The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 05, 1917, Image 1

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Weston :
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mitlon of Our Retderi.
Th construction of five-story flour
Mill h been begun at Hood lliver.
t'orlUnrl shipped bushels of
whrat and flour during the nionih of
Coo county Mi'.w'O lourthouaa
nan. or hill of records. I completed
tad oeeupM.
The WMfo eountjr srhool rlilldrrn
exhibit carried off first prl t Hn
1st fair Hslem.
Th Wlllemeit Pfrshytry will
meet t Dallaa Tuesday and Wrdnr
dsy. October t and 10.
Mill rinrenr Twldwell h been
elected dcn of women at Wlllsm
II Uolvendty t 8lcm.
Applo picking In Hip Hood ftlver
lly 'o htrii ihr bm
apple crop U In progrrs
J. H. Puador of Portland, has been
appointed merchant represent! ivo
ef lb food administration.
At in Incident of the war period
women will bo employed elevator
operator In Portland office buildings
A system of modern flrr protection
for tho buildings on the Oregon Agrl
cultural cellos rsmpu I bring in
UIIH. The uprem rourl h Novem
ber 1 end M S dsfa for hearing
argument In lb" llyd Benson land
fraud raari.
I olumbu Btoug. . a limber fallrr.
vat Instantly hilled blle working
In th logging ramp of Hawkins !'" .
near Kik City
The S3lh annual convention of tha
Oregon Funeral Director' association
will convene at Portland Thursday,
Friday and (Saturday,.
Htnator Cbamberlaln h h directed
Investigation to determine the bent
lie In Oregon for a military lmpltl.
Twenty all member of the Multim
nth Anglers' club have been commln
loned deputy game ren. without
pay. by farl Shoemaker, aiate game
October SKI. Inclusive, him lin n
at aa the week's campaign to en
Hat every houacwlfe In Oregon aa a
member of tha federal food admin
lat ration.
Th . National Bheep and Wool
fttiretu of America has appointed
Charles K. Coopcv. a tailor of I'ort
land, commissioner for Oregon of that
Katlmetcs aro mado that tho twm
cltle. Marabfirld and North Hend,
hare had an Increase of population be
Iweon 2& and 33 per cent wlthlti tho
peat II montha.
tloyl 8. (Sale, of the Tutted Htatea
geological aurvey, la In lb section
east of fiend. whrr he will Investlgat
recantly dlacovered nitrate drpoalta
for the government.
Itecorda aliow that 7 of the 3S
yeaaela contracted for by the ablpplng
board at all point In the country are
either being built or have been con
traded for In Oregon.
The public aervlce coinmiimlon ha
laaued order relieving the town ol
Bkr, Union, rendition. Cove and
Klgln, all In eastern Oreijon. from tho
operation of the warning elsna Htntiite.
A drop In the wholeanlo price ot
flour In Dorthweat marbeta to 110.20
a barrel for family patents, to be ef
fertlre at once, wan decreed at moot
Ing of raclflc. coaiil AiiJllrra held tn
Tort land.
payment by the government of It.
S04.MI to one Washington and IS
Oregon cnunllea In bwk mxea on Ore
gonfallfornla grant land botan early
Ibl wreb.
Huperlntendenl of Hanks Surgut
ha announced that tho bankx him!
fruat cotnpanlea of Portland had 117,
:9M97.0 more In depoalt on Heplom
br 11 of bla year than on Beptemlicr
12 laat year.
Oregon flfiy-alith annual atata fair
eleaed Saturday. From tho g.tandpolnt
of attendance and number of exhibit,
It waa the blggeat fair over held lu
tha atata. Weatier throughout the
week waa Ideal.
In conformity with It policy an
nounced during the lti.nnn.oon road
bond campaign lnt iprlng, the Mate
highway commlaalon la preparing to
pureh It own bltumlnoua paving
plant for neat aeaaon' work.
Tha elty of Portland entered the
ratal! flih bualnen Monday to keep
rice dowa. ' the city commlaaloner
having voted to take over a retail flih
itoi wHie ltd been Cflrtri tax ft
vi-i h b) the Poi UhikI A'l i lull.
