The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 01, 1916, Image 1

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The children of 1400 rural Oregon
school have been using lessons on
the fight against tuberculosis UxU
la (titlf clatt work during tho pact
yeer. The leesona were furnished
free by the Ortgon Association for the
Prevention of Tuherrulcsla port
of lt work.
Now they art organising to hlp
Uia Rod Crwi Seal ralo of the asso
elation to ft thl motbod of dissent
inatlng Information may bo continued
and Uia association bo strengthened
In lU ramptlffn to exterminate th
droad disease in thla out. '
, - " .'. , . ,
. v ", -i
. i ,
I it.J the rlrpn er
"' v'f .tr Mr;p w-r
Jack Landen, the famaua author,
who died ouddenly laet week at hla
California dame, .,
itfionco PiDTiiorn
' Aetinf wider the formal approval ItiUHULII UMI I UHLU
and permlMlon of U-.a board of nchool . 1
dlmtora, the tblldrtn of 62 Portland ' Portland. Or.-Ooorgo Bertbolomow,
acnoola will alto Join In the blf movo aottght for more than a year aa a prio
moat. Ctpal In the Oreen Trunk Murter."
laet year the children eecurtd waa arrootod In Soattla, and la held
im.Te from tba ealo of Red Croea for Ue local authorlttee on a charge
Stele. It la exacted that mora than of killing John Und at 407 Stark
ttroet en November II, llli.
Bartholomew la eald to have laid
the killing to a man named Lund, pro
eumtd Xo bare followed Llnd and Bar
tholomew from Baa Praneiaco to Port-
f 10W will reeult from tbelr tnthnsi
eaUe work thla year. Their effort
will be made principally during Tu
borevtoeia Woob."
TUa eomoa Deeember t to 10, reach
inf elUnax with Tubereoloele 8un land.
vvwwii in wwj i r ay w nipwiH
Lot Angelte. Surrounded by the
grief etrlcken membera ot her ft ml., ,
Mr. Inea MUholland BoleMvain, the
famoua New Tork auffragitt and to
elal worktr, died at the Good Samari
tan botpltal of oeeondary antmla,
eauaod by Iota of vitality and atroagtb
through her campalgna In the later
aata of woman auffrage.
U ra. Boittevala waa 10 ytara of age
and native of New Tork. She bad
been confined at the hoepttai alnce
October IS. after having eollapeed
while making a apeecb.
Mre. BoleetvalH, formerry Inn MM
hollad, the noted New York tuf
glet, who died at Loo Angelta.
erty of the Ualhtar Llveetock 4 Land
' cempatiy. It U uadtretood tola prop- email attache, UtUe activity baa been
erty kae a valuation of approximately fliaplayed.
Wllllame In Indleiwptlle Newt.
The purchaee price baa not
been made. ,- .
The holding! conilit of 40,000
young, aelect breeding ewe about
33,000 acrea of deeded land and 88,000
acrca of leaaed land, atlda from for
'Mt reserve right. The land la lo
cated in Malheur, Grant, Harney and
.Baker countiee, Oregon. Thtre are
im tome cattle and other livestock.
Included in the real eetate holdlnge la
Miai 'Cladyi Ban!str anf Uf.
Kern McFaddrt were ' United i
marriage ThaJikagfving- afurrfooa
at five o'clock at the mfdene of
thebrideVpererita, Mayor and Kre
J. M. Baniater.' : The 1mprwi
double ring ceremony war wed,'
Iter. Mr. rretf of AtKend officbt
ing. - . , .. v
1 Th bride, wC it s beactiful'
girl, waa charmingly gowned in
white taffeta with a veil of tulle,
rd earrk-d a boqnet of bririeV
Dorothy McConncll and Car
oline Kidder were the flower gfrta.'
were carried by Cath-
re attended bv'Miu '
r-:ia i r.J Vr, f.fter' of the bride;
Mr. C. Hd of Boise, fdaho. '
Hie rortti were tastefully decor
ijni - in 'ft!'r avwl whifo rhry-an. '
:' --ii.t '.4,ft,i and
"' .. in table 'gvv,
i A Jij bridal narty nV-leu-u
the uarlor. 'Oh Promise MV
waa tweetiy eunar bv Mra. IL C. '
On the Prenoh front, except for Salinr.
