The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 06, 1917, Image 3

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    Good Wig Machines
Any machine wild by um numt Ihj kimmI, niUwt Kiv aatia
faction to tho UHop, for oil our machine lire "money buck
cd;" iM'Midi'H, our lontr t'Htabliiihed policy in that no trunsac
lion In cloned until the ctiittomcr in ant hilled. Thin protcc
lion, thin iiiHiiranee auitint diaMUtiafacliuii and poHxihlo Iomh
ia un important item, yi't it conUt our cuHtvrnvrs nothing, for
our prict'it nre itt Ifimt ux low in muny cane lower--than
minted i-lHOwhti'c, Our lino ia law, cmhinciiitf I'vcrythinj?
front u I land Tower Wander ut $5.60 to 14 inaihine eiiipM'd
with It own Kiwolinn motor ut $S7.60. Our Water Tower
Washer at f 22.60 iiwU u little more than other, but it It du
rable, t'lfei'tivc ami has a motor thut really works riifltt.
Kb'ctrio I'ower Wnidicra arc here ut from $39.60 to $76.00.
KwiKht paid ly um on any muchine. cutstintf $10.00 or
pureharteof other Rood to that amount.
Full line of wrinjrern. bankets, linca, had irons, ironing
hoards, etc., also here.
The llijrh (W of Living can Ik materially reduced by -lining
lu'imlry work at home. With u ifood Washer tho
housewife eun have her wasbiuK on the line early without
iK'inwr "fam'd out."
I'iunu, rinni.iKriilii", Muiitt CuitipU'lo Homo Kurnlnliir.
lu 31 Alder St. - WAt.l.A WALLA. WASH.
lii tin- Circuit Court of tin' .Stair (
OreKn for Umatilla CiMinly.
The Taylor Hardware Company, a
ntrorMtion, I'liiintilT, vn, John S.
Keen, Marie T. Ktf, hirt wife,
iiml Mmuiel IVdro un cxirulor of
the hint will of diaries Cunning
ham, tliti'iiM-d, Defendant.
To John S. Kees and Marie T. Keen,
two of the above named defend
ant: In the Name of the Slate of Ore
Kon, Vou. und each of you. are here-
Umatilla County, Oregon, to-wii:
('iiniiieni'intr at a int Igii.OJ (Wt
North ?l)v I'mhI from the Suuthcant
'oriii.r of lil 7. HIiK'k 10. Kwitr.
ler's Aild.lltlon to Pendleton, for a .w'im'
Found One mile south of town,
a ladles' coat. K. W. Itoyts.
U. I'. It. eKirs at 50 cents per let
ting of Ifi. Mr. I.. 8. Wood.
Mim Kay 'le Nor I Van t Ssikutie
is visiting her parents and friend
in this eity.
J. A. liorwi i driving a new Fold
touring ear, liiyM last week of
II. I.. Iledrick at the Im ol Kitrwr.
The poitHMii iiiHili).? of I In lo
cat library Imiird will he li Id net
Monday aflerniMut at two o'clock i t
the lihiury building.
Carl MWoimell and family mo
tored up from Adams Sunday in
their new Ford, and were gumU of
the I At' Wilsons at the Hsiiister
Cu MalliH-k, a Pendleton pioneer
widely known throughout thin sec
tion of the Mate, died at his home
in that city Monday morning al the
age of 80 yean.
MInm lloH Ikvkr and Miss Lois
Porter attended the recent "Patri
otic Day" celebration at Pendleton
and were gucu at the home of
Mrs, I. ilia II. .Stiirgm.
Alex Walker ha relumed to his
home in Montavillla from Sun Fran-
he siient the winter.
