The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 10, 1917, Image 4

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    frl L rd $
We are prepared to figure with you on your har-
favor to have you come in and talk the matter over
with us. We want your harvest business, and are
ready for it in every particular.
vest orders for Groceries. Our stock is complete in
X anticipation of harvest trade. We shall count it a
I 1 fail
! Harvest Specials I ?sss. ! Men's I'M Clothing
J l watt wirvHiif For the remainder of this nrtiM.ii J
t ! S all white canvas shoes aside from !
DISHES vegetable dishes from 'JOe
up to 50c.
We arc prepared to supply your ... ... .
. u- t t n Nappies, small, medium mid
wanU in this line from well sc ta J', tof(0c,
lected stock of heavy white ware
A . . . .. . ,, How s of various sizes from 10c
that is both durable and dainty. t0 ;,.
Cups and saucers, per set of , .
six 75c. Wc a'so cirry ,mo ' thc 801
Plates, the regular dinner size. fltcm which is very pretty
7 inch, set of six 75c. yet not expensive.
Siioes for Harvest Wear
We are. headquarters for shoes. A good mule skin that wears for
Our line is complete, and for har- only$1.79.
A good heavy tan, well made
vest wear we haw Some exception-
ally good values that will prove Scout or bicycle shoes for men
attractive. ' and boys, $2.00 to- :.00.
Ladies' Hose tO Close Out 50c, but as long as they last the
A special list of ladies' hose to price will be only !c.
close out at less than cost. These Canvas for COOk H0US3
are fibre silk boot hose in white, Heavy canvases for cookhouses,
gray, palm beach and tan. An cr- etc. We have it from 29 inches to
ror in the billing of these hose 72 inches, in weight suitable for
makes it possible for us to make your needs and at the price based
this price. They sell regularly for on last season's purchases.
It will pay you to anticipate your
want for next season niul lay in a
supply for next year, us tin-so goods
will be decidedly higher.
All $2.50 punips will go now for
All rubber sole sIhk-s will sell for
10 percent less the nir. This will
include a wide variety of white can
vas shorn and pump - all new
stock and very desirable; will In- in
good style next season.
A table of rem mint stock white
shoes, all the short lines--to close
out; children's, women's values up
to $2.00 at 98c.
' Women's Comfort Shoes at $1.49
These are the kind for tired fvt
- soft and pliable. Kvvry hoiiM--keeper
should have a pair. All
black leathers; some have elastic
sides; some Juliette; have sold as
high as $2; for this special f 1.49.
Pretty Summer Lawns at 9c Yl
To close out this lot we have as
sembled all our summer dress lawns
to offer regardless of cost. All are
sheer, cool and dainty; very desir
ble for summer dresses; have sold
as high as 20c, but for this summer
special only 9c.
I VI Ion gloves at 10 20c. and !l.'e
Tor the leather faced.
Sox nt So, tOe. 12c, l.V. 2c. 25c
Underwear at 25c. IlUc ami -19c
the garment for cool, durable 1ml
hriggnii. Union suits at at 19c. f I. mi and
1. 25- this for standard mukes.
Shoos-$1.79. $2.0. $:i.(K. $.1.50
and $1.50 men's good
work flux'.
Men's coveralls at from $1.79 for
a good khaki. $l.9rt for the stripe,
and the famou.i "All-in-One" for
j $2.50. '
; Men's Work Shirts, 19c
This is impossible, with most
stores, but we have them and a
(good full sie shirt thut others will
charge 65V for; we bought a lot of
i them last season, and as lung as
iimilty;th-y hud we will sell ait many as
you wish for only 49c.
Straw Hats at 25c
Straw hals- all that is left f the
season's stock - to go at your choice
for 25c. Many of Untie are worth
Mary Jane Pumps at $1.91
These are the bout for service in
the line of footwear cool, com
fortable and pretty. Patent or
gun metal. Values up to $3.00.
To cIomj out this line, your choice
for $1.98.
much more, but the sines are brok
en and to close them out we have
made this cleanup price.
Sandals at $1.19
Our entire ilne of sandals in siz
es up to two, values up to $1.60.
All good quality russet leather
nothing better for summer wear.
Your choice while they last for only
A svEfff3Cfcf .
The Oregon
in the
Mrs. Laura Shanks was
city Tuesday from Adams.
Hereafter, all optical work for
cash only. F. D. Watts. M. D.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Compton
were visiting Wednesday in Pen
dleton. Mrs. E. M. Smith has gone to
Walla Walla to visit her daughter- vice,
in-law, Mrs. Frank , Smith, who is
fast recovering. ,
Your money back for the asking,
if you find you are not satisfied
with our Whole Wheat Hour.
Weston Milling Co. ; ,
John Ridcnour is back in Weston
after a season of sheep shearing in
Montana, and is helping to receive
wheat at the elevator.
