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    eston:; Leader
vor xxxvi.
WESTON, 01WJON, Fill DAY, JUNE 30, 1910.
NO. 2.
J -
i v j viirv
" "Papa,,! Jinow how man? day thi
are la a yeai inr ounarvy ana sis
tyflve and ft fourth."
"Is that eoT Wbin does the fourth
com In, son"
"Fourth of July." .
Clever Schema Which Enabled
Patriot Soldiers to Defeat
;thft British General.
' rxIIB Ferris property corod vast of land In Westchester
. outity. Now York. Tbe grand
Mitlinr of the Drat Jemee Kerrli
tu ;ni .f the leu promoters of
Throw Nark. lie tl descended rrom
the bouse of Tarter wbosa first mem
ber la Rngtsnd obtained large grants
or English Und from (be Conqueror.
-'Many branches of lb family spread
through the Westchester region, and
another old bouso ones belonging to
then ren be, seen today,
L'pofl"ltevlng tha bousa one own
plod ,by Lord Howe, go out through
lha mala entrance of tbo Country club
ground I, loading Into Country Club
avenue, . Thla route will taka you
through soils of tha loveliest land
anywhera to ba found. Delightful
honaa ara scattered ever tba flawless
ly groomed land. Natura Bora la
dressed In bar belt Sunday go-to-
meeting garb tha whole wk through.
Ton Bjirlva at utddletown road.
Follow thla toward the village, and
cloaa to It. on Mayflower amnue, yoa
will And tba otbar Ferris boui with
largo plllara. It la unoccupied and
. need only by a moving picture firm
' a, fine .background for old-time ro
mance ' "
Aod bow to tha village cantor and
tha causeway. Toward It marched
Lord Howe, while tha picked Amort
cans awaited him and another group,
Vn -A. '
'X I "
. - w
, v
. Old Causeway at Weateheeter, Where
Amerioane Stopped British Advanee.
too. at tha bead of tha creek. At a
Ivan slinal tha clanks Of tha bridge
ware taken op. and Howe arrived to
find himself upon aa Island.
Ha raged furiously and moved
toward the bead of the creek, there to
be abruptly checked again. Tha Amor
leans opened Ore upon bis troops at
tba causeway. They wore sheltered
by tba tide-mill, and from this point
they poured forth their heavy rifle
'fire upon the Drltlsh. Nowhere could
Lh6 nemy force a way past tba de-
ilarmlnad patriots.
I Howe retreated and the day war
mon Bo'enraged waa tha British gen
nralthat he summoned bla guides be
fore a board of officer and charged
thera. with having decolved him, for
ha, believed that they bad landed him
, upon an. Island., How dared theyf he
demanded, striking the Ublo a re
sounding blow with hla sword. Al
though the situation was eiplalned to
?hlm, ha still raged, and he vowed he
would bang every man of them unless
4 they conducted him safely "from the
'trap ha wa In. At last the British
retreat carried the forces on to Pell's
'J Point
' ' Youno Men Bet Noble Example.
. 'Young men among Declaration sign
, era were Thomas Lynch of South Caro
lina .and Edward Rutledge of South
s. Carolina. They were both born in
t'1749, Lynch In August and Rutledge
ln November. Each was but twenty
seven years old. Other young men
'i were Thomas Hey wood of South Caro
'.' Una. born In 1716; Benjamin Rush,
bom In 1745; Elhridge Gerry, born In
'.1T44S Thomas Jefferson, born In 174S;
i Arthur Mlddleton of South Carolina,
born In 1743; Samuel Chase of Mary
land, born In 1741, and Benjamin Har
rison of Virginia, born In 1740. Each
, member from South Carolina was a
iyoung man Lynch, Rutledge, Hey
Cood and Mlddleton.
How It Wat Richard Henry Lee
.Did Not Write Declaration
of Independence. '
HIcnCllEZ la femma,
Wherever and whenever
man perforins a great.
noteworthy action tha
eternal feminine seems sura to bava
a band. Even tha Declaration of In
dependence would not bava been writ
ten as It Is or by tha band that penned
It but for a woman.
Thomas Jefferson would not bava
won eternal fame by writing tha fa
mous document whereby tba colonies
declared tbemselves free and Inde
pendent Of England If there bad not
"been a woman la It." But for
woman, a man's love, the devotion of
two tender hearts, another man would
ba credited with tba Declaration of
Independence, and Thomas Jefferson
In all probability would ba known to
poeterlty only aa ona of lbs signers.
There wsa a woman In the ease but
not ona connected In any romantic
way with Jefferson.
Mrs. Richard Henry Lee, wife of a
delegate to tba Continental congress
from Virginia, was tba woman. She
waa no female political Intriguer, suck
as at different ttmea bava helped to
awsy tba destiny of nations. She ei
erted no Influence over Jefferson, or
ever tba Brat congress. She merely
became seriously III In ber Virginia
borne on June 10, 1774. necessitating
tha presence of ber husband at ber
Vdslde, and thus clearing the way for
Jefferson to become famous as tba ere-
Richard Henry Lea.
ator of tba Declaration of Independ
ence. But for Richard Henry Loe'i
love for bla wife, hla would be tha
name to go ringing down through all
time lit place of that of Thomas Jef
ferson.. , '
Loa waa tha man originally selected
by tho delegates to Introduce In con
grass a resolution declaring tba colo-
nloa free and Independent Ha did
this on June T, 1776. Congress, after
much deliberation, agreed to lha ap
pointment of a committee of five to
draft a Declaration of Independence,
and Lea, victor In the tight that had
raged against his resolution, waa to
bava been mado chairman. As such.
and qualified In every way, ha would
have been tha ona selected to draft
he document in fact this arrange
ment bad been mado and aettlod and
then, on tha night of Juna 10. on tha
ova of tha triumph of his career. Lea
received word that bla wife lay aert
)ualy 111 at home and bogged tor htm
to come to ber side.
