The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 03, 1916, Image 2

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takes pltzzur in announcing that it has secured the
terriers of Mr. George A. FergJon. ef Few-Seton,
as Umatilla county rrprtsenUtirc
Associated with Mr. Terg-ixm is Mr, Tom Q-uno.
former! with the company at Prinei:.
Pend5etoa has also been chose as the headquar
ters for Cy IL PmtKT. the cuoDp-.' sireoey super
visor m Eastern Orrpoa.
Tb State Iarartce CorBmi-kwwr'i report kswd
h 1515 thorn t that the Oregon Life leads all cofrtpet
iiors in the state ard has few psed the tea nulkm
dollar mark in fastness.
The enrtinaed patronage f Umatilla county peo
ple b to'icited oa the pledge of "Siperkir St-nk-e"
and sound insurance.
9 I
Oregon's Successful Life Insurance Company
The Only Company "Exclusively Oregoo"
Best for Oregonlans
ROVE OFFICE, Coaarrr Rnu; Fink aJ M-emua Si.
A. L. HILLS. PreaaJrat C. S. SAMUEL, Ce era Maaacer
E. X. STRONG, Aeaaataat Xanaa-ee
GEORGE A- FEEGUSON. District Manager.
mj Yc!fe;PE2eta $125,003
for something we already posses a State Norma! School
plant in Eastern Oregon?
Why rote an annual tax of one-twecty-fifth of a mill
form Pendleton Normal when one-fortieth of a mill would
prOTide ample maintenance for the Weston Normal?
Do yoa want to be out of pocket 1325,000 in ten years?
This is the approximate sum that a Pendleton Normal would
cost over and above the cost of the Weston Normal, al
lowing for a nominal increase in state valuations.
Every man, woman and child in Oregon is annually
taxed $30. according to A. IL Harris, a Portland writer.
Taxes for all purposes in 1916 reached the enormous total of
$22,000,920.94 Schools alone cost J7.00O.O0O. Why toss
tax money away by granting Pendleton s absurd demands?
Wlij K:t Recpea le Westo Pfci?
It's ready for use and consists of four buildings and
tea acres of ground. It has been recently inspected and ap
proved by such prominent architects as lieezer Bros, of Se
attle and Osterman Sc Siebert of Walla Walla. Beezer Bros,
say that $2000 properly expended on the principal building
would bring it to an '"almost perfect condition." These sub
stantial taxpayers, officials and men of affairs denounce the
Pendleton scheme as one of "extravagant folly:"
' i. U. KttmUr. Major of Weston; Homer L WatU,
. Major of Athena; U. B. Kicharda, Recorder of Atheua; H.
A. Barrett, Merchant, Atbena; C. A. Barrett. State Sen
ator, Athena; H. II. Lee, ex-County CnmmiMHmer, Milton;
1. Y. Slower, Merchant, r'reewater; C. I. HoOiw, Mayor
of Miiton; H. L. inter, ex-County Coanm'r, Milton.
Why did not Pendleton confine her bill to a normal school
proposition? Why does she seek to "validate" institutions
that are firmly and lawfully established? Is it not clear that
this is a rote catching device? Isn't it "log-rolling" of the
rankest variety?
And finally, would you care to send your children to a
town impregnated with Round Up atmosphere? Isn't it a
fact that a great Round Up town is for that very reason a
poor state school town? Would yoa want your children -to
carouse, dance and gamble' in Happy Canyon or to even wit
ness its wanton revelry? - ;
(Paid adv., F. D. WatU, E.O. De- " t.l AAA 1 tA
Moae, Wra. MacKet, S. A." Iff A i J X Li)
barn, Clark Wood, Woton, Or.
Prcston-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Wailsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bfuestera in one of the
best equipped mills 'in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
: . ' -4.. - ' ' ;
Weston Mercantile Company
CLAi humm. renin v
itmlfl aa AAm
TV. Tea . .
