The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 11, 1916, Image 4

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    Royal D-Lite
.. ELJ9.Cn ft.
AQ Style AH SIses
Royal Shoe Co.
. 143 rourtn St.
4 Near Montana
I sisipseay MttMg
It Mwa-li( leatja
make your next ehipment to
Cream checks back by return mail.
Hazelwood Co., Portland
New Houston Hotel
Four Blacka free Unine Staikm. TJadar Mnr
Rata SOc 7Sc $1. Jl.SO hrSu
Northwest Land Product Shew at
asattle, Octobtr 4 to 14.
Seattle. Opportunity for all com
tnunttlee or counties In Oregon and
Washington to make agricultural and
horticultural displays la offered aa a
result of the hohltnit of the Northwest
Land rroducts KipoaiUou at Seattle
October 4 ta 11
Thla will be tha ftrat show of tha
kind ever staged In Seattle and U
whole of tha Northwest la Invited to
participate, Tha exhibition baa tha
endorsement of cotnniarclel bod lot and
tha ratlroadf and tba purpose of tha
display wilt ba to bring about a hotter
understanding of tha many opportuni
ties offered to homeeceker la lb
la addition to display from Orerroo
and Washington, Idaho and Montana
will send exhibits of fruit a, grains and
grasses. Alaska, too, will have a sec
tion aet aalda for agricultural display
and British Columbia will have part
to the undertaking.
Oregon, Idaho and Montana will
coinbin on a special day at tha expo
sition. Prom Montana la coming an
exhibit under tba authority of tha
stat and a special excursion party
composed of mora than 100 business
men. It Is hoped to hav tha gover
nor of Montana, Idaho and Oregon aa
well as the governor of Alaska and
the Premier of British Columbia pres
ent at the exposition the aame day.
8lncr Portland wilt not repeat Its
annual land ahow this year, the Seat
tle exposition will afford exhibitors at
the Salem fair an opportunity to place
their diaplaya before thousands ot vis
itors In the Washington metropolis
and bring the truthful story of Ore
gon's countless opportunities to the at
tention ot many men and women In
terested in a home on the land.
Reports if m E.'jck fast ini E!$t
ta ef Sofia Advisee.
Most Damage In North Dakota, Min
nesota and Manitoba Orders
Cancelled by Merchants.
Try h
x. Gum
w I H J -W 1
r 'N
Tfce only Aataanofcfle School sa tho !
elfle Ckmt inalntamirar a Cm Treetar
Ito. Vtimm HH (atarpSHar. C. L IM
Imkhro aad baat Tractate, bath ia ika
eoke.1 and Ofxratinc Said.
4M hWx A .a. Pardaal On.
Oregon Kamia Institute
Rapture treated iihsntcaBy. Private
nine name. Iiiert Uotimoaiaia. ILm
ealu suerentaad. Coil or srrise.
411-411 AUqr finli.o. Or.a
a A Dcclduou Tree.
John Drew was congratulated at the
Player In Oramercy park on the
abundant hair with which, despite hi
years, he la sail blessed.
"Thank goodness,'' said Drew, com
placently, "I'm not like Tree.
Tree went Into a Lo Angelea bar
ber shop the other day and said. .
"Can you cut my hair without my
taking off my collar T .
"The barber, with a ; loud laugh,
slapped Tree' ptnk and polished dome
Jocularly. ...
" 'Why, bless your heart. Sir Her
bert,' he said, I could cut It without
your taking; oft your hat'" Wash
lugtoa Star.
ViwwL A? J L..XiX.
ft east at pa am n tar sricts aisftiftittfcgt
TSi H. f. KSRTSI CO. IMaai, Bra. taS. n
hfkMMkt rtkfcrtriaa.:
IWWaoMactoBSt. Ponteod. On
ion sTrooDd. AatnowtM ILmm EAzm Cw
Br borfoa- dinet fnxs as at wlialnssls priess
ns avra tbo pjynbar's profits. Write as to
Sojr jroar nmAt. W will gin yvm ear nek'
hota dirct-to-yr" orieca. C v a. rail or
boat. Wa aetaaUr aaa jwa from 10 to at par
ecnt AH s-oodo siMrantaad.
Kartkweat headquarters for Laadar Water
Sstaaa) sod Fuller ft johmna Enciacs.
