The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 12, 1917, Image 3

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About that Rew Carpet or Rug
When you K't ready to huy that UlHJnr CAKI'KT.
don't you think thene tdioppinK f''aturi'M wonhl npiii'iil to
you? stock of over 400 tlitfcrcnt put lirn -i ami nizci to hc
lect from; high and medium iuiilit.v lnneslic KugH iiimI
Carpet, selected with regard to the color Inn monit h of the
homo today; KugH mut Carpet h from tin1 muH i t i n I 1 mills
in tin country; Kuk.i uml Carpcta bought before the last
U'Inhiio' in (i'iciH iiml tu he koIiI al ii-iiHiiliiinrit'l.v low
priccti, Mi-aifh'8, our Huk'hiiicn nrc mi willing to show goods
that you tlo not feci uh though you had to buy before you
"really act) what you want; and miidy. out f I'OCK II I'N
DRKI) naiuplcH to m'lcct from, if you cannot liml what you
wunt. it irt hardly pontiiblc thai you will Iiml il in Walla Wal
In. Isn't that ho?
You ore under no obligation to Imy w hen you come in
to inspect our Carpels or Kugs. We arc so enthusiastic
aliotlt our Hplcmlid lino that the pIcuHiirc will he mutual if
you will merely come in ami examine it.
Vhc Davis-Kaser Co.
Pianos Music Phonographs
WMi Walla, Wash.
10-20 Alder Street
Hindonburg's New System ot
-rfare Fails to Stem
' Orive.
In Uio Circuit Court of lie Slulc
Orvtfuu tvr Umatilla County.
Oluf Carbon. I'lmntllf, v. Hetty Carl
on, Defendant.
Tu licit y Cartoon, Ltefawlanl ahuvu
In thu Name of tho Stale of Oregon,
You are hereby luminonvd and requir
ed to aniwtr and an.wcr thu com
plaint tit the plaintiff tiled Kint ymi
in I lie above entitled court ami raiiM.-,
on or before Krklay, the Wth day of
December, IUI7, which dMtu in vluwn
wocka (rum the data of the nrt,l...n nf ttittf Mllllllliuna. Alltl
you Will tk notice that if you fall t. ' I'l- vnl a.oiln.,1 !. rn.iii.) i...l .1-
alii .blMlttu.lll lit l,t-ul,al fl'lluHl. Hi ll.'lll, , l.ll.l IllfttO,! I till' l.llltl
th.min within aald time, the ,.r .,f,,r i.i. i,.L-t. inilpnny r, nf tli
' . . ... . . ... . m ...Ml I.. ... "
ilaillMIT lor Weill uioroui win yyy w
Wlih .In- lirilliih A. ml. In tin- Ki ll.
I'll til
Si'.' mi- fur farm Iminh. I. H.
Van Wn.kl...
Mi:..i Mary Dunm.k ( Athena Is
visting lier aiHter, Mrs. A. I'. IVrry.
Mr. nml Mi:.. W. K. Woods left
Wednesilay to attend tin- Tnl'min
ly .air lit Moro, Oregon.
W. I:. Dickell ami mid Royal
weie at Adam (luring I hi' week.
lillild.Ug concrete sidewalks under
Mn-. II. I!. Nl"ii 'f laewisloii.
f 1 . 1 1 ii , was li yie.l ilnl'llig tlic Will
..f Mi-.. I'. T. MailM.ul, while I.M.k-
mf at o r ln r ii'iM'ity tuicrt-Mn
I. t'. Ilnkiii Imuli'il a y.rihl of
wlii'iil tu tin' Wilton null-' from
in. far away ils liin Jtiiii(MT ram li
liuvin fuiiml Went mi flour really
to h in likinir.
I'. T. Ilail.i.iu mill C I.. I'mki l
lun wi-rc in Portland the lira of
tin- wii'k, atU'iidiK the I'ythiun
KTuml IikIki' uh n-pn-wntntivin of
StcvHih ImIki- No. 'I..
For prompt Kcrvici' when in tru
hlf call ul Metidwcll (iuraKc r
I'lioiu- No Ill-lit car and M-rvire
car. Nrw iioiiuu'iit. Autos wa:;h
I'd and Mili:,liril. I'i'iitiiUKtoii.
S'Vt'll KUIIIiy al'k full of la-ailb
wi'ii- hnrvi-ated liy I' raiik Skinner,
chief of iioliec, from a biiiKle acre
at hi place uhove town. Ix-Rumc
id evidently Krank'a middle name,
Mr. and Mm. J. returned
Monday from Odiimi, Waali., where
they have Ihh-ii lookini; after their
This is October 1st
h x
We Thank You
Watts & Rogers
Farm Outfitters
ernt) interehts. Their wm Alvah
""" " "" eniisti'i N-ntemiK'r zi n the rieiu .;..' n.,;i.t i,..i,i .
