The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 01, 1916, Image 3

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Why i"o y tt charg n much mor tor a Plaver linn than for
piano-au(.W I. r your Chsait I'lsyer ami only ll&O.CK) fur yuur Cheap
est I'lamiT asked one of our friend thai other day. It occurred to ua
that ether nitifhl have the aam thought, o w wlah to explain.
To bogn with our WW 00 piano w are convinced will ttand up per
fectly whn umkI aa piano la used In lh avarsg noma, but w ar not
aure that It would aland up satisfactorily If aulJurtd to the hard usage
f a player. It la estimated that a modern player piano la played 1 from
ten to twenty limea aa much aa a straight piano in the averK home,
and because of ihla and the fact that a player playa the dlllicult ar
ran(emenU with their crushing affect aa readily aa the moat simple
tort of niuale, a player piano haa to be built well in order to etend up
ml atay In tune.
Then, the player arll.m uaod In our Bhnle Tlayer at .H5.00 ia an up-tn-the
niinuU, free from action- combination we know will
pleaae and one which will not cause aa tnmltle aa time C oe on. A rheap
player action Inatalled In our 1100,00 piano could eaally be had for 9275.0U,
but we could not recommend it.
A piano or player la an investment of yeara, a lifetime Investment
In many eeaea, therefore we alwaya recommond the beat the euatomer
feela able In buy. There ia full value for every additional dollar you
have to pay for rur llalnva liroa., Haielton llroa, or for the Ulurioua
Old Chickering. In any eaae, aee ua and our planoa and Jilayei before
you buy. We will aave you money.
Complete furnisher of llomee, Ollkea, Churches, Schauta.
- Piano, Phonograph, Music
10-20 Alder Street
If UaMi
Walla Walla, Wash.
$500,000 j CAND'IES!
to loan on cood
wheat land at
Jos Wurser Ift Mondar for Odea
. H'Mh., to look alter hia Intereata
lu that locality.
J. A. Mrltae and family will leav
Ifiindav on a moturlnir trip to Bpokans
to attend the Interstate fair.
I Hleepln roome from one to two
dollar per weak. Alio building to
rant. Mrs. Margaret Wheeler.
! J. If. Clodlua haa booght the cottage
property north of the opera nous
from the ealate of P. C Martin.
1 r. M. Lockwood and family of Wl
ut Walla paaeed through Weeton Tuee
day en route to Hlngham Springs.
c y bkm and Charles Vaa Hoy
arrived home Saturday morning from
their trip of recreation to Wallow
I C. P. Utraln. Umatilla county'a -aeaaor.
waa up from Pendleton Tues
day on bualneea connected wun
! on account of the Increaaed coat of
doing buemeaa I am now charging II
rente each way for depot trip. Lf
Mrs. t. C. Price and Mrs. rannte
Mrllrlde were among the week's ar
rivals at Camp McUougall on Weston
mountain. (
I u r u ftrhneldar, Isf
. -' i..i. a ii. i for a fortnight
of ramping on the ai.ore oi wr
d'Alen lake.
I Mlee lien Panlster tetumed Thurs
day from Waltaburg. where aha was a
gueat at the home of her uncle, Ed
ward lonrd.
I H. U lledrlck of the Weeton garage
haa lately Bold Ford roadster l
Oeorge W. nogalon. residing on the
need nd lUwley u planus.
Mr. and Mr. John Ttiafker and Mr.
and Mr. Bowlaby.of Pendleton and
Mr. Alle of Dayton were Hunday
guests of Mr. end Mrs. A. T. Met.
I A combined harvester In which
Ralph Klnnear held partnerahlp In
tereat. la reported to have turned over
near Milton recently. It wae badly
Elmer Tucker left Monday for
Athena to help out ror a-momn or so
'aa prescription clerk In Were' phar
macy, after which he will enga 1"
farming near Weston.
! Mr. and Mr. William McCorkell
. .. r..uH -Imih their
wen in t. rp.un -
farm near Brlagson. Mr. Mct'orkell
la staunch friend of the Wealon
Normal, and aaye that the Pendleton
bill will, get few If any vote In rlr-
view precinct. m
.,.i. rn,ituilL realdln near
! Caldwell. Idaho, arrived In Weeton
' . . iu. Iaa fats
Hunuar '"
to attend the funeral of her sister.
Mrs. B. 8. Van Hoy. Hy few seconds
Mr. Connell rotoeed the lrln at Cald
well that would have brought her
here In time.
