The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 14, 1917, Image 1

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Principal Events of the Wiek
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readeri.
Ta Jar-hnoa county flr open flP
tmbr II. at lh nataforluui In Med
Walter r. Kye. yer flrm.
ml Ml lU were married al
A return of 1116 from n cre of
ppprmlt la reported by r. K Mrlln
of Kuo.
mrof operator In Portland, of
whom thr are abou.1 have organic
4 a labor union.
Construction work on ihe Pougla
ro.mly unit of tha Pacific highway
it III begin shortly.
Tb pioneer of Jrkon county
bl -tfeala annual reunion In LHhla
rb In Athland Tbaraday.
Beal OBllbof. 70. wit rruihed In
4an between two Urge spruce loga
at tbo Had mill at Toledo.
Ml Martba Bwbn bat been p
mated countjr agent for Hood River.
Waaeo and Bhermea rountle.
Captain lnu 0. Krook. acting ouar
(raaatar al Fort Steven, committed
ulrlda by cutting bl throat lib a
Flrw entirely destroyed the Glenda
ahlnilo mill and a Urge quantity of
blngle Ibat were an band ready for
Tha outhro raelfto company re
ported to lb public ervlc rommls
lea a sat shortage on Ita Oregon line
mi ear.
Purine tba month of August 4S37
warrant were Issued by Hecretary of
ftlata Olcott. Ihe largest number In
th history of tba Mate.
Tbat tba bran rrop of Douglas roun
ty tbla yar will exceed la
tba statement mada by J. C. Kurd,
county agricultural agent.
Oregon' greatest agricultural and
taduatrlal aipoaltlon the Rath an
nual atata fair will open at Salem
Kaptambar J4. for a week.
(Ucretary Oloott haa Issued a tote
meat bowing that on July 1 there
vara ilt.tttt!) In unclaimed bank
deposits In tba bank of the atata.
Ret ween 1.000.000 and 6.000.000
pound of prune la the estimate of
Pouglaa county preent rrop a niado
by tba buyer who ar In the field
Governor Wlthyrombe hat lifted the
proclamation Issued by him several
waak ago rloalng lha hunting season
In lha timbered area be. aim of lorml
Th" state high ay commission haa
now under way 8" project of con
atrurtlnn. ihe toiaf eatltnated and con
tract prlcaa of which approximate
Holdler who hve been guarding
tba foret of Oregon wib order to
"ahoot to kill" all peraon detected
la the act of aettlne fire, have been
Bo great I the urarrlly of men In
tb John Pay rallay that nearly all of
tba women at Long t'reek are now
working with their hiixhawl In the
barveat flelda.
Tba Oregon Kleld Trial club ha
completed rrngement for the run
ning of Ita thirty aerond annual trial
September 1 17. ualng ground near
Oranco atatlnn.
Tbero hare bean no Area other than
tbo atartad by lightning In the Caa
cad national foreat tbla aummer. la
tb artlon of Oydo B. SelU. auper
ricor of tba fort.
tana Haye. p-yaar-old daughter of
Mr. and Mr. Robert Haye. of Walter
wllle. waa drowned when he fall Into
the Eugana municipal power plant
aaaal, near tbat place.
' Naarly 140.000 la the amount appo
tinned to tba atata of Oregon by tba
fedaral toYrnment to be uaed In the
eanitrurtian of trail and forect roada
during tba coming rear.
A flald gaologlat of tha United
Stat geological aurray wilt be tent
to Oregon to look ovar tbo propecta
far oil and natural ga. at tha ollcl
tetlen of Repraaeotatlvo McArtbur.
Tba biggeit automobila how aver
bald in conjunction with the Oregon
tate.falr U to b ataged on the tate
fair ground north of Slem from Bep
tambar 14 to 29. Inehialva. thin year.
Tha Ahland city council haa pur
ebaaed 120 acre of timber land In the
Ahlnd creek canyon aa matter ol
pratattlon ta the wateiahed of Aib
land rraab. which la the city water
'i Baker county b patltloned tha
lata highway eommllon for the ur
ur ( n4i trea Baktr, ont to
Cornucopia and one ta I'nHv The
county IH appropriate M0 l
rd the cnnal tin lion of I In- t'ornu
roala road and f 4 i toward die rjin
alructloo of Hie I li 1 1 i"'l
The a rorri.pinid''iH muiai a of the
t'lilM-imir of ftf-giin In li'ah " lioul
and coll-g mil'K'1" haw liw-n up' n l
In iildl-ra lm r .iu.-nn nf rir (on
alatlolird In pari t tin- amid
Ihe naull of a ruling by Anonicr
fiKneral Hmn Dial Hi' iti union
i-ourara mav lie nff. ir.l in il'ii.-na b
yoml the Imh Ji ra'nl lln- im'.
