The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 31, 1917, Image 1

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Principal Evenli of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mttlort it Our Readers.
N. T. T,. Heott. of PMImlh. waa
arrtdeelAlfy killed while dner hunting
oo Mary" ercek.
. Hotel and private home In Rend
are finding It almost Impossible in e
ear female help.
Th lUM board of ennrtllailon re
cently appointed by th governor held
Ita flrtt Bawling at Portland.
The Southern Pelflr company re
ported lo the public aorvli-e ruminl
Ion a net rar brtge In the tt of
The slate f.'ndaavnr union will hold
Ita third annual Inatltute at Wichita.
Friday, Bturdy, Sunday and Mon
day. '
rranharrv ralaera of Uarahfleld
report a probable average crop tblo
year, au&ougb too berrioo win v
rirea near the brad ai era of !
creek, In woatern I-ane. have deairoy.
ed more than I.OOO.OOO ful of grrrn
Women In wartime work are be
earning common on fooa bay and
there are many filling placeo formerly
held by men.
With order lo eboot to kill. fderal
troopo have been dlapatchel to every
action of weatern Oregon to guard
the timber belt. '
The Oregon Normal arhonl at Mon
mouth will bo opened on rVptember 34
Inaiead of Raptember 10, aa prevloua
It announced.
The Kverfreah plant, at Suiherllu,
la Inatalllng two huge vata holding
Ki.MO gallon rn h. for the manufact
ore of cider vinegar.
Wall kindling a fire at her bom
a ear Klllaboro. Mr. 1. B. MrNVw. i.
waa o aeverely burned that ahe died
within a few minute.
Report received from tougla coun
ty Indicate that moat of the form
fire which havo been raging for the
peat few weeka are now under con
trol. mil Kultk and Alex Aunhlkl, em
ploye at tho Big Creek tagging com
pany' camp at Knappa. wero burned
to death while trying to eerape from a
foreot fire. "7
The annual Hood ftlver apple park
ing arhool. hold under the aunp!c of
tb Apple Grower' annotation, will
begin September IT and continue for
five daya.
The anoaa that covered the eanb
during the moat of last winter and the
axtreinely low temperature prevail
ing decimated g route In tho Hood
Rlvor valley.
The Suttlo lake Irrigation dlatrlct.
In Jefferaon county, la preparing to
apply to the elate aeeurltlra rommla
ten to rortify a propoe'-d bond leau
for the dlatrlet.
Polk county' prune erep. wh'ch had
promlaed to N one of tho boat In eov
oral year, now appear to bo afflicted
with a tnyaierlnu dlacase which la
routing the fruit lo drop wrloualy.
The deaert land board hna petitioned
the eecretary of the Interior to ex-
tend Iho time for the completion of
what Is known as the. Paisley Carey
act project. In Lake county, for five
,:t year from September 11. 1917.
Willamette valley loganberry crop
la very short thl year. Sutherllu
report the locl Juice fetory hand
ling only 90.00(1 pound of berries thla
season against 250,000 pounds In 101.
Lark of rath I given as the reason for
the shortage.
George W. France, postmaster at
Ten Mile, Pougla county, waa Indict
ed by th foderl grand jury under tho
federal espionage art, recently cuact
ed, on the specific charge of attempt
ing to Influence ynuog men not to
enlist In tb army or navy.
Several California operator in oil
have men In Coos county, securing
leases on lands situated about Cooa
, - bay and one company of Lo Angeles
promoter I aiming contracts to
tart drilling within four month
from th time of clolng lease.
Water right for Irrigation, mining
and other beneficial use that havo
. bean acquired upon land In tho Ore-gon-Callfornl
railroad land grant will
be protected under the federal law,
according t Jatne T. ChlnnocK. u
..i...rf.nt f ater division No. 1.
gpecUl Instruction In food coner- Rowan, district secretary of the I. W.
vat Ion will be given at all teacher; W.. and 17 olhera arreted with him
ntltute nd all county and district by Major Clement Wilkin, in corn
fair held la Orgon tbl yef, accord- mand of Idaho guardsmen, wua do
Ju to OMVVriUrt 1!W urd Ubob nld In luyulur vuuiu
hv llertrrt . ll'i'ivr twl I'fiidi'in
W. J, Km-, of ih Oregon Axi (cultural
A rull of cnr'e'inre. Irfitwnrii
resident nf Aururi. Hubbard ana
WmHtliurn, H, Ucim-in. bn'rmsn of the
' y'
rial of tho Homlum IV l!ic railroad.
the location r,r the in t.,n. of pnv.
inrni fa be luld nh'tic Hi r.vilflr hlKh-
ay lli rtm kutiiu ini't Murlnu roun
tln tny bi rliaiiKril in ii'iinlit on the
highway In ilio Mine cuuu'ia win-re
rock U available.
