The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 06, 1917, Image 1

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    Weston " Leader
XTTTifTrn jo
coast defense In (lory on th Island VVVVVVVAVV
of Oaho. Hawaii. "llatttry llsnrjr J
Aoair, in nonor or Lieutenant Henry
K. Adair, of rnrtland, hJ was killed J
t Cardial.
Tmn hiiMiljwi mnA alitlil i.iwa Imliia.
H I i I a J il - Ill I. 11.1 .mi.i.k. f K 1. 1 n 1. i -
rnncipii tvenu or in from " ----. . "....,. . ,
... . . ui. la tbe record r
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Rettfere.
Edward J. Dairy, Silo earliest at
Her la d.ed.
Tha farmer of Junction City bare
organised cow-testing association.
Portland baa a population of :. 1 ln a 80day Pc. covering Mult
'r the past week,
according to reports received by tbe i
atate Industrial accident commission.
The victim of tha fatal accident !
were K. Onaka of Astoria, who was
employed In aawoilll and rred Wll- I
llama of Caalon. !
Mayor A I baa of Portland forced
leader of tha warrlnf Chines teng
von- of il l to guw over ma rrpuoucan
opponent, Itepnsenlattv Mann, aa
tha flrat atep In organization of tha
bouse of representatives the neces
aary preliminary to Iho delivery of
President Wilson's war addrese.
Hark waa placid In nomination by . .
nppreaeittative Hthaii, of Minncaot President Declares Germany
a progressive. Mann waa nominated f9a Cn?r.A UUmA C.
- 783. according lo Polka city directory.. nomah county, and to agree to algn a j.
and Get Next to Godliness
by Representative Green, of Massa
chusetts. All of tbe democrats present and
four of tho ao-callcd Independents,
Martin, progressive-protectionist, of
Ixnilslana; Schall, progreaalve, of
Minnesota; London, aoclallat, of New
York, and Randall, prohibition 1st, of
California, voted for Clark.
Into Conflict
The flrat annual automobile abnw
of liaker will open Tburaday even
ing, April I.
Albany may bate a policewoman to
gire Hperlal attention to children on
the airrete at nliht.
Condon will hold Ma fourth annual
race meet, beginning Monday, June
ft. and continuing for five daya.
permanent peace pact before tbe end
of 30 daya.
In order to have at Icaat 60V auto
mobile at the disposal of the military
authority on a moment' notice In
any emergency, the Motor Alliance
waa formally orgaoUed at meeting
at Portland.
With application on band for loana
The City Council of Weston has : AMERICANS KILLED
uigucutru vveuiiebuay, inurs- ; m 11 RniT ATTIPIfQ
in v uuni ni inunu
I. In Hint, believed to be a member amounting to ftl.too out of the rural
of the Hip King long, waa abot In
hi room In Astoria' Chinatown.
Twentyllve raeea of rblckenpot
and mumpe have been reported In
Amity and vlrlnlty In the last month.
Thoueanda of ten of baled alfalfa
bay are Iwlng shipped from Kcho to
varloua pointe In eastern Oregon and
Tbe fourth annual convention of
fhe Oregon Cattle A Morse Breeder'
Association, will be held at La Grande
April If JS.
The Girl National honor guard Of
Oregon will atart at once lo make
comfort baga for member of the Ore
gon National guard.
Tbe Hon! hern Oregon IHatrlcl Fed
eration of Women' Cluba wilt con
vene In Oranta Pat for a three day
elon, beginning April IS.
W. T. Carroll, who ram to Oregon
In 1X64 and waa deputy Sheriff In
credit fund, tbe ttate land board baa ;
decided lo edvertlae at onr for the j!
Ml of 2$0.0mi worth of I per cent J
rural credit bond.
Helping farmer of the atato to per-
feet their operatlona ao a to eliminate
loaae la the project bl li baa o- in ',
atarted recently by the ettenalon aerv- J
Ice, of the Oregon Agriculture college t
In a number of count ire,
Authortle are aomrwhat alarmed J
o-er report from one or two range J
dlatrMa of the Grande Tlonde valley
that rabid coyotea aometlmc ago bit I
eeveral domettlo animal and that
ome valuable anlmala have died.
