The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, June 30, 1916, Image 2

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CLARK 000, rNAIIihee
simtcmrTioN m
The Year .
Six M,.iiI. ..................
frmr W.MllllH.
AnVCRlttma KATtt
IVr Inch w anmlh ..........
far Inrli. tie lptl. .
n.w. r liiteeerh Ineetlltm.
Pendleton Initiated Ita normal school
Mil wlthont consulting Wton, al
though well swara'that Wto bs
been and is the tlms-honored homo of
tha Eastern Oregon Normal.
Pendleton's Plea ia that Weston did
i not set, and that La Gramla wowW
have goiia after the school it rewiicion
This excuse Is disingenuous.
Wanton would have been foolUh, pre-
aumntiMHta. headatrona to Initial S
:w " . bill of 1U own within two year after
June 30, ry I , . .in. i,ni liiliJ
nm mui i"v i"iif w vm
" "7" . . onm. by the legislature In Its behalf had been
MmS (iMt Wil KMlt.
doclaivalv turned down by the people.
Weston bad no thought of so soon
shoving soother normal school bill un- j
der the voters' nose, snd was content
to wait ten years If aoed bo for th In-
Th arowth.of th normsl school evitable reaction In Oregon sentiment.
Mea In Oregon has been so slow that And while La Grande may hav don
kiea w Yregon n , -(Utful talk ne- and aueculating.
ita veast nas not evn iwti i - , ,,, .
ITcLnties. In U plac Is. pro- W'llwsrrant
nouneed selftshness. This tndupostiion " " - "
.... .. -iik. Kv ummnned tha oxalted nerve
Pend eton will nav to fvrww . . . .
out the saving irrac. of lUelf having displred by Pendleton In such , arrant
IDUM OI am sill v emu ess amvta
Grande been given th Eastern Oregon
once at Weston In order that Pendleton hospital it would never vn hav
may obUln one. W are even tncunea tnougni 01 a iiwmiu .v.. ...
to think that Pendleton gave a msjor-l Its breed is not Berkahir. .
Southern Oregon l rendieton nss aangivu ihvm.i
Normal st Aahland. If w are wrong bogey before. About ten veers ago it
, .it. u . i hva tha I wu mane in exrua ior ina inuwiuo-
in nia wwum m - - i
esteemed East Oregonian enlighten us lion of s bill In th legM"- nwve
t rva atrnocM ironi sf atvii u a viiuivwih
U Grand will get It if you don't let
bv nrintinar th figures.
Polk county, containing uregon a
km normal school In sctusl operation, us hsvs it," wss the cry then ss now
evidently believes thst th normal The schem failed; It will fail again
school idea is good for Polk county but
not for the remainder of Uregon.
Atwthar of Pendtt-ton's glib ssaur-
It ances is that leading educators Insist it
not lorim inii,. . --i ... i. i.i
hits twice voted heavily against normsl shall take over the school. It point to
schools st Aahland snd Weston. Urns- s certain resolution passed by sn Eat
tills county In 1914 expressed its notion ern Oregon institute, Jsvorlng s normal
. .t.ta normal school Is a fin for Pendleton. Agsin is Pendleton dis-
- ... v..i n. Kiit ! nlaca iniranunus. It ahouM tell sll the facta.
Ming lur - , i-- ,
.7. 0....1. n-. r.i. K trminino-1 Wa know of one teacher who says that
of its teschers would be lik "csating no such s resolution was ever read from
pearls before swln." It gsv tM IM piauorm; w anuimr w .
Weston school about 1600 majority
wesion koow j i .. .. . . .
. . :.v.. a.i,i.i hnal hv hut Hid not mention Pendleton: or s
QUI Weill H JIII1S-1. -n - ' I
. . v.i .kihitmn of third who declare that only ten per-
SDOUl iSW niuwi-urs l . , . , , .
simon pure, downright, cussed selfish- cent of the teschers present voted for
dleton is going to explain nwsy the
the state thst has been consistently
Inval rn tha normal school ides. In
Umatilla county to shame
Every Willamette valley county ex
cept Lane, Multnomah and Benton
overwhelmed the normals beneath sn
svatanche of ballots. The adverse
vote in Marion county wss nesrly three
to one. In Clackamas, Linn, Folk,
Washington snd Vamhill it was twj o
more to one. Multnomah and Benton
spirit." which has declared unmiataka- w
klv that it. wants no more normals. It I of
7 Z "VTta Wating mer O. Thompaon; Thomas C.,
Ashland by means of its vslidsting KUng anJ HtrttTt MarcB mU
clause, but need try to befool no one of We,toni Oreaon.
