The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 07, 1916, Image 4

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    Tl.a SpinoloffUt
One? Ilpman Spine
fa 1G00 Is Perfect
If yon ar . Sktt your Sprt is out
ttt tlimmnt After a thorough srjinal
' examination I am able to tell you all of
your physical trouble, wttnout you
- 11imr m. and with bit SoeciAcal
i Spinal Adjuitmenta and your aid a per
my instructions, 1 wm mvtjrorat your
aystem Witt ronewea energy, nomw
' Icin. vibrator, electricity, maasaree.
' Only Spinal Adjustments. (000 in and
about Portland 1 hav relieved ana
cured. All Female Trouble and ehil-
Wi ailment reached b mv BVStem
' regardless of at- I will tell you which
r . m e at .
Ey .or Ear, wnetner uatarrn oi uie
' Nose, BronchiUa or Asthma, Whether
' you have bad Fever or Luna; Trouble,
' liver or Stomach, Kidney or Bladder
uVnu Pile (blind or itchinf). Con
stipation. Lumbago, Rheumatism of
Anna or Legs, Dropsy and Varicoae
Veins. Moat all Skeletal Delormiry
iVin years Portkmd. The only
system to bring nerve life to all para
lysed organa. '
Ceaf V7. Pmtmf ScKoalafCHnptmcHc. Dm
Re.. East 2454: Office, Main 8608.
Royal Building, Broadway and Morrison
Office houre: 10 to 12 a. m.; S to 6 p. m.
Sundays and Other hours by appoint-
Portland, Oregon.
Ortion Heinia Institut.
Kttptmo treated1 mnfc-jAs-llT.
It tun room. HifbHt tmUmoeS-X Ur
alls puwH-t Call ar writ.
4I1-4IS Afckr
r- CraaoIafeJ EycDis,
Sltir 8 Er" mSamed by po
WJ4aa V ' to s. fie !!-
quickly relieved by Hariaa
OEysfesesdy. NoSmaTtirg.
1 . rAfnfnrt. At
Your Drwl'i SOe per Bottle, "f
Salrein l ubwc r or -
Druggists or MariM Ca..Cluto
Farm Machinery Driven By Motor Car
- To enable a motor car to be used
for driving various kinds of machin
ery, a convenient, although wasteful,
power-transmission Jack has been de
vised by a Minnesota man. Two paral
lel shafts carrying dish-ahaped rollers
at either end are mounted on a heavy
timber frame which supports them
' several Inches above the ground. This
forms a cradle for the rear wheela of
a machine, permitting it to run
smoothly and without any strain on
fta working parts. A pulley held at
.an end of one of the shafts receives
a belt that is extended to whatever
machine ia to be operated, as, for in
stance, a circular saw. A car is run
onto the rollers by backing It over
planks forming a track laid parallel
with them. From- the July Popular
Mechanics Magazine.
For any cut use Hanford's Bal
aam.'" Adv. . . !
T Assertion of Authority.
"Of course, you have taken an In
terest in votes for women?"
"Yes." replied Miss Cayenne.
"There's no doubt that we women
could manage politics easily IT
"If whatr
"We found It aa easy to boss other
women around aa it la to exact obedi
ence from the men." Washington
SUr , , ; ... -
Whan to Make Concessions.
When a man knowe he ia In the
right he ahould stick to it. come what
may, unlesa hie wife insists on having
her own way. Philadelphia Inquirer.
Veal, Pork,
Beef, Poultry,
Butter, Eggs &
Farm Produce
To the Old RatiaMa Erili- tas with a
rarard of tfjraanof. Square DaaJuac and be
aaiiired ef
Top Market Prices. ,
F. 1,1 CROIifflTE, S, PSmANMRE
rrf oar 0 makaa tui modal, at half tha re
larerie. Buy ir was aete parts tro
aU-eatahUahed mat reeetabta dealer. wt tees
raputaboa to pre tact and aondnaW the ausaet
parts ator asd earriaa the lniwt erxnpertaae
aortnantef eaai aula parte ef ear company tWa
atdaaf Cbiease. Our prlcaa aro losa. and for tbia
Maa ata!l all othara. AH parte are sear,
sntard to ba ia tratlaaa coditiso. .