Krull l In In; thiown ln-i auae
there la no iumi l"i H. H'irlliiK to
repurta from I K "reck, t Ibo John
)ay W Miliiiuitti I ."hk i'rii-k la
not known a a fimi ki-iHhii. lli-r- are
limnv onliariJ" llurc und iHIn year
the production -it-l local ion
Mitnillon 'I Me principal aMb la
aald to In- In upplm -""I 1'in' li PIuimh,
ahull ara Im-Iii nlln)l In ml on the
tree, 'I he miiiiiiuiill m n far front
a market ih.ii tr.ui 'p"i l"ii i liarg a
tn not warrant nlilpping
Harvesting of Hie bean crop bk
begun In Polk oninlv The averag
yuld In li-leen I'.Vi and :,o pound
per acre whhh l ii"' :'"d
pis-led There an-naarlv ouu aeiea of
laud around MiiiiiiihuIIi in bean
An amendment waa adopted In the
cnnle to llit- deficiency bill which
will penult iic!iiii and aevrral oilier
atalca to recelM- linuinliatc heuelH
under tin- vocational education bill,
Uregiiti eharo aiuounlllii; to I4Mo
Three of tha 12 cltlea In tlm I lilted
Htatea that have ovnraubacrihed their
war library fund quota are In Oregon,
aaya a telegram from national head
quarters In WaahlnKloii. I. C, to W.
U Hrewater. alate director. Tin y are
l.akcvlnw. Imlopondeuto and Mon
mouth. Ourlng ih paai raon a company
organltrd al (Jrant Pan b been
catching and ahlpplng a tbouiand
pounds of salmon a day from tho
UK mi I h of the Itoisii" river The tlah
are Iced and sent to Cmiulile t auto
truck and from there shipped by rail
to market
Prlnevllle. October " to i'i- will l
Ihe Mecca of clubwomen from all over
the stale. Kveryililng la In readincut
ami It la expected that the 17th annual
convention of the Oregon Federation
of Womcn'a Clubs will be one of the
most successful In the history of h
To facilitate the handling of a lams
block of yellow pine In central Oregon,
olflclala of th llrooks Scanlon
tur rnmniiiv of tiend are negotiating.
Itend and tho Huron Timber company
of plasma. Mich , for Ihe purchase ol
approximately ;;70, fwl of tim
ber. An editorial sucResllpn that the
pioneer relies, atones and facts ol
southern Oregon should be collected
and preserved tuia met with support
by the papers of lirunis !'. Ashlaiid
and Mcdfonl and a move Is under way
to have the libraries of the three cities
mado collecting agenclya for that pur
President Wilson hus signed two
laud bills nffeclliiK the status of tracts
In the Oregon forest reserve. Ihe
first eliminate certain land In the
Wallowa iiHiloual foreat amounting to
acres. The other lauds are
lixated In the Fremont imtloiiHl forest
In Iwike county. 'I'hl purl aniuunted
to .IS.nH acres.
A smaller quantity of ckk durlnn
the next year I the outlook from
Douglas county, aa the result of hlKh
prices of feed. Aecotdlim to poultry
men. about three Ions of chickens are
being shipped from Itoseburg weekly
and similar quantities go from Hlddle
Myrtle Creek, Oukland. Yoncalla and
l-'ourteen liuudred turkeys in one
flock belm; driven across a field wat
the unusual sifcht that resident ol
Fossil saw recently. The birds were
owned by Thomiis. McKlnley and
Jbiiich lluiitliiKton, lltrcc brother, win.
have liomesteada In the I'lue moun
tains In Wheeler county. They wore
on their way to market, n drive ol
more than 4 miles, mostly across the
alubblo flelda of tillllam county.
The car aervlce commission, at tha
request of Senator McNary, will ordci
an Immediate InvcstlRntion of tho con
plaint of the Portland chamber of com
merce wllh reference to ahortagn ol
vcara on tho Southern Pacific to move
VOregon products. Tho chamber sy
the altuallon Is made worse by th
withdrawal of coast-wise ships. It
reports a aurplua of car on the O.-W
It. ft N. company and the Northern
Oovernor Wtthyenmbe, P. L. Camp
bell, president of tha Cnlversity ol ,
Oregon; Tr. W. T. Foster, president ol
Reed college: Or. W. J. Kerr, president
of tho Oregon Agricultural college; J
A. Churchill, state superintendent ol
public Instruction, and J. H. Ackerman
president of t,he Oregon alato normal
school, are among those who will ad
dress the Oregon convention of Parent-
Teacher association, to be held in
Bugene. October 17 to ;o.
