The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 02, 1917, Image 1

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frlnclpil Events of the Week
Irlifly Sketched far Infor- f
mtltn of Our Readers.
fir Isetreysd tba Oddfellows hall
I Frtnerllle.
Tli Hsrsslstoa Dairy and Hog
haw es bsld last week.
Wssfalsgtoo county's output of
Ions will ba about inn ran.
A cora end potato ahow will ba
bat4 mi November IT af roqulll.
Ntal r. Jlsea baa bn appointed
Wsihlagioa eotintjr agriculture! sgnt.
Tba eat convention of Uia Rapt 1st
oburrb kaM Ito snsual teesloo at Tb
Tba state blgaa-e dspartmant now
baa under oeastrwctlnn inn mltaa of
A eessaeUre fnr for tha ton
root lea nf a nw besptsl haa baa
leuarWd la Bln.
Tba PsHfle International Llva Stork
la to ba held at Portlsn during
tba aab af November IS.
Tba sure for tba proposed rail
mat to rua from Mauat Angel to
Klsgare baa baaa rampletad.
Tba fruit Industry of tha Hood mr
mllaj la uffertsr a rloua Iom ea
ores at af tba rar sbortsie.
Sstvatore Svaaart waa that aod !
Mat taaUoUr bUlad In a dufl wltb
twa ether Ballses la Portland.
Gold HOT caveat plant began on
afwttana last wan. Tba plaat cost
MM. M aad ta strictly saodero.
Ueawe W. Aadersoa, serving a
tbtaa rata term la tba penltantisry
Mbeerfhed lleno to tba liberty loan.
Tha fourth annual contention nf tha
eutaera Oregon Federation of Wo
aiaa'a ehiba waa bald at Oranta Pan.
Novessber II haa ban st aa tha
data far tba dedication of tha riwon
ttrveteg Orara Presbyterian church
la Albaar.
Hatted Atatsa Senator Cbarlai U
McNery baa baaa confined to hi
heraa la Salem wltb as attack of
Tha aaw clubhouse of tha tilth
alf rlub near F1nr, five miles aouth
f rUlem, waa opened officially with
a traod ball.
Twenty-one different road districts
la l.laa county have called meetings
to tot on a special tax on this year
assessment roll,
A mrrtflr wind storm visited The
Islte and before It spent Its force
Niitxl heavy dsmsge to the shipping
Below is a list of satisfied purchasers of land in
Montana, at Helena and Hingham. I would be glad
to have any prospective buyers get in touch with
them, either by phone or in personal conversation,
and hear their views with regard to this land, com
pared with Umatilla county lands, from the. stand
point of a dividend-paying investment.
KlrtMt lictmerii liroutl
Armar Urrnt anil ttmlur
. i' i i iimrnoii i.iiiii iI of the fUy nf
f Vfni.,ii uikI Ni.rvrd hy ih Muyor
A tlierw.f on the zaih day M (-iniir,
i an'l the inrrii of ih-i lota.
Iirt r and pMrrdn of kind
iijifltfd ly (inch lin v iiia-t)l nliall
I'D IihIiId fur (he fiuyrnirtil r Ilii' rout
ihcriti.f. proportionately um hy ur
liencflted ait nhim n In ;i(il irUioiiitco
N'i. .'St. in lliU ftiriixii uliv? do
Xwiliin Z. Th the iiiiinictloM
of wild nldrwulk nhnll l. iiliimrml
aa lthln H huura after tbv MtlnK of
J thn contract thirefnr and nhull bj
4 .linuil(l Mrllh Hum ilillvMU ....ill ik
- " - " - . . Hlllll lllll
.rk in iv,rn,,.,.,j u grd and
worhmunllhn manner and to thu w.-iil-f
ml Ion ,f ih- t'omninii Cnuncll of tha
tract In made for the making and
y -y
JuKt'ph HtniKHon, (! acrcK, Weston, Oregon.
Allicrt (JciBM, IJJO acreu, Wuston, Ori'Kun.