Had Lea been a lens devoted bus-
bend, ha might have wavered. On one
band were tha highest political hon
or, honors that ho long had boon
itrivlng for; on tho other, ft loving
wife. . Loo did not hesitate."
"Many other men may ba able to
taka my place In drafting my coun
try's Declaration of Independence," ba
laid, "but no one else In tho world can
tako my place at tha sido of my aick
Ha mounted a horse at once, and
turnod his back on Philadelphia and
otta of the most significant crises in
tho world's history. He went straight
to whore his wife lay waiting tor him.
and back In Thlladelphta Thomas Jef
ferson was appointed chairman of the
cAamltteo, and the rest Is history.
Eph Kin I play wlf you allT
Kids Sura, if youse will promise to
play fair. We'll lot you be de ona wot
sees, If de firecracker wa light and
don't go off Is really out or not
Whols Country "PartlolpaU.
No holiday ia more widely observed
la this country than the Fourth, of
July Independence day. It is tha
one occasion when tha people of ail
sections manifest In some form thaiv
faUlotlo sentiments. , ,
1 vX
7 IT
evaaa auaa
Collector Say, doctor, don't yoa
think yoa could settle thla littla bill
lodayT ......
DoctorWell, suppose yoa call
around about tha fifth or sixth of
July. I aspect 1'U ba quite flush about
Massachusetts Sailor. Captam
Stephen Driver, So Christened
the Starry Banner.
LD GLORY" waa so chris
tened by Capt Stephen
Driver, a vary pronounced
Vnlon man, who waa born
In Salem. Mass.. March IT. 1S0S. , Ha
waa presented by tha cltliena of Sa
lem with ft large American flag when
about to sail from bis boma port as
commander of tba brig Charles Dog-
gett In mi. As It waa hoisted to the
masthead and spread itself to the
breosa. In burst of patriotic ardor ba
christened It "Old Glory." and that
was tba name be afterward used for It
After having been hla dally compan
ion and sharer of adventures and per
ils on tha deep for a half century,
Capt Driver took It with him to Ten
nessee, where ba made bla boma la
Kaahvllle, after retiring from a seafar
ing Ufa, and where ba died March X.
During tha war ha waa provost mar
shal of Nashville, and did much active
work In tba hospitals. Ha waa out
spoken In bis feelings during tbeaa
days of civil disagreement and hla
southern partisan neighbors felt ft spe
cial seal to get possession of bis much-
vaunted "Old Glory," but they repeat
edly ecdrched bis home and garden la
Tho old captain assured them that
they would see It again only when It
floated over ft reunited Union. Ia or
der to preserve It until such time tha
captain, clever, aa ara most men of
Capt Stephen Driver.
tbo sea, with a needle, quilted it with
hie own bands Into a comforter and
made it his bed covering.
True to hla word, when peace nao
hnn restored, the caDtattt took "Old
Glory" to tha Capitol building, where
it waa unfurled.
It waa on a fateful morning la Feb
ruary. 1862, that Nashville was star
tled by tha cry, "Fort Doneisoa nas
fallen; tha federal troops ara advanc
ing " The Sixth Ohio waa tha first
regiment to land, and tha bluecoats,
to tha aound of drum ana trumpet,
marched to tha caoltol and tore down
tha Confederate flag. Captain Driver
begged tna captain to lei mm raise
hla "Old Glory." Tha plea was
granted, and, escorted by Lieutenant
Thatcher and ft detachment of sol
itlara. Cantata Driver vent to his boma
and rinsed -tha aacred troDhv from Its
hiding place. He waa allowed to raise
tha sag with bis own bands. Bare
hAdnd. he climbed to the dome, took
down tha regimental flag, and replaced
it with "Ola uiorr arxua me tumul
tuous cheers from tba enthuslastio
Union sympathisers.
Aa wltn dimmed eyes na saw k
flaunting Its colors proudly, ha ax-
claimed: "Now that 'Old Glory" has
come Into her own again, I am willing
to die."
This historic flac la now in tha cus
tody of tha Essex institute. In 8alem,
Mass., where it was deposited by a
niece of Captain Driver, to whom he
had intrusted it in 1882, four years
before hla death. So that after Us
many vicissitudes, bota on land and
mM It la rutins- neicefullv and hon
ored today in tha very port from
which it sailed lor tna Erst ume so
year ago.
On June 14, 1777, congress decreed
that the flag consist of IS red and
white stripes, and 18 atari oa ft Mae
Gives Up Great
4 V,
Mrs. Madeline Force Astor, that ia,
Mrs. John Jacob A ator, tha widow of
New York's richest landlord, has given
mmsm rasf ims;
Chicago By a vote of 82 to 6, with
nine member declining; to vote, the
National committee of tba Progressive
party Monday, at tha and of a stormy
session, indorsed Charles E. Hughaa
for President and tha Bull Moose party
May Be Attorney General
John W. Davis, at present solicitor
mineral of tha department of Justice.
it la believed in Washington, will be
appointed attorney general by Presi
dent Wilson if he shoald nominate-Attorney
General Gregory for tho United
States Supreme Court. Mr. Davis is
reirarded as a very able lawyer; Ha
haa the conduct of government cat
before the Supreme Court He is
forty-three years old and was born in
practically went out of existence as a
National political organisation.
Tha fight in tna committee to in
dorse Hughea waa led by George W.
Perkins, of New York; James R. Gar
field, of Ohio, and Chester H. Russell,
of California.
Tha radical element in the commit
tee, represented by Matthew Hale, of
Massachusetts; Bainbridga Colby, of