i . c, 1, U nnlinn thut thra ia ' v, r n tj A ua'l'T T T7 .lal.r
bat itself with the notion that there is
any crying, insistent demsnd for sn
Eastern Oregon Normal st Pendleton,
Weston or ekewhere. The task of cre
sting such s demsnd is a colossal one
for even a town of Pendleton s bound
loai confidence s confidence which will
be regarded in some quarters, perhaps,
as an egregious conceit.
it favored sn Eastern Oregon normsl
Ths following nw books. It In num.
br. have juat been addad to tha
Wvaton branch ot ths ITmalllte County
library. Th local branch la open to
ths subilo on Wn.lnin.Uy and Saturday
of each weak, batwaan tha hour ot
one-thlrly snd fiva-thlrty in th sfter
noon. Mr. Msud Btanfleld. local li
brarian, will than b in atiandanc to
ravalva patron!
Davl Ttald of "octal rVrvIc.
Graham With th Poor Imml
aranla ta Aniaric.
Oullck -efficient Llf.
Kautfman In a Moment of Tim.
Kay Century of th Child.
lna Pualnaas ot Dairying. -Ijiushiln
Worh-a-Pay oiri.
' alaaon fleathoeven and Ills For-
WIII'TI ....
nKinin Laaaun in cuoains
Througlk th Preparation of Maala
Thorpe IVmlnf Nawaiapar.
Twain la Shahaapaar Dead.
Waotworth War BrliW.
Parr Maid of Old New Tork.
Jllackmora Alio Lorraine,
ttradlay fplandld Chance,
rhnlmondeley Molh and Ruat.
Uavlaaa Andrew th Glad.
Inland Awakaning of Ilalana Rit
chie. .
ivland Pr. Lavandar' Fopi.
I la Paster Mas Wen America.
Kipling Kim.
Kipling Usht That SNIIad.
London Call of th Wild.
London Vallay of th Moon.
Monta-omery Ann of Ih Island.
Parker HUM of Way.
Porter Heart of th Weat
Hoyle ailant rail.
tlilklrro'a Hooka.
Attshelar roraat Biinnar.
nrri Amarlran Hoy' Book
Bute. Bullerflle and Baatla,
Burgaaa Mother Wst Wind
"Why" fttorlee.
Clemen Tom Pawyer.
Haskall Katrlnka.
Jacob Blue Ponnat In Ioloa.
Knaalsnd "muas'er's Inland.
Knlp Maid of '7.
Morley Apple Trae Sprite.
Nlda Panama and Ita Bridge of
Varrill Amateur Carpenter.
ness. Weston s own sums, dowvtw,
ara clear of this ignominy. It gsv
the Ashlsnd school nearly ss Urgs
vote as it did its own, as follows: .
Wton Normal -Yes 386, No .
a.M.nH Normal-Yes 329. No SO.
It will be seen that with Weston's
eliminated the majority against
Ashland in Umatilla county would have
haan nraeticallr 500-a showing thst
should preclude Pendleton, Weston or
any other Umatilla county wwn irum
asking for normsl school support until
this county itself has undergone edu-
tional regeneration.
the home of the sgn
cultural college, presumably considers
the expenditure of state money for
higher education a laudable proposition
if confined to Benton county, having
rien tha normal schools but feeble
support when it should have been for
them whole-heartedly, me noma or ine
.t.ta nnivarsitv. Lane alone of all the
valley counties seems to have absorbed
the spirit of Horses Msnn, bsving
antad Btronirlv for both tne Asnisna
and Weston normals. It gave the Wes
ton school s majority of 2431, or more
than 800 greater than Umatilla's.
Eastern Oregon as a whole has not
been and is not begging the state for s
normal achooL The Weston Normsl
carried no county ta 1914 bat Uma
tilla in this section of tne state, nn
Eastern Oremm county is prone to re-
w normal school in any other
a .
county as a "local gralt." naving
hasten La Grande and Baker to an
V.aatem Oretron hospital. Pendleton
is likely to encounter a bit of "lough
.ti;,.CT" in traino- to convince these
rival cities thst it is also entitled to s
normal school.
