The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 22, 1916, Image 3

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Onr Indoor lite bfsflrm onro moro. For thf next lx
monthaour lov for the boautiful miiMt r aatlnfli'tl with
"Indoor" thinga-boautlf';! fnrnlnhlnjiu, buuuty In the homo.
Our thoughts turn to eay chuira, tho flrcHiJo rocker,
the bl cany davonjmrt, uttractlve ruga and clraprlp(i; to
hontlnir atovca that rudiute cheerfulneH u well un warmth;
to the iilano und the phonograph -the thing which make
the hom the abiding i!uce of contentment and hupplnca.
And reliably modi', beautifully designed, comfortable
furniMhlnga furtilnhlhgs of quality and distinction arc not
neccttiwrily cxpeniilve. Ixt im ahow you how n-BHonably
thcae thing come when priced In our one-price, plain-figure
way. Let im allow you, too, tho aatUfaction which cornea
In aelectln from auch a Jarg and varied atock aa oura,
which affonla a wider range of aelectlon than would the
combined atocka of ten ordinary atorea.
I'Imimm, phonographs, Mucle - (VmipKU limn Furnisher
10) Aldur M. WAI.LA WAI.I.A, WASH.
J Mtu fuati-on Mod
wheat iana at
F. Q. LuoasJ
, Real Estate and Loan
X weewn, urcgwi
SOMETHING to crow over
lluwever, we'll let Mr Rtrito wht
blti crowing may be necowiary. W
n.ervly wUh lo say that mm will appre
ciate your patronage in our line and do
our lt lu rn your good opinion.
United lUrley, Oat and Wheat; tlalwl
Hay, Millaluff and Chicken Feed.
We're liwal agent for lictKk Flour
and Hlatchfmd aCaif Weal. Pbon2ttl.
I) R. WOOD the Feed Man
The largest stock of
Giars, Tobacco and i
in town
t Kirkpatrick's J
Get k Silt Fresssd
Before Pressintf Your Suit
h You'll win hor i we do I
the woric.
A shavo, hair-cut and i
shine would help.
to your measure
R. L. Reynaudi
k I'M MO MX,
I III I II ifc
In III I lei-nil Court of tlo Ktato til
OrruM fur t niatlll louuty.
F. V. Walla, I'lalnllff. va. Anna Young
fcllr, CbMlar, Carolina Kthmidi.
ImuH Vu.m. Ma Young. I.yll
rum. Wliiard Young. AlKa Young.
Michael Young, ttatbaia Young, Hu
go, Cynthia Drophy, AgnM
l;. Jon. Jamra I'lra, Matll Pa
ler, ilrhaid i'tra, Xmul fauia.
Myill foiaia. John ftora, Eihl
It, J'.i.r. Wm. Ptr. Ul !
Ir, Oiln rlr and Joil Hclcra,
hi wlfa, Alport Young, Ora , Ma
hr. John MuKV, Molomon rlr.
t harlca II. rra. Barah Jaia. r
mrrly Sarah KlurltiM. Mlht II.
Young, Myra Young, UU-havl or
Mik l'tora. Agalha Taxlor, Birlla
i.r. Olan t(ra. Nora Wna.
tirar Koi. t. ilotara, K. M.
I'atar. .mly Rldanour. othr
wi known a Kmly nidtnour,
M.nntt U lIail. Jan Ulalt.
Nalll ftafaati. Kaila IiPa, Wil
liam II'Mtt. Halph Pt'ait. Xl
hm l)rall, now Zolma HarrU; Mr.
na l)iralt, no Mrna Bmlth. and
Aaatha Taylor, guanltan of Alalia
lr and OIna Palara, minor.
To William lH-PrM. 0a of In abov.
named lvfrniianta:
In ll Nama of Ih Btat of Oron.
rou and ach of you ara harby r
iulrd lo .ar and anr ih com
n'aint fiiod ai!;ni you In th abov
iiiliipa null on or befora !! I&'h itay
t H,lii,b.r. ttl, and Vou Will UH
nolle If you fall lo anar. or oihr
l apetar In ald ault on or brff.r
ta;d day, nlninllfr. abov namd. for
ant thereof will asly lh abov
iillllrO court for Ih rallf prayrd for'
n r-lalmirra rompialnt. on fil In aald
utt. to-wli: Kor a, der of I lift
nurt rUlrtng rarh and vry ona of
hr di-rn. luttia lo ahow and mak
manifral Ih ai-t natur and tnl
f (h rlthl. Illl. Inivrral or iai.
