The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 01, 1916, Image 2

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    UliLUUU llUlfd
important Occurrences ef Ptit
Week Brief! CemHel fer
CurRetdert, -
Tn Sou tli em rctf1o tar horUi
waa IltT ea Sstnrtlsy.
,' Fendletoa will again aae a ssualot
pal Cfcrlutma tree eelebratloa UU
Shipment ef mti to tie eajtr-
tiop el jLh .Unite 6Ute have
ub acala la folk eoeat.
- The turkey raisers of Pooilaa coun
ty have receive eppreilssatsty f0
M for thfir product thli year.
Orks and asklllee workssea iw-plort-d
by tat O.?. RAN. compear
art due for en Increase la wafts.
January 4, I aad t are the date
set .fur tae-aaeetlnf ot tkt annual Ore
toa irritation conrreaa, to eoavene at
rortland. .
The- car ehortatf la aot only Unit
tm tha output ot the lumbar mill ot
Orcann. but la delaying tho erection
of new mllla,
Marloa county will bold Ita tklrd
annuel core show at Salem, beginning
Monday. December 11. and continuing
until-Saturday, Dmnbtr It
ElecirMcattoa ot the Souther Pa
cine .line between Whlteooa and Cot-
vallUiwllI bo complete and eara will
b la opraUoa about Itarca II.
Lane county, wltb a population ot
IS.COO, 1 without a prisoner In tbo
county Jail or a Jailer. This conditio
tH praralled since October 19.
i.tirln A. Murphy, chlel( engineer
otthe hospital tor tho tnaana at rn
dleton, waa choaa aa warden ot tho
Oregon prlaon by tho state' board ot
control, v
Tho food and dairy code, passed by
tho Ust .legislature, baa oeea a eue
eee. according to tho biennial report
ot. Dairy - bad Food Comntisaloner
Mlckle. ' ' , . .
With sous ot tbo finest nretteck
ia tho United 8tats on exhibition tho
tacifle International Livestock exhi
bition will open at Portland Monday,
December 4. '
Membera of tho Rome Rtn r Jlaa
Protect! association hare vot'.ed un
animously for an unconditional atand
tor tho ejoslng ot Bono rim h com
mercial ftehlng.
Oregon railroads are planning aa
Increase Ja tho demurrage charge ex
acted of shlppere who keep equlpt aent
out of in beyoad tho 4(-bour free -time"
allowance. -The
cornerstone ot the aew federal
buIMing, Wvlch la under construction
at Hosebnr, waa laid Monday .after
nooa under the auapleeo wf tho If aaonv
te lodgea of that city.
Everything from chick ens to galnea
plga will be on exhibit In Portland at
the eighth annual show ot tho Oragon
Poultry Pet Stock association. De
cember 4 to . toe I uilre. '
There wfll W 14 .-republicans, five
democrats mad otto In dependent in the
senate, and 3S repub leans, four demo
crats and on Independent In tho krw
or branch of-tbo legislature this win
ter. .- . ' -
The Oregon State Teachers' asso
ciation wllL convene In Portland De
cember 27 for a three dayo session,
at whlcaVeeveral, hundred teachers
from aU parts of Oregon will bo In
attendance..- - ., ,- i . '
The price jf foraco tn national for-
ests ia to be- raised gradaally from vember 7.
the present trice, abont one-third of
the .tjtarket ralno of ' auch forage, to
two-thirds of the iee chsrifed by pti
rate owners. :, ."". "
Bute Engineer Lewia hag granted
Colossi Henry H. Ludlow, who ha
ba la eowatead of the tufts at Iba
mouth of the Columbia river for tho
past three years, has received notice
Of his transfer to the western depart
meat, wltb beadquartera In Ban Fran
cisco. While In former years a total an
nual average of approximately TS.004
buncbee o celery baa been shipped
from the Hood river valley, the 1111
crop la almost a total failure, and
celery for Christmas and Thaagsgtv
Ing dinners will bo Imported.
Contending that all of the atate's
buslnesa should be transacted In the
open, several membera of the coming
legislature have signified their Inten
tion of Introducing bill providing that
the aeestona of all atate boards aad
oommtaelon aball be pobltc
Oregon bop growere are taking a
pessimistic view of the situation and
assert thst hundreds ot acres ot hops
will be plowed under regardless ot
the duration of tho English embargo,
while If the embargo continues, thou
sands ot scree are likely to bo plowed
Tbo antl saloon league of Oregon
spent 111.114 la tho recent campaign
which put the atato "bono dry," and
perfected one ot the moot powerful
Inter-church and Inter-soctety orgssl-
aatlona that baa ever been built up ia
any atate to carry through a prohibi
tion campaign.
