The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 16, 1917, Image 2

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    Better lay in jour supply of winter needs before it is too late. Our tock is complete
BnA nri tnr holnw rMir comMtitora. Be One of the many who are takin advantavro of our
low prices. Most of our Fall supplies were touitht on market conditions existing six months
to a year mro, and our prices in many caes are lower than the
ins today.
Bmall merchants are pay-
Whit outing flannel 12 V-
WhiU outing flannel 36 in 13
Colored ou tii iff flannel 12S-.15
, Cotton batta, J, lb. 15
Cotton batta, 1 lb 25
Cotton batU. 9 lb. 83-96
Ladiea' outing gown 69 to 1.49
Mines' outing gown 49 to .69
Children's outing tlceping gi
menu 69 t
Dadics' outing pajamat I
Ladies' outing gowns, X site. . .
Blue and srev-a rood one 1.69
Grey, khaki ami brown -a better
Grey and khakl-a dandy 2 69
Oregon City-blue only 2.98
Stag shirt
Men 'a mackinawa
Boys' mackinawa
Boye werter
Mtn'a aweatera
Men'a jersey sweaters.
.4.50 to 5.91)
, 5.90 to 9.9U
.2.98 to 5.50
...49 to 2.25
1.98 to 5.90
. . . 1.98-2.25
Chiklree's storm rubber . . .
Misses' storm rubber
Ladiea' toe rubbers
Ladiea' storm rubbers
Ladiea' cloth atorm rubbers
Youths' rubber
Boys' rubber.
Men' rubbers -plain
Men's rubber roll edge. . . .
Men's rubbers, cloth top
. ... 19
.78-. 83
. 1.05
Boys' ami men's overshoes in all
styles -price right.
The famous "Sissy Jane" House Dresses, only $2.25
At the teciMt council meet in
Saturday evening no bids were
auhmitted fur the remainder of the
conetvto Hidewalk on Main atrect.
The recorder whh thtTeuMn di
nvted In notify nil (he ronily
owners inter ted that the city will
ihi the work and charge its coot as
lien MKftinM the rocrty.
The city has already put in a Urge
aliarv of the walk under I he direct
turn of Councilman K. (!. Siding,
whom the council haa authorised to
continue in charge. Kxecllont work
was done and the property owners
were emrgel for it at the actual
coM of the work only. Saturday
evening' action of the council
therefor' meet with the approval
of time whote walks remain to Ik
constructed. Work was begun Mon
day on the walk leading up went
Main trwt hill on the north aide of
the etreet.
No city election w ill lc held this
NovendKT. Homer I. Watl of
Athena, to whom the mutter was
tmbmittcd, advised the counril that
the preMMit city adtniniMration
holds over until November, 1918,
when the city elect km will Ik- held
on the Nme day as the general ekv
tion. This is in accordance with
the law as.sed by the hiIo un
der the initiative at the Inst gen
eral state election.
What Houiewivei Hire Long Looked For
PLavn FLour one UMd, nothing
el really tlsns In Ilk this.
hii h itiind of woman an unifying
it stmmg ihrlr Itltnds vsrywhsw vsrf
itiyt "rsr KuPrioi"-"WhHs" "Itkh
Tis"--"H Mat Lite and Moisture"
-"Mikes Utttst liisad, Pastry and His
.iiisM- "8wtt Nuiiy rtaW "Lisa
M..iiirr Ud" MBs In 0 Year"
"HhIv. Non.risorl" "Tki
I .-hi of It" "KveryaUcB Alike Inline
g.iiiiyM-"Unj-UiUig rtshoM
cu, etc.
Ord.r Trial Sack Tedsy
SaiMatlie CuarsaUsd
Try ll and tstiirn to l whet jreo don't
i.sf, and we will at one tsiurn row
m.inty If you ais notmosipussso. " .....i,, ln .va mi
know u. and . know thai rUM rUuf I Jl!. JlX-
i ...u.t ssilsfscilom Vislton meet welcome
mail. su otkin fcr UUi waauoliy.
