died at hla home
in Wsshlngton from heart disease.
Fewer Deatha Reported At Camp.
Tacoma Health conditions at Camp
Lewis improved considerably in the
last week, sccording to the report is-
sued by the division surgeon. There
were five deaths, including one from
pneumonia and one from meningitis.
The cases of communicable diseases
total 146 among 31,800 men. German
measles and scarlet fever showed a
marked decrease.
$2,000,000 Mora Is Loaned to Serbia,
Washington. The treasury depart-
m0nt advanced $2,000,000 more to Ser-
bia, making a total of $6,000,000 lent
T A. - f
7 v
1 '-i f
that country since the outbreak or ute
President and Congress Dis
agree Over Demind For
Munitions Ministry.
Wsthlngton. President Wilson and
congress sr about to grappl la what
promises to be ons of th hottest grap
ples between tbasa anelant rival.
A large element la congress belleres
the war can't be won wttkemt muni
tions minister. Tha president and sec
retary belies It csn.
Direct notice that tb fifbt la oa
WM served on congress by Secretary
of War Baker. He told the senate mil
itary affairs committee be opposed
creation of a munitions ministry, aa
proposed ia Senator Chamberlain'
Baker's statement ctoaely followed
word from the White House that th
president also Is against the bill. Pre
sumably the president's reason la that
assigned by Baker that recent reor
Would Draft Mora Young Mas.
At tbe request of tbe United State)
war department. Chairman Chamber
lain, of tbe senate military commit!
introduced a bill for Use registration
for military duty of all men who save
become 21 years old sine Jan 5.
1917, when the draft law went Into
Another bill which Senator Cham
berlain introduced at th request of
the administration would provide for
harvesting crop and other agricul
tural duty.
Another bill would put tb qorta. of
the states on the basis of available
men in the first claas Instead of popu
lation. In determining upon tb registra
tion of men who have become 21 si see
the draft law was enacted, tbe war
department has rejected any plan to
raise the age limit of the draft to take
In men more than tl.
National Suffrage Nearer Rsalizatlen.
Woman auffrage waa a atep nearer
realisation as the result of the victory
in tbe house when a resolution was
adopted authorizing sataBiasfoa to the
states of the Susan B. Anthony amend
ment for national enfranchisement of
The resolution was sent to the sen
ate. Recent polls of the senate Indi
cate that the necessary two-thirds
could not be mustered there, and a
rote may not be forced until advocates
find they hare the strength with
which to put It through. A similar
resolution was voted down by the sen
ate several years ago.
Statea From Canada to Gulf Suffer
and Railroad Traffic Paralysed.
Chicago. A blizzard extending from
Canada to the Oult ot Mexico and
from the Rocky mountsins to the Al
lcghenies and accompanied by tow
temperatures, ranging from 37 below
at O'Neill, Neb., to 13 above aero at
San Antonio, Tex., paralysed steam
railroad and streetcar traffic at many
Many deaths and hundreds ot cases
of frostbite were reported. Ten deatha
occurred here, directly attributable to
the storm, and more than 100 persons
were treated for frozen handa and feet.
Railroad transportation was para
lysed in an area extending from Buf-
ner,y t( tt RocMe. and from
Canada south Into Kentucky and Ten
By official order of the president of
the Chicago school board all Chicago
schools will be closed this week. Every
school boy who Is large enough la
urged to turn to and help dig Chicago
out 0f Its drift It la expected that
60,000 boys will be added to the city's
sste of Food to Be Stopped by Law.
Washington. Bills to amend tha
food law so aa to empower th food
administration to compel observance
ot whestless and meatless dsjs. or
any other measure it prescribes, waw
introduced by Represeatatrra Ltmr
and Senator Pomereoe, trUss for ta
- ' n -rr- t i
Social dance to33rrow evening.