Official returns received from all
the 15 countiea In Oregon by Secre
tary of Bute Olcott of tho result of
the election of candidates for member
ship la the senato and house during
the next legislature show that 11 mem
bers of the HIS legislature will return
for tho 117 session.
Actual work on tho construction ot
the proposed Oregon, California
Eastern railway will begin Immediate
ly upon the final outworkings of cer
tain legal formalltlea at Klamath Falls
and Lakevlew. With everything working-without
hitch, this la possible of
solution within 10 days.
in behalf of candidates for atate
and district offices aad for and
against the varloua measures voted
upon at the recent general election tn
Oregon, the sum ot tS7.47t.ll was ex
pended prior to the election, according
to statements filed la tho office of
Secretary of State Olcott
The proposed Oregon statewide auto
association died a natural death last
week when the directors ot tho Port
land Automobile olub decided to altar
their by-la wi to permit them to branch
' oat to embrace the statewide pro
' gramme suggested by the organisers
ef the tentative association. ,
Two California liquor firms, located
at Horabrook, CaL, Just across the
Oregon line, who have been doing a
.mall order business estimated at close
to 115,000 per month are maklnj plana
to fight Oregoa't absolute prohibition
"bono dry" law when It becomes ef
fective In January, It la said.
The honor of turning the first dirt
la the construction ot the Oregon,
California Eastern railroad la to
bo shared between Mrs. Robert E.
gtrahora and Mrs. George McDonald,
the oldest living white woman reel
dent of Klamath county, according to
an announcement made at Klamath
- Talk of a recall of membera of the
oxmnfy court of Polk county baa been
revived. A movement of that kind
-wsa started several weeks ago, but
sufficient number of signatures were
aot secured to tho petitions to bring
the mstter before the voters at the
time of the regular election on No-
The Year. .;
Six Months ,
Four Months,
Regular, per Inch per Insertion .. 12(c
Transient, per Inch per Insertion 80o
Locals, per line per Insertion go
LEADKR t'Mm Wvrc '"l,rn' Thv total
rt-fiir-wnis an awravv i huiiv iinu
tlMHM) a year of aci-Monta, nearly
'half of them fatal, In which tho
olitm nt of tho unavoidable U almiwt
altouvihor Inokliur, Victims am
0 CO
It 50 often technical trvnaMHr, and yet
0 7j ' the laws against trctaM do not
rracn mem even to save mem, tor
local authorities are unwilling to
prosecute and juries arc slow to
convict, in view of the entire ab
once of moral turpitude.
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iry, etc. See our lino of Meehunlcal Toyi for the boy.
" T
f tatd t lh psitettict st Wtilen, Orvgva.
s tt94 cIms !! RMlttr, I
1-- - - . ' '.4
Agreement has been reached
by the American and Mexican
joint high commissioners. It
was fore-sanctioned by Presi
dent Wilson. It requires only
the approval of Carransa to
make it binding, says the Oregon
Journal . ? 0n olephant, about 01 yean old,
Nobody knows what tho first "r4.b''" Stmt 'nd Ulnro, by
chief will do. From this diaUnc V5rj!?r' jm.-.j..
, Jim Ritchey, of Forest Grove, who
Is by way of being a notorious Demo
crat, lately aent the subjoined skit to
Joe Hodgson, an equally rock-rlbbod
Republican, and admonlsnad Joe to
hand It to the Weston Leader for pub
lication. Joa did after first read
ing it to Sim Bamti, for many years
a l eel Republican war horse, to sea Steam Toys
if the fi. O. P. could deliver the goodsl "tree tor Sets
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his ways are often inexplicable
We often think him stupid, but
it may bo because we do not
realize what things he has to do,
to placate ignorant Mexican
There is a deep-seated distrust
of us beyond the border. On one
pretext and another,, we took .
lican platform, all shot to piece.
8. One Republican machine, badly
tn need of repairs.
4. One set of teeth, seen for the lsst
Urns in . public,
(. Two seta of besutiful whiskers,
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a , so. . a
o,v fr, fovin c. I"' Jtueaaay oy a
""-J gentlemen at one Urn justice ef the
ntory as she now has.- Those, supreme court
acts have not been forgotten. & Ysrds and yards of tariff bull.