Famers-Seelhis Big Field
plav of heginning. thenee North Mr. waiser nas oeen n HH.r nea in
HO" Wert 1 1 l.ll f.Tt. thenee North min"K u"'. ""' nl ' 111111 u,!c-
70- Fjo.t f.O feet, ll.en.-e South 20" ,,,M t"r curt'-
hUini lli.V, feet, thence South 70" J0hn Lunde and John FJmore
West r0 feet to place of beginning, tw tw young men caught in the
containing 5722.50 square fiet, ad- rt of Mealing brass fnm Uie coun-
versely to plaintiff and its interest ty electrical sub station near Wes
and etaU in sail real proerty, and ton, pleaded guilty Monday and
that the Court tthall render a de- were sentenced to from one to ten
cree herein declaring that none of years in the en.
the Ueieniiants, nor any in-rson
$725 KcroMBe-Burnlof Tractor $725
Demonstration Date-SATURDAY, APRIL 7
At theC. II. Nelson (formerly Wm. MacKenzie) ranch at
the edge of Weston, Oregon.
At least two different Tractors will be shown
in this workout.
WAtts & Rogers
n ii
; Vv AS?)
Tlic society page of Tueaday
morning's Oregoniun contained a
likeness of Mrs. Arthur Cleincnt cateniillar.
Drown, formerly Miss Lulu Duncan i,ut jn nhwit
"Fut" Wood and "I'wly" Duncan
were here Saturday ; and Sunday
from prospect farm, where they
have Ittvn busy settling the Kpring
crop with the effective aid of a Yu-
They had already
100 ncreM and h:nl
of Weston, saying that she was a nearv 1.10 nwe to seed. Then thev
brlle of last wwk. Mr. Drown Is wj i.gj,, tnc of ,,owi,1K 700
a resident of Vancouver. Bm, fr next yt.ar8 harvest. Th.y
Tlie leader Is advised by the y that ProsjHvt farm suffered
Multnomanh Hotel of Portland that damage whaU-ver from the re-
"P. T. Harbour of your city is -nt heavy wind in the tWw coun-
registcrcd at this hotel." We arc 'hich in some localities blew
left in doubt, however, whether the 'he grain out of the ground,
chief distinction accrue to "Pink" Cleorire Schnitzer has returned
that the Court make suant to order of the above entitled or. to Tortland'a magnificent hos- from the Pendleton hospital, having
In Miintfitffii4i mill riiiiirHi to mt.
xir and answer the complaint fllinl claiming or to claim, by. through,
against you in the idwve entitled or umltr thvm' wr "" ,,f ,h,ln'
Miit and Court within six weeks bave, or has. any right, title, inter
from the date of the Orsl public- wc "r ",, adverse to plain
lion of tihs Miinmona against you; " " intenut and estate in
and you are notified that if you fail "'"I l'roH rty, nor In, to or
to answer, plead or otherwise a- upon any part therein; that plain
pear to aid complaint ami in said ' bavc and recover Its costs and
rauiw within that time, the plain- lsbursementa of Hitid suit against
tiff above named will apply to the defendants, and for such further
above entitled Circuit Court for n l'ef as to the (Vurt shall seem
the relief demanded and prayed for equitable.
against you as stated in its com- litis summons is published pur
iil.'iinl liku'il lliut tli ( inrt miiUi. miiml In order of the alxive entitletl
an examination and determination Circuit Court made on the 24th day m a measure recovered from a at-
of whatever rights, titles, estates, of March, 1917, and the first pub- Charley Moore, who brought a ious accident which befell him last
interests or liens the said defend- lieation thereof against you Is made suit case full of whisky into Pendle- week. He tumbled thirty feet out
ants, or any of them, claim or shall in Uiv "Weston Leader" newspaper ton from Montana. as sentence!; of a- tree, and while badly bruised
make' or asert in, to or upon the on March .'to, 1017.
following described real property CARTER & SMYTH E,
situated in The City of Pendleton, Plaintiff's Attorneys
A New Rug, Rocker, Morris Chair, Dining
Room Set, Library Table, Bedroom Sets,
Mattresses -and don't forget that
Kitchen Cabinet
Now is the right time to re-paper tho walls.
A good line of WALL PAPER and PIC
TURE MOLDING always on hand.
The Leader prints Butter Wraps
Developing and
Good Work Guaranteed.
