The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 03, 1916, Image 3

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When thinking of th new farm equipment tha Improved new
machinery you expect to buy from the tirofiwila of I hi year's rr(,
uWt forget th woman's department. KiirprUe the wift or other we
man folk! by auggeelliig a new Monarch Kanae and McDmiir.ll Kllfh-
u Cabinet. Thay have aharad In th work for th crops. Why nut ivt
I ham ehar In tha jirollUT
Ruth thMM mKlarn PiinveniaiirMi are lifetime erllrlra. They save
tuna, tava stapa, ava work, sav worry and IIMvii, Mr. Mhii!iim rab
Inal aava suppliwe ami tha rang saves fut'l-wjui actually paying fur
themselves. A ftar thst th saving la "Valval. 't
While vihi ara thinking almul It, drop In anil look Iharn over -you'll
understand auma of tha reason for I ho thing wa claim.
Wa hav Juat received anuthar larva ahliwmnt of tha latent, ntt-to
data planus ami player. (Vim In and av Ihvin, and alo how murh
you can aav by buying your Instrument in.tvad of having It "auki'
to you,
Pianos, Phonographs, Munlc - CtimpMa Homo Furnishers
10 20 AldarKt. WAIJ.A WAIXA, WASH.
0 J iff u !j
Order taken for potted flowers, at
tha DeMoea Kumltur Hura. ,
"Calls Uxlt" Lafa MrBrida's la si
waya at your diatioaal. Phone 82.
Dr. Alfred F. Kampert will b at bis
orrtca nrst Mumlay to raaiims bla dan
tal prarllcs In Waaton.
J. D. Kennady was hers from Penult-ton
Wednesday visiting bia daugh
ter, Mi W. 8. Payn.
Mra. Orval Duncan and children will
leave tomorrow for Portland to Join
Mr. Duncan, who la employed there In
mill work,
John Barnes and family hays moved
to Athena to rvaida, Mr. Barnaa having
accepted employment with tha Preston
Shaffer mllle.
W. D. Chamberlain, democrat! can
didal for county dark, wat s visitor
Tuesday In Waaton, whsr ha has many
old-time frianda. '',.,
Fred DuPuia, rsnraaanting Watts k
Roger, haa gone to Waahtucna, Wanh.,
to Innlsll stovat and toilet and bath fix.
ture In H. A. Dowd's nw bungalow.
.Mr. and Mra. J. A. Liauallan war
In Waaton this weak whlls returning to
Pendleton from Walla Walla, where
tha death of Mrs. Lieuallan's mother
rreaii tly occurred.
insofar ss Weston was concerned"
tha Pendleton Normal booster cam
and saw yesterday, but mot decidedly
did not conquer. They found it exe
dlent to spend thsir tlm chiefly at lo
cal pool tables. , ,
Arthur I. Moulton, Sf prominent
Portland attorney, will apeak st Wee-'
ton opera houa tomorrow (Saturday) '
veiling In support of Charles E.
Hughe. Mr, Moulton lived in Wes
ton when s boy.
R. T. Brown, republican
I "'W'aB. j ,
ws a0 sTeji"K3ri(uarSIJEl8
Coif Your lany Frienfc
Rteht 'Now
and send them Weston Normal literature
Time is Short, Precious and Opportune
Come and see the double spool sewing machine no
bobbin. Machines at $18.50 to $45.00. .
Phonogi-aphs coming $15.00 and up.
Weber, Winona and John Deere Wagons
Twenty-ons ladies of the Saturday
Afternoon Club motored Tuesday to
Milton, where they were entertained a
guests of the Milton Improvement
candidate, .Club at the horns of Mrs. J. F. Slover.
A Brass Bed of Artistic
High Quality
IT'S Impossible to Ulustratt all th beauty of this bed all its
tftnement of design and elegant simplicity. ' We want you to
ace it. whether you need bed now or not. If Its remarkably
low price does not Induce you, we will not urge you to buy.
You will have to see it to realiie just what an imposing effect it
creates.' , . .,, . v - , 4
Howvr, w'll 1st Mr. Rooster do what
liltl erowing msy bs necewary. W
ntaraly wbh to say thst w will sppr.
cists your tronags In our line and do
our best to earn your good- opinion,
r Rolled Barley, OsUand Wheat! Hsled
Hsy, Millstuffa and Chlcksn Feed.
We're local sgsnts fo, Pcioock Flour
and Dlatchford's Calf Meal. Phone 281.
i Phone Main 253
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Umatilla County.