After the eeremcmy Mr. knf Mr.
McFaddea motored to Walla Wal!gJi
for abort honeymoon trip." :" They '
will be at home after December 8.
at Athena, where Mr. McFadden ia
employed id Ware'a pharmacy. ' .
; Present t the wedding vrre Mr.
McFadden, the groom'a mother, and
her daaghtor,- of Corvaihs: Mrs: '
" rail woera ue iiauana nave- riwi duw ox spoxane, -air. and
made further progreae toward Torno- Mr.' Ed.' 'Leonard hd family ! of
va, near the MonMtirPretaba take 1 Waitrf jrg-, Mr. and: Mr. Robert "
road. Lee and family of Milton; Mr. ' ar.i1
Another appeal from the Belgian ! Mrav George, Lieawleii, Mr. aruf-;
Vlce-Admlral di Pbarnot, the en
tente eommander, baa deUvered aa al-
tlmatnm to Oreeee, ailolng only a
abort period In which the arma la
Athena are to be aurrenderedL t
la the Macedonian theater there haa
been no Infantry action except oa, the
Uia famoua Cowlev ranch, conaittina:
af 11.200 acrea. at the head of Barren government for American inflacnce 1 Mrs. George Banister and daosrhter.
valley. Thla ranch la irrigated from' Mninat the deportation of Belglana to Mr. and Mrs, Len Kidder and fam
a etorage reeervolr which la cloeed worK Germany waa nandea to ue 'y, tor. ana sara. ;jnom- uaton.
by a cement dam 70 feet high.
day," December 10, when every pulpit
In the atate la aeked to Join the cam
peiga by recounting progreaa and re
peating the warning again tt the dla
The aatoclatlon haa tent letter di
rect to the children of each achooL
If tella them bow to proceed. It telle
them whj' the work la eo much worth
while. It telle them the atory of
Danny had a permy. It waa a
Bartholomew alleged confettlon la
that Lund killed Llnd and paid Bar
tholomew 130 to help dlepoee ot the
body, which waa found In a green
trunk floating at the foot of Plandere
ttreet Thla etatement la contrary to
evidence collected by the local police,
who learned that a man of Bartholo
mew'a detcrlptlon bad hired the wag
on la which the trunk wta hauled
from the lodglnge of Mre. Anna Do
Courier, 407 8tark atreet
gift Conduct Pop Auetritn
WMhlnatou. -'Another
between the American
and the entente tlliet la In protpect
aa a reeult of the refusal of the British
government to grant eafe conduct to
Count Ttrnowekl, the newly appointed
Auetro-Hungarian Ambateador to the
United Statee. ,
There are 1100 acree now in alfalfa
and cultivation, and ft It the intention
eentroverty -0f to, present ewnera to immediately
government j.v.nB hj i. in ulution an
additional 1500 acrea which will make
2500 acret Of alfalfa In one tract
bright, ahiny, new penny. He took
it to tehool. Inttead of apending It GOLD IN TREASURY GROWS
for a etkk of candy he bought with
it a Red Croea SeaL Danny knew at Mere Than Held at End
boy who could not run or play becaute
he had whii waa called tubercutotl
Teacher aaid the Red Croat Saala were
old to help thla boy and to tell other
beyi and girla, and grown people, too,
hew to keep well and atronf and
Be pat the teal en hit datk. Aa he
t looked at It the picture of Santa Cltut
" teemed to grow larger. Santa teemed
,r to wink teemed to tmlle. Then he
tapped out of the aeal. Ea took
ef Pleeal Year.
