The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 14, 1916, Image 4

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    ill ALMAIi PORT
r : lmc
; Vessel Successfully Breab Blockade
of British Warships Villi Tak
Homi Reeded Supplies. '
H Baltimore Th world's flrtf suDroa-
rine merchant vessel tha Gorman un-
- . derwatr liner DcutachUnd, anchored
" below Bait! mora Sunday night, after
voyaging safely aeroaa th Atlantic,
' pawing th allied blockading squad
' i'rons and eluding enemy craiaera
watching for her off the American
-" coast. '
She i carried a message from Emperor
William to President Wilson, a quan
tity of mail estimated at 160 tons and
r Iam n viat! rhamirnls
WW V ....
' and dyestuffa, and is to carry back
home a similar amount of nickel and
crude rubber sorely needed by the Ger-
'. man army.
Sixteen days out from Bremer haven
to Baltimore, the submarine reached
, safety between the Virginia capes at
1:45 o'clock Sunday morning, by a
heavy pall of darkness which settled
,,pver the entrance of the bay, with the
letting of a tell-tale half moon,
rkn inaiita. the visitor threw cau
tion aside and began shrieking his si
van email inir a nilot and at the same
time attracting the attention 01 me
tug Thomas F. Timmons, wnicn naa
been waiting in the lower bay for
nearly two weeka to greet the Deutach-
land and convoy bar into port
t ttla ama Vimam har about what
happened during the epoch-making
cruise across tn ocean, wnicu m a
email measure at least breaka the
blockade on German trade with the
rest of the world. None of the sub-
4 V J JJ J tk.
marine a crew nan wuw a
. . . , I
agents of ner owners naa receirea am;
meager re porta. Such information as
was available came directly from the
pilot and from Captain Hana F.
Hinsch. of the North German Lloyd
- Liner Neckar, laid up here .since the
beginning of the war.
J, f. GEcs, Wdsisstsa
fszi tester, Estzpcs Frsa Ja3
Olympia, Wash. J. P Gillies, twice
convicted of embetzling $20,000 from
tate, industrial insurance funds while
employed as claim agent for the state,
Sunday night pried off two flimsy locks
with a bolt as a jimmy and escaped
from the Thurston county jaiL With
him went Henry Roberts, awaiting
transfer to the reformatory for a stat
utory offense.
Prosecuting Attorney Yantis ordered
the arrest of Mrs. Gillies on a warrant
cnarging ner wim aiuiug aaa,a
. the prisoners. Mrs. Gillies was not
'" locked up, but was taken to the home
- of a policeman and placed in the care
of the officer's wife. ,
' It is believed the prisoners boarded
a train bound for Portland.
An automobile is known to have left
town about midnight; and it la be
- lieved to have taken the two men to-
ward Canada. At a late hour no trace
had been reported of either.
Shortly after dark Gillies and Rob
:. erts locked an old man held on a minor
1 charge in his cell and pried their way
- out.
Sheriff McCorkle was at Centra! is
and James Fennell, County game war
den, who occasionally slept at the jail,
By sawing off the riveted end of the
bolt by which their cell would have
been locked, had that precaution been
taken, Gillies and Roberts slipped out
the bolt and then sawed the end of it
1 off on the bias to makes chisel point,
; kii t hav nriad their WaV OUt.
" Gillies evidently let himself from the
window to the ground 15 feet below
I. with a blanket. -
Yellow Press is Target.
. Washinoton. D. C A bill intro
duced " Monday by RepresenUtive
CampbelCof Kansas, would make it
unlawful for any person, company.
. corporation, press aasociation or news-
paper publication to publish or trans-
mit any false report or rumor bear
ing on the international relations of
the United States and tending to in-
juriously affect peaceful relations with
the government or people of any other
'- country. ,
. f ft tarA tn tha tllrifaiai-V COD
. . na iuvuw 4 - .
; mittee. ' '! ;
Curry to Offer Scouts.
' Bandon, Or. Preliminary arrange
: ments for the organization of a coro
t pany of 100 scouts, whose services will
be tendered to the government, are be-
ing made in Curry county, with Dis
trict Attorney J, C. Johnson 'and F. B.
'. Tichenor, of Port Orford, at the head
: of the movement. Both Mr. Johnson
and Mr. Tichenor are veterans of the
Knnninh- Amminui Vir. and the former
. has seen 18 years of service in the
army. Unless toe threatened nouoie
t with Mexico clears away shortly, re
cruiting osBces will be opened.