Carranza might be more trust- 0n antiquated policy of attack.
tng labor unions. This belonged to tho
J.C.Pennev Co. nc.
permission to fthe Blue Jdouatain
Ditch company, of'jMoun,Tnion, to
appropriate the. Raters, .orf the Joba
Day Tiver for the.irrtgaion of 120
acrcirWUnd. ., ;ff , -
A plan whereby hlgt school ata
dents will be trained it social duUee
and responsibilities ha been proposed
by J. A. Churchill, stat e superintend
ent ot public instruction, in a bulletin
Issued en the "subject! '',
"Wot guilty waa th . Verdict in the
case of John Allen, c) arged with the , courthouse
murder of Lewis BoUot-at tho Allen
home near Hereford. J August IS, The
verdict waa relernef 1 in the 'Baker
county court at Balt'r.
Two new postoffle s have been es
tablished is Oregoa.; ene at Happy,
Harney county, Mies Mat41da-M-Crudden
as postmsi ter, and. the other
at Lost Valley. "Wf eeler county, wlt
Joseph H. Conr s'st'postmasten. ''' '
The Tasco Cownty Stockaaen' as
locistion has bee g organised at Tygh
Valley. 'A large dumber of ateckmen
representing air,' sections . of "Wssco
county attendrd '' the", mebttng, and
much Interest was 'shown' la toraang
this county a jaofcUtlonv ' '
Bills to pro ride ior .compelling auto
mobiles to c Amis to a full stop upon
approaching air railroad grade cross
ings, and jto prohibit' treepase upon
railroad rl ghts ef way will be promot
ed before the eontlag Oregon leglsiV '
Sum aa ' raaliie f aAdfirenee held
at Portl nd nader the antplcea ot the tlon Will not make the measure e fee
etat. Piblle semce commiesuon, at. but thst action krJhO.itotai.ri
which railroad rrxwtUves and of. in January must be .walui before It
cerof tztat:f iftxM KccmH a tat,
Three of the 2SI accidents reported
to the state Industrial accident com
mission during the week ending No
vember 23 were fatal They were
Francis 'Peiquet, of Mabel, killed la
logging operation; H. Anthony, of
Portland, killed in steel works, and
G.' C Bassett, of Newberg, killed la
logging operations. ,
Plans for the. formation of a state
good roads association to prepare and
aubmlt to the next legislature
road code for Oregon, with a view to
systematic road improvement through
out the entire state, were launched at
a meeting held In Albany. The state
meeting le proposed to be held la the
in Portland December IS.
Robert N. Stsnfleld of Stanfleld,
Montis B. Gwinn of Boiss, O. E. Stan
field. Glen McCuIIough and H. L. Sua
field have purchased from P. H. O'Nell
and son the property of the Malheur
Livestock, Land company. It Is
understood that this property haa a
jraluatlon of approximately fSSO.Ooe.
The holdings consist of about S2.060
f acres ot leaaed land, aside from forest
reserve rights. The land Is located la
Malheur, Grant, Harney and .Baker
Salem will become "bons-dry" be
fore the rest of Oregon, according to
District Attorney Rlngo of Marion
county, Ja which Salem Is situated,
who said the abiolute prohibition
measure which passed at the polls re
cently; would become effective as soon
aa promulgated by the governor, about
December . Rlngo dlaagreee with
Attorney General Brown, who has
ruled that , the governor's promulga-
ful and more intelligent in his
dealings with us if they had
never occurred.
. The late campaign was fought
out on one side on broad hints of
armed intervention in Mexico.
Mexican blood dripped from
many a campaign speech. Do
mands for armed intervention
have been proclaimed in the
halls of the American congress.
They are frequently voiced in
American newspapers. Annexa
tion of all territory between the '
Rio Grande to Panama is con
tended. for in some American'
All these things were going
on while the Mexican commis
sioners were holding sessions
ers in the United States. - Those
with the American commission
utterances keep alive the dis
trust created in Mexico by Amer
ican annexation of Mexican ter
ritory. That distrust is one
great reason why the Mexican
commissioners hesitate to agree
to the American contention for
American troops to be allowed to
pursue Mexican bandits in Mex
ican territory. -,
Our difficulties in the Mexi
can situation are largely of our
own making. Certain of our
American citizens hold vast
tracts -of land, vast deposits of
oil and minerals that of; right
belong to poverty-stricken Mex
icans. The Mexican idea of us
would be widely different if our
treatment of them had been dif
ferent Carranza has his problem in
dealing with his countrymen.
