The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 10, 1916, Image 2

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New England, Middle West
and Many Central States
for Hughes.
Single Tax and Beer Amend
ments Appear to Have
Been Defeated.
Nw Tork, Nov. . The contest for
president of the IV ted State la ap
tareaUr so close that the official re
hires msy be neccs. -ry (a determine
whether President Voodrow Wilson
has been reflected or IU be succeed
4 by the republican candidate.
' Ctiarloa Evana Hughes of New Tork.
Tha possibility that an official count
would he necesssri In states where
th mania of apparent victory for on
presidential candidal or tha other la
light, was freely discussed at both
headquarter. It ws pointed out tbat
If tha hous of representatlvca became
tha court of laat resort in tha electiu
f a president, the ptwnt houa and
tit tha on just elected would alt In
judgment. No formal statement on
tha aubject aa mada. however.
Tha election hanta In tha balance,
tha early pluralltiea for Hughes hav
ing been virtually wiped out by later
Portland, Or., Nov. . Charlea &
Hughe probably haa carried Oregoa
for president by plurality that way
reach iHK.
Hughes la leading Wilson In Mult
nomah county by a narrow margin.
Hughes Is Maintaining a good lead
la moat of tha upstate counties. Ho
appears to hare carried Benton.
Clackamas. Clatsop, Columbia, Coo.
Crook. Gilliam. Hood River. Klamath,
lane. Lincoln, Marlon. Sherman, Til
lamook. Wasco, Washington and Yam
bill counties. Ilia lead In Clackamas
la small
Wilson la leading la Baker. Povgla.
Jackson, Jefferson, Linn. Morrow.
Vmatllla. Union nnd Wallowa eoua
tie. . State officers, all republicans, have
been elected as follows: Secretary of
elate, Ben. W. Olcott; justices of tha
supreme court. George It. Burnett nnd
Frank A. Moore; dairy and food com
missioner.' John IX Mlckte; public ser
vice commissioners, H. II. Corey and
Fred O. Buchtel.
The "bone dry" or absolute prohibi
tion bill will lose by a comparatively
narrow margin. The measure will run
behind" In Multnomah county by 10,00
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MiRlUtirtlON KM ft
The Year l W
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m c Ism il hmMi,
r . ..... mm mm A
'Twould be difficult to say just
how a normal school campaign
could be won In Or iron, but one
way not to win la with highbrow
banquet at Portland hotel.
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M. . kt mt. . . . .1 I f.. i .. .1...... ..m S 1 I m L- tt tirapm
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a Tt -..I I Ai,a maU unn think- nf warm V
to prominently educating, for al
the ewajh he cuts in the Oregon
political field.
Stirfeited ourselves In former
Men's markinawa,
years, we do not bcgnidg to N r lrns
I'endleton the privilepo of hear
ing ths "gld tidings" from the
Willamette valley.
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marked bt foi-e the AVeMiiii loud
er and the Saturday Kveniug
Tottt have more than two million
circulation wvekly and each loads
in its respective field. Our Val
ued contemporary supplies us
this vtHk with the following edi
torial which although written
prior to the election siies up
the situation so well that
The teachers resolved ar.d
taxpayers harixxmed.
At least Pendleton has not
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the school of experience.
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Primary Mass Meeting
Notice b hereby given that a pri
ms ry mas meeting; will I hekt at the
w council chambers of tha City of Wee-
have decided to reprint it rather ton Monday evening, November 13, at
than so to the trouble on a busy ' prp. of mrnii-
nating- a ticket or tickets to be voted
We trust that the Post will ap- Jmhtr ,9ia
week of writing one of our own.
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retnrna from tha western atatea.
Although Chairman Wlllcox. for tha or 11.000. and carry In the state out
republican national committee and hla aide by 7000 or gftOO.
chief aldea, Frank H. Hitchcock,
Oeorga W. Perkins nnd C. N Bliss,
declined point blank to concede the
defeat of Mr. Hughes, they frankly
aid that tha outlook was "uncomfort
ably dose."
Tha bcawera bill likewise haa been
anowed under. Tho margin agalnat It
la large In tha outlying counUea.
The alngla tax amendment waa over
whelmingly defeated. Every county
reporting haa given a decisive rota
against It -
Heavy Vote la Cast Throughout tha
New Tork, Nov. 8. Fair weather,
general throughout the country et
eept in the upper Mississippi valley
and In western Colorado, accompanied
by agreeable tempers tare, brought
out the voting host early today. Ra
' porta from practically all secUona In
dicated that heavy vote had been
cast, and some point reported that
the bulk of tha vote was in before
10 a. m. ,
All the New England atatea tn their
early reports of the voting dwelt on
the heavy early balloting. Providence,
R. I, reported that throughout tho
state it waa the heaviest ever known.
