The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 15, 1916, Image 3

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It It not th psrb r, nor th dining i m, nor Chi bd room, nor vn
lh nurJry-lt is th kiuhvn. Yhi owld diwo with ny other room
before you cmiW do without th kitchen. It I here tl huwlr
iMnling Icf hr tlm-fr mor than la really neory-l.ecau.
moat s I'd lark the on rtlcl i.f kitchen (urmlui that will eav
thoueeiM.' of um!m Upi nd many hour of rieedlce (Tort.
Kav nil the needle eteps-mak kltrhen work Infinitely aalr-dd
Mt and y to th production of th family food-bcid contributing
to tha dalniv rharm of I ha well appointed kltrhen. They embody tha
vary latest improvement In kllehmi eablnta-tbe wonderful dUappear
Ing auto front -tha naw ertow whit I'oreellron table top -I ha unlqu
sanitary base -the easy filling, tlltlnir flour bln-tha swinging cryalaj
sugar Jar-th Mqulall panel doom, and acora of othar wonderful
aicDougall Improvement that you muat ae to fully appreciate.
Until October 16th. with earh MrDmigall Caklnat aotd wt will f Iva
fra on 60 lb. aack of baat flour and 10 lla. beat sugar. Special oaay
Urmi If watitad. Onlar your eabtnet now.
' Piano, Phonograph, Music - Complete Horn Furnlahera
r it
to loan orj pood
wheat land at
"X Q. LuoAsi
Heal fcslato and Loana
M tS f Wwton, Oregon
llowtvar, wlllt Mr. Rooster do what
Hill crowing may to nceewary. YY
merely wlah to ay that wo will appro
data your patrunag In our lino nd do
our baat to arn your good opinion.
Hailed Barley, Oala and Wheat; Baled
Hay. MHIalulT and Chicken Food.
We're local agent for Psvock Flour
and Blslebford' Calf Meal Phone 281.
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
! can dies!
The largot itock of
t Cigars, Tobacco and I
in town
t Kirkpatrick's
I Confectionery J
la lb Circuit Court of lite State of
I Orrgoe) for 1 malllla County.
,K. D. Walla, I'lalnllff, vs. Anna Young.
Kllta Cheater, t'erotin ncnmiai.
Louis Young, Ida Young, Idle
Young. Wlllerd Young, AlK-e Young.
Mlrhaal Young. Uarbar Young, Hu.
o Vchmldl, Cynthia Urophv. Agnee
B. Job. Jama I'etera, Maaile I'a-
tare. Kit-hard Patera. Ilamuet I .
Myrtle I'elera, John. Patera. Klhel
It. I'alara. tt'ro. I'alara. IJaeal ra
tal. Orln Patera and Joel I'alara,
lila wire. Albert Young. Ota R. Ma
har, John afeher, Holoir.on Peter.
Charles II. Patera. rVirah Uavla, for
merly Harah KIllHdga, Mlhaal K.
Young. Myra, Young, MK'haal or
Mike Peter. Agatha. Taylor, Nlalla
l'lr. Olene Pelere. Nora, Walla,
Oraco Itoaare. K. C. ftogere, IS. M.
Pelfra. iimly Itlrienour, other
wlae known Emrly Itldanour,
Minnie I. DaPaalt Jane DaPeatt
Nallle Iml'aatt, Katie II'lt, Wil
liam Ir(L lUlph Iarelt. Jtet
ma DvPeatt, now 2hna ilarrla; Mar.
na IMPaatt, now Merna Pmlth, and
Aiaiha Taylor, guardian of Blella
Patera and Ulane Patera, minor.
iMtandanla. I
To William liePeatl, one of the above-
named Defandanta:
In th. Kama of tha Ktala of Oreion.
Mm. h at trail are hereby re
quired to appear and newer the com
plaint filed Mslnat you in ine aoovt
entitled auli on or before the ttth day
of September. Ill, and you will lake
notice If you fall to onawer. or olher-
wlae appear In aald auit on or erore
eald day. plalntirr, above named, for
mi thereof will annlv to the above
entlded court fur the relief prayed for
In plaintiff complaint, on file In aald
uii to.nU: Kur a decree of thl
court requiring each and every one of
three defendant 10 anow ana maae
manlfeet the exact nature and extent
of the right, title, Inlereat or eilate.
whkh each, any or nil of thee de
fendant claim to have in tne reat
properly, drecrlbed In aald complaint.