Physic-Inn "Tou shouldn't attend
many rdeturo tdiows. Tbey are ir se
vere st nil n on the eyes." Mrs. Pusher
But ttaluk how restful they are to
Uia olod," Foieh,
Fill In Picture
fl II II iifffl
if 4
OK courae. children, tha laat picture yoo draw waa that ot a plow. If It
wasn't for the plow and tha farmer w wouldn't have much to eat. would
vvT Now. aomatiiriM tha farmer la away, and when hla wife la alone
t h fel aafe when ah looks at a llltl placa built near th farmhouse. Thl
I Isce I like a fort for the farm. You bet tramps keep away from It. They
know they'll get a warm reception If they venture near. Start your incll at
No. 1 again and let It run to 2. I and 4, and so on.
Vaaaaaajh naaPMi stA
Portland. Or When the American
troops encounter the Germans they
will wield the bayonet with a full
reallaatlon of the fact that to bcoutK
a Prussian prisoner la not the least of
the woes may befall a subtler of
Such I the opinion of Jame W.
Gerard, eg-ainboasador to Germany,
who addressed ihe citi.cna of Port
laud at a mass mceilnR here Monday.
"Germany has an unlimited capacity
for hate.' said Mr. Gerard. "IJocauae
ihe llrltlHh came Into the war. con
trary to their expectation, the Urltlsh
prisoners were treated with ureal cru
elty during tho flrat fuw months of
"For the same reason the first
American soldier to lie takeu prisoner
by the Germans will have a very hard
time. Germany hale America. r she
hates Britain, for this country uu
oxpeeted entrance as her foe."
Kvcry resource of tho nation must
be strained for victory if America Is
to be freed from the mvuace of Prus
aiunism. "One thing I wish to Impress upou
all." ho aald wllh emphasis, "la that
Germany still Is extremely strung,
and that tho only way sho can bo
bcuteu Is by an actual military effort
In tho field."
Conservation by Individual is Made
Duty of Necessity, Humanity, Honor
Washington. A renewed appeal to
tho American people to unite In food
conservation was made by Herbert C.
Hoover, the food administrator, iu an
announcement setting asido the week
of October 21 to 28 for completion of
the campaign to enroll the country's
housewives aa volunteer member ot
tbo food administration.
Food. Mr. Hoover declared, will win
the war. Its conservation I a duly,
ho says, of necessity, humanity and
The food administration plana n
house-to-house canvass of the coun
try s homes to accomplish the enroll
ment of householders. Tho foods most
necessary to save. It Is declared, are
wheat, beef, pork, dairy product and
sugar and those that should bo used
most generously re fish, poultry,
fruit, vegetables and all cereal except
$10,000,000 Atked for Families.
Washington. A bill provldiug J10.
000,000 for tho payment of family al
lowances for rullstcd men baa been
introduced by Representative lUker,
of California.
Oregon Supreme Court Judge Olea.
Salem, Or. Robert Eaktn, associate
JusHco of tho Oregon supremo court
from January 1, 19U7. to January 1,
1(117, died at hi homo here after an
utnd4 Ulusas,
ptIDA . OCT. 5, 1017
Puzzle No, 20
RftMK ST 111 AK
Paris. French aiimeu successfully
tmmtiarited ihe German city ol Stutt-
art. It waa officially announced. fasaaWaif5
Two French machine dropped the
explosives over Stuttgart, the official
announcement said. The raid occur
red Saturday evening- H was iu re
prisal for German bombardment
around Bar le Hue.
Stuttgart Is the capitul of the ins
doni of WuritenluirK and is located '.'0
mile west of Munich. It is at least
132 miles from the nearest part of the
French battle line in the Vosges.
The city Is one of the most pictur
esque, of the German towns and con
Ulna some ancient buildings.
The German cities of Frankfort ou
tho Main. Treves and Coblenz, wire
also bombarded by French aviators in
retaliation for Gorman aerial attacks
on French cities.
Ithll Warn Other Nation to Keep
Their Hands Off China.
