The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 03, 1917, Image 3

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You were told a year tigo mat ruga woiim advance m
i price- they certainly did ami wo tell you again In all Kin
eerily that we expect another advance, not only on ruga but
on nearly all hoiwefurnlHliingH, due to tin- nnrcity of raw
material and labor.
Now'a the time to buy now' the time to (ill every need
--now'a the time to mako every dollar do double and triple
duty. Take advantage of our GREAT SUMMER CLEAR
ANCK 8ALK during July and AiikukI und SAVE TWO
WAYS (our prices were not increased, generally Fpraking,
after the liwt advance and are now reduced.) We want v
ery home-makerevery newly-married couple 'very p r
aon In need of hoiiHefurniHhiniM 1 know of and participate
in this tremendous Having event ! ! I
We hIuhIi priccH, not only to clear away the oiMk and
ends of our heavy atoek. but to again go into the market
and buy in advance of unother rise of prices, and to do thin
requires money. Every dollar yti hx-nd in thi store NOW
means that you will have an opportunity to buy below the
market here again at Home future lime but not at pre nt
prices. ,
It is like putting money in the bank you reap the inter
est and your (meatmen t is safe, for you-will hae the poodi
arid you will enjoy the use of them.
Mr. Edison's New Blue Ambcrol Cylinder Record
III llnal arhieveim-nt in itcvord initkiiiu of llmt lyn ! "Dr atv
itnclii lly uulirrakahln ml have Im-i-ii played :hni tun. in l.nlH.rn
lory Tenia without nhuwmg the lii'hl.Kt nen i f u. nr. 'Hunk ( II !
Ami tht-y owl only U) rvnla rn(li. Much liWKt-r M-lm-iimm csoiln' it
on thvati rvcorda than on ordinary "Talkiiig-iuai'liaiu lii eotd," v huh
maana more ami heller mimic fi r nttirh U- miii:.y. Von must hear
thuaa wonderful Itvronla to reahxo what iiinc.iiilirriit they
maka. W hava a complete utock of ttn-im Hwoid, inrliiilliig (lu
vary Utorl niumr. I'rlco W ranta parli.
lloim-fumiidiiiig I cjarl hhmi( Slmu
Pianua - Muaic - rii.:iti; ruihn
10-30 Alder St. (Odd Fallow Temple) SVAI.I.A WAM.A.
and Baker's Goods
' from Model Bakery
Ncul cottage mid t' f'r "ale
ot it uierilbv, J. A. Mrltai-.
W. K. Wood bcyan thrcsliiiig
bailey thin week at flu- Price Pro
rain-It on liy creek.
Jack ('alder is inMalliug new bath
rHMii, toilet and lavatory fixture in
tlti' C. I". H'lltlmh nuidcnre.
Iloy riot under H in warit-d for
night o rator nl the local tele
phone exchange, U. O. DcMim.
Mio Mary l-nnlale returned
Monday from Jackson, Montana,
where she has la-en teaching achool.
Iiwi II Rogcra ift threshing mar
Adam;;, ami m reirl' d to Ik- get
ting 10 bushels of wii'itl to the
TheSi-iimhher, IIioriH & Hell out-
tii v. ill begin Ihrehhing wheat next
Monday on the lt nry Harris place
thnt itiih-n i oiiiIi of Atlu-na.
"i'tii" Wejiion VitiirhoiiM' company
Iiiih bought a Ford from the lo
cal air' til. H. L. Hedriek. for the
u.-a- of it manager, Ki auk Price.
Mi Firol .Mcb'iide luus relumed
to her Ktudy of nursing nt. Provi
dence hotpital, Seattle, after a visit
with relaiives and friend in Webton.
Mm. A. W. humlell and daugh
ter. Minn Kva I.undell. left Monday
for a vifit at CoKlendale. Wah, ae
comiianyinjf her iter, Mrs. N. K.
L. H. 'an Winkle and family mo
tored i the Helix neighborhood
Sunday, and were guiiita at the
farm n-sidenec of Mrs. Minnie
Walker. . Fifty thousand dollars will be ex- SUMMONS
Mm. Roni Howell and n, lioii- i-mll by Pendleton in puttinC on .
niePluir. of Touche, Wash were JJS In the Circuit Court of thaSUteof
.Sunday visitor nt the I. II. Wil.y fl a(l vvnllh "" vt''y Oregon for Umatilla County,
farm. Mr. Clair h been drawn "orw-s ateers. iHTfnrtm-rs wilIinm p. Hirtt, Plaintiff. v. Eliza
for n.ilit iry herviee. ,,,ntefita worth .-eing. .Special Hinlf iefendant.
