The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 19, 1917, Image 1

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Frlnclpil Evantt ef the Week
Irlefly Sketched for Infer
mitlin if Our Readers.
Vaap Urmtn arer Bllverlon era
ktffldlai alloa Ihle fall.
Lumber shipment from Hend In
Ik paet all Months have averaged :i
Mt) da?.
fleaas la Ike Willamette valley near
Stltm are showing about $on pnundi
te u m
A frv ear af typhoid fever kev
devateni la Klamath KaJla In lb
ft t a.
af aoutfcara Oregon mat
. .. ' , ......
lag ara"f win roir.
Os and afi ar October II. hunting of
4irka aad t In aeaiern Oregon
will ant? ke permitted after auorlaa
and eafor aunaai.
riartrlawa al ttia uarallloa of ll)
manmrti( mtxitat lh of
Oram la In Omion Cltr ara
fiats rdar aitarnoea.
Mara Uaa 110 toaa of rblttlm bark
kaa ba told to dralara In Lincoln
watr IhU yaar at an avaraaa prlea
of atfbt caaU a pooad
Tiara la a iraatar aupplr mooay
a,Sil7b. ban "of Ma.o.u,
k. .r ik. ronni v
2;S-. h
maala to drafted man an
ronii from
California to Amrkan lAkr.
r.n" ".r.-"H .ppW.m.triy . i
Z, J larrraaa In lla r-loctrlc rafa
iTiftV...kii .ir rommtaalon
Tha Tualatin Vally Wwirh- com
- .i-.-ra
. ir.Z.'Z .-V.,irif.iaarnconfretiriMru.l R
am Wrwinwn HI t.IH r--w
r.M.. .a a hamlet, -lied at her
hema la Fendlrtoa of ppeumonl.
Froparty ownera on the bottom
laadi waat of fialnlr haa formed a
drelaag d'atrlrt and IH reclaim
about HOB aerra that are flooded
vary summer.
Hood Hirer eouniy haa Juai com
plated two new brldees oer Hood
rleer. one at Trout rreek and tbe
ahr at Iee. at a roat of approxi
mately $ior.
A maetlng of representatives ol
alt the farmara- unlona of Tolk rounly
will He kld la Dallaa October 17 fi
the purpoa of dlacusslna he nm'silon
af a rounty agent.
Senator Thamberlaln Is advised by
(ha director of Ihe Beologlrat auney
that a geologist has been Inatructed
to visit Polk county and Inspect re
sorted oil and laa Indications.
At a meeting held at Toledo the
......iii to hnnit the nnrl to build a
steam achooner for the lumber and
freight-carrying business of YamUna
kay was voted down by a vote of 7 to
The annual atate cnnvenllon of th
Oregon Congreia of Mothers and Ta
rent-Teacher association of Oregon
will be held at Eugene this week, be
Inning Wednesday and closing Hat
Representative Willis C. Hawley hat
announced a competitive examination
to establish a register for eligible
young men for appointment to the
United 8latea military and naval
Mis Kllxabeth Fol, dean of women
at the university of Oregon, bus beet
ml aa the Oregon executive in
... i. ....ii-n tieliis carried
IBB iir i n
on by the North American student
An inspection of 3ft oon acre of land
balwaan Ifermiston and timatllla aa.a
possible site for one of the additional
army training camps has been ordered
by the commanding officers of ths
western dMslon.
An eight-hour dsy and an Increase
t. .a of Ifl rent a day ha been
ranted t the platform, shop and
harn men In Portland of the roruana
.ii..t Maht t Power company by
tka board ef arbitration. '
Vlth a hullet bole through the head
the body of Dr. William R. Scott, fo.
a number of years a practicing physl
etan af Athena, waa found In the bath
room at the Claude Reeder farm horn
four mllea eat of Helix.
Although fhe normal forest fir" sea
aan ended In central Oregon several
weeks age. fire continue to be re
ported, the unusual warm weather and
the continued lack of rain creating con
dltfoas favorable for them.
The law eiemptlng miner from aa
auroent work on (Mr claim, tot U.
year mil aim I ; I s is nu in ciien.
The Uw was enacted In order
claimant could enter ti (internment
service, or devote lll'il time In ir
euttaltilng vocations
' Al tho regular mectum of 'lir stats
highway coninilanlmi In Nuwinlwr
roll! ran a probably will !' lit for
tiA.nno wnrlli of im.truc lion which
will extend over liiio in ki iar Thia
emouut added !) whet linn been inn
tract ad for alrrsdy this year will brim:
Dm grand Iota I up to approximate!
Operating revenues of the O-W. IL
N. company for the year ending
December SI. I'M. crc $I.M0.!5.
nirn i an inrrr.- ...
the previous car, e i-orum m m
railroad company report filed with
111 public arrlrp ciinimtstlon.
Owing In Ihe fail Dial Ihi' llbrrty
loan bund campaign continue unlit
October 2. and la of paramount Itn-
poriance, i-jenum " hphh ..-.,.,.-,...
