The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 24, 1916, Image 3

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Make this a real ChriHtmas. Make yournflf Imppy by
making othora happy. It'n never the iriftM you gave that
mekr you unhaPDy on Chrintmuit. but the ones you failed
to cive.
Giv gifta that are aduptod to the oimimHtnnctui, gifta
that aerve a uaoful purpoiw, gut thut endure, j imts i in
creasing appreciation for auch gifta os time goo, on and thpy
continually reflect the kindnemi and tiioughtfulncH of the
There are world-of atii-h gift to cIkkwo from, especi
ally at Davla-Kaitor'a, the recognised gift good emporium.
A few cent will buy a real gift here, or one can go into the
hundred of dollam on aomeof the finer furniture, on New
Ediaon Phonograph or Pianoa. No matter how , much or
how little you wish to pay in any particular cane, you will
And unequalled assortment and unequalled values here at
that price.
. Toye, too, for the kiddies toys and games and liooks.
Even here, a aurnrisinff proportion of our assortment is of
the durable, educational, and mind building sort.
To assure yourself a happy occuaion on Lhrmtmas, give
freely, shoo early and'shon here, where you can find almost
unlimited assortment of goods suitable for gifts at lowest
Piano, Phonographs, Mimic Complete lltimo Furnhiher
10 20 Alder 81. WALLA WALLA, WASH.
A Brass Bed of Artistic
High Quality
IT'S Impossible to illustrate all the beauty of this bed ell its
refinement of design.and elegant simplicity. We want you to
tee it, whether you need a bed now or not. If its remarkably
low price does not Induce you, we will not urge you to buy.
You will have to Me it to realuc just what an imposing effect it
creates. ; , ; (
DeMOSS furniture
Dr. s i maim
: Veteiioary Surgeon
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
Phone - Main 253
Wm 4 m
Ordr taken for' putted fbiwers, at
the DvMoaa Furniture rltte,
Lost -Long-haired Persian Angora
rut. Reward. Print Melirew.
Team, harm's. Iiurk and apan f
marra with coll or sale. K. W,
In It fair that yu hold your hay,
grain or Htatoe fur higher price at
our txwiiM. WatU A K(era?
A party of friend war pleasantly
ntertained Tuesday evening by Mr.
anil Mra. K. U. Hlomgren at Hillval
Frank Graham, popular grocery
aaluaman with th Wtot Mercantile
Co., la quit eriouly III with tlia pre
vailing epidemic.
Kanka are full of money for you that
yuu ow ua. Why not please both th
hank and ua and ha at eaa with a aat
iafiml conscience? Walta & Kogera.
Mr. and Mra. J. H. Gordon have
moved to boar Park, Waah., wher
Mr. Gordon will conduct tha pastoral
Work of tha Church of tha Brethren.
Ih Farmer Bank of Wton ha
bought under foreclosure Jh Blue
Mountain Sawmill company property,
consisting of th mill plant and 1140
acre of land.
Tha currant statement of th Firt
National Hunk of Athena ahowa cash
and exchange of IZVt.M.W, and de
poait of C79,797.75-wbich reflect
East End prosperity.
Harry Wortmnn of Medford, grand
chancellor of tha Kniichta of Pythias,
and W. G. Gleeson of Portland, grand
keeper of record and aeal, paid an
enjoyable vUit Wednesday evening to
Steven Lodg No. 49.
Hen Waklen i now the proud owner
of a "ranch her In town," having
bought the Mra. P. J. Purcell proper
ty. Now that th cage is ready w
suppose that Ben is watchfully wailing
for th bird to fly in.
The annual union Thanksgiving ser
vice of the Weston community will be
held this year at the United Brethren
church at 7:30 p. m. November 30.
The sermon will be given by itev. W.
B. Smith, Methodist pastor.
Tha remain of Mr. Jack Lute,
who died recently at La Grande, were
brought to Weston today for burial,
and service will be conducted at the
cemetery by Rev, W. S. Payna. Mr.
