The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 13, 1916, Image 1

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peslctoii roo u?
steg:;giy scored
Pendleton's Round Up It receiving
nulla tilt of critical eltontion from
tyregon humanitarians. Inevitably
Hie conclusions will be reached by
thouirhtful modI that a rood Round
Up town la not good normal school
town. Ona of tlia atronvaat artklaa
In condemnation of tht Round Up a p.
peered In rtcant Issue of tht Ore-
gonlan and la reprinted belowi
rortland, Oct. 8-(To tht Editor.)
J da si re to offer thankt to Mr. II.
M. tfmlth and Mr. John Edwards, who
havt, through tht Oregonlan, raised
thtir voirta in protest agalnat tlia
l'tndlaton Round Up and all othtr
smalltown Round Upa thai may fol
low In IU wake, and who havt ao efll-
clantly parfotmad tht (ask. have
been an burning with Indignation, lor
some time, but jiad been prtvtnttd
by itrvi of other affaire from trying
to start tht hall af "pretest mi:n.
f oof crated creature driven around
ringi caught by whining lariat,
roped and thrown In tht duet with
bletding horns and with sides torn by
eharp jlerclng spurt. How delipjht-
urlt muet be to the animal until tut
neck It broken unleee tht ' animal
yielda and fella to tht ground! But
wortt tnd worn to havt an Inhuman
creature, called "a man, graep he
eteer't lip. wlfn hie Uth id hang on
uklU .1.1 .....1,1 ...... I k.. mr.
1. .7 li-- .-Li .u- -i.-..
thoughtless, tWy q, Intentionally
. -t ,hT '. '
TblaJegant amusement Is called
UIUU., ReAnad n.m.l Refined
performance. So aJavatinf SucJ
higher education to tht onlookers! .
Can w any longer ctnaurt Spain for " Thoet Florida bandits who nrst am
IU bull fight whan we ao nearly ap- buehtd a pursuing poeae and then ra
proach them In character? palled It by alnking.ita boat must havt
Whart la a censor or cenirort for tht got thtir training in a typical movie
randletoa Round Upt Let him or drama.
them come forth. Do they ":TGWihtoUm
tht moving picture manager nearly all
the timet Are they not sometimes
a llttlt over severe T Do they not
endlessly talk to him of the Injury to
tht child if his pictures show a bur-
lar, a bank robber, a ditched train
Do. they not censor until one would
think lha moving pictures were made
only for tht children, and older poo-
pit would better stay away 7 , fiow
let tht persecuted movie manager rest
awhile and turn the full fight of can-
sorshlp on tht Ptndteton Round Up. the golden rule abroad.
Ui it nuke known the far greater gt. Louis reports a shortage of nick
evil that will come to the children thru ,t. Taking a leaf from tht baker's
seeing the brutalities of tht Round books, does not St.' Louis us
Up ring than could coma to them from a. m gubsUtuta. - ;
the most refined moving picture.
I do Jwt know at ytt, to whom It cmiM thu year they raised tht price Mt. uti. Open door; King, Col
belongs to put a stop to these inclpl- af coal without compelling tht public ona,t Christmas dinner; LiljecranU,
tut bull Ughta. But I do know that to listen lo any elaborate txcusts. ytf a Lucky; MacDonald,
public opinion tnorougniy arouaau w
a powtrful weapon. I now urge to
tha utmost every man and woman
who has In hit or her breast a tpark
of love for animals to do their ut
most to free thtst creatures
res from tht
domination of tht human
ftatooln, spur-digging, eteer-roping
erual tvrant It la not alont tht ptr-
- - - .... . .u
formanca that it. so deadful, but tha
.'Sisny rehtarsalt' to bring tht poor
non-comprehending animats up to we
proAciency axacteOr tht human
' brLet Limine Socttty. all Under-
hearted man. and anlmal-pitytnj wo-
tnen, givt tha Round Up opposition
ball a thovt and a thrust thst shall
cause full alteration to thit huge tvll-
prtadlng blot upon our lUtt.