Herbert O. Hoover, federal food ad-
mlnlstra'or. lo postpone tho food ton
arh'dulr.l for thia
..k. Mr. Hoovor
laaiP'd ordrra In lliat (fret
A Jury In KH"-ral Judg'- H-an a court
at Portland rnnvlrtH J' ff'Thon N.
of Jritnlnaa lx)dr, of nttrmpiina lo
oad tho draft by fallnu "willfully"
lo r(lalr Juno S for Hi'" army, aa
Provlll by law and a proi lamatlon of
rroaldsnt wnaon. no m aonirnrro
to u daya In jail. !! la Uia flrat
"alarkr" to b convlt-U'd In OrKon.
NKbtlatlona haa turn rotnplild
for the purrhaaa by llto trook-8ran-
t ff I. H..MnAMM fAM I hll Ol fl III n .
""" . ' " "
' na of a tract of 000
tnountalna. Included In tho tranaac-
'"""f"" ,v
Owln to lb" aborlan" of fiwd on ta
hlKh deaort and dry laud aoctlona or
cro,k .nd n.chu.... counuo.. ..r,o
numbara of jackrabblla r oolloctlna
about.-Ik .,iaarhoa In tli Irrlgaled
and ar feedluf m Urn gral
Ward haa planned tho
third annual
Jackrabhlt campaign
lo commerce
next month.
Tetltlons lo the governor of Oregon
praying that the huMlnR season for
deer bo extended In the first district
from October 15 to October 31 were
generally slKne.l In Lincoln county.
Hunters argur that, owing lo forest
flrea. much of the season was closed
by gubernatorial orders, and that the
eitenslnn prayed for will be in the In
teresta of food conservation.
Because they have failed to comply
with a law passed by the 1017 U'Rla
lature Imposing upon them the duty
of filing certain ilnta with th seer
tary of state, no less than 13 Oregon
county clerks are subject lo removal
front office by the governor. The
counties In which the clerks aye de
linquent are; Itenton. Claokamas.
Clatsop. Crook. Curry. Deschutes, liar-
ney, Jackson. Jefferson, Morrow, Till-
amook. I'matllla and Wheeler,
Tarn.ers of western Oregon whose
land Is in need of agricultural lime can
nave nut lime nope ior ranj rrnri
from the sine lime board, according
to Warden Charles E. Murphy or tne.
state penlt ntlary, who la secretary of
the board. Nothing definite haa been
accomplished by the hoard since its
creation by the 1S17 legislature, which
appropriated $10,000 to be used In
acquiring a lime deposit and preparing
the product for agricultural use.
Six post road projects In eastern
Oregon will be submitted to the fed
ersl government by Ih state highway
commission for Joint construction.
They arc tbe following: From Pendle
ton to Deadman hill, on the Pendleton
La flrande lilcli w iiy : from Union to
Telocasset; from Klgln lo Minim, on
the La Grande, loseph highway; from
Sbanlko lo Hay Creek; from Fossil
to Service, and from Dayvillo to
Prairie City, on the John Pity hirh-
Morris Roon of Junction City. In a
letter to the attorney general, says
dogs are killing his. sheep and he Is
polaonlng the dog with very good
success, but he wanla to know If there
is any law amnonrum r ! in i
put out polaon for dog under uch
circumstance, noon wj w
the dogs he ha poisoned were pet
and he has been threatened wl h dire
trouble, but so far no one. has filed
suit against him. Ho ha lost about
$4S0 worth of sheep and haa poisoned
15 dons.
An Item ef Watte.
"Are you economising!"
"I'm not atiro. Like a lot of other
people, I'm wast lug prerloua time din-
cussing tbe lilgu cost of living wuen
ought to be bustling ror (tie price.
Wtahln, ton Star.
1 Llii -
Amarioan Craft of Mora Than 2500
Tona Capacity ara RaauiaiU. 4aHW ol. U ttderal reserve ifAWW
Waahlngton.-I'ractlr.lly all .hip. ,hrouRh UW of mambrrablp In h. sult
In overseas trade, flying the American
flag, will eventually come under gov
eminent control.
Thia was stated in government cir
cles here, following formal notice (bat
shlpa of 2500 lops or over will be
requisitioned. If the war continues,
vessel of 1000 tons will be taken over.
The data for thia move la already lu
possession of tbe shipping board
Kour hundred and fifty right ships,
aggregating S.87I.35S tons, are placed
exclusively at the government's dis
posal by the order effective next week.
They will be operated by tholr present
owners, but with churter and frelKht
rtes already fixed by the government
Kffleienry for war purposes, not Hie
ow ner's profll, will be the sole purpose
In guiding the ships' future use.
(0) ia EC
will be on display at Mendwell Garage (Pennington &
0'Harra) Weston, Oregon
Sunday and 1
Power equal to that in big 'Six's.
Economy impossible in large Six's.
Average gasoline mileage in hands of users 18
to 30 miles per gallon.
Price until November 1 $1045.
Price after November 1 $1090.
