The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 14, 1917, Image 3

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    The Store of t!ie Cliristaias Spirit
Urn- ill our atoiv we liavo Kathm'd totfutlivr
tho cryKtalliml Ik.jk'H iIutLnIumI l.y our own dear
I'i h'ihIh and lovnl ours. Tin' wrrvt, ik-cj) tliwes
llioy havo hidden in thoir heads, unspoken for
years, waiting here fur Hie touch of
your Chris! mas jjivin.
Here your Christinas hppiu u j he a delight
and pleasure. The music, tin merry .iees and
hiniliiiK faees; !he "Clad Service" of our clerks, will
inj.r ami ojad tu .serve you; Hit- K,,w f the bright
lights, the profusiun of holly and Cnristmas decora
tions, make this truly
"The Store ol the Christinas Spirit"
Vac Davis-Kaser Co.
Homclurnishing Department Slore
Pianos Music Phonographs
10-20 Alder Street
Walla Walla, Wash.
j . introduction
J 3t
All Coal, CASH
on delivery
P. T. Harbour
1 y .v
th - ',-a ..
YOU can do your
part"0V2R THERE"
All You Need A iiKAK f and A DOLLAR
TM National niKJSTOAS
(.' .ii'.UtiN for Members, of
.' ' ' !.('!K)l!u;..l. coriK-fl Ctn
(i.i. 'a o., is nmv under way
Now tht on i ,
down ir hv ! , :-.
Nil 11 J thciii 1. tii '
t:i;i cuoss .
into i.v,;fi. p;..' -lii-jil
i M.llwrA, lui; M Its ;
il t'lflt V l,
(u turn trr '
inoii. lire of
.'irimlfi, nre Inyintf
how tlrst wo aro
v i'M'.l are." The
i-;.f;v tn aid then
- 1 vico. Tho now
(J. A. It. Mi'fJrcw came up Hun
duy front I'ortluinl.
Uecf by the quarter, 121 cents
kt iHiund. A. I'. Perry.
Claud Price liiut been kept at
home ly IIIih'sk during the week.
Kuford Price, 11 young man of
llii Wrtjoii uplands, enlisted Tuea
duy in the army.
J. M. Swaggurl bus bought a
foothill slock ranch six mile fnn
Baker, and ixxvts to move thereto
In tin1 spring.
Nut Halt goes to Portlund this
wit-k for a visit with hi daughter,
and will probably remain (here dur
ing the winter.
Joel l)uviH, formerly ucrin
tctidcril of tin Weston schools, has
accepted a xition an accountant in
tin Ixiio flour mills,
II. L. ih-drii-k, 'the local agent,
hut sold a Font touriiiK car to Watts
& Rogers and a Ford roadster to the
Wt-Ktoii Mercantile Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Sain TliomiHn of
IVndk'toii were Sunday gu.-sts at
ilie holm- of Mr. Tliomiwm's sister,
Min ;. W. I'rwhhU-l.
MiM Norma Smith of Salt Lake
City i viMtniK at thf homi of her
I'liivntK in W.'hiini, and will remain
mil il iifN'i' the holidayn.
In. F. I. Wait and K. M.
Smith Iiiivc Ixi'ii aiMiintel nn W
tinK iih'IiiImth of the Iji-jtal Ad
iM.i Hoard for Umatilla county.
Neat little rard nrcived by
VVlii r. lativi-h .and frienl an- The December met-tinR of the
. ii.ninie the arrival of Dean Alvin Indies Guild wan held at the home
Drinktll at the home of Mr. and of Mrs. J. K. Stanfield, Mm. L. 1.
Mi. Crn ik Dri.skell in IliKhwotMl. O'Harra and Mr. SUnfield beinjf
M""'-""' the iukUim. Tin' afU-rnoon was
Mayor CauiMi-r. IImIkhhi, a v,', v njoyahle one and a delicious
Knf.-' Ilrowti uud their iehective collation wan served, consisting of
wic wen enUTtainwl Tuesady in-aches and cream, cake and
eveniiiK by the Montana Ranches Mr. L- Pennington and
Coniaiiy at a bamiuet at the Hotel Mre- J- H. Price were present as
Pendleton. guests, in addition to the members.
, . a ... . The next meeting will be held at
f ,r,- u'i 18 .l.t,"Vm,? "8 WW'k 0u' h,,me of Mre- Lillian Freder
f.r the Willamette valley to engage U.ks whon Mrg Ge0 w Prwebts,.,
in hog raising and dairying. He and Mrs. Frclericks will entertain.
is on a .leal for trading his Port- T,, ,laU, ia iw firgt af.
land proprety for a suitable ranch t,.rnoun in Jammry
in Tillamook county. '
1 , . . Ouistav Vollmer, wealthy WaiUv
Mr. and Mrs August hcmiwrt burg farmer and former state sena-
a.e here from Portland for a visit lor from WaIla Walla county, has
w,u. uieir mm. imenani neri. ,il.lm,ni(trilted his patriotism by .s- t
i"v sistmg n the arrest of one Virgil
,rew Ihey will rumin until after von Finch 8Ut!J(ected of b,.; a
the ( hnstinas holidays. Inun gpy Cha, of dM , had
Lieutenant Herman K. O'Harra een made by Waitsburg people
left Sunday to join his regiment, against Vollmer, but he now stands
the F.ighth U. S. Infantry, at Camp vindicated. Von Finch is now in
Fremont, California. A farewell jail at Walla Walla.
ilimitiir iMii-fv nrw! fm.wiII ilinn.'t m ...