J. W, FJcaverl, L'W oitch. Penrlicton, Ort'eon.
I). A. ' IVrblcr, (MO acres, IVnrJIi'tvn, Ort'Kon.
t. S. Jcrard.' 73) acres, I'emJIflon, Oregon, i.
I.. L HuK'tTS. H-0 acrcH, I'cntilcton, Oregon.
Sam Ihomiwon, IlUtJ acres, 1'endletoii, Ort'tron.
)rs. Hoytlon, 640 acres, I'i ntlleton, Oregon.
Wen Zerfoa, 6 10 acres. Athena, Oregon.
lA'wi Ctv'm, 610 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
May Crowley, 160 acres, Adams. Oregon.
Kd. Duiittid, .'i'JO acres, Pendleton, Oreiion,
Mr. I't utrell, 10 acrcK.IPendieton, Oregon.
Nick Hlanehett, 160 ucre, Helena Monlana.
I. A. Pecbler second buy ')20 acres. Pendleton, Oregon.
15. K. Dupuis, 1600 acres, Pendleton. Oregon.
WesZerba -second buy 560 acres, Hingham, Montana.
Kd. Murrisette 320 acres, Adams, Oregon.
Lewis Geiss second buy 320 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
P. A. Peebler third buy 480 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Henry Ureding. 1280 acres. Pendleton, Oregon.
Henry Ureding second buy178 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Chris Uredtng, 610 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Chris Heeding second buy -640 acres, Pendleton. Oregon.
Chris Breding third buy320 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Than Oltnstead, 640 acres, Pendleton, Oregon. ,
' Than Ohnstead -second buy 320 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
J. II Kasari. 6-10 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Orville Isaminger. 610 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Dick Kirchoir, 320 acres, Pendleton. Oregon.
Dick KirchofT- second buy 640 acivs, Pendleton, Oregon.
Henry Breding -third buy - X'O acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
Sim Killgore. 640 acres. Pendleton, Oregon.
Sim Killgore - second buy 640 acres, Pendleton, Oregon.
BEN F. DUPUIS, Pendleton, Or.
224 K. Court-Office Phone 469-Residence Phone 317
completion of kuch lniirovmetua fluhUng alnce.
T ik entire cliarce of the work
durtiiK lt froiireim and uliull tie re-
I Mioiinlblc for any Ivan, damaice or ac
Y ""int reaultlng from iiritllgonce or
, ran I. which, in the dolna; or cotnldu
J I Ion I hereof.
i,a MtM'timi . Th contractor, upon
iiteriiilon of the contract, ahall ee
t cm,) and ili llur In the City of We-
I' ll a ImiiiiJ hi the Mini of lLT.uiia
Red-Haired Gunner Fires First
Shell and Maires (hrtfseyt
on Party of Germans.
With tha American Army In Prasea.
Amarlcan troopa aa In Uta flrat Ibaa
trancbaa on tba Prancb front Tka
artUlarr flad tba flrat aaot of Ik
war at C o'clock on tbe morning of
raeont day at a German working partT.
Tbara haa bten intarmlKant anllkarr
Ia Squlfr. SyfroM non of W. VVVVVVVVVaVaaaa
C, Sqnlar, wa iround to dath by a , . "..- ; . 1
'ilh Mirpiku ilur.-on in U: npiirotud
t Hid i'tiiiimon t'otiiicll and cuudi-
lloncj fr n,e faithful iH-rtorinaiicv ot
X tliu roiiirart and for the completion
Y "f the h.iI.1 lniprovi im nt aji therein
4 fpiHIfied and un nincified In thin Or-
J illn.iiin-. and further vonditloned for
Y tho payiuuiit of all lien or damava
a4 tor Wrhlch the City may become liable
t or may auffer or be compelled to pay
on account of any lotw. Injury or ac-
cldent riwultina- from ni-KllKcnce or
rareleiwncit of the conlruitor in tha
perfnrniuiice or completion of uaid
X Improvement, and aald bund ahull al-
Y " Provide that the ounlructor ahall
aa l'roirly nmke paymeni to person
I tupplyiiiB him with labor or materi
a, ala In the proxecuiion ..f the work.
provided for In aald contract, and thai
he Mill Indemnify und name harmless
1 hu v'lty of Wcxtoii MK.iinn all df:bia
and claims for lieiin, for lalwr. work
or muterUtt on account of mil'-con-tractors.
material, men, lutiorerv. me-,
chunlca or other employe or materi
al for Mich ImprovementK.
