The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 22, 1916, Image 4

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1 1 t ur 4hhs
Two Stoves In One
No need for that heater and old fashioned
cock stove. You can cook, bake end
heat, all with one fire, by using
High Oven Range
It saves fuel; it saves labor; it saves time.
Reduce Living Cost
Why buy extra coal and
have all the extra tioulle
of tending two stoves w hen
one Cole's High Oven Range
will heat your home and .
cook your meals with one
Bre, giving better results
than the two old stoves
put together, and with
less than half the coal bills
to pay?
Breakfast prepared vith
fuel put in stove the even
tag before.
Think cf the time, labor
and money you can save
by placing this modern
rane in your home.
A heavy bui't range of
large cooking, baking and
heating capacity that occu
pies small floor space.
Make room for it ia your
fee lA mam "Colt'i" on (A even) e'eor
nana g mum without it.
VQgkitfi 4.7B
Well-Appointed Conveniently Located Pleasant
Comfortable Reasonable Rates
J. LI. Bentley, Prop. - M. A. Ferguson, Clerk
Wanted to rant or m11 a concrete
garage, a. rhiiiip. i
J. M. Ilanlator ia driving new OkU
mobile CHr and K. W. Brown a i'alge. i
Mrs. Ilanrv Keen and MUa Zola'
Keen of Athena war guests Satur,
day of Mrs. R. Q, Saline. . I
Mr. and Mra, J. C. Yandoll. formarb
of WmUui. arrived Taaadav for a eta-
It with their daua-hur. Mrs. liertert
MUa Mamla Taylor la resorted ta
b quits eerinualv ill wit euneadi
cilis at the home of Mr. ami Mra
Henri Man.
Kred E. March of Weston was
drawn ai one of the seven "good ma
and true who are now serving the
county as grand jurora. .. t j
Grandma BanUter rotrunod Sunday
evening from a visit with relatives at .
C.4fax. Sli was accompanied t
Weston by Vr. Alf Coppotk. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Kury Warren aavw!
returned to WeMon from the vicinity i
of Adam. Mr. VV.enu having miirrt-!
;! as foreman of the Frank Rogers;
! farm. j
... i
L. L. Davis, a Snake river farmer, 1
is visiting his brother, L. B. Davis. '
until after the Roundup. For the
past month he has been renewing old
friendships at his old homo in Camas !
. - w
Albert Coutd has finished his grain
harvest on the Weston uplands, and
found that his barley was not quite!
up to the standard set by his timothy.
Filled with wild oats, ths field of 40
acres yielded only 700 sacks.
J. L. Hodgson has disposed of hiaj
lease on the Kirk estate lands near;
Athena to Charles Kirk, who has also 1
bought Uie Hodgson outfit and will on- '
gaga in farming. Mr. Kirk is selling !
out his hardware and implement stock '
at Athena. j
ine Farmers Bank of Weston n J
en given a Judgment against ta
Hlue Mountain Sawmill company oa s
-""HMuty uoxm tor SttUVU. An era-
M'M ntmt rv uts conn prnna
ng far the aala of tha prooertv fee I
o secure Uie indobtsaneaa. . i
The Oregon Lumler Company, o'
which D. C. Eccles is president, ha
bought 15.000 acres of timber lands
leer Austin, Baker county, .from a
opokane concern. The tract contain;
pproximatly 300.000,000 feet of yel
tow timber and has never been logged
X tV7??flkff ?Tkir8l,,l75TlL nfTVTut
We are pleased to announce that we have ar
ranged with Miss.Ella Moore of Walla Walla to show
a full line ot millinery. 1 he line is second to none,
showing the latest creations, and the reputationt of
this store is sufficient guarantee to warrant your pa
tronage. A competent milliner is in charge and will
do trimming as well. We ask you to inspect this line,
which will be on display for the season.
Coats and Suits
Last season we bought too heavily and as a re
sult have about 200 garments on hand of the last
season's models that will be sold at a sacrifice. These
are splendid suits, coats and skirts; many sold as high
as $25 and $30, none less than $12. We have divided
them into three lots.
All garments up to $10.00 will be sold for...
- All garments up to $15.00 will be sold for...
All higher priced garments.......
. $8.00
Butter Wrappers
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
Sixty (minimum) ..." $0 85
One hundred 1 15
Two hundred., ... 1 65
Each additional hundred..... 0 40
I have some second-hand furniture
eft which must be closed out at once.