Harley Yttter, a rtsidtnt of Wild
Horst creek, waa fined $260 and had
hit hunting privileges rtvoktd in Ptn
dleton Tuesday for tht killing of a
China phsasant. Frtsh plumes of tht
found on hit Premises, and
bird wtrt
his itorv that
"flrgslnst a, wire was not believed by
Rustic Parket. Camt emctrs who
mada tha arrest rtctlved a tongut
lashing from the lady of tlia house
but want ahsad with thtir duty. Ytt
ter failed to pay his fine and it now
in Jail, and a charge of perjury may
' . ...... t, i .k. .i...,it
prtsstd against nim m u v...
inilrt all
irt-all of which ihowt that it if
lv unlawful but extremely un-
wist to kill Chinese pheasants.
T -
. Blu Valuahla
Grant County Stock aluablt
. the great Wealth of Grant county
" lies In Us livef.ock. This feet Is
bt ought out on the assessment roll.
All of tt, m tf thn tff nty is by
no means on ihe toll nor Is the same
on tht roll for its trat cssh value.
However, out of about seven, million
A,M.r. .n the ta roll mort then a
the assessment on livestock according
to the 191 tax roll. Thli is divided
M followti Cattle, $1)95,086; sheep,
ru',(iKli horses, $.111,090; hogs, $10
712 and mules, 8,0Hf, The himii-
muii I of the cattle amounts lo about
" seventh of tht entire roll. Ulu
Mountain Eagle,
Ad,w M"d A"
A an indication of the rise in farm
'"" v,lu nty dur"
ti v years la lha aula of a half
taction of whaat land naar Adams on
Monday for ft 0,000, says th East Or
egonlan. Tht land waa told By D. II.
Nelson of l'tndlaton to Art Crovtr of
Halls for $125 an arra, and till aama
land Mr. N el noil bought five yaara ago
lait January for f 24,800, or $77X0 an
acre, Tht land liaa about four miles
from Adama and la a good aa any
wheat land In tht county.
Timet art not what they used to b,
or there would It propriety pill on
tht market laviahly racommended at
cur for Infantile paralysis. , .
No wonder Mr. llughaa' speech at
Shebogan was a slstltr. That's whore
they make things pop.
Tbt pay of tht Carman army offl
cars is to bo taduced, thus offering an
opportunity for a strike, Hh which
ever y bly ould pa ayinpalhetlc,
Rav, John Ilaynes Holmes says that
T. HIM "monstrouj survival of a
P"' "V Thata of tht
least things tht Colonel baa survived,
Mliatlone art that tht Carman-
South African conolnlas will havt con-
H Ml frt k P11
0f the Allies' to cut off Turkey Is a
failure, but we notice they art plan-
nng Ba atrial post from Berlin to
Constantinople. '
w'hy not invite Villa to that New
London conference?" demands tht
Pittsburgh Dispatch. He wouldn't
wait for an invitation If he ever do-
cdd to go.
jt it understood that recent tnor-
mous purchases of iron and copper do
,.. contemplate a reinforcement of
Thanks are duo the coal baront be-
- 11. I. a,.. nf
... . 1. . X J.t ln .1 In
1 ""T v ?'
""rr"-' " ... a S l
Somehow or other wo teit comiaent
Dobrudj. would bt tht plact
pdt ,
Anvwav tha Carman armlSS art not
l0 forWBrd looking as they were a few
months ago.
... , '
Bermletott Lady Injure
'Whita Mrs. Frana was driving
town Friday morning the horst be-
cams .frightened near the Baker ranch
and Mrs. Frana was thrown outbid
her right
shoulder t dislocated. She
sufftred other bruises from tht faa,
L..4, aiHna saviltl IS Maljllfall Sill eWaiaT
but nont serious. u.u. -
tummontd at quickly as Pos.iblaand
tht Injurltt attended to. Herald.
,,,...1.4 n Harald.
Ta Calculate Cenaresset.