Bring in your Films and Plates for
by Judire Phelps Monday to pay a anu sunering internal injuries, con
fine of $100 and serve 30 days in eiders himself fortunate to have es
thc county jail. This is taken to l'd with no broken bones,
indicate that Judge Phelps is dis- Miss i:anj8U.r was operated
posed to show no leniency toward upon Tuesday at Portland for appi n
violators of the bone dry law. dicitis, and is reported to be pro;
The matter of a suitable observ- ressing favorably toward recovery,
ance of Decoration Day was taken Her parents, Mayor and Mrs. J. M.
up at Tuesday evening's meeting of Banister, arc with her.
the commercial club. A. W. Lun- Mr. and Mrs. Herman Goodwin
dell. J.Kbnlderand W. A. Hames nrrived Tuesday from Portland,
were appointed as a committee to where their wedding was recently
cooperate with iB similar committee -aolemnhwl, and have taken the
from the did Fellows, whose mem- Blomgrwi resi.lenee on Normal
bers are S. A. Barnes, J. A. King Hljirht
and W. H. Gould. , ' ,
. , I have for sale for a client 5u0
S. A. Rarnes was in Pendleton share8 wf stock in Weston MlT.
Saturday attending the mcetins of cantle Company for $150 cash,
trustees of the fcastern Oregon Andv T Rmn. tt
Highway association. He says the
gathering was an enthusiastic one. 1 ltt tuned and repaired at rea
with every trustee in the county enable prices. First-class work
present, and that full confidence guaranteed. A. W. Lundell, Mus.
was felt that the road bonding mea- Bach.
sure will carry. Only a few Wil. - - -
lamctte valley counties are consid
ered doubtful.
"It pays to advertise," especially
if you have found a full purse for
which you really want to locate the
owner. The Leader had scarcely
appeared last week before Ransom
Lieuallen had a call for the purse
which he picked tip on Water street
in iront 01 tne mcisrnie Darn, it
In-longed to Press Mitchell, and as
it contained about $60 he was de
lighted to recover it.
Since last reports the Leader has
received with becoming joy divers
monies from the following patrons
in payment of their subscriptions:
Thomas Narkaus, J. A. Stolp. W. S.
Payne, S. F. Wilson, Mrs. Lina H.
Sturgis, R. E. Gore, Henri March,
M. L. Hastings, Roy Tompkins,
Harry Minnick, A. C. Knudson, P,
T. Harbour, Mary Lansdalc, G. II,
Sams, Mrs. V. T. Davidson, Joa
Cannon. 4
A jollyVrowd of the "Bachuloa
Girls" gathered at the home qi
Miss Lois Porter Monday evening
for their regular social and business
meeting. The evening was enjoyably
passed at fancy work, and a very
dainty luncheon, suggesting the
club colors gold and green was
served by the hostess, assisted by
her guest, Miss Hope Beeler. The
following officers were elected:
Zella tiould, president ; Lois Porter,
vice president; Leola Duncan, secre
tary and treasurer. The next meet
ing will ue, lieiu at the home ol
Miss Zella Gould, and each member
Tbe Best Place
in Town
I To. Get Candy
H 0 K Candy Shop
: Odessa Kiikoatrick
will b allowed to invite on guest. tmHmtttm4
PS hi
"what has" X
Is at a the store
I The Whitman Candy i
Give a gift worthy
the giver.
'RE you reading the history
now running serially in
advertisement form in Collier's,
Saturday Evening Post and
other national magazines of the
building of the Union Pacific?
Union Pacific is a national achieve
ment upon which depended the
safety of the Union and the holding
of the Pacific States.
Tie stories are riclt in intimate facts of United States
Listory. Waea yoo read them yoo will realize wlat a
great part Union Pacific played in tne growth and welfare
of oof Nation: and low truly serviceable Union Pacific
is and will be in peace or war to the people of oor
United States, as individual travelers, or shippers, and as
Union Pacific System
The Fanners Bank of Weston
Established 1891
We will be pleased to assist you with
your taxes this year as formerly. If you
wish, we will secure your statements for
you, and you may pay taxes here and save a
trip to the County Seat