A Women of Woodcraft monu
ment has been placed above the
grave of -the late Mrs. Margaret
Roy Tompkins and Frank Gra- Mrs. J. Hodgson and family leff I THMKlNfl THRU I AT
i,it...-. w.i,..,i.J ...i,.i. r nn ...,i;n,r ..t r'nmii lliwuwriuu iiitiikLw ni
to get some authoritative draft McDougal. .
pointers, and found that exemption Mn c,ara Vavh of lU)iHi mm.
on the ground of deix-ndent fami- fa vWtj t hme of h,.r cous.
lies will be difficult to secure They , Mre c
were informed, in fact, that any
drafud man who passes the physi- C. W. Metz was called to Pendle
cal examinationwhether or not he ton yesterday to conduct the funer
has a family will be extremely l of the late Mrs. Len Rhode,
likely to be taken. District boards Mrs- y. H. Young and two child
only will pass upon the question ren of Nortn Yakima, Wash., arc
as to whether a man's work in agri- visiting her mother and brothers in
cultural or industrial pursuits is so Weston.
indispensable to the nation that he
" iv. r.: n -u
Tompkins and Graham went ",K '"'
to Pendleton again today for ex
amination before the local board.
Earl Dudley was called yesterday.
THE PIONEER POW-WQW Agricultural College
The Missionary Society was enter
tained Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Frank Price. A large number
of members were present, and also
the following guests: Mrs. Marie
Cashatt, Miss Sadie NorDean, Mrs.
N. Lovcridire. Mrs. Cora Fetter and
Mrs. R, L. Reynaud. "The King- car. New equipment. Your patron
dom of Gk1 in Home Missions and age appreciated. L. Pennington,
in Brazil," was the subject of the The Weston elevator was started
meeting. Educational evangelism UD Monilav and has since been in
SChOOl nnAiHihnn ti'ifh iUn f vfunt i in tit A
The thousand who visit Walla
Walla for the Pioneer Pow-wow
September l.l 14 and 15 will find
plenty to amuse them, reorts the
Pow-wow press agent.
" Of first interest is the big show
at the fair grounds.' Here will be
all the sports of the early days.
The barley crop of Wilbar Woods Broncho busting with realnot
is report- trained circus horses to ride: Tex-
ed to he going 30 sacks to the acre (ut hnf(hom Kteer8 for ro,)in(r am.
or better. j)Uj hogging; stage races, cowboys'
Walter Webb, who hus licen min- races of all kinds, wild horse races,
ing in the Coeur d'Alenes, is here etc.; cowgirls' races, relay and jMny
from Kellogg, Idaho, for a visit express; fancy roping and riding;
with his family. He will remain
until after harvest.
For prompt service when in trou
ble call at Mendwell Garage or
phone No 52. Rent car and service
Umatilla and Yakima Iwimn in
their gayest costumes, who will
erect a village on the grounds and
take part in the varioiiB events.
There will also be music galore.
The pioneers will have a sieeial
big part in the Pow-wow, for it
was in honor of them that the show
was named. On Thursday an old
fashioned barbecue will be held, at
which all ;arly settlers will be
Wheeler in .Masonic cemetery. jn Brazil and Home Mission
Having decided that Weston is work was a so discussed. Mrs. I rice 8hort ,ayK)fr due to B meIted motor f th association.
about the best-iittie town in mc " peanng. a new pan nao w oe oo- xhe evening entertainment up-
tained from fortland
by Mrs. J. F. Snider and Mrs. J.
A fine sheaf of Marcus wheat
from the upland farm of W. L. Ray
lKrn six miles east of Weston is on
display at the Farmers Bank. Al
though pant-d only CO days ago it
is well headed and shows no effect
of drouth. - A beautiful sheaf of
wheat six feet in height from the
C. F. Bui finch farm near town is
displayed in a window of Goodwin's
drug store.
town will be the Great Wortham
Miss Marjorie Bulfinch left yes- Shows, a collection of big tented
terday for a visit with her sister, attractions with about 300 people
Mrs. H. A. Walker, at Wasco. She taking part. An animal show, Top
was accompanied by the two Walk
state, Lloyd Kitchey has returned
to this amiable burg for an indefi
nite stay. ' v
The Echo News reports the re
cent death of Mrs. Ed. Fulford and
her baby at Buhl, Idaho. Death
occurred soon after the birth of
the child.
John Clark, old time Westonite,
came over from Wallowa county
this week with a bunch of work
horses for the Weston and Walla
U'nl! w o fir at a
. Because of the long dry sjK-fl the
The Weston boys of Company t, beans ptantcd in the Weston neigh
Second Idaho, are back at Noise borhood400 acres or more do
harracks after doinz zuard duty wall A 1 4 hfiiirrh 4 Via
in Utah. Thev exoect soon to be ..:. . a h'ffu ir.t,-nv iron. ODens SeDtcmber 10. It? given unto n twice daily
KPnt. tn a. training camo probably ,u . ar,A courses arc A-ademic. Commercial, Manager Doc Crews of
at raio a no, iaiu.
r.lorln kt4 li. qmnMl fl l' lmiia M f.lUinW C"t I U.
(Ilavlnf wkmla:
AOHCTtJLTUSJe. Ilk l .p.r !
