The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 07, 1917, Image 1

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    Weston Leader
- 'S
Principal Events of the Week
rlofly Sketched for Infer
mttlin of Our Readers.
Tk pra a on) look tiong th Ho
Utai rlvr ta good.
teory weole Mill la Oregon It notr
working m government orders ,
Athletic are to be continued at
WIIUmoM nnlversiiy it Relm (bit
A gam pretervs of :o;n acres hea
, established la Jordan t alley,
east of Beta.
William O. Furnish, plonr of I'm
Oil county, retired ftrtnr. 414 at
Vendition, aged It.
T4o district er without teach
er in Douglas eounty with no appli
cation to fill thm.
trnprwvenienta le lb north I'mpqu
aJrhary. IneoMnt an expenditure of
spprfitaaatelr ttO.tOO. bae been ba-
Tha aftaual ennvautlon of tha Ore
gon faderatlon of Woman s Clubs
wttl t bald at ninevlll. October It
to II.
Logan Vernon is arrested at Ten
dleton, rbaged with (ba murder of
fVevall Rlppey in Mount Airy. N. (.'.,
April I. ln.
To eeamnodata those who lab to
take fteptamhar vacations, hotels at
Crater Into hsra decided to stay open
qntll October..
Tha augar beat crop In Klamath
eoonty. which (a balng supervised by
tha I'tah Idaho Rugsr company, la
vary promising.
Astoria hat Jumped Into tha lead of
all the cities In tha t'nlted States In
the ataoant of postal saving deposlta
proportlensta to population
Chroma or discovered on lialdy
aaoantaJn tn Grant county recently
has provsn rich and lodlcatlona ara
that tho deposit eitenslve.
Tha iwor Powder Irrigation com
pany hM decided to rebuild at once
Ih dam on lower Powder river, which
wont oat In tho flood last spring.
RaeaJI petitions prepared In an at
tempt, to ouat the Coos county court
have bean put In circulation and ara
balng signed In various parts of tha
Trollert and purse seiners who have
been fishing off the mouth of the
rlvsr tlnce the closed season at noon
on August !t are meeting with fairly
good success.
rtr at the Greenback mlu S3
miles north of Grants 'ais, cleniroyed
tha transformer station and aeven
large transfnrmora and Uio mine tool
bouse adjoining.
'. J. Kurd, district agricultural
gent, who haa been conducting a alio
campaign In northern Douglas county,
reports 20 new ones built In that swo
llen this season.
Governor Wtihyeomhe has Issued
a proclamation naming Haturday
Raptamber It. as the day for the
registration of women in this stats
for patriotic service.
A. K. Hoes, of Ontario, purchased
JUDO head of theep of William Nelson
tod William McCormack of liond.
i They asm at 13 per head, making a
total Investment of la.l.flon.
A petition Is being circulated In
Lincoln county asking tha county
court lo eaJI special election for the
pnrpae of voting a bond Issue ol
IJte.oeO for highway Improvement.
Leading Oregon men and women
will talk to the cltltens of Oregon on
war Itaties and war problems at the
slate fair at Salem, on request of the
food e4rainlstrat!on of lha govern
ment Rumpter. Or., which was nearly
wiped out by fir recently, has sent
out an urgent nppeal to tho people ot
Oregon to help raise a fund for the
relief and rehabilitation of tho atrlck-
m wis, - Ail
The frethnian clan In attendance to be paid to land-grant counties ol
at-the Unlreralty of Oregon when Oregon by way of back taxca. penal-
tehool opena October 1. will number tlea. costs and accrued Interest Is $1,
between 800 and 800 students, ao- 684.906. ot which amount U46.192
cording to a etatement made. by John repreaenta accrued taxes to June 9
Straus, dean of men. ... . .
ev W. E. Totwlne. one of the best Believing that a federal grain in
known nd most beloved Episcopal epector ahould be atatloned at Pen
ministers of Oregon, whose early re- dleton. farmers of the district hav
llgloua aetlvltlee at Pendleton won petitioned the Oregon public aorvlct
htm a high place In church and clvle commission to that cud. They con
affaire, died at Santa, Rosa, Cal. tend that slneo auch a largo amount
.... .... i.ii..., .Mn r rln is crown tn the district 11
rnnuniT n vivriinii -i
Invented and manufactured bjf Robert
B. Veltum, of Eugene, have been
idepted by the quartermaster de
partment of the United putes army,
after testa made In Washington.-
Pishing In the atreama of Oregon
with elee, traps or fish wheels 1
ion . ii'Mi'i initiative mil
whlcil lia been submitted In the !