New York. Proclaiming a Monroe
doctrine of tho far east. Viscount
lshil. bead of the Japanese mission to
the United States, warned the nation
of tho world In a speech here that hi
country will not tolerate aggressions
against the territory or. independence
of China. At tho same time he
pledged Japan not to attempt similar
aggreaBiona on her part.
"ClrcumstanceB for which we were
In no sense responsible gave us certain
right to Chinese territory." Viscount
lshil said, "but at no time in the past
and at no time iu the future do wc or
will wc seek to take territory from
China or to despoil Chiua of her
. "Wo not only will not seek to assail
the Integrity or tho sovereignty ot
China, but will eventually be prepared
to defend and maintain tho integrity
and independojico of China against
any aggressor. For wo know that our
own landmarks would be threatened
by any outsido invasion or interfer
ence in Chiua."
Clyde B. Altchion Member of I.C. C.
Washington Clyde B.
member of the Oregon Railway Com
mission, was nominated by the presi
dent as a member of the interstate
commerce commission. Men nomin
ated by the president for the two
other vacancies are: Robert V. Wool
ey, of Virgiula, for the term ending
December 31, P20; George W. Auder
ou, of Boston, Mass., for the term
eudlng in 1922.
Farm Loan $11,072495.
Spokane, Wash. Loans totaling
llt,072,S95 have been appraised and
approved by the federal land bank ot
Spokane during the first ix mouths
of Its existence, according to a state
ment ot Pr.esldKD.t U. 0. O'Sliea, show.
ing huiii' H to m tuber I. t'hartera
have been recommended for 'i3 na
tional furm loan asscx latloii In Wash
ington, Idaho, Montana and Orcjou.
Ccrmana Clamor for Pc.
Copenhagen. A moiisler demon
alratlon In favor of a peace without
annexations was ln-id on Kuiiday at
Frankforton-thei-Main. leaders in th
Clerical. Radical and Hockillat partlea
sponsored the demoiislrallon. The
crowd numbered 4i."00 or Su.'i'iO. and
address' s were mud! from six differ
ent platform simultaneously.
Finn Buying Firearm.
Petrograd Many arrest have been
made In Petrograd of Finnish agent
who were purchasing firearm.
Senator Chamberlain Improving.
Washington. Senator Chamberlain,
ho was takeu III lait week, la re
ported to be much Improved. Ha ex
pects to be out soon.
Wheat (Tub. I'.'.'U: bluestt-m. K.0S;
red Russian. I1.9S; forty-fold. J2.0J.
Darley No. 1 feed. 50 per ton.
Hay Timothy. 1-7 per ion; alfalfa.
Butter Creamery, 46c.
Kggs Ranch. 4ic.
Potaloe $15')&2.23 a hundred.
Butter Creamery. 47c per lb.
i:S Ranch. 5-c.
Poutoo 5fj $ per tor.
Nine Die In Forest Fire.
Fillmore. Cal. -Two fori-ft fire In
the hills bak of this town arc be
lieved to have caiis-.'d the loss of nine
live and have destroyed oil derricks.
to a value est I mated at :.0.0ofl.
Teuton Railway Airmen Target.
OiiMialches from Holland
ay that the allied airmen are playing
havoc with the German railway com
munications and ulliUry establish
ments In Belgium.
British aviators dropped seven tons
of explosives In attacks on German
military establishment iu Belgium.
The Italians have started another
big offensive against the Austrian on
the Isonro front. On the Bainsizza
plateau height positions have been
stormed and taken by Geueral Cador
na's forces.
Germany has not renounced Belgium
and has not been in communication
with any of her enemies, according to
Berlin reports of a speech made be
fore the reichstag main committee by
Chancellor Michaelis.
A heavy artillery action has been
in progress on both sides ot the
Meuse. Verdun sector.-while on the
Aisne front the German infantry at
Ucked the French trenches, but were
repulsed with considerable losses.
The German high command is evi
dently doing its utmost to keep tbe
British from making the best use of
their advantage in Flanders. Crown
Prince Rupprecht has been launching
attack after attack upon Field Mar
shal Haig's troops in their advanced
positions, in an effort to disarrange
the llritlsh plans. Similar tactics
were adopted last week on the eve of
the renewed British thrust.
On their front in northern France,
the French are holding themselves In
restraint at present, permitting the
crown prince to hammer away at
their lines in attacks which almost
invariably are repulsed with heavy
German losses.