Plana to make Crater Lake national
park eaally acceaalble to automoblllata
are being put before member of the
highway commlaalon and official of
the foret service by Mayor C. K.
Galea and II. U Waltber, of Medford.
day, Friday and Saturday, April
18, 19, 20 and 21, as "Clean Up
Days." .j
Clear your premises, burn what
rubbish you can and put the rest
in readiness for free cartage by
the city.
Every citizen and property owner of
Weston is invited and rurged to co-operate
with the Council in this movement
for a brighter, cleaner, healthier town.
Waahlngton. Reciting the aggrea
lona of Germany which have virtu
ally thruat the United State Into the
world conflict President WUaoa Mon
day night aaked congroa to declare
that a atate of war eifat.
To carry on an effective warfare
ngainat the German government,
which he characterized a a "aatoral
foe to liberty," tbe president recom
mended: Utmoat practical co-operation la
counael and action with the govern
tent already at war with Germany.
Eztenaion of liberal financial cred
it to thoae governmenta ao that the
resource of America may be added.
Washington. Destruction without
warning of four merchant ahipa car
rying Americana In their crews was
reported to the state department in
official diapatcbea indicating that aev- ao far as poaalble, to theirs
eral Americana lost their Uvea. Organization and mobilization of all
The vessels were the British steamer the material resources of the country.
Crispin, on which two American ne- FuU equipment of the nary, partic-
groes probably perished and rroni nlrly for means of dealing with aub-
whtcb 18 other Americana are reported marine warfare.
mlKslng, tbe Portuguese sailing abip Ao uy of at least 500.000. based
Argo. from which three American ne- on toe principle of universal liability
groc are missing, and the British to errice and tbe authorization of
steamers Eptafolo and Snowden ndditional increments of 500,000 each
flange, on which there apparently waa tner re needed or can be handled
no loss of life, though American In 10 training.
tbe crew euffered from exposure.
City Council of Weston
With prom Iso of considerable build-
I'nion county In early day, died In Ing activity, Increased postal receipt
Kugene at the age of 72 yeara. and substantial gsln in bank clear
Astoria will t headquarters for tbe Ings, the month of March ha been a
new revenue ruller lut r fitnnll-taul at ret letter fnnnfh fnr PArllianrf In.
rtaltluiore, which I to replace the dkatlng Improved business condition.
Manning on he Pacific coaat. County agent Jay L. Smith of Coo. mvwmvmvmwWAVmm
Many requesta being received by the county, baa announced that arrange
tat highway department for bridge menta have been made among the tlon of such provisions,
design Indicate there will be much banka of tbe county to extend n credit Sheriffs of two counties are hunt-
of 100,000 to rancher who desire to Ing for tho slayer of Thomas Cava
purchase thoroughbred tlock for their naugh, prominent young rancher of
dalrlea. Drownlce dlalrlct In Baker county,
During last year there were organlx- who waa last seen on March IS. Wbllo
ed J 77 Industrial clubs, with an aggro- there Is no proof that he waa murder
gate membership of 13.(05, according ed, a bloody cabin and the fact that
rlcultural college who are registered to a bulletin issued by Superintendent the missing man railed to keep an
In agriculture have organized the pf Publlp Instruction Churchill,' re- appointment with his cousin in
Women' Agricultural association. viewing the Roy' and Girl' Industrial Wetser. Idaho, ha convinced tho
Major Cnrl Abram haa been pro- Club of Oregon. authorities that be met with foul
motvd to be lieutenant-colonel of the About i00 acre of rich Tule lake play.
Third Oregon. He will be succeeded land lying between the acreage to be Plans for a big co-operative cat)
bridge construction this season.
Th Coo county court haa turned
over to the atate highway department
the lupervlalun of the expenditure of
th I3S2.0OO county bond issue.
Women students of the Oregon Ag-
House Elects damp Clark
Speaker; Both Houses Intro
duce War Resolution.