P. N. U.
No. S3, 1918
"T1! aeli
SrHiJS t Uhzi fftfS fefi2S
After Iterate Battle.
Teutons Retreat Before French Drive
- Near HardscourtLose Many
Trenches Also to British.
r shrift Prlrnurt. three miles east
of Albert, the scene of desperate fight
ing between the tsntisn ana uwneie
Ka anla.nte allied OfTansiV WSS
begun Saturday morning, has been eap-
ii that KnriHR arwDrainar w aui
official sUtement issued Sunday night
CuKatantial rmmat BBS MWI maW
In the vicinity of Fticourt. which was
captured by us at t p. m.
Up to noon some tw man pna
era had been taken is the operations
between me Ancre ana mj tw-
bringing the total up to 3500, Includ
ing those eapturad on ouier parts
k. e-n-,, Satnrrlav nieht.'
The official statement by the French
war office at Paria aaya that aoutaoj
ik. eAiniiu th Wench have forced
their" way into the second line of the
German entrenchments at several
ami have rentured the Village of
Fries and the Mereaucourt wood. The
number of unwounded prisoners taken
. . .... t. :j A
in the two aaya oaiue now w aw w
be more than 6000.
fin nlfftit'a atatement PV tne
Pronrh war office said that in the
fighting south of Arras Saturday the
Fnaiwh rnok a total ox ouuv Dnsoners.
In the course of the night French
taoana nntiawl the villan of CurlU.
.1 milaai arjltharaat of Albert.
A heavy German counter-attack on the
village of Hardecourt, norm ox uuriu,
romiliuvl the statement adda.
After repeated assaults the Germans
were obliged to retreat in disorder.
London July 2. The British troops
in their great drive in Franca nave
captured a German labyrinth of
tranches on a front of seven miles to a
depth of 1000 yards and the villages of
Montauman and Mammecs.
North of the Ancre valley, according
to the official statement, the British
have not been able to bold sections of
the around gained in their first at
tacks. Two thousand German pris
oners haw been taken.
Eaes Has Tnp to Padfa:
Cesst Qies rlrst ef August
nHirokamntnn N. Y. TJnleSS be
changes baa plana, Charles E. Hughes,
in all nmhahilitv wilt inatururat his
campaign for the Presidency in the
second week in August, staning o a
tr which will take him to the Pacific
Coast. The present purely tentative
arrangements provide lor aaaresses in
about 10 leading cities, probably St.
P.1 . Portland Or Seattle. Wash.:
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake
City, Kansas City. St. Louis and Chi
cago among others.
Mr. Hughes intends mis swing
around the circle as merely prelimi
nary to one or two whirlwind tours.
He hopes to avoid rear-platform speak
ing on the first long trip.
ttr asd Eaby Wished Away
- By Wall f WaUr
PAmfletaa. Ore. Mrs. M. C He-
Cabe, rancher's wife, and her infant
boy were drowned Saturday night
about 6 o'clock when a cloudburst
broke over upper Butter Creek canyon.
43 miles southwest of Pendleton, and
a wall of water swept down upon their
home. Mrs. UcCabe's body waa found
five miles further down McDonald can
yon Sunday morning by a searching
party. The baby's body was found la
ter. Mr. HcCabe. her three children
and some men were in the McCabe
house and knew nothing of the flood
nnril ir arrnclr- thai honae. tearinK it
asunder and carrying away Mrs. Me-
Cabe and the cniid. t ne ower cnu
dren were rescued by the men.
I. W. W. Leaders Threaten.
St. Paul Declaring their peraobal
liberties aa citizens have been violated
by the order of Governor Bumquist for
the sheriff of St. Louis county to dis
arm all striking miners, nine L W. W.
leaders at Virginia, in a telegram re
ceived Sunday night, ask it uey are in
Russia. The mesaage is a demand
that the chief executive of the state
remove all mine guards from within
the city limits of mining towns on the
range. "Otherwise," the sUtement
reads, "our miners will be instructed
to defend themselves."
Troops To Get Extra Pay.
