The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 08, 1916, Image 3

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A Piano for Christmas.
Make some one happy for life with a piano fr Christmas.
Nothing could bo k mora enduring, pleasing, generous gift thnn
one of our Hi.e pianos.
Tho appreciation of such gift would grow with tin- years.
Como to ui for a piano. Yon will bo nure of an Instrument that
will meet every test, musically, strurturally and for handsome
Our mcthodi of merchandliing mad too high a price Impos
sible. They Insure considerably lower prices than exclusive piano
Stores can afford to quote. You can afford to buy a GOOD piano
Make tome one happy for life with a piano for Christmas.
Uaual, easy piano terms muy be had if desired. Delivery may
be made when dciarcd, but selection should be made now.
rianoa, Phvnngriht, Musie - Complete Homo FuriiUhrri
10 20 Alder 8t. - WAI.I.A WAI.l.A. WASH.
' ' T ' ' l
A Brass Bed of Artistic
High Quality
IT'S impossible to Illustrate !! the beauty of this bed all its
refinement of design and elegant simplicity. We want you to
see it whether you need bed now or not. If its remarkably
low price does not induce you, we will not urge you to buy.
You will have to tee it to realise just what an imposing effect it
DcMOSS furniture:'
Hill the Jeweler will pay cash for
old gold and silver Jt-wclry.
Herman Goodwin was absent dur
ing the week on a to friends
In I'lirtlatid.
Cood cottage and garden tract in
Weston for sale. lien Pupuis,
i'endlelon, Or.
Virgil Nelld has accepted a
position as assistant hostler at the
Weston garage.
f)r. and Mrs. A. C. McCown of
Give were guest Thanksgiving day
of Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Smith.
It. F. Johnson was in town Mon
day from Fairvlew farm for a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Metz.
Mr. and Mrs. George rhillips of
Washtuena, Wash., are visiting at
tho old homestead on Dry creek'
G. R. Robinson was at Pendleton
Saturday attending a meeting of
Umatilla county school principals. t
Mrs. L. I. O'Harra and Mrs. J.
V. Bell visited with Miss Minnie
Klnnear In Walla Walla Wednesday.
Mrs. W. L. Smock is convalescing
after a serious illness with pneu
monia at her home on the Reed and
Ilawley uplands.
Agent Nelson Is again on duty at
the Weston depot, having returr.ed
Tuesday with Mrs. Nelson fiom
their visit at Plumrrer, Idaho. J
H. A. Street lost a valuable sad- ,
die horse recently, the animal hav-
ing died from kicks inflicted by
other horeei. He had refused f 125
for it.
Monroe Turner is recovering from
a vere atUck of quinsy. Dr.
Smithy who was in attendance,
found it necessary to lance his
throat. .
Earl Olson has gone to Portland,
where he will take a course in gas
engineering at the Y. M. C. A. He
expects to return for the Christmas
You Bet, IVe 11 do it
We are figuring on beginning next week to give ,
tickets on every Dollar Purchase for cash and a pre
mium for every purchase. Watch, Come and See.
X-mas goods to please the most exacting and
' you might receive a premium worth $50.00.
Ranges, Heaters, Washing Machines
and Gas Engines.
t Graphaphones, Sewing Machines, and Pianos to order.
Robes, Blankets, Cutlery and Harness.
Silver ware, Aluminum ware, Granite ware and Horse whip?.
' Sleds, Coaster wagons, Skates and Jack knives.
I Dr. S. L KHillARD
Veterinary Surgeon
t Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
i Phone Main 253
However, we'll let Mr. Rooster do what
little crowing may be nseewsry. We
merely wish to ssy thst ws will sppr
clat your pstronsge In our line and do
our best to asm your good opinion.
.Rolled BaHey, 0ta snd Whest; Baled
5tsy, Mlllstuffs snd Chicken Feed.
Ws'rs locsl sgsnU for Pticook Flour
gd Dlstchford sCsIf MtaL rhotis281.
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
Irwlt murk. iihm '"' "
ir rasa ichkbh m hum
mn iinttfcittw. Sk H)t
u. Our (ro. took WW Ml ko. oluU w MnM
1 303 Seventh St., Washlnptos, D. C.
Practices In sll Stata snd rsdersl
W. M. Ptttnos G. H. Blthop
Petersen & Bishop
; ; v 1 . LAWYERS .' ' " '
Pendleton, Or. Kreewater, Or.
The Universal Car
The'Ford with the new features: forge radiator and
enclosed fan; streamline hood; crown fenders front
and rear, and entire black finish, is one of the most
attractive cars on the market. These qualities in
combination with the smaller purchase price. bring
the Ford within the possibilities of nearly every
home. Why forego the pleasure and convenience of
Ford travel another day? Ford prices again reduced
and Ford quality higher than ever. Small expense
of operation and upkeep-the utmost in motor car
value and service for business and pleasure.
Strength of construction, simplicity in design, real
Ford merits. Place your order now. Touring Car
$414.85. Roadster $399.85.
Ren Dupuls, who is handling
Montana land, has returned from
another trip to that flourishing
pommowi-alth. He took with him
Tony Galiski of Adams, who promp
tly invested.
Manager Ashworth found a muff
at the opera house and insists that
the owner call first at the U-adcr
nfflra ami iow turn bits for this no
tice, when the article may be recov
ered at his residence. -
Mayor Banister tried to haul
sortie grain sacks out of his field the
other, day with his Oldsmobile, and
found that it was not quite adapted
to the purpose. Ross King found
the mayor stuck in the mud, and
did a good Samaritan act by help
ing to pull him out.
Chinese pheasants are reported to
be unusually numerous along the
upper reaches of Pine creek and
Wild Horse creek, having left the
valleys and got into the uplands.