Mvnl M.IU
Abo Weston's Best and Wholu Wheal Flour: tirahain, Cereals,
Feed and lUy; Sivd Grain, Stuck Fowl and J'oultry Supplies. W
do custom milling. Your patronage solicited. W". L. K0IN.
weston Leader
.. ... CURK WOOD, Pabibhcr
Tbe Year H 50
Six Month 0 75
Four Month 0 50
Ttau. wv. i i
Estt tti si Ih tsftkt at Wutsm Ortgsa
' a if csad-clau bmII autltr.
without the support of its friends
in the schools and of the public in
The Society is asking for f I5,M
as well as donations of caimeil
fruit and vegetables. Such su- , , . .
. i u i t t Weston Branch of - the Red ( rot
plies will be shipped free of charge ( r8jM, m 8lMi.
by the railroad connipnnics to the tionaj rr t)t. Soldiers' Christmas
organization until IX-cemlHT 31. . Fund, making f8.ri in all
This must nil
Church ol U Brethren
Order of service for Sunday
NovemlH-r 18, 1917:
10 a. m.-- Sunday ,m-ImiI.
1 1 a. in. -rri'achiug.
i; ::ttt p. m. c. w. s.
7..H) p. m. llilde Study. Life of
It-iliana Arf Holdinir Fast"
headline. Which i. better far than v ,rovtn
running fast.
..... .. : :i; .i... day evening, November it).
even rrp,, ,, ..... .... o C(m,ril)U,0 wj, j,,
raiscr, nis suunmriuc lomiwit,..
I'ianoii tune I and repaired at rea
sonable trices. First-clawi work
le raised by guaranteed. A. W. Lundcll. Mus.
lhc Bach.
We loan money on first class Oregon and
Washington farms at lowest rates. No red tape
and no delay. Write direct and avo money.
Give full details in first letter.
W refer you to any bank ta Portland.
606 Concord Cl&t.
Portland. Orcfeo
Wilson and Roosevelt has each
lost the sight of one eye. but. each
Ts able to see pretty well out of the
We are not such a frenzied lover
of liberty as not to wish that Mr.
Romanoff had continued until after
the war us Czar of all the Kussias.
Iilaiv their offer I Hire III the boxes Saturn's lnu r.-inuln iiim ImiiL-wl A
acknowledged 0r see Bny of the Red Cmss ollicers. jrodp rr"t-iue "m'i e- .nMiir ti
The Uenelit this evening should
In? largely attended, as the pro
ceeds all go to this fund.
a rnllrotul tmiii tool tin ioii..iuoiiie at
the Mini tintt1.
Overland and iviuys-Ilip
The average country editor may
not be a heavy bond investor, "but
he is at least financially able to
A Market Bazaar and SupHT for
the benefit of the Red. Crura will In?
held at the opera house on the af
ternoon of NovemU-r 21.
Supper at 35 cents per plate will
be served from five o'clock until all
are satisfied.
The band has kindly consented to
furnish music during the supper
This will be an opiortunity to
t'siln-r iiHiln't f-'l ourrhil. rxrtt If
tri'UMr hmitini Urn fnnlili.u for wnin
en. M.'tloT wuii'i l Mill-Hi-fi wild
thi' kiml Iih wt-ars.
Anifiirun pir( nrt- tlinllne It In
rrn!lnBl) .llflkull t m-iiir a MNHiliig
pliir.- tn any Amrlrnn city anil Ibvjr
gn in ftennnny.
- - - Following is the program of "An
; It being "more blessed to give Athena Frolic" to be given at Wcs- purchase your supplies for Thanks-
m. - . .i ;i ion opera nouoc oaiuiuajr cuiiinj
fhan to receive, there is certainly of tnif wcek for benefit of the
aaiple opportunity now-a-aays lor Cross entertainment be
blessedness, . gins at 7:45 o'clock, and will be
followed by the social dance given
i. i i . .. . .
Taxpayers of Weston district "nu, r .:.-.