, "" . ," i 1 nc LA'auer is on a cash basis and WMSiU!gi!J!MSM,
,.,.,1, ... ...o . wanU no patronage on any oUlcr J
I. ! t . .. t !.. .L .1 . .. f. t .11 1 k
v.. v. renr, lormeriy wnn me inm. iva own uiiis, wnicn aie
Weston garage, was in town this "t inconsiderable in Uiese times of
We believe that all you who came to our sale
Are Hugging Yourselves
in self congratulation, and now
We SbaH Keep Rigbt on
giving you the best prices possible all the time
Watte ii Rogers
all kinds of JUNK old iron,
old rags, old sacks, bones and
also hides and wool,; at TOP PRICES
North Water St., below Pomeroy
Weston, Or.
KKIM' O.-vN n- :v IC:; K1,.M;K are civon with each n. ,'p. Th iv should Lo one in your
fi(.;i! wm .(low tn Christinas Kve.
FO:i I'ATIitOTlS.M 10 it IIf?lAMTV
As mi K :;:t"-;': of thf Trc Chii.-.iinas Spirit
join Ti:'.: Klin ci:ks today!
( Ulice of S. A. I5ARNKS. Weston. Oivkoii.
of the best and most practical
kind will be made easy by air in
spection of our furniture stock'.
Come in and "look around."
1. : l 1..... ... 1.:.. .:...... ...... .. it i... . .
h .vr nivi 11 iniuii uve iu 1113 1 1 le.ius. " i'i iwo. ...u&i an ue met in eu.Kn
prior to his dejMirturc for his future nd it is not in a position to extend j?
lield of work in the United States credit. Clark Wood, publisher. J
ariuv. lie has enlisted ul I Vnille- W.uuu !,,. ...1.1 i.: i
ton as a mechanic in the automobile oh the Price Bros, place to Sim J.
branch of the service. Culley.
Koberl Foster, engineer of the
Warren Construction Co., was at- BRIEF WAR NEWS
inot-t instantly killed Monday by
being caught in the belt of the en- Prisoners takrn in tlio great rc-
gine at the company's paving plant nowed Italian drive reached a total of
near Havana station, lie was ;ss ii,u, mo Austrian war otrice an-
yeara old. and is survived by u nouneed.
widow and little daughter. Uostilltles hav rpasnd on the Rub-
L.well Hyatt, one of Weston's ,ront from B'k ,he
of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Hyatt, has enlisted
in the navy and left Tuesday for
Portland. He will serve as lire
man. Two of his churns, Bob Hodg
son and Virgil Lundell, accompan
ied him as far as Pendleton.
a 3
We're . ready for you with a .
fine assortment of Holiday Sweet
. meats, at the
mlHtlc. signed last wek.
The rcHsajlion of hostilities along
tho eastern front has extended to that
part of ths line held by the Rouman
ians, according to an official commun
ication from Jassy.
Mttla infantry action is in progress
Athena Press: Mr. and Mrs. on the front In France and Belgium,
j Krnest Walden, funning near Pres- although on various sectors from the
eott, Wash., were guests Tuesday North Sea to tho region of Verdun mu
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. '' bombardments are ensuing.
Mansfield. Mrs. Walden. who be- In the Verdun sector tho Germans
fore' her marriage was Miss Nellie have made another attempt to pierce
Purdy, is a cousin of Mr. Mans- the Kr'euch liues in the region of Bo
field and formerly ilved near Ath- lonvaux. but were repulsed after some
enn with her parents. what brisk fighting and suffered con-
slderable casualties.
Milton hngle: J. 11. Unman. nvil rfce tn RugBla BPpareny
who a few months ago purchased a hHS come, Gollcral Kaledines. the
niteeii numiren ncre rancn near
Iwiston, Idaho, recently disiosel
of same, including all stock and
farming machinery, to Asa Demaris
and- J. L. Rogers. The considera
tion involved in the deal was $26,
000. The new owners will take
possession of the ranch at an early
date and the CofTtnans have return
ed to Milton to live.
Subscriptions Taken
for all
at regular subscription rates
Herman Goodwill
Druggist ... Weston, Oregon
The Fanners Dai ol Weston
loader of the lun Cossat-ks, supported
by General Korniloff. former com-niander-ln-chlcf
of the Russian forces,"
is declared In an official communica
tion issued by the Bolshevik! govern
ment, to bare raised the standard of
revolt In tho Don Cossack region
airalnst the people and the revolution.
Established 1891
X Adjust Spine, Ribs, Hips or X S
whatever is wrong. Nature g
J. G. Jones, rural mail carrier,
has a span of "government mules"
that he will stack up against a Ford
on an endurance test. Beginning
July 2 he drove them constantly
for four months over the moun
tain roads, without giving them a
day's rest except on Sunday. They
...,i t.ivir ...:l....
umeieu . wuu u T Maj.. .
eraging a little better than Z8 miles ( Fourteen years in Pendleton.
per day. lie is now runiiKing on i im mn .-oninsf ostkoimtiiv iii.
tits 2 rhimprftciie or in c no tic li.nlinc
mules rest for their winter stunt.
Speaking of the patriotism of the American''
people, Wm. M. Wood, president of the American
Woolen Co., says: .
"Let their liberties be threatened, let their
Country be assailed, and the wealth which they
have accumulated, the great resources at their com
mand, are poured out like water, and they stand
ready to give all, even lire itself if need be. as their
forefathers did, in defense of their liberties and
maintenance of these great principles of true dem
ocracy which they have inherited, and in which they
so firmly believe."
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