Washington, D. C Extra pay for
foreign service will be allowed the
American troops serving across the
Mexican border under a decision by
Controller Warwick, of the treasury.
Enlisted men will receive 20 per cent
additional and officers 10 per cent. The
controller also gives the opinion that
government employes who enlist in the
National Guard are entitled to full pay
from their civil position for the first
80 daye of their service, except that
the combined salaries of officers will
be subject to the $2000 limitation.
Italians In New Attack.
Rome, via London Continuing their
offensive in the Trentlno, the Italians
have begun an attack on the Austrian
fortified positions between Kugna Tot
fa and Foppiano, says the Italian offi
cial atatement issued Sunday. The
Austrian were driven from sections of
trenches north of Pedeacala, the dis
patch adds, and some more trenches
were carried between Sels and Monfal
eone. In the latter battle 195 Aua
trians were taken prisoners.
n. im eax wots
f:g:isi mzm, c:3 to so
New York Mrs. Hetty Green,
known as the world'a wealthiest wo-
m.n wKnee fortune la eatlmstei aa
high aa 100,000,000, died hersJMon-
seed SO vawre, Phe hmA suffered
threat atroksa of raralysts in the last
two iiionthiirfiforvealresk3hsd
been practically helpless.
Her death occurred at 3:03 o'clock
at the home of her eon, Colonel E
a..wl It R ftraen. adioinlna the plain
brick four -story house on the comer of
Central Park Weat, wnera atra. ureen
ht llaarf latel In seclusion, except
for her son and several Japanese aarv
anta ana uainea nurse.
Wall at rant's estimate of Mrs,
Green 'a fortune ranee from $20,000,-
000 to $100,000,000. Officials of the
Chemical NaUonaFbank. in which Mr.
Green once made her downtown head
quartan, declined to haaard a guess
Humminf tne else ox nor .
Hettv Green waa the world'a most
remarkable mistress of finance. The
aiwaai nmu in America, ah lived
invmt aa frurallv aa a ahoD-rirL Her
bom waa wnerever ene
time to hang her little black crepe and
bonnet, often in the hall bedroom of
some cheap boarding hone or In soms
remote and modest nat arouna new
Um Rnaen'e eccentric extremes of
aonnomv led to the DODular mlaconcep-
tion of her as a "aelf-mad woman."
Aa a matter of fact ah waa born rtcn.
In 1863 she inherietd aom $10,000,-
000, which accumulated upon I tee U
until in 50 years It had mutupuea
nearl ten times. She also inherited
family tradition which had been a
pride for three centuries, ana wnicn
ah waa anxious to perpetual in ner
to far tat kisi Upnssj
Parted by R-72I Cninissica
inUi The Roval eommlssion
which inveetiagted th Irish rebellion
ia Its report submitted xueaaay aays
ka naannnaiKilit for th Outbreak
doe not rest with Baron Wimborne,
the lord lieutenant, since resigned,
who is declared to have been in no way
answerable for th policy of th gov
ernment. " . .
Th chief secretary for Ireland, au
RlrralL who resicned shortlv
after th suppression of the outbreak,
waa primarily responsioie, saj uw -port.
The Roval commission waa presided
over by Baron Harding-. Outlining
th cause of th outbreak in ireianu,
the report aays:
"The fact ahould b born in mind
that there ia always a section of opin
ion in that ennntrv bitterlv ODDOSCd to
British "connection and that in time
of excitement this section can impose
its sentiments on largely increasea
numbers of the poeple."
TKa rami mints out that it ia OUt-
aid th scope of th commission's in-
arnu-tinna tn inonir how far th Policy
of the Irish executive was adpoted by
th cabinet, or to aitacn responsioiuij
to anv but the civil and military exec
utive In Ireland. Th report then
givea the conclusions:
'That the main cause oi tn reDei-
lion appears to b that lawlessness
was allowed to grow up unchecked and
that Ireland for several year had been
ai,in!atrw! on the nrinciDle that it
waa safer and more expedient to leave
th law in abeyance if a collision with
any faction of th Irish people could
therefore be avoided."