Lute 1 survived by a husband and
four children.
A miscellaneous shower was (riven
Mies Gladys Hamster Monday evening
at her home on Water street by th
llHchelor Girls. Many beautiful and
nsuful gift were received by Mis
Banister in token of the regard of her
girl friends, twenty of whom were
V j
We Practice
the Golden Rule
and to assist the people to
Take Our Measure
we have ordered 1000 wooden rules for them
. Have you keen the two-spool sewing machine? no bobbin it is fine.
Machines $18.50 to $45.00.
Flectric Washer the smcothest, most efficient, you ever saw.
Motor and all, $68.00.
Phonographs all prices.
Auto robes, silverware, clocks and cutlery. Can you beat onr assort
ment for Christmas?
Astoria With 100 acres of cran- .ti?M.U
berry marsh, part of which is now J
bearing, Clatsop county expect to J
niak a dent in th future cranberry ?
Oregon and Washington tide-water
mills ahipped 34,212,787 feet of lum
ber during October.
Portland Th Northwest Steel
Company contemplate adding a
$1,000,000 rolling mill to their plant
Several hundred additional men would
be employed.
- (No. 206)
The Farmer' Bank of Weaton, at We- U
ton, in th State of Oregon, at the U
Tlose of business November 17, 1916:
"'' ' " . BKSOURCK8.
Loan and discount $113,357 84
Bonds and warrant 10,114 74
Banking house 3.600 00
Furniture and fixtures 1,000 00
Other real estate owned 37,119 71
Uue from approved reserve
banks 67.91100
Checks and other cash items 108 18
Cash on hand 12,344 11
Tiie Fanners Bai of Weston
Este!M6d 1891
l!owvr, w'H lt Mr. Rooster do what
littlt crowing may b ncary. W
merely wish to aay that w will appre
ciate your patronage in our tin and do
our best to earn your good opinion.
Rolled Barley, Oat and Wheat; Baled
Hay, Mllbrtuff and Chicken Feed.
W'rs local agnU for Pocock Flour
(rail marhs (urt )Frih. tixl
wriiHM tor rati aiAaoM u4 mmt
graa. or Itw iMtM, t-ll how. aluu to tHVfM
na m yv MtMwy. wnw iwiwy
and Blatchford'a Calf Meal. rhon281. Ip QirT O. fl)
r. d vvnnn Pent Man H Ml V 1 If If ' I U Ul
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
in all Stat and Federal
1303 Seventh SU Washington, D. 0.
W. M. Pttinon G. H, Blthop
Peterson & Bishop
Pendleton, Or. Frewatr, Or.
The Universal Car
The Ford with the new features: large radiator and
enclosed fan; streamline hood; crown fenders front
and rear, and entire black finish, is one of the most
attractive cars on the market These qualities in
combination with the smaller purchase price bring
the Ford within the possibilities of nearly every
home. Why forego the pleasure and convenience of
Ford travel another day? Ford prices again reduced
and Ford quality higher than ever. Small expense
of operation and upkeep the utmost in motor car
valu and service for business and pleasure.
Strength of construction, simplicity in design, real
Ford merits. Place your order now. Touring Car
$414.85. Roadster $399.85. ,
prevent. I
J. I). Kirk, who lost hi drugstore
and pool hull in tha fire, has pur
chased a building from Bert Andrus,
which ha will move onto the lots
where th drugstore formerly stood.
He expocts to have hi new building
ready for occupancy in a short lima.
Mr. and Mr. John William of No
'.n motored to Weston Sunday for a
visit with relative. Mr. Williams la
an extensive farmer of , th Nolin
neighborhood, where he has 800 acres
yet to seed for next year's harvest.
Mr. William ia a niec of Mr. Z.
