The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 31, 1917, Image 4

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I SEPTEMBER 14 is the date set for the Style Show for Wes
X ton. .The Weston Mercantile Co. have completed ar
& rangements whereby they will put on a style show at
t the opera house September 14. A most attractive
showing of ladies' suits, coats and drefses will be
made from a beautiful stage setting. Millinery will
& be a feature, all shown on living models. Men's suits,
V i 1 1 j ill 1, . i - 4-1- I n nvlAl
& overcoats ana nuts win iuivu u piuc m una vuuaui
& dinary array of ready-to-wear garments for men and
women. A class of boys is being drilled to show in
attractive poses our Best Ever suits. In fact, this
great store will be at its best in an at-home evening
to the public, showing our splendid merchandise that
has been selected for this season's selling. A number
of entertaining films will be run. The music will be
nniW t.lm rhWtfon of Professor Lundell. who prom-
nlnsicinir nrfilipstra. To this you arc mviiea.
icc n n reisinir nrenpsmi. iu tins vuu uiu
IkJVkJ " - "
No admittance will be charged. Friday, September
14. at the opera house, at eight o'clock, .t
Ladles' Sis and Coats
Ink tYtS Ur IHt WUKLU c "T" J
We are glad to announce lhat we will have a complete line of ladies' suits,
coats and dresses. Arrangements have been completed with The Paris of Wal
la Walla whereby we will handle their line at this place". Mr. Thomas, buyer
for this well known house, has been in New York the past few weeks selecting
from the markets the best obtainable for his store in Walla Walla and for this
store. He writes that he has been very fortunate in securing merchandise and
r,-n vva frtf us tho KPAsnn's best offerintrs. Much care has been exercised in
A selecting for the Weston store, that our customers may be served to the best
TVia rrmf otWi nf fViA wpU knnwn hnusa is sufficient ciiar-
pUDbWlC ttUVttUWifcC iV(iunvi. w ... a
antee that our showing will be of the best styles, the materials the most ser
viceable and the prices very attractive. ;
Miss Moore will present a Fall Showing
ol Surpassing Excellence
Our customers will be pleased to know that Mrs. Kabb will again represent
Miss Moore of Walla Walla, with a better line of millinery than in any preced
ing season. Miss Moore has been I;ast the past few weeks, selecting from the
markets merchandise that she says surpasses in beauty anything shown for
years. We will have ample time in which to supply you with your fall hat, and
shall count it a pleasure to show you the new military erfects-shapes that are
different-the, elegant creations of modern designers. These must be seen to
bo appreciated. Look for announcement of the fall opening.
!lfi 3H S 0 cik 1$ S S 513 cil
Mr. and Mrs. Emsley Kidenour,
who lived in Weston in early years,
arc in town this week for a few
days visit, while on their way
from Bellingham, Wash., to Home
ilMIMIIMtlMllittttt-r-t- stead, Idaho. They have disposed
of their fruit farm near Belling-
r havB 400 tamarack DOSts .for hum. whieh was their home for a
M. Seward and family were in
Joseph, Oregon, thin wek for n
few days' visit.
' J. I Lieuallen cropM f.O hu.sli
esl of barley to the acre from 7.1
acres of his foothill farm,
fi. W. Winn is crouoinK a U tter
sale. Jake Narkaus.
I have three young Shropshire
bucks for sale. F. C. ureer.
H. L. Hedrick has taken the local
- agency for the Smith Form-a-Truck.
Wanted Girl for light
" - ..... . .. . -i
number of years. Mr. Ridenour ycW of barley than no ex-eie..-was
at one time editor of the Wes- from 63 to 1,5 bushels r acre
ton Leader, and not a few of his on 110 acres,
articles may yet be found in local .'m pittman and Ed. Mitchell
scrap books. "Em" possessed a flu- jcft Wednesday with their nwpec
tnt and graceful style of writing, i:vc families for the Yakima valley
house- and was also a pretty capable t0 il0ps.
e t a. j 7
Heralded iw the most notable
contribution tq the present era ti
mighty film ventures, "The Eyes of
the World" will make its first ad
vent at the Peoples Theatre on Fri
day, September 7lh.
Hased on the most popular ro
inanei' of the times, by Harold Bell
Wright, with a record of over one
million sales hi book form, the cin
ema translation is declared to ex
cel the remarkable California story
of love and adventure in every way,
adding the virtues of remarkable
scenic beauty, strong character act
ing and visualized dramatic clash.
The Audit of Sybil Andres into
Universal Film present LiKerty
(nineteenth episode) An Aveng
ing Angel My Lady's Millions,
and UiiM'hull Hill.
Shorty Trails the Moonshiners.