ZiZ TUrd Straat. Portlaad. Oraaaa
Queer, But True,
"It's a queer world.
"Stand up and say that riches dont
make for happiness and everybody
will agree with you heartily." .
-That's eo.-
"And everybody will ro out and keep
right on trying to get rich." Detroit
Free Press. . , , .
Excellent Plan.
"Why do you work the back alleya,
my good fellow? Yon dont look like
a tramp."
"I'm not I'm selling a ' vacuum
cleaner, and wherever I And the head
of the house beating; ruga I have) a
good chance for a sale." Louisville
Affection's Pang.
; "Do yon love your country?"
"Of course 1 do," replied Senator
Sorghum. "And I don't mind saving
that it gets me riled to see my coun
try flirting with people who dont be
long to my political party." Wash
ington star.
Chicago Hail, black ruat and blight
darnag to tha aprins; wheat crop of
tha Northwest caused an advance of 4
cant a bushel on the Chicago board of
trad Saturday. A 6-cent advance was
scored Thureday. At toe Ugh record
price were S3 cent higher than the
low point ia June. September cloaed
attl.34,. December at $1,381. and
May at tl.43.
Reports reached the trade
some section of North
Southern Manitoba the crop
ruined by hail Wednesday
Thursday. Several large
companies with headquart
eago received measage saying
the crop wa a total loaa.
Most of tha hail damage was in the
northern part of North Dakota. Tha
crop in Bottineau county I ruined.
Mercantile companies in that section
have cancelled all order for future do-
livery. Even order for such neceeai-
tiea a shoes and stoves have) been can
Ordinarily a S3-cent advance ia the
price of wheat in a little mora than a
month bring fortune to many of tha
big operator on the board of trad.
That has not been true during the
present rise. Nearly all of the big lo
cal trader have been fighting the mar
ket; or rather fighting tha damage rev
porta, and price hav gone up without
their aid.
Even the Northwest; where the
damage wa taking place, wa a seller
of wheat in this market until a few
day ago. That caused the belief that
tha damage report war exaggerated
by tha market bull.
Some of tha board' exporter have
made large winning, and a coterie of
Wall-street grain men, who are said to
have Urge holdings of wheat under
IL20 a bushel, are credited with prof
its of around 12,000,000.
Tha disaster in the Northwest ba
proved a blessing to the winter wheat
grower. Thirty day ago they were
able to get only $1 a bushel for their
grain. Now tha price Is a third
higher. .
For CaHa, VVirw
Cut, Lameneas,
Strain, Bunch!.
TKruah, Old Sore.
Nail Wound, Foot Rot,
Fistula, Cleading, Etc- Etc.
L'&de Since 1846. k,kJ?F
AH Dealers sSHfr
tcssrt sctt Fimnu
H I ..iii.4 w
ITTtt'l BlACalt. PM.U
aa fV
I si ktf Nafcp ,
-W..-. taV.V It
m ntuV II
that in I j" wra.aiMM4Md.kx.. IL, II
Dakota and R aSE?2!!!KM! 2
had been! li i',liii.i-hnwu.i iaii II
nignt ami i 11 j,,!,, w vA.viKas mb m.ums II
Insurance II JJ ""'- II
ars in Chi-1 U tin Me tsatistsiv. Main, t "! n
that I aa r i .'---t-tt-w
niNtnTPnir m
vaui rs.s SV1S.U.IV-aiiruta aa4 aula
- . 'f jJ a. M.aaal
f 9 I Ut ..4 ,W W
1 l.l.t.a.ythl.,,
v . fta br Sm
, iMHtianaaa
- i i-i alkall.
tsaei somas, xat salaat A. Smilra. M. T.
. Only a Lady In the Making.
Five-year-old Freddy often showed
pugilistic tendencies. One day he bad
bean using hi fists oa I year-old sis
ter Helen. Hi visiting auntie said.
'Freddy, don't you know that a gen
tleman never strikes a lady?"
Instantly Helen stopped crying and
exclaimed. They do, too."
Why. Helen." said auntie. "When
did you ever see a gentleman strike a
with aa air of convincing proof the
little maid replied. "Why. my daddy
spanks maChrlatlaa Herald.
Portland Wheat Blueatem. $1.05
per bushelj forty fold, 8 be) club, 7cj
red Ufa, Tc; red Ruaalan, 8 To.