whkh rarh, any or l! of lh do
fntiani rlaim lo hava in iha rl
)roirly, dmcribad In an Id complaint,
Th BEU of Ih NWU of Iha SV
if ! J. Tp. 4 N.. U, II. E. W. M.i
h t SI f. ft of Lot In Block t
md Ut of Bloc k I. and ih Vi (
Vol of Uoi t. I and 4 of Dlork t of
iha Town of V.ton: Lota t. II and
11 of Block 1 aaling'a Addition to
,h Town of U'ton; all thai portion
f Stoek I of WcArthur'i Addition lo
h nty of W'Mton lying North of a
rtaln al and wt Una. aald "n
oommanrlng at a monument tonll
ing of ihrea-lnrh pip driven in th
tround along tha wt Una of aald
Ului'k, aald monument being wltneaaed
by bvlng t feet I Inch touth of a
Balm tr, together with a water right
tcroiw Iha remaining eouth end of aald
Ulock to b uaed and enjoyed a a
right of way for th purpoa pf keep
ng and maintaining over and aero
ald aouth end of aald Block a rium
In a now contrutdi th right lo
onvey through th aama and ue the
wme quantity of water now and here
tofore uied and enjoyed In connection
therewith, together with th rlghrto
keep aald flume In repair, to replace
the earn at any lima and to enter
upon aald land along the Una thereof
for th purpoa of Inapectlng. repair
ing and replacing th an me; alao an
undivided one-half Intereat In Kait SI
reel of lMt t, 1, i, all Lot I. th Eaat
It feet of 'Lot In Block t In the
Original Town of Weaton. except the
following deacrlbed tract: Beginning
it the Northenat corner of Lot S In
Block S, thenra weiurly along th
south lin of Main atreet t feet I In
thea, thenr aoutherly parallel with
franklin fitreet i feet t Inchna,
thenr easterly prallel with Main
Street SI feet Inchea to th west line
of Franklin Ptrect, thence northerly
along Ihe weal line of Franklin Street
feet 6 Inchea U the p'olnt of begin
ntnfi An undivided one-half Intereat n
and In V'4 Lot J,, all Lota 4 and B,
nnd the North Half of Lot I In Block
a of Weatnn; an undivided one-half
Intereat In and lo Lot t Block 1 Hart
man'a Addition lo Weaton.
And that aald ctalma and each and
all of Ihem be declared void and of bo
effect and unfounded In fact or In law
atralnst Rid plaintiff, hla heir or aa
algnn; for plaintiff coat and dis
bursement herein, and for auch other
and further relief as pertain to qul
ty end good conscience.
Tbla atimmona la puwmnen purm
nt to an order ef th Hon. rha. H.
Marsh. County Judire ot L'matllla
Countv. Ptnt of Oregon, for the ra
snA that O. W. Phelpa. Circuit ludga
of the th Judicial platrlct of' aald
tat la abaent from aald county; aald
order wai made on th 7h day ot
i furulliir lur aaiu.
Wheat I bically quoted at around and barley at M2.
I Mrs. UilclirUt of I'autlMoii haa or
I gHhli.'d a claea In liM iilin at Wln
and cornea ach Friday,
i Tha condition of Mia. I). Gerlwrdlng
ia reported May to be quite critical,
a tuning much alarm to hr family and
To eurb tha eoat trust gt Col'
llllfh Oven Kang. It heaU and couka
with th earn fuel and raves oue-lhird.
Wall A K'er.
Aunt Margaret Lleuallan la aarloualy
III at her bom on llroad atreet. Her
n, T. A. Llauallan of Adama, waa
hfr thl wevk to vUlt hr.
Join th army of new and correct
dreaaera by placing your order with
Keynaud. Klawleaa lit guaranteed.
Weaton Ha tin A Tailor Shop.
Mr. ami Mr. 'Vm. MarKentio, Mrs.
K. M. Smith, Mrs. C'laiwnc I'rentc
and Mia tiladya Kmitli motored to
Pendleton Monday afternoon.
L. K. Harlan, diUr of tha Pilot
Ruck Record and Xert ball tower,
was her during th week lo eee a n,e
tropolltan newspar In ojieratUm.
Fumlahed rooms fur light houeekeep
ing. " For !, on pen of yaar-old 8.
C. Whit Leghorn, It h-na and roat
r from the Cy pana-a bargain at
fd.00. A. A. Ke.
Henry Stamper h returned from
southern Idaho for a vialt with hi
daughter. 11 la much improved In
health. Hit aon, Jack Stamper, and
family ar at American Fall. ;
We ar on a canh Wis and want no
lat rutiag on any other, term. Hub
wrlptlon ronnldered caah when not!
allowed by lit eubecriuer to run on j
ear In arreara. T8 LfcADKli. ,
H. H. Hill, formerly In th Jowlry j
buaitiea at Athna, ha elablished a;
Jeweliy and watch repairluT atorlni
Weatou, having leased a location onj
Main atreet from H. A, Brandt.