Wa.binglou. Oispatchea from the
French admiralty announced tbe sink
ing without warning of the first arm
ed American merchant ship, the
freighter Aztec, by a German subma
rine. Tbey reported tiiat apparently
Lieutenant William F. Gresham and
13 American blue jackets, tbe armed
Raising necessary money for tbe
t'nfted Statea government ao far aa
possible without borrowing and on the
basis of equitable taxation.
All preparation, the president urgel,
should be made in uch way as not
to check tbe flow of war supplies to
the nation already In the field against
Denounces German Government.
In a dispassionate but unmeasured
denunciation of the course of the Im
perial German government, which be
characterized as a challenge to ali
mankind and a warfare againat all
nations, the president declared that
neutrality no longer waa feaaible or
cuard of the vessel, had been ured
A dispatch from Ambassador Sharp -de8,rbIe where lhe of tte
dated at Paris said 19 mirvlrnr. from wor,d w" Involved; that armed neu-
the Aztec were landed at Brest and
28 persona still were missing and their
rescue was doubtful because of the
heavy aea, and storm.
The admiralty report said the Az
tec, bound from New York to Havre,
was torpedoed without warning oft
Ouessant. Tbe torpedo struck square
ly amidships, emitting a powerful gas
trality bad become ineffectual enough
at best and waa likely to produce
what it waa meant to prevent, and
urged that congress accept the gage
of battle with all the resources of tha
"I advise that the congress declare
Urt recent course of the Imperial Ger
man government to be In fact nothing
aa major by Captain Daughtery, of opened by the government next month nery In Albany were launched at an ally agreed to as the most momentou
iu tho history of the republic.
President Wilson went before con- Brand Whit, Switzerland,
sress in Joint session at 8 o'clock Berne- vla Paris.-Brand WhlUock.
Monday uigUt to deliver hi war mcs- American minister to ueigium. has
sa(, reached Berne. Mr. Whltlock de-
limiiediatoiv n..r the nreHidcnt left ""tbed bis departure from Brussels
umt-iaia oi mo ooumern racuio an were iB3.i'ui,&iiM9, or an increase of oerrioa and 600 acres or black rasp- the capitol. tho senate and house re- "s lremely loucnmg. ine Belgians,
considering plan to distribute all the i3S.46l.46ii.Cl over the amount shown berrlos, the Oregon Electric Railroad ponvened nmi .n iiimnirni tmt r...v no slnce tHe breach of relatione be-
fuel oil used by their locomotives In In the report of March 7. 191, accord- company promises to build a big can- lution was introduced in both houses tween 016 United Suies and Germany Submarine Warfare Without Corn
Oregon from a depot to be established ing to a statement Issued by S. G. nery at Albany and turn it over to declaring tho existence of a state of nave been Poetically anxious lest- passion or Principle,
pn Coos bay. Sargent, Superintendent pf bank. co-operative company to operato war und dlrcotinc tho nresident to cm- 016 departure of the American might Referring to the German submarine
piny pages wm on wciuueq in too
Canyon City, Grant county, look
like old time, aa the result of a Jump
In price of chrome Iron ore from 17
to 822 a ton at I'ralrl City, the ship
ping point
to homestead entry and the present Institute attended by more thnn 300
water line of Tule take can bo leased farmers aud fruitgrowers of tho vl. l
this year, according to an announce- nlty. V. 11. Paulhanma. of I'liyallup,
ment of Project Manager Camp. Wash., spoke. If the farmer of the
Total deposit In the banka of the section will plant looo acres of Wilson
stale of Oregon on March 5, 1917, strawberries, 600 acres of phenomenal
Washmgion -Consress assembled nK the out of 'XSSZl
at noon Monday for a session gener- m'ssJou. nre.iH.nt -th.t it enm.ii. .-.
the status of belligerent which haa
thus been thrust upon It. and it take
steps not only to put the country in
a more thorough state of defense, but
also to exert all its power and employ
all its resources to bring the govern
ment of the German empire to term
and end the war."
floolur' pamphlet which will contain
lb measure to be voted on at tho
special election lo June and tbe argu
ments thereon.