Alaska Sends In Bullion.
Seattle, Wash. Seven hundred and
fifty thousand dollars in gold bullion,
the largest shipment received from
Alaska this year, was brought here
Sumisy by the steamer Humboldt,
which arrived from Skagway. The
gold, the first of the Spring cleanup
in interior Alaska, was shipped from
Fairbanks by the first steamer up the
Yukon and transported to SVagway
over White Fa.-s from White Horse,
the head of river savation..
n::;ct o cm m m
cf osslii ileitis
London The capture of the whole
of the Germans' first system of defense
on front of 14,000 yards (nearly
iht miles) after 10 days and night
Wednesday in the official report from
British headquarter in Franc. Th
number of prisoners taken exceed
"After 10 days and night of contin
uous Cehting our troops have eomplet-
mA MailwwliMl eantura of th whol of
the enemy's first system of defens on
a front of 14, WW yaw." saya iw -m
"Th avatam rvf defense consist
ed of numerous and continuous line of
fir trenches, support trenches and r
erv trencnea, extending lor various
depth from 1000 to 4000 yaroa. u
lhutot Ava atmnirl fortified Village.
.,im.mii, huvil wired and entrench
ed wood and hug number of im
mensely strong redoubt.
TV nf each of the
-r- . .
ihw r-nr.ntd en o Deration of
torn importance, and th whol of
them are now in our nana.
"Th Rurmui auccea in th recap
ture of Trone Wood, after costly cas
ualties, was of short duration. iue
A.m w. HMntuMil nearlv th whol
of this wood. AU but th northern
most end i again in our hand.
A nm tha nnmbar of smns
bidden in bouse and buried in the de
bris, etc, w have in th eoura or
laAaaa AnAMtinnl hmiiorht in 26 field
guna, on naval gun, on anti-aircraft
gun, and on heavy nowitxer, www
the number of German, prisoner' cap
tured exceeda 7500."
Itiihd az$si Tabs lui
Gnist bsct Istt Cents
W..hinirnn II dTh OreSOO A
California Railway company Wedne
tha lesialativ
and executive branches of th govern
ment that it intend to go into court
and question the constitutionality of
the land-grant law recently passed by
Incidentally, th railroad company
aaserst that th law, proposing to ra
rest title to grant lands in th govern
ment, is unconstitutional.
If th government under that law
undertake to py back taxea to th
rwum onntia the railroad serves
notice that it must do so at it own
risk " and subject to future court decis
How the railroad company is going
to proceed in the courts to test the
.n;tnt;nnalir nf the law ia not
known by tha railroad attorney here.
They merely bad instructions to serve
tha Mmnanv'a notice on the President,
on con (rresa, Secretaries Lane and
Houston, the attorney general ana
Treasurer Burk.
6era23 U-lfiKT ft E OasscJ
' As Peaceful Kcr&lShi?
Waahtnirton. D. C Final decision
by the Stat department that the Ger
man submarine ueutscnianu is a
merchant ship entitled to all privilege
accorded under International law to a
h!H intrant-owned freighter was fore
cast Wednesday night on receipt of
preliminary reports on an inspection ox
the underwater liner at Baltimore by
naval officers and treasury officials,
rviiwtnr Rvan. of Baltimore, tele
graphed th Treasury department that
a thorough examination of the boat by
himself and Captain C F. Hughes, ap
nintit hv tha Navv deDarmtent to as
sist, be adhered to his previous opinion
that the vessel is an unarmed mercnanv
man, incapable of conversion for war
like DorDose. "without extensive
structural changes."
tepcadisest Proceedings TaM .
Waahinirton. D. C Impeachment
proceedings against H. Snowden Mar
shall, United States attorney at New
York warn tabled Wednesday by the
house judiciary committee, which by a
divided vote adpoted a resolution rec
ommending to the house that no fur
ther proceedings be taken against him.
The action of the committee in such
cases usually is sustianed by the house,
and the vote, therefore is expected to
close the whole proceeding, which or
iginated with Representative Buchan
an, of Illinois, who waa indicted in
mnnainn with an investigation of
Labor's Peace Council at New York at
the instance of Mr. Marshall.
Depositor Back Lorimer.