. C. Pric. '
. A check for $10)000, said to be
the largest amount ever rocoived by
a Garfield county farmer, was handed
to M. C. Beat for wheat last Sutur
day, at Pcmeroy, Wash., by Fred Mat
thics, representing M. H. Ilousor, of
Portland. Mr. Beulo'a wheat repre
sented crops for three years and the
pric ranged from $1.45 to $1.50 for
club and red Rusainn. Purchase of
wheat by Mr. Matthies last Saturday
aggregated niore than $250,000.
Mrs. P. J. Puroell, a pioneer resi
dent of Weston who, together with
her daughter, Mrs. Eva Shellenberger,
moved last week to Prineville, Or.,
write that "old Prineville is th town
up-to-date in every way. It has 1800
population and 150 high school students,
and scarcely a vacant house. It ha a
fine climate, cold at night and clear,
sunshiny days. We have found every
thing higher thn at Weston but pota
toes, whiyh at present ara $1.25 per
sack." '
Mrs. Cora Belle McDuff died Novem
ber 20, 1916, at her home in Wtston,
after a lingering illness with tubercu
losis. She was a native of Weston,
born September 30, 1879, hor father
..Total $245,453 48
Capital stock paid in $ 30,000 00
Surplus fund 15,000 00
Undivided profit, less ex-
. penses and taxes paid 2,457 93
Due to banks and banker ... 1,001 72
Individual deposits subject
to check 167,691 04
Demand certificate of de
posit .: 3.877 19
Time and Savings deposit 25,425 60
Total..! :.. $6,453 48
State of Oregon, (
County of Umatilla, J
, I, E. M. Smith, Cashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement ia true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
m E. M. Smith, Cashier.
J. H. Price,
F. D. Watts,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 13th day of November, 1916.
S. A. Barnes,
(Seal) Notary Public.
(My commission expires Nov. 23, 1920.)
. OT4T10N
Vha provisions are you making for the winter
time of life?
Are you laying anything aside? You'll need it
some day.
Store up a little in this bank each month for the
Well-Appointed Conveniently Located . Pleasant
Comfortable Reasonable Rates
J. M. Bentley. Prop. - M. A. Ferguson, Clerk
In the County Court of tha State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of tho Estate of Martin
E. Olson, Deceased.
To Ole O. Lien, Mrs. Kari Jacob
son, Mr. Mari Hanson, Mra. Anna
Johnson, Chnries K. Olson and Hans
E. Olson, heirs at law of Martin E.
Olson, Deceased:
In the Name of the State of Or
EQON, You, and each of you, are here
by cited and required to appear at 11
o clock in the forenoon on tha 2d day
of January, 1917, in the County Court
room in the Court House of Umatilla
County, OreRon, in the City of Pendle
ton in said County, then and there to
show cause, if any exist, why the said
Court should not grant the petition of
Chas. H. Carter, administrator of the
above named estate, to sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash
the following described real property
belonging to the said Martin E. Olson,
deceased, at his death, and now belong
ing to his estate, to wit: The West
Hair or Northeast Quarter and south
Made of Malt a refreshing
temperance drink. .
Pool and Billiard Hall
being Barney Pnne, an early pioneer eR8t Quarter of Northeast quarter and
of Oregon. She is survived by two Northeast quarter of Southeast Qusr-
children. Josie and Frank Tucker; an tw of Section 32, Tp. 4 S. K. 31, E.
. . t ti n i ii j W. M , 160 acres, more or less, situat
auntMrs. Lou Hildebrandt, and four . Um,ti Conntv, Oregon,
cousins. In 1904 she united with th Witness the Honorable Chas. H.
M. E. Church, South, and continued a Marsh, Judge of the abov' entitled
member until her death. Funeral ser- County Court, and the Seal of said
i ,14 w ,u r . Court hereto attached at Vendleton,
vices were conducted at the Methodist UmHtiua Countv. Oregon, this 14th day
church Wednesday by Rev. W. B. 0f November, 1916.
Smith. Hymn that had been selected ( Seal of Frank Saliko,
by th daceasad wsra tung. , I Co""1? Curt CountJ C1rk-
Now is the time to feed it. Look
at this space next week for prices.1
- P'
The o Stora