The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 24, 1916, Image 4

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Wliaf isTiiailspiflg
vitiioiit the Dinner?
. il
Snnrklinir put pLiss in a variety of patterns
and pretty designs just received. Water sets, v
extra glasses, bowls in all sizes many attractive
novelty designs for many, purposes at prices I
ranging from $1.00 to $10.00. y. g
Glass tumblers ut from 19c to 49c each. , ;J
Water pitchers from 25c to 49c each. jj
Beautiful table damask, 72 in., pure linen, per yard........9Sc $1.49, $1.93
IHauiuus iu maim nv vviii-uiiuii t...v.
Wp jirp makincr sDecial efforts to aid in the
I success of your dinner. Here are a few Thanks-
rr,rinfr cwn'nk TIipv cm with the Turkey:
VJ fcj 1 T lliO "'f --j O "
t - --
I Sweet Potatoes Cranberries Celery
!p Lettuce Cauliflower Cabbage Parsley
t , .
I Grapes Apples . Oranges Bananas
Toasted Marshmallows Fancy Cakes .
I; Raisins Currants. Citron Peel Oysters
S MS:'
AinceAcat Cheese Honey
Rich dtsigns in imitation of the real damask, mercerized .......69c j
For a Thanksgiving special we have received g
a splendid assortment of ties in all the new de- ij
signs rich, heavy silks, dressy for the party, 'the j:
i tt tv i prtrt,.n tw Pnn ball, or business wear 49c.
Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple Popcorn That Pops , j v . at from $:
Shirts, Standard makes, at from $1.50 to 89c each. - j
Heavy, warm woolens at from $3.00 to only 98c each. ;j
GLOVES Canvas gloves, auto gloves, work
gloves, dress gloves driving gloves. tn RPfl them. ?i
Walnuts Almonds Peanuts Mixed Nuts
EpJ J f-i
See E. E. Zchra ,or sheet iron for
A light vote was cast at th annual
.wiinn Mnndav. there waa but
on tiokct in the field. Weston'a oin- Hpnlh and OtW Aganu Wara Uaad
cial family continues tha Mroe na ay Old Tima Sur8Mna.
heietofora with the exception thnt one Thow wh Imaglu ( tbat aurUral
,;,w men,ber, Marvin Prise. wil.oc .1. ELJEZ
cufpy a aeat at the aWermanic table. " .... - ,IB, .hul(i
bg vt.
Prime Beef
Pork. Mutton, Vea!
Dressed Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
iPhone No. 63. Orders taken by
iboii for mail routes.
Tea percent interest on all ac-
t tt- HI A 'W
A. P. Perry
to pay your Weston. Leader "sub"
' to loan on crood i
wheat land at i
a t at the ""; ,orra ..tod tha rteac. ahou.d
Threatened opposmon to tha prunary m BB rlh.ta ul,t8bed by Dr. J. da
AiA vint And the el- -. - . . i. ir.!.UH tAMtiki
- i-v . - - teniou in lue mum "
Ilenri Slarch was called to Pendle- eciion was as quiet and peaceable as a 0f grttnee.
ton Tuesday on a business trp. Quaker conference. Tha Leader man Various anentbetUIng media and
ia inclined to think, however, that he methods wet well known both in an-
Call a taxi!" Lafe McBnde a is al- h , ciKar coming from Mayor Ban- tlqulry and durln the middle agea.
ways at your disposal. Phone 92. jn MUrn fw ,oy, .upport Homer mentions tba anesthetic efferta
For Rent-Tb. Thi.lipa on th.t would have been forthcoming if SjSSSXStS:
i.ui.iBi.uu"sw ' - the raDora of bemp. proaucea py
r, .t .u. t i j !i. oil rhmninc hemn aeed OO bot atones. A
DO 111 tllH UCVI BltU KU1B U(Oil" " . . - ...
team, of the High achoo. ?
now in active to prepare q( ) the- ,nwn.,h, dor,
themselves for the season a gam". , ,urglra operttlons.
which are already scheduled. The xbe most Important anesthetic of an
firat contest will be a double header c.nt ,ni medieval time was. bow
affair and will take place "rIJay, Dec- ever, wine of mandragora, the uae of
ember 15, at Athena with tbeAthena which la mentioned by a great nnmber
High, Miss Cogswell is coaching the or early writer ana is rererrea o vT
. . . . . .L , . .: Shakenncare. Mora recently. In the
ottbeserviesofameLr. Notwith- r" 1 Xpu
bv rraduation. it is said that some
E. E. Zehm has sold, two high test
milch cows to a Pendleton dairyman
for 150.