New Tork state and other middle
Atlantic states reported aa unusually
large early vote, and similar reports
came from the west and south.
predate this distinction:
It was a painfully flat cam
paign. Everybody says so. The
Republican attack created about
as much excitement as the spec
tacle of a man cutting a hickory
log with a dull saw. This impres
sion of it is so much a matter of
common report thaftio partisan
bias can be implied in saying it
Why a man of Mr. Hughes'
known ability and experience
showed so little edge as a candi
date has been the subject of
many learned explanations by
those who sympathized with him
and those who did not,.
Now there are many subjects
Dated November 2. 1916.
J. M. BANirrtn, Mayor.
J. C. Penne v Co. nc.
We are on a rash basis and want no
patruosK on any other terms. Stib
crlHloos considered csh when not
alloeed by the subscriber to run on
year In arrears. THE LKAOKN.
Chicago. No. 1.-1111001 la bark la
tb republican column, and by a ma
in which the public IS interested ; Jorlty sufficient to dispose of any
and one obvious fact is that the grounds for argument Hughs has
Republican management woeful carried the state by at least
ly misread the public . mind,. Frank O. Lowden, for governor, haa
They thought it was truculently
heroic, and writhing under a
sense of national disgrace, when,
in fact, it was merely sensible.
It saw the United States, after
more than two yean of world
war, at peace and on aa good
terms with the world as could
defeated Edward F. Dunne, the demo
cratic Incumbent, by about the same
The outstanding surprise In Illinois,
more especially In Chicago and other
big Industrial center, was the vote for
Hughes by tho workmen. Democratic
leader had confidently tipecled that
tb labor vote would go practically
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Jritmtt mm $V4W
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txranai . i 10a irancs coal.
9. V. KmrUmr
Frank Hitchcock, the political ex
pert of the republican camp, declared
that the election of Hughe depend
on results In California and-Mlnnesoia.
Eastern State for Hughes.
The east ha declared unmistakably
for Mr. Hughe. The south, the trans
. 3u!ssourl west and the Pacific coast,
have combined to achieve. re
sult wholly unprecedented In tha his
tory of presidential campaigns.
That one iat may decide the elec
tion seemed possible, although demo
cratic headquarter predicted tbat
Wilson would have a total of 100 rote
in the electoral college.
Although California still showed a
lead for the president and hi cam
paign manager were claiming It, the
president' plurality wa only 1000.
In Minnesota th Wilson lead,
which was aa high ss 10,000, steadily
decreased a the vote from the rural
districts cam In. Hughes took tb
lead with small margin and then
th president shot ahead again, but
Mr. Hughe again took th lead with
a plurality of about 400.
Idaho wa estimated for th Wilson
column with s majority of 10,000.
Kansas showed President Wilson lead-,
lng with more than 27,000. Washing-'
ton was giving th president a lead of
Hughe Lead In New Msxlco.
New Mexico at a 1st hour, with re
turns from litUe more than half th
precinct In, gave Hughes a lead of
West Virginia, more than two-third
complete, wsi showing Hughe .ma
jority of more than 1500. North Da
kota was close, two-third complete,
howisg Wilson majority of 1500.
Leader of both partle la 11 parta
t Us eoua try, Bclllr la th wt.
Return Ar Widely at Variance, But
Trend Toward Wilson. -
Boise. Idaho, Nov. S. The count tn
Idaho is exceptionally slow. Return
re widely at variance but the vote
tn the state show a decided trend
to Wilson and he will apparently carry
the Mat by 10,000.
For . the governorship, Alexander,
democrat, leads by a narrow mrfffeia
over Davis, th republican candidate.
An exceptionally large vote wa
cast all over the state.
In southwestern Idaho Robert N.
Dunn I strongly In the lead In th
non-partisan rac for Justice of th
supreme court C A. Elmer, secre
tary for the republican suite central
committee, claim .Idaho for both
Hughe and Davis.
possibly be expected,. In respect
of the most trying issue the war aolld for Wilson and Dunn. Repub.
had brought US, this country had llcana would not concede this claim
imposed its conditions upon Ger- but expected majority of the work
many, after couching them in lng peop' . peciay th ibor
language such as one nation sel- nion element aubject to the influence
dom uses to another. Submar- f Oomper. would swing to Wilson,
ines were operating as we said T ln urprie of managnr on both
! TJinter is Comiiig I
Representative Mann Reelected.