Section i. Kuch irtkou prii'o.liii;
to do aui-h work und hlddiui; on the,
wine shall file with each hid a. certi
fied cheek In the Kiim of j.00, pay
able, to the order of the Mayor of the
a i"ll" of Wewton. the same to be re
turned to the bidder ir unsuccessful
and to Iw forfeited to the City upon
Inlluro of lH bidder to enter hit a
contract In arcordaitce with the bid.
f If the Mime be accepted.
Ta .section . The City of Wwton
X shall not be lluble for the payment
Y "f a"V fart "f ,nc contract price for
4a the niakliitr of any of mtid lmpro-e-
J mt'iitK, except that the l.'lty Khali be
linble proportionately with other own
ia era for property owned by It. and the
J contractor nhall look aolely to the
land and the owners of the real
aTa, property whom; hind la eclally ben-'
t eftted by aald Improvement!!, propor
tlonately uh so benefited and aa a-
4 veKHinent may be mude agalmit tiie
Rime by the Common Council of the
City of Weston and the funds to bo
X ralwcd by such assessments and the
contractor fhall amiume all rixk and
IrreKiilarity or invalidity in the pro
J cecdinR for the levying or enforce-
ment of said asyestuuenus. up to the
at time of the letting of the contract,
and all such rii-ks thereafter, except
lor misconduct or negligence on be
half of wild City or Itn officers.
Section 7.
A nelmeted American infaatry
marched In without the knowleda of
the enemy on the aatne nicht throofk
rain and mad. Tbe French aoidiera In
the trenchee welcomed them cnthnai
aatically. Tba neareat enemy trench
la aereral hundred yard away. Tba
actor la one of the quieteet on tha
front It baa not been taken ofer,
being under the control of troopa an
der the direction of the French.
In time, a complete aectlon of tha
front will be Americanised In erery
The flrat ahell fired by tba Amarl
can made an exact bullseye. It waa
aimed at a group of 12 or IS Bochea.
landed In the middle and when tha
moke cleared andthe duct fettled
there were no Bochea Tbe gun waa
aimed by college boy, cool and col
lected and an coldly ncientUic aa If
they had been In practice on their
own peaceful campus. A lithe, under
alzed, bnt tremendously enthusiastic .
red-haired Irish lad did the firing and
tbe shell was preserved and will ba
Insert bad with the date and sent to
President Wilson as a souvenir.
The first American wounded In tha
trenches has arrived at a base hospi
tal. He is a lieutenant of the signal
corps. He was hit in the leg by a
hell splinter.
" The officer was bit whDo working -in
a communication trench near tha
first line. The wound is slight
The first German prisoner of war
taken by the American expeditionary
forces died in an American field hos
pital. He was shot when ha encoun
tered an American patrol In No Man's
Land in front of the American
trenches. " , -
American batteries are continuing
to shell the German lines at regular
intervals, the enemy following similar
Sauthsrn Psrlflc train on a t rest lit
two mils south of Salem.
Tha Oreson Agricultural college
faculty subscribed prscllcslly one
fifth of Bnton county's quota for tha
liberty bonds, raising "n,ooo,
Ed Weatharson, a losdrr at Shevlin
glinn rtmp 4 was fatally rrunhrd be
tween two logs and died aftar his re-
atarsl to Iba hospital In Bend.