reiary of attta fur appeal at to
In reapou lo nuiii'-foiiK inquiries
frlllMK tho officii i'f the govoriior
u4 of tlw Mil forester. Governor
Wlthyrombc explained that his recent
proclamation clonliia the limiting tea
noil Indefinitely In fiiegon applies only
In Ih timbered areas uud no! lo ilia
open country. Tlii ii'imii Ih closed
precaution agaluM further forest
Hood Klvr rouoty offr,al. lot sect
lag limber on which they wera to
levy ininH. wet cut off by
fires In lh Green mountain district,
but managed to escape V) making a
Inug detour through the woods.
Discussion of measure to alup cat
lie runtllng, numerous complaints of
which have com In from rn'hr of
(bo upper Dtcbuie river, featured
a meeting hfld at Head ly atocknirn
oo the Imitation or county officials
Th survey of Irrlgettoii anil power
project In lha Hou4 Hlver valley
ablrh will ba used an a bams for lha
adjudication af water right, by the
state wtr uoara, la now rompieiru,
aecordlug lo Ktata Eaglnmr Lewis
At tha request of Represented e
Whit, of tha United States geulogli al
survey, baa agrafd to 'nil a (H'ld
rapraaantallv to mrttorn Orvgon to
look ovar th proipwta of atrlklnR
oil and gaa In that aacllon of 111 atate.
Karoi"" nuit lorrcam- tli" op'gim
whaat ylaM to par rrni anil ryo inimt
ba jiimpad up 41 per ifnt In wiriii-r
crop That la the hibi" apnnrilon
meat aa warkid out hy raliulatlona
formulatad by the ilrpartmant of airl
culture. A bill paa4 by the Innt Irglilaturn
forbidding tha bbIa of milk or rnm
for human consumption from cob
that bar Dot paiied the tuberculin
Int. unlra urh craam or milk baa
bn paataurltad. bvrama affecllva
Tha rorlltDd lUtlaay. 1-lgUl
Powar romnanv. which operates all
tha ln 1'orllaml. baa ak4
permission of Tha slat public servlca
commission to bo allowed to charge 4
rents carfaro Instead of S cants, aa
at present.
According to MUs Cornelia Marvin,
atate librarian. Pendleton haa contrib
uted the most books for tha war li
brary. It havhiK furnished 42 vol
ume and SoflO msgailnea. Maker la
aecond. Torvallla third. Eugena fourth
and Halem fifth.
To aee how lha fall-sown wheat
co oi pa res In yield and quality with the
nrluii sown. i. It. Ilislop, head of
farm crops at the Dragon Agricultural
college, has made a study of crop con-
dillons in DoiiKlas. Joi.ephine and
Jackson counties.
Approximately 36.450 books have
been ordered for the county school
libraries for all the m-hool districts
In the stste. according to Mine Corne
Ha Marvin, atato librarian. The books
cost $l7.ri. They will bo ready for
delivery ou or before October 27.
Governor Wlthycombe appointed K
V. Llttlefleld and George W. Staple
ton. of Portland, as circuit jmlgea foi
Multnomah county to succeed C. V
Gantenbeln and George N. Davis, who
retlgned'as Judges to accept comniia
alona In the United Slates reserve
Land Commissioner Tallman hst
advised Senator Chamberlain that per
ions buying timber on Oregon & Call-
fornla grant lands cannot homestead tiro Austrlon front,
the land until the secretory or the Tne British forces in Palestine at
Interior formally announces that the tacked southwest of Gam on a front
merchantable Umber has been re
necauee not one car can be had
from the Southern Pacific to haul
rock, the paving contract awarded to
the Oregon Massam company for (Iva
miles north and south of tho Marion
Clackamas comity line on the PiielfK
highway, Is to be canceled by lh
ttate highway commission.