To determUit the yenrs covered by a
H h ?'
which the coniirwis cloned. Take, for
example, tbe Ttilrty-Hftu conuha
Doubling It gives ns eeveutyt add t?8tt
and we bare 1S."U, the yenr lu wblch,
on March 4. tbe Tlilrty-flftb congress
doted. To find tbe number of a con-
. u.l..- I ..... .ill., rd.-t ITSIl
from h ,f tb. ,mt . , tv,a
v. ... -- .......
nUnjber half that number win give tue
congr,M ot which tbe year lu quesuon
taw tbe close. If the result la au oua
uumlier add one. and half tbe result
will give tlie congress fa which tht
1 question was the flint year.
th- conErll tlttius lu
gUotract 1T80 from 185S and tbe
Wit,it u sly-nlue. Add obe, making
seventy, and divide by two, enowing
thst tbe Tblrty-Crat conRresa was hold
ing Its Brst regular session lu tbnt
yenr. Tbe year 178J ta tbe basic num
ber, because that was the year in
which tbe
vup.v- . ,
Rfra t romiiKM with Itirm ((ho re 1 1 road nwiitUfa and rrpra
. actual I vni of Ida rmUo ai I oiaila mM-lf arquaiulcd with tba
polnla al cli(rrarajf, '
The flrat tbliis I told both alrfra waa that I at1 for Ilia alsht
hour day. U'e lltva In lha elsltl bmr day iMx-aiuw a man de
lirtlar work within rinht boiira lUan ha dora In a mora utrudisl day.
I aatd in the rallnat aiwullvae; Ta are anklng lhal tlia rvMill of
lha eight hour day I predicted. end lha imllHlna be arbltratMl. Tha
rmaunahl t din at lo d la In grant 1)fht hour day, not bm-auae
lha men demand It, tint bacauaa It at rllil, and M Die (Pt authority
front Cntigrfaa to aiilmiiit a cninnibaloo lo olwarrt lha raaulta and
rrwrt. in order that juatli a may ba'looa Iba rallruada In renit of
tbt "Mil of lha jcr1titit.'
Thai waa lha irKMat wbk-b Ibey rrj tl and bb-b Congrtm
put Into law. a (trMaal which made to thru bafura I confrrrrd
with It. Whk'fc I urged upoa them al every confereine and which,
when lha one aide rejected and the other arnrpted, I went lo On
greaa and aabad t'cngreaa to wa-t X did not tik cither lids
whether it suited them, and I requested my friends in Congress
not to ask cither tide whether it suited them. I learned before
tht controversy began that tht wholt temper of the legislative
- body was in faror of tht eight hoir day.
la tht Ilouao of Ketreuiatjve4 the ilao was newed. waa aanc
tinned by a rota wnkb tnrludad aruty Repuhllcana ae again! '
flfty-fnur Republlcana. In tba Senate tba Rvpubll-an membera beld
a conference In which they determined to put no obstacle In tba way
of the oMge of lha bill. Sow this waa becauee Iba proimaal was
reasonable and waa baaed npon right fro fmidtnl Wilton' Spmk
to A Jerary Btlm Hen at fiaadois Lairs, Long Braw. A'. J, Kept. tX
Tht Weston i branch library
eelpt of tha following new U
is in re-
books frura
tha county bbrariau ;
latin, rromlatd Land; Begbie, Oth
" SnMP! Bennett, From tht log of
tha Valaa: Brockwav. FiftY vaars of
prison service; Call, Every day living;
Confessions of a clergyman; Edwards,
Our common road; Lincoln, School
kitchen text book, Living without a
boss; Towell, Fighting in Flanders;
Richardson, In the garden of delight;
tanguaH; Trley; Voy'
ages of Captain Scott; White, Afri
can camp fires; Worcester, Religion
and medicine; Zangwill, Melting pot.
' V,; rfclk; ":"
Balsac, Father Gorlot; Carrie, Lit
tle minister; Bordeaux, The house;
Bosher, Ilouse of happiness; Brady,
Hearts and the highway; Cather,
Sung of the lark; Churchill, Crossing;
CuUlng( ytl, itri, of married We;
Davis, Captain Maclin; Day, Landlop
er; Douglas, House with green shut
ters; . Fisher, Squirrel cage; Foots,
Last assembly ball; Ford, Janice Mer
edith; Class, Potash and Perlmutter;
Cordon Glengarry school days; lug-
Malbone: Holmes. Elsie Ven
. .
. . . : . . ,.
ln Ev,un, f orru 1
VFlWItW VO ttusnsriwa a
mnn, ,.. R-,i pftDMr. Robertson.