... , . ,, . , K Pullman tnims have already In-en To Elizabeth Hiret, Defendant above
Miks bus Porter airivcnl home ,,tJiraKl, an,j win ,H)ne from ,-,. nmeii:
Sjlunlay from lfc;f,nh"m' SJ" land, SjH.kane and St. Paul. The ,n the Name of the Sute of Oregon,
where for the past two months Ma a,u.n,ian(e j8 t.Xwted to wiual if You are hereby rwjuired to appear and
has Iteen attending mirnmer bcIhkU not gm-pnj i1;,t t,f jojc, X). rail, annwer the complaint of the plaintiff
of the liellmgham Normal. roads have grantetl the usual rate "j,"81 vou in the above entitled
. . , f . . . - ,. suit, within ix weeka of the date of
The bme lndeenden rejairU a of one and a-third fare fnmi all the flrTt publication of this summons,
In tter wheat crop than anticipated pointa in the Northwest. The rail- to-wit: on or before Friday, the 21th
in that part of Morrow county, road officials assure the manage- day of August, 1917; and you will take
Vicld are from K. to bushels ment there will U; no falling off in JXSSM
)mt acre of wlnat testing 54 attendance and the only question )llead thcrelo withm tRid time, the
poundN. wi(h them is whether or not they plaintiff for want thereof will apply to
will ul.t.. lii furnish tlw ixiiiii.- thu Court for the relief nrflved for and
Kt. Vmllu WI1..V anil Li-xter a 1-1 :.. i:;it'.
...... ,j ment
Crlilo were united in marriage ' .
Sunday at Hood Kiver, Oregon, the Thmhing was begun this week
"Well, Say! I Ttaigiil Yoa People
mit the Tire Business!"
A customer Haid to u a few day ago and the remark opened our eyes.
We have never quit the tire business. We did "close out our stock," and o advertised.
(We have no money in it now, but we represent some of the best tire
made and we back them up because we are backed.)
No knocking of our tires goes, for if the tire does not go as guaranteed we make it go.
Firestone. Republic. Diamond, Kelly Springfield and others.
Watts fi Rogers
Beautiful in Design, Low in Price
(The famous WELLEU Putlory)
Wall Paper Remnants at only
5 CEffc the roll
demanded in plaintiff a complaint,
namely: for a decree of the Court for
ever dissolving the bonds of matrimony
. L I
bride' home. Mr. and Mrs. Car- in E. A. Dudley's field of barley .i'rZTtZh
lile are now in Weston, where they between AUiena and Weston, hut it equitable relief.
i reported that the work lias ceased inis summons is pubiwned pursuant
for a time the straw was to a order made in this Cause by Hon
, , , , . ,., ... ( harles H. Marsh. County Judge of
found to be too green, although the UmatiJn County, Oregon, in this ab
luads are ripe. This field was sown 8ence of Circuit Judtre G. W.Phelps
in March on grounfl that has al- from said' county. The first publica
ways heretofore been used Jion of this summons will be made in
, . 1 .1 1 1 ... . ihe estii Leader on Friday, the 13th
wheat-growing, aud he Imrley was day ot juy, 1917. and the last publica
practically "made before the hot tiou will be made on Friday, the 21th
wave struck it. It looks so well day of August, 1917.
that a yield approaching two tons 1,J'nf1 t Pendleton, - Oregon, this
1.. . 1... ........ ; .,...wi;..i.i '
ley has alrealy eontraetexl the civp
expect to remain during harvest.
Mr. Frank Smith was seized
Sunday with an acute attack of up
Kndicitis, and was oiHTnitnl on the
,-mni evening at St. Mary's hospi
tal. Walla Walla. She has since
been muking favorable progress to
ward recovery.
K. W. t'rown, A. I.. Douglas, (".
H. Nelson and Albert James motor
ed to liingham Springs Sunday with
We Caa "Me Ya
We do not mean this in a
belligerent sense, but that
we can take your measure
properly for your
We represent the well-
known Held & Roberts and
Herald lines.
r. Orders taken for J
R. L. Reynaudf
their respective families for a day's lo j)aVP 'faylor of AUiena at?IO
per ton, buyer to furnirh the siieks.
Butter Wrappers
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
Sixty (minimum) ?0 'JO
One hundred.........; 1 20
Two hundred......... 1 75
Each additional hundred... 0 45
outmir. Albert laincrt annual the
swimming X'ol until he develoed
a beautiful ease of sunburn, and
ha.s mnce lavn very sensitive.