According to a report of tho seere-
tary of the interior, furnished to R?p-
reaentatlve Blnnott, the total amouul
should he inspected before consign
nt .to the terminal marketa.
Our Sawed-Off Sermon.
IP a fortunnle thing for the uver
ngo Mpcciincn of mtinUntl that the
tool killer Ik nbnut thivc score mid
leu ws bvliiuj Willi hi work.
Fill In Picture
P course, children, yiiu auct.-d
wn mid you tlmt tha bird m.da greet feast and that It was tho oamo
of a rouutrv ut uar. Turkey. Sure! Sharpen your aoft pencil, besln at
NV 1 and you'll get n bint that Is noted for Its wisdom. It Is sacred In h tutor
. nd lrrcnd. Is found In miny place and haa tunny looking eyca. It Uvea on
-.r!J mice and reptile. Finish nut ihn picture and see what you have.
Chicago After bcliiR driven from
three siatca, tho People's Council of
America for Democracy and tho
Terms of Peace perfected a formal
, organltallon at
Chicago Sunday.
The session was held winder protec
tion of the police, acting on orders
from Mayor William Hale Thompson,
which were In defiance of Governor
Prank O. Lowdcn. Pour companies
of national gunnlnmen. rushed from
the unite capital on a special train to
prevent the meeting, arrived after it
hnd adjourned. It purpose, accom
plished. Tim clash In authority between
Mayor Thompson and Governor Low
len ram as tho result of tho nctlon
of police In breaking up the pacifist
meeting Soturday on orders from the
"So far aa I am concerned. I pur
pose to put it tn the test, that those
wlio nro not for tho government arc
against It," said Governor Prank O.
l.owcli n In a statement in regard to
the meeting of tlve Council for Dem
ocracy nml Terms of Peace, held un
der orders from Mayor Thompson be
fore the governor could get troops to
Chicago to prevent the meetiug.
The American nvtation service has
opened its headquarters noar tho
The Italians hove taken more than
27.t'im primmer since the beginning
of their big olfenslve along tho eu-
of 300 yards, it was announced of
ficially. The lino waa advanced 200
The headquarters of Major-General
rershlng, tho American
j,vo been moved from
Paris to a
point near the training camps.
The latest' communications from
the Roumanian battlo front report
fierce resistance, often favorable for
Rus80-Roumanlnn forces, against vio-
ien. enemy attacks from the region
0f oituz. Ocna and tho valleys of the
Seroth and the Putnn. The losses
have been heavy on both sides.
In PlanderB the British guus are
again thundering tho threat of re
newed Infantry thrusts against the
Gorman lines. The French, while
comparatively quiescent in tho Ver
dun region, are giving another display
of their successful dashing tactics In
the Alsne region.
Calesthenlcs of Speech.
It In better to be nble to tvtrn your
hmnl to anything llniu to fut our foot
lu It
Keeps Trousers in Shape.
A New York tnllor Is the Inventor of
a device thul prevents trousers bugging
nt the knees by pulling them up slightly
U K WWK sUtS gown..
Puzzle No. 18
tvhut you'd get In your laat picture when
Home. The Italians extended the
positions tfiey occupied In the Bres
tovlzia valley and on tho Carso, tho
war office anuounced. Additional
lulling ,ln -prisoner anil much ar .material, In
cluding nlue machine guns and five
trench mortar, were captured. Aus
trian counter attacks at various points
were rcpuleed.
The Italians continue their steady
advauce and are spreading over a
lurgcr tract of the country, especially
through the Brestoviiza valley mid
over the Basinxza plateau, capturing
trench after trench and In some caseg
finding contingents of Austrian troops
literally exhausted and suffering from
thirst and hunger, their means of
communication having been cut off
by tho well directed Italian fire.
Since tho beginning of the present
advance the Italians have gained
ground every day, while all Austrian
efforts lo recapture lost positions
have been shattered by the energetic
resistance of Cadorna's army.
German Planes Drop Bombs Upon
English War Base.
London. Three German air raids
on England In three days have killed
upwards of 120 persoua and wounded
almost as many, according to estim
ates. The air raid of Monday over Chat
ham and Sheerness was the most de
structive in tho toll of human life that
England lias experienced since the
great day attack on Loudon June 13,
when 157 were killed and, 432 injured.