The importation of large quantitiee
of arms into Ireland and the toleration
of drilling by large bodies of men, the
report aaya, created conditions which
rendered possible tn recent irouoin
in Dublin and elsewhere,
it annaara tn ua." said th commis
sioners, "that reluctance was shown
h thai Irian emernment to repress by
prosecution written and spoken utter
ance and to roppres drilling and
maneuvering of armed force known to
Ka nwtjM Mititml of men who openly
were declaring their hostility to your
majesty's government
. "Than rUmilnned widespread belief
that no repressive measures would be
undertaken oy tn government agauwi.
"Thia Il to a rapid increase of
preparation for insurrection and was
the immediate cruse ox we recen uuv-
kaak- W, are if the oninlon that 00
th outbreak of th war all drilling
and maneuvering by unrecogniaea doq
ies of men, whether armed or un
armed, ahould have been strictly pro
hibited." Seven Killed In Explosion.
Emporium. Pa. Six men were in-
stanty killlod, one died aboard a train
to a hospital and five others were seri
ousy burned about the body here Sun
day afternoon when several thousand
pounds of powder exploded In th dry
bouse at tn Aetna rxpiowvee cvm
pany's plant. The dry house waa de
molished and the ruins ignited, threat
ening adjoining property. ' Fifteen
men were working in the building
when the exploaion took place. Three
standing near a door were blown from
th building, with but minor injuries.
Pause for Peace la Urged.
Stockholm The neutral conference
for continuous mediation baa decided
to request all neutral nation in the
world to hold peace demonstrations on
August 1, the anniversary of the be
ginning of th war, to. express sym
pathy with th suffering peoples of the
belligerent nations and to plead with
them not to carry, th war through an
other winter. Th conference suggests
public meetings, street parades, pag
eitnta, and church service, but par
ticularly urges a five-minute pans
throughout th neutral world.
Russians Continue to Win.
Petrogad Russian troops continue
to drive back th Austro-Hungsrian
army in th region south of the Dneis
ter river, in Galieia, aaya the Russian
official statement Issued Sunday .Many
places south of Kolomea have been oc
cupied by forces of Emperor Nichol
as. It is announced that on June 28
and 29 General Letch iteky took prison
er 805 officers and 14.574 men, making
a total of 217,000 A astro-Hungarian
captured since Jon 4.
Special Summer Rates
Coort Reees, Sinsle, TM Debbie
OuUUe ReoV 3ale, Hi Debbie, $1 JO
(Bala arWIVar ImImM)
Reeens with Private Bats, Stngle,
$U3 Deohle, $100,
fWaaa wRaaUtar0 On ha?
Aate-atae Mart tratae,
At Ceri flew VeJae IN" re 0r paet
0WeetasHFlnSI-. rOtTtANttOM
sixth and mitrnr bts.
,W Wrt rraa lba Rlalt. Uaearaaw
j u AU aaeas ! aaara.
Rata BOa roe, f I. l.0 Pas,
Portland Y.M.C. A. Anti School
renewMeteaea. tv "
a NMlrtnc, errrfe ejal e-eWae wet.
Ml fcrea. lata akae-r. fr
id sumjKU wanii us.
Panlaa4 te r- rr
ajaa Suae. I eitt aaaS
Cmj amaial at taat
araa kff bmU. N-
aa Saatrabia aa aaraan.
al aarrlra awt auMh
battar Owe saint
aut alaaaaa aniini ev
train k B rmimu. ,
rMtai an aa araHaenaK. BTArVKH. I
atar-OaMaa. 4Murrlaia a rarUaaA
av.w u .11 klw at taarhlne Baaltwne.
rrwl raekM W aU U,-ira. a furaa
Wat araaaata rat ail poi .
wa eiU aaail rae tU aaruculara. i. N. MJJUIT.
SM Jauraal Bale. Pattauai. Oratua.
Th Wsr Children f Psrl.
How beautiful they are. th war
..iijt linn wall cared tor. how
l. II I llll V H I ..V ' - - .
thriving, and how showered with love!
Their prolonged siesias m
in the gardens bsve freshened the
bloom of their cheeks. Their immacu
late plnk-and whiteness seems to tes
tify to th girl mother's loving care ol
the now aoverelgn baby who for two
years haa had no rival The mother a
entire Ume la devoted to Ilia Majesty.