Mra. O. A. B. Mi-Grew and aon
rieorge left this week on their return
m Pnrtland. Itarmond Mc-
Orew. who haa been visiting In Wall
Wall and waltaburg. win a'so re
turn eoon to the metropolis. O. A. K.
hlmaelf who la gaining In health and
atreneth. will remain a while longer
oa the MKlrew farm.
F", Q. Lucas I
Real Katate and Loan
. Weeton, Dreg n
It's True Economy
tai-Etiin;' Store
We boy for cash nial sell for
raah-at email Htamina.
, Ouh and Linen Goods
, School Supplies
,fx gW I'HONKNO. IB3
The Urgel stock of
Cigars. Tobacco "and
in town ,
I Klrkpatrlck's
Confectionery J
Physician and Surgeon
Oltlre In Watt' buikllnf
drTw. c. hughes
I Dentist
jortlce In the Klam HnlMliiv, Milton
I llunra. u to I- ami I to 5
Every Week is Pay-up Week at the Leader shop
I t'Jeston
I :
finmnanu I
We boast of a Grocery Department second to
none in Umatilla county.
Our prices are right Large harvest orders go
ing out daily is evidence that we are right. Thinking
buyers are not "baited" by a cut of 25 cents.on sugar
to be made up on some other item.
Our-stock is clean and fresh and pure, always
"giving satisfaction. We ask an opportunity to show
you what we can do for you. -
200 pairs Mary Jane ' pumps clean new stock
that has sold regularly up to $2.00. You will save
75c on each pair by buying for next season. To
close out
Bedding, gloves, sox, shirts, canvas, overalls,
jumpers, water bags, shoes all specially priced.
Ueston Mercantile gompony
The annual birthday dinner In
honor of "Aunt Ha rah" Mr Don sal I
waa held Hunday, August IT, at the
McDougall camp dn Weston moun
tain, whsr for number of year the
rain iters have assembled fur this
event. Rhe had than attained her
74th anniversary. Hi occasion was
highly enjoyable, and the bountiful
chicken dinner wa all that could bavs
been deelrcd. Twrnty-ai psopls par
took of the feast. Kami I lea represent
ed were those of W, II. tlould, U
llsrdsr, William Klllore, Hldney
Turaer, Mr. Nusan Tucker, N. A.
Ilarnee, If. H. Mill. H. H. Illihsrds.
Harry Mc-Ilrld. 1. O, Wood.
A party consisting of eight men and
headed by frank Vsaglns and Hhorty
Malhla left the upland recently for
Iba Alberta country to work In har
vest for W, H. nethcer, the former
pioneer sawmill maa of Weeton moun
tain. It le said that per day la
paid la Albert for bundle pitcher,
and that other hands are paid In pro
portion. Mr. Fletcher ha 110 acres
of grain to harvest and haa refused
II. US cent per bushel for hia crop.
In lila section of Albert grain la
yielding well. He continues to pros
per, and haa lately added three quar
ter sections to hi land holding.
Monday of this week was the "hot
test day of the season" In Weston, the
government Instrument having re
corded maximum heat of f I degrees.
Between gasps, Weston folk spoke In
feeling -compassion of the poor people
or Pendleton and wane w ana, wne
sweltered In temperature reported to
have been from five to ten degrees
warmer than the local figure. Por
each of the two day preceding Moa-
I day. the mercury registered a maxi
mum here of M degrees. Cool night
help much to mitigate the discomfort
of the populace.
W. C. Howard, principal of the
I' "tanfleld achoole and formerly a resi
dent of Weeton,, baa accepted the
nomination for county arhool super
intendent on the democratic ticket,
i Mr. Howard will likely get good vote
both at Weeton and Milton, having at
on time been connected with Colum
bia college In the latter city. He la
regarded as well qualified, both by
education and experience, for the po
sition of county euperlntendent. He la
a man of upright character and kindly
trait. ,
Harry Katon. who was employed as
baker In Weeton for time, le said
to have fallen heir to about ITteO.
Hia alster, who Uvea Irr- Portland, haa
been trying to get track of him with
the aid o(Jhe newspaper. In order to
acquaint him of. hi good fortune.
Katon left Weaton rather suddenly
few month ago. and hia wife and
nephew are still here. He waa last
seen at flpokane. and was then on hia
way to Butt. Montana.
Mr. and Mr. R. O. Baling and
daughter Lola arrived horn Tuedr
from a week of motoring, during
which they visited Mrs. Saline's sunt,
at Spokane and toured the shore of
five beautiful lake Coeur d'Alene,
Haydn. Liberty, Deer' and Loon.
They camped out tor a time on Deer
lake and Liberty lake. They were ac
companied from Walla Walla by Mrs.