Chatham contains Immens-j military
and naval establishments, docks, bar
rooks, engineer schools aad immense
Sheerness is also a strongly forti
fied seaport, the naval arsenal of
England. It likewise has great docks.
To Place Labor Behind Government.
Minneapolis. The American Alli
ance for Labor and Democracy, or
ganized for the purpose of squelching
tho activities of pacifists and pro-German
propagandists and bringing the
nation's labor forces tip solidly behind
the government in its prosecutiou of
the war, opened ft three-day loyalty
conference here. Samuel Gompers,
president of the American Federation
of Labor and chairman of the alliance,
outlined the purpose of the organiza
tion aa the assembling for the support
of the government "all the moral and
material power of the working class
ot the nation."
President Marches With Drafted Men.
. Washington. President Wilson,
members of both houses of congress,
high officials and diplomats and thou
sands of citizens, soldiers and sailors,
marched down Pennsylvania avenue
from the capitol to the White House
,n honor of the District s first quota,
ol men for tho new national army.
Prevention ef Shipyard Strike, How.
ever, ie Prospective.
Seattle. Labor liny found great un
rest among organized worknien'ln the
stain of Washington. A strlkn of 12,
ooo men eniployed In the Reattle ship
yards waa called laM week, but posU
poned pending a conference, with a
prospect that tho strike will be avert
ed. A majority of tlic sawmills and
sIiIiikIo wills In th: statu have been
closed for several week by a strike
of workmen for the clRhMiour day
and higher wages. Tbu employera
say that orlns to the dull market for
lumber tliey can afford to leave their
plants Idle. The building trade
throughout the state have decided to
refuse to handle lumber made In ten
hour mills. Electrical workers em
ployed by the telephone companies are
about to take a vote on a strike for
higher wages.
Tax Suit Lost By Railroad Company.
Otympla. Wash. In reaffirmation of
a rule of action Ihat the courts of this
state will not attempt to revise the
findinrt of oi;al tax boards and of
ficers unless fraud or the adoption of
fundamentally wrong principle are
rhown. the supreme court decided a
tax contest of five years' standing
against the O.-W. R. & N. company.
This decision validates a valuation of
$48,646,517 fixed by the tax commis
sion in 1911 on the O.-W. It. N.
properties In the state tor which taxes
were due ia 191..
German RHreat'in Belgium Probable.
London. Germany Is preparing an
other "strategic retreat" In Handera,
according to reports by allied aviators.
The new "retreat to prepared posi
tions," as tho German military staff
will probably announce it. will clear
western Plnndera east of Ypres and
Diximide as far as the Lnc between
Courtral and Tuourout. lf it is car
ried out In Ita entirety. It will release
almost Z25 square miles of, Belgium
from the-Invadera grip. - . -
House Aska Japanese to Speak.
Washington. -The Japanese mission
was invited to add'ess the bouse Wed
Wheat Club. $1.JR; bluestem, 12;
red Russian. 11.93: forty-fold. $1.98. '
Barley No. 1 feed. $48 per ton.
l!y -Timothy, $27 per ton; alfalfa,
Hut tor Creamery, 44c.
Kgss Ranch. 36c.
TVool Eastern Oregon, 60c; valley,
Meat prices must have a drop, was
the ultimatum said to have been de
livered to the packers by Herbert
A federal district judge at Greens
boro, North Carolina, has held that
the child labor law passed by con-
gress on the urgent appeal of Presi
dent Wilsou is unconstitutional.
The "People's Council" has been de
nied the right to hold its peace con
vention in Minnesota and at Fargo,
North Dakota, and was driven out of
Hudson, Wisconsin, by indignant citi
sens. Conscientious objectors accepted for
military service were advised by Sec
rotary Ilakcr lo make no protest until
assigned in training camp to some
task particularly violating their scru
ples. Wednesday 34,350 young men, the
first 5 per cent of the national army
that will be America's reply to Prus
slanism s challenge, went into camp.
The second group will be made up of
40 per cent of each board's quota and
will be mobilized September 19 and
the four days following. Another 40
per cent will be mobilized October 3
and the rest as soon after that' date
as possible.