Beds EOc, 70c and $1.00. Good Singer
sewing machine, one kitchen stove, se-
'eral baby buggies, good betL-prings
kitchen cabinet, a few tables and num
irous other articles. Good cow also
for sale. E. E. Zchm,
Trajan Tucker, the Reed & Hawley
uplands farmer and merchant, has fin
ished harvesting a small acreage of
.arley which he had on the W. S. Fer
uson place. lie had an excellent
ie'd, 32 sacks to the acre, the sack
-veighing 115 pound each, and sole!
he barley on the place at $31 per ton
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Woods motor
:d over from Walla Walla Monday
ringing Mr. Woods' parents, Mr. aw
VI m. James Woods of Moro .Oregon
who will visit their two sons in thit
icinity. They were also accompan
ied by Rev. M. C. Lutt, uie newly-appointed
pastor of the United brethren
church at Walla WaJia.
The Universal Car
Three Btrong reasons ur$re you to buy the Ford car:
First, because of its record of satisfactory service
to more than fifteen hundred thousand owners,
Second, because of the reliability of the Company
which makes it; Third, because of its large radiator
and enclosed, fan, streamline hood, crown fenders
front and rear, black finish, nickel trimmings, it is
most attractive in appearance. To these must be
added its wonderful economy in operation and main
tenance -about two cents a mtle; likewise the fact
that by reason of its simplicity in construction any
one can operate and care for it. Touring Car
$414.85. Roadster 99.85.
While perhaps not so fortunate ar
he Weston wheat district with ru
pee t to "getting the money," the
Waila Walla valley nevertheless holds
n ind s lenvable pUce in tie littli
vorid of the Inland Empire. For in
tance, Weston folk were regaled thit
veek on delicious . second-growth
-trswberries which came from the val
ey fruit lanue,
Unique Exhibit,
Visitors at the Round-Up this year
as they go up Main street from the
lepot will be afforded a sight not on
-he regular program, but which
nevertheless, wll be a feature worth
seeing. This is the display of Her'
miston products to be located where
Happy Canyon was last year and
hich, in former years, was the site
of the county fair.
The canter piece of the display will
o a bungalow built entirely of hay.
Jaled alfalfa will be used for ths walls
with a thatched roof, also of alfalfa.
fillars will be built of melons, squash,
jumpklns, etc. Inside the house will
je grouped the other displays such as
orn, vegetables of all kinds, fruits,
tc. It is not the intention to take
'uttt two or three specimens of each
ariety, but a lot of each that visitors
nay know they are not showing Just
i few freaks. Attention wll be given
o perfect specimens rather than extra
The Farmers Bank cf .Weston
Established IS$I
In order to avoid further penalty, nil
unpaid 1915 taxes must be paid on or be
fore October 5lh.
Taxes may be paid at this bank as for
merly, saving you a trip to the county seat.
J. T. Wood of Cem, Idaho, is vis
ting his brother, O. R. Wood, local
business man. He motored down from
.em, and had no trouble until he
struck a turn in the road just east of
Weston which is the pet aversion of
j motorists. Here his machine went In
I to the ditch, wrecking the two front
' wheels, and Charley Price had to haul
: it to town for general repairs, Mr.
Wood will remain antil after
I Round Up. . .
i ' ' '
R. E. Manning has completed the
i deal for the purchase of Lehman
Springs and has already taken pos-
: session. He will begin work next
Monday on the roads near the Springs
and expects to spend the remainder of
the fall season in preparing the road
lit lite Md ult Court or Uie Niaro of
Oregon for t'ma tills County.
Minnie Stone, Plaintiff, vs. Kred A.
Htone, Defendant.
To Fred A. Stone, Defendant above
named: In the Name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear and anawcr the com
plaint of the plaintiff filed against
you in the above entitled court and
cause within six weeks from ths date
ot the first publication ot this sum
mons, to-wlt: On or before Friday
the 22nd day of September, ltll. and
you will take notice that tf you fail to
appear and answer eaid complaint or
otherwise plead thereto within said
time, the plaintiff, for want thereof,
will spply to the court for the relief
prayed for and demanded in the
prayer of her complaint, namely, for
a decree of the court forever dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony now and
heretofore existing between plaintiff
i , . . .. . i
ne i . , .. . . .
This summons Is pubtlahed pursu
ant to an order made and entered
herein by Honorable Charles H.
Marsh, County Judge of Umatilla
County, Oregon, In the sbeence of the
Honorable Gilbert W. Phelps, Judgs
of the above entitled court, from the
Sixth Judicial District of the State of
Oregon. .
The first publication will be made I
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon Waitjbur, Wah.
American Beauty
for next season's traffic to and from!0" Frld' th l,th 6 ot Augiut. j
th. p..- r. ,l i . t. il"''" and the lust publication will be
the Springs. During the winter he ;,aj, on Frllillyt th; d,y 0l fc
will do a great dca' of repairing on tembor, lU. j
the buildings and by Spring hopes to ! Dated this 2nd day of August, 11.
have the property In -better shape I ' ' w'Lt' M- pETEH iOS,
Pur White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
I A. .