E!!irced8pot prten: Kran, t?"S
tO. 60 per ton; shorta, 2Val.28.J0( roi
led barley. 31.60a3x,60.
Corn Who Isl 138 por ton; cracked,
Hay Producers' price t Timothy,
Eastern Oregon, tHeOO per ton;
alfalfa. 113.60 tl 14.60: wheat hay,
13.6OCU.60: oat and vetch,
It 60; cheat, tilt clover, 110.
Butter Cube, axtraa, IS per
pound, Jobbing price t Print, ex
tras, s7a29; butterfat. No. 1, 18c;
No, f. He, Portland.
Egg ' Oregon ranch, exchange
price, current receipt, &! par doaen;
Jobbing price: Oregon ranch, can
dled, S6)((tS7c; selects, 17o28e,
Poultry Hens, 14ffll64i per pound;
broiler, 163tl7o; turkey, live, I0it
tie; duck, 11 He; gease, 84C9e.
Vea! Fancy, 11 per pound.
Pork Fancy, Hie per pound.
Vegetable Artichoke, T5cRtl per
doaen; tomatoes, 60c4j.ll. 10 per crate;
cabbage, $1.76 per hundred; garlic..
lOe per pound; pepper, 6$7e; . egg
plant. 10c: lettuce, tl par crate: cu
cumber, 76480e per bos; pea, 4(fJ5c
per pound; bean, 4fl7e; calory, 1
per doaen; eom, 80540a,
Potatoes New, 11.05 Q 1.85 per
Onions California, f! par aack;
Walla Walla, ft per aack.
Green Fruits Apple, new. tLS5
1.75 per bos; cherries, SlOe per
pound; cantaloup, SOcQtlt per erate;
peachea, 85C75a per box; watermel
ons, lllic per pound; flgc, l(SLt0
per bos; plums, 75c4t$l.S5; peara, tl
til; apricots. tl(TH.10; grapea, $1.75
4(2.25; blaekberriea, tL25; loganber.
riea, fl.25; raspberriea, tl.60dCl.75.
Hope 1916 crop, 84lle par pound;
1916 contract, nominal.
Wool Eastern Oregon. Una. 23(
26c; eoaree. 80CS2c; vallay, tOojSSc
Cascara Bark Old and new, 4 per
Cattle Steers, choice, I7$)7.50;
good, tmrli cows, good, $3.60(0,8.25
heifer. t 8.60; bulla, ft U 4.75
tag, $4.50i.
Hog Prim light. $8.609.t5;
good to prim. t7.75ftJ8.10; rough
heavy, t7.60tij7.76; pig and skip,
Sheep Yearling. $5.75 & 6.25;
wethers. $4.766; awes, t8.60o.50;
lamb, $6i(8.25.
When You FollovL
Tho Trail
ei a
0. d ,
Equipped Wiin
iff fF,&l7r
Potato Doughnut
tWriM aw BarW ' '
retain the moisture several days. An
excellent wholesome food when mado
with the pure . ' '
II Baking Powder
f;,v- Always sure to please.
Try a can today at our risic.
A Handy Book containing 10 Cook
Ing Laeeona and 54 Testtd Radpae will
be mailed yea FKKB if you wUI asad
year aame and addrea to
I 2 J oil . V--S ' J )
Bringing It Homo ta Her.
Tb glad to know.- said he Blll-
ville matron, "that there' such
thing as a conscience fund In this
country and people are secretly re
turning to tha government the money
they embessled from It How nice!"
-Tea," growled the old man. "It 1
aloe; and If I bad all the dollar and
dime you've frisked from my pocket
overnight, there'd be a home-consci
ence fund that would ba a great relief
to oota of us. Atlanta Constitution.
He Didn't Enthuse.
"I saw soma nice gowns today, hub-
My 1 have one? They're very
'All dependa What are they fetch-
tngr Louisville Courier-Journal.
VeaJ, Pork,
Beef, Poultry,
Butter, Eggs &
Farm Produce
To the Old RAabla ISnrdinv hmaa vita a
rmord af 46 rears ef Square Deaiwsa and ba
saaured ef
Top Market Prices.
45-4-7 From Si, PCaHAND, ORE
Her Guests.
