The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 11, 1918, Image 3

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I Our Ureal Annual
January Clearance Sale
Opens Thursday This Week
It is to your interest to watch
our advertisements regarding this
great event, and if you do riot re
ceive our Sale Price Poster, phone
or write to us for a copy. II Means
Honey to You !
Vho Davis-Kaser Co.
Humelumlshlns Department Store
Pianos Music Phonographs
10 20 Alder Street Walla Walla, Wash.
All Coal, CASH
on delivery
P. T. Harbour
is our watchword. The furniture
we sell is good furniture.
Iht ills da 2 I
Yes, yes, but where?
Why, at the
Butter Wrappers
Furnished ami Printed at the Leader office
Sixty (minimum) $ 90
One hundred 1 20
Two hundred r. 1 "5
Each additional hundred 0 45
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
1 Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills ! in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
NVw Overland ear fr hire. In
quire Ht the Mndw.l Karaite.
Zeke O'HnrrH.
Mi-i. I. K. Saline left Monday tr
Walla Walla l visit hT daughter,
Mrs. I.. M. Funk.
J. S. Ilarria is sulTcrlriK from a
nerioiw anl protracted illness at hi
home mi WatT Mrect.
Mrs. ICeljecea Culley of Walla
Walla waa thi jfuest for several days
this week of Mrs. J. K. Stanfleld.
(',. A. It. McGn-w and I red Me
have tMihl their barley crop
U a Port land firm for $51.60 kT
Mrit. H. L. Hedrick and children
nri- hK-ndifnf the week with Mr.
and Mr. Iui S-lnII junior at
Ili-nry SliMxfJ r returned Satur
liiy from Athena, whin- he has
Ihtii imployd months in
liuilnlny: woik.
Mr. and Mi s. James Still i-f Al-ht-rla
were tfiast yesterday of the
Jack Odder. Mrs. Still and Mm.
('alder art sisters.
Mrs. K. lOiMH rwui of Aurora.
r.. has arrived in Weston and will
i-mcatc rofini.ional nursing. In
quire at Kil ls' dormitory. room 10.
Mrs. J - S. Harris announces tho
l.irtli of a hon to Uiek and Jessie
Hnrri January K. 1918. at their
home mar HinKham. Montana.
Kev. A I friil lH-kwood of IVndle
ton will hold services in thi Kpiaco
ial church Sunday afternoon, Janu
tuy 13. at three o'clock. A cordial
invitation is to all to at
tend. U-on Cohen has been appoint!
manager of tin? thrift btamp cam
paign for tin- entire Kastcrn Or
egon dibtrict,. Hoy T. Hishop suc
ceeds him a Umatilla county man
ager. Contractor S. T. Core was in
town Saturday on his way home to
Walla Walla, having finished his
work at Athena. He built two
house, a barn and a garage for
Alex Kirk.
A Spokane miller was here Mon
day to insHTt the. Weston mill and
decided to put in similar machinery
of the Marvel pattern for a mill of
100 barn-Is cacity which he in
tend building near Sokane.
Mm. Ken O'Harra and little
grandson, Master Knu-ral Duncan,
returned Sunday from a virit with
her children at Portland. Emend
hal the time of his young life see
ing the city bights in tow of his
uncle lwcll.
The Leader is on a ea-sh basis and
wants no patronage on any other
terms. Its own bills, which are
not inconsiderable in these times of
war price, must all Ik- met in cash,
anil it is not in a xwition t extend
credit. Clark Wood, publisher.
The following officers of Wettm
l..Hlge No. .r.S. I. O. O 1. were in
slallod January I by .1. V. Snider,
district deputy grand master: J.
A. King. N. (..: H. L. Hedrick. V.
C; A. A. Kecs, Hec. Sec; J. r
Stanlield. Fin. See.; S. A. Barnes,
L. S. Calkins of Sacramento, su-H-riutendent
for the Coast of the
insurance department of the
Knights of Pythias, was in town sev
eral days this week in pursuance
of his work. Mr. Calkins has been
a inemlH-r of the Pythian order for
39 years, and is a past grand chan
cellor of the domain of California.
