The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 27, 1917, Image 1

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Minimum Price of $2 a Bushel
for Wheat la Guaranteed
By Measure.
Washington. Virtually r written a
It cam from th nous a month mo,
lb administration food control bill,
modified but till giving the president
broad authority to regulate foods,
feeds and fuel; providing for a board
Of thr food commissioner Instead
of a alngla Individual and authorliliif
a minimum guaranteed price of II a
bushel for wheat, wa paaaod by tb
Prohibition provisions, prohibiting
further manufacture of diatllled bv.
rage and directing the president to
buy all distilled bvragee In bond,
wer left unchanged. The final vol
en the bill was II to I.
President Wilson asked congress to
eliminate from the food control bill a
senate amendment creating a Joint
committee of aeoatora and represen
tatives to confer and advise with exec
utive officials on war expenditure.
In a letter to Chairman lver, of
the house agriculture committee, the
president palmed out In frsnk terms
thst such a committee would be likely
to harass constantly those directly re
sponsible for the conduct of the war.
Retention of the section, he notified
congress, he would be compelled to
Interpret aa signifying "a lack of con
fidence In myself."
Plana worked out In congress for
raising war revenue were overturned
by announcement of forthcoming ad
ditional estimate for war expendi
tures aggregating more than $&.00o,.
oOO.OOO, principally In anticipation of
assembling a second array of 600,000
en under the selective draft.
Washington. nefor September 1
thousands of men alfted from the top
of th draft list will be In khaki, It
wa officially predicted her.
A a rult of th drawing, tewy
registered men receive a deflnlt
place In th llablllty-for-aervlco Hat.
Already M7.000 hav been ordered to
the color to fill to war strength th
regular army and national guard and
to constitute the first Increment of
the national army.
To obtain that total 1.S7O00 men
will be called for examination within,
a few weeks, officials estimating that
two registrant muat b called for
very soldier accepted. Thea 1,ST,
000 will be taken from the bead of th
liability list
Provost Marshal General Crowder
ruled that posting at the board bead
quarters of the Hat of men ordered to
appear conatltutea legal notification.
It therefor Is Incumbent upon all
registered men to learn their red Ink
number at one and to see that th
board headquarter I watched when
th list 1 posted. Thoso ordered up
also will be notified by mail, but the
period allowed for appearance will
count from th poatlng of th list.
Oesthsls, Danman and Whit Ar
" Washington. President Wilson
cleaned house In th shipping board.
He eliminated Major General Goe
thals, William Denman and John B.
$Vhlt from the board and tho emer
gency fleet corporation, accepting the
(raftered reslgnsllons of Goetlials
nd, White and requesln th resigns
tloo of Mr. Penman.
Th' president then appointed Ed
ward N. Hurley of Chicago, former
member of th federal trad commis
sion, to succeed Mr. Denman.
Balnbridg Colby of New York to
ueceed Mr. White.
Rear Admiral Washington U Capp
to succeed General Goetbals.
With the cbangea In th board will
com a complete reorgsnixatlon of
methods. It was stated officially that
the president now will Insist that the
work of building a merchant fleet by
the United Btates proceed without any
Austro-Germen Drive Unehscksd.
Berlin, via London. Th advanc
of th AustroGerman forcea In east
ern Oallola continue uninterruptedly,
th war offlc announce. Tarnopol
hag been captured and tb Oermana
aj BlillAI Bu,cuci,
Intense raiding activity cunllnure
on Hie western front l.y the llrltUli.
German troops In Kusmtu Guilds
have ' crossed tlis Zlot lioir Tarnopol
road on a front of 40 kilometers, Gor
man beadiiirtt're announced.
The Ituselsn premier Lvoff lias re
signed and A Inlander I'. Krn-uky has
been appointed premier, but will tem
porarily retain Ills portfolio uf iuIuIh
Ur of war and marine.
The Germans continue tlieir often
slve sgslnat French troos on the Che
rain des Dames, burling great disuses
of men In fruitless attacks. Tim aa
saillts were repelled, Ilia French war
office ssld.