Mr. Margaret Rabb, formerly ofi
Salem, lain cbarg of th nllliiwry!
diatdev at th Waaton Mercantile ci,!
pny'a alor a th repreaenlaliva f
Mlt Ella Moor of Walla Walla.
Miss Vera MorrUon, who baa ben
under treatment at Walla Walia for
amwiitllcili. waa brought h.m Tues
day by her mother, Mr. R. Morriaon.
She la Improving, and an operation
may not be necessary.
F SaI-k! 8( acres well improved
land one mile aoutltxaitt of Wcaion, ()r.
In auiiinier fellows be orchard, altalfe
and iranlcti land on Creek bottom; well
and cliy water, tino, K, Ulavinore,
Amity, Oiog-m. (Oaner )
Frank J. Van Winkle, former Wer.
tonite and one of the WeeUro Normal'
earliest graduate, arrived Wednesday
evening from Portland to visit hi
mother and brother. Hi sinter, Mr.
Kittie Ray, ! expected Sunday.
Under tha direction of Contractor
iahworth a modern bungalow with
i room and basement i being con
structed on aouth WeUr street for Mr.
ind Mra. Arthur Roaa. H occupies
ho tit of tha former Gubaer real
'nee, which wg torn down.
n. L. Wilson has handed in hie reaii
uation aa chief of police after nearly
four years of faithful and efficient aer
vice, and ha taken a position a ranch
foreman with Wm. MacKeniie. Tie
council Tuesday evening elected Frank
Skinner to fill the vacancy, and th -
U-cti.m is generally regarded aa a good
;in. " ' '
I have opened a shop for harness
tnd ahoa repairing and leather good
work In general at my residence (the
Powers cottage) near tho school
Having had years of axperienco, and
ising only tha very best of material,
I feel confldont that patrons will find
my work satisfactory. As an extra
Inducement I will half so) tho first
Avo pairs of men's shoes brought me
at 75 cents per pair, and the first five
pairs of women's shoes at 60 cents.
3ive me a trial. I. F. Settle,
A farewell parly waa' given at the
home of Miss lilady Smith in honor of
Mies Gladys Banister, who left. for
Cortland recently to twice up the study
of nuraing. The evening was spent in
games and music. A dainty lunch was
Served at eleven o'clock, Those pres
t it were the Misae Josie Lavender,
Ruth Rend, Ethel Waddingham, Io)a
Duncan, Thelma Anderson, Gladys
Banister,. Ediin Banister, F.thel Smith,
Lottie Hrandi, Mrs. Olarence Pren' Ce
(Agnes MacKenSie,) Odoesa Kirk pat
rick and Gladys Smith.
August, and provldea that the
first publication of eaid eummona
ahail be made on th llth day of Aug.
int. 1814, in th Weston Leader,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Poatofflce Addreaa; Pendleton; Ore,
Then he wanted a Watts & .Rogers lantern,
but they were sold out.
We are overstocked now, and so
You take your choice of any lantern hang
ing in our store for ' .
50 cnls
We have the greatest and best assortment
of Stoves and Ranges we have ever shown.
Sewing Machines, Washing Machines and
Cream Separators.
The Bachelor Girl were entertained
Monday evening by Mies Jotie Laven
der at the Lavender residence on llroad
atreet. Officer for th coming three
month wr elected as follows: Gladys
Smith, president; Ruth Read, vice
president; Odessa Kirkpatrick, secre
tary end treasurer. The next meeting
will be with Mrs. Agnes Prentice at
the MacKenzie residence on Eaat Main
Miss Hortense Baker sustained a
second operation at Missoula, Mon
tana, Saturday, this, bein gfound ne
ressary by the surgeons to remov an
obstruction in th bowels. At last ac
count her condition encouraged th
hope of her early recovery. Her fa
ther, M. A. Baker, left Sunday morn
ing for Missoula. - .
I. -'ii
Wallace Nelson, sgent of the O-W.
R. R. A N. Co at The Dalles and a
scion of the well known Nelson family
of railroaders, was here Saturday vi
liting his parents while returning to
The Dalles from a business visit to
Lester O'Harra has been excused
from jury service at Pendleton, pre
sumably because he knew too rmicr.
Lester has a way all hie own, and when
a new Smith came to town the other
day addressed him as "Number Nine."