Athena Press: Among the name
of 15 soldiers reported dead by
General Pershing 'somewhere in
France," . is. the name of Ucrt An
drews, who enlisted "at La Grande
in the hospital corps. He was the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles An
drews, former residents of the
neighborhood south of Athena, and
a nephew of Sam Pambrun.
With the price of grain sacks at
21 cents, war clause added, star
ing farmers in the face, it seems al
most certain that the proposed $35,
000 elevator for Athena is assured.
Farmers in localities where the
bulk method of harvesting grain is
followed, pronounce it to be sue
cessul, both in time and labor saved
besides, the pleasant jingle of the
sack money sticks in the grain
gniwer's pocket.
Lawson Booher, a popular young
man of Athena, was taken to Port
land Monday by B. B. Richards, in
whose office he has been employed,
to consult a leading surgeon there.
An injury to his right knee received
in playing basket ball, resulted in
what was pronounced a cancerous
growth by Walla Walla physicians.
Amputation of the injured limb
above the knee was found to be
necessary, and the operation was
performed Wednesday.
about our fine display of HarneKB Goods. Collars, Pads and the latest in Team
Harness ready for business.
A carload of June machinery just arrived.
We are taking inventory and have a few articles at
sale bargain prices. Come and see.
Watts & Rogers
I have just n-ceived a carload of
the latest model Overland three
light fours, 32 horse power. $8!)0;
two heavy fours, 35 horn power.
$lor0; one beautiful six, 4" horse
K)Wer. $lfi.r,0 - laid down at Wes
ton. These are the greatest bar
gains ever offered in cars. Get
yuur order in now. for we won't
be able to get ears later on. While
you haven't much else to do. come
in and let me show you out this
line of cars. I will take in your
old car at the liest price. I sold 38
of these cars last season and they
have, given wonderful satisfaction.
Dr. Kennard.
W. L. Robbins, manager of the
Weston Milling Co., is in receipt
of a letter from'the head of the
government food administration at
Portland, saying that graham flour
will very likely be required from
mills grinding on government or
ders, of which the Weston mill is
one. This is taken to indicate that
in view of the scarcity of wheat,
the government intends that as
much of the terry as possible be
utilized in (lour production.
Milton Eagle: Some person or
IK-rsons who evidently tried to see
how many places could Ik- broken
into in one night, made a raid in
Milton and Freewater Sunday night
or early Monday morning, gaining
entrance to Seawell's grocery, the
Van Slyke meat shop in Milton and
the Andy Johnson grocery in Free
water. The largest haul was made
al the Freewater store, where the
sum of $14.20 was secured from the
Weston land continues to aviate.
A few years ago $100 an acre for
the Ih-st of it was" considered a loom
figure, but it is now reported that
the owner of a choice quarter has
just refused $250 an acre for his
holdings. This is a record figure
Imt he did not want to sell, hav
ing in mind, perhaps, the excess
war profits tax.
The new Christian church at Mil
ton, built aj, a cost of $31,000 and
said to be the most complete house
of worship in the entire Northwest,
was dedicated last Sunday. Only
$17,000 was needed to pay out on
the church, but no less than $2S,
000 was raised at the dedication.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Mays of
Huntsville, Wash., were here this
week while returning from Pendle
ton, and were guests of the J . F.
all kinds of JUNKold iron,
old rags, old sacks, bonesand
also hides and wool, at TOP PRICES
North Water St., below Pomeroy
Wsston, Or.
Subscriptions Taken f
for all I
at regular subscription rates
Herman Goodwin
Druggist - - - Weston, Oregon
Tbe Farmers Bank of Veston
Established 1891
Cradute Veterinary Surgeon
Phone S2F5 - Athena, Oregon
Dr. A. F. Sempcrt
Graduate and Registered
Office Hours 9 to 12 a.
m.; 1 to 5 p. nt.
Watts Building - Upstairs
If you are single and had an income of $1000 dur
ing 1917, or married and had an income of 12000, you
should see the Internal Revenue officer who will
be at the County Court House until January 30, and
who will assist you in making up your income
After January 30 this assistance will not be available.