The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 19, 1917, Image 4

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J Citing
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As a special inducement we will give FREE OF CHARGE: with each boy's suit a
good watch that sells for $1.00 to $1.25. The quality of our boys' suits is well known,
as they are the "Best Ever," fully guaranteed the most serviceable, stylish boys' suits
on the market. Your boy will look well dressed in these suits because they have the
snap and style about them you so much desire in a suit. Our line is very complete, com
prising over one hundred suits. Novelties, serges, corduroys, etc., and the price ranging
from $10.00 down to $1.98.
OS t
We have gone through our big line of hats and se
lected all the odds and ends of lines -good styles -just a
few of each kind. These are the best values that have
sold for $3.00, but to close them out we place them on a
sale table at only
The advantage of having new goods coming every fevv clays
from which to make selections, is very apparent. Our line is al
ways replete with new things, showing wide diversity of mater
ials to select from gabardine, serge, burella, wool velour, silver
tone and broadcloth in such pleasing colors as navy blue, hunter
green, clove and African brown, burgundy, beet root, taupe grey
and black.
Despite the increasing cost the prices of our suits are mod
est and will compare favorably with those of former seasons.
V V - J I E-3 w E J M
Mrs. Kabb is lien- every day anil showing pretty new hats making to order and retrimniing. Jniit today
she has a new shipment of trimmed hats and they are beauties. Select your hat here where you can KCt what
you wish at the price you wish to pay. and he assured of the individuality in style and color you so much enjoy.
AMtraf a um nil IC .1 1,1 iki. I.urili.ti i.f tuivillLf harls ill Intn or tHlfl'l'lh uf 1 11 11 1 1 """"'""""""WT
We Can "Take Your
A rousing and patriotic Liberty
Bond meeting was held in Weston
Wednesday afternoon. Strong
speeches were made by Hon. J. W
McCulloch of Ontario, State Sena
tor Walter M. Pierce of I-i Grande
and C. A. Miller, federal reserve
hank representative of San Francis-
Senator Pierce made an esiice-
ially fervent and effective apeal.
Declaring the necessity of con
structing a sidewalk on lth sides
of Main Street between Washing
ton Street ami Uroad Street, and
on the youth side of Main sln-el l
tween I road Street and Arnnir
Street in the City of Weston; ap
should IxaMhc liurdeti of paying parts of lots or parcels of land
for the said improvement and shall ! changed from tin- ligures
should have a lien placed then-on and amounts shown chargeable
After a week's visit in Weston,
Mrs. II. B. Nelson left yesterday co
w '-' "- . " 7". appea, . , slw.jfi,.tttion.s nd es-
"Alex" Alexander was here from Judge Lowell, chairman of the bond irmitr, , J, Knffin).,.r (f ,m;
walla walla yestcraay, taiKing gwo ";. woo .wu..v, ii..i......
ruiriouc nymns ano songs were ieu
by a lady singer from Pendleton,
and the Weston Concert Band play
ed stirring airs. The rally stimu
lated local subscription.
roads and Up-to-thc-Times.
Pennington & O'Harra have ar
uf eon
for the same, in the proper propor
tion to each lot, part of lot or par
cel of laud as shown in said esti
mates; ami
Whereas, 'flic improvement here
inlwfore descrilx-d for said tortin
of Main Street at this time is prop
er and necessary; therefore
The People of the City of Weston
H do Ordain as follows:
Section I. That it
is necessary
ranged for an cxihbit next Sunday
and Monday of the Oakland Six.
In order to meet my own obliga
tions I am compelled to insist that
all those indebted to me settle their
accounts at once. H. L. Hedrick.
City: declaring the cost
structinir such sidewalk to
charge and lien against all lot
parti of lots and parcels of land to and exjicdicnl at this time to build
be benefited by construction then- and construct, and it is hereby or-
of. and declaring that the owners i la i tied and declared that there shall
A "jitnev dance" will be iriven of said lots, parts of lots and par- h- built and constructed in the City
against the same in said estimate:
and the Ilecorder shall notify the
owners of all the lot;, parts of lots
and parcels of land descrhied in said
plans, six-cilicntions and intimates
by sending to each of them at their
last known address a written notice,
signed by himself as Kit-order, with
the seal of said City attached, in
forming them of the time and place
fixed in this ordinance for hearing
any objections to said estimates
which any person may have, and lit
that time and place said estimates
shall lie finally fixed and determined
ny tne i ommon i ounen. wiitcn no.