Th 8BU of the NWU of the NWU
of Sec II. Twp. 4 N.. It. 17, E. W. M.i
the Weat l feet of Lot In Dlock I
and Lot 7 of Block I. and the Weat II
feet of Lola I. I and or piock i oi
th Town of Weelonj Lot t. II nd
1 of block l gallnra Aoiillion to
the Town of Wealon; all that portion
of Dlock of McArthur Addition to
th City of Wealon lying North of a
certain enat and weat tine, aald line
commencing at a monument collat
ing of three-Inch pipe a riven in me tha weat line Of mid
mock, aald monument being wltneaaed
by being 6 reel t incnee aoum oi a
naim ii-m. toeAihar with a water rich!
acroaa the remaining eouth end of mid
Block I to bo uaed and enjoyed aa a
right of way for the purpoa or Keep
ing and inalntnlnlng over and acroaa
mid aouth end of mid Ulock I flume
line aa now conatrucied; the right to
convey through the wm and uae the
namrn nuantitv of water now and here
tofore uaed and enjoyed In connection
therewith, together with tne ngnt to
keep Mid flume In repair, to replace
ihi win it anv time and to enter
upon mid land along the line thereof
for the purpoee or litRpeciing. repair
ing and replacing the a me: alio an
undivided one-hnlf Intercut in East 61
feet of Lot 1, 1, 4. all Lot 5, the East
It ret ul Lot I In Block I tn the
rirlvlnal Town of Wealon. except the
following deacrlbed tract: Beginning
at the Northeaat corner of Lot I In
lil.wW I Ihonca waaterlv alona the
aouth line of Main treet 21 feet I In
cite, thence aoutherly parallel with
Franklin Street II feet incnee.
thence eaeterly parallel with Main
Street II feet I liu hea to the weat line
of Franklin Street, thence northerly
along the weat line of Franklin Street
II feet Inche to th point of begin
ning; - An undivided one-half Inlereat tn
and to WV Lot I. all Lot 4 and .
nnri tha North Half of Lot I In Block
I of Weat on: an undivided one-halt
Inlereat In and to Lot 7 Block 1 Hart
man'a Addition to Weaton.
in iimt Mftld nlalma and each and
all of them be declared void and of no
effect and unrounded in race or in law
agnlnat aald plaintiff, hla heir or a
algne: fur plnlntlffa coata and die
btiraemeul herein, and for luch other
and further relief a pertain to equi
tt .ml tfnmt ronaclcinoe. '
Till ummon I publlahed pursu
ant to an order or tne lion, mas.
Marah, County Judge of Umatilla
County, mate of Oregon, for the rea
eon that O. W. Tholpa. Circuit Judfte
.. ik. tin Jmllclal District of aiild
atele la auaent from mlu county; aald
Before Pressing Your Suit
You'll win her if we do 1
tho work.
A. shave, hair-cut and
fchine would help.
1 1 WESTOH BATHS aai i :
to your measure
R. L. Reynaudl
g - A 1111,0 IB " "
Ri'honl bmika for reel) only. Moud
wln'a drug el oi e.
Jut receivetl, new alilpnirnt of th
old reliable Pitkin lnt. A. Phillip.
The ladle of the Mvthotliiit chur h
are planning to re-furliinh and rw-furn
Uh tha pareunag.
Mia Zllla Klmtiaon of Walla Wall
ha organised claaae at Weetoil In
both voice and piano.
N. P. Hall, former Waitoiilan, wu
her thl week from Vnycl vlnlting
hi aon, Charlea Hall, and family.
Jack Read and family of Athena
were vl.ltlng Sunday In Weaton, their
former horn.
Th lower brldg on Franklin etreet
I being rebuilt with concrete abut
ment under th direction of Chief
William MacKenile haa gon to
Whitman county, Waahington, to look
after th rrop from hia holdings up
Th mall horn can frequently be
heated by on atove. Get ( ole' High
Hang and both cook and hoat. Watu
' Mr. and Mr. L. C. Harder r x
pecUd horn thl week from an outing
trip in their Franklin car to Yellow
tone prk.
Mr. and Mr. J. M. Comptn art
back from their vlait toaoulhern Idaho.
They were accompanied home by their
daughter, Mr. J. . Marsh.
Join tha armv of new ami correct
dreaaer by placing your order with
I ....I L'l 1 ft, .iimiiImiI
Weeton Bath Tailor Khop-
Dr. A. F. Sempert returned Rundajr
from hi vacation visit to Oakland,
Calif., and I again at hi dental office
In th Weaton Mercantile building.
Krd Cerberding and family arrived
lueaday night from Pin Valley, bv.
Ing been called to Weaton by the ear
lout illnesa of hi mother, Mr. D.
G. II. 8m I back from a hunting
trip on which he saw five deer. H
frankly acknowledge, however, that
non of them fell victim to hi uner
ring rifl.