.v. i-t.- ia ha ar fora-otten OX-
cept occasionally whsn her thoughts
wandering to tne bdbik w,
trace In the baby'a dlmpted tac th
sometimes fugitive, sometimes strik
ing resemblance to hi aoldler-father.
Sacred moments these when In the
ik. Mitrlw heait and downy
IWUIK.U, - -
cheek resolv themselves Into th pal
or sunburnt leaturea oi one """
where In Franc." Cartoons Maga
tin. . - . '
Start the year by getting Hanford's
Raisam. You will find frequent us
for it. Adv.
Gypsies Us Automobile.
"Even gypsies are abandoning
horses for motors." saye th July Pop-
Uuka.lM Maamalne. "A band
of about 40 of these nomsds recently
visited Columbus, onio, iraveung id
three covered automobile which had
been purchased a short time before.
Each motor was fitted up in true gipsy
fsshion, and portlona of the topa were
painted in the bright colore character
i-.i. ik. familiar eviiav WBBOnS.
IB I IV. v. ..." . " - -
In all, three famtliea tnhabtted the
three car. The aage oi mo BruuP
waa a woman 75 years old: the young
est of the children waa three month
The Best Llnlmsnt
tv.. ralla An tcv walka. aoralns and
bruises, rub on and rub in Hanford's
t.i.. r Mvrrh Annlv this liniment
thoroughly and relief should quickly
follow. Adv..
Getting It All.
The doctor told blm he needed car
bo-hydratea, proteida and, above all.
something nitrogenous. The doctor
..llA.u1 a I. in o- llat Af fnoila fflT him
to eat He staggered out and wabbled
into a Penn avenue restaurem.
u .kxtit hoAfateakT" he asked
the waiter. "Ia that nitrogenous?"
The waiter amn i snow.
"Are Med potatoes rich In carbo
hydrates or notr
The waiter couiaa i say.
"Well. I'll fix it." declared the poor
man in despair. "Bring me a large
plate of hash." fittsourg rosu
Ths Usual Way.
Out of a letter that came to us the
other day we grab this little bit:
You can tell a man your troubles.
You can weep and moan and wail.
You can tell him youH go bankrupt.
That you'll maybe go to Jail.
You can tell your Inmost secret,
You can bare your life's one blot
And he'U aay: "I want to help you,"
But what a set have you got?"
, Detroit Free Press.
"Thst fellow'a got hi nerve with
"What's the matter now?" ,
-Um acfnallr aaked me to tend him
a i,nnia nf rations of casoUn until
next Saturday." Detroit Free Press.
- The Smile of 8ersnlty.
"Thst man Is surely an optimist''
"How do you know?"
"He smiles continually." '
Uavha ha'a an oottmlst and maybe
he's a diplomat"-Washington Bur.
aa Ja
awawavaaw A
Mr m
-a" AT .
a ?
.-.aiki-vULiiiinn i
Portland Wheat Bluestsm,
per bushsli fortyfold, M club, ISej
red Fif. 83J red Russian. 88a.
Hav Eastern Orsgon timothy, 838
(til par ton; valley timothy. ltfl;
Mlllf4-Spot price! Brsn, $26lJ
18.80 per ton; shorts. 290t2.t0; rol
led barly. Sl.60f310. '
Corn Whole, 83Tton; tracked. 838.
VgUbl Artichoke. 7Mf 8 Pr
dosn; tomstoes. ll.&O (S 105 per
crate; eabbag. 2(il.I8 per hundred;
gartt 100 per pound; PPj",
eggplant lOo; horseradish, c; let
tuce, llotl.18 par crsU; cucumbers,
tt.n ll IK nav doaen! Stllnach. A6to
per pound: asparagus, 75cil P
dosn; rhubaro, i i so pw
peas, 4e; esutlflowr, 81.85 par erst;
beans, 8U per pound; celery, 1 141
L18 per dossn; corn, 85$75.
Potatoes Old. 11.60; California,
new, SuSie per pound.
Onions California red and yllow,
$3fl3.88 per sack.