TC. .nVel. Tar to tVd Stockton
mult; White, Empery White, In our
. nn..i. r-.v.lrl Muriililiii
hwh ni(ui ,mm .... ,
WUgoni und claimen; Wright, Wln-
ning of Barbara Worth.
Children's Books
Alcott, Old fashioned girl; Alcott,
Spinning wheel stories; Barrit, PeUr
and Wendy; Bengston, Wheat Indus
try; Burnett, Sara Crewe; Caldeeott,
Picture book no. 3; Chaucer, Stories
from Chaucer; Cheley, Told by the
flr crane, Pu'sa In bo.ots, Three
r ... . . . w
b D,vi,8t phylliaj Field
rOMVV, ol.
Field, Lulla
' . "
Harris, ; Aaron In the wild woods;
Hurll, Landseer; Lindsay, Story, tel
ler; Lucia, Peter and Polly In spring;
Meigs, Kingdom of the winding road;
O'Neill, Ktwple KutouU; R
lif .vara;
ni.M,i and avnlnrara: Var-
... .v. .. i . w.Ha
rill, uncia
w.inH.i. workars- Wit en. Story 01
Williumi Fair ftlav.
.,... , -
Oregon Counties tn ,
Polk County, Oregon, was awarded
roix-vounty, vrK",
.. . . ... . tjnft - . th. K.,t eoUntv
. . g. .
Pierce county, Wsh won second and
Morrow County, Oregon, third prise,
Polk also was given the handsome
trophy banner. Pierce received $200
and Morrow $100. Oregon also cap-
tured first prise in the WlvUfam
xey oi mumiij
tinn munt banner larm. roi
,,n In rharca of Mrs. Winnie Bra-
. ........
Hen ol yaiias, receiver pu' vm
ioliiW .' ;..
' "
Tbt Fourth Annual Dairy and Hog North Bend men start new shingle
Show, in connection with tha West mill on Larson Inlet. '
Umatilla County School Fair, will bo Douglas county Pomma grangeis
hekl at Hermlston, Oregon,' October iO gusted with political agitations, is
and a, 1916. The cash premiums total working for the establishment of
7j0. A student judging contest, Open ar.niA rhonu fartAria.
40 " hih cbooU " thtt county, and a
w.yuuvt k" Pe a among
the features. Entries should be made
with County Superintendent I. E.
Young or with Superintendent 11. hi.
(junu of Heriuiston. Corn, apples.
E,f and other -produce will be dia-
played in competition for cash prizes
awarded by competent and experienced
judgea. Premiums are ofTerud on all
classes for dairy cattle and bogs. For
the Milking Contest $66 in cash pre
miums is offered. Keduced rates of
040 and one-third fare are granted
frum O-W points. For entry canla
or further information write H. M.
Slutw, Secretary Ueruuston Dairy and
Uj Association, Uerunston, Oregon.
How Editors Get Rich
A great many persons have won
dered how editors all get rich so
quickly with such small effort. One
of them who has grown so rich has at
last told the secret of it. He out
lines it as follows:
"Nursery firm will send us an eigh r0-.h..d fr ts worth nl
u ,
m.nt for nn. vr n pan oat a irrnam
TnT. " ' " "
- i i a
"Aeout a ooxen arms are wanting
fvo up shares of gold mine, for
R fm a wsm ersn Knv St ifvrtsl Th
wheal aalla for iust 12.
"A fellow out west wants us to run
a lot f advertising for him for noth
ing and if it brings him results he
may become a regular customer.
For running $12 worth of locals
wa can trat ua two tickeU admitUnir
us to a circus in the city and pay our
Gun firm wanU ua to run $19
worth of advertising and then send
C i. O U
HQ in axchange for-a shot-gun. Such
a gun would retail at about $6."