Chicago Wm. Lorimer, ex-United
States senator, Wednesday found him
ir with a fnll-fledced organization of
more than - 4000 depositors of the de
funct La Salle-street Trust savings
Bank, who had lost their money in the
crash of that institution, pledged to aid
bim in his plans to reimburse them for
"every dollar they had lost" At a
mass meeting the depositors, some of
them women, whose entire savings bad
gone in the bank failure, organized
themselves into a club to aid in the re
habilitation of his various enterprises.
Documents To Go on Deutschland.
New York The arrival at an Amer
ican port of a German submarine and
the possibility of establishing a carrier
service between the United States and
the blockaded Teutonic nations has
aroused particular interest here among
persona who have suffered from their
inability to send to Germany and Austria-Hungary
money and legal docu
It wss said Wednesday that if the
submarine returns she will carry an
important consignment of bank drafts
and legal papers of various kinds.
Two Colonels Dropped.
Camp Whitman, Green Haven, N. Y.
Colonel Louis D. Conley and Lieu
tenant Colonel John D. Phelan; of the
69th New York regiment, were order
ed mustered out of the Federal service
Wednesday just as th regiment was
entraining here for Texas. The order
came from Major General Leonard
Wood. The cause waa given "phys
ical disability." The news caused con
sternation in camp. A report was prev
alent that th regiment would mutiny.
Portland Hay Eastern Oregon
timothy. 1234124 par ton; valley tim
othy, loa$li dialfe, 14Stl5.
Millfaad Spot price; Bran, tS&ft
jfl.50 Par ton; aborts. S2iZ9.fiO
1L4 karla Z31.B0tit31.80.
(Vim-Whole. t3T per ton: crack
-J aoa
Vegetable-ArUcbok, Toctfjl Pr
dosen: tomatoes, Sl.&O&il.tS par
mil' ra Khars. S2(tlt.x6 par hundred
aarii,. 10a mi pound: pappsr. S5c
nar pound: -inrplanL 10c; horseradish,
8c; lettuce, Uejl.U per crate; eu
.n.hra viUTtl.lC par dozen: spinach.
. v.. . -
45pet pound; asparagus, Tk;!
per doaen; rnuoaro, llc par pouna
pea. 34c; eaullBoww, tl.85 crate
ealerv. $1.106tl.5 per down; com,
66t7o per dov
Potato- Old, 11.501.88 per sack;
new, tattle per pound.
Onion California red and yellow,
tl.-rf K nar Bark.
' , . .
Green Fruit strwom, i.soui
1.75 per crate; apple, new, f 1.60 per
box; cherries, 4$10e per pound; ean-
talonDaa. 0c6rSS per crate; apricots,
S1.S5&1.75 per box; Peach. 75c
II in nar hnx: flea, f lfitLSO DT box
raspberries, 1.6tl.75; plum. 11.10
fjSLSS; prunM, $1.251.60; logan ber
ries, S1.251.60; blackcap, 1 1.8 64,
1 nn- eurranta. tl.t5Stl.50.
rwsnn ranch, current re
ceipts, 22c; extras, x3Jc Jobbing
price: Oregon ranch, candied, xi$
9Krr aalecta. Xbc
Poultry Hana, 14c; broilers, 1ft
t?lna nniirvi- tUrkaTS. liv. 2062
21c; turkeys, dreaaed, choice, 23 25c;
duck. 1216c; gc, VQStie.
Butter Uubea. extras, xio oia;
nrima llrsta lie! firsta. 23c: MCOnds,
22c Jobbing price: Print, extras.
27329c; butterfat. No. I. 27c; No. 2,
25c, Portland.
Veal Fancy, 10c per pound.
Pork Fancy, 1010e per pound.
Hops 1915 crop. 8llc. 1918 eon-
tvaja. nnminaL
Wool Eastern Oregon. line, za ax
S&" coarse. S0r32c: valley. 80(3 33c
raacara bark Uia ana new, c
rttlm Ktrm. choice. 17. 60S8. 20;
good, 6.767.25; cow, choice, 16.25
t26.60; good, 6.50(8.26; Hellers,
$4(86.50; bulla, $S5; stags, $4.606.
Hog Prim lignt, a.zi'ttio.ou;
good to prime, 7.758.10; rough
heavy, 87.607.75; pig ana sxipe,
Sheen Yearlinsn. S6S8-60; weth
ers, I5.50Q6.50; lamba, $63.25.