Wuhlngton. The great Inflow of
gold Into the country during the peat
fltoal year Increaeed the treasury
boldlngi of the preelouc metal to II,
tOS.4ll.lll June SO, last, an Increase
of 420.eS3.P4S over the prevlout ytar,
according to the United Statee treat
urer"! annual report, made public here,
Gold Importa were I4P4.00S.S01 and
xporta IS0.S4I.S4I.
Monty In circulation In the United
Jack Lendon'a Body Cremated. '..
Oakland, Cat The body of Jack
London, the California writer, whose
audden death latt week chocked the
literary world, waa cremated here, and
the athee, In accordance with bta wish,
will be acattered over ble Glen Ellen
ranoh, which he made known to the
world al The Valley ot the Moon,"
Chleigt Wheat Prlsee Come Down,
Chicago. Wheat prlcea came down
Monday with a oraeh, . breaking In
aoma caaea aa much at t eenta a
buahel. Big aalea by ome ot the lead
ing houtea atarted a general, move
ment to unload holdlnge and gave an
opening for agfretaive celling by
beara. '-.
Wheat Oub S1.S4 blues'em f 1.E8;
red Rutslan. 11.47; forty-fold, ILS4.
' Barley No. 1 feed, $40 per ton.,
. May Timothy, 20 per ton; aifalfa,
Butter Creamery, 40&
Eggt Ranch, 48c.
Wool Eastern Oregon, S4e; valley,
Hope 1B1I crop, Sffllc.
Seattle. :
Wheat Bluettera $1.68: elub 81.84;
forty-fold. 11.55; red Ruttlao, $1.63;
fife. $1.66; turkey red. $1.8L
Barley $39 per ton.
Batter Creamery, SSc
::" Eggt 8$o. . :
atate department by Minister Haven. Mr. U. o. Uamster aai dsZTlXer.
lth- ' Mr. and Mre: Jew Gordon, of AtW '
TliSM tu tMuin militMhUki4n. 'enar Mist Stella T.iAiiaUMi nf-Wiu" 1
lery firing along" the "etera Tfrokf WaU Mrar w. ChaptA and"
from the Riga region to the Carpetfe daughter, Mrs. Ma?y iJ.Uiistr,1 Mr.-
lana. with the Oermana the aggreeaora. ' nnd Mrs; Carl McConaell and faro---" -and
also on the Austro-Iuilan front. ly. Mr. and Mrti G. SaliRj, aa J;
with the Auetrtana on the Isltlstlva. 'the Misses Odessa Kirkpatrk'k; "-
The fortified town of Rsmsgate. ea Gladys Smith, Ethel i Wadd&sha V
the Engllah coaat, waa bombarded by Or Martin, tela Wilson and NeHio'
Germaa naval vessels. The Oertnaa Nelson.
craft sank the only hostile vessel, a
British patrol ship, which waa encoun
tered, the Germans returning to their"'
The situation In Ronmanla aa do-'
acribed in the newa ahowa that Oen-
Eugene Plans have been approved
for Blair roundhouse, on the Coo
Danny on a wonderful ride behind hla
Denny faw tiny germa cautt tu
bercttlotia. He aaw a boy who whined
when told to go out in the freth
air and play. Ha almost ran over a
tunbeam that waa bound earth-ward
to kill the germa. Ha taw the build
lag where the multitude of pennlet
given by boya and girla ware being
attembled to ate their united power
agaihtt the disease. Suddenly Danny
found himself back in school But he
wsi glad that with hla penny, the
only penny he had, he had bought a
Red Croit Seal.
State at the dote of the flical year Heuatwlvte Fight rood Speculatore. Bay lm b Southern Pacific.
aggregated $4,024,097,761. an Increase
ef $484,878,188 over the previous year.
There waa a remarkable' growth In
the gold eolft and certificates In circu
lation, the Increase being I381.0P1.1SS.