The Uermsna made rurloua ansaulta
on the AIsho front, bringing up fresh
trnopa. The official statement says
the attack were broken up by tho
French, who Inflicted great louses
Upon them. Tli" Hermans also attack
ed on the Verdun front, but gained no
Itussla'a shaken armies in Calirla
are still lu a retreat which bids fair
not to end until they reach approxi
mately tlio line occupied by them last
year before General truilff began
bla big offensive. Despite this ex ten
slve retrograde movement, cow-ring
virtually all the front between the
north Galh-lan border ami the Car
pathian foothills, the tone of. both o
flclal and unofficial dl.(.li.n from
Prlrograd shows confidence that tlia
disorganisation In the army will bo
adequately dealt with and a firm front
again presented to the enemy.
' Alexander Kersnsky, the young war
minister of Russia, who haa been mad
Petrograd. "A blood and Iron pol
icy" will be put Into effect. If needed,
to save ltusHla, by the government uf
Tremler Kercnsky. to which unlimit
ed nower has been granted. In an
Interview the premier said:
nsi..inr imnn thft r-nnflricnro of the
masse and tho army, the government
will savo Itussla and llusalnn unity
by blood and Iron, If argument and
reason, honor aud conscience ar not
' "The situation at tho front Is very
serious and demands heroic meusures.
But I
ho st
am convinced tho organism of
statu' Is sufficiently vigorous to
be cured without a partial amputa
Th council of oldlora' and work
men' delegate and peasants of all
Russia voted to grant tho government
of Premier Kercnsky "unlimited -pow-era"
Under the title "government of
national aafety," for the re-establish-ment
of public order, both at tho front
and at home.
Minimum Wheat Price at Primaries.
Washington. The senate amend
ment to the food bill adopted by the
aenate fixed a minimum price of
wheat at $2 a bushel, aud is Inter
preted by western senators to mean
that this price will apply to Fortlund
and Seattle, which are primary mar
kets for the northwest. The wheat
growers of the Inland Kmplre are not
guaranteed $2 by this provision, but
$2, less the freight rate from the point
of production to cither Portland or
In Picture
.37 85
Zt 12
Till; omr kli, the last picture you drew. Is a big and queer looking bird, bm't
It, children T Your mamma may have used ostrich plumes lu ber bat. The
kirk of tho ontrlrh Is a bad as that of the mule. There are many ontrlcb
farms In Texas and California. Now, the nest bird that you ran draw, if you
K-( cut your oft pencil and begin at No. 1, la polled with only three letter.
It lives In cold regions. The great auk's eggs sr almost as valuable as diamonds.
Allies Oiv Crcscs Freedom,
Washington. The allied control of
Greece's internal situation has been
formally abandoned, according to an
Athens cable to tho Greek legation
Wheat Club tZ.0; blueatem 12.15;
red Kusstan. 12.08; forty fold. $2.12.
parley No. 1 feed. $13 per tou.
Hay Timothy, por ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, S8c.
Kkss Kanch, 34c.
Wool Eastern Orcgou, 61c; valley,
Mohair 65c per lb.
Wheat niuestem 12.15
12.12; fortyfold, $2.10;
red mission, $2.08.
Barley $42.00 per ton.
Butter 42c.
Eggs Kanch, 40c.
turkey rd,
club, $2.08;
Declaration of Independence by Finna.
lleUlugfore, Finland. A conflict
with Russia is regarded as inevitable
because of the action of the Finnish
diet lu adopting a bill granting lude
fcciulenco to Finland.
8weden Seizea Food.
Stockholm. Tho Swedish govern
ment has expropriated growing crops
of all cereals, legumes and sugar
Government Lets Contract for Cycles.
Washington. The war department
has contracted for 5000 motorcycles
for the new army.
ThrnMhinir hiot bee-un around Pilot
Hock, where wheat is yielding nbout
20 bushels, llnrley is very light.
-"'iiM-1"n-i fr-a il it fi?i
North Beach
r o th North Pacific Coast is now
nachtd by Rail or Steamer
from Portland.
u;no:i pacific systei
xf S'tm Bttck FoUtr ko tfipKcttion ta
n-mt O- W. R. R.&N. Agnti.
r ky writing
r J Wm.McMurnw,QaralPsasM(rAci,Psrtlaad fX
1 J
Puzzle No. 14
It Depends on ths Dog.