As Wheat Season Advances
More Grain Bags Are Needed
Portland There ia more inouiry for
nil hava now than at anv time this
season. Sale are pot much larger but
buyer are snowing oeooeaiy more
intercut in ban. and sell era believe an
aeUva market is not far off. It I th
improvement in crop condition in tna
Northwest that is causing th inquir
l to Inmnm. Thar rains of th Past
fortnight have led all grain men to
raise their estimate of th wheat crop
mnA thaw ara now ft irurinir bn a yield
of 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 boahel
larger than they expected ariy in
June. This condition naturally baa
produced a firmer bag market. Local
quotation are still around th 12-eent
...rtr hnt then ia not the probability
of decline that dealer faced a short
time ago. , .
Tha anf ira mailt eroO IS ffTOWlnfl! in
size and there are no more bags in
aight than there were. As California
authority expresses it, for every bag
in sight two will be needed. In Cali
fornia, .a her, there ha not been
much buying by farm re in anticipa
tion of crop needs, but this is a con
dition that cannot hut much longer.
Much waa beard earlier in the season
of bulk handling of grain, but it is
evident now that there will be but
little relief for th situation on tnts
Road Increases Capitol to a Million.
Chehalis, Wash. The Cowlitz, Che
halis & Cascade railway company in
supplemental articles of incorporation
has increased its capital stock from
$100,000 to $1,000,000. Th name of
th company has been changed to read
a above, instead of the Chehalis,
rviwiirx lb Cmmeade. The company has
a Urge crew at work all along it 22
mile of projected lin rusmng ita
work and expect to have th road
completed to four mile southeast of
Onalaaka, near Salkum, by falL Th
Chehalis Mill company has its plans
all Mtnnlataii now to SUSh WOrk OH its
new 75,000 sawmill in South Chehalis
at once. ' " -"' ' ' :.' . ' lfJ-
Sale Plan 1 Success.
Kennewick. Wash. Encouraged by
the success of th Kennewick-Richland
ITo-Uotirxy nninn which shinned and'a
sold this year 95 per cent of the straw
berries grown in this region at an av
erage price to the grower of nearly $3
per crate or s pinta, me irowm
public meeting her last Saturday per
fected plans for a similar permanent
organization to handle th raspberry
crop, asparagus, gooseberries, cher
ries, early potatoes, and, possibly, the
peach, pear and apple crops. New by
law and constitution were approvou.
. Horse Market is Active.
Klamath Falls, Ore. There 1 much
activity in th local horse market
sgsin following th call oi tn umtea
States for more animals for military
ami tha recent Dlacin&T of or
ders for more horses and mules for the
French government. The JS. Clemens
Horse company, of Sacramento, operat
nanw larma ranchea in California,
has a call for large number of horses
for military purposes. Last ween zuu
head of burses purchased by this com
nanvin Lake county, Oregon, were
shipped from this city.
Some Grant Crop Damaged. -
r:, Ara Unsettled weath
er condition hav prevailed through
out Grant county for tha past two
weeka. Considerable rain naa xaiien
mnA ha mniaed damage to som crops
and much Inconvenience to sheepmen.
who ar in th midst or sneanng oper
Tha flmt eroo of alfalfa is
ready, but owing to the weather con
ditions, the farmers ar delaying the
cutting until good curing w earner.
mm io mm nmx
Portland-Th ntlr state of Ore
gon will b protected by strict pre
ventative measure against th possi
ble introduction of Infantile paralysl
infection, through orders Issued Sun
day by the State Board ox iiaaitn, ana
-1.1 hv Stale Health Officer
David N. Robwrg t all local health
officers, and county judge, wrougnoui
th state.
To further Insure th observance of
these precaution agalnat th ptagu
that 1 terrorising New York, Gover
. WlthvMtinha has been reaueated by
the State Board of Health to isau
proclamation to th county Judge or
Oregon, instructing tnm w
th quaranUn at every railroad sta
tion within thlr juridictlon.
Tha nlan la aimnla. thoUlh PCSSr
ily involving a great deal of cloe ob
servation and employment m a rudi
ment of medical inspector and assist
anta. ...
Incoming passenger, under IS year
of age, from all Eastern points, will
ha mat at aah station t)V authorised
inspectors. Their temperatures will
b taken. U tn temperature pe aoove
aa If an nthar indication of
th dread malady is observed, th child
will b placed tinder strict quarantine.
Epidemic I Subsiding.
New York .Nineteen more death
fWir Infantile naralvaia In NW York
City for th 14 hour ndd t 10
o'clock Sunday morning were reponeu
by th department of health, making
th total fatalities 224 sine th epi
demic started. Thar we drop in
th number of new case, 88 being re-.-t-A
snnj.. amiinet 95 Saturday.