Apparently pot so many were killed
as was supposed by last winter's
frigid weather.
C. 0. Metzkcr, Pacific Coast man
ager of The Unitype Company of
New Jersey, was here this wek
installing a unitype of the latest
model in the Leader office. Board
ing at the palatial Wood mansion,
Mr. Metxker complained because he
could never beat the editor to the
table. Otherwise he thinks that
Weston Is a little bit of all right.
T. A. Lieuallen, the Adams pio
neer, was in town Tuesday and
ordered the ballots printed for the
Adams election December 11th.
Adams alwys uses Australian ballots
and always has them printed at the
Leader shop which is a very laud
able municipal custom. Only one
ticket if in the field this year, as
follows: Mayor, Wm. Holdman;
treasurer, S. E. Darr; recorder, T.
A. Lieuallen; councilmen, Carl
Christian, M. A. Baker, W. H.
Bunch. Adams will also vote upon
a proposition to limit its tax levy to
15 mills per annum.
Wm. MacKonssle, one of the most
substantia! property owners of the
Weston district, and president of
the local bank, has disposed of his
entire remaining holdings here to
C. H. Nelson, a recent arrival from
Alberta. These consist of 800 acres
of very valuable farm land near
town, and a commodious and mod
ern residence on east Main street
hill. The .consideration is not
Nelson, who is a man
will take possession at
MacKensie and fam-
Walla Walla to
Their departure
Saturday, the second, Mrs. F. D.
Watts very graciously acted as
hostess when the ladies of the Satur
day afternoon club entertained their
husbands at a five-course dinner
from seven until ten. The guests
were seated at six elaborately ap
pointed tables in the parlors, which
were tastefully decorated in the
club colors and flowers the color
scheme also being followed in the
table decorations and refreshments.
At the conclusion of the dinner sev
eral . very appropriate and witty
toasts were given, with Dr. Watts
acting as toastmaster. Games were
in order later in the evening.
Those present as guests were: W.
A, Barnes, S. A. Barnes, R. W'.
Brown, E. O. DeMoss, W. A. Gra
ham. Wm. MacKemie, W. S. Price,
E. C. Rogers, J. A. McRae, R.
Morrison, A. J. Mclntyre, J. W.
Porter, R. Proudfit, iJ. F. Snider,
Dr. C. II. Smith, E.M. Smith, L.
R. Van Winkle, Dr. F. D. Watts' J.
Wurzer, W. E. Woods and J. H.
There's a new drayman in town
dropped Tuesday night by an ac
commodating stork at the home of
Mr.' and Mrs. L. B. Davis. Having
three sisters who have heretofore
been without a brother, he is wel
come indeed.
Lost School warrant No. 1
drawn October 12, 1914, on school
district No. 95, in favor of
Ida Narkaus, for $85.00. Inter
est ceases from and after this date,
December 8, 1916. Charles Mar
shall, clerk.
E: C. Rogers left for Portland
Tuesday to look into the farm
tractor proposition, with a view to
the more extended use of tractors
in the Weston neighborhood. .
Watts & Rogers may cut an or
ange next week no lemons. Watch
them for X-mas.
"Calls tsxil" Laf McBride' al
ways lit your disposal. Phone 92.
Hie Fanners Ban!i of Ties ton
Estaisled 1891
If you wish to add to your savings, '
. Just live on a little bit less.
Your EARNINGS are not so important:
It's the SAVINGS that make for success.
Well-Appointed Conveniently Located Pleasant
Comfortable Reasonable Rates
J. M. Bentley, Prop. M. A. Ferguson, Clerk
given. Mr
of family,
once. Mr.
ily will move to
reside this winter,
will be much regretted by the many
friends they have made during their
long residence here.
In ths County Court of the Ststa of
Oregon for Umatilla Couitty.
In the Matter of thn Estate of Martin
E, Olson, Deceased.
To Ole O. Lien, Mrs. Karl Jacob
son, Mrs. Muri Hanson, Mrs. Anna
Johnson, Chr!es E. Olson and Hans
E. Olson, heirs at law of Martin E.
Olaon, Deceased;
In thf. Name or thb State op Or
egon, You, and each of you, are here
by cited and required to appear at 11
o clock in the forenoon on the 2d day
of January, 1917, in the County Court
room in the Court House of Umatilla
County, Oreffon, in the City of Pendle
ton in Raid County, then and there to
show cause, if any exist, why the said
Court, should not grant the petition f
Chas.' H- Carter, administrator of ths
above named estate, to sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash
the following described real property
belonging to the said Martin E. Olson,
deceased, at his death, and now belong
ing to his estate, to wit: The West
Half of NortheHSt Quarter and South
east Quarter of Northeast quarter and
Northeast Quarter of Southeast Quar
ter of Section 82, Tp. 4 S. R. 81. E.
W. M , 160 acres, more or less, situat
ed in Umatilla County, Oregon.
Witness the Honorable Chas. H.
Marsh, Judge of the above entitled
County Court, and the Seal of said
Court hereto attached at Pendleton,
Umstilla County, Oregon, this 14th day
of November, 1916.
( Sea) of 1 Frank Sauno,
County Court ( County Clerk.
Best Line in Town.
Our Cigars and Tobaccos are NOT DRY
Home Merchant Prices
25 pound pail stock food $2.25
12 pound pkg. stock food 1.00
7 pound pkg. stock food... .65
2 pound pkg. stock food .5
Comparisrn of dosage two
tablespoonfulls twice daily.
Mail Order and Peddlers'
25 pound pail stock food S3.S0
7 pound pkg. stock food 1.00
8s pound pkg. stock food ... ,R0
l)i pound pkg. stock food ... .21
Two tablespoonfulls three
times daily.
; t
4 ; rv