, The government' ordinary recelpta,
totaling $779,884,663, Wert an tncreaee
of $87,180,107 over thote ot 1815; or
dinary disbursements, $724,483,891,
were $8,810,89$ less than the preced
ing year, and the aurptut on ordinary
transaction! $68,171,664.
New Tork, Co-operative action by
American housewives to combat food
peculators waa indicated In a house
hold embargo en egga Inaugurated
here. The movement hat the Indorae
Went of the National Houaawivet'
league.' - 1
Hood River haa a candy and glace
apple factory. 1
Canyon City A flour mill it plan
ned hare.--.,
Bend la shining potatoes East.
- Fifteen hundred ship carpenter! on
the Willamette and Columbia rivers
have received increases in pay.
Shipbuilding la a natural industry
Portland Given U. S. Grain Cffioe. -'
Washington. The secretary ot agri
culture haa designated Portland, Or.,
II headquarter! for the Ifd district
for. the administration of the grain
Standard! act The district embrace
Ftar Rabin From Coyote Bite
Will Xnowlton, a resident of McKay
eroik, wai bitten last Saturday night fcU ot Oreg0B Washington, Alaska.
by ft coyote believed to have been Hawaii and 61 California counties, alt
rabid, whan ha and h!i father, D. C. of Idaho, 19 counties in wettern Mon
JCnowlton, were attacked. - Only the end nine countlet in Nevada. ,
hstvy boots of the father prevented pm atart D(i , UuHch WrMkl
hi being bitten. The animal waa Ban Francisco. Pour United State
killed with a gun by young Knowlton. tailor met death here, and halt a
tcorl were Injured when a launch car
rying $6 men of the supply ship Ola
eler'l craw wai awept under the pad
dle btadea of (he ttern wheel river
Ittamer Apache. .
Qrttk Rebels Against Germany
- Salonlkl, via- London. The Greek
provttlonal government, composed or for pacific Coaat porta and freight
follower of et-Premler Venlselos, hat c building ia a good interior in
formally declared war on Germany dustry,
and Bulgaria, aya an Athena dltpatcbV Eugene The ; Willamette Pacific
' intends to expend $50,000 here
cninoee oenaie wpprovis bean.
Pekln. The senate hat approved
the $6,000,000 loan arranged with Chi
cago bankera. The lower houie al
ready had approved ft
' A qutti. homff 'W,-'?i?tsr took
at one o'clock 'iiiurs, fft afternoon '
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.' j.
J.- Beeler,-when their daughter v
oral von Falkenbayn'a forces having Blanche became the bride -of Mr. -gained
the railway at Craiova had rap- Benj. E. Juday of lone, Oregon 1
Idly pushed to the aoutheast and are. Pw. W. B. Smith read the service!
aceordina to German official aenonnta. The bride was attired in hr etnintr '
already in touch with Field Marshal away suit oi peacocK biue cloth, and
von Mackenaen'a forces, which eroea- carried an )arm bequct c,f whj'U !
ed the Danube at Zlmnltaa and now c mature and bride rose. ?
are before Alexandria. ' Dinner was served immediate!
Reporta aay that the roads leading following the ceremony; Theflor'
eastward from the Alt river are en 'decoration for the table was a 1re; ' :
cumbered with fleeing Roumanian nifloont center piece of yellow chry- ' '
aupply columna, and marked by burn- anthemnms presented by Miss Flora " '
lag vBlagea. McConotighy of Walla-Walla, -ho- '
" ' - '' ' is a guest at the Beeler home. ' ,
Andrew Carnegie waa II years eld young; man ia engage In farming
Saturday.' dairying; j Tney are accompan' '
Farm implements and farm machta. d y the best wishes of numeroui
ery will be advanced from 18 to SO friends, as the bride is one of Wes -per
cent In price with the advent of ton's most estimable gfalav
the new telling teaaoa early ra the '
Wring. Pendleton Man U Kcw PKeoSt rda
The American Federation of Labor - r,ntjli rwiJ. i. tarrx
vwfvsiM uh xam swt Jf we
brought a notable two weeks' session
to an end at Baltimore by reelecting
President Gompera and all other pres
ent officers and choosing Buffalo aa
the 1917 convention city.