Th total number of case now has
reached 980, Th mortality rate
stlU about 23 Per cent. Brooklyn con
tinued to lead with new caeca.
lifejf tasidest if Arsofine
. . a a a
Rcpstsc ScsgM 17 mnm
Di. Alraa An artemnt to
slnate President d la PUxa waa made
Sunday by a self-styled anarcnui. in
O au atanriinv nn a balcOnV Of
government building reviewing som
whan a man in the crowd of
spectators suddenly drew revolver
end bred at mm. ine auo wwti
and th would-be assassin was ar
rested. Tk. ... a.aai nf sneetators
surged forward in an effort to take th
assassin from his guards and lynch
him, but this wss prevented by the
oldier. Th man gave his nam a
Jan Mandrini. He said b wss born
in Argentina and was 24 year old.
IHal Sates Bas 21.000.000
Cot tUe to man Service
w..hinrnn TV C. The census bu
reau, whil unabte to answer specifical
ly th question bow many able-bodied
eitizena of military age there are in the
United State, est i ma tea that the total
umber of male citixens and and those
ahn hava declared their intention to
become citizens, who ar 18 to 45
years old inclusive, l not zar irom ti,
000,00a Thia aatlmste ia based on the as
sumption that there has been an in
crease of aproximately 10 per cent in
th population of th country sine th
census of 1910. When that census
wsa taken th total number 01 mate
ami moBDaetiva citizen 18
year old and over but under 46 was
19.183,000. Ot tws numoer, i,ooi,
000 wer foreign-born white who had
hajwuna natural iiad ar had declared
their intention of doing so, 2,052,000
were negroes and tu.wu were inoiana.
Soffit Insist feci Seppty is Short
Th Hague During a debate on th
food ituation at tha Thursday evening
session of the Berlin city council, the
Socialist complained of the inequality
and inadequacy of the distribution of
food under the mass-feeding scheme.
Councillor Mommsen declared that no
resident of Berlin wa yet starving.
This elicited a sharp contradiction.
Municipal Physician Weber main
tained there was no question of under
feeding yet, whereupon cries of strong
dissent arose from the Socialist.
Th Socialist councillor, Hoffman,
said that be himself had been a patient
at the Rudolph Virchow hospital for
months, and knew how seriously the
dietary had been reduced. . ;
Explosion Follow Raid.
' Seattle A few minutes after the
police had wrecked the stock and fix
ture of the Puget Drug ' company at
1625 First avenue during a liquor raid
Sunday night; fir caused by an explo
sion, completed the destruction of the
interior of tha store. No on was in
th store at th tim of th explosion,
but it is believed that acid leaking
from a bottle came into contact with
the contents of a barrel of alcohol
which the police bad broken open. One,
hundred bottles and several demijohns
of whisky also wer destroyed.
Bandits Guest of Honor.
Laredo, Tex. Herbert) Pesziot, al
leged bandit on trial bare in connec
tion with the raid on Webb. Tex..
testified that be and other. Mexicans
involved in the raid previously were
guest of honor at a banquet given to
Neuvo Laredo by General Musqulz,
lesder of th Csrrsnxa forces, Pezziot,
Cuevasand Solis wer sentenced to
five years' imprisonment. Pezziot ad
dressed a letter to Gen. . Alvaro Obre
gon, minister of wsr st Mexico City,
asking that some step be taken to
prevent imposition of the sentence.
British Statesmen Shifted.
London Following th appointment
last week of Dsvid Lloyd-George ss
.iirt tnr war. official announce
ment was made of several other chang
es in the government. Edwin Samuel
Montagu, financial secretary to the
treasury, takes Lloyd-George's place
ss minister of munitions, Thomas Mc-
Klnnon Wood, secretary of state ior
Scotland, becomes chancellor of the
Duchy of Lancaster and financial sec
retary to the treasury.
i9 b ,
mkA Baking Powder
? VV-?
ore gocMi
nt 11 lossis sssa? psrrmn
HI III l tutus ueuit nttl
V l"e ff r ) a w Vaat , .'
I M il -TV- tw, v y 1
f aWrM.''"Jf.12
V-.w7 J7w ri.
nT tw intl,???i
Granntafei Eyelids.
rs ieKsmed by etpo-
- - suni to -- -
E Met la
TC1 2BtssMly. NoSnatruPg.