H. Manet .. .
rf le Ja
AJf tlrUM. tm
trya Wr. pee eara fmt inaertaa
wabdly eUUihed on a
at arid rc-r.!C hsiv The f'y
iMng Lkely t dirranre it is
cttavnge in adminiatratkHL
... M
The Oirfmtm at a (raal
aae, Ut twwlwj U fcjf a !
M element f ta frat llrt
at ark tun U Ua at
Lanla, e baa) prt iunrXi m .
i al Utataa. taxfaa
tMRSl M rJliHg lal aa ,
WafM U Uw tirwa.1 !! 'a alUmttan,
IXMltotaa waajki vaiolaM rartaiai tai
HMi that a) velwUiinf in
ariiee U ratrk the af Uteir
rtn4a far rU rr-W. aaar. R.
Ii a IU Kninta tala aait la a Wlr lu
A Uinapir prravrhef Myt the aatrH ta Or ariMl fcJ. hi (k- fuAUf ()r,M.Ma Af
Weston Normal buiUings f"'J"
.:' ' . .. . W to Ue.r ftaal mraB, U a aritk the taeaUoat of aaf af ti.a
-! (Hriaa aew rkanr fral u.iitutMana. Uat Ute tUI rloaa Ueni
ovrr aaal ruiMwda Ik rWleUaj UJL urtkuia-. ami la Ike very ftafara of
here to discover for himself that TW naaMM it rv U Ml. Tk thmr caa five tiwa iMtaint.
M aaaaU. M aata U tfert. -If aay af Ue httiiea u '
k. U. ..rl la h,a kerauaa af Uwlr aV finitely lorated. hrthe ar M it
ft ould moat respectfully invite
- the reverend rentleman
Mv. XM he is rampaim liar.
ai aMa4cta
If Umatilla county unrs the
... a . a , a a .1 l. .
,Ua1 M IK Orrr-a r .1 H
ame judgment M sagarks pri- ... h u JJ -J -JjMJ
ate employer, it retain firat WaeJ after. Ta t aura, all wto u rar, , avrt m Ut laratio,
such faithful, eipenenced and taiae af tKrM U tfce oii ea;i er . Uue inetitvttana aaouUj
tfnVient servant as Til Taylor rumt th uu ,fc" lo1 mmU rairal to T-e far a aaw
ae mi anauauy, imm ktwii'I ie in awl ta eraer hwi bm aaw mnm
drerwiaa Ihey er a raarally M vanta a ir afttat auttil e4 to U
a-J a ttMnnova draia anal tartan. laiiraj to actptMMre in ihm leraliwtt
New. tt aaya. tKe kt rJ!ii 4ay t to t lae ae aaaraaal"
ar, aa4 a ma! ao .. . u- lk" J-"M"': J'
t. ,4 Wrw, laafl-tK It i T.Wfr.-. lit IW'ria,
.... rWeloa, to ha.a to aHer " J't U oU
that raatae. Ore.a Baa t auhalahl re.Kea.
.Ul IraineJ U-hera. AaJ y.t IW rlla fr.
.ffiaHSl MM 111 Jat tfta aVTMnar Ill Jfwaa.'at k.atf MMIl fkat tMaa.ft W?
which is a bit pleasanter, how- fearful and awWrUl aiampl af at
ever, than to see them going
down. SV.V.
and C. P. Strain.
The tue between the Westn
Ikai.i and the Pendleton Goliath
is now "on the knees of the
For the important office of
district attorney, which if felled
by a man of limited experience
and immature judfmeut caa be
made the source of much avoida
ble expense to the taxpayers,
the qualifications of the rival
candidates should be carefully
Such a comparison, impartially
made and with due recognition
of the fart that this a non-political
office, is certain to show the
eminent and superior fitness of
George II. Bishop.