OOMMBBOB. ilk d.pnm.n.
BMOlirBBBJVO. whk '" I'
Iu4ln CItII. M.rlrlt.l. Ilifhwir. indatlrtal
ru., mi M.'kiirtl riirl;
rOBERTBT. InrtullM lf'f r,HlM
' Itc:
H0MB BCOMOKIOB. w.lh m.r 4pr
la. IncMlaf Inlnlnf In Ik. PraM
Iluti.. ;
MIHIKO. itk Ur d'ptilMnU. ImIU
iBf Ch.mlr.l Knf ln.rln;
THE SCHOOL Or MUSIC, nll'f Imlr...
lis Id lb. prinrip.l 4rp.nia.nla a( faral
anl initrumrntal muti',
IfiNA la IBM 17. anil war r.iam.n
a'alion tr o. A, C. from tn. O.parl kI lb. I'. S War Oi-parim.iO aa ana af
Ik. fill-'on "" l
klfh.r If.rninj All miI-ii will h. rurnl.k.4
asmpl.l. unllormt hf ( I', S,
as4 III. Junior anil anno,, In
Ik. K. O. T. C "III k. ln rnmanilinn fr, wrll all r.n.p.rialtna and .1 Ik. !i wtk' Snmni.r ranp.
KIT. Infarmailaa ai Addr.M,
B.flittar, Ornioo Ajrlcallaial CoUtfa,
Oamllla, Or. (on.
W. M. Piltnon G. II. Blihop
Peterson & Bishop
I'endluton, Or. Freewater, Or.
Rew Home
are Quality I
er youngsters, who have been visit
ing their grandparents here.
East Oregon ian: Out of the first
45 drafted men examined by Dr.
McFaul only eight were found phy
sically disabled, a ratio considerably
better than the average over the
country and one that testifies to
the high standard of Eastern Ore
gon manhood.
Columbia College, Milton, Ore.
o the World, musical comedy; a
water carnival with beautiful and
shapely women in fancy diving and
swimming; The Whip, the latest
mechanical ride; a motordrome for
fast auto and motorcycle racing;
also a monkey speedway and count
Ipsk other shows. Then, there will
be the great free attraction): a N
woman who dives 90 feet into a $
.-hallow tank of water and a woman
who iK-rfomw with " five ferocious
African lions. These acts will be
J ft
li it
: Weston Transfer Co. fj f jfaa slfss, ror: !
Dr. a. s. newsom I
Physician and Burgeon
the Lib-
uo cue iiui. nwi'it . nt a' r- .l . J . .
it is feared that a good share of ome iconomics, ciocuuon, riano, eriy mcaier nau arranKu w imw
' ThP new self orooelled combine the crop will not be worth harvest, voice, . vionn and urcnestra, and nis yv. v. a. yauoevine reaen
fL 7 r Price & SoT wm in The outlook for potatoes is also a short training course for Walla Walla Thursday, the opening
of Mrs. Z. C. fnee & &ons was teachers. This successful institu- day of the Pow-wow. The new
started this week at the Price Pr- ..... lion will be stronger than ever this American theater Will be iqicmtl by
homtead, where the barley was Mrs. H. B. Nelson will arrive in yeari amJ inlending Htudnnta should that time and will offer vaudeville
found too green for cutUng. It was Weston today on her rehirn home afJ,jrPS8 t. rrwid,mt, If. H. Slum- ami pictures. The Bijoir Grand (he
then moved to the Wilsey farm. to Ixiwiaton, Idaho, from Pendleton, ( foP Pflta01f. - nlrr will offer pictures -World
filiiis, Mutual and others, ine
Strand theater will have Fox and
"Cullt taxi!" Lafo McBrido's Is al
ways at your disposal. Phone 02.
Harold D. Sapp of Olympia,
Wash., brother of Mrs. C. II. Smith
of this city, has gone to France
with a ' contingent of Amercan
frvmna sailinir on a recent date.
lb-; enlisted as a regular only
short tlaft io.
where she has been visiting her son,
C. E. Neson. Mrs. Nelwn will be
entertained while here by Mrs. L.
S. Wood. -
A two passenger auto for $50
a cash, and a two passenger auto for
975 caJi. See Watte L Boir'.
Firmer i Borrowtr. ,Triangle films with comedies. The
Agriculture Is serenely contew- " . . , u,iil how I'nra-
vi niiii it iuc urimiini iiiui iai uirv
mill flnJ it ropier .to borrow money
than a M fl Mat fl aR l 1 B 1 1 lt U'n atl I n
ton Btar. other tpcejal evcnU.
. .1
mount and Metro productions.
There will also be dances 'hnd
Dr. A. F. Sempert
graduate and Hcginlcrud ,
Office Hours to 12 a. ,
if m. ; 1 to 5 p. m.
Watts Building - Upstairs
f $500,0001
to loan "on good
wheat land at
t F". G. Lucas i
Real Estate and Loans
Weston, Oregon
muMmjMMiUi m it