Nits Joyce Muilenberg, Plaintiff,
campaigned l'r the county ciemamp in Upon enlertng . the parlors tne ladies jonn b. Muilenberg, Defendnnt
Wetlon Tuady. Mr. Brown followed ' were Riven numbers snd sfter finding j0 y, rjefenjant, John B. Muilen
the method of house to houa canvas their partners wers seated st daintily berg-:
sing which h found to bs so effective Brrsnged tables, whers sn spnelizing in the name of the state of Oregor ,
In the primaries. three-course luncheon waa aerved. Af- you are hereby required to appear ami
ru.. terthe discussion of v.rious topic- flKVl
hsvs decided to to barn-stormii for V1 ?n m W,M M" ' eC1 day of the time prescribed in the.
of lb Weston Concert '"J1 " order lor puuncaiion nerewim io-wn.
Knowine; ine previoua line, except ine ine m aay 01 icennr, ija, ana u
.mt umrA MurK mrrimun MnlM you fail ao to snswer for want there-
A paper on "Preparedna" b, Mrs. ti K ?"CU
S. K. Barnes wss followed by readings, plaint on fi!e herein, to-wit, for a de
tiiano solos, songs and a guitar duet ere of divorce forever dissolving the
Roy W. Ritner, republican candidate given by the Mvlton ladies, which pro- marriage now and heretofore existing
for the legislature, waa In town I us- nfll wat greatly enjoyed. The Wes
day. Roy Is quit likely to receive an Udic uniu in saying that they
pretty good booat from Weston voters were royslly enUrUined. -,,
man now. iMiv m.wi. vj
Weston school children in opposition
to a Pendleton normal and in favor
of the Weston normal. Leonard Sni-
tho benefit
Band, and will appear tomorrow even
ing at Hells. They are billed for Pilot
Rock Friday and for Umapin Saturday
of next week.
and his fair and Impartial attitude in
th normal school fight.
LloualUn and daughter Cather-
" - m ....av I ,n- Mt yes'ey t,)r Hsppnsr to st- der ceived a very encouraging reply
I! nr I kTFriinil ' teml th wealing of Mrs. Leths Wood from hi, C0U8mt j. H Weaver, a
VI. la. lUaUUliU and Mr. Ben BunhnelL Th bride is a young bsnker of Vale, Oregon, and
Veterinary Surgeon
secretary of the Malheur county Re
publican central committee. Mr.
.Weaver ssys: "Yours of the 23rd at
i dsuehler of Mr. Meusllen. Incidon-
tally, he will do some campaigning
airainst th Pendleton Normsl bill.
ii" "
Mr. Bennett Williams of Portland, hand in regard to the Pendleton nor-
J Hospital 8t corner Of Main t in company with Miss Vernice Gregory tal measure, -1 assure you that I
. . . . . A , .l k i I laulll ttnl. nr. ah r Vi ! T mm vwittiltw
nn.l Rrnarl atrwota ana Mrs. u. w. pi""" -' - - " - - 1---
. UHVH n r ?IMlvwii w. v... "... - j r 4- j
with Mrs. McAtes s mntner, Mrs. Mainour county, ntnougn 11 nas sev
Olive Nevin. Mr. Williams left for eral supporters in Vale, I have posted
Portland Tuesdsy in his Hudson Six. - the bills you sent me in conspicuous
A social gathsring U observMc of nd 1 do ora
Halows'sn was held Tussday evening t0Hl'
by th United Brethren Sunday school c. P. Strain, assessor, candidate for
classeh of Miss Ethel Wsddingham rMiectio,n,, solicits your further sup-,
and Mr. J. 11. Williams. Decorations: port uon B, record. His sfflcient
of th class room at th church .were administration and unmatched econ-
in keeping with th occasion, and a pmy o not constitute his only worth
most enjoyable Ume was had. 'to you. Repeated elections as aases-
between plaintiff and defendant, for
the restoration of her maiden nsme,
Nita Joyce Calhoun, and for such fur
ther relief as to the court may seem
lhis summons is served upon you
by order of the Honorable Gilbert W.
Phelpa Judge of the above entitled
Court, which order is dated the 28th .
day of October, 1916. The date of
the first publication, is the 3d day of
November, 1916, and of the last pub
lication is the 15th day of December,
. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
G&lYcir Si U
Before Pressing Your Suit
You'll win her if we do
the work.
A shave, hair-cut and
shine would help.
to yourmeasure f
R. L. Reynaud f
Two 1914 model Fords, juBt over
hauled and in excellent condition, for
sale. Weston Garage.
Physician and Surgeon.