at Athena opera house Saturday eels ol land shall ie name tor me f Weston aforesaid, a suicwaiK in tice shall lm cscrved upon said per
evening, Ocober 27, for the benefit cost of construction of said sidewalk all respects as shown and provided Mmi( ,y N.nfjjrlI to them through
of the Red Cross the event havinir and directing that a notice of the jn the plans, specifications and esti- ii:,.ui c .ii
Snow to the depth of two and a been postponed a week because of said plans, specifications and esti- mates prepared by K. K. Sauze, thereon fully prepaid, to each of
half inches has fallen at Toll Gate, the masquerade at Weston, tomor- mates la; served upon the owners of Kngineer of said City, and filed , t their last Iknown
and Mail Carrier Jones reports that row evening. The date of October said lots, parts of lots and parcels with tho Recorder on the ICth day (lf a(,r,w; ,,t least ten days
the mountain road is white from 27 had been set for the .annual Li- of land of the filing of said plans. f October, KM 7. which plans and .fre the time ' fixed for hearing
Tamarack church to the sawmill. brary Ball at Athena, but was given specifications and estimates, and ap- specifications are hereby particular- ,.(, hjc,.ti,w to the estimates
We have the equipment and the over to tho Red Cross. Mrc. Sabi- pointing a time and place for hear- y referred to and are now h. re Hnd shall k-posted in the Council'
"know how" to clean your seed M"rtn, organizer of the Red mg objections thereto, and finally again ratified, approved and KfM of Hflj,j rjlVi ,, jn ,hm,
grain and to clean it right. Try oss this county, will be hostess settling the same, and declaring an adopte.1. IM(1)j(. )h.w jn plajt vjw ()f )(
us. Others are doing it to their of ,h' o.-casion, and Mrs. Hattery emergency. S-ction . That the cost of build- persons in the City of Weston for
6atisfacti(n. Weston Milling Co. f Pendleton, county president, will Whereas, Pursuant to an ordi-i jug ami constructing such sidewalk such lime.
ainini. nance oi me vuv oi mesioii nereio- Sn:i in- a eimrire ano i en noon a u....: t t i
Luke Read, well known Athena fore duly passed h. h. Sauze, hn- lots parts oi lots and parcels of ent sidewalk along mid portion of i.BlHu.on nr
farmer and a son of Mrs. Martha gmeer of said City, has made and hind to be benefited by such im- Main Street is in had condition, and ' U
Read of this city, has been brought " wltn.cin coroer uictwh provement as snown in ami aesenn- p(.rson8 pawting aIon(f the same are
We do not mean thin in a
belligerent sense, but that
we can take your measure
properly for your
Wc represent the well-
known Field & Roberts and Z
Herald lines.
Orders taken for
Ray O'Harra has bought an inter
est in the Mendwell garage, and the
firm is now Pennington & 0 Harra,
R. L. Reynaudi
W. M. Pttcrion C. ft. Blihop
Peterson & Bishop
Freewattr, Or.
. . t i i
tSZHinooavTacom: from a Portland hospital in "j"?"8 Tl J."!"! id Pifi"tion" and liable to he injured and the City
plete auto hospital.
a very critical condition, and it is lor tne construcuon oi a bwwan estimates, and tne owners or sucn 8bjected to suits for damages, and
feared that he i-annot recover A f" hoth sides of Main btreet te- ts. parts ff lots and parcels of ,1... ,:.,.,. M,aHnn : ,ir--Ui
Mrs. Mary Lancaster of ' Astoria, tubercular affection of his throat ,twwn Washington Street and Hroad am sK-cially benefited by said wh',rfl may prevent said sidewalk
president oi tne urcgon lu-wKans, has develoM, following the excis- nireci, anu uie wuw u mum ,mprov..meni snail lie resjiecuveiy frm .in( t.onMlrU(.U.() mU,M t.
showing f constructing the same, in the
drove to Pendleton Monday even- m y, 8treet.
Kf hear lapiain norwon, ana
report that they were well repaid. Majjueradc ball Oct. 20.
Passed the Common Council (hirf
Approved by the Mayor this 17th
day of OetolM-r, 1!7.
.f. M. HANISTKR, Mayor.
WinUd PaHloultr.
At a recent concert. tb conclotlon
to py your Weston Leader "ub"
will meet wiwi niawama mwhaii on of h s tonsils .-ttreei ueiweeii muwi oun-i. mm name lor me paymeni oi uie rw ,.., I.nmllll,n(,, W,MIII iI.-Ihv
Lodge No 88 Novemlxr 5. and a Marlrill and Milt Swa, Armar Street, in said f .ty. showu.g f constructing the sanie. in the llnti, t,. ming t ,hl. ,.xl
full attendance is desired. P.y or- i-narks Marshall and Mill hwag- the kind and character of improve- proportion ns shown in said esti- MhH onen it U mm-aarv fur tin.