Lawyers Urge Vigorous Warfare.
Saratoga Springs. N. Y. The Amer
ican Bar Association, at the opening
of Its meeting here, deferred all busi
ness until it had adopted, by a unani
mous rising vote, resolutions express
ing approval of vigorous prosecution
of the war, and had set iu motion
plans designed to marshal to the aid
of the country lawyers who are mem
bers of national, state or local asso
ciations. Cleaning Jewelry.
Make a lmste of common soda and
aad BoUab.
Amendment to Take Hugo Wir
Prbfits is Defeated On
Test Vota.
Washington. tn tb first teat ot
strength between senate radicals aad
conservatives on war profit taxation
the radicals were defeated when tho
senate rejected the maximum amend
ment of Senator Johnson, ' of Call
fornla. for grot levy of (0 per eeat
ou war profits. The rote was 42 to
Senators voting for the high taxes
were: Aahhurst. Borah. Brady, Gore, !
Gronna, Mollis, Hustlng. Jobnsor of
California. Johnson, of South Dakota.
Jones, of Washington, Kenyon, Kirby,
La Pollettc, McXary, Norrla, Thomp
son, Vardaman.
In rapid succession the senate bowl
ed over by overwhelming majoritte
three more proposals from the group
of senatora seeking to inere tha
levies on war profit In the tax bl'.L
An amendment by Senator Hollla to
tax war profits only at higher rate,
but to strike out the finance commit
tee' new clause levying 14:8,000.006)
additional on ordinary excess profit
was rejected, 57 to IS. Then, without
debate, one by Senator La Polletta to
fix a flat rate of 44 per cent, designed
to raise nor leas than $1,800,000,004 on
war profits, waa beaten, (0 to 1$. The
minimum flat rate proposal of 54 per
cent of the high tax group presented
by Senator Hollls waa voted down, 51
to 18.
In the three vote tho high tag fac
tion both gained and loat supporters.
Ita highest record of 20 vote wa
made on the 70 per cent war profit
tax proposal of Senator La Follette.
Division of sentiment in It own rank
regarding the smaller flat rates nod
excess profit taxation xauaedV alight
losses, v .. .'. . . .V
Senators Chamberlain, . Kendrick,
Myers and Phelan were new member
registered on the side ot those seek
ing to amend the bill. Senators Cham
berlain, Myers and Pbelan voted to
tax war profits alone at higher rate
and exempt ordinary excess profit.
Washington. The : 111,538,945.444
bond and certificate bill was Intro
duced in the house by Chairman Kit
chin ot the ways and means commit
tee. The credits agreed upon for foreign
governments, the report states, pro
vided as follows:
To Great Britain. $1,005,000,000; to
France, $530,000,000; to Russia, $275,
000,000; to Italy. $200,000,000; to Bel
gium. $53,400,000; to Serbia, $3,000,
000. The loans already made to na
tions of the entente total $1,730,600,
000. Appropriations made and contest
plated, the report showed, add up to
the staggering total of $19,005,583,000.
However, of this amount $7,000,000,
000 Is for credits to our allies and
$385,000,000 must be deducted for post
office receipts and the permanent an
nual sinking fund appropriation. The
actual war expenditures ot the coun
try tor the fiscal year ending June 30,
1318, after these deductions, will
amount to more than $11,620,000,000.
A Walkout I Called Which
Affect 4000 Men.
Portlaud, Or. The executive board
of the Metal Trades Council of Port
land, representing 12 allied crafts,
ordered a strike in the local steel
shipbuilding yards.
It the strike plans, as agreed on at
a session of the executive board ara
carried out, the steel shipbuilding in
dustry in Portland will be paralysed,
and in numbers of men affected aad
importance of the industry, it will b
one of the largest strikes in the city' '
Nearly 400 men are affected by the
order to strike and, because of tho
allied interests, , the strike may hav
an effect on the wooden shipbuilding
"Washington. The next Liberty
Loan campaign will be launched Octo
ber 1, according to present plans ef
the treasury department. It is ex
pected that the issue will be for abeat
$3,000,000,000 and that the subtcrto
Uon book will close November L