Sunday, Sept. 2d -
Mutual Film prvtento Marjorie
KiimlH'Mii in Mary NWIand. Also
Cub comedy, Guorge Umy in Jerry's
Monday, Sept. 3d -
World Film presents Sarah llern
hardt in Mothers of France.
Admittance 520 and 10.
Friday, Sept. 7th
The Eyes of the World, by Har
old Hell Wright.
Admittance 7.1 and .10.
work. W. G. Clark, box 232, Ath- "roaster wnen ne xeu so oi.u. &ni James
ena. Or. RcV. S. E. Powell was sent to were at Walla Walla this week vis-
Last Friday wai the hottest day Weston from Troy, Idaho, by the iting their daughter, Mrs. Geo.
of. the fall in Weston, the govern- recent conference of the South Waddingham.
ment instrument recording 93 in Methodist church. Rev. W. B. Pr.hKtei member of
the shade. Smith goes from this charge to La K . e f rt Oack J
Wt,;i nn her vacation. Miss Josic ranae. aey. a. u. inorougnnwn .. . ... . . m(.,,. i.,trch of tin:
Lavender of the Weston Mercantile J" aamf ! " lw'8saa'!: days' furlough. forest rangers for the lovely hero-
: Co. was the truest last week of Mis-; ,1cv- V WoKl ,was "P ... ine: the ki.lnauing of the girl; the
Edra Simpson of Wal.a Walla. ia co e 'I. T f "L X, Z V". ' . tankLnt t he S.s.kane and East
E. L. Woods crooned 60 bushels w miniriP, is a vountr Z. 1 7u. " u . JZZ ".J 1 la,8 0I. wiiiani, u.e escajH-o co- urn Tnlflt Co. of Kpokane
..rI.J,a,-.m. ,m inn . V I ." : . ' "v"v' V ' vict. and the comimi oi me rival cun utAun of
. 7, ' I o i " j, " l in. Vl nn average oj ie. nuwiuio w uie av. , u c,,,r are wt,n rt.n.n,
i: f qi Morifm s;tvpnwin li;trl oiin fintrpr i. v 7,. u tT,tt "iicntlr n brc .tii0uit!tf of the DmiK wiucn
' were spring
the Scrimsher,
was that
Athens. Mr. Allen bad 200 acres
Weston Wheat Amazes Banker
E. M. Smith, cashier of the local
picture of C. F. Hulftnch
standing in wheat six feet high.
It. L. Itutter, president of the So-
of wheat that averaged 40 bushels. . .. . A(Uff havj his wheat was raisetl by Frank Greer CT. U. was held in Uie I resbyter-
They also threshed a quarter sec- ' Stevenson went at his place south of town and the ian church at Milton ywUvday.
tion of 40-bushel wheat for Charit '' . average from 1 00 acres was around A large audience attended both
wnifoms R fir, ktth.,itt it i nrnnnuiuHvi iiw morninir and afternoon sessions and
w i. Rnhbins rcuorta that about Mr. and Mrs. It. G. Sailng with best wheat delivered at the elevator.
the prettiest wheat that has come J Z Z
An extra good grade of little club
The county convention of the W.
C-T. U. was held in Uie Prcsbytt
motor car this week to look after
thpir cron in Power countv. Idaho.
onrl wilt eontinne their trin to Salt vin slippt:d away from further ele- fr the War?" The delegates from
Lake City. Mrs. Saling will return vator work by furnishing a substi- Weston were Mrs. Hattie Wilsey,
in time tn fill a sinifinif entmifc- tutc in the person of his amiable Mrs. Scott Banister. Mrs. Olive
ment each night at Happy Canyon brother, Jim. In this case the bal- Nevin, Mrs., Oorge, Ncfbitt. Mrt.
during the Round Up. lad of "Oh, Lnoky Jim!" does not I-tha King, Mrs. 'Henrietta Ken-
r. i t vi . . - . apply- . nurd, Mrs. Mary Lieuallen, Mrs. N
It;v. Chrales D. Yates, pastor of - iAm r-u,n. Mrs Fila Harris Mrs
the Congregational church at Brew-' Helix Advocate; Dare Dale has. T !!l it. v K wVS
place south of town. .This field was ster . vvasn ana . , a and Anw) paynt.
Johnrn's "fallf wheat schools, were here last week with ing. Three were attacked by a dis-
1 fcm ranrh northwest of town thier wives and children for a visit case which baffled the veterinarian, ' COfdWOdd Wanted
" Ij" i. ik j ah i,.whu with their parents, Kev. ana Mrs. and Uie fourth was bo badly cut in
IUWJC U-vn,vi
to bis mill is a sample of extra good
quality bluetem raised py w. n.
Davis in the Wildhorsc neighlxir
hood. He Has Itought Mr. Davis's
crop of this variety, to be ground
into "Weston's Best."