... it ii irnrt mannireil In iinul n funrl itf . . ...:ii. it . . i n w i n is imiWMirjr lor nil.
deror tne wooie urana. f' " ,? rZl,r menui oiniemjm.-u. wmi tn mates; ami eacn ioi snail pay ami h..lth nml Kf..(v i.f h.. !!! Ktfff.a m f.
nay on .eve. grounu wni unvmg mnteS of the work to lie done and ). liable for the payment of the 't w . , . i ,i . r..i.:.i , ti ViPWTl I ninClPr -I J)
cost thereof, with a stale- m f)f ophite to and h..r..r , l.t;.. " 7 7l.; 8 " W" V" W.
the lots, parts of lots and assessed against such lot, part of .,ir..,.i (1U Ul U ktl lll til hxJtl
parcels of land to la- benefited by 'l.,t or parcel of land as shown in , "n " T I"" I .CiwI i v
such impnivement and the propor- SillJ estimate. imleM and except or,jjMaIK.,; ,;,, 1;lkl. ,.,rc,(.,. aml ,.
f ion of the toUl cost of improve. WKh -ssnieiit against such lot be jn l,rci. from j(H ,
uieDt which each of such lots par s hereinafter changed hy ordinance Commm Council and approval bv
ot lots ana parcels oi moo. miou.o Cf said t:ity. j,e Mayor.
nay i aciuuin nit i n ow ..,.( ,.! Tlml i. i-liuli n in
Oinnei man he ileTivml llicretrom ami ' .. ,i... .,ui. .i...,r nt,.u... 1017 :u . . . . . . " "
in uiM-rtv Loan bonds to the eX. ,-.. u' s , k., cvi.i t... ".. ' .... . i..: .' IWh ay ot iJctober. 1917
- . , . .inline llrto I iJsijt' 'J I' iMiiurnnv TV lli'l .Jlto, .Tan. ..iuin-ii ikic . IIXCO aS IIM' lime alio fills VOlini-!!
tent of $3050 more, niaking his affair for handling the cement that incd such 'plans and specifications K,om as the place when and where
total holding of these bonds $ P5U. y,. a M.Uor
mixer than a and approved the same, and found nriy ierson owning or interested in
In this "Lew is demonstrating wise Wjtician. the estimates to be in accordance anyof the real properly described in
not only his patriotism, but his with K. ,,ro,,i,. ,.,,,,( f .;,!, .tiinak's so filed with the to
wel! known, sound judgment. f w.5" f wwk "r.fcr shall appear liefore f he f Urn
Two automobile parties consist- Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Woods. Mr. Whereas, The pro rty reported mon Council to present any objer
inir of Mrs. Delia Neild and Mr. IJden in a prominent Seattle mar- in said estmates wilh plans and fions which such x-rson may have
1 . i i- ..J M- 1 f 1. 1.. j....i ciMi.Mfii-a(i..iiK n . In ilii the lirolxTlv In the amount of such estimates.
Lynn eno. -"rr. "rr ... .J. r ...i ... i ..i .. f itf which tb Mtic. "Thert ti
T, n.,A Mr and Mrs ti. . uoir- . oeneuico oy eueu iiiipr.m:iii'-ii. io, o'i m iiim. mm- nun ii" in. "in- - - m n a m a .
Reynaud, nr. "J f A. Phillips announce a union :,,.,,., ,lf iilt. (U.uncil. in mon Council aforesaid shall after a Good Tlm Comlnr." n row In th. B C1CT P. OO
era ana r. "u """" prayer meeting this evening at his 4..u .t 7 :..ii i...f,.i ..n i.: i r u. ,Dif, ,i..i... audience and nil. -MUtcr. oo could QUI Villi I W UUl
j. n. Toranas ooutrni irom ivirs. ;i u. i. ... .i. v,.......t . .,
" nil. im: ifui II ni. a, m: imuLuiub tirf lllfl I III
u.. m: ,u, iL. kn... i. M. . . prooaoK.
lurtijr 1....-.... -o. ... iarm. uotn saneu into ne aimo- f
.. I, 14-. ... 4IOO on .... ... mi ni, oi
on ury "".. ' j --'. y., sphere and landed on opposite sides
acre lor llic wiicai ianu arm oo an f a f,. T,e earth shook from
acre for the pasture ianu. i ne th). jmpa;t ,ut the casualties were
tract adjoins Mr. York s Iioidmgs uckily liht.
.1 700 uiriH: in n Imrtv
...... Old sidewalks on Main slrcc! are
For himself and tamiiy Kostmas- arBay being torn up in prepara-
ter L. JC van wnnKie nas inveswn tjon for C(mcrvi,. work.
t rniln uarhf uxl rufrttt,f aunmml ar no
vrimn iw FRll IIMOH u4 nvurl
cm tiiiiuintiir. iKHft rM-rnxn
7'. xirrmuii.lilrial.uiii.w. IMkiluvral
hi hv ytjii mtmr. Wrtuln4f.
thon-hv ami the real orom-rtv mini in wlrnt if nnv resnect the iw- aot DX lot oile, couia your "Muiicti
aforesaid is the property which timatcd cliarj agslnut any lot or Amuicaa. .
g03 Smnth 8t., WuhliigtM, o. C.