"We're goin' to have company at
our house." said Rose Elizabeth, age
4. "And I'll bet you dont know who
It Is. either."
"Who is itr 1
"Two lady girls and a aentle bov."
Indianapolis News.
The Way of It
"There was a great wreck of schoon
ers lately."
"How was thatr
"The police raided the place just as
the schooners were crossing the bar."
Baltimore American. .
In Desperate Straits..
"What do you think of a man with
a rent in his coat and only three but
tons on his vest?"
"He should either get married or di
vorced." London : Saturday Evening
2ckt!i fails U teat Is'.
London Sir Ernest Shack teton ha
again failed to rescue tha main body
of hi Antarctic expedition left on Ele
phant island, says tba Daily Chronicle,
and has returned to the Falkland is
Sir Ernest returned on board the
steamer Emms, say a Reutar dispatch
from Fort Stanley. Tha hlp
forced back by heavy gale and ice and
it wa found impose! bl to get near
Elephant island through tha pack ice.
1 no snip was badly damaged, the en
gine were damaged, and tha Emma
wa obliged to proceed under aJL
Sir Ernest, tha correspondent adds.
recognize that it is useless to fore a
passage with a light ship and ba is
waiting for the steamer Discovery to
come from England. .
frffid. Mk Tsree-Lle Strip
frca Gorans it Yenfsi
' Twice Worse.
A German spy wa being marched
oa a very rainy day to the tower.
"What brutes yon English are," b
said, "to inarch me through a rain Ilk observer
"But how about us 7" grumbled one
of his escort "It's worse for a.
We've got to march back." -London
Opinion. ,
Hop Crop Is Doing Well.
The Oregon hop crop I doing well
and hop men are particularly pleased
with the condition of tha yard. Tb
market is decidedly dull.
Tb Chicago Brewer' Bulletin aays
of tb trade situation la tha East:
Brewers are not buying except an
occasional email lot for immediate
want. Most of tha brewer are cov
ered by contract for soma month to
come. Dealers ar offering to sell at
somewhat lower figures than of lata,
the decline in the Coast market hav
ing mad itself felt in tha local and
Eastern trade."
The British embargo on hop is not
very strict, according to tha Kentish
which say: "Notwith-
SAMA Criastalei Eyelids.
OmC Em intUmtd by eio
" tur to a. Deal and lad
E jp. quickly rtliawd by Marts
VG9 CraWrN8eauac.
Eve Com fiirt
YW PrrrV SOc pr Bottle. Marie t
fatviaTules2e. rwaeataltksEyerraasak
Druggists or starts Cy tostdy C., Ckka
Hi Start
"I hear. Miss Gladys, that your
brother la ambitious to break records."
"Well, he's begun practicing with
the most expensive one we bought (or
our Victrola." Baltimore American.
London J off re's men are masters
now of a bloodstained strip of ground
three miles long and about a mfla deep
just north of Verdun, which they have
won from the Germans in ona of the
most hotly-fought and bloody battles
of the long struggle on tha Mens. At
the close of thro day of their offen
sive they hav conquered ground
which it took the Crown Prince' army
more than four week to wreat iron.
I aaaaegMas . ' - . -
Important Service.
"Weren't you the favorite oa of
your tate?"
"Yes. I waa of considerable service
la that capacity."
"HOWT" .
"I helped to make tha party look as
If It had mora than on man it would
consider if It wanted to." Washing
ton Star.
Of Court
"Why do you alwaya have to be ex
amined by a doctor before yon can gat
life insurance T
1 presume the company wants to
know whether or not you are strong
enough to carry It" Detroit Free
1ess. .,
Good Idea.
"Do you think anybody will find out
about my balr being falser
'Keep it under your hat. advised
the helpful sale lady. Louisville Cou
rier-Journal. - :-
GOOD Paint Means GOOD Results
See Your Local Dealer Now
Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship, Letterwriting,
Arithmetic, Commercial Law, and all commercial subjects taught by ex
perienced teachers. Civil Service training a specialty. The demand for
our Graduates exceeds the supply. Write Today for Free Illustrated
A.T. LINK. Principal.
Phone Main 6CS3 Tilfard Bld'g, Tenth and Morrisoa Su, Portland, Or.
U rothinc ta tha errant ef braathhie and Is a wan
eorful racnady for eouaha. eoUla, eore throat, eatanra
and hi-avei, mid whra fevar la praeent It reoKnree it
quickly wiLhout injur to tha animal.
