The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 02, 1917, Image 2

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vAy we can undersell the other fellows
"How can yotr wll for
ivi manv of our customers ask us this question:
so much less than your competitors?"
rA few reasons:)
Last year our average expense was just 11.26 percent. Our advertising
expense was less than three-fourths of one percent. Ask any merchant what it
costs him to do business and if he tells you the truth it will be faun 1; to 30
percent, and that he spends at least three percent for advertising. W e have no
book-keepers, deliver' wagons, fancy fixtures nor a lot of other items that force
the other fellow to get a longer margin on his merchandise. We buy for cash
and sell for cash and in such quantities as: 31,150 dozen towels, U,3o0 bed
spreads, 10,000 pieces of oil cloth, 21.250 pieces of percale, 25,900 pieces of ging
ham, 300,000 pair of shoes, 100.000 pair of blankets, S0,lX0 worth of handker
chiefs. Buying in these quantities, direct from the manufacturer, and buying
and selling for cash arc positive proof that we caii undersell all competitors, in
cluding Mail Order houses. Think it Over.
Tf ii i
- l ilium, if I I 1111
CLARK WOOD, realUhtr
The Year
Sis Months
Four Month n &0
..ii..r tho mws ho lonira for. Sun- ketod normally, in
day, NowmlKT 11. has been set an avalanche of
aside as a day when everyone is low price.
;l 5q asked to write a letter to a soldier
0 75 hoy and to send him a copy of the
home jwpcr.
Enter at tht tffl al Weston. Ortjea
tcceatf-clati mail matter.
We dare sty the Seattle and
Portland hello girls arc n hit-err
err strikiiiR.
si rik. elsewhere Weston's
force of hello jrirls - includint? IK
Moss--is still on the jolt.
The esteemed Oregonian reports If the American troops are sent
a ntarked gain in circulation, which against the victorious Teuton.c
may be due to the fact 'that its hordes on the Italian front, they
heart Is now in the right place. will surely receive the.r Impt.Mii
of fire.
Tb frrnhiiian das f' a n
precedent at ViJ!itita rnlTrltv nt
Salem when they pwnN tha uni
versity lth a' nan- concrete aldawalfc
Mrrfn Ea.on and Waller halla.
The Kuene fruit Growera" aiaoel
linn haa paid to outsider, and will
pay to tta member. Jti.nOft for lld
Tera,rrn bUrkberrtM. Tha tfugena
cannery took In 3:,nnn pound, tha
freawell cannery 30.100. and tha
WcMoli Mlk-CI ilnil :W,IHMI to tint
wvimd LiUrly n- an amount
which cNcoeded ils minimum quota
but wax less than Its maximum.
Umatilla county Huhwribed '.
la-rcetit of the nmiimmi. rVh.
IVmllelon and Helix lending I" I"'
order named. Mich of tl.c.-o thr.v
towns exceeded its maximum.
tJiveii a maximum of thirty mil
lions, Orepm raised twenty-live
imllioiis more than half of which
was taken in Portland. Itenton
eotmly exceeded and 1'nion mid
Ualhiwa counties reached the max
imum. The little town of Powers
in southern Oregon, led the entire
Mate with a Mtlweripthm of li'.M
The Weston li:t of Milwrilx-rs
Allen Kiehttl. Kichard K. Ih-Mow,
H. Drew, .los. h Winder. Sidney
Wya'tl. K. Sating. Ula t!. SjiI
ing, l-m's Kay Saling. Mrs. l-'lor.
nee Wyatt, Alfred I'. Senieit.
Mrs. II. M. Smith. . H. t'armi
chael. Frederick K. Mcf.rew. ('. K.
Ilultimh. I. A. It. Mctln w. J. M.
Itanistcr. C. W. Staggs, Charles Ku
gene lledriek. Kliwt Mrriso. Josie
lavender, Mrs. Margaret Itabb,
;. W. Ilerndon, Walls Kogers,
Norah M. Walls. Worth Walls,
Frank I'riee. II. Waddiugham. !""
eph Hhungren.
Iley Winn, I.. It. Van Winkle,
Winkle. j-wis C. Van
. , Winkle, S. A. Harm. Joe Hodm.
order to aoid il...IhI... t:,r.
II, . I. hi. " .
trudc Van Winkle, A. S. Pence, I,.
I. O'llarra. J. II. Priiv. Clara l"riee,
-rrr- Walter K. Ilt tcher. K. h. Kirkpat-
the general rick. Allen Kirkptilrick. 0. iMJraw.
etitir.- Mary IMiraw. Jotin ismenour.
(lark WoimI. Mary r.. luunes,
Cladys Smith. A. P. Peny. Ibr.
man GoodAin, Sim J. Culley, Ar'KV
I.. Karnes, John S. Harris, V(, ,.