L. A. West of Portland, sister of Mrs.
The Bachelor Girl held an "out
door meeting" Monday evening at the
home of Odessa. Klrkpatrlck. The
porch and lawn were brightly Illum
inated with lantern and electric
light. A Vlctrol furnished musical
entertainment. Meryl Best of Pendle
ton.4; Agnes Prentiss of Seattle, and
Ituth Read of Written were g-ueats of
the club. Seven members were pres
ent, , , -,i
"Dutch- Con ley.; a substantial
young farmer of Union county, visited
In Weston Saturday and Sunday, hav
ing attended the normal school here
about eight year jigo. - Hia brother,
"Tuck" Conley, became celebrated In
normal school annals as catcher for
the school tram. Me also te farmin-
i In Union county. Each of trie boy
handle a large acreage.1
' " ' , ' v
While Joe Hodgson' principal oc
cupation la that of agriculturist, he
can also get by aa a horse trader. In
fact, h feel that a good farmer
ought to be a good horse trader, and
he tries to do the best he can In this
particular. Joe can ride his own horse
now a the result of a recent trans
action, while he haa put Messrs. Baker
and 'Booher afoot.. , r
Dr. and Mrs. W. ft.. McKlnney are
leaving Hell next Sunday for Kansas
City. Missouri, and from there will go
to Keoaho In the sam state to visit
the doctor' mother, Mrs, A. S. Mc
Klnney. After trip. to Chicago they
will return to Kansas City, where Dr.
McKlnney expect to taJce a post grad
uate course. Mr. McKlnney will visit
there with her aunt and sister.
The upland families of W. L. Ray
born and Will Hall have returned from
a week of camping at Mud Spring
on the eastern slope of the Blues,
where they found huckleberries abun
dant The Rayborn put In. three
week of camping Jn all, having pre
viously spent a fortnight at the forks
of the Umatilla. , . -
The Weaton Concert Band haa"' been
engaged to play at Pendleton during
the last two days of the Roundup, the
contract having been made thl week
with Fred Earl, director of non-com-petttive
events. New uniforms have
been ordered for the band, arid are
expected to arrive in ample time for
Its engagement.
Bo that the small boy will not per
mit himself to forget the fact. It may
again be in order to aay that the Wes
ton school .will open Monday, Sep
tember 11. The work of organisation
will be made easier tf intending pupil
will make It a point to come if posul
ble on the opening. day.
' Last Sunday ' Rev. N. D. Wood
preached hia final sermon at Weston
as pastor of the Methodist church.
He left Wednesday for Walla Walla
to attend the Methodlat conference,
and will afterward go to Redmond.
Oregon, to join his family on the Wood
alfalfa, farm.
Miss Velma Merklln, who has been
vlatting at the home of her uncle, C.
M. Schneider, on the Weston uplands,
returned Monday to Walla Walla.
Returning from North Yakima, Or
val Duncan left today for Portland to
engage In flouring mill work. Hia
family will follow later.
- .. ' "
Mrs. L. 8. Wood Is expected home
tomorrow evening from her visit to
her daughter at Gold Beach and sis
ters at Portland.
John York fell off a aure-enousrh
water wagron in the harvest field yes
terday and broke bis collar bor,. '
mimmawsxzr-- -
We've B wo
r e - "-
Junior Member's Been Visiting.
How about Blue Stone? We stored ours in
vault of The Farmers' Bank, but the price is such
that we allow inspection wi-hout charge. Better
order now.
Our order for alfalfa seed placed via Deutsch
land will be fine, but not sufficient to go 'round.
You'd better place your order now. Costs nothing
to be safe.
. Weber, Winona and John Deere wagons.
Kentucky drills and Racine International harvesters.
Sewing machines from $18.50 up to a $GO.0O Rotary with $15.00 motor
attached, all for $38.00. Runs with or without motor.
! I
kitmm itJiifm
Wail tt Hovers have swopped. All
bills assumed by the other fellow. See
bijr ad.
Mrs.H. L. nedrick I lotting- the
Rev. Dr. and Mr. Andrew Warner at
Walla Walla.
M.-. and Mr. R. Lleuallen are attending-
the Methodist conference al
Walla Walla.
Tanjrent, Oregon, come to bat with
an oat crop of 130 bustiela per acre
from 20 acre. .
ln.llatjin fiu-M a ffsnnline famine if
the strike occurs, baring- only two
surplus, weston dealer nave uuij
3(10 gallons in stock.
Dr. and Mr. P. D. Watt left for
Portland Wrdnesdsv evening-, and the
presumption Is that they will return
It n a Super 8ix Hudson.