A pHHInii niinieriiiialy riiiiiied waa
preaentcil In tin' l.lin nlil OMinly court
a.klilK that apeiUl ili-i'lloii h.- hlt
for Hie purpiiM- of vnilng on a piopo
all loit to lioml Hie count) l"t l-'nO,-0"i
to Imllil ra'U
Tin- rhlcf of i-iiKlm-cra limtrurtel
the dlalrlcl engineer at rorlland to
prorrr.l at mire Willi III'' work of
deepening the link at Oregon t'lty.
for ahlch work rongreaa rwenlly ap
propruieti fun.oiio
lhat the fire wbu-h ha been jut
halted In lha Kort ll'x k aerlinn after
burning over 2n.oo acres of yellow
pin, waa undoubtedly of Incendiary
origin, la lha derlaloii of ('. J. Muck,
aalalant chief foreat er.
At 0 o'clock TuewUy 7400 acr a of
land known aa the licnhaiu Kail
aggregation and located In the II. od.
Alfalfa and I'owell Uutto vlrliiillcn. in
Cnwk and Deachutea count lea. waa
opened for homeatrad filing.
Admiral Capp baa liifiiroied Sena
tor Chamberlain that the ahlpplng
board la conalderlng the prnpnaal of
liobert A Miller, of Portland, to build
ahlpa of concrete but la not yet ready
10 enter Into any contract.
Dr. K. M. Ilrook. of Portland, form
erly of Hllverton. waa appointed by
Governor Wlthyeonibe to aucrei-d lr.
M II. lareellti aa a mi tuber of the
lata board of health. Pr. Marrellu
realgned to enter military aenlce.
pendlnton lead the cltlea of the
tale In contribution of booka to the
war library, according to a atatement
made br Mia Cornelia Marvin. tto
librarian. That city haa given 442
volumes and about jooo magstlnes
No mora commitment to the slate
school for feebleminded v.ill be reeclv-
ed from the slate at large until all
feeble minded wards of the state now
In other Institution ore rercd for.
the atate board of control baa ruled.
President Wllnon baa aent to the
aenate the following nominations:
Collector of customs. Oregon district,
Portland, Will Moore of Pendleton,
Or.; United Stntis marshal, district
of Oregon. Gcorgo K. Alexander of
u- v. tnr nearly 15 vrara
adjutant general of the Oregon Na-
i.....i ,-..r,i I,,, he.-n ui.mitnted a
major In the Cnlted Slute army iitul
ordered to report at onee to t'nmp
Lewis. American Lake, for service
with the new national army.
This year's Pendleton Hound up.
September 20. 21 ami 22. li. expected to
break all records, both In attendance,
and n the quality of the contents and
exhibition. The people of Pettdleton
am making arrangements to entertain
75.000 people for the three days.
Circuit Judge n. V. Kuyk.ndull of
lamath Kails has derided In favor
of th atate In the Inst of seven case
against F. A. Hyde anil his associates
to recover lands which the state
claimed were arnulred fraudulently,
The seven rases Involved approximate-
ly 40,000 acres. All but one were deeld-
ed In favor of the state.
Wheat that grows over five feet high
and produces from 100 to 150 bushel
to the acre Is on exhibition at the
Mearom rommerc a. e.uo u , oc
property of E. P. Hughe, of Josephine
county. According to Mr. Hughes,
this Is a Russia wheat of unknown
name, uriginiiuy pern to u imuo-i m no gains, notwiiiisiHuuutu iuih ai.
Ilolland. Josephlno county, by Con- tucks which hnve bwn preceded by
gressman llawiey, four years ago. heavy artillery fire.
Lane county la building twice tha
amount of road this year expected
when estlmntes were made this spring
but expenditures for roads have not
Increased. The cost of construction
haa been reduced by replacing teams
and wagons with a great caterpillar
tractor and train of car. The 75 by the artillery, the statement Imll-
horsepower engine, in a single load. Catcs.
haul 32 aquare yards of gravel, equal There ha been considerable slack
to average loads for 20 teams ol rnnK n the German advance In north
horses, and travels over the road at Prn Kussla, due in large measure to
about Ihe same speed. ho Russians making stands nt several
Th ten men .elected for commi.-
stan a aecond lieutenants tn the
United State army by President W.