Weston lost the state by 13,325.
Ashland, with fully ss much to recom
mend it, lost by 22,331. receiving some
nine thousand fewer votes than did
lliMtnn AMorinir itself that S big
and bustline town like Pendleton can
ro out and e-et what Weston can nor,
because of an ostensible prejudice
against this little burg throughout the
state. Pendleton is welcome to what
mtm "nrT5 ! ht-f 11. inn. ukii,. j vim ....v . .
- 1 i nara. wa
fiarurea. We are wondering now ren- . . tn ltMMa lh bill and
.. . - a . . w thai.. .. .
it and that most of the misunderstood
it This "resolution" is hopelessly be
clouded, but is mad to serve as a flim
sy pretext.
It is true thst Pendleton and the East
rtmronian have at times "supported"
the Weston Normal. ,, W hy should they
not, if they would leak good Pendle
ton's boasted interest in th welfare of
aaara aactinn of th COUntvT But it I
slso true that the Wet n Normal,
when the largest normal in the state,
ahaniltined b th Stat SOUSt In
1909 at th behest of a 1 0 verful pol'tl
ral boss of Pendleton, snd thst on of
his creatures, a Pendleton state sens-
tor, heloed to beat th school. Pen
dleton's regsrd has been rather more
sinister than otherwise.
The oeoDle of Oregon have declared
ouite positively that they do not want
more than one normal school When
thev chans their minds they will Dud
that the lories! nlsee for sn Eastern
Ordgon Normal is Weston, wh;ch ha
beautiful surroundings, a healthful el -mate
snd sn establifihed plant, Pen
dleton's Insolent effort to confuse and
thwart them is so 111 timed aa to sug
gest th thought tht it could well go
to the "foolish house". In it own envi
rons for a grcster show of wisdom,
Weston. Or.. June 18. (To the Ed
itor) We are gravely told by the
Eaat Oregonian that the Idea of locat
ing the normal school st Pendleton
emanated from the teachers' conven
tion. Now isn't that rich? A every
resident of this county well knows.
the commercial club of the county
...i nut that scheme, which
consisted ot getting the normal school
here out of th way. so mat tne
branch asylum could be eatablished In
Pandlaton. Thla belna accomplished
snd the appetite for state pork well
anchored, tney are now oui iot mora
pork in the shape of validating nor
mal achnola at Ashland. Monmouth
and last, but not least. Pendleton, for
all time to come notwitnatanaing tne
fact that a fine plant ownea oy im
state Is ready for school purposes
We are told that $240 has been
what we can nave you on tho mall items.
All 5h broods marked accordingly.
These are every day prices.
Peroxkl (83)
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Oatmeal soap
Mniwn's tslcum powder
ColgsU's tslcum powdr
Colgate's cold cream
ralm Oll Cram
KXKcrriuxit xoncE.
In tho County Court of tho male of
OresoM fur I malllia Coeaty.
In th Matter of th Estate of D, N
Van 8klvr, Deceased.
Notice I hereby given Ibat ths un
dersigned has bean appointed xc
trlx of th last will and testament of
D. N. Van Hklver, deceased, by th
above entitled court, and has qualified
ss such.
All persons having claims scalnst
aald estate are hereby requested to tha Mma aith nroiiar vouch
ers thereto attached, to the undersign
ed at her home in waston, urea-on, or
.a 4m- t U'ntta har attorney, at
his offlc In Athena, Oreson. within
all months from Ih date bereor.
Haled this mh day of June. III.
Motor car service to ail points, day
or nlsht. Also livery snd feed slab
oppoait th Lieuallan blacksmith
shop. Laf McBrlds.
mm wmmmmmmmmmmmmiimmmmnmmiimmKmmB
to loan on good
wheat land at
x F. G. L.UCAS
Real Kststs snd Loans
Weston, Oregon .
thereby fasten the mudhooks of Pen-
Uinuil ia S vl A "-f " llitrnw; .... . ,.
much trreater "prejudice" against Ash- dleton on th state treasury for keeps.