Edna Gregory, wife cf curl Gregory,
n employe of one of th auep cou
petit at P"iidluuu. . rpuJ on
th charge of cndiui polemn-d candy
through (ho tralla. The lauOy. a mull
hex. wa rwlvi-d by Mr a. Mar Clark,
of IVndl'ion, fYbruaiy 9, by special
IWIarlng tho wlfrllve draft In
working a great hardahlp ou the v.ool
growing Industry, by taking away ex
port b'-rdi'ta, a iiumtxr of prominent
eastern Oregon hepuim telegraphed
In Senator Chamberlain to uw hta Influence-
to iouire exemption for bona'
fld herder.
far shortage and string ney In th
labor market are to hindering con
tractor on att high ay work that
tlin atnto highway eommlMlon ordered
Btale Highway i:nslnr N'-.inu to
make a reduction In Lis frrw to cir
nwpond to tbn alackcntd in bUh
way couatructlou.
Tho United Btate war dpnrtment,
through the military attache of the
Brlllah cmbaaay In Waahlngiun. liaa
anked for the repa- of l,u -utenaut
Colonrl leader, of ihn nrltlab army,
from aervke In Gnglnnd. thiit be may
bci-omc military Instructor In tbe Unl
vertlty of Oregon.
The public aervlce commllon ha
ordered n nuniln-r of eufeisuarda In
atallrd nt the road croftalui; of the
Portland lUilway. Mjsht row.-r
company trark at Jloptan. n-ar Port
laud, whnre on ai-rldi nt occurred June
2S caualng the d. ntli of Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Undat-y aod Mia IWcn Men
ger. H. P. Bar, head of th plant path
ology depart went at the Oregon Agri
cultural college, baa been appointed
chief collaborator of tbe national plant
diaeaae survey for Ongon. lie. I
aaklng for volunteer to aaejft In
gathering nd re port Ins Information
on plant diaeaar In every part of the
Secretary Lea has made final an
nouncement of the following livestock
Judgoa for tho Oregon cute fair tbl
year: C. A. Paunder. Manila. Ia ;
Thouia W. Drunk. Kola. Or.; Carlo
W. Hall, Ienver. Latimer Wilson,
Creston. la ; Harry Wlluon. Downer
Grove. III. and T. B. Johnnon, of l.a
Dy a deed filed for record at Aetorta
the Dubola Lumber company sella, to
tho Oregon American Lumber com
pany large tracts of timber land In
Columbia. Clataon and Tillamook
comities. The loutddcratlon waa $3.
860,00(1. Thin deed Is the consumma
tion of tho purchase of vast timber
holding in thla section by the Eccle
lnteret of Salt Lake.
All old officers and employe of the
Industrial accident eomraltwlon, with
the exception or the commissioner
themselves, are to receive inrrciuscw In
salaries, beginning August 1, by an ,
order Just Issued by the commission.
Tho order affects 38 employes, and
amounts to approximately
$400 a
month In additional pay.
The last legislature appropriated
11Q.6G8.E8 toward handling the flax
industry of the state with the express
provision attached that the same 1
to bo returned from the receipt for
sales of flax during 101718. Present
Indication make It appear that it will
he Impossible to meet thla legislative
provision. Apparently there will be a
failure of tho flax .crop. 'owing to bad
weather condition.
All records for industrial accident
In ono week were broken by reports
to the state Industrial accident com
mission for the week ending August
23. The number of accidents reached
45r. t)f which six were The fatal
accidents were: A. J. KimV. Shedd,
construction; Uohy Tloyd Shull, Myr
tle Point, logging; James McCanna,
Klamath Falls, logging; Henry Nloml,
Astoria, light and power; G. A. Hardy,
Froewater. threshing; James McCoy,
Portland, construction. '
Habeas Corpus is Dsnied to I. W. W.