The tock Industry of Grant county
I suffering the heaviest los ex
perienced In the history of tho county, after tha storm.
according to estimate of forest offlc- Two accident which occurred at
er and other. the came place within one hour of
Plate glass windows were broken nnd Mr. Paulhamus will haudle the
and awning fell under their load product of the plant,
when two Inch of hall fell In Oregon
City in the course of the worst ball
nd electric storm In the memory of
tbe earliest settler. Hailstone two
Inches In clrcumforence were found
ploy all tho resources of the country mean tarvnt,on tnem'. gathered policy the president said: "The new
to carry on war against tho imperial Dy luo "e uare uuioro policy nas swept every restriction
Washington. President Wilson's
German government aud bring the 40 Bay foWfU-
conflict to a successful conclusion. .,
Because of the opposition to tho Myr CMI ' Not Guilty,
measure of Senator Stone, chairman Seattle. A verdict of not guilty
of the foreign relations committee, the was returned in federal court here
resolution was introduced iu tho sen- ainst Mayor H. C. Gill. Chief of Po-
ate by Senator Martin, of Virsinia. Uc0 c- Beckingbam and City De-
the democratic floor loader. Repre- tectlves Meyer Peyser, John Poolman, trals along with belligerents. Even
aside. Vessels of every kind, what
ever their flag, their character, their
cargo,' their deatinatlon, their errand,
have been ruthlessly sent to the bot
tom without warning and without
thought of help or mercy for those
on board, the vessels of friendly neu-
The estimate of the reproduction each olher brought death and serloua appearance before congress was seutatlve Flood, (Juiinnan of tho for- Daniel McLennan and Jamea Doom, hospital ahlps antTshlps carrying re-
cost or toe lines oi tne racmc icio- injuries to two employe or tho O.-W. marked by a scene of tho greatest eisn affairs committee, introduced it wtl wer9 on trlal ror m0T th,n three net to tne sorely bereaved and stncn
piione Teiegrapn company in uro- h. N. a row wiles east or Baker, enthusiasm ever shown elnce ho -be-gon,
a prepared by the publlo service Joseph Francis, a laborer, was killed gan delivering hla addresses In por-
commlsslon, I 10,!:l.03
Captain I-. E. Davli, who died at
Newport, wa probably tho last sur
vivor of the colony of Kugene people
ihat sottled on South beach when tbe
Yaqulna bay country wa opened
and -. Itestlnla la in a hospital suffer- ion. Crowds on the outside of the
Ing from Internal Injuries. capitol cheered ulm frantically as ho
Governor Wlthycombe, in common entered and as he left. Congress
with governor of other northwestern roared cheer after choor In an out-
atatea, has Issued a proclamation set- hurst of patriotic enthusiasm,
ting April 14-21 as "western consum- n waa noticed that Senatora La
Reclamation of 851 acrea or rich hot- era' week," and In that time a move- Fc-Uette, Lane, Stone and Cummins,
torn land lying between the Columbia ment will bo carried forward to h0 helped defeat the armed neutral-
and Oregon sloughs In Multnomah encourage the consumption of Iocs,! ty bill In the last session, did not
pounty, Involving an ultimate outlay products In the northwest for the en- join in the applause.
Of approximately 1200,000, ta sought, eouragoment of home Industrie. By far the greatest outburst came
As oon as weather will permit, tha Representative Slnnott ha been when the president declared for an
United 8tates forest service will make notified he ha another vacanoy to army of 600,000 men, selected on a
urvey of a road over the moun- fm at tho Annapoll naval academy, universal service basis,
tain through I he Wcnaha national and will hold a competitive examina- r Applauao also greeted tho declara-
forest In Union and Umatilla coun- tlon May 8 at Klamath Falls, Lake- u0n for supplying needs or the allies
tics. view, Ontario, Beud, Baker. La and also tho statement that principles
The setting of the machinery of a Grande, Pendleton and The Dalle, 0f peace and Justice should bo viiull-
$100,000 clay product plant at War- open to all bona fide resident of hi oated against autocratic power,
renton In motion has been delegated district, between tho age of 18 and "We have no quarrel with tho Gor-
to Governor Wlthycombe. and he will j0. man people." was another remark
perform that eervlce on Saturday, gpenc Wortmnn, deputy acaler of which received an enthusiastic recep-
Anrll 7. welvhls anil measures, within a few ti ttn HAAA...
