The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 06, 1917, Image 3

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    Marvel Mattress
Huy your iiiuUrcKKca from u rt'lia houne.
Mottri'HHOH nre lilt the "y,rnU nx" of childhood days
you never know w hat in in them until you huc inveMligut
ed. Hence you muMt r'ly iikki the integrity of the linn you
buy from. Our itiinranttat on inaltreion'H in rock laminl if
ynu are not HUtialled with thin innttroHH return it to iw nt
our xmmhi, and wo will ri'fuii'l your money,
Catalojf No, II It IIH). Actual weight, 40 Iba.
Thin mat Ires in made of Unify hi.vcra of pure cotton
lititor h downy, apringy lied of mm fort. It in covered
with funey llowcrcd tickintr. which U htrong autl Hervircu
llr. It Ik cloudy tufted, preventing the cotton lay em from
shifting, and the roll edge IioI.Ih the tnnttrean in haM ami
prolong ita life. It Iiuh IiuikIIcm on the Hide, just like on
the ir.(H) tnattrcaxcH.
If you have net received a copy of our liVf HAIJ'JAIN
I'OSTKlt plenae aend tin your name and nddreH and we will
ho pleaited to Mend you a copy.
llonivfuriiLliiiig llcpmdincid Sloic
tu jn Alder St. (Odd fellows Temple) IVAI.I.A WAI.I.A, WAMI
hmiii bo n ady fur custom
VVoton Milling Co.
Fresh HI!
EAD Daily
and Baker's Goods
from Model Bakery
! i 1 ; i t V$ 1
JJL- -AK, n; (
A Brass Bed for Any Room
"pVESIGNED tc harmonize with any type of fumi
ture, this Simmons Brass Bed will prove 8 pleas
ing addition to any room, no matter hew simple or
how dignified may be the furnishings. Conservative
In design, this is one of the most popular models we nave ever
thown on our floor. And die Simmons' ipecinl methods of
manufacture make this bed practically wear-proof. -
Butter Wrappers
Furnished and Printed at the Leader ofliee
Sixty (minimum)...' $0 00
One hundred...'.. 1 20
Two hundred . 1 75
Each additional hundred 0 45
Goodwin's Drugstore
It. J. loid, a SiHikane miller, lnw
estimated llic wheat rrop of Wah
imion. On and Idaho at h vi ii-
ty liilllmri hliidicls.
Aflr u month' vinit with her
lunelitn lit Weston. Mr. !. II. Foil-
luiiie ami little aoria left Sunday on
their return home to Highroad,
ICay Cnllnlier, formerly of Wev
Ion, hut Im--ii Mieii hy hiit wiff, IaIii
May liiillulii i', fur divorce. She al
lege tlrunktiiiM'Nt. They were mar
ri''d I' ll yearn ago ul VVullu Walla.
Allium Wood came up from Stan-
li. l.l July till to play rlurinet at
Athena with the JWstoii hand, and
look oeca. ion to compliment I lii
haiid highly oil the excellence of iU
hh.'W M'Cl loll.
Ir. J. A. I lent, mayor of I'endle
tn and lornier Witnit mayor, hmt
enli:.led in the medical corps tf the
I'liil'-d Sliiten iinny hihI in a few
weelot will receive his coinmiiMiion i
i ..
at lirnt lieutenant. t
U. I". JohiiMiti w an iii town from
the 1'nnvii w uplands Mouduy and
hrouxlit a favorahle reort of croxi
in that neiKhhorlKHMl. Although
Mfiled lute, wheat and hurley are
comin rinhl alonjf. HtrawherrieH
were thoiiKht to he done for hy
the frosts hut ciime through nicely
antl are nearly ready for pickinjf.
Contractor S. T. (lore Ik here
fmm Walla Walla const ructinir a
new barn, lUx.'O fit-t with Kamhril
roof, on the AiiN.n W.mkIh place. 'n. L,.a,,.r j8 informed that the re
He w ill ali build a Kravity eleval- jH scriouii daiiKer from the encroach
or for Mr. Woods TJxIH ftit. ,Mrnt of Jim Hill mustard in the
rrihhed innstnictioii, fmr biiw. huies and fields throuRhout this
having 7ono liiiMielK capacity. When
4 vjC. j
Today (the fifth) we have an avvfuliy good, satisfied,
tired feeling for which we thank Athena. .