Attorney General ftrown holds that
tha public service commission hss
power ta grant franchises for Inciting
and booming In waters of tisvlgnhlc
Mrs. fbsrles R. fsstner. of Hood
Hirer, was r'Uvt4 president, of th
Oregon fit at Federation nf Womon's
olnbs at tha annus) convention held
at Prlnarllle.
Tlllsmook county s parpetnslly
enjoined by the supreme court, from
ailing MIS.Ai'O worth of road bonds
passed at a sperlsl election In that
county on .lune 4.
While at work In the Big Creek
Logging company's rsmp near As
toria. Frnk Oeelsn was struck in the
bold by a trip-line and so badly In
jured that he died. ,
teland E. Moe, for the past 22 years
a resident of Albany and widely
; known among tha railroad men of
westers Oregon, died at his home In
Albany, aged year.
Xdward Bllllnis. Id 45, living at
Springfield Inaction, wag Instantly
killed near Eugene when a Southern
Pacific troop train struck the hack
In which be was riding.
Work it being rushed on three can-
tonaaent at Fart Steven and two '
-each at Forts Coromkla and Tenby, for
winter heqstng of tha coast artillery
ett- stationed et these poets.
Mies Esther Canon, chief elerk to
eVrremer Wlthyeowbe. will be mer
rted the middle ef November to Hugh
MeCassmoa, who is oonaacted with a
Vkraa concern la Seattle.
He&Ve'4a Sail tomorrow evening.
The said Recorder ia
directed to Invite sealed proposal for
the construction of the walk herein-
above mentioned, by notice to be
the construction of ublbdied once a week for two weeks
wth aides of Main In the Weston Leader Newspaper
Washington .struct und to be pouted in the Council
To the Opera House, Weston ;
Saturday, November 10
Richardson Halbeit Attractions
(Remember Our Name)
Producers of Successful Plays
rrovidinp ft.
n aide walk on
Street between
and Broad Street and the auuth side Kuom and in three nubile blucen.
or Main street between Hroad Street pluin view of all persons In the City
and Armar' Street and declaring mi of Weston, which notice shall Invite
emergency. and require all -bidder to specify the
Whereas, The Common Council of j.rlce for which they will make salu
the City of Wmton, Oregon, at a n-s- improvement, at the rate per square
uliir meeting thereof, held, on the yard, and show the entire sum for
,'Hth day of October. I9IT, finally which the bidder proposes to make
fixed the nnmnnl of assessment to be ,,e improvement, ,nnd that each bid
cliurucU upon und made a lieu against ahall be accompanied by a certified
cim-Ii lot, part of lot and parcel of check for J5U.00. pavuble to the or-
lund for th construction of a. cement pr f tne Mavnr of said City and the
wUtewulk In accordance with the riB,t f the Common Council shall be
Ulnns. sixcirictttloiiK and ' ostimutes reserved therein to reject any and
heretofore filed with the Itccurtler of n
said City by K. H. S,umc. Kngincer. on Section S. Inasmuch as the present
both sides of Main Street between sidewalk on Main Street is in bud
WnshliiHton street and Hroad Street ,,u.i..., ,i u u,.i.i.. i l(.ei.
uud thu south side of Main Street be- ,inlli ,,,, Ki,i,.,. ihe Citv oi Weston
tweeu Broad Street and Armar Street,
to law suits for damuscs. U is ne-
unu uociarins by ordinance what the Cffwarv fr tw peace, heullh und
true assessment and amount charge- aafctv"of the Citv of Weston and thu
ublo against and to be made a lien nilhii,u,ts thereof that said sidewalk
Ujtlnst each lot. part ot lot uud Pr- be built ils Sieedilv as possible and
ce of land should bo for the con. lltfr,, Int, fn rains set In. and an
Btructlon of ft sidewalk, after full op- emergency is declared to exist and
portunlty and notice given to nil own- ,hl(J ,,lmance shUi (, )n iri-e and
era or aald property to present any (ffect frym 8 1assag0 i,v tho Com
objectlona which they or any of them. CouncU alld approved by the
mlKht have to the making of said im-
l'usseii the Common Council this
. Washington. Wholesalers'- profits
in war times, at least on non-perishable
foods, should be governed by tbe
prices they actually pay and not by
prevailing market conditions, tbe food
administration has decreed in special
regulations, which will be put into
effect November ' 5 with respect to
several commodities.