Ih- rn'nt' fa!! Pnwilar "Heals while tha MrZM
w irv. toma worka" For f't
nils, aora sbooldera. wire cuu aad aid oieeratad loraa.
Vt. fcrmek Absorbent Blister
tif Uravirtsl. rirw-bo&s?. nd-4MMeasi hinnv.iaiav in m.
tic, Umy rnliuY0mfiu and pmmotirt tb rtpenmr pmemm of
Any a.' tS luilowiag wmmmhaa will quicicij comet mar f
rconmndrd :
" M HVtR CAPSULES. DB. ltORllFJC- PUVr r.iimr.
-.- t a: -v ., ;
the aiisarats (or which tha, ,
AidcmrdaalwfarKartDdi'aRaBiediaa. Thev are rnaraataad
ft-UKwut KtJ&ttJir co., Kenton Station,
Or writ direct ta
Portland. Oregon
P, N, U.
No. S3, ISIS
" ( ta adrartuers, rl4as
Not ThrouBh The Kitchen.
"Has the tumace gone out, Brid
get "It didg't come through here, num.
Boston Transcript
' Fishing Pact May Pass.
Washington, D. C. Senator. Lane,
who has been stoutly opposing tba bill
heretofore paascd by tb housa ratify
ing the compact between the state of
Oregon and Washington, under wbieb
they propose to exercise joint juried!
tionl over fisheries in tha, Columbia
river, i showing sign of relenting.
11 na ooe uiis tha bill win pass.
Senator Lane alone ha prevented It
passage on several occasions. The fail
ure of the opposing fishermen to file
initiative petitions robbed Senator
Lane of his chief ground of opposition.
Car Shortage Is Worss.
Salem, Or. Tba ear shortage on tba
Southern Pacific In the Willamette
valley continues to increase daily, ac
cording to report received by the Ore
gon Public Service commission, and
u closing of lumber mills Is foreseen
unless speedy relief is affovded. The
commission was notified Suturdav that
in summit Mill company had been
forced to close. The situation was
called to the attention of tbo Southern
Pacific officials, who ordered three cars
sent to Summit The total shortage
Saturday was 426 ears.
- Five-Cent Loaf Decried.
Chicago Tba 6-cent loaf of bread
must go. This i the cry with which
400 Chicago bakers departed Saturday
for Salt Lai City, Utah, to attend the
annual convention of the National As
sociation of Master Bakers and to at
tempt to persuade that body that 10
eenU is the lowest price at -which a
fair-sised loaf of bread can ba sold
with profit.
In tha party were scores rr bakers
Not Alwaya.
"Like always produces Ilka" '
"Docs itr Then Just you try to get
some cold cash from a snowbank."
Baltimore American,
Stopped Most Terrible Suf
fering by Getting Her Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Veeela- )
' He Compound,
Denison, Texas. "After 'my Httle
girl was born two years ago I began suf
fering with female
trouMo and coo Id
hardly do my work.
I was very nervous
but just kept (bag
ging on until last
summer when I got
where I could not do
my work. I would
bsve a chill every
day and hot flashes
and dizzy spells and
my bead would al
most burst I got where I wss almost
a walking skeleton and life wss a burden
to me until one day my husband's step
sister told my husband if be did not do
something for me I would not last long
and told him to get your medicine. Soke
got Lvdia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Com
pound for me, and after taking the first
three doses I began to improve. I con
tinued its use, and I bave never bad any
female trouble since. I feel that I owe
my life to you and your remedies. They
did for ma what doctors could not do
and I will always praise It wherever 1
go." Mrs. G. O. Lowest, 419 W. Mon
terey Street, Denison, Texas.-
If you ars suffering from any form ef
female ills, get a bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound, and
Mssuaeac tb treatment witbeat del
tending tb fact that tb order prohi
biting the Importation oz foreign bop
earn into fore on June 8, import
continue to ba received. Tba Board
of Agriculture report that tha Im
port for last week war 6195 ewt.
against S334 ewt in tba eorre ponding
week of 1916. Tb export were:
British, 890 ewt., against 432 ewt In
1916; foreign and colonial, 199 ewt,
against 21 ewt In 1916."
Bi Prune Crop Indicated.