Davis. W. 11. IbNtlier, Ituth "McCon
nell,' Klna llanisU r. ClaJvs McFail
den, John Itanistcr jr.. Ib-n.-i Hani
ter. Itaymoiid IkirViMcr, tieoige
Waddinglium, J. M. Price, hrin
S'wanl, F. . Urcer. IJenrj?t. ilm
gren. Hie Farmers liank of We.-.tnii
U-onard Hlomgren, It. (i. Idomgreii,
(',. II. Sams, J. It. Kngli.-li. A.J.
Mclntyre. K. M. Smith. C. L. Pink,
erton, J. A. Fee, trustee, Amy A.
Van SWiviT. II. W. Ilrnnn. fn. W.
Winn, W. I.. Sinm-k, Stevens lnlgi
"What Housewives Hm Lonj; Looked For
VLava VLut onca uJ, nothlnj
rl-a uolly aailinta in waya Ilka ihla,
In, h tliiiuoaniln l women a?a trailtTln
I i miimkk thro lilrmla evrvwhia a vaiy
" .r Su.cii.l"-',Whlta" "Rkh
l'" lint Mia Mfa anil Miilitura
. M.iUa iloer Miaad, Pailryand ia
,,ih". "ftwrrl Nuity Lit"
M.iihrr Uiwd" "Men In M Veafa"
ft..Xr. Namra . Hawed ""Take!
I - 1 1 Ii" Kvtty B.ik Allka In HUH
0-iii'" --'l)i-lln rieihoaaa"
ei-, eic. ,
Oril.r a Trial Sack TcJaf
Setielattlen Cuaatea4
Ti l ami rmunloBl what you Jo"'
In . us ami wa-know that KUm rv?"' , . VL rUul
(.mum aatUfai-tloq. Vl.iMH moit wakowa w r V" '
in.d. Hula makeia lur vhia umoiuly. v
M.I.K.H at fiwmwi.l
Mrl Mll.
Also Wt-l,.il, m.hI Whole Wheal Flour, tiralmm. Ureal,
Ftedand Uy. Sud Grain. Slwk F.H..1 m Poultry .Supplies. Wa
U custom it.illn.i:. Vuiir palronagu aollcllid. W. L. ItoUBINa.
later on and
wmmmmmm I
We .oan money on first class Oregon and
Washington farms at lowest rates. No red tape
no delay. Write direct and aave money.
Give full details in first letter. X
We refer you to any ban 10 roruanu.
nriirnraiiv Mortage
, Company
Portland. Oreaoa
Those who for one reason or an
other did not invest in bonds this The government food administra
te, will be itential buyers of the tion warns potato growers nt to
.. -j s i.;nlr hold their product. It says the
uiiru issue, t. c iitivi w - -
that they weren't quite ready to crop is a big one and should be mar- Uo three factor..
buy rather than that they expect mx '
a 1 a t .n.i a.v .a a iwn.1 U II 11 1! I ITOI MIN4MI ill II" ... . . .
others to io ail me ngmuig mm . 7 ,.i,i...-ii.... 10..1 ise Kinloul. J, C. lTut
financing. . . .. ... . . . r ldi:iirc mn-luhilrii: On; mhii which price. (. M. Price, Oili-SfU
Junction City cannary making
. ....I 1 ft ! iwui nmitiHa nr 1 1 A tnna
m ivimt wi ivinn, i . i. riito n, ii'vvii." khik1
of araritreen hlackharrlaa takan la by jg0 4;f Knights of Pythias. Weston
imiui' 4to. rt, i. ki. if. r., nit-miui
Ih-os.. William K.
mlduiiro oni'lalnlnK On; alll whlcll
ho piirtli'H ilei-lreil l prodm-e. and
IhsIhb now advlwd In li prmlne
fl.u L.rln.r tlm Irilfl amount vt t-oNl
' and chance 10 1m charged aKulnl and
Although poor Pendleton has es- made a up .vn r,.ltl,?. ,hM, ,h, -..d ct. set
caped pestilence and famine, battle, mod".V .ho ZfnZ "ZX
murder and sudden death, the Bull- v!S.U"7 riS' and y .
dogger has br.ken out again. s.t -tJZ
dcclarliw un cmer- born, by them, re.pectlvc ly. for
Elsewhere we publish the "honor ecy; - 1!?.?-!
Vi.ii WinLlr.
i:..L I.. i ':..... Ti I ..-
n..... iimi " " 1 I" '" 'i), miii-
ii, hi. ....
.MIS. ., I .
Price. (. M. lYicc, Odessa Kirk-
7:0 p. m.