Mr nd Mm. J. W. Undlev of Port
land r visiting at Die McGrew farm
near Weaton. Mr. Lindley i (li
ter of Mr. Fred McGrew and Dr. Al
fred F. Sempert.
I ' J . I.
aiiaaAiiaoe. ivnignh, wrwinwiw,
expedcKl to arrive in Weaton from
Hood Itiver today, and will conduct
ervicv nest Sunday morning nd ev
ening at tha Epiaeopal church.
Mr. Albert 0'llarra i reported to
bo improving, after a serious Illness
aiim tvnhnliT Tinonmnnla. Mills Lula
Tbarp of Athena, a professional
nurse, ha been tn attendance.
Herman Stagg leave today for
Philomath, Oregon, to matriculate at
I'hilnmn th f!nlWa for the full course
of five year. 11 will be accompan
ied by ni rawer, o. w. otagg.
.II V. v. till W ,
Caldwell, tho well known broncho bust
er of Pendleton, I visiting Miea Anna
Wuner of thl city, sue expecia to
leave aoon for her home, upon tha ar
rival of her li rot her from the east. He
I returning for the Round Up.
William J. King, a pioneer cititen
of th East End of Umatilla county,
l,lii htm wlHolv known, died
at hi home in Athena September 9.
after a brief Illness. He waa son of
Kov. B. V. King, a Methodist minister
In the early day of Umatilla county,
and th family lived near Weston
during pioneer time. "Bill" King, aa
ht was best known among hi numer
ous friends, frequently took part in
th old fiddlers' contests during the
pioneer' reunions at Weston, and
always imparted to the familiar airs
the true flavor of "auld lang syne."
He will be missed and mourned by all
who knew tim. He was in hia 3rd
year. The funeral senices were held
September 12 at tho Methodist Epis
copal Church in Athena.
August, and provide that the
in, Miration ' of mid summons
shall be made on the 1 1th day of Aug
ust, Hie, In the Weaton Leader. '
...i : ". Fists rBR -Attorneys
tor Plaintiff,
poalorflce Address: Pendleton. Ore.
; 4-
Notlc of Constable's Sale
' By virtue of an execution issued out
of the court of J. S. Lleuallen. justice
of the peace of Weston district, Coun
ty of Umatilla, State of Oregon, dat
ed the 8th day of September, 1916,
in a certain action wherein D. R.
Wood, aa p!aintiff,recovered judgment
against W. L. Johnson, defendant, for
the sum of $13.45 current lawful mo
ney of tho United States, and costs of
suit, taken at JlO.fiO, on the 30th day
of August, 1916, I have levied upon
the following described' property to
wit: All of th garden and vegetables
grown by the above named defendant
on the premises leased from JoeHodg
son and John Dupuis, and the Richal
Notice is hereby given that on Tuos
doy, the 10th day of October, at two
o'clock p. m. of that day, at the Joe
Hodgson farm in the County of Uma
tilla, I will soil all the right, title and
interest of said W. L. Johnson, the de
fondant, in and to the, above described
property, at public auction, for cash,
in curront lawful money of the United
States, to the highest and best bidder,
to wttisfy said ; execution and all
costs ' . '
Doted at Weston, Or., this 12lh pay
of September, 1916. .
R, L. WILSON, ConiUble
llure jVas Twloses When
the light Went Out?
Tlien he wanted a Watts & Rogers lantern,
but they were sold out.
We are overstocked now, and so
You take your choice of any lantern hang
ing in our store for
We have the greatest and best assortment .
of Stoves and Ranges we have ever shown.
Sewing Machines, Washing Machines and
Cream Separators.
Plymouth Rock hen for eale at H
cent each. Mrs L. 8. Wood.
Th opera house management an
nounces a social dance for thi eve
ning, with music by Charles Keen's
orchestra of Pendleton.
I have opened shop for harness
and shoe repairing and leather goods
work in general at my residence (the
.tak nm r the school
Having had years of experience, and
using only tne very oest oi material.
I feel confident that patrons will find
na nrk in t loTaf tnrV. Al 111 CXtTa
inducement I will half sole the first
five pair of men's shoes brought me
at 75 cent per pair, and the first five
Sairs of-women' shoes at 60 cent,
iv me a trial L F. Settle.
A hVl ar romlnir the WSV
of the Weston Leader as a result of
the proftUble grain harvest, ine toi
lowing subscribers hsvo contributed
cheerfully of their substance since the
A... m.1 S.nlnnihar and we trust that
others will soon follow so laudable an
example: McBrido Bros., Ole West-
rail, N. V. wooa, nooua, ";
i- a. i r nrt William MacKen-
UVUHl w. - - w -.
tie, A. T. MeU, LewU Gelss, W. E.
DriakeJI, T. D. Taylor, u. k- vooa.
ur.i... Willim fla. NesbltL J. T.