I have a good idea as to the identity
of the pereon who tampered with the
locka on my garag door, and he may
And himself in trouble unlee Immedi
ate aettlement ia mad for the damage
done. A. Phillips.
Hubbard Taylor, a merchant of Hood
Ryver, was here Wednesday visiting
his uncle, A. J. Harnett,
Waler Rent Notice.
By direction of the city council wa
ter consumers are herewith notified
'.hat all water rents must be paid in
advance on or before th 10th of each
month, and if not so paid 20 per cent
oenalty will be added. If not paid by
the end of the month, the water will
be turned off at the main. Present
delinquents will be permitted to pay
Jieir back dues in monthly install
ments equalling their water rent All
nnyments are to be made to H. Good
win at the City Drug Store.
Weston, Oregon, Sept. 14. 1910.
Notice of Constable'a Sale ;
By virtue of an execution issued out
of the court of J. S. Lieuallen, justice
of the peace of Weston district, Coun
ty of Umatilla, SUte of Oregon, dat
ed the 8th day of September, 1916,
in a certain action wherein D. R.
Wood, aa p'.tiintifTecovered judgment
against W. L. Johnson, defendant, for
;he sum of $13.45 current lawful mo
ney of the United States, and costs of
suit, taken at I10.EO, on the SOth day
of August, 191U, I hav levied upon
the following described property to
wit: All of the garden and vegetables
grown by th above named defendant
on the premises leased from JoeHodg
son and John Dupuis, and- the Richal
lots. ,
Notice is hereby given that on Tues
day, tho 10th day of October, at two
o'clock p. m. of that day, at the Joe
Hodgson farm in the County of Uma
tilla, I will sell all the right, title and
interest of said W. L. Johnson, the de
fendant, in and to th abov described
property, at public auction, for cash,
in current Inwful money of the United
States, to the highest and best bidder,
to satisfy said execution and all
Dated at Weston. Or., this 12th day
of September, 191n. .
... K, L WILSON, CousUUa
Where Was Ptoses When
the Light Went Out?
(No. 206)
,The Farmers' Bank of Weitn, at Wea
! ton, in the State of Oregon, at the
I close of business September IX 1916:
Loans snd discounts... $124,218 04
Bonds and warrants 9,746 66
Banking house 3,500 00
Furniture and fixtures 1,000 00 ;
Other real estate owned 25,611 71 ;
Due from approved reserve 1 i
banks 23,156 98;
Chicks snd other cash items 1,441 40
Cash on hand 7,004 44 ,
....C204.679 43
j Capital stock paid in f 30,000 00
I Surplus fund 15,010 00 i
j Undivided profits. Ies ex- ;
penses and taxee paia ..... J,n in ;
Due t banka and bankers ... 2u7 57
individual depoeiU -eubject
to check iAi oi :
Demand certificates of de
posit 8.612 18
Time and Savings deposits 21,737 69
Bil s payable for money bor
rowed ..10,000 00
Total...:... .....f204,679 43
State of Oregon, '
County of Umatilla, S
1, E. M. Smith, Cashier of the
, . j . i t.. ..
HDove-namea itaiiK, u suicnnuy
that the above statement is true to the
beat 01 my knowienge ana oenei.
E. M. Smith, Cashier.
Correct Attest:
Wm. MacKekzie,
F. D. Watts,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 19th day of September, 1916.
E. L. Blomgrem,
(SEAL) Notary Public.
(My commission expires May 27, 1920.)
Chas. H. Carter
Dan P. Smythe
Carter & Smythe
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Watts building
t Post Buildiiisr (Dr. Stone's for-
t mer office) Athena, Oreg.
Perfumes and Toiet Articles Rubber Goods and Sponges
Fine Stationery Cigars Pure Drugs and Medicines
I ILi njff. U!X,,IW2'" ' .'!. 1 1' mUL ,-i.L.. gl
Wostoa Ileal
Prime Beefk
Pork, Mutton, Veal
Dressed Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
Phone No. 63. Orders taken by f.
phone for mail routes. Ji
Ten percent intert on all ac- p
counts alter &v any a.
A.?. Perry I
f : a Sk ft, I at ...
tr.-l,li!;lrliil)'Tfta''''" "
fit-. Kiri,l. or iAMmmt
vriam (. rRCK SEARCH wl wort
Nm, Onr rw boukwto Icfl now. wimi w uto j
IS03 Ssventh St., Washington, D. C. j
to psy your Weston Leader "sub"
Dr. Alfred F.Sempert
Graduate and Registered
9:00 to 12:00 A. M.
m to 50 P. M.
EST W ATI'S BLDG., upstairs