Thr I'eoiil.' f thfi City of Weston l,nriht.
ilo )irilnlii oh follow:
roll" of local buyers of Liberty u." ",rt '' .ir- d..iv raa of the amount . iwttmatod
. .i t L. .J ... ,i, i, f tic rtinmcd BKnlnxt It: therefore
Bonos. IS your name prmivu "u ' ' . , '.hB ,. , ,f
" It tM and nan c1 of Jund whliii will
benefited liy the conetmetlon f a sr,.(i,, I. Thai there bo. and
Miu J"""5, ' Wlilnwalk. In Ricordance with tho plani. lfl..r u Wnm- di lnr.d and made
meo (, f,,t.wliic amiewdiienia axulnHt tlio
Main i..i. .ri nr Iih and imrcel of land
Miri lMiu..i.n W'aKlilnctoii Strrct hmtnnftr Mt forth, for
waist. nd Broad Hlrect and the aouth aldo the construction of a sidewalk on
- i or Main StreVt lictwccn Broad Mtreet jain street tietween Wanhlnaton
,. 1 and Armar Street, the Common Coun- street and Droad Blreet and tho aouth
Robert N. Stanfield of Stanfield Cn f th- City of Woston met In reg- Sde of Main Street between Uroad
... . Iu, . -arnlidafo for u'r Beiwlon at 2 o'clock V. M. on the street and Armor Street, the name be.
Will probably be a candidate lor 29th day of 0ctobeI.t 19n , the ng the eatlmate asalnat each lot. purl
governor having made a good Council Boom of aald City of Weston of lot and iarc-l of land an hown In
, , . , ., , a to hear any and all objectiona which thi estimated of com for ald lm-
record as speaker or Uie noute. any person mtcrested In any of aald provement prepared by K. B. fauae,
"Bob" is the largest grower and lota, parts of lota or parcels of land Engineer, and filed with the Hecord-
shlDOer of sheep in the United , ,, rhrired mcalnst each lot, part October. 1917; the aimeasme
Church of the Brethren
Order of ryrviees for Sunday
November 4, J li 17:
10 a. m. Sunday school.
H a. m. Preaching.
6:30 u. m.- C. W. S.
Bible Study, Life of
Ouerland Willys-Knight
LIGHT FOUR, 5-passenger $ 885.00 jj
BIG FOUR, 5-passcnger auio.w
SIX CYLINDER, 45 h. p 1490.00
WILLYS-KNIGHT, 7-passenger.. 1650.00
TnetlvcrhoKl l.utht Koiir i light In 'i:bt and big ill power. It
mtc 2 VXy demand. It mIMm m yte-
It i. r . t" ly W .c car hid. year after year for many yaar,
J.UUa& " Cnf,t uch e,'m
'"The WuKa-Knigl.t Slcwcvalvo Motor hold. vry world'; record
for 1m i wir,.r.Hlured. abnr wr. and lack of carbon
'S out -aw any and all other tv,H. ut f mile- U-ywal the uaeful life of any ot her typo the
W Ulva Kn.Kl.t Mlor continm a to deliver al IU hbjlwat cfl
Vhm X Willya-KniKhta ar the n..t beautiful the factory haa
q. pr jiii. Seo llieao cara and bo eonvinccti. ,
l)i S. L. KEKIIARD Weston Agent
that even in these times of conserv- tt,i i-clflcatlons heretofore
. . i i:... with tho paid Kccorder. on
auon ne M.-an street bctwec
snipper 01 sneejj jii uiv uun tr ,e charged axalnat eacn 101, pari uctooer, m bimh-bbiiujih a'"ii"i
o.-tpa :e .'. m he world and a of lot and parcel of land and made a oarh lot. port of Ma. and paraela ot
states, II not in ine woriu, dim a -hnwn In tho estimate land being the proportionate part of
fine tvoe of tie successful young , u Kneinccr filed with the
Amertcan. That he is an eluca-
i .ha tfith Anv nt
.....v-. - J917 st whlch time tne council, nu-
tional product of the old Weston ing duly considered all complalnta to.
Normal is considered hereabouts to objectiona made to. a .uch etl
He- the cont 6f building and conatrucllng
October, raid tddewalk- which It ahould twar
and pay on account of. and In accord
ance with, the epeclal and peculiar
baneflta derived by It, to-wit:
Dr. A; F. Sempert
Graduate and ReiristertTd
Office Hours P. to 12 a.
5 p.
1 to
Watts BuJ-dim, . upstairs
be strictly to his credit.
Owner's Name. ,
Mrx. E. Reynolds . .
lark Mood
t-. - .- : ,.t Mrs. S. li. Dul'uln.
ine vvnTcr hi. in. id iumiiiij jj Hrandl
600,000 copper cents a day, and we iouid linn.
would like to have alwut thirty of Watti fcltog.-rn".'.'
ik.,n. n nou fnr n iillriiwifor 8UU. r. Knox.