Spokane. A petition for writ of
habeas corpus In behalf, of Jnincs
' ' ? 03 ' ' '
Fill In Picture Puzzle No. 17
. if
...--ze. -'
WELL, children, ru drew a atork in your laat picture. Thle bird la rapidly
dying out. not berauM of pemecutlon by man. but be-nuao swamp,
where itorks gel their food, are being done away with all ever tho world.
Snukaa and reptiles which thrive In awainpa make food for tbe atork. Get busy
egaln with your ofi pencil. Start ut No. 1 and you'll have a bird that makoa
a great feed It I the nam of country that i at wor now!
Wanbingtoti. Thi e:k'i program
Of conre pronnsi-a to be one of tho
most important of tin- war ueeaioo. A
deritlor. by the aen.ito on bow far
wealth abatl bo conacrlpted "la ttlfta ar
lax bill, i by the bouso of the
lll.SS8.o0u.O0O new war credit bill
and Hie aoldiere' and Bailor- insur
ance mm mi re and tuo launching of a
new deficiency appropriation bill ag
gregating between $4,roo.o(o,oo9 and
Ktwn.OOO.OOO are among the things to
be done.
After a month virtually iu recese
under a "gentlemen' agreement" lo
transact no buainc. tho house re-
convened Tuesday prepared to remain
at work until reces or adjournment
of tho session. Most of the ltsader
now think thut hardly will bo before
October 1 or 15.
To meet tho radical movement for
greater taxation of war profits, the
Acnato finauco committee agreed ti
a mend men ta carrying war profits
taxes of more than 33 per cent in
place of present provisions for Z6 per
cent. The amendment would in
creuso tho war profits tax yield from
J5CJ.O0O,OO to 11,060.000.000, in ddi
Hon to 'tho taxes under the present
law, ami yield a third of the bill's to
tal taxes.
. .
In Face of Disquieting Rumor a New
Credit 1 Extended. .
Washington.- In tho faco of persis
tent disquieting rumors from Russia,
and following Secretary Lansing'
declaration that the United Plates la
not worried over the Hussian sltua-.
tlon, Secretary f tho Treasury Mc
Adoo aunounced a new credit to Rus
sia of 1100,000,000. Thla brings the
total Russian credit up to 75,000,000.
Tho new Russian credit announced
bring tho total advanced to the allies
up to j;,06l!,40O,000. This Is mora
than tho sum of the first Liberty loan.
Minnesota Pacifist Meeting Prohibited
st. Tail, Minn, Governor Burn
qulst has issued a trroclnmation pro
hibiting the Poorde'a Council of Amer
ica for Democracy and Peace from
holding Its proposed meeting In Min
neapolis or elsewhere in Minnesota.
In his proclamation, the governor said
tho meeting could only aid and abet
the enemies of the United States.
Wilson Pledge Support to Russia. .
Washington President Wilson sent
to tho members of the national coun
cil assembly at Moscow assurances
that thla government Is willing to ex
tend "every material and moral assist
ance" to tho government of UuseiaH
Speculating In Wheat Future Ends.
Chicago. Trading in wheat futures
on grain exchauges ceaved Saturday
until after tho war. .
Sec SaieJt fcwuiwdt at AthWJ,
'v. Km
'.'Jin X. eupirn
Washington. Married men with ac
tually dependent wive aod children
will not be drafted into the new na
tional array. Provost Marshal General
Crowdcr ruled.
Acting upon suggestions of Presi
dent Wilson for ameliorating the lot
of certain families, Crowder held that
a man ought to bo exempted in case
his wife and children were really de
pendent on his labor; in other words,
thut board ought not to force a wife
to go to work for herself and children
where the soldier's pay. or hi pay
plu relatives' contributions did not
suffice to meet the family needs.
President Wilson wrote that such
hordshlp should be avoided aa far aa
possible. Crowder concurred, but re
iterated that thcro ought not to be
exemption in cases, for iustance,
where the wife is wealthy, or where
her relatives are willing to take over
the task of supporting her.
The German general staff report
that the British lost 21 tanks during
tutllo fighting laat week.
, Troop under Prince Leopold of Ba
varia, advancing on the Hussian city
ot Riga, have reached tho River Aa at
gome piarpa on the Gulf of Klga coast,
the German general stuff announced.