'N. P. filcLEM,
f - " ' i i
1 U WU
f'tfk ' Cnrtoon hv Seed. Courtesy of
Waahlngton. - Mobilization of the
told of the natlou under the aup-r
system bv all eligible nonmemoei
state banks and trust companies, wat
called for in an appeal made by Prcai
dent Wilson.
Stockyards in Kansas City Burned.
Kansas "lt. Mo- More than hall
of tho Kansas City stock yards, the
second large! in the country. wf
destroyed by fire It was estimuled
after the fire had been brought unuet
control after two hours, that several
thousand head of emtio had been de
Politics Permitted in Military Camps.
Washington. The war department
has issued orders to allow represen
tatives of political parties, to cam
paiKii in the various military cam it.
onday, October
Distributor Pendleton, Oiegonf
Oregon Jounul Jj
Reaidenta of Outlying Diatricta Ara
0i Aet ew.WoFTwaw-
Tbe discovery late Sunday
afternoon of the body of a woman
who had been murdered at least two
months ago and dragged Into thick
brush near the north end of the city
spread fresh terror among residents
of tho outlying districts, already keyed
up to a high pitch of excitement by
the activity of a woman slugger.
Keaidents iu outlying districts have
been thrown into a slate of terror
by activities of the woman slugger.
Acting under the authority of the
city council. Mayor Gill offered a re
ward of $1000 for the apprehension ol
the worsen or persons who have
brought terror to Seattle by attacks
on women in their homes and on. the
streets of Seattle.
The slugger has claimed nine vic
tims in the last two weeks.
Policies Will Be Written
Lives of Men and Women
Between 15 and 65.
WaahlDgtoo. Samplaa of tka laaur
ance policy which the government win
rite for its soldlera and aallora wora
mad public by the war riak Inaaraaca
bureau of the treasury department
Detalta of the policy dlacloaed that
rlfika will be writteri upon tka Uvea
of men and women between tka age
of IS and 65 In all branches of tka
army, navy, marine corpa. coaat guard,
naval reserve, national naval votua
terra, nursea and "any other kranefcea
of the United Statea forces serving
with the army and nary."
Premium, computed on a montkly
basiK, vary between S3 cents per tiaag
at age 15 to 13.35 per $1000 at aa
During periods of total disakUK
the Insurance will be paid, not la ana
lump sum. but monthly for 20 years,
should the disability continue for that
period. Should death occur hefora 2
years, the remainder of tka Belie
will be paid at once to the beneficiary.
Provision is mada for family allow
ances, for wounded and cripplee. far
compensation In case of death or ie
jury without cost and for insuraaea
at vary little cost.
In cases of partial disability, tka
amount of compensation la detenalaeeV
ky a schedule to be baaed upon fka
extent of the Impairment of carats
capacity. Total disability payaaeata
are to be Increased above tka figures)
named In the policy where tbe InsurM
has dependents.
The policies will be Issued in mailt
pies of $500. no polio-, however, te ke
less than $1000.
AT 659,707,000 Ell
Washington. Of thin years wheat
crop, only kushels. or a seat
11.8 per cent, will be left for expert
to the allies and neutrals after tha re
quirements of the United Statea ara
filled, unless Americans heed tha cat
of the food administration and curtail
their consumption.
Kxperts of the bureau of crop esti
mates, in calculating this year a tha
oretical wheat surplus, have place
the consumption at 10 per cent less
than the normal of 5.3 bushels, aa thta
year's conditions resemble those al
1916, when the apparent per captaa '
consumption was about 4.75 buakalaj.
For the estimated population of tka
country 103.635,000 people tha ta
quirement on that basis is 494.3,H'
bushels. Seed requirements they eatt
mate at 87,271,000 bushels.
This year's w heat crop, from tka
preliminary estimates, is 659.707.aag
bushels, and the total requirementa al
the United States is placed at Ml.
101,000 bushels, leaving 77,9,a
bushels surplus. The food adminlatra
tion estimated the allied countrlea will
have a deficiency of more than 40V
000.000 bushels of wheat, basing theti
estimate on normal requirementa
Force Working for Prematura Paaea
Are Attacked.
Chicago. Forces, both in and out ot
congress, working for a prematura
peace were attacked by William H.
Taft. president of the League to En
force Peace, in a speech delivered
here under the auspices of the liberty
loan committee.
In his appeal for the support af tha
liberty loan Mr. Taft said:
"This liberty loan does not ask fas
a real sacrifice from anybody. It aaki
the wage-earners, the men on salary,
the men of moderate means, the mas
of wealth, to save money or to take '
from their savings which they have
invested and Invest them In the bonds
of the government, which pay a goad
Interest, free from taxca. and which
will be a source of income to them
selves and their familiea as long M
they can keep the principal."
Nearly Three Billions Spent.
Washington. Government expenaaa
aince July 1 total $2,921,075,341. a
$soo.000,000 more than treasury re
ceipts during that period. Tha great
est item was the total loans to tha
allies, amounting to mora then -$!,