J. Kerr, of the Oregon Agricultural
eolleg are: Lloyd D. Yates. Milton;
Charlea A. Fertlg, Hood River; Fre-
most V. Walton, Salem; William V.
Clarke, Portland; Cyril L. Myers,
Portland; Darrel D. Johnson. Cor
vallla; Norval C. Crnle, Chicago;
William J. ONell. Cloquet
II. Cloquet. Minu.;
VwiM L Bul(i 0rB" PM,t
fl .
at the
TKk on itit teat. I. 2. tl and 32: rJrti limit hot. M. via
Komid-Trip Fare (1 tft S. S. NEI30N
from VtTON I.UU Ajscnt
Wanhlcgton -The big war tax bill
I bark In the haiida of the houae.
following Hit paaangv b the aenate.
The tneanure paavd the bouae May
2.1 and now goce to conference. The
aenate added more tban
l.. .1... Lilt
to the bill
It la hoped that the differences be-
taeen Hie two house, may be settled
within two week, after which the bill
will be laid baforc President Wllaon
for his alKnnttire.
The aenate approved the bill. 03 to
4. the negative vol. Iieliiu cast by
Senator llorah. Gronna. La Kolktte
mid Norris. The action came after
the high tax group had SKaln sought
to secure the adoption of Senator La
Kollctto's substitute to mine J3.500.-
Omi.ono more taxes. It was voted
down. fiS to 15.
As the bill now stands it totals
about f:40fl.liti0.mi0. against the 51.-
S;7.S7".ol In the hous- bill. t( the
total si;.2on.noi) is to he raised by
levies on Incomes, corporate and In-
dividual, and H.OtiO.uOn.oOU from war
profits. Levies on liquor, tobacco ana
public utilities will make up most of
the remainder.
At various points on the front held
by Fd Marshal llalg the Itritlsh
,roopa have delivered auccessful at-
has lost 120.000 killed.
wounded and taken prisoner by Italian
forces since August 9, when General
Cadormt assumed bin great offensive,
The French and Germans are en-
caged In extremely beuvy fighting in
,, Verdun sector, with the Germans
trylng , m0up their loswa of the
om! f last week on the right bank of
,hP Mouse.
the lino in Ho minuia the Rus-
g,alis and Roumanians continue to
noW the Austrlails and Germans for
ltallun forces, says the Italian of-
ftciul statement, are still energetically
exerting pressure upon the Austrian
jIu.g northeast of Gorilla t the San Ga-
brui0 region), keeping them under an
intensive barrage fire. The Carso
fighting is being mainly carried ou
olut8, partieulurly on the front of the
r8koff railroad line lending eastward
from jnga. Both Germuti and Russian
opnon seems to think the new Ger-
nmn invasion will not proceed much
further this fall. The approach of the
Wt,t Blld eoi,i aeasons militates against
a pulib toward Pctrogrttd at prc-
, .
IVmllolon Round Up attendance
it xjMctd to break all records.
Washington. The price of 2.:o a
bushel for wheat fixed by President
Wllnon will Ixi maintained, it aa
nude clear by the food admlnUtra' ion.
deitflte laolated protrata from farming
Intereata that the figure la too low.
lam llnlto ilia I a illtluHitia ' J k as w
virtually the only objection of any
consequence, it v.s said, has arisen
In North Dakota, where the crop was
unusually poor.
Grain elevators began operating
Monday under llrcnse restrictions
prescribed by the food administration.
Nouo will be allowed to store wheat
or rye for more than 30 days, and
each elevator is required to make
weekly reports of lis transactions.
Hour mills will be put under a 11-
m-nslng system within a few days.
They will be restricted to a maximum
profit of 25 cents a barrel on flcur
ake future sales more
and cannot in
than 3 days in advance.
The mills
also will bo required to bold their
srnin accumulations to a 30 days'
COO Distilleries Are Closed and 8000
Men Lose Their Jobs.
Washington. Manufacture of whis
key ceased throushout the nation at
11 o'clock Saturday light, when the
h,h,ve clnllsp of the food con,ro,
bpcmp rflectlvp. importation of
w-hiskey also stopped.
Millions of bushels of grain which
f(md ()mcia,s way wol1(, othrrwisP b0
ground up for whiskey will thus bo
released for food.