That lilen of rulilvarlnir riitililts fur
f.Kxl gelit n bit of a s.-lhnck wlirn
Austrnlluna report that ten rabbits rat
a tuucb oa one sheep.
UavInK innilo a ftont thlm out of
Everything in the way of eatables Use-price Ixxwiintf. prmume that
meats, jwultry, apples, potatoes, cheerful speetilntor will wwn toka
vesretebles. canned fruit, butter. l khok' " ' '!
LIGHT FOUR, 5-passenger $ 885.00
BIG FOUR, 5-passenger 1045.00
SIX CYLINDER, 45 h. p 1490.00
WILLYS-KNIGHT. 7-passeneer.. 1650.00
. Tha Ovarlawl l.iKht frur ia light in weight and big In power
niui'U every tuuruiK dumaiM. It salMuua in iHirfurmance, in
in comfort -situ at a prlca you can afford to pay
should make it a point to attend uj.emng-yrawmK r..
-, . , , , . Maids and Matrons of Athena,
the school meeting announced for
. ... , . ,, . 2. Voca I ixAo, Blue Rose Jean
November 24th at two-thirty MiI
o'clock: at the scnooi nousc ami vote
on the special tax required
3. "There's a Quaker Down in
eggB, cooked foods will oe ac
ceptable, as will also aprons and
fancy articles for (Christmas gifts,
Let us respond lilerally when
called uifon by the different com-
LiiKt year America exiwirtH urarl
ftOll.OOll.onil wi.nli of automobiles.
Mnle In Anicrirn" mill lw the new
fariirlta bniml uftr tha war.
Thu Overland tliir Four is the world' most iwwcrful low-priced car.
It is fundamentally the samo car which year after year for many year
has enabled UverUnd to lead, by a wida margin, all car of such com
fortable size.
The Willys-Kniicht Sloevo-valvo Motor holds every world's record
for length of run, power produced, absence of wear, and lack of carbon
deposits. It outlasts any and all other types of automobile motors.
Four thousands of mites beyond the useful life of any other typo the
Willvs-Kniirht Motor continues to deliver at ita hliihimt efficiency.
this season's Willys-Knight are the most beautiful lha factory hat N
ever built. See these cars and be convinced. ft
Dr. S. L KENHARD - Weston Aged j
WsMlilnct.iii ri'K.rl a lmrtnjr of
Come and eat supper and k and two-dollar hill In some part
cordance with the budget printed Taylor: Spinning
elsewhere. Weston has a good Katherine Froome,
school, and doubtless the directors Pauline Myrick
in ac- Quahcr Towh Soloist, Miss Lucille buy as generously as your means "f ""' eouniry nml It miKht add of
would appreciate a little encour
agement from their fellow taxpay
era toward, running it properly.
Maids, Misses will allow. We must give and give flvM te,,' ,wcn,l,'- also.
Helen Kusseii, and then be thankful we are alive
and able tn give for it has been
Moon Dance -Miss Zola said that the early termination of
this war depends on the money and
supplies wc send to Luropc.
4. The
5. "1W Butterfly" Soloist,
Mrs. J. C. Baddeley; Chorus, Misses
Lucille Taylor, Katherine Troome,
Pauline Myrick, Lula Tharp, Mar
garet Lawson; Mrs. D. Scott
6. "Hong Kong" Areta Lit
Why wouldn't the woim-n iimke ex
cellent inatrrlal for nuto drlvirs at the
front? A iimthi-r who hint lumdleil a
baby ImikS)' hnsn't very iiiurh to lenrn.
The Bulldogger ed. boasts of hav
ing shaken the hand of the vice
president, but the public knows
that Tom Marshall didn't know ex- tlci:,h Vmiita Wattj. Au,,ra win
adly what he was shaking hands Bnip, Carrie DeFreece, Jeanette
Miller, Mildrc-d Winship.
7. Yamma Yamnia Girls Mrs. J.
C. Baddeley, Mrs. Dean Willaby,
Miss's Laura Mclntyre, Pauline
Myrick, Belle Mclntyre, Margaret
8. Closing Cliorus I'atriotic Fi
nale. Miss 'Columbia, Jdiss Helen
Kussell; Ik'd Cross Nurs, Mrs.