Read, C L. Pinkerton, R. L. WiUon,
Kenneth Maceiinsie, w. a. w
Arthur Gould, Ceo. L. Horsman, U. U.
Sams. .
Eye KpcrlaUM Coming. .
n, jr n Turner, formerly of Lowe
at Turner, the well known eye speclej
i... r Pnniantl. will be In Weston
again at Mr. Webb's hotel Tuesday,
September 1, and at Athena juoooay.
September II.
School has besun. Were your chil
dren backward m U.elr studies lost
year? If so. perhaps It was due to
hi r anma k.nd. An educa
tion obtained nt the "oat of eyesight
Is of olls-ht value. It is oetter to oo
taln both, by aeelng that the cbil
dren'a eye are right. Children can
not tell you whether their eye ere
right or wrong. Bring them to Dr.
Turner and let him give their eyea a
moat thorough, searching ana scien
tific examination with the latest Im
proved electrical instruments, and he t,i vim m hfithf r thev are right or
wrong, la not such Information al
most beyond price 7 Tet there Is no
charge for consultation or examino
n. if ihov da not need classes. Dr.
Turner will most positively not recom
mend them. You owe mi to your
children. ,. ;
u...i..k., roilAvoil:' errata eves
straightened. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Be sure ana let Dr. Turner snow you
ik. nw inn. for distant and near
vision combined; all In one light, solid
piece of glass which looks like a single
pair yet answers the purpose of two.
Don't forget the date. (Adv.)
Only Oemecratle Congressmen Ap
- peslsd For Action.
CongressmniiC. C. Dill of Washing
ton cites the records of the committee
hearings on suffraBe In congress to
prove that "the only congressmen who
bar goue before the Judiciary commit
tee of congress this year to ask that a
suffrage amendment be voted upon
have been Democratic members," He
adds that "no others have appeared to
ask for consideration of tho measure
That I. I think, sufficient answer to
ny clstm that the Democratic party
opposed woman suffrage."
This record need only be supplement
ed with the personal voting history of
the rlvsl presidential candidates to
show who Is the real friend of uf
fro go. President Wilson made two
trips fmm Washington to New Jersey
to reghtcr and vote for wouwn suf
frnge pn It was submitted tn his
state, candidate Hughes did not tske
tbe tron He to register or vote the snmr
year 1015-wbcn the suffrage amend
ment was submitted in bis state.
W are not bringing coals to Kewcsstle but to Weston,
Oregon. It will be our constant aim to supply pstrons
with the best coal we ean procure at tho lowest price
consistent with a reasonable profit. (Phone No. 62.)
P.T. HARBOUR at Weston Brickyard
Weston Meat
Prime Beef
Pork, Mutton, Veal
Dressed Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
Phone No. 53. Order taken by
phone for mail route. .
Ten percent interest on all ac
counts after SO days.
A. P. Perry
Dr. Alfred F. Sempert
Graduate and Registered
9:00 to 12:00 A. M.
v 1:00 to 5:00 P. M.
IV VVATTS BLDG., upstairs
Uniting Learning and Labor
la it Sis: Schools and Forty-eight De
partments is engaged in the great work
of uniting Learning aod Labor.
Forty-eishth School Year Open
SEPTEMBER 18, 1916.
Degree Courses requiring a four-year
high school preparation, are offered in
the following:
AGRICULTURE, 16 Departments;
COMMERCE, 4 Departments; ENGIN
EERING, 6 Departments; MINES, 3
Departments; FORESTRY, 2 Depart
ments: HOME ECONOMICS, 4 Depart
menu; end PHARMACY.
Vocstional Coarse requiring sn
Eighth Grade preparation for entrance
are offered in Agriculture. Dairying,
Commerce, Forestry, Home Makers, snd
Mechanic Arts. Pharmacy with a two
year high school entrance requimueat.
SCHOOL OF M0SIC Piano, String,
Band an 1 Voice Culture.
Ctnlrne and Wautiful illustrated
booklet free. V- "
Address Thr Registrar,
1 w-7-li-llito-7-l6) ' COKVALUi. ORKGOS
iirwitJ Hiwssts" i-iv"' - ---frtv
Scud BKKrrt. vkecehoi or ptm M e-
vriiMfon ror PNCI VlHKvn - wv-
SKilll r ADTIIHCA for !
jvtt. Our ire book8 Ml bow. wluu to mwnl I
i nt mrt yon imoney. wrrtlooy
I Seventh St., Washington, D. C. 8)
nas ssfi i III I I
Perfumes and To.let Articles Rubber Goods and Sponges
Fine Stationery 1 Cigars Pure Drugs and Medicines
SiaSZ, Store '