Creen Krult Strawberries, 7&cil
$1.88 par erat; apple, new, ft per
box; cherries, 86 par pound; canta
loup. 60O4CM.I6 per erst; ipniw,
tl.86qtl.75 psr box; peaches, fUSl.10
per box; wstsrmelon. 1 psr pound;
flgs, tUtl-60 par box! raspbarriea,
$8.86a;1.75; plums, , 11.88; prun,
$1.76, t .
Egg Oregon ranch, change
price; Current Ncelpta, tl Pr
doten; roU and cracks out, 2e; x
traa, 831. Jobbing prices: Oregon
ranch, candled, t6c
Poultry Hens, 14c per pound; itag,
10c; broilers, 17(18c; turkeys, live,
8018 81c; dread, cholc. 83 J 86c;
ducka. 16(jf20c; goes. 10SJt8c
Butter Cubes, sxtraa, 86c; prim
a (il Hrata. 14c: seconds. 881.
Jobbing prices : Print, sxtra. 87tf
t9c; buttorfat. Wo. i, I7e; no. s, ,
Portland. . '
Veal Fancy. lOJnClle per pound.
Pork Fancy. 10wl0e per pound.
Hope 1916 crop, 8ell per pound;
1918 contracts, nominal.
Wil Eaatern Ore iron. An. 8348
86e psr pound; coarse, 80tt3J;
lay, SOqJSSc
Caacara Bark Old ana new, c per
r.tttafitaaM. enod. 87.60417.75:
cows, choice, $8.76J7.60; good, $8.86
6.60; heifsra, $5.60 ft 6.7b; wiua.
f36.75; stags, $4.607.
Hogs Prim light, $8.06iSa.26;
good to prime, $8j.8.05; rough heavy.
$7.60qt7.76; pig and SKip. o.evajj
' SKaain Year! Intra. 86.50 (t 7.60:
wethers. $S.60.60; wa, t.76($;
lamb. $78.16.
Higher Prices for Beans Are
Named in California Advices
Portland There waa aom talk of
an 11 -cent baan market Wednesday,
but Jobber were advers to putting
out such an xtrm quotation, not
withstanding in lunoer aafira in
tka ftrnith. In fact. Portland lobbing
price are below a parity with Call for-
. . . . . .. , . i .. i.
nla. it ia Deuevea uhuw are, iiiuuau
haana here to meet the restricted re-
quiremento during th remainder of
the olO-crop year, out u me euppiy e
arhanatad it cannot b reolenlsbed at
existing prices. While the main fac
tor in the strangu or to mars, is
the nimnimtnt demand, ther la llttl
doubt that speculation haa played an
important part In bulling prices In th
South. Th availabl supply of whit
haana In rallfornla la limited, and BD-
peara to hav psssed into strong specu
lative aanas.
AHvlcee received from San Fran
cisco said small white wer practi
cally cleaned up at shipping point at
8 cents ana very lew uuy wasmng
! naia loft at 0 eentfl. There was
a good demand for Lima, which war
advancing in sympathy witn in nign
price oi wnii oeana.
Baker Wool Not Sold.
Baker. Or. Out of 148,000 pounds
of wool, practically all fine, offered
this week in Baker at th annual wool
ale, only 23,000 pounds were sold, al
though other deal which may be
closed later wer pending. High bids
on fin wool ranged from 28 cents to
25 cents, while for 4000 pounds of
coarse wool from the Sels-Ashford
ranch, in Grant eounty, a high bid of
28 cents waa received, isador &osn
land, of Portland, was the bidder.
With th exception of 10,000 pounds
sold by Walter Stelger, of Baker, at
26 cents, to John Oiorieux, of Woon
socket, R. L, all th clips offered wer
from Grant county. Th only other
clip sold waa that of J. C. Moore, who
sold to Mr. Glorieux at 24 cents.
Mrs. Kenneth McRaa, of Prairie
City, had th largest clip for sale, 615,
000 pounds. It is understood that a
private bid made top the price being
offered openly. Mascall k Ringsmyer,
of Dsyvill. were offered 23 cents for
their 40,000-pound dip by nr. Kosn
land, while C. H. Green, of Portland,
offered to take over the 16,000 pounds
of fin wool from the Sels-Ashford
ranch at 23 cants.