From one end of the country to the
afreeted hv the drastic
ordo(. Ovof 6()t, distiiories an(1 8000
m(,n wU, out of buslnrss. There
are ;o3 niKlBtl.,.C(l distilleries in Ken-
tueky. 165 in California. 6S in Inn-
8J.,vaniHi i4 ln Ohio. M in -Maryland
,,Ilrt Misaourl. and 20 in New York-
thj 8taU,g ariU,at hlt
Argentine People Arcused.
nnenos Aires. The official an
nouncement issued by the state do-
partment at Washington that com-
munications from Count Luxburg.
rio-m.n ri.arce at RupnoB Aires, had
. n ., f ., offl(.e
(nr0U(,u the Swe,lisU legation here in
cipher caused a sensation, and was the niook road near Sheridan before the wnicn passea mrougn me oweaisa ia
principal topic of discussion through- fall rains set in. the state highway gation. sent by the German charge ta
out the city.
Smith vVanta San Francisco Cleaned.
San Francisco. An affidavit nam'
Ing about 100 hotels In San Francisco
, ,
......,.,,,,,...,, ,h..
by the Rev. Paul Smith, president of
the State Law Enforcement aud Pro-
tectlve league.
Sapleigh's Estimato.
SnpieiRh "I hoin. Miss Ethel. 1 nra
not tnkiug up too much of your vnlu-
uMe time." Miss Ethel "Oh. I assure
you. Mr. Snploigh. that the time I spend
wltu you U of no value whatever."
Coru.a Battle le Deadlock With Vie-
tery .mpoMlb...
irdlne, Italy. The fight agalnat Ihe
height northeaal of OorUla continue
bight and day during good and bad
e.ther. The rontinuoua conteat
eeni IO me cill'Tirr 10 vw ainniaiini
by auperhunian forre. tba Itaiiana and
tha Auatrlana ronniantly engaging In
baud to-hand etioountera. A airange
altiiatlon li. brought about by the two
fnrcea, virtually einial In number,
utrriigth and determination. ulrJKKling
for eupremary In a circumacrlbcfl grc
KhiF. I ! Imrwulljlfl for all!ier aide
to employ more men or artillery. Gap.
In the rank, .re Inat.ntly filled and
thu the contending forcea remain o
balanced that victory apparently la
Impoaaible to cither aide.
11200,000 Spent by Red Croaa.
. U'aiailtlnaTfnn A nnm ( m taf tl 11.
000.000 for war relief work in Europe
will have been expended by the Amer
ican Ked Croaa in the first aix months
bIirc the United States has been at
war with Germany, according to a re-
ru.rl Hflreua.1 "To the Aiueriesn Peo
pie,- by Henry P. Davlaon. chairman
of the Red Croaa war council.
American Victim of Raid on Hospital.
Waahington. The death of Kirst
Lieutenant William T. Mtisimmoas,
medii-sl corps, 1'. S. A., killed Thurs
day wbeo German aviators bombed
hoiipitals behind the lines in France,
was announced in a dixpatch received
by the war department from the
American embassy at London.
French Cain at Verdun.
Pails. The Vrench troops made
gains on the right bank of the Mouse.
Verdun sector, occupying important
poslti-ins and capturing more than 500
prlnoners, according to the announce-
mcnl of the war office.
No Slides in Panama Canal for Year.
Panama. Saturday completed a
uafn; ran.
aua canal was not stopped by slides.
The channel now ia in fine shape.
Home Rule Framers Make Progress.
Dublin. Fixcellent progress is being
made by the Irish Home Rule conven
tion, it was stated on good authority.
German Drive is Slackened.
Copenhagen. Leading German mill
tary circles consider that with the cap-
ture of the important naval buses of
Rips and Duenamuende, operations on
the Riga front virtually have been
ended, says a Berlin dispatch to the
national tiaenuu
Munitiona Inquiry Ordered by House.
Washington. The defective muni
tions sent to General Pershing's army
In Vrance will be investigated by a
bou.c congressional committee.
Wheal Club. $1.96; bluestem,
red Russian. lonj-ioiu. n.vs.
Barley No. 1 feed, 4o per ton
Timothy. $27 per ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery. 43c.
Kggs Ranch, 3Sc.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 60c; valley.
