The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 18, 1917, Image 2

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Tivenly-Fil Annual
2 Thi Weston Commercial club hold
Vocational education
Yl' inter aawmi-iU mad with rep
reef ntatlvca of tha federal government
that the slat of Oron, thnuU lit
anvrrnnr, may ar'pt tha provtelnn of
..f Miiiimu ttrrtvlttlite fur lha
hii interesting session Tuesday tv- , . ,,.,, ,,,
number of wubkvtit
for discussion and
enmg, quite a
coming up
For the first time in many meet-
J Mini Vice- IVesidcnt J. II. Williams
repii Pioneers of
Umatilla County
board of vocational education, 0v
rrtinr Wlthyrombe hae accepted tb
term n that act fur the ttat until tb
Irglslature meel In 1MI, ' The ov
rrnor alao aelmted tbo slats board (or
Oreaoa. Thoae appoint"! on lha alala
board re: J. A. Churchill, 8 11 par la
ti'iulont of public Inatrtictle; W. .
Ayer. rortland; R. J.".tra. Portland,
awretary of the Oregon Federation of
labor; Mr, Chrle Cailasr, Mood
River, president of tha Oregon fdar
linn of Wnni.n's Clnba, and Mr,
fieorge A. MrMalh. Portland, resident
Otvgon Congreea of Mother. Tha f4
aral act makee an appropriation of
1' to I for th ua or tha ett
for ibo fiscal year ending Juna 3 a,
Wt, and fTon.noo for tbo uaa of lb
amies for lha fiscal year ending Juna
I'. 1M. Tha federal government HI
eiwperate alth the males In pi par.
Inl learhers, supervisor and director
of airlrullural aubjwta and how
fcAuomlc aubjact. Th allotment f
fiinrta to any one atata In njr r
shall not tw loan "t bun 1800(1.
Usual attractions.
GEO. D. PEEBLER, President
S. A BARNES, Secretary .
. CLARK WOOD, Publihcr
government re
fuse to supply the sinews of war
except as lax money is available.
If they are preaching true econ
omy, no bonds for any purpose are
Strict!? tn ASbtnce
The Year ........ $1 50
Six Months .". . ... 0 75 t "
Four Months................... 0 50 Seven hundred Walla Walla stu-
. ADVERTISING RATES v dents have volunteered to work on
Regular, per inch per insertion 12'jC tWa farm's which just alsnit now
A comimmication wus read relit-
tive to the probable policy of the
lXiwrmcnt cf Agriculture with r
8Hct to pi-otoctinjr the farnHr and
cui hinjr aiweulutors.
The chair wm.1 instructed to
point a coiittuittcc of one to usccr
tain how many are willing to di
nate wock on the City cemetery,
and report at the next meeting. A.
W. I.undell was imniel.
The ftHhl ctmnnitttv reHrtnl
protrrew; also that K. II. Kinjr and
(. II. Sums have bean land and
llulett March spud lam! to let.
A motion prevailed that the club
sec to securing a suitable City Hiuf
jKile and flag. The chair apoint
ed a committee of C II.
Nelson. J. II. IViee and K. C. lbK'
ers to look after thi,- patriotic en
tef prise, they to solicit funds ami to
select the location. All the people
of the community are oxoeted to way at your disKMwl.
assist in the flag campaiim.
J. M. Ashworth called attention
to the run down condition of empty
houses, and said that there are few
if any suitable for habitation. He
sunjrestcd that if those houses could
be repaired the club and the com
munity might gain thereby, and cit
ed two recent instance whereby
parties had tried to secure loca
tions. Mr. I.undell referred to light
gUU-s missing from the park, ami
asked that they le replaced. This
matter was added to the flag com
mittee's duties.
An assessment of 60 cents was
levied on the club membership to
cover expenses.
The matter of a new "dummy
traffic cop" ami also of leaning
up the Dupuis corner was referred
to the council committee witli the
suggestion tluit these two matters
receive attention before the Pio
neers' Reunion.
Lab) McKiulc'a is
Phone W.
r m
Transient, per inch per insertion
Locals, per line per insertion
ntlDAT, aUT IS.
Entires' at (lit poilolfici t Wcslon. Orcgea,
itcand-clut mail mallei.