Ambassador Penfleld notified the
erly engineer at the atate hospital la.
Pendleton": and wir known in' 4hi '
lection, has ' been appointed wardea "
of the penjtentiarji, and after a con
ference with members of the beard eft
Th htii of the animal wai tint to
Portland for examination, and a dog
which was first attacked ia being
closely watched to tes if rabies de
velop. V
The Oregon Electric i planning a
$2,0001000 extension to Cascadla tim
ber holdings for the Monarch Mill
Tillamook Several carload of
TMHeitMawl at It ins atsak kalM atVleeeasal
liiiniiiuua mi wow tantj avejiiiaj pstsajawva - z
to the Ekst thi week. Thla it the PorUand,
flrtt tim In the htttorr of th Oregon c ""
Industry that cheese has been cent Cranta Pat reemtly held S show lough lad U. L. 5tnfi!d, purchased
In the offshore lumber trade, Wash
ington and Oregon tide water mills
shljlped 8412,787 feet of lumber dur
ing the month of October. :
Stanficlda Make DI Deal
Baker, Or. Baker aheepmen were
much interested today In the report
of the aale of Malheur Livestock A
Land Company to a Company beaded
by the Stanfield brother. According
to the report the sale was one of the
largest sheep deals ever made in the
west and waa consummated several
daya ago when Bobert N. Stanfield, of
Stanfield, Ore., Montie B. Gwinn, of
Boise, O. E. Stanfield, Glen McCul
to expenu here on
Salem A committee of citizens la
making a survey to report on reforms
needed at the atate prison.
The Dallea valuations are down
$350,000 and city levy goes up a mill.
Grants Pass "Boost. for Beets" ia
to be the slogan of this city.
Albany recently held a successful
horns manufactured banquet
Medford Work haa atarted ton
a $25,000 Applegatn Lumber Co. aaw
mill. ' ' , ". . ; '
. Klamath Falls A stool bridge haa
been ordered Over the Irrigation canal
at Burrell Short ranch.
, Portland With $15,000,000 lesa
valuations, the tax rate for 1917 haa
not been increased.
Scapoose haa dedicated a $3000
Congregational church.
Dairymen of South Silverton are
organising a cheese factory,
Boseburgv-The O. A C. land grant
had been aet aa a data for the funeral controL v9 new duties Men-
Wh,-admitting Wt ''jfuittsB
plated BVing aeversj, tSmsg)''
aaid that ha was not jrt prepared te '
announce theni, and also that he de
of the late Austrian Emperor Francis
Joseph. The message aaid the new
Austro-Hungarlan ruler would be call
ed Karl L
A detailed and comprehensive state
ment of the lumber production la the
United Statee will be available by next . sire to study' conditio Jrf"a
aummar aa a reeult of Investigation nounclpg any define rwi rUcy r.
being made by the office of industrial .
inveetigetlone. foreatry aervlce, la . . . ' ' . .
Washington. : , . wlAxe;v.Vy. W5a4ils'
An agreement between government eharge hir attbc4fcat hli,
counsel and attorneys representing suggestion, Ordered n,. udi of the
all ateara carrlera In the tountry B-on hooka. " B. .nu.tiu4 tk.t '
an accounting aystera-; bi wetaJUtV
amt this met with the fceaVch lr:ot. '
made with the approval of Attorney
General Gregory at Washington, haa
swept the way olear for aa Immediate
undisputed decision from the supreme
court la the Adamson eight-hour law
" .Salem The Country club here. Is
' to trect a building a brkk bjock en
" " " Liberty meet. -
Multnomah county to erect $130, ' , " ' '
000 hospital Marsbfle!d-The Oregon Tower to.
Hood River Utilisation of cull ap- haa aecured a 25-year frasdiifie ia