Argentine Against Wir.
Buenos Aires. President Irisoyen
regards Germany's explanation of tho
Luxberg incident as satisfactory and
will finally adhere to a course of neu
trality for Argentine, according to a
detailed outline of his position mado
Mayor Mitchel Decide to Run.
New York. John Purroy Mitchel.
democrat, defeated in the republican
primaries for renomlnation, announced
publicly that ho would run aa the
fusion candidate on ' an issue of
straight Americanism.
Peru Seizes Teuton Ship.
Lima. Peru. Peruvian naval forces
were placed on board five C. era) afl
steamships and three German sailing
vessels which have been laid up at
Callao siace early la tat wir.
Excess War Profits and In
comes Are Chief Sources
oi Revenue.
Washington. Congress flnlahed Ha
work on the great war Ux bill lata
Tuesday when the senate, following
the example et Monday by tb kouae,
adopted tho conference report without
rollcall. More than two and fealf
billion dollar of new taxes are lerlad
by the meaaure, wbicb baa been I
the making since laat April.
A finally drafted after on of tha
longest and most strenuou atrngglea
In congressional history, tb rveM
bill, wbicb was passed by tb doom
May 25 and by tbe senate after
month' debate, September 10, draws ,
principally upon Income and war ex
cess profit. A passed by the houc.
it touted ll.8CJ.000.000 and tho senata
raised It to $2.41,O00,000. The con
ferees' draft increaaed tbe total aa
acsament by about 1750,000,000 awr
the bouse and 1128,000,000 above tb
Tbe bill now la estimated to rata
about tS30.000.000 from Income, cor
porate and individual, and about II,
OoO.OOO.nOO from war excesa profit.
Other major levica are t30,0OO,0O0 on
tobacco; about 1275,000,000 on liquor:
$70,000,000 on flrst-clae malli 40V
000,000 on automobiles; $7700,004) en
freight transportation; $i0.000,000 on
passenger tranbportation; IM.OOO.OOO
from stamp taxe and 160,000,000 from
amusement admissions.
Klimination of conuriiption taxe ott
aupar, tea. coffee and gas, electric amt
telephone service, together with houaa
Wca on 1918 income and a general
10 per cent tariff levy were, featu-es
of the evolution of the bllL
Washington. A communication
from the governor of Minnesota and
the state public safety commission re
questing the expulsion from the aenata
of Senator I .a Follette, of Wiaconaia.
was presented in the senate by Sena
tor Kellogg, of MinneoU, and re
ferred by Vice-President Marshall t
the senate privileges and electloea
Four other communications, on)
from the Washburn Loyalty League
of Washburn, Wis., and three from In
dividuals, demanding the impeach
ment of Senator La Follette were re
ccived by Vice-President Marshall
and presented to the senate in the
usual routine way.
Petitions from New York organlia
tions asking expulsion from the aenata
of Senators La Follette, of Wisconsin;
Gronna. of North Dakota, and Stone,
of Missouri, were presented In the
senate by Senator Wadsworth, of New
York, and referred without action to
the senate privileges and elections
Liberty Bond Subscription Are Ex
pected From 10,000,000 Individuate.
Washington. The second Liberty
Loan campaign opened Monday. For
four week tbe entire nation will be
a recruiting ground for money with
which to carry on the war.
To obtain $3,000,000,000 In subscrip
tions, the minimum set by treasury
officials for the issue, a gigantic ma
chine ot many parts was set tn motion
with the opening of the campaign.
Fifty per cent greater than the first
Liberty Loan, the present offering ia
the largest the American people ever
have been called upon to absorb.
Five billion dollars and 10,000.009
subscribers that is the goal which
officials hope to reach during the next
four weeks.
Demand Removal of Oregon Professor.
Eugene, Or. Without a single dis
senting vote almost 200 member of
the Eugene chamber of commerce re
affirmed tha resolution adopted three
woeks ago demanding that Allan H.
Katon, member of the faculty of the
University of Oregon and representa
tive from I.ane county, be remoTei
from the faculty and from the aUte
legislature because of his participa
tion ia the People's Council for Dem
ocracy and Peace held in Chicago.
London-Last week only 13 British
ships were sunk by mines or U-boats,