Profiteering by retail dealers rn
foodstuffs wilt be made impossible af
ter Kovember 1, tha food administra
tion announced, under a plan to cat
off supplies to thoee not satisfied with
reasonable margins. Manufacturers,
wholesalers and other handlers of
foods, whose business will go under
license, will not be permitted to sell
to distributors who seek undue profits.
"This. Is one of the most sweeping
safeguards," the announcement said,
"against high prices which will be in
corporated in the licensing system."
, or wain street ben
Presenting a Capable Company of Dramatic Performers "-md st
A Sensational Comedy Drama in Four Acts.
NOT MOVING PICTUKKS. Heal, Live, Walking Talk
ing, Fxperienced Actors.
PRICES - - -. Children 25c. Adults 50c ss
Doors open at 7:30. Curtain at 8:15.
Provement, as well as to the amounts
or parcel .of land affected thereby:
Therefore the People of the City
of Weston do ordain as follows:
Section 1. That there shall lie
constructed a sidewalk on both sides
of Main Street between Washington
reet and tho south
between Hroad
Street and Armur Street, in accord
ance with the plans and specifica
tions prepared by E. E. Saiue, Engi
neer, and filed with the Kecorder o!
said City on tho 16th day of t)ctoiir,
117. and in accordance with the
Charter and Ordinances of said City,
Section 2. That the cost of con
MmrllnK said sidewalk shall tie a
Hen and chare upon all lots, parts
of lols and lurcvls of laud special
benefited by such iinproveim-iit, pro-,
portloiiutel.v' a the suine are bi ncrit
oir and as shown in ordinance No.
"&i of said city entitled "ordinance
.No. deolnrint; tin true amount
of cost and etvirue to lo charged
attains! and made a lien upon each
part of lot and hi reel of land es
pecially lienefited by the construc
tion of a sidewalk on both sides or
Main trect between . Washington
Street u4 roa4 Sueot ga4 Uit loutb
29th day of October. 117.
Approved by the Mayor this ifth
day of 'October, lsl".
J. SI. HA.Ni.STKK. Maayor.
AXDY T. HARM'OTV Kecorder.
. Civilization.
A Japanese diplomatist is said to
hare exclaimed: "For 2,000 year we
kept iieace with the rest of tho world
and were known to it but by tho mar
vels of our delicate ethereal art and
the finely wrought productions of our
ingenious handicrafts, and we wore
Yuletlde Presents to Men Abroad Must
Reach New York By Dee. 4.
Washington. The war department
made public rules governing tba
handling by mail and express of
Christmas presents for members of
the American expeditionary forces
All parcel post packages mast be
under seven pounds and inclosed ia
wooden boxes; express paokagsa.
boxed, not exceeding 20 pounds and
covering to be fitted to facilitate in
spection. Food products most be-la
cans or glass jars.
Packages should be . a4.dreaae4-ft
accounted hnrhnrinlis I Rut from the
day on which we made war on other nw prescribed by postal rQgufJ.i
uatlons and killed niuny thousands of and plainly marked. "Christmas) BoST"
our adversaries you at once admit our They should be sent to "BieravQfla$
claim to rank among civilized nations." Hoboken, N. J.H
On reading the foregoing in the Java . . r
Times we are reminded of Professor
Kenny's story of tlm shipwrecked mar
iner who at dawn came across a gib
bet and exclaimed, "Thank God, here is
a sign ot civilization !" Loudon Glob
Italiane Checking -Teutonic Atjajewak
Rome. Italians are cfcecMnf tSa
advance of the Austro-Garmau &a9m
Into the plains of northern Itsr, -41ka
war off loe aiuana.