D. Scott Fisher, Mrs. J. C. Badde
ley. Miss Lula Tharp, Miss Lucille
British naval officer nay that the
American destroyer aw doing pfflrleiit
work hu'1 teaching Itrltlhhers ways of
accomplishing results of whlrli they
had not thought.
A pntrlolle Amerienn bus oflfered
mil to the Hri Ami.tI.iiii iilrimin who
ilropn a IhhiiI) on Herllu. The knlxer
would nlxo Klve for him drud or
Late reports indicate that Kussia
balks at jumping out of the fire
into the Pan-Germanic.
Having triumphed In the vegetable
kingdom, th war gardener leans on
bis trusty hoe with the air of a con.
quoror and runts a speculative glance
at the brooding hen.
When a pretty girl niinomtre her
Intention of desiring to tteeome a lied
Cross nurse It is even inuney whether
Mho Ih truly patriotic or she WHnts a
hero hiiHluiiid.
A boy's dog ts never a.mollyrfiddle.
He's a ruoDiug-Jumpliig-flghilng ex
ample of life, liberty mid pursuit of
cats, and would resent having his nose
kissed by pointed lips.
The Leader is moved to print the
following appeal sent it in behalf
of 'a deserving institution:
j The annual Thanksigving appeal
made by The Boys' and Girls' Aid
Society of Oregon to the school
children and citizens of the state
has awlays met with enthusiastic
response from teachers, pupils and
friends throughout Oregon. It is
ta be hoped that a similar appeal
for food supplies and money will
not go unheeded in spite of the
. niapy duties and economies which
tbe war incurs.
The Society is practicing every u pacing event do not make
legitimate economy, but with its geography Interesting the case Is hope
receiving home full to capacity, to leia
say nothing of a waiting list, and Horror! Here' another thing-to
with the price of milk three times worry about There are no clothes
what it was last spring, with a P'M m cblna-
. t tl. 11 iii - ...
constantly uecreaa... ne There are a few Deonie i this coun.
American ambulance drivers lime
been awarded the French war cm
Tavlor: Sailorettes. Miss Mariraret f"r SaIIont conduct in danger. Yet
lawson. Miss Pauline Mvrick. Mrs. eotats I'MI',e 8een " " tiiUu-
Dean Willaby, Miss Katherine
lance driver runs no risk.
Froome; Home Guards, Misses Ar
eta Littlejohn, Vernita Watts end
Jeanette Miller.
Accompanist, Miss Belle Mclntyre.
H Is the sbp killing dogs that put
the "mutt" io mutton.
Perhaps before the war is over the
popular slogan will be "Swat the spy."
Autocracy is as wise a serpents
and 8 harmless as 43 centimeter guus.
A lot Of small men with gruff voices.
re going to be placed at a disadvan
tage It that Invention whereby Me
pilous users cau see the persons they
are talking with is ever perfected. .
The 'kaiser proposed to make an In
dependent federal state of Alsace Lor
kalue, and maybe ha could be Induced
to grant autonomy to Texas. Arizona
and tbe other "lost province of Mexico."
It Is fortunate for some publication
that women are not conscripted nnd
murders are still committed. Other
wise the sob sinters and the headline
experts would have to turn their tal
ents In other directions.
Weston Meat Market I
Meats and Fish
Ham, Lard
and Bacon
A. P. Perry
Your orders
promptly filled.
P. T. Harbour
It Is beginning to be reullzed that
manufacturers who thought this eouu
try could not get along without dje-
tuffs from Germany were unduly an- i'rsctice in
Boys and Girls Aia 2ociety cannot try who cannot figure out that it take prebeoHlve. It s olnays a mistake ta
fiftiction U the bt&t of its ability oaey to run a war. bat ajlut tat United Statea,
all State and Fedcra
Courts. , .
Prcston-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon WaiUburj, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold In Weston by . .
Weston Mercantile Company