' .... I nr.u .wA. .Iuhi 1,9 . . rm wa ailne
!and-!"U. to su au,; oar-Vhi. kind of
uievKrjr wa a . treatment without resentment, or are
Hon ana siuistea in ine omjr hxihi i we going to fight tne devil witn nrer
. . . . .1 . L.. V,aan wMi.itanttv I ti-k ... eih l.nil tmtnrt avhara ahi
Why not flsht Pendleton where she
lives in her greed? If our people
QVII in UIV JIVs IIICSl OV9 ikt-j uvt , - I -
ion T.t,. ,ntv v tha Eastern would quit trading In Pendleton store.
1914 Jsckson county gsve the eastern -onaisn to the stove all
Oregon Normal the remarkable vote
iwnua. ... m-...- " : catalosues from renaieton mercnanis
6186 for to 1911 against, supplying tnA ot gp,nd a single nickel there. If
. A.. A I .U1H e-aaaA. atf SI t I A aftifts avil halt f Y Iran
with Lane county the only two rifts in we would withdraw our subscriptions
the normal school cloud and putting trom any newspaper
I n i-t v 1 mlrht mil K tl am. all
dirty scheme it might make a dif
ference. Nanlch? , ..
rv.narfmant of the Interior.
U. 8. Land Office at La uranae, urH
' June (th, m.,-. " '
Mntir-a h.hi ilvrn that Charles
rsve the schools such small majorities Hulett March, of Weston, Oregon,
as to be almost negligible
ho. on February IS, 1U, made
to be almost negugioie. " - --" ' : air
, ... . .v.t p. Homestead Entry No. 01I5SS, for BE
The crux of the matter is thst Pen- .Rw neu. Section 20.
is up sgsinst ths "Oregon Townjlhio 4 North. Hang 17 East.
lllamette steriaian, nas mea now:.
Intention to make three-year proof.
eatabilah cislm to the land above
ha. the hardihoofl to astc xor a new Wforw Kcnk Ba.lng, clerk
school plant within two years after the of the c,rc,lt Coort ot ;;mati'la coun
state has voted sgsinst ths utilizstion ly ,t pendleton, Oreton, on th 29th
Of two existing plants, it may win vj oay or my, lsia.
Claimant names ss witnesses: Sel-
T. C. BK AM WELL, Register.
Practices In sll Stats and Feleral
, . -Courts.
Prime Beef
Pork, Mutton, Veal
Dressed Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
Phone No. 63. Orders taken by
phone for mail routes.
Ten percent interest on all ac
,1 for tAe
I for 2f
..8 for 8M
, 46e
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Camphor le
Crochet honks ,........,. .......4.
Tsttlne shuttl
Plus.... -
Costs silk nnlah erochet ndton 4
Safely ln - ic-w-s
Hair I'lns, package ':""" !
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. . ... aa
l.lnan tap - 5-
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nclls - -le-ea
Just received nhipmcnta of Rugs. Come In and
6eo what we can save you on these.
J- C.Penney Co. nc.
1 776 THE EAGLE SCREAMS July 4h 1 IS
, to stteml sn old-time celebration at
' ia - Allowed kv
Including one full-bkiod Indian band
Hanked Street Festlvsl snd Uance at Night - IM the children, youns;
folks, old folks, hsv S goon urn-ppwie,
th old ones, sums new on (cash I rises)-Roller Skating kUrstnofi-
On Uealb-Defjlng Thriller-Let th Eagle Hurk st Pendleton
Ju'r 4th-0o id on-thlrd rsllroad far to Pwidleton snd rturw.
- Direction of City Council and Convnerclal Auodalion
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established IS9I
CTftHE REASON banks are glad to open accounts
H (especially with the young) is that it makes
better, more useful, substantial citizens -who work
for the betterment of the community. Open an
account with us; make it grow; be useful.
Periwlber V: A A TI OM
The largest stock of
Cigars, Tobacco and
in town
Kirk pat rick's
utf ae
1 J nn ucnC
A Truly Recreative Trip.
New Scenes New Foods
New Air Everyone Needs.
' ' - Let us help you find Them.
is the Direct, Pleasant Route
to the Chief Resort Centers
of The Pacific Northwest.
Booklets, fares. snd spneifle information
sliout Yellowatone National Park, North
Beach, Wallows Lake I'ark, Mt. Hood snd
Columbis River Resorts FREE upon applics
tion to S. 8. NEUSON, Agent, Weston, or
R. BURNS, D. F. A P. A., Wslla Walls.
A'vf -,.UK