. j i '
Men Wanted In West End
There is such a demand for men
and teams in the Hermiston country,
says the Herald, that the shortage is
very noticeable. Employers now talk
very nice aim ajr u,a """
to iret more heln. Even such tactics,
. :1 . 5.
nowever, wiu nwi,
no help to be naa. sne retmiuawvu
... . . . ... 1 Al. -
sarvice IS one Ol tnose mi oy we vl "
sent condiUons. Ail through the yeaer
nn tha wst extension work
on the west extension work
has never been more than 90 per cent
nas nevi
. ,, . , ia WBntM fo-work
' HBrmiston. With
tha irrietion season over the service
desires to start lining, repair and oth-
er work usually carried on during the
winter months, but so far have neith-
w men n0r teams. Crews will be put
to work a, fast a. they can be had.
Another doa, in Pilot dirt was
....... i. t r u,,rA
comnievea wis ween . .
boueht Uie 24U acre wuck pm,
. v , . j t.-n,. far
.k sMi4 IW tx-
Ladiea Club Meeting
On Suturduy, October 7, al one
thirty p. m automobiles ware in wait
ing at the furniture store of E. O.
I)Mom to convey tha members of tha
Saturday Afternoon Club to the plea
sant country home of Mrs. A. J. Mc
Inlyre for tha first moating of tha
Jn anawer to roll call, each member
responded by citing soma currant
Tba normal , school question came
up for a ehare of club discussion.
A very interesting paper on Tre
puredneaa" waa read by Mrs. S. A.
Barnes. It brought about much spir
ited discussion aa to whether prepar- up by tha merchants of Walla Walla,
dness promotes peace or invites war. who are unusually interested in this
A piano solo by Mrs. J. Wurzer feature of tha festival. Special win
was followed with a few remarks by dow displays and booths will be er-
Mrs. F. D. Watte on the National Fe- ected in tha business section and in
deration of Women's Clubs, which thesa booths the fruit and vegetable
convened In New York City in May, entered for competition will bo ar
A dainty lunch was served in the ranged. - .r-
dining room by Mrs. E, O. DeMoss
and Mrs. W. S. Payne, assisted by the
mm industrial review
Portland Longshoreman's strike is
to be settled on open-shop basis in
u. t. topence, Master or the State products, from tweet potatoes to I
Crange says tha People's Land and talian prunes, will be welcomed at
Loan measure on the ballot this elec- the show.
tion spells convocation for the farm- Complete premium lists have been
r , , prepared by tha Turkey Beds, the or-
Eugene State highway planned
from Florence to Klamath Falla.
Salem State sold 25 tons of flax
tt 7 MnU a California mills.
Same was produced with convict la-
bor. State is handling 750 tons.
Greaham New garage is largest in
Multnomah county. ,
The third sawmill for Bend has be-
gun operations. "
North Plains is to get electric light
Salem is putting on the one-man
street cars, made necessary by jitney
competition. .
The Oregon Railroad Commission
abandoned the valuation work of the
Oregon Trunk line of the Hill system,
as the Interstate" Commerce Commis-
sion is doing the same work.,
Plans are underway for another
large steel ship yard at Portland.
The City of Canby has purchased
the local water system.
Riddle wi llship between 40 and 60
carloads of prunes.
Marshfield Is working for a can-
nery to handle their local products.
The Myrtle Creek prune crop will
be approximately 2,000.000 pounds.
,or two carioaas 01 cromiuin oca
inOiS iteel UO- at IBlCagO,
the Ore-
Mn Nickel Mining Ce received a
ItMitU faxas
sum of $3,008.95. In
the shipment were a little less than
vvaea- - " ,
hove S30 cer ton.
A aw creamery will b started at
Queen Muriel a Bride .
Pendleton, Or, Oct 10 Queen Mu
riel, (Miss Muriel Saling), famed aa
Queen of the 1916 Portland Rose Fes-
tival, the Columbia River Highway,
Queen of the Astoria Regatta, and
Queen of the Round-Up, is today Mrs.
Frank E. Cronan.
. HrS V At-it 4-t Vnfl
Without the knowledge or xamiiy or
friends, she motored to Heppner last
night, where she became the bride of
the young lone banker, who first saw
Miss Saling when she was Queen of
the Portland show.