Mike Kuglolon had a painful ex
perience with a bursting engine
ghif the other day in the Wild
Horse neighborhood. The glass
exploded without warning and the
flying particles struck him below
the right eye. Two gashes were in
flicted, but luckily the eyeball es
caped damage. lh; was also cut
flight ly on the wrist.
Next Monday the Mendwell (Jar
age will be opened in the 1'hililps
building on west Main street by
Lawrence Pennington, who until re
... i i i .. ti
cent iv nas own emnioyeo w iui 11
L. Hedriek. Mr. Pennington
Peterson & Bishop.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Post Office address: Freewater, Or.
On the master list from Weston
a:e Matt J. Vanderpool, Earl Dud- t
ley. Earl G. Olson, Key Tompkins' ?
unjl Frank Graham, vanderpool
and Olson are already in the ser
vice. The other three are all mar
rietl men, but haven't declared as
yet whether or not they will apply
Jf exemption. Dudley has had
military experience as an oflieer of
cadets at the Oregon Agricultural
College and also as second lieuten
ant in the Corvallis company of the
Oregon National Guard.
c rutin mart: uit tufrVbt oUwnrd or iw
In . .Si'lMi HKMI.-I. pfcgtlN) r lAufaw M Ar-
for rail SEARCH i mwit
OH iwlMOAbllily. ftuk lwf.tnn&
w Kr In booltM tell ka. wluu to kiM
annum ireaiwmr. wmaladv
Veterinary Sigeon !
1 303 Seventh St, Wtshiitgtoa, D. C
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
Phone -- Main 253
Residents of Pine creek uplands
above town were out last night
lighting fire in Jim Lieuallen's pas-
bas tare land, where about 40 acres of
tirush ana timber were burned over
Practices in all State and Federal
Courts. ... v .
bad more than eight years ot expe- " '" u " g
rienee in general automobile work, '"tfore the fire could be brought un- ft
11,. ,-H.m. hero Irom Euwne. where m-r euuu.i. in. onBiu is, uumh..i.
he was employed in the Fifth Ave- iuk chmiin n ports that his bean
nueitaiai. io,,Ks fairly promising, and
A rattlesnake with ten rattles and mayiielp a little in the way of fotd J
a "button" was despatched by Clem pi cpaiedness. The pods .are not s
Uuncan at the Watts ranch north of forming well on other beans plant- O
. . .1 . mi 1 ? i I. . .1. t . . .1 7
Athena, rep.oris tne rress. i ne eu- m wis neignuornoou aggre
gating 400 acres or more.
Goodwin's Drug Store
' Q.-.-.-
Press. The
house cat discovered the rattler
coiled up near the wood shed, and
the little girl heard him buzzing
and informed her father. The cat
wiis crouched about four feet from
the snake when Mr. Duncan came
on the scen, and he did not wait
to see whether pussy would have
attacked the reptile .but killed it
at once. ; f
The new elevator of the Weston
Warehouse Company at Downing
station was started for the first
time Tuesday and found to be in
good running order. New grain,
both bulk and sacked, was received
at Downing Wednesday. The flat
house, connected with the Weston
elevator has just been criblied, in- chJs. H. Carter
creasing the company s storage ca
pacity here to between ninety and
a hundred thousand bushels. The
Weston elevator, is also in tip-top
shape and ready for business.
Mrs. J. V. Smith and children,
who have been visiting her mother,
Mrs. D. H. Wilsey, left Sunday for
their home at Biekelton, Wash.
Church of the Brethren
Order of services for Sunday
August 5, 1S 17:
JO a. m. Sunday school.
11 a. in. Preaching.
2:30 p. m.- Mission Study.
6:30 p. m.-C. W. S.
7:30 p. in. Bible Study, Life of
Christ. i
Dan P. Smythe
s Carter & Smythe
The Farmers Bank'of Weston
Established 1891
One hundred thousand people subscribed to Eng
land's first war loan of 1, 750, 000, 000.
After three years of grim war, eight million people
in England subscribed to their great FIVE BILLION
Victory Loan. If the people of the United Slates
had subscribed to the Liberty Loan in the same pro
portion, there would have been twenty million sub
scribers and the amount would have been fourteen
billion instead of two hillion.
This is to show what can be done and what we will
be expected to do. -
Begin saving now for the next loan, which will prob
ably be called for within three months.