When rested, we'll keep on setting up Deere and
McCorniick binders, grain tanks and drills.
Watts I Rogers
AIMI.sTlt.Ttil s S.VI.K Ol'
ItKAl,, riOPi:HT-.
this work is liiii.-lud Mr. (iore will
build a ?5UUU rvhideiiee for Alex
Kirk at Atliciia.
I'p tn.Tlie-Tiniuc Maitzine: The
Weston Milling Company, Weston,
when ili improvement are all in
Mailed, will have a rapacity for
turning out daily "' barrels of
(lour, along w ith a variety of ce-
ivaK mid other millini," prMlucU
An up to dale
Is the idea of Proprietor
Nvlieo In lierel.) given. Ihat iur-
sei-tioll, and that unlexs the farmers "'"l orl-r of tne County Court
wake up to the imMrtance of pvt. "f ,b,! """ " tregn for I'niaiil.a
tint! ri.l of it the Weed in time will ''"u",y '''-'"'" ": J. "-
..: I t iu t. . n ixtmior of tho mniie of llcnrv tiol'J-
ire Md of the.r wheat. 1 hey are u.rp deceMedi wi ofTt.r for gale 8t
a'lvised jy a well-known farmer to o'vlork i. m.. .u July sth, iK.
pull the weeds al once. He and his imiMu- nucii ( the lilKte- t
hoys have Int-n enajfe1! for two "Idtler fr cash, at the front Uoor ef
weeks in this kind of work. "I? "'u' 'f euM County, in
-the City of Pemlletun therein, thu
Harry Kundy of Pendleton is foiioin re:ii properly heloiigiiiR to
anions the cement workers at Ihe ,rn' 'nceiist'd Ins death, to-wit
O-W. hridire below town. Ahull lh" "ihr.nt .,.iart.r of ih i.uth-
tfeiicral utility (dant i,ws.-r. inter and trap ilrummer, v,, ''u"r";r "f 12 town-
IVoprie.or Kobhin,. Harry is not averse to aciuirinu J?'?' wul
i. is a man of enterpriM-as well new cxerieiKv. County.
as some mmiiciai menus. . , ... , . , ... . . Dated inn kth
FianiM tuned and repaint! at rea-
After a fortnight's visit with her
: ioler, Mrs. 1.. McMorris left today
on her return home to IVii'tland.
We are invpured to handle urain
in the hulk, either for rolling or
storage. Weston Milling Co.
Executor's Sale ol Real Property
Mimical Mention in I p-to-ihe- sonahle prices. First-thtss
Time Magazine: "Mi.- IVnmv uarantivd. A. W. Lundell,
Kichmond. contralto, pupil of Jiach.
Mliim, director f the Whitman Con
wivalorv of Music, aiieart'd in
teii;ul for i ad nation la:.t month
and acquitted herself with much
honor. Her voice u rich ami full
ami Mill ndiilly trained. Miss Kich
mond was assisted hy Miss Klcanor
Jtlacey, pianiste, and Miss Vaiva
Mfl'4tchcni, acctmipanist."
IJesidellfS of (he I'inc creek up
lands have already raided nn'ie
than their tpjota, 'i0(l, for the pro
posed change in the Pine creek
ro.ul. Weston is eXH'Cted to sub
sivibe another $.riDU, and the ie
mainintt JL'OUU necessary to make
the nad will lie appropriated hy
the eojmty court. J. !'. I.tcuallen,
commit teeman appointed hy the
Weston Commercial club, was in
town this week soliciting subscriptions.
Veterinary Surgeon
Roynaud !
is an expert with the
tape. He will take your
measures scientifically t
and produce a made-to- f
order suit that will give t
you the utmost satisf ac-
tioh. Try him.
R. L. Reynaud f
Herman 0' Hurra, Weston hoy
who is in training at the Ollicers'
Reserve camp, Presidio, writes that
the life there is strenuous but inter
esting. The recruits have nine
hours a day of drills and lectures
and two hours of study each night.