- Growers To Be Helped.
- Hood River Th Apple Grower'
association 0 juart sent out letters
asking all affiliated growers to desig
nate th different kinds or commercial
fruits grown by each. Where th as
sociation doe not handle th product
of a grower, it will guide th grower
to the trade that will handle It Koyai
Ann, Governor Wood and Centennial
cherries ar maturing this week. The
fruit has bean sold to th cannery at
The Dalles for a net prle of 6J cents
per pound. ' The prospects for black
cherries ar better than ever before.
Clarke County Hope Do Well.
Ridgefield, Wash. Th hop crop In
th Western' part of this eounty, In
cluding 8ara, East of here, is said to
be in good condition, and although th
growth baa been retarded by the chilly
weather of th past few weeks, the
present warm rains and weather are
causing the vines to make a fast
growth, Th vines are entirely free
from vermin wb'ch usually visits this
crop. The growers at sara ar very
enthusiast! over the prospects of a
good normal yield, although it is a
little sariy,topr edict m I
t -' re ev-aiaw.
CI- f.a
6 inches through at top, fivt feet tbovt ,
pround. . C?nt Stumpinjc
Powder did t clean job, taking out
S'ST roou and all
in tha Ground.
' them know that
always sav them money, lim an4 work. 7hf ssv rncmir t
Iwcaus lhay lift and hesv as wsll is shsitsr. aaJ to funhsi ihan
high explosives thst m.iely ipi tha stumps. Ihsy asvttim.
and work beiiuas they gt out th stumps-b.g of Intl., trsetiof
dead in condition .s.y to handl, 1 bvf rlujrom
Giant PowJers ihsn Ifoin any ihr powdf I hv ttatd, say
A. E. Adkins, Woodbum, Or.
Ther sr twe Olanl ri Pcwdara, both asd sepeeUllf for Paclne
Coall Irm7, Cr.ka Powder Is ol ecoeomlrsl dry
ZZL Try laaae two. Compare h.m wlih lbs fow.Wf yoa hr 1-ee
Sg a3 voTwm .!,. sVtJUnl la a s-d " wlU
dwribewr 'W ca. al lb leweel ms-krt
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iOi bin Dale, Pry Killer
Aa",?-! jV haiia
itaeeui seetese, ise Saa.n ,,a.v.
Hsr Proof.
Th reading class was la session
and th word -furlough" occurred,
ui.a t..naa th kitr aaked If any
llttl girl or boy knew th meaning of
the word. .
On smsll hand waa raised.
' "Furlough means a mule," aald th
child. . .
-oh. no. It doesn't" said in learner.
"Yea. ma'am." Insisted the little
girl. "I have th book at home that
Mies Jones told tne cuiiu
th book to school Th next morn
ing th child cam armed with a book
anil triumnhaiitlv showed a olctur of
... a.
an American soldier tilling a mule.
under which waa the caption:
"Oolng bom oa hi furlough.
Philadelphia Ledger.
For sore feet rub on Hsnford's llat
am. Adv.
At tha Top.
: Justice Hughes waa talking about
th American business man.
"It Is bis bard and endless work."
said tha Justice, "which put th Amer
ican business man at th very lop of
tb tree. lie doesn't know th mean
ing of the word leisure.
"A little boy aald lo his father, a
millionaire business man:
"'Pa, what's a leisure T
"The father looked up from the en
velope on which h waa figuring with
his gold fountain pen, and answered:
"leisure, my son. Is spar lime
that Providence affords us for clean
ing up various Jobs of unfinished
work.' "Boston Transcript
British Shipbuilding Cxcssdtd.
For the first time in msny years the
shipbuilding In American ysrd ex
ceeds that In Drlttah yards. For the
three months ended March SI, Ameri
can yards launched 173 merchant ves
sels of 4.484 gross tons, white the
lirlttsh ysrds launched 69 vessels of
80.(61 gross ton. Merchant ships now
building and under contract In this
country are approximating those of
the British. The totals ar 1(1 ves
sels of mors than 1.000 grosa tona In
American yards, and 248 In lirltlah
yards. Prom th July Popular Me
chanics Magaxln.