J ki,t ComhTl. Al
w-nr rtaM'i SOc per Bottle. Nsrls f )
ur te as, vew aaa a wa
JelwialUHc FeT-rs"S"
Dnarxirtt of Mario tfi B-wsT C.,Cak4t
DAI5T rLI Mixta. sim.
ass 1
.. u.4l
mi ul - -1
MS SS M. Braalfm, a. t.
Slightly Twlstsd.
aiaa In rraillnrsa. Th
groom, beat man and th minister
were sabered in th vestry. Th or
asniat becan to cla and th minister
started lor th door.
"Wait on moment, aocior. can
lha narvoua (room. "Ia It th right or
left hand th ring goes onr
"Tn lert, nurrieuijr rrvrnm u
"Anrf nrwrlnr la la It CUtomrr to
cuaa th brlderutic Herald.
Natural rspsctatlo".
mw. vnnr aarolilane. Mr. Bmtthl
I looked out In the front tret nd
In our backyard, but I couiaut aee
none." '
"Why, I hav no aeroplane, my boy.
What mad you think t bdr -
"Wdn t you toll pa you cam here
to aee bim on flying visit?" tlaltl
more American.
To Cleanse
and Heal
Deep Cuts
If It
float it 0- Aanef
Balsam of Myrrh
A LI N I M 81 N't
For Gits. Burns,
Bruises, Sprain,
Strain. Stiff Neck.
Chnblains, Lame Baxk,
CAA Sore. Orjen Wounds.
ami all External Injuries.
Mads SInco 180.
All Dealers s?S,to
Why 8h Rmlti.
"And von have had the same serv
ant for two years T"
"Yes, replied Mr. ctobsiois. -- duo
says she doesn't believe In changing
after ahe haa gone to the trouble of
teaching; a family her vay." Wash
ington Star,
Mr,Wynn Tell How Lyclia
E, Pinkham' Vegetable
Compound Helped Her
During Change of Life.
Richmond, Va.-"Aftr talcing
even bottle of Lydia E. Plnkbsm's
vgtDl com
pound I feel like a
new woman. I al
ways bad a beadach
during the Chang
of Life and wssslso
troubled with other
bad feeling com
mon at that time
dizzy spells, nervous
feelings and hest
flashes. Mow I sra
In ti.ttir health
than I ever was and recommend your
. t, , . J f b, .
remedies to an my inenoa. -n.i
Wttkm, 2812 E. O Street, Richmond, Vs.
While Chang of Llf i most crit
ical period of a woman's existence, the
annoying symptoms which accompany
It may be controlled, end normal health
restored by th timely us of Lydia E.
Plnkbam' Vegetable Compound.
Such warning symptoms are a sense
of suffocation, hot flashes, headaches,
backaches, dread of Impending evil,
timidity, sounds in the ears, palpitation
of the heart, sparks before the eyes,
Irregularities, eonstipstlon, vsrlsbl sp
petite, weakness and Inquietude, and
For these abnormal conditions do not
fafl to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
tXW juw
I- - - .
aaaoLa soauas.
IX Back
25 Sf) Ibr Goodness Sake
It wm never disappoint you-
it if you like good things to
-V O C Onnres for
-itokaaar'a Work for th Implr
Kitchener will b r)nemUrd for
four greal constructlv wrli of .r
lanlsatlon. carried out In Ksypt. Buu'n
Africa. India and Kngland. In ach
rss hi work ws cratl and '
tlonary In conception, and carried out
with th utmost iMreclslo In very
least detail. No man touched lb
world aiteiided British Kmplr t
more points, or touched It with ucn
decisive, fsteful effect. It wy he
said. Indeed, that the lnlerlty of th
Kmplr. In th twentieth century. Is
the work of Kitchener, r'our dancer
roa. In reilona aeparated by vast
continental spacea; In each reUn,
Kitchener met th denser, plerclnaly
dlasnoaed h cause, patiently and
couraaeously overcam It ICvery hon
or within th power of hi countrymen
to glv dim w offered to KlU-hener;
yet all honora fall hort of hi Im
mense ttalnraetiLr'rom "Kitchener
of Khartoum." by Charlea Johnston.
In th American Review of Kevlews
for July, Mil
Ouardsmen t Aided.
District Forester Oeor II. Cecil.
lortlnd. Or., hss rweUed th fol-
.lram tnilB IhS t'hlllf KOT-
ester, Henry 8. Oravea. Washlnton.