A daughter was born Sunday to Mr.
and Mrs. John York, at their home on
Water street t
Ernie Blompren has been kept at
borne several days this week with an
a'tack of la grippe.
Our Langtet Canal.
The kroaert rnnai Id tha ftolted
Amtr la the Erie canal, whk ll cuvrm
a distant- or i uill. Tb KUwidn,
East Cosh! raoal la 8."0 mllra long and
runs from Mayport. Kla., lo Miami.
The Miami and Krla canal, between
ClnrlunaU and Tolwlo. O . a 274 miles
long. Tbi-re art three canals lo Penn
sylvania, tha Hcbuyiklll NavUsatloo
company, between Mill Creek and Phil
adelphia, lo nillea: the Peuntytranla,
between t.' Nortlmmuenand ,
and Wllkesltarre. 11 miles, and tha
Lehliib Coal and Navigation rompany.
bvtweea Coalrt and ICiisti.. ItW
mile long. The longest rannl lo En
rol Is the Periln Htettlo.' t'Ju. and the
next lotigmt. the IUiks. 1(0 tnliea.-1'bll-
adelphla Pi
F".:-G. Lucas J
" Keal Estate and Loans i
Z . . Weston, Oregon
Dr, Alfred F.Sempert
, Graduate and Registered
9.-00 to 12M A. M.
1.00 to B.-00 P. M. .
jpar WATTS BLDG., upstairs
The deposits of the two Pendleton
banks have reached tht record-breaking
total of ,5,600,000
Baker, Oregon, is threatened with a
serious coal famine, and its mayor
has appealed to the railroads.
At the school meeting Monday a
levy of eight mills was voted in ac
cordance with the published budget.
How would you like it if we kept
some of you waiting for yoar repBirs,
hsidware, etc, ss you keep us waiting
for our pay? Watts & Rogers.
, Mrs. Mark Ray was operated on at
Walla Walla Mondcy for the relief of
stone in the kidney, by Drs Sutner
and Hill of that city and Dr. Smith of
Weston. . .
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bartholomew
of Stanfield were guests Tuesday of
promising material is avuiluble. ,
The Weston Welfare club held an
interesting meeting Thursday even,
ing with President J. H. Prica in the
chair. Several matters relating to
town betterment were discussed, and
a committee was elected to report
ways and moans of securing improve
ment of the depot road, which is on
railroad company ground. Its mem
bers are Mayor Banister. E. M. Smith
and Dr. F. D. Watts
One of the Leader man' most
agreeable tasks of the week was that
of writing out receipts to the follow
ing subscribers and his pencil is not
yet dull: Otis Reynolds, A. L. Doug
las, Mrs. Walter Webb, Frank Skin
ner, A. Richal, F. W. Hoffman, W. S.
Banister, (Jeo. J Waduingnam, thrla
the foot of Augustus 111- king of Po
land, wblle under tha Influence of man-
the R. G. Salings while on their re- Tboeny, Harry Snick, J H. Clodius, V.
Physician and Surgeon
r . . ,. iv. nm KnilHino- nther bovs he Was SDt
Office, lit
Watts building
turn borne from the Scnumann-lleii
concert at Walla Walla.
Will Price was out in the Couse
creek country last week, garnishing
tha farm residence of Frank Winn
with fresh paint and new wall paper.
Ka is jiow doing over the interior of
the Weston Baths nd Tailor Shop.
Rex Payne, captain of the basket
ball team of the Athena High School,
will be prevented for-a time from
center because
arm. With tw
nther bovs he was spilled out of a
buggy during a runaway,
L. Marr, Gus Rambo, i. E. Jontw.
Since taking the civil service ex
aminntion for postoHice employes at
Pendleton last February which he
pa3ed with the second highest grade
in a class of eleven Andy T. Barnett
has received a number of offers of po
sitions. Ka has decided, tiowever, to
remtin in Weston, being content with
his present work as city recorder and
aisitai.t postmaster.
The Astoria Flouring Mills Com
pany has awarded contract for $30,
000 worth of additional machinery.
Two other anesthetizing agencies
were employed In verv early time,
arterial compression and hypnotism.
In Prano They Ara Made Pram Pour
t Six Pest In Length.