. . .m.. - - - Liuu, iiiciiuuu VI luo awvm uicf fiiiun . , . , , , .
A .tudy of the Dougla. fir timber of day. will begin gathering a directory 0f the Russian monarchy brought loud n T, " " ,
regon with a view of preventing 0f all wood dealer, in tbe atate. It cheer.. ,nU employ U ! 1 8 ,re80"rces
in the house.
Text of War Reaolution.
"Joint resolution declining that a
stato of war exists between the im
perial German government and tho
government and people of the United
States, and making provision to prose
cute the siime:
"Whereas, the recent acts of the
Imperial German government are acts
of war against the government and
people of the United States;
"Resolved, by the senate and house
of representatives of tho United Statea
of America in congress assembled,
that the state of war between the
United States and tho imperial Ger
man government," which has thus been
thrust upon tho United States, is here
by formally declared; aud
"That the president bo and is here
by authorized and directed to take im
mediate steps, not only to put the
country in a thorough
weeks on charges of conspiring to as
sist the BilllngNley bootlegging ring
to violate federal interstate commerce
Maine Haa 81,000,000 for Defense
Augusta, Me. The legislature of
Maine ha appropriated 81,000,000 for
general defense purposes.
Wheat Club 81.86; bluestem $1.74;
red Russian, $1.65; forty-fold, $1.68.
Barley No. 1 Feed, $40 per ton.
Hay Timothy, $23 per ton; alfalfa, ake tne United State must enter
en people of Belgium, though the lat
ter were provided with safe conduct
through the proscribed areas by the
German government itself, and were
distinguished by unmistakable mark
of identity, have been sunk with the
same reckless' lack of compassion and
The objects of the United States in
entering the war, the president said,
are to vindicate the principles of
peace and justice against "selfish and
autocratic power." Without selfish
ends, for conquest, or dominion, seek
ing no Indemnities or material com
pensation, tor the sacrifices it shall
Butter Creamery, 8?c.
Eggs Ranch, 28c
Wool Eastern Oregon, 40c; Talley,
Hops 1916 crop, 4Q7c 1817 C0o-
atato of do- tract8 nom'n1-
Oregon with a view of preventing 0f all wood dealer, in tbe atate. It cheer. vmvi " , , "? Wheat-Bluestem $1.74; club $168:
rotting and other defect. In the tree . hi nlan to notify them all that to vv rtnr r .,,i..a ,..i CMty 00 ar aBa"l8t ,1,e imperial , , eo. .., ties.
will bo by & P. Melnecke. fore.t .ell wood by the load rather than by the president's reference to Gorman Ge,rm1a" fovcr,1,nent and ;'nJi ,rk"ey red, $1.75.
pathologist of the department of ag- the cord or fraction of a cord ta un- ,p0s Infcsling tho country and his conflict 10 a 8UCCesrul urmmauou Barley,40 peJ t0lu
rlculture. . lawful and that the dlatrict aealer. will .uggestion of a partnership of demo- Champ Clark Re-elected. Butter Oreajnojy, 42c,
TU tf fleDUtfflCDt bu named ft i UulTUCt) to pro$flCUt UJr Viol grMlq MtjOj (a tha cawq of. peace. 8p?k?! 51r wa re-elected, by gj8-"fii
the war, be said, to make the world
safe tor democracy, a only one of
the champion, of the right, of man
kind, and would be satisfied when
those rights were aa secure as the
faith and freedom of nations could
make them.
No Tim for Pleasure.
- Nelghlx "Does your wan take you
to the movies V She "Not much.
Time I get my dishes washed and tbe
bouse redd up nnd the babies to bed
and the children's clothe mended, I'm
dead for sleep. And besides, yon know,
he's so busy agltutin' for the eight-hour
Hsv v2&d