We have ourselves made it a
difficult problem. Mexican dis
trust of us is a complication he
has" to face. " ' .i -V v;;.
Whether he signs the joint
late Harrison Cray Whotis and will
be sold without reserve.
10. One whistle, badly cracked, and
of no further use to the old codger et
First and Broadway.
We give further notice at this sale
Elihu Root wishes to dispose of hie
premature appointment to the position
of secretary of state. Bids as low as
tiOc win be considered, while Mr. Rsy.
mond Robbin will sell his chance to
Worn head ef the department of
labor for a much less aum.
Any end all bids will be considered.
Eleel the Briguet ihZ.
Now that you have taken our advicwV
and bought a good coal stove I want you
to get better acquainted with tho Briquet
Man and his excellent fuel, and I am confi
dent you will like it so well that you will
have no cause to regret the acquaintance.
Try a load and be convinced. '
. P. T. Harbour
(AS Oregon Pioneer to Hi Good Old
5 ; ,; life Pard.) ,
It seems surprisin', dont it, wife, to
think that at our time o' life two
oldish kids like you an' tne'd think o
trapasin' back wHeve we begun this
life together where you caught me
fast in Cupid's snare 7 Back to the
old Mew England farm where you an'
me walked arm In arm into "the beat
room where we stood afore the whole
durned neighborhood an' had the
preacher couple ua up tight fur bettor
or fur woes. Tomorrow we will speed
away back there to spend Thanksgiv
ln' day, an' stay a month, aa mebbe
more, among the folks we knew afore
we sot our youthful minds upon a
home out here in Oregon. We labored
hard to git a start, an' you, God bless
you, did your part in buildin' up this
splendid home en what was wild land
when we come. We've prospered on
the farm, old wife are comfortably
fixed for life. We've plenty to be
thankful for, I'm free to say a good
deal more than them that laughed an'
joshed us so whon we lit out for West
ward, Bo! I think I yst can hear 'em
say that vild goose chadn' didn't pay
an' prophesyin' that within a year
they'd see us bsek agin. But, praise
the Lord, we kept our nerve, from
our Intentlona didn't swerve, an' now
when we git back an' tell the story of
our goo chase well, they'll knew
it wa'nt no goose that we was chasln',
but prosperity, an'that we caught It
Butter Wrappers ; ;
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
! ii EXPERT REPM.'G !i
I Always Ready
A Cemplete Lire
Candy iSbop
Odessa Kirkpatrick I
no joi too cirncuLT
Satisfaction Guaranteed
WtttM It
X it & & BUX, Jrwilcr .
Mrs. Alyse RocGitchritt
nrtJeal Caltare, Dttp Irutalof
i Cvsry rrlitsy at Mi, ws, WscKtasl
Leare orders at Weston . Mercantile
store, or bring work to my residence,
Powers cottage, near school. x
I. f, SETTLE . WasroN
.1.1) . i i . (.i. j.
high agreement or doe. not sign' ZT'S
the way we come here in that early
it, Pan-America and the world
have looked on at the negotia
tions. America's purpose to pro
ceed by peaceful processes has
been observed.
The agreement may not stand.
But America's purpose and posi
tion will command the decent re
spect of mankind.1 ' ' '
day behind an ox team, but well ride
as ssiiy as kin be Inside a Pullman
aleepin' car, by N'edt an' have a coon
to make our bed an' wait on us juat
like he thought that we was rito
crata. Eh, what! Jane Barton Adam
in the Oregonian,
The statisticians have no trouble
at all in finding; figures in support
of the safety first movement, says
the . Ori'tronian. - It has just been
shown, for example, that in the
past two decades the number of
persons killed on railroad tracks in
the country waa 86,783 and the
number of injured 94,640. Of the
total number of killed and injnred
more than 25,000 were under the
age fo 25 and many were under 10.
Only 30,276 were tramp and hobos,
while more than 120,000 were res
idents of the neighborhood in which
tht accident ccurrd, Mast . ef
Coos Bay The state health board
after taking an analysis of the city
water supply here stated) "Bacterio
logically these waters art very good."
. Phone'229
sv - . -
Painless Dentistry
' ' Judd Building
V Court and Mala Streets
Prcsion-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . ' WalUbur, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
, best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company