Mr. Bishop is an able and sue-
3,Xa? Eb.'SS BE CAttRX MOW tOU VOTE fc
student of law. baring one oL
the most complete libraries in Finding that the single tax bill I
the county. He has handled ; is being confused in many quar- Jj
cases from the smallest to the ters with the state rural credit I
largest courts, including the fed- measure, J- D. Brown, president Jj
eral court -a wide and varied of the Fanner's Union, and J
r-arir r nf enit llertnP -M nrl'tirmu-m 01 1 irvaiua.
value in tneomce ox Oistnct at- art trying to reacn voters in ev- ; LbmUi atneKn ,
torney. Law enforcement is try part of the state and show I NHnon, r(utlUrk
a a - t a I .a . t a aa A avt W "
saie in tis nana, yet ne cas uie tnem tne ainerence oeiween u to wriUy cambric ... .
Fl'Hi M af new ruga IMa.
If we mistake not, Pendleton
will soon "know how it feel
! aan-,NIM 1? fl m !.
Below we quote you a few of our every day
prices. Read thu list over carefnlty and if
vou cannot come, $enJ us your mail orders,
aliey will be filled the same day as received,
and if irooda are not fully satisfactory re
turn them and your money will be cheerfully
refunded. Always include postage.
Hajat awaits
judgment to discriminate be two measures. Both men have
tween important and trivial worked hard to secure the pa
case. A substantial taxpayer age of th rural credits bilL
himself, he will protect the tax- Th single tax bill called on
payers against the cost of need- the ballot the "Full Rental Vai
less prosecutiors. M Land Tax and Ilomemakera
Republicans and democrat Loan Amendment" is the
alike will make no mistake in f.rst initiative measure while th
voting for George H. Bishop. "Rural Credits Amendment," its
' plain name oo th baQot, U the
-WAR PROSPERin" seventh on the Initiative liL
- . . President Brown ha issued a
It is a matter of a very great statement asking fanner and
deal of importance a well as is- all others interested in agrkul
terest how much of the prosper- tural, development to discrimin-
J No. 100 Berkeley eamMe
t Renfrew table damaek ....
Fancy athpa ticking..
J Faey art ticking
Houaa Snlng
3 rMU tabtng ........ iae-iwe-x3c-zc
M Pe(HHU alMMtinf ..... re
t Wblti aalli g Bannrl . ....... 10.
J Cora4eittna; Sannel e-IOc-ltS
T'f jTall oil cMh, all CoW , V
.., I l-adiea' lTf f - e-e
10, 1 we' wwiinf - 4e-i
"", i Man's Mjamaa We-J.W
till' fimm"
CMDlurta a- t-l l U.i
Oottoa Uanliet .
ir-c4a-tl.4l M
Wool nap b!a-Jiet .11 M fit!
lleavt w4 blanket-, faney . .. ..
....... 3 . SM
Heavy wool kiankata, erey arw..
, -...
Heavy a-l black eta, acg let.
tea eur l.oe of MEN'S d BOYS' MACKtNAWg
Have tka In all aiies and Culora,
e . aaw -mr wr v-aw -r- vaw atar vawa--
J. C. Penney Co. fnc.
ity of the country I due to war ate between these measures. J. ye11 iJiil't
munitions ordeas. . Statistic Hector MacPherson reports f fffl& WfiW (VlifjSSi
show that Is than three per that when the single tax bill pe
cent of our exports fur the last titiwna were signed it then be-
fiscal year was war munitions; ing generally known as the peo
butot course a great many other pie' land and loan bin," many
exports, such as horses, automo- persons of'whom he has know
biles, food and other things were ledze signed the petition under
used in the military operations, the impression they were for
How ever that may be, th fact re- warding the interest of rural
mains that the proportion is not credits. Lane, Douglas, Jose
very great and the probability is phine, Yamhill, Sherman, Union,
that it will be more than made up and Baker counties were the
for by the other needs of Europe counties in which he ha found
when peace is declared. Charks the most misunderstanding a to
JL Schwab, chairman of direc- the actual purpose of the bill
tors of the Bethlehem Steel Co., One-third of the Multnomah X
in "System" says: - county signers of the petition
"Although the United State " &y they signed it under X
is shipping a larger proportion of misapprehension, according to
fabricated articles afi raw ma- the percentage of replies thus
terial than ever before,
of these fabricated
drawn from the ordinary
nf lutfliiiiMi " . -- : thrrhiicrh whtrh lha iietiflftiMa
"I do not expect any; udden were obtained. ?enty five per Jj
change in manufacturing condi- cent of the signers thu far
tions immediately upon the com- heard from say they-adid not sign J
ing of peace- Peace will affect the petition. Only a small per-
only future and not present or- centage declare themselves in fa
dens. So far as the steel trade is vor of the measure' adoption.