1J. C, tn rererenc to employers
th r'orest Senrle who belong to th
National Ouard: "Forester dr. Ire to
aid employee who r member of
the National Ouard to fulfill their
military ouligatlona. Kor this purpose
be will spprov appltratlon for leave
and will so far aa possible consistent
with civil servlc rule sod future
appropriations, assur them restore
Hon to present positions-sfter com
pletion of servlc In th nny. Pie
report Immediately approximate num
ber of employee In district who are
member of Ouard and will probably
request lesv In respoos to lb Treat
dent call."
Mr. Stretcher Yea. If cold, but
nothing Ilk what It wa at Ctirt.ln.aa
three yr sto when th steam from
th engine trot hard and tell on the
line In sheets. "
Mr. Cuffer And yet lost wn t so
cold a In tt. when It froi th eloe
trlclty In lh telephone wire, and
when th thaw cam all th machine
were talking a hard a they could for
upward of flv hour.
"Well, gentlemen," said Mr. Long
bow, "th colder year that I can re-
in lha t'hrtatmaa week
In 'M. when lh policemen had to run
to keep tnemaeivc warm.
Hut that was too much, snd with si
nt Inttlmatlon the other
two left to his own reflection the
men wbo treated tn trutn so 110117.
Two suitors hsd striven for th
hand of Mary Murphy. On was Doo
tan, prosperous grocer, and he wa
backed up by Pa and Ma Murphy; th
other wa handsom young clerk,
and he wss backed up by Mary,
Th clerk won.
On th morning of her first birth
day after the wedding day Mary called
to see her parents, snd proudly show
ed them a pretty little gold watch
which her husband had given her.
Out Mr. Murphy sniried contemp
tuously. "That" very nlc." she said disap
provingly: "but if ye'd only taken the
advice of yer father and me. ti not
gold watch ye'd be havlu' In yer pock
et, but a good eight day clock!"
' He Meant Business.
Mrs. Dennett srrived at th conclu
sion that th attachment of Teddy
Nolan, th policemen, for her cook
must be Investigated lest It prov dis
astrous to domestic discipline.
On morning h took Annie, th
cook, to task regarding tha matter.
Annie admitted hi attentions.
"Do you think he means business,
AnnieT" asked Mrs. Dennett
"Vis. mum, Ol think so," replied
Annie. "Annyway, he's begun to com
plain about my cook In,' mum." San
Francisco Chronicle.
K. FMclwr Hallamor, th lrhn Danctn b.
ear and I rw true tor In Nw York City. wrlM I
CweiMai ALLKN'g KWr-k.AHK. IheanllMptk
sowdar to be aKafcaa Into th. .haaa, fur Ian raar.
and KNmnmeoil It ta all mr pupil.." It curat and
nrnnu an frt- Bold br all Drue and tepart
mant Hum. Ma. ttampl. FUCK. Aifairw. Alles
8. Olmatad. Le Kay, N. X.
A popular London clergyman was
once staying a few day at a country
bouse with some friend. On th Mon
day morning hs wss playing tennis
with a young man be could usually
beat, but for some resson or other
the clergymen wss not In form, and
was faring badly.
Motween games he remarked to his
opponent, "I simply can't stand your
service today I "
"Then we're quits!" was ths cheeky
reply; "I couldn't stand yours yester
day!" -
' Rubbering for a Kiss.
Th young husband baited at .the
gate and retraced hi steps.
"Did you com back for another
kiss, dear?" Inquired the bride.
"Well, I'll take another kiss, but
whst I came back for was my rub
bers." Brooklyn Citizen.
. Quits Expansive.
"We hsve to bring every bit of soil
down to this seashor pi."ie to make
our gardens."
"But doesn't that cost very much?"
"Well, It Isn't what you might call
dirt cheap." Baltimore American,
Possible Resson.
"I wonder why they built thst Chi
nes wall."
"Sort of a compromise, I presume.
I judge there wa a strong disarma
ment party In those dsys." Louisville
Wife How does my new spring bat
look. Torn?
Hub Urn! It looks to me like two
weeks salary! Boston Transcript
Urilar. famlTpd (na)
CMa AM aailTKM.
Ore April Is, IM.
I ski pre P
all pWaid arllb war trx
arraai aa aaippad aa Aft
rraaav I varv
ml Mr bat ra ml
treated.,. -, Watp
(VWtaal aa Sis at eur . tat taa-wnas.