A Mlstsks.
"Pa. la your business an unrefined
"Of course not, daughter. What
makes you ask thstr
"Because I heard you tolling undo
about your gross receipts." Baltimore
How It Hsppsned.
"Strange, one of your twine Is
blonde and tha other is a brunette."
"Well, we never could afford a maid.
I washed one child and my husband
washed the other, and that one grew
op dark." Louisville Courier-Journal
Ruling Thought,
Belle Harry asys be la for fair
elections all the time.
Nell Yes, Harry always did like
blonde effects.
Fabuloua Country.
"What la tbla Never Never Land?"
"That'a where the good cooks come
from." Louisville Courier-Journal
t anrrthlna- Is tha era-ara ol braa thine an kt a von
earful earaadir tor aouaha. aoMa, aora Inmat, aatarrll
and haavaa, ant whan farar la praaent II r.raciaa It
aulcklr vltboat btluir to tha anuaal. .
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alia, aora ahouklan. win seta and aM alnaraaal aoraa.
Dr. lorifltk'o Absorbed Blister "2
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tie. faonr anlaraamanta and Drtanotina Lha rlnanlna mm
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KOR1NEK REMEDY CO., Kenton station, Portland, Oregon
- a A
without tearm a big holo
Farmers who hava wed
tkrmmh at hilar). 4 tt
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terllle. In- W4jV
sect. I buy
hundred fur
ar - ruu r. -w
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private eolteciions, 6c to 17 each !.
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ntovmafiL '
Ba 244, D 108. Lee Aagele, Cat
A Leyal Witness.
When Senator John W. Krn waa a
young lawyer at Kokomo, Ind.. h rp
resented on side of a ' la blrh
th whole controversy hinged on th
Identity and ownership oi a tsertaln
Tb chief wttnes oa th aid
against Kern was a colored man. it
contended lhal lb calf belonged lo
his friend. Mr. June. When K.-m
aminrd blm the conversation ran
something Ilk this: '
"How do you know tbla was Mr.
Jones' calf T" '
"Welt. aah. 1 had een It around bla
place so much thst 1 Js aata'ally got ;
acquainted wllh It I seen It thr
with the cow Ita maw and I noticed
It p'llcu ly because it bad funny marka
on It W hen you a a calf av'ry day
you simply become fsmllyah wllh It"
"What kind oi a looking calf wa
"It waa a rd calf, sah. with whit
ears and a whit nose,"
"And It belonged to Mr. JoBeaf
"Yessah." .- -'
"Now auptxMO that all the lestltnony
here should show that the calf lu this
case wsa a while calf with red ear
and a rod nose. What would you say
about that r
"Well, ssh. I reckon I'd say It be
longed to Mlstab Jon," Nebraska
Leuat News. ;. ;
. Prspsrsdnssa. :
"There can bo no anch things a urc
preparedness." said the man who ar
gura vehemently. - : i
"You don't have lo be prepared for
war If yon don't want to."
"No; but If you're not prepared for
war, you'v got to be prepared for a
v What Thsy'll flet
"I see they've been tapping tU
phnne wires down In Nw York."
"Well, If they ever tap ours during
the morning they'll get a tot of fine
salad recipe and th latest news of
all the afternoon card club." Detroit
Free Preaa. ,- , .-, ...
To and from ail point an hmiaalHiU a..ta. B4anM,
am) autaxnubllaa. InfurmaUnn oa-a, fully saa.
Pacific Cejsl F0lardifigCOH'r4rSt!rt,
ffl tvt at fM kin. Wrihtir rtaiei4iiplttlari
THI H. r. N8RT8I CO. NtUM, On, UsfU, i
Dwbk Treii Psadors Frtof Tm
Maria fnm rnoraM an, taat Ian
a Ilraa4 Na TIKU WriU u.
IM Waanlaanea IK furtlana, Ora,
BaufM, SM, anaj aa4 aalra4 Kl.luCfkiO WOHKS
Bamaida, car. luih. fortlaaA Ora,