The Leader for one refuses to l
lieve that a large majority of the
Oregon legislature sold out to the
paving trust.
is the finest kind of athletics. " .
The Leader has a letter from Dr.
W. W. Oglesby, well reniomlered
by the early pioneers and Indian
war veterans of this neighborhood.
Dr. Oglesby and family made
their home here when Weston was
a frontier town. He was captain of
Company G, Second Regiment,
Third Hrigado, Oregon State Mil
itia, in the year 1S78. He waa in
command of the tittle comiany
" ' which had a bloody fight with the
Every man between ,the ages of Indians at Willow Springs during
21 and 30 years inclusive, jnust reg- the liannock war.
ister on the day soon to be pro- Dr. Oglesby is now a practicing
claimed by President Wilson for physician at Cottage Urove, where
the war census, according to an- he is also city health officer. He
nouncement received by the Weston writes that his office was burned
Leader from the Adjutant General several years ago, together with
of Oregon, with the request that it his commission and muster roll,
be published. He has long been working to secure
There will Ic no exceptions to pensions for hts Indian war com
this rule. Even' if a man belongs rados, and would like to get the
to one of the exempt classes, he names and addresses of those till
nevertheless must register if he is living in this part of the country
''.,'' between 21 and 30 years of age. and the names of the widows of
Were it a war of words, Congress The Government will determine those who are dead. He says that
the lunch service
recently inaugurated
by the
that is proving
A new reason why
ym ihottld ins 'al that your
tkktt$ nW Union
Pacific Sytttm.
(udwkbM ,
Pta ... i
Dottxhaata .
Hud BwMloi.
pmUI M..I of Fowl
l "OHta-T
T MM ( lUlMT im
I. imm riflk tjtum aui
on. fm IkMtk
UriM umrm n M aunlltM
Ilk IliM feJ M MUU fttrn,
tm tm nr UM Mtm.
Wn. McMttrray
OtiMral PuMocar Aawit
" Vert?htiwinu;untMtr the Iwat linen of MKN'S
and HOYS' CLOTHING wo have ever ohown," nn.l
nt prices .that our competition cunnot meet. Comt'
in and be convlneoil.
Moit'a grey kurvo auilx, slic :IT to
40....".... . W.U0-II3.W'
lloya tiluo aciva auita, mailo Nor.
folk or ilnchlack .... a.lH to tf.W)
fnnry mixtures,
Mon'a bluo avrgo milU, aiioa X to
Ail tl,!H.U.MHU.7fl' suits In
Norfolk or phwliback siyK-a-a M&..rliiiMit .if IihI.
Mon'a fancy mixturea . anappy j ,,,, 1.0a to .VtaJ
"T.l'rS.W to IU:, ...' b... P-t auita , W.IHI to
i Itiiya' hnlrkerlMHkar pnnia
.. 4VC IO fl.4W
25c to 45c
.. . c t!c
1 lloya' union suits ,
Mod's drvaa Hants. In blue mtrvv
ami fancies M! to M.W
t . .. ..II ..ul...
man a rain coaia, an ii i u , ..i.-
from H.t'H l '
Non'a khaki auita. all aUea - Nor- i ,0, C"IM'
folk atylo, Umlcrlilll bran . l.8f: Hy straw hats
15c to 4'.ic
10c to VC
Seethe "LKK UNION-ALI-S" for men.
khaki at 11.08, and blue (imlitfo ilyo. t
fonie In
. 9
Big 'Four, Light Six and Light Four
The thcrlniitl big Four is the car that built Overland.
This car. fr nine years, baa uiHlvrgotte steady uov!kpmcnld
rvniieinent, wtflt tha help M advico of an army of owners which
now totals more than a quarter of n million.
The Overland' accumulated ex rim in building this cur lis
tauk'ht tlivm true httluuce as nothing cli could -the value of tlthl
weight; the rig In ralioof jsiwor to weight; the true tire. gollii
' ami oil economy; the utmuat nttaitiMulu riding comfort; the hnva that
truly express ritlncmcnt and beauty-a better value than any car of
. similar aecitlcat urns.
The prii-o is SlOlO.tio.
The bight Six is the same niodrl with change conforming to ap
proved ix-ry liraler ronstruction, and in llkewine an rxcess-value car
nl the price, Itliu.uu.