The British-, French. Italians and
Russians havo captured 107.7S0 war
prisoners since April 9, when tho 191?
campaign opened, according to a state
ment Issued by the British war depart
ment. Canadian troops are still advancing
against Lens. West and south of the
coal city the fighting wan one. continu
ous battle of assaults by the Canadians
and immediate couuter attacks by the
enemy. - .
The Italian troops on the Isonxo
front are marching to completo vic
tory. The Italian second army. Gen
eral Cadorna reports, ha .roken
through the Austro-Ilungarinn line of
"defense at several points and is close
ly pursuing the Avistro-llungariaiis,
who are retiring aud defending the
difficult ground yard W yard.
In Rouuiania the RussRop.manian
forces still are holding their own
against the invaders, having retaken
height positions uorthwest of Sovcia
which tho Germans captured last
week. Ou tho Fokshaul sector. Field
Marshal von Maekensen's forces
Beemiugly have been unuble to mike
further advances, owing to the stif
fening in the line of the defenders.
Hill 304, tho last remaining Import
ant stronghold of the Germans front
ing Verdun, fell Into French hands.
Hill "'304, together w ith Le Morto
Homme, commands all the ravines and
approaches as far as Douaumont. The
loss of these positions deprives the
Germans of all observatories from
which they could watch the French
Saving of t,000,0CO to I Mad In
la Month.
Waahlugton. An agreement by tho
country' beet sugar producer to limit
tbe price of thoir product o to
effect . reduction of about one-half
cent a pound In Ibe present price of
sugar waa announced by the food ad
ministration, with a notice to the pub
lic that thl ibould mean a saving of
130,000,000 between now and the first
of tho next year. '
It waa announced that wholesale
grocer had agreed to limit distribu
tion charges to prevent - exorbitant
In the near future the admlolatra
tlon will state the price at which
wholesale sugar should be delivered:
at largo consuming centers. The beet
sugar price fixed 1 tbe equivalent of
17.23, rane augar basis, f. o. b. seaport
refining port. ,
Order Bible for Soldiers.
New York. An order for l.OOfl.OOfl
khaki pocket testaments for Ameri
can soldier and sailors has been
placed by the national war '' work
council ot the Y. M. C. A. with tbe
American Dible society.
Beeve 8ell For $16.30 In Chicago.
Chicago. Choice beeves sold at tbe
I'nion stockyards at $16.30, a new
high-price record for cattle on the
Wheat Club $2.05; bluestem $2.10;
red Russian. $2.05: forty-fold, $2.05.
Barley No. 1 feed, $48 per ton.
Hay Timothy. $26 per ton; alfalfa,
Butler Creamery, 40c.
Eggs Ranch. 36c.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 60c; valley,
Wheat Hluestera $3.16; turkey red,
$2.1; rorty fold. $2.13; club, $2.U;
fife. $2.12; red Russian, $3.11. '
, Barley $47 perton.
Butter 14c
Eggs Ranch, 48c
Finn Fight Russians.
London. Serious rioting at Bjorne
borg, Finland, Is reported in a private
telegram from Haparanda to Copen
hagen, forwarded by the Central Newa
to London. It Is said fighting be
tween Finns and soldier of the Rus
sian garrison lasted for several hours
and that a number of persons were
killed or wounded.
im.rl.iM nttrnvep Sivu Veaeel.
-j -
A Gulf Port. The destruction of a
German auomanne oy an American commalld.r "Undoubtedly It will fl
destroyer and the killing, of four nal!y repressed, but the danger of '
members of the submarined crew j.-,. dehacie- j- weighing constantly
who bad boarded a British steamer,
is reported by "William Raymond
Brown, an American seaman, who
arrived bare aboard a Brithb steam
er. .
Live as in Stone Age.
An ludinn tribe in llolivia shuns tne
whites aud lives ns in the stone age,
inuuiiijj tools mid weapons of stone,
mne end wood.
Whether fishing for ealmon la tne
tho act of catching the fish only or In
cludes also the act of landing the fish
Is a question put up to Attorney-General
Brown by State Game Warden
Shoemaker, and the attorney-general
holds that It Ineludea tho act of land
tag tho fish aa well aa taking it In the
net Under a law of the laat legialar
ture fishing for salmon with a purse
net is prescribed inside of a certain
dead line near Astoria. Purse seiner
caught fiab, up to the deadline, closed
the puree and dragged their fish in
the net across the prescribed waters,
where they were landed.