RidgeflekL Wash. Prune grower
In this part of the county ar jubilant
over tb bright prospect for ona of
tba greatest prune crops in its history,
notwithstanding tba large damage
done by tba silver thaw last winter.
Although It I about six week before
harvest, tree in tha orchard ar
breaking down under tha load of green
fruit In ao me prune orchard the
ground I already strewn with broken
branches and grower hav bean shak
ing their tree rigorously in an effort
to prevent further damage.
U. 8. Buya Cavalry Horses.
Lewlston, Idaho A dalivery of eight
hone baa just been mad by Charle
Meikart of tha Upper Snake river, to
Martin V Reed, buyer of cavalry
horse for the United State govern
ment. A shipment of horses will be
made Tuesday, going to Lo Angeles
for government inspection. Tha hone
delivered by Mr. Meikart averaged
1100 pound and tha price waa $100
each. Mr. Meikart stated the season
has been favorable for stockmen and
that the range in tb uprlver section I
in good condition. .
L.I-. X J..- . -U-X -L
; Tea Lata,
Thla etory waa told by Admiral
Dewey of tha United State navy:
On afternoon the business agent
for a Chautauqua went to a proa parous
town to ae some of the natlree with
regard to booking a performance and
finally landed In the oiflc of Jonea,
"Yea, 1 am Mr. Jones." said the oc
cupant "What can I do for your
"I called to ae you about a Cbau
Undue." returned tha visitor.
"Nothing doing," curtly Interrupted
Jonea. "My wife and 1 hare already
decided on a car ot another make."
Kansaa City Star.
Jarring Colore.
Mrs. Toongbride I'd ilk to change
these egg I ordered by telephone yea
terday. -
Grocer What' wrong with them,
ma'am T
Mr. Youngbrlde Why. tb (hell
ar a deep brown and th only egg
cup I bar ar a robin' egg blue,
Bo ton Transcript
"When my husband proposed to me
the poor fellow voice stuck in bis
"Then bow did you know be was
"Well, you see, I was afraid that
might happen so I bad taken lessons
In Up reading." Boston Transcript
Shake into Tour anoes '
ASn'sFeat-Baae, a Boarder for the feat, U caret
eeinfal awoilaa, snwrUnav ewwHne Makes
saw aoeaa eeajr. Bon vr an tmra"e arm nnoe
riaraa, ln aeeepl anr eulMtliuia. Hamate
k. A4ira A. ti. Otmetad. m IUw. N . X.
"Answered Wsll.
Peckem Wbr is the telephone like
matrimony, my dearf
Mrs. Peckem On, I suppose it s be
cause one doesn't alwaya get th right
Peckem That latrt tn riitbt an
swerbut It Is good and we'll let It go
at that Brooklyn Citlsen,
A Pessimistic View.
"Are yon at work on a party plat-
Jl llji"'1''1 'JjJ
r 1 -. vi
a - ' ' ' I
Harvesting Starts Nssr Dayton.
Dayton, Wash. Harvest started up
quit generally over Columbia county
Wednesday and will continu well into
September in many part. Tb yield
this year Is barely normal, though bet
ter than wa expected, owing to th
lateness of the season. The light land
In th northern part of tba county I
bearing the heaviest though there are
some nelds of Turkey red wheat at the
outskirts of Dayton that ar very
promising. Harvest In tb mountain
ous region will not begin for three!
week, v
Cowlitz Fair Date Sat.
Woodland, Wash. Tb directors of
th Cowlits County Fair association
hav put at rest completely, the
porta that hav been circulated that
the association would not bold the an
nual fair this year, by announcing th
date a September 14, 16 and 10.
The school exhibition rooms will be
Improved, although that part of the j
fair wa one of th principle attrac
tions last year.
Crop Prospects Are Bright.
Net Perce, Idaho Crop prospect
on the Nes Perce and Camas prairies
hsv improved during the last 10 days,
ana tne spring grain, wnicn was sown
bout three week later than usual, is
expected to mak a good aversg crop.
Several farmer have commenced cut
ting the fall grain, and reported a I
"Yes. And It' a thankless sort of
task. The only planks In party plat
forms that people are likely to recall
are those that you might be just as
well satisfied to have tliero forgot."