The bride is a graduate of. the Pen-
dleton High School and is one of the
mosi uuiiumr '
Mr. Cronan is a brother of J. E.
tw1.rt man. who
vramu, j,,u.ii..... . w. ,
aciea as aumirai v v.
gana, ana um tuvuo
. . 3 .I.!. .:w...H.a,nnMA d lICAri
as an excuse by the younger brother
for aaekinff an introduction to the
for seeking an ' introduction to the
young woman at Happy Canyon this
The voutr couple expect to make
their future home in lone, where Mr.
Cronan has a position ma bank owned
by his father, Joseph Cronan. Ihey
will take a honeymoon trip to San
Francisco. ;
that a r.velution on the island ofCreU
.iirt nrova much of a menace to King
r , .
it. lust h.
w "
UU ...J 4 .
wa dont know "uieni vrewir-
iW .... .
Walla Walla, Waah.. Oct. 12. -Farmers
of tha entire Walla Walla val
ley are preparing to enter their high
eat claae products in tha big fruit and
vegetable show to occur in Walla
Walla October 19, 20 and 21, 'in con
junction with tha first annual Harvest '
Festival and Home Comang celebra
tion. Prixee amounting to over $200.00
worth of merchandise have been put
rractically every kind of product
raised in the entire valley will be in
cluded in the competition at the fruit
and vegetable show. In fruits, pris-
it&rr S
er vegetables, such aa squash and
pumpkin.premiums will be awarded to
the beat single specimens. Every
thing in the category of tha Northwest
ganization back of the celebration this
year, and are being sent to represen
tative farmers of tht valley. These
farmers will be asked to notify their
neighbors of the event, and to enter
their own best produces at the show.
No entry fees. No red tape. For full
list of prizes write Commercial Gub
Walla Walla, Wash.
Lost Land Regained
Referring to his recent purchase of
, quarter section of land, J. N. York,
remarked while fa town the other day.
that as he lost the same piece in Uiii,
under a democratic administration it
waa quite a gratifying and proper co-
incidence that he was now enabled to
fcuy it back under another democratic;
administration. Mr. York, ie a rock-
ribbed republican, but is willing to
concede that a reasonble degree of
prosperity is beieng enjoyed under
-Unwashed and Unterriued euspic-
es whether or not it is due to the
war, ' "
in 1S83 Mr. York bought 320 acres
0f land from John Ky-k for $8000, or
$25 an acre. In 18U2 ha found he
couldn't hold it all and "get by." Tht
quarter from which he then reluct-
aatly parted is the one he has just
bought for $100 an acre, or $75 an
acre more than he was unable to pay
24 years ago. Having always kept
an eye on k ana oeing.aoie 10 acijuuTi
to 640 acres.
In 1893 John Kirk sold the quarter
in quesUon to "Uncle Billy" Bade for
only $2800. He took tow money to
me nnn - '
valued at more than $20,000.
All of which goes to show how Or-
egon realty values have gone up in
a little less than a quarter of a cea
toft - 'A'tfea 4 1 Stt&ifUifli! tlft I
Diving and Cloud Jumping ;
Constance Meyers and her Diving
Venuses from Portland, will give daily
exhibitions at the Harvest Festival
jgome Coming fa Walla Walla,
October 19-20-21, diving from a plat-
fom high the air into a specially
constructed tank on Main Street. The
exhibitions are very thrilling and a
bj tiement of danger enters into tha
Another sensational frtt act will be
a quad(Up parachute drop from a
baloon to be made daily by Captain
a, v. xacv.
cClellan. Leaving the baioon
ha firat use. . red parachute, drops
. l . .. .-.u rt,t
jrom uiai, wiia - u"o, -
with a blue ana nnauy miius iu vi
with red, wnue ana ou
... . ... I L t 1.
TOakmg a triple drop a cloud jumper
, w. -m Korth Yakima recent-
, . hi. ,if. in North Yakima recent
go it may b, seen this U a risky
For the little tots
as well as the
grownups there will be Lenore with
his Punch and Judy show which he
will give on the streets.
In addition there wUl be band mu
sic, dancing, parades, the coronation
and many other attractions.
If Hughes should be elected and ap-
noint neero oostmasters, it will then
I ... r, Pnntri.
, T9 WWW I"" - -
. WA 19 Wilm camgaiga fund,
oe v
Julllloa n4 on haU U rftisat4 la rrw.