The Light Four- tlandy car for this couulry- i.
The Country Club - hanihiome and servicalilu
These nuotations are for Weston delivery. We will be able to
supply a few car only at these prices.
Dr. S. L. KENNARD, Agent for Weston
War is getting to be exceedingly
bad medicine for thc Sick Man of
Europe. ' -
would win in a walk.
It will probably be news to John
D. Rockefeller to learn that he is
trying to enslave Old Man Oregon
by the purchase of his road bonds.
"What's the use of being a
Gloom when the sun shines merrily;
the birds sing blithely; the flowers B)on at the
bloom gaily; and the air is alive Registering for the war census
with oxygen and insects?" aska should be no more confusing than
the Medford casting a vote, ine general pian
for gathering the data lor tue uov
who is to be exempt after its re- he is in touch with the Department
cords are complete.
Ilrigadier General George A.
White, Adjutant General of Ore
gon, working under the direction
of Governor James Withycombe,
has put the machinery to work,
and his first request of every man
affected by the census is that he
make a careful study of its provis
ions to eliminate all possible confu-
and will do all he can for the boys.
The doctor was 80 years old the
3d of this month. Although very
lame from the effects of a bullet
wound in the knee, he is able to
hobble around with the aid of a
cane. ' .
1 fe-
Mary Agnes Daily in
Sun. Mary, you make us smile!
If Umatilla coTinty votes against
the road bond bill it will be equiv
alent to saying that thv either
doesn't want a hard surfaced road
from Iforder to border, or prefers
to pay for building it herself.
is based on the Dai lot
system. If every man' is ready,
War Census Day will pass like clock
work. The man who tries to evade
the provision will face a term in jail
without tin' option of paying a fine.
In almost every caw throughout
the State the census will be taken
in the regular jiolling places used
on election days. ,
Congress is now willing and we
hope the president will allow Teddy
to go across the ond and show his
teeth to the Bosches. '
We ' do not regret to
the Kaiser that the Russian gen
erals' are returning to the eastern
front,, prepared to resume hostil
Church of the Brethren
At the Church of the J5relhrin
next Sunday there will lie Sunday
school at 10 a. m. , preaching at 11
report to a- m- Mission htudy at p. m
Lieuallen Family Reunion
An exceedingly enjoyable reun
ion of the sons and daughters of
the' late Josiah Lieuallen, pioneer
of 1863, was, held Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George
Woodward. The occasion was also
in observance of the birthday anni
versary of Geo. W. Lieuallen.
A splendid dinner of seven cours
es was served, with Hugh McAr
thur prowling as .toast mauler. .In
cident of pioneer days were recall
ed, and the. reunion throughout w; a
a happy one.
Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. II. McArthur,- Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Banister, Mr. and Mrs. Gw.
W. J iaii ister, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Leonard, Mr. ami Mrs. J. T. Lieual
len, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lieuallen,
Mr. and Mrs. Ransom Lieuallen;
Mrs. Frances Perry, Mrs. Kate
and Iced DiMs
Choice Candies
(Odessu Kirkputrick)
?vm .
v ' 35'"" nrw
Hew Home
Users v
are Quality I
Choosers '
While the ground is too wet to do farm work
and just right to dig post IioIch.
A new Hhipment of RED CEDAH POSTS
just received. Tarred or untarred.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Wailsburg, Wash.
C. W. S. at 6:30 p. m., and Review UK. " Stella Lieuallen
in Bible Study of first period of 30
years, at 7:30 p. m. .
.We infer from the arguments of
the road Ixmd objectors thai a
school district ought to build with
tax money, one 6tory at a time, or
Ask American Farmer to Grew Corn.
- Washington. "I'lant corn s the
most effective way of meeting the
threatened wheat shortage," urged
the department of agriculture in an
appeal to the farmer of the United
EUte. '
An anti-Catholic lecturer at
Walla Walla was badly beaten up
by four, men, who made their es
caK'. 'Subsequently "Mayor Toner
was wailed ti)xii by 100 citizens,
who demanded that all Catholic em
ployes of the city be dismissed. He
refused and is threatened with re
call. Excitement is high.
Physician and Surgeon
Oflice In Wntt building
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mjlls in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company