. . i . . i, . it viuiih in ii at HIV I. I'll IU1IP'
Am, f..i .. mii..i liiH-a m Artillery, and i.s now at American dhw hlim. ,lf Mavor am, Mr((
III uiorw.i w.o pwiji" r..,i,,n. tin .it!u..l nl! 10. Ii..n ",,w
the rvllof prayed for . ' , ' i i..iv
r for a decree of the rtt ..tiiMmliiiK m i uf Hi- vi.-mry. ' ' " ,
the Court for
llternln. namely
Court forever diaolviiK the bond of
matrimony now anil heretofore eXUl
iiiK between plaintiff and dcfcndunt,
... ..,W- i.lll.llll. rnlif
Thiaeu.nmon.ia publl.hed pumuant.
to an order made and filed herein Tin lin miim !. dl-il to zr- ii.
dicial District of the State of Or-
t'tfuii. on tno oin uy ui wiuwt,
The October meet in ir of the Iji. AAA
M. ItaniKti-r, whone daujf liter, t
Set-oml Idaho. Miss Kdna HanisUr, was the ifrae-
.... . .. ....... 1..... ..f I. a :i
How ai l Ulinoue, fx. I ,. I re oorieil ii'i i me ihivmom. rthioe
like i-antoument.
i t . .i a f-,.... I ..i..i . .. . e .1
I i r V 1 m " n iiiViimi i iu i in, " "4r mwviimhioh n tm
' ' I . 11 : .. l. . a.. rtimu., lU., t. .1 I. .ui,.., ....... l .
II... .ii rman .Uli... -I. t. ,,'.,' h. ,,,. "Inch 'luait.'t of Weston ! were t : Mr.-,, ll. nnan C-hI-
ul.l ""mKien, liarnes, M-nnaru anu "'"i imou wm, .ors. jin
Kirkpatriik, Im Iohk. 11'mIjtmmi, .Mis Myrtle Hodgson.
Nat Hale and Fled Von lit have ....... ,-i....i . . " V- .' ..
b Honorable Gilbert W. i helin, ri.npl.i Im.ihiw they ivturn.-d frmn All.-rta, where thev i. ,-. . . , ' , 1 ,
Circuit Judtfo "f .the h.xth Ju- fmim, .... ,,,..... ,)rlllh ,.., .,;,,,,,,, ..mlllliv,.,i (lri,,;, ' t "iie.1 of whoin lnvanie
b-naae made tr. .. d.'.,.rM. ,. hovesl s.'HM.n. they would "T"' ?." , T- . . .'
l juwl nit vuttirr.iijl' UH ill'
iJii-j Ti r.1 of ll.i. Tim frUM.lan liiii'riirl." llin.1 l.nvp uluiil loiu'er. lint wiw driven " - '""" wiiw.pb
aummona will be inaile on Friday, the inburit la no called In liermany. home ly the wet thia referring L, r '"ll i 'ii'l. '''m' 'i" u I.' ?' A
Ulh day of October. IUI7, and the lllrrrtlwll . ,,, , .......rci, , j u , ,.jli4lk. ,nn,itil,ns. , '. '. J, ' n: ' MeFa.1-
l..t,l,l,caUon w, II l .,,.'11 .rater d-t..,, .tuirl..,,,.-,! over ' . , . f 'K,n aml M,! K'"w ,tan-
' ftft 'bifn'f wilV"; a da ne and aprln.M ,.. UXZT t A fT" ' "T" U,Hlpr t
I... -L.o.. o.,.,.. ..iiv., wLv. Iiu " .-N.ooaii (,uiah, iiH4!niiriK uu v.iiiiil' e iiekeii .is Ihi- "i. ir.. .A.
1... I .. I. 1 I... II, ........ INS. ..ll'l II..".!'. t....lll, ..... "I"" . JU.". ..I-., II., i,. d.,l not iiv uu t the ex I'lay at 1 he l ar.ner lank of Wes- t.,, ;lt tlll. l.(lllnlrv ,lome of Mr. and f J""- . 1 h,, w.l"n' ra,MM' ,,v J;ttk Mrs. Kllsworlh I.. W.hhLs, Oi-IoIht
1'oetOflico addrcaa: K-ndlelon, trcjon Yprr. in the mimui. r battle hud . "" ; , T I . in honor of the host s birth- V
" " . :.v!in- (l, l,il..r R u-.. aT
Datoil this &th day of October. A.
D. IUI7. ,
Attorney for Plaintiff
Never before had the demand for Ford cars been
ad heavy as it is now. To become such a necessity
the Ford car must have proved to be a universal
economy, serving and saving everybody. Through
its reliable service business has been increased and
expenses reduced. Low purchase price and small
cost for maintenance assured. Kunabout $404.85,'
Touring Car $41'J.S5. Let us have your order today.
i'reciicc In all State ami t-niuia
liiliti'il. The (onv ii tltni In i ml ui li.vo
dan kt l' be a j?ood forajfe crop.
b-n v.rn.' lion..- .rt.HhInk'ly ...t thn ' v.,.,.. .,, Uu. i,,rtjay f Kt.v, M. C.