9 and ln
I. 6
it were folly to
Mr. f. I'urcell.
K G. DuPu Ih. .
J. If. Wllllnma.
K. M. Hmlth . .
7. 8
."4 '
V mn- J " C J1. nilllll. . ' - ' " -
Indulge the hope-that theyp-eat JVaHowiiNa,. J. 2. H
drive against Italy is the viper's baling Kna.e .
a a. til fl nt 7
Original Town
l.'OHlH f
. i.n
1 91. Ml
dying sting.
i)d. l.00
St. no
" All...
9 .rl.;lti'.il Town
!' " 12H.IMI
2 " " 72.l
2 " r,i.'-'i
2 4K,fi
in - i r,c(. id
1 ' A .... ....
15 , ...... -
13 4 nr. ,
e..on s. I Itat m ivvviuv, r. 'my iiiw. iimj Tiiny Di.ei. ue ra.tieu
i ..... r,jik 11. o I My of ' IB ncrci-y urii-i. as Bpcviuy aj puK.oie io pay lor tn:
Comes to Clubbing SChwIb or roadi,, nn,i ,re,.t;d lo enter In the LI.-.. ro..tru.-.U, of the bo'o
or Something like that. Times may-t.l.ct ,.f the City, the nunica of Iho inentloued out of the property liable
. , , , - ci I... i ;n...u ou own.irM of caih of Ha Id Ma. parts of to pay f.r the aamo, In order to rah
Dot be hard in tMlcm lUI. units are ,ih aHj fmn.llf t )ad. and oppoidto money to pay tr tho conatructiot.
i I. ..i... ...... ,,r tin. !tr. rr.uiM',-1 Ivo iiuiiivh of iiiicl. owttvrH thorcof, nod that the eldnwalk iIhmiI'I
.... . ,.,.ui.r. Ill lull lif (III
Poor old Marion county could
only raise 48 percent of its Iwind
quota. Marion only shines when it
V. . WaltK.
J. V. f-nydtr
H. A. Brandt
rilahl Kstate
Kilint; ICHtnt
A. i'liillll'N
real l; paid for a wmu. mm It l foiiMtrorl
lamtuic. .,.. ..-w " J llfopcrtv ow.lil " in: ""I'M. iivtmmii ii.i in..- p'.-.'
..!. Iwr hnrest a harvest hereinabove aliown. and alw opponlte l.eulth and aafely of ll.e fl.y of Ww
balem reaps Utr llancsi a "u .,a.ri.... ,,t H, amount ot ton und tho InliabllantM thereof Hint
money by Mil" Ordinance declared to t-ald IIci.h hUuuIiI be docketed, ro
be orooerlv rhargi-ablo agalntit fiueh rorded and become valid Hens agab.Ht
w .. .....I .. II.... uir'j.aiul I .1 t ll roflf I,.! l,,itinMUj ti...f I. -1. 1.
- .. real nriMM.1 u .-.- . v.... . " ...
Tlio National War Work tOUncil ,,. rnr it,,. Ini.irovcn.e.rt above and nn i'iiierce.'y l declared to
istature. When the colons meet
she has not sown.
L Weston Msat Market
Meats and Fish
Ham, Lard
and Bacon ,
A. P. Perry
' Your orders
promptly filled.
P. T. Harbour
Prcston-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865
Alhena, Oregon . Waitjburjj, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
of the Y. M. C
Leader to say that
A. requests I he
"there are two
aame, for the Improvement above
I.U'l.llol.riJ: and The 'lty i.f Wen on In
l.ercliy declared and ordiibwd ". I.iivo
fat. .bf urdlnanr-e hIiiiII Im
force and effect from It pa attain.
aiKr to l.od a Men upon each bit. part the Common Council and approa.l by
, ,. ,u , i.f .. and parcel of lend hereinabove me Mayor.
.things the soldier twy Hants more dejK.r,cd tr the above mentioned l'aed the Commun Council flu
tiun nntvhintr else in the world a axwwmient and amount of inai.oy wt 2th day of October. 1917.
than aniynniK cioc opuoalta auch lot. part of lot or par- Approved by tho Major thin tl
letter from nome ana a copy 01 ma f tfom ana after the time oay or October,
. fW. .a- tf-a-inaHMA to
old home newspaper. The lirst tnu. t.rdinanee taac. e.icci. ...r .....
"u ' . Improvement.
brink's him Uic love be craves, the Action J. Iaiuch it U
J. M.
i'raciicck in all HI ate ami Ki ilea
C'haa . If. Carter Han P. Smythe
Carter & Smythe
I'ndleUi - Oregon
Mado of aolccted bjucstem in one of the
.best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Wcsrfon Mercantile Company