., rhnrehill has re-
ived reports from several school
boar()s ,hat tra(.h.,r8 Rre resigning
without giving the notice required by
lnw. Thl9 notiro must be given prior
,0 30-dav period before the opening ol
srhool and under a new law failure to"
give such notice is cause for revoking
a teaching certificate. No certificates
have so far been revoked, but Super-
iiitendent Churchill is writing to the
teachers warning them to fulfil their
contracts or such action will be taken,
Because of the urgent need of com-
niotin? mrk work on the Siskiyou
:, nf p(-itic hishwav
and that part of the McMinnvllle-Tilla
. . ; i
cimmlsslon. at a special nieemm
Portland, decided to put Into effect
temporarily a ten-hour day on thes
two jobs. However, the basic day's
work Is to remain eight hours, as at
, , , bp lo
... lh rfitini tt
Returned th Compliment.
Gruff Bachelor (lu restaurant) I
am glad to see jour baby haa kept still
at last, uiadiiiu. Mother Ves, sir.
Xw are tbo only thing tbat has pleased
him since bo saw the anlmaU eat at
tha goo. life,
,ft nrnillll I CrUT
ACCUSCO Of Having Transmit
M German Official Tele-
grams to Berlin.
Waahington. The government' ax
poaure of bow Sweden' legation la
Argentina acted aa a aecrct channel of
communication for Count Lniburg,
German charge Jn Buenoa Atrea, aad
,he r,,B ' otti( r!f,fa
m """0 b"rb
matic corp and all official quarter
almoet to the exclualon of all other
ubjecta connected with the war.
Aa a revelation of the machlnatloaa
of German diplomacy It take rank
aecoud only to the celebrated Zlmmer-
ttann ote lott," . r
Uoited State and Japan and Meileo.
No break with Sweden la erea
thought of tit tbla juncture. At tha
present atage It la wholly a matter
between Argentina, Sweden and Ger-
,th ,he Vt,iiei 8uu"' ker
nd th of e WOT,d
ed onlookers.
Copies of three brief dispatcher
made public by the atate departmeat
revealed the Swedish foreign office la
mn nr. ron 1 1 v mn lirMeh Af neutral
ity and diplomatic Impropriety.
They were meaaagea to Berlin trvm
Count Luxburg. the Germaa charge at
Buenos Aires, forwarded by the Swed
ish legation there aa Its own eommaat
cations. Besides advertising that' aa
ronceasions be granted Argentina la
the submarine controversy, they aa
gested that the South American eeaar
try'a ships be sunk "without leaving
any trace, and gave information aa
. . .,.,,
'The'departmenfs announcement Waa
sent to the Argentine embassy and tha
Swedish legation here at tha
time it was given to the public '
Washington Numerous Indictments
for conspiracy to thwart the govern
ment's war plans appear to be la praa
pect as a result of the nation-wide raid
, TnrtllB,r,., vf0rkm at the Wortei
otflce8 by depar-m.nt of Ju8tlc.
Evidence la said to Ap fast aeetiatw
lating to support theiflief that a gt-
gantlc conspiracy has listed for
time to cripple the government In dec
rying on the war. that Ita ramifica
tions have extended into virtually
every state and that numerous anti
war activities which appeared to eman
ate from many sources In reality had
their fountainhead in a single grasp
of conspirators.
The government's hands have aaaaj
greatly strengthened by the seliure af
papers in contemplated proceeding
against persons Identified with tha I.
W. W. and others who activities haw
uw" lur l,u,c. """" ";"
of the department s bureau of fnvea-
Many of these documents are sa!4 ta
relate to labor disturbances in tha
west and the Pacific northwest.
Federal officials are said to have
obtained information that the I. W. W.
has a national membership of S0.M0.
of w hom 12,000 to 15,000 are in Chi
cago. ... culmv
Swedi.h Foreign Off.c Uphold As-
Stockholm Baron Lowen, the Swo-
""' "'s"""- "'
bo recalled, according to a statement
made to the press by Admiral Llml-
man. minister of foreign affaire,
The foreign minister told the news-
papermen that Baron Lowen waa act
blamable for the tenor of the message
lha TlArlln frriffn nffintf. and mn lia
' -- -
had acted in good faith and did not
know the contents of the dispatches,
he woutd not be recalled.
It ts me general impression, em
8U10g the rtrongly opposed' pc
parties that Sweden acted In good
faith in the matter or tne uermaa
telegrams, but public opinion, never
theless, is stirred by the fact that
code telegrams of German origin were
permitted to be forwarded without
givjg the Swedish officials tha key
t0 tbe code.
Buenos Avres -Argentine mobi ajC
atoning the German consulate.