Washington Star.
rvrabaad aa aturt Mttire, Write far
Sraleof rrwae. rartUnd tWtoudrne A
Sursatrra la, Prae a aurk. foUaadL Ua.
,.' Forest Note. , (
Tb ftrat act of Congresa retatlog
to forestry waa aa appropriation of
1200,000, passed la 17, for th pur
pose ot acquiring Umber for naval
construction. Under -this appropria
tion the government established re
serves containing live oak a tb best
timber for shipbuilding.
Tb turpentine Industry of southern
franc la a man made Industry. Out
of shifting, barren sand dunes and a
malaria, poverty stricken region, tb
French government throunh reclama
tion and planting of marttim pine,
ba mad on of tb most ProeDeroua
and sslubrious section of France, A
century ago th barren sand dune of
southern Franca could be bought at
any price. Today this barren land
within tb reclaimed area la worth at
tha lowest IJ.S0 per acre, while th
beat bring a high a tSt.OO per acre.
The' amount of standing hardwood
timber In tbla country ba been var
iously estimated at from 400 to 6o0
billion feet About S40 billion of tbla
ta In th southern states.
Voluntoor fir fighters. wb"n need
ed, are summoned to the aid of the
forest rangers by th blowing of a
certain slunal on steam whistle :in
many towns In or near national for
est In southern California.
Father's Wisdom. ' j
"Father, Alfred ba something to
say to you tonight."
Well, and what bave you and your
mother duriilcd I muat tell hlmT"
London Saturday Kvenlng Journal,
.Tha Remedy
Tlsprlner Is hot under the col.
lar, captain." ' i
1 ben put him In the cooler." Ital.
II more American. .
fai Kkcii PcsTiis. Wom Inrn
Th Human Touch. ,
"It doesn't make any difference how
rich a man gets." .
"What now!"
-"You csa bet he like to sit down
to tb table in his shirt sleeves and
go up against a good old-fashlonnd
boiled dinner once In a While." De
troit Free Press,
rrm tut mass in Ait obeook.
'"'" ' statement
V f !
f ber life lo tl
Vr- if
' Spoiled by the Exception.
"How did you find your dinner when
you came home late last nlitht?" -
"Pretty good, exoept the course my
wife Introduced in the bill of fare of
tongue served - with bard sauce."
Baltimore American.
"He's different to most men,,
"In what wayr
"He even knows all tho words in
the second verse of America." Da
troll Free Fresa.
Csrrsnxs's tlmsrlck.
8s ys Venustiano Carranza: "I shall
be Just aa good as I can, sir. But the
border Is rough. The greasers are
tough, and tbey soon may be canning
carrania. ' louiivwe courier-Journal
"I suppose you miss your husband
terribly T"
"Indeed, I do. You can't tmaglna
bow lonely I am with no ons ia the
house to contradict." Detroit Free
Oregon, I and
statement with
Ui us
oi it. j inros s f a
il., vorito rrotcrm-
tion. She was, a
fx very delicate girl
A before using yuur
' Hllolne. . J
W'.Aak-) M hav naVd
Ui 'Prescription' for weakness rxKtu
liar to women and found It pcrinctly
wonderful. I have used Dr. i'ierco't
Biedicinecffor over thlrty-flv ycarc.
"My bnsband ba need th Cough
Syrup' and thinks it is great. Mas.
L. A. FosTEt, 1503 E. 8ib St., W.
When a girl become a woman, when
a woman become a mother, wheni a
woman passe through th changn of '
middle life, are the three oerloda of
life when health and strength ar most
needed to withstand tb pain aad dis
tress often caused by severs organio
At these critical time women ar
best fortified by th as of Doctor
Pierce ' Favorite Prescription, an old
remedy of proved worth that keen
th entir female system perfectl
regulated and in exceuent condition.
Mothers, if your daughters are weak,
lack ambition, are troubled wjth bead,
aches, liuwitude, and ar pale and sick,
y, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
Just what they need to surely bring
the bloom of health to their cheuk
nd msk them strong and healthy.
Por all dlar-fwe peculiar to women,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prpacrintiou Is a
powerfnl restorative. During the last
So years it ba baniahrd from th
live of ten ot thousands of women
th pain, worry, misery and distress
cauaM bv irrecalnrlUpa ami disb&sa
of a ktoiiiln cXarocUr. .
from Eastern cities.
good average crop.