Maka a. raar aral hHnrti m ra ftwa rxt
Oregon Hernia Instituta
RHPtaiatnaiad a-rWanlrallr. ' frlla
Smaii raaaa. Ui fcaiinwalala, Ms
salt, aaaraatera. Call ar wnta,
41 Mil Akakp aSdkas. Oraaea
If fM raaaat aaw PJ
rarllan M r- trma
rma sttaa. I aid wad
Ci at. awtbad al !
m. brtaait. N"4
al a.r.1.. bal a.wb
mm tbaa Saws auk
awl " a.a.l.d at
Irrlaa la roufwtf.
Oui.i ani mi arpUaailaa. ItllW 6W 3
alrMkailrtaa, put Marrlaat U rwltaa. Uraraa
t list M r Un tilVrmstlk4tsll
Tw H. f Norton Ci. .
Dcl TmJ Ptartari htot Tun
Mada fn-a rir d aM taal laa
at Mnad tw TlkUl Write aa.
uaaiMtrt vt u anuino m.
10 WaaMMflM SC. rwUaadt Or
T'SrKm fur all tada a Warklaa- pnalrlaaa,
Pwl lplaa t. all iaulrHa. fanu Ina
bl la-f. la. all paMtaaav 4 "k'r
wa tttll mail a. w partlculanv J. K. atA4UI T.
til Joantal UxU I"wlaa4, Urasaa,
Mia - wivst w-mtttM mt.
baa. SIMtnand T.aaarMlaa. ttmAmmn-M.
rH-h. H.urhM 1-uutw ktanoinuilwns )
raplun and MiawarWae, aii.
twa. ISalltuaa aa immwi. nrw a. mw
lkl . Car. ant and Mamwn, IWtland. (Mara.
MIsplsclrtQ th Blsm.
"aOKKl-Ohl HrrO-OhO-OOl"
A th childish wall rang through
il. 1.,...- ika mnthrr anrana
to her feet Hushing Into the halt
she met her llttl daushter coming In
from th garden and carrying a brok
en doll by th le.
"What th matter, darling r sb
ask id tenderly.
"O-o-oh, mo-otaer," oowien tu mnu.
"Willie' broken my dolll"
"Th naughty boyl How did h do
! I I hit him an tha head wlv It!"
wa th slow response. I'lllsturgh
inronicirTeiegrapn. -
Newpop (anxiously) Is It boy or
a girl?
Nurse It's thre of 'm, sir three
fin boy.
Nwpop Cre Bcottl This come
from marrying a girl whose father I
In th wholesale line. ttvaton Tran
script : ,. .
Th manufsotur of tanks, silos,
wood pip and conduit rank third
mong th wood using Industrie of
Oregon. . High grade Dousla fir Is
th chief wood serving th need ot
tbi Industry.
PcOfcur Own Vlumhlnz
Br beytwr dhett from as st whul.wd. prla
sndaarelba plsranrr'. prnAla, Write a. ta.
dap four naada. Wa will lra pee our nwk.
UitUan "dlnwt-ta-you" prUMa. f. a, b. rail or
boat. W. artuallp ava paia fnaa IS ts Mper
nana All gutnim puaranlMd.
NarUiwa.t kaadiisrtrl fop Laada Wster
Spawms sod Fuller A Johnsae Knsinas,
811 Third Street. ' , ; Partlaad. Oreaaa
Parts erer 10 maka. and modal., st half the ra.
ular prlea. Bur pour uanl 'auto parts train sa
old-e.ubll.ld snd rtputaMe daajar, wh. hai a
raputatlon la prataet snd eendasts the laraaat
parts .tore and aarrtat tha laraaat rotnpUta as.
aartnant of sans .uta part, of any aompanr this
aid. of Chlcaso. Our prlaa. sr. law, sad for tbi.
lasaon are ouU.ll sD other.. Alt part, era (usr.
sntaad 10 bs In Arattaat condition. ,
tncoi poriittrti.
23-i:& )27 IUMIIDE ST. NRTLMO, tk
Veal, Pork,
Beef, Poultry,
Butter, Eggs &
Farm ' Produce
To tha OM ETerdln haaa. wHh s
word of U paan of Sguan LMalioe. snd bs
Top Market Price.
45-47 Front Su
P. N. U.
No. SO, 1916
OTBB vrHla to sdrarUaars, plaue SHSr 1
" llaa this paan-. I
iui a