K. M. Weeks and family are back
from KreewMer, where Mr. Week:
was einploved in packing houe work, .
and be ia again operating- bis jitney.
Mrs. John C. Wheaton and daugh- I
ter left Saturday for their home at
. U V.Lin. Wah .fl.r Vl.lflflV i
her father. D. Blschof f, and alster. ,
Mrs. Joseph Wurser.
We are on a cash basis and want no
. 1 . t - . L
patronafre on any mnvr irnua. sraw j
scrlptions consiuereu cskii wiiro nut.
allowed by the subscriber to run one i
year in arrears. The Leader.
After an abM-nce since June. Wll-j
liatn Albert has returned from a visit I
to relatives in Iowa, Indiana and Ke- j
braska. Hia services will airain be'
available to the raiiroad'a track de-j
partnienti i
Fob. Sale! 80 acres well improved
land one mile southeast of Weston, Or.
In summer fallow: has orchard, altalfa j
ml garden land on creek bottom; well
i 1 n) 1
Amity, Orejfon. (Owuer.)
G. H. Bishop, democrat io candidate
for district attorney, and John S. Vin
son, pioneer, were over from Freewat
er Wednesday, lookinv at a pood town.
Vinson is a rock-ribbecf republican, but
like intelligent company.
All water rent must be paid In ad
vance on or before the loth of each
month, or 20 percent penalty will be
tided. If not paid before the l.xli,
water will be turned off at the main.
Andy T. Brnelt, auperlntendent.
Dora May Stolp has filed suit aifainsl
her husband, John A. Slolp, for di
vorce, for o00 attorney fee, for 1250
lt. mnnev. fur .'!) a RMinth temoorarv
alimony and for half of her busWnd's
pn!erty, estimated to be worth fouuo.
Because of the Increaaed cost of pa
per stock we have raised our rate on
nearly all classes of job printing. But
ter wraps, for instance, have practi
callv doubled in price. Our new rate
on printed-butter wrap will be found
in another column. Term on all job
printing, strictly cash. The Weston
Leader. .
Strong on nifty printing, the Union
Psoitis people have just issued two
beautiful booklets entitled "The Groat
Pacitio Northwest and Alaska," and
"Sights and Scenes Along the Union
Pacific System." The first mentioned
in particular is a work of art, and ad
mirably portray Columbia river and
Alaska scenery.
W. A. Healy of the firm of Healy
Bros., large wholesale furniture deal
er of Portland, called Tuesday upon
E. O. DcMosa. Mr. Healy Bays that
his house has noted a pronounced im
provement of late in Oregon business
conditions. Collections are better,
and a revival of confidence is evi
denced in th furniture trade.
Geo. R. Pissmore writes frem Amity
that people in that section of the Wil
lamette valley have enjoyed a lovely
summer, having had but few hot days.
Ninety-aix degrees was tlio warmest
temperature recorded, and the nights
sre cool. Harvest is nearly over, with
wheat yielding 30 and 40 bushels per
acre and oats up to 80 bushels. Mr.
Dissmore is offering his place near
Weston for sale.
An enjoyable reunion of the Hen
derson family waa held August 20 at
the home o( Mark Henderson on the
Weston uplands, where a bountiful
dinner was served. Pink dahlias were
used in decoration. Frank Henderson
and wife were present from Cottage
Grove while on a camping trip by auto
through Oregon and northern Califor
nia. Others were C. V. Avery, wife
(formerly Miss Kate Henderson) and
son; Herman Henderson ami wife;
Mark Henderson, wife and daughter;
A. J. and Fred Henderson. The fam
ily were together for the first time in
iwelv years,
gJ9 " We are not bringing coal to Newcastle but to Weston,
Oregon. It will be oar constant aim to supply patron
with the best coal we can procure at the lowest price
consistent with a reasonable profit (Phone No. 62.)
P.T. HARBOUR at Weston Brickyard
The Universal Car
The Ford factory turn out a completed car for every car built
by all the other manufacturer combined. And not even this
enormous production can keep pace with the demand for Ford
cars. The big reason ia that everywhere, every day, Ford car
re demonstrating their utility and reliability. Touring- Car.
1414.85; Runabout, $399.85. On sale at
H. L. HEDRICK, Proprietor
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established 1S9I
In order to avoid further penalty, all
unpaid 1915 taxes must be paid on or be
fore October 5th.
Taxes may be paid at this bank as for- .
merly, saving you a trip to the county seat ;
Perfume and Toilet Article Rubber Goods and Sponge
; Fine Stationery Cigar Pur Drugs and Medicine
i 4 '
The SyiZoJ!JL Ston