Seven women nominated by the Ore
gon Agricultural college for county
agent work in connection with the
fond conservation campaign In Ore
gon have been appointed by the
I'nlted States department of agricul
ture and are to report at once for
duty In theif respective district, aa
follows: Miss Martha. Bechen, of Hills
boro. Hood River, Wasco and Sher
man counties; Miss Clara May Mur
phy, ot Portland, I'matllla, Union and
Baker counties; Misa Anne McCor
ntick, of Lebanon. Josephine and Jack
son couhtles; Miss Ruth Corbett, of
Corvallis, Douglas and Lane counties;
Miss Bertha Edwards, of Monroe,
Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties;
Miss Ixirene Parker, of Salem, Marlon
and Clackamas counties; Miss Nell
Sykes. ot "Salem; " Polk, YamhUI asd
Wasfcinftoa counties.
Crown Prince Fills ta But
PeUIn Back to Fierce .
Counter Attacks.
Part. General Pet In I holding all
la gain of th great Verdae offensive
la tbe face of formidable cowater at
tack which tbe crew prince at new
launch tag. The French eade
report tb reps! of. treajr esaalta
oo newly won positions la thla Meter.
Franc has taken 7100 prisoner. 21
f them German officer, la th Ver
dun drive. The tixth German division
of reserve, formerly ranked aa oa ef
tb strongest enemy anlta. waa literal
ly wiped eat After the first lYeeeh
assault the division wa reduced t
three regiment (approximately ITS
men) and ef the th French leek
2784 men and (0 officer prisoner.
Even th regimental band wa taken.
The muaiciao had been forced Into
tbe front trenches for .fighting.
The large number of officer cap
tured by tb French la striking proof
of a decreasing German morale. Ia
the French assault oa Verdua. Decesa
ber J6, only 20 officer were takea
oat of a total ef 11.000 prisoners.
With a cheeking np of prisoner aad
German casualties, it developed that
of one German regiment th Preach
captured 860 soldiers and 28 officer.
Moscow. Russia is passing through
a period of mortal danger. Premier
Kereneky told the national conference
which opened In Moecow to consider
th present situation of the country
and plana for a new nation! ara-v
meat ... V '''..'"" -,:
The premier declared that any at- .
tempt to take advantage of the con
ference for an attack on the national
oower. as embodied in the provisional
government, would be repressed piti
lessly "by blood and iron."
General Kornlloff. the commander
in chief, entered the hall in com
pany with Premier Kerenaky. Hie ,
appearance was the signal for pro
longed choeYs.
; In the present month, General Kor
nlloff said, soldier had killed four
regimental commander and other of
ficers, and ceased these outrages
only when they were threatened with
being (hot.
t ui ti w i
i hub r w miHAvaufj iieHwu
aMrcby in the army." declared the '.'.
oo the country.
"The situation on the front Is bad.
We have lost the whole of Galicia.
the whole of Bukewina and alt the
fruit of our recent victories. At
several points the enemy haa crossed
our frontier and Is threatening our
fertile southern provinces. He is en-
deavoring to destroy the' Roumanian
army and is knocking at the gate of
Riga. If our army doe not hold th
shore of the Gulf of Riga, the road
to Petrograd will be opened wide.
"It Russia wishes to be ved the
army must be regenerated at any
coat" '
Sariea of Victories Hav Puahd Aus
trian Back Along a Wide Front
London. Italy's fighting .legions
have within one week scored a eerie
nf v-iotnrtM that have' Kent tliA 17a na-
0Urg foe reeling back along the whole
. . . p, t th. A,ri,tl- A-
a triumphant climax to the first
phase ot their drive, they captured
the 2Z4S feet high Monte Santo, the
"Deadman'a Hill" ot the Gorili front,
aeven miles north of the city. ..
The capture of Monte Santo Indl--rates
that the Austro-Hungarian ren
ter has been pierced and that the Teu
tons' line to the north, and aouth ot
that sector-are In grave danger.
Ex-Govsrnor West Decline Offie.
Portland, Ore. Ex-Governor Os
wald West will not be a member of
the Interstate commerce commission.
The position waa offered to Mr. West
by President Wilson a few weeka ago,
but waa declined oa account of hi
Social dance tomorrow evening at
Weston $tcn house.