Notico in hereby given that I, as Ex
ecutor of the last will of Charles t'un
iiingliMin, Demised, by virtue of au
thority vested in me !v tho terms of
said w ill, will otTcr fur sale at public
and ion to the highest bidder for cash
all of the following real property be
I'luging to the Deceased at Ins death,
ami now belonging to his estate, in
tho City uf Pendleton, Umatilla Coun
ty, Oregon, to-wit: lxts numbered 6
and 7 in lilock IS of Arnold & Haley's
Addition to the Town of i'endleton,
with nil tenements, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereto belonging or ap
pertaining, nt 2 o'ekek in the after
noon on the 21st day of July, 1917, at
the frontdoor of the Court House of
Umatilla County, Oregon, in The City
of Pendleton in SHid County; said sufe
w ill bo made subject to the following
liens on said property:
(1) A lien for street imnrovements
on Webb Street abutting on said prop-
J Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
Phone Main 253
Dr. A. F. Scmpert
Graduate and Registered
Office Hours 9 to 12 a.
m.; 1 to 5 p. m.
Watts Building - Upstairs
tr;t! uinrfcsMutiroryriiEttuoiitftiM"!
lv. ht-Hd nuhi tkrtrfee or phulu ami 4- I
wnptk for FRCt SEARCH mad mwrt
on iNtfemtubility. Bak rofvrMwca. I
yun. Our frew ttookteu tU bow. what tu Invent I
and amvo ton maHf- wrf to today.
.303 Seventh St., Washington, D. C.
Practices in
all State
and Federal
However, they have Saturduv after- fr M41.25, with interest thereon
noon and Knn.h.v ..IT to ,1., u iil, n Ht tha. r,,te. of. 6 lucent per annum
" iroinaateoi sale.
they please, Herman has put in y The lien of a mortgage secur-
an application for the Aviation i"K a note for $5,000, with interest
Corps, and if it goes through all "'"-eon at the rate of 8 percent per
i. . ...:n i, ..?,., t .... i . f annum from July 14, W17, payable an-
right ho will be transfened to Ler- mlay as show hy tho Kecords of
keley, Mortgages of said Umatilla County.
.... IS) The lien for proposed improve-
A number of Weston resulents meats on Willow Street adjacent to
e Ikhmi losing small .chickens of sid property, by authority of The
from a mysterious ailment. 1 'ty I'endleton, a municipal corpor-
niiou, mu uuiouuc oi wmcn is not, yec
determined iaid lien being not yet re
corded. Said sale will be, mudo subject to
conirinatioi by the County Court of
the State of Oregon', for Umatilla
Dated June 20, 1917.
Executor of the last will of
Charles Cunningham, Deceased.
Administrator's Notice
The mystery is solved by a re
cent bulletin issued from the O. A.
C. Kxperiment Station at Corvallis,
; which says: "Cockle seed is pois
onous to poultry and if eaten in
any quantity will cause extreme
sickness and death. This fact was
ascertained in an investigation of
the death of a number of small
chickens whose intestines showed
symptoms of poisoning."
(ieorge Purdy had a narrow es
cape from death Saturday while
working on the OAV. till below
town. It was Mr. Purdy 's task to
look after the heavy iron cement
bucket, and while his attention was
momentarily attracted elsewhere he
thought it had descended. He was
lookinpr into the pit when down
came the bucket. He dodged in
time to escape death, but the buck
et struck Ins head a glancing blow building, in Pendleton, Umatilla Coun
and knocked him cold, When con- tv. Oregon, within six months from
sciousness returned it was found thl? Jat.e; ., ., S
that a slight wound en the cheek f, ne JSfcu, Plant g
The Fanners Bait of Weston
Established 1891
In the "County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of tho Estate of William
Walker, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that lhave
been appointed administrator of the
above named estate with the will an
nexed, and have duly qualified. All
persons having claims against said es
tate are hereby notified to present the
same, with proper vouchers, to meat
the othVo of Carter & Smythe, attor
neys, in the American National liank
Be a Worker-Hot an Idler
in doing the things others
Opportunity consists
neglect to do.
If you are sound and not living honestly on your
own income, you are living dishonestly on the in
come of others. The world owes no sound, sane
man a living unless he works for it.
Make an opportunity to put a few dollars in the
bank while making is good. Dollars may be harder
te get a little later.
' " y nutu4utev4wr vw