Poet Building (Dr. Stone's for- 1
mer office) Athena, Oreg. ;
... mm 11 .1 1 11 1 n -ni i i lip
inwln marMiteMMiiil aa
f.v, mm Mwl'-I. AMii ma
I nrti'XM tw rase biarcm mi man
ftm. OarrrwbwkMWMIlMAalwtwatnM
wnw Nan-
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
Practices In all tit at and Federal
- .'. Courts. '
MTifiT (.Awvcaa,
303 8nvnllt St., Washington, D. 0.
Georg D. Peebler, prominent farm- ?OT Uvea him an influence .which
. " ... " J. ... h regards as yours and which he uses
X, democrat!,! w.-.. -.,,, ... . .
and Brsident of th Umatilla County T - r
J.? P. 1. .,i u.Ji proper occasions. (Adv.)
Pioneers association, Is greatly elated
over striking water st his Stag gulch
ranch At a depth of 406 feet he has
200 feet of water. Twenty years sgo
Omo In the Klam Hiilldlng, Milton
. Hours, IKo 12 and 1 to 5
' Fellow Farmers Trust Him
Barney E. Anderson, Democratic
Mr. Peebler vainly sank a well 300 feat nomjne for county commissioner, waa
In depth. . r I among th candidates who visited
Wednesday evening the city council Weston this week- Mr. Anderson is a
appointed Judges and elerks for th ' rrogressiv and successful farmer,
annual municipal election November -u i ewed. would giv the county
Vote 312 X Yes
Save Sunday
The Universal Car
The new Ford cars are up-to-the-minute in appear
ance with large radiator and enclosed fan, hood
with full streamline jeffect, crown fender front and
rer, black finish with nickel trimmings-a snappy
looking car and with all the dependable, enduring
and economical qualities that have made the Ford
"The Universal Car." One fact m worth more than
a ton of guesses. Ford cars are selling from five to
ten over any and all other ears, simply because they
" give more satisfactory service, last longer and are
easier to operate and cost less to maintain and
there's no guessing about the reliability of Ford ser
vice, Touring Car $414.85. Roadster $390.85,
20, whn a mayor, thr councilman,
recorder and treasurer are to be choa
n, A tax ordinance levying sixteen
mills was passed. This is the ssme as
Isst yar, sav thst on mill is added to
th street levy. .
The Lsurel class of the Methodist
Sunday school met recently at the
home of Miss Ruby Price for the pur-
pott of organising,
were: Ruby Price,
Read, vice president; Ethel Smith, sec
retsryi Cora Besmer, treasurer. Af
ter th business meeting a social even
ing wss snjoyed by all. Light refresh
ments war servtd. '
Taking advantage of th recent wel
come rains, farmers of the Weston
country have bean busy seeding dur-
Culley made
A vote of 31? X Yes is a vote against the "Blue,
Law," which forbids all Sunday business J
except to the drug stores. ' 1
Paid Advertisement E. E. Kirkpatrick, E. E. Zehm, Weston, Or.
th advantage of the common sense " "
management he has devoted to his W;m$m$m
affairs. He is the owner of
own affairs. He is tn owner or a
060-acre wheat ranch, fully equipped
along modern lines, eight miles north
of Pendleton, and ia regarded as a
high-grade citizen by all who know
1 Mr, Anderson was entrusted by 300
nfflpar elected stockholder! won tne nanaung 01 ine
president; RUU, finance for the $30 000 elevator
wnwa tne farmers viitiuu miyw
constructwin on Webb street in Pen
dleton. It is 113 feet high and is a
thoroughly modern elevator, equipped
with cleaners, smutters and graders.
Mr- Anderson is chairman of th con
struction committee. Th Union has
in view th building of several other
elevators throughout the county, and
having much confidence in Barney,
will look to him to see that the work
ine- the week. Sim J.
asV work of th process by trailing i. nrooerlv don.
four drills behind his caterpillar. J. M. "Serving all th county all th
Banister is about th only local farm- tim,B ia among the planks in Barney
er who has not yet begun to plant, as Anderson's platform. ,
he prefers to wait until th weeds get . r ' 111 '
a bettor start and will thus be more The Massachusetts Progressives ap
readily exterminated. He thinks next pear to have " abandoned "Onward
week will b tim nough to put his Christian Soldiwa" for "Hale! Halsl
eederi In commission., th an'a not heral"
Perfumes and Toilet Articles
Fine Stationery ' Cigars
Rubber Goods and Sponges
Pure Drugs and Medicines
Tho tMil Store