AHck Johnson cropped about 25
himhela to the acre of good wheat
from 80 acres on the Carmichael
presume it comes from you. It is
indeed astonishing that any coun
try should produce such a stand of
grain with so little rain. However,
morninir and afternoon sessions and I no country e
that could do it. I am
TV,., ofti-rnnnn,u wii DhotOgmilh OVer tO the
irivnn'bv Rev. Flovd lioss of Milton Review- toclay, and I know they
on the subject. "Why Prohibition will be glad to get it."
The Orcsron
Agricultural College
Wkw. IIm4 Hltl t,k
tusatlca lM4if cllft in a
Mtowt.f hIhIi:
OOMMBEOe, uk 4;
BMOtKIEIliMO. llk 4pnatl. t'
.1.411 Cll. riMlrl'.l. Illfknf. 1.4.HM.I
irtfc lrrlf.ll.. .4 Mkll BflM4f i
rOUiSTKT. Ia'l4l U(iB(
R0MB BOOKOKIOM. wiih 4 mttr 4.
MM, locla4lM I U Frifllra
Vou. ;
MIMINO. villi Itir.. 4.prmli,
I rh.slt.l KnfiRMrl.f 1
tut SCHOOL or JHUilO. l.lrm
U.i im Ik pnnfiMl dprtm f
Md I !.
rt4.u I 114 II, 4 . rctiKi.-4li-
t fit A ' (m Ik. W.,i. nrwl
.ni t ik. V. . W.f n.p.ftm.M .. ... 4
Ik. llfiMi "4)tlliilili.4 imllMIU.t" .f
kikr l.tmlRf. All f.4.ia will k. fmilit.4
mbI.1. uniftrii. hf Ik. t'. P. 0r.i
4 (k. J.Blor an4 r.4.1, .r.ll4 la
Ik. R. 0. T. C, mil kf (!.. r.nam.o.1 for
tukataiiar., .ll .11 lr.pnrl.llM ..4
HibHHtaf Ik. i wk,' itnia.r ..
I1T. Ilf.rntUa .1 r.a.ll. A44rMb
S.llttrtr, 0r.a Arlrnlirl 0U
O.iT.lllt. Or.a. ,
W. M. PtUno G. H. Blihop
Peterson & Bishop
Pondluton, Or.
Fruo water. Or.
W. L. Smock, who was in town
yesterday, prophesies that, the Reed
and Hawley uplands will
I 1......m I..ilr .1
IIIIIVi'hL lli I.W I Vflltll null VI. .f.
'l!ii-l,u ulruur lu vitv xhiirt nnil will it
have to be cut with u header. Oala !?
... .r
and wheat ure tall eiiougn to ninu.
i. However, .v.WV.WVwV.VAW.VWi
L-xcept yours u k
I a I kf. 7i
1 Weston Transfer Co.
Davis & Ellis
per acre. -
Forty-six Umatilla county men
called on the first draft have bc ii
certified to the adjutant general by
the district board of La Grande as
ready for service in the national
army. Among them are Koy Tomp
kins, Earl Dudley and Frank Gra
f WKton. Amomr the men
..minivt this week on the third
with their
E. F. Wriggle
Athena Press: Dr. Newsom de
parted Tuesday morning for Prine
ville, where he will sjH.-nd several
days at the home of his mmher be
fore going to Vancouver to enlist
in the medical corps. His family
is at St. Paul, Oregon.
Mrs. Marie Cashatt and children
were visiting last week with Mrs.
a barb wire fence that it had to
The Ladies' Guild will meet
Thursday afternoon. September 6,
n . 1 t ...111 1 I I t U,. ,t Mu Q T Piillu.,
I,- neaieu oius win oe receiveu uy miv imik u hc .
ine unoersignea uniu wionuuy, oeji- un n,r oticv-i,.
temlier 3. at 2 n. m.. lor corns
eitoJa-Ttrcui'nitfWtan. iCanic Walker at Helix
Growers around Weston are sliw of wikxI (kind and price to be sht
in selling this wason. , So far Mah- ified by . bidder) to be delivered at
ngcr Price has only: bought 7000 the Witon school house on or lw.
bushels of wheal, for the Westn fore October 1st. The right is
Warehouse. Co., of which 5000 was hereby reserved to reject any or
sold by Sim Culley and the remain- all bids.
der by Ralph Saling. He also' WeBton, Or.. Aug. 24, 1317.
bought a thousand sacks of barley FItANK J'ZUt'E, .
from llay Winn. . n Clerk DiittiCt No. 18.
Do Not Irrigate
By order of the council, consum
ers of water are' herewith notified
that all irrigation must cease from
and affer this date,
Weston, Or., Aug. 31, 1917.
Dr. A. F. Scmpcrt
Graduate and Registered
Office Hours U to 12 a.
in.; 1 to 5 p. m.
Watts Building - Upstairs