Chicago, Nov. I. James R. Mann,
minority leader of the house at Wash
ington, on whom a vigorous fight waa
made by the dry of th second Illi
nois congressional district, wa elect
ed by an indicated plurality of 10,000.
Michigan Gee for Hughs.
Detroit, Nov. I. Democratic State
Chairman Stevenson conceded Michi
gan to Hughe by "a normal republi
can majority." Michigan 1 normally
republican by 100,000.
Wisconsin Cos for Hughe.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. I. Early re
turns Indicated Hughe running well
ahead of Wilson and polling practical
ly an the 1912 combined republican
and progressive vote.
Early Wilson Lead Gradually Reduced
And Hugh May Win.
SL PauL Hughes took th lead la
Minnesota and bit by bit the Wilson
lead, which at on, time reached 10
000, faded away nntU It had been
wiped out entirely and a Hughe lead
o 400 aubatltuted.
A th stesdy chopping awy of th
Wilson lead continued, and republican
leader who early Wednesday had de
spaired of overcoming the big lead,
began declaring tbat their candidate
would win and their prediction aeen
4 liksly to be fulfilled.
they must. In view of that fun
damental fact, whether or not
we might safely have pulled a
few more tail feathers out of the
German eagle seemed unimpor
tant We were submitting to
some indignities from the Allies,
but a rather wide sympathy
with their cause, our patent pow
erlessnesa to coerce them on the
sea,, and the torrent of money
they were pouring into our lap
left us the. alternative of patient
negotiations .or committing a
sort of moral and materia hari
kari. With regard to Europe,
in bhort the situation was as sat
isfactory as could reasonably be
hoped for. -
The country understood that
and accepted it. Impassioned
oratory about futile protest
against the invasion of Belgium,
an impossible prevention of the
Lusitania crime, and generally
imposing our own conditions up
on fighting Europe without at
all fighting ourselves simply
bored the public The campaign
nas snown tnai mis country, a
course in respect of warring Eu
rope has been, in a broad way,
the course which the common
sense of the country approves,
in view of all the circumstances
of the case. Whoever wins at
the polls for the votes are not
cast at this writing will prob
ably keep that lesson in mind. "
If the Republican campaign
had addressed itself to domestic
affairs suclv for example, as
the pork barrel and brought
forward a number of construc
tive ideas, it would undoubtedly
have found more enthusiastic response.
aides, tb Isbor votes appear to have
gone to Hughes. This explains why
Chicago baa given Hughes majority,
when all calculation were based on
Wilson carrying tb city by at least
Still another surprise wa the big
vote given Hughe by the women of
th stat. Democratic manager had
claimed they were sure of big ma
jority of tb women's vote on the h
kept as out of war" argument. Repub
lican manager admitted thl would
have lta effect, especlslly upon women
whose husband and eon were of mili
tary age or who would be aubject to
call la esse of a war a few' year
bene. ' ., ... .
The returns show that tb women
of Illlnola look at condition from
practically the same viewpoint a the
men. They appear to have gon along
with th men and the sole result 1 a
greatly augmented total vote for the
tate, with no change In th political
4 a
When you get cold come in
and get a hot cup of coffee and iv ij
Well-Appointed Conveniently Located Pleasant
Comfortable Reasonable Ratea
J. M. Bentley, Prop. - in. A. Ferguson, Clerk
4 Hugh Win Horn Prselnet
i Brldgehampton. L. I.. Nov. I. Th
cummer bom of Mr. Hughe gives
htm 212 vote out of 111.
Leav order st Weston Mercantile
store, or bring work to my residence,
Powers cottage, near cchool.
r. r. eeyTLe - w -
Et S
& . :
Prestori-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Alhena, Or(on Waibburg, Wash.
The Leader lost Its only
chance for unique distinction as
a political prophet by not pre
dicting that Wilson could win
without the aid of New York,
Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illi
nois. .
SalUfaclion Guaranteed
A good many republicans seem
to have voted this time with an
unusual degree of intelligence.
gj E. R. BOLL, Jrwiltr . . WtiUd Ij
v ' '4
jj Mrs. Alyie Roe-GilchrUl Jj
J nvslcaf Culture. Dee Iruthlnf ?!
K DsoiUas K
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