C riiiiiiii. that tlu lr iirnior ih ,-im KIuk. AIILvm Wood clime in a few days I.utz, pjtotor of the United Brethren
v uh.. lit rmard to tlm liii;lil uu UK" from Stanfield and will 8H'iid church at Walla Walla, and accom-
faviiraiilo aeaile-r i nmlit iin vail tin- winter in Weston. Just at pres- panied by .Mrs. Lutz he was a puest
lin ami In a uririntiinly nlmrt time enl he is juftvlinir wheat sacks in of honor. Others present were Mr.
after the miccrful tliniKt of the Pacific Coast Elevator eompa- and .Mrs. Anson 15. Woods of Walla
In.t wcK, i In ItritiKli i.ii.l rem it ny's warehouse, and finds this a con- Walla and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E.
force. In Ueli:tuiii Imve. hiimi li.-.l mi- irenial invunation. Allison luus re- Woods,
Dl. J. C. IJAUDLLuY PU'r heavy a.tmk on the Ueriuiiti sinned his whilom scat in the
Z C4i,.te VetetlMiT Suiteen T iiU1' clarinet section of the local hand
t uaie The Itritlsli loiuiiianiti-r ri imri.-il riM.m, and anin vainly seeks to
x ITioilu Kr5 Athena, uncoil I mmgrnrtnrj proKreaa on all furtx ..( drown out the bass.
the froul of llu attiii-k wlnili lie uu
- "- lltlllilt Hfl I. 1.1 l ..Ml '. . , M I I ' 'I
i.'wiok vol 'l,i.,o ,.i i i.ii vii;i-
All Christmas packages intended I
for Amercan soldiers in France j
must be mailed on or before Nov- !
i'IiiIkt 15 next, to advices t
Zane ljinsdale, who has been fob received hy Postmaster Van Winkle t.
Cha. II. C-arter Dan P. Smyths "ltli our nlUe on our I. It.''
Carter & SmVthO Tlil Hebrew nerd that ha. bora
Inundated us clin, occurs only In Job
Mtill. IT. where. In Hie uuthorixed ver
orcgun gou l0 N.u,lriM cy.tal.
from the department.
at Chicago and Eljjin. Illinois. ,r ..,,.1 m,- vein N..-H...,., -,f !
since Ins K'taduat .on from the Ore- Wallace, Idaho, have gone to S)x.k- l
jron Atrncultural ColleKo. enlisted a whm. Mr NorlK,an wi)1 Bll
ate y .n the Lngmecrs tirps of the mit to a urgieal operation for the 5
United Mates urmy-thus giving relief of kidney trouble. J
Weston another tepresentative in !
Beautiful in Design, Low in Price
(The famous WELLER Pottery)
Wall Paper Remnants at only
5 CENTS the roll
the service. He expects to be on
the way to France in a few months.
Mrs. lmsdale will make her home
with relatives in Portland.
Within 87 days from the time it
was planted in the early part of
June, W. L. Hayborn's Marquis
wheat was in the shock at his place
on the Weston uplands. Although
only,otu light shower of rain had
fallen to give it moisture, it pro-
f duecd 25 bushels to the acre of
nice, plump wheat. Ijist year he
and Baker's Goods
from Model Bakery
...i i r .. .......n ......, ..,-v
,,oo ,..,,, a. t, oiiiii.t 1 1 ,iv v oi
f iiiiut which tne preceding season
I had averaged KK! bushels of ojits.
In view ol the early maturing of
this variety, it is regarded as es
pecially adapted to the uplands.
Moreover, it grades high and com
mand the top price in the market.
Fire of unknown origin Monday
afternoon destroyed the ('. H. Nel
son barn and garage on east Main
street hill. Fortunately the wind
carried the Haines away from tin
large residence of Mr. Nelson near
hy, which escaped. Young men
climbed to its roof, and were ready
with lire extinguishers should the
shingles become ignited. Nothing
could be done to save the barn, as
the town's supply of fire hose was
insullicient to reach from tle near
est hydrant, several hundred yards
away. Aside 'from a quantity of
lumber which the crowd managed
to remove, the two buildings and
contents were a total lass. They
were valued at about $1200, and
were not covered in the insurance
policy, which was found to include
eu!y the buuM! and euntuiU.,
Meats and Fish
Ham, Lard
and Bacon
A. P. Perry
The Best Tablets
and lots of them. Pencils, Ink and all
School Supplies.
All School Books bought for cash, and
must sell FOR CASH ONLY.
Herman Goodwin
Druggist - - - Weston, Oregon
The Fanners Bank of Weston
Established 1891
Thrift Committee or
Association says:
Okeuon State Bankers
t rutin niHrltB ml tHWi-itfUa obrnimHl or ih
Itv, ht-iul niixM. Fktttclm or thi4uM a1 d
miiw for PRC! 8IARCH mnI report
i vii iwtetitKtwIitjr, Ibtuk rvlVrrmt'.
tm. Our fi Uhtklct tell how. wluu to luwnt
himI ynu muncf. Write today.
1303 Seventh St., Washington, D. C.
"Thoughtful saving and carefui expenditure
should be practiced by young and old. Food Stuff of
all kinds Should be conserved. Increased effort should
be put forth, w herever possible, toward greater pro
duction of the necessaries of life."
"Children and grown ' folks should be' encour
aged to save and invest their earnings thoughtfully."