concerned, peace will bring no ... t
sadden change and therewill be Bentoa Acabat pendietoa
ample time and Opportunity to ' " Benton county, home of th Ore
transform gradually most of the 0.
purely munitions plant into or- tidily aur- U l ueaUn. Temileton
dinary machine factories. will hava to carry Jackson, Benton,
Tm ilntil.nnf,'.;.i... A lAn d Multnomah counties by a
-tt ; j ci i Pretty big vote to order to have . S
the future of the United States, ehoat of a show to win. aa it will like, f
provided the business of the na- 'r lo u i Eaatoni Orapon, inciud- tt
tion and the business of the in- ' m?ti,lf. pn' g
. , , . , oleton will therefore find cold eonv n
dividual are managed on sound fort to u following Journal dhpatch: H
aVrrr.TVi?r li'noa Ura aVimilA Iva CAtuWi At.. fW ftl A If
vwimv uarW VV V aVa4S4 ar ' - - J v-t wa a- wuuui q
' - : " t
J: Athena - - Oreqon
ftitmtlt mini 9?0fAi0ri.
Mave you tbmirht of and prepared f the lutiff, rtU
and f'(ty arintcr day i n.1 n fhts I hat ar agrvty mmiiig
upon uT If you are wtxid burner and ant to tnjoy the
winter aveninjea aa you never hava befora, 1 adviae jm to g9
to WatU A Roger and boy tKorounltly good coal ttnv.
After wing it yoa wlil never go back to th wood burning
habit "
frJtaTOnt I. I LOW COAL eonaUntly on band.
'. ' 3. V. JTmrltur
d article I alty board, which Is making an j; , iyJyJ jj
inary course investigation of " Uie methods j I 1 rsT j S
Odessa Klrkpatrick
COUNTER will be an attractive feature soon.
Geo. D. Peeblor
Democratic Candidate for
If elected will conduct th ofllf In tha iutereat of tbt public.
I am not In tha undertaking buainaa.
Palil ailrarilMrntot.
able not only to keep all that we fn eW tw wty offlw, who &4t&V4!
. has made a grl csnvaw of Ben- ; r
... .TV "
i L
juive uui, vj ge more. . ton county, aald Saturdav that ha
Coming from the real head of 'tid the voton had littl intert in
the concern that has profited so "d am.ndmenU with
, , m a four Mceptiona. Th rural ertditi and
greaUy by war orders, Mr. tax limitation amendment, h Utd,
Schwab s ' opinion very efTeo would carry by heavy majorities, next
ti vely contradicts the idea of the ln "V i "dry" 1,wh,lcl,
t, ... . , .. would gat a heavy vou, and following
Republicans, who have attempt- thi. the tingle item veto amendment,
ed to dissiminate the idea that The Pendleton normal menaure, he
with the cessation of war orders Td T"d down' " woul'
our "fictitious" prosperity will m.ndment.
vanish. On the contrary, the bu- W. are .howing . fuUUn. of new
smces of the nation was never iinoium DMo.
"Braid iew?p
Made of Malt a refreshing
temperance drink.