Two Bruedvtay buMm-mi men met
before a Iwr. They were cxxl friend.
"I'm worried a little." Mild one. "My
chauffeur ran over a do t"duy and
killed It."
"fib, I wouldn't worry nlemt a little
thing like that." wild the oilier "The
d" probably pit lu the way. These
d"s arc o pest."
-J'Uut It was your dog."
What!" came fp'm the second. "My
doK? I'm sorry, but that will cot you
$lUil. That chauffeur of yours is too
careless. I Insist on the hundred, uu-derstsud."-New
York Telegraph.
So Twould.
"How would you like to ta!;e a
In a Hiiliitmriue'r"
"I shouldn't care for thut," replied
the society bud.
"Why not?"
"Oh, dealt! Miift I really tell you?
An oceim voyage would bo frightfully
boring, jou know. If there were no
place to iluwm-e." UlrniiiiKiiuiu Age
Rack Rents.
A "reck rent" In a "rent that Is equlv.
alcut to the full net animal value of
the real property out of which It Issues,
or approximately so." By statute lu
Knglaud today rack rent U defined as
"not lees thau two-thirds of the full
net animal Value of the lauds out of
which It arises."
Name of the Colli.
The collie's liamo appears to lie
shrouded In mystery, but there seems
to be n fairly reasonable foundation
for supposing that it Is from "coll" or
"collar," on account of the brond white
mark round the neck which Is seen In
the majority of these dogs. Kschnuge.
Anoisnt Candles.
Candles used by the liouuuis were
composed of etriiig surrounded by ei
ther wax or pitch. Splinters of wood
covered wttji fat wore used by the
RngHsti poorer classes, abviut 1300.
ae Z?
l4nW".! t-' TJ-.1 -
Reduction Predicted aa Rtsult f
inimum Wheat Price.
Chicago. The senste amendment
to the food control bill, fixing a 12
minimum on the best grade of wheat,
mcana lower flour prices. In the view
of J. P. Griffin, president of the Chica
go board of trade.
Board of trade operator bav be
lieved that the wheat minimum should
have been placed higher, aa July fu
turea closed Saturday at $2.(t per
bushel and September at $2.27 V C'aah
wheal aold at 12 49 a busbel for No. t
northern, which la two grade below
No. 1 northern, fixed as a bast for
the $2 rate by the annate action.
Speculation in wheat and corn baa
practically ceased. The grain trad
la frankly punled as to the future of
the market, assuming that the house
will concur In the senate amendment
16,000 Men In Army Division.
Wsnhington. Secretary Baker an
nounces that In pursuance of sugges
tions growing out of the conferences
of American army officer with Gen
eral Joffre. tactleoj unita of the na
tional army will be organised on a
basis of about 16,000 men each la
place of 24,000.
Dr. Georg Michael is, who succeeded
Von Bethmann-Holiweg a chancellor
of the German empire.
In th
Seattle. Wash. Seattle Is
throes of the greatest labor upheaval
In the city's history. The climax Is
being awaited with grave anticipation.
On the horizon looms an industrial
debacle that threatens to tear at the
very heart of Scattle'a life and para
lyze the city's Industries.
There are many strikes. Including
the timber-workers, shingle-weaver.
express wagon driver. Junkmen and
even pollcrmcn. but above all stand TEUTONS TURN SOUTHWARD
the motormen, conductors and other
employes of tho Puget Sound Trac- Effort to Encircl th Ruaalana I
tlon. Light & Power company, the Under Way.
storm center of Seattle for yeara. One Copenhagen. The Austro-German
thousand, six hundred carmen are out flood In eastern Galicla haa been turn
on strike- Every car Is idle. ed southward in an endeavor to get
Ope of the outstanding features of
the strike situation is the attitude of
the police department. Already 15 of
ficers have been discharged or quit
because they firmly refused to ride as
guards on streetcars and express wag
ons where nonunion men are in
Charge. Mayor Gill has ordered the
arrest of these policemen on charges
of nonfeasance.