The blggeat loaves of oread baked
to be eaten art those made to Franc
sod Italy. In the case of the T'P
bread of tbe latter country the loave
are between two feet and three feet
In length and occasionally even long
er, while the French people mak their
loave In tbe shape of very long rolls
of bread, ranging from foar feet to Are
feet and In a few Instance even to
lx feet in length.
Bread In Paris la distributed almost
exclusively by women. These go to
the various bakehousea at 6:30 a. m.
and spend about an boar lu brushing
tbe long loave wltb special brnsbe.
When their load la cleaned of grit and
dust tbe porteuM de pain goe tbe
round to the customer.
Customers who lire In flat bar
tbelr loave propped op against tb
doom of tbelr apartments. Ebopkeep
ers. restaurs tears and other customers
who have entrancea to tbelr premise
in tb street find tbelr portion of tb
staff of life leaning against their front
doors when they take down tb but
ters. Tbe wage of these bread ear
lier vary from 2 shillings to 2s. 6d. a
day, their work being generally over
at 10 or 12 o'clock U tb morning.
London Tlt-BiU.
Beauty f Zambesi Pall.
To rvalla fully lit woudrou beauty
of Ibe Zambesi falls. It Dmitris, on
must bar time to linger and watuA
the ever changing tei. Tb depths
of the ehasni beiow srt veiled from
lt!lt by the rising column ul opales
cent mist, and lr tn yawning
abya tb aim glint and sparkles,
weaving tbe drop Into a maguldceot
rainbow. Tbnw hundred fwt below
roars and bolls tb swirling flood as tt
rmerge from the Dolling l'L nisblng
on down the aimag gorge netweeo tow
ering cliff of twa. narrow. Here
ami of onftttlinmabl di-ptb.-Afrlcsn
he Wa Prank.
Tb moving picture director wa bar
ing trouble In getting on of the scene
right. The girl wa supposed to resist
an attempt to kiss her. but tb r
beams I was fnr from satisfactory.
"Think, now," said the director,
couching her. "bnven't yon vr tried
to stop a young man from klmlng
"No." wss the glrCa frshk rtply
London Anxwera.
In th Circuit Court of th SUtto pf
Oitgon, for Umatilla County.
Nlta Joyce Mulleiiberg, Plaintiff.
.'' ; '
John B. MuilenUrg, Defendant.
To th Defendant, John B. Muilon
berg: - ; .
In th nama of th tt of Orgo.
you are hereby required to appear en1
answer th complaint filed agsiitat yon
In th above court, on or before th
butt day of th Urn prescribed in th
order for publication herewith to-wiL
th 15th day of December, 1810, and if
you fail so to answer for want there
of th plaintiff wilt apply to th court
for th relief prayed for In her com
plaint on fl! herin. to-wlt, for a de
cree of divorce forever dissolving th
marring now and hsretofor existing -between
plaintiff and defendant, for
th restoration of her maiden nam,
Kit Joyr Calhoun, and for such fur.
ther relief to th court may sssra
1 his summons la ssrved upon yon
by order of th Honorable Gilbert w.
1'helps Judg of th shove entitled
Court, which order is dated th 28th
dny of October, 1916. Th data of
th first publication la th 8d day of
November, 1910, and or the last Pud
licstion is th 16th day of December,
A ttorneys for Plaintiff,
i Dr. Q. 5. NEWSOJn ?
Physician ant Surgeon
Post Uuikilog (Dr. Ston' for
mer office) Athena, Org .
! Bit for Sail Pressed
Modern Supereilleusness.
"My sncenliin csnte urer lu the May
flower" "Yen?" rejoined Mr1. Cwnms. "I
underNtnnd thnt the fiire whs reslly
quite low. Hut. griti-lnns nie.' the hont
mum hare been terribly overcrowdi-d."
Washington Htar.
PsMy Wsrn.d.
Chnlly Before I met ynu I ihmik'hl
of ntlilnit hut nisklne niniiey. f.thei
Well. keep rlitlil on! I'of nln't so rh-b
as folks thlnk!-flln NYw.
A Mattee of Tsste.
The Woman - I'd riitht-r llvenn hresd
and wster thsu mi ehurlty. The Trump
-Vea, mum: tlu-re's no atvnnutlu fer
taste.-Phllsdelphln U-der. '
. ,"'
Luck count one In awhile; brtlnj
count ail tt tlni.-W. B, Lough,
Before Prtisln $ Your Suit
You'll win her if we do
the work.
A shave, , hair-cut and
shine would help.
to your measure
R. L. Reynaud