Alton W. Leonard, president of the
Puget Sound Traction, Light & Power
company, announced that the com
pany had no answer to make to an
offer from the streetcar men's union
strike committee to arbitrate all other
questions It the men discharged in
Seattle and Tacoma for Joining the
union were reinstated.
State of War I Declared by Slam.
London. Slam has declared that a
state of war exists with Germany and
Austria, according to a Reuter dis
patch from Bangkok, and nine steam
ers, aggregating 19,000 tons, have
been seized.
Canadian Commons Votes for Draft.
Ottawa, Out. The conscription bill
passed the house of commons by a
majority of 54.
Bangkok-Siam has seired all the
Austro-German ships in her harbors.
French Repulse 40th Attempt
to Take Chemln des Dames
Since May 4.
Grand Headquarter of th Freach
Army In Krsnc. The watchword t
th French troop at Verdun 'they
shall not pass" baa applied equally
to th Champagne, and tb Franca
bowed the crown prince's army that
th Chemln des Dame wa a closed
road to them.
On Sunday morning tb Germans, la
treat force, made their 40th attempt
Inc tb French captured Craoan oa
May 4, to secure possession of the
famous road. Th Is effort wa on of
the biggest offensive movements they
had mad since Verdun, so far ss
artillery waa concerned and proved
an undoubted failure.
At 6 o'clock tb German Infantry
started from their trenches. Rifle and
machine gun fir began cracking while
the trench mortara hurled torpedoes
and the rifle grenadiers opened a
wicked barrage' fire as soon aa th
Germans, who bad been awaiting th
prearranged signs! to spring forward,
began to leave their Jum ping-off par
allels. German shock nnlts. ss usual, led
the way, followed by wave of ordin
ary infantry, who were to occupy and
organise any ground captured. Th
attacking forces soon melted to a
thin line under the withering French
fire which met them, and those still
able retreated hurriedly to their owa
line, which meanwhile came under aa
Inferno of French shell fir that mad
the German trenches untenable.
London. The British prime minis
ter, David Lloyd Georg. speaking at
a great patriotic demonstration, la
commemoration of "Belgian indepen
dence day" characterized the speech
of the German chancellor. Dr. Georg
Mlchaells, as a mere sham and de
clared that he did not want the Ger
mans to "harbor any delusions that
they are going to put Great Britain
out of thia fight until liberty haa been
re-established throughout the world."
Far from being starved by th TJ
boats, Mr. Lloyd George declared.
Great Britain's food supply for 1917
1918 was already obtained, production
was Increasing and losses at sea were
diminishing. He had sought In th
chancellor's speech for something
upon which he could base a hop for
the ending of the bloody struggle.
"But," he declared, "I aee in It a
sham independence tor Belgium, a
sham democracy for Germany, a sham
peace for Europe, and I say that Eu
rope has not sacrificed millions of
her gallant sons to set up a sanctuary
for sham."
In the rear of Russian armies between
Brzezany and the Dniester, Austrian
correspondents report.
The Teutonic forcea engaged la this
operation, they declare, bare reached
Koseva station, 10 miles east of Brze
sany. which la in Austro-German
ands. The Koseva-Tarnopol railroad
has been crossed by them in several
places. These dlspatchea forecast th
Russian army' stand behind th
Sereth and reiterate th reports that
Tarnopol was in flames.
- A Berlin dispatch says Emperor
William haa departed for the eastern
First Address by German Chancellor.
Copenhagen. With the statement
that Germany's wish la to conclude
peace as combatants who have suc
cessfully accomplished their purpose,
yet admitting the severity of the food
situation. Dr. Georg Michaells, the new
imperial chancellor of Germany, mad
hla first address before the Reichstag.
Dr. Mlchaells declared adherence to
the submarine campaign a a means
of hastening the end of the war, and
looked lightly upon the entry of th
United State into the war.
H. W. Collins of Pendleton ha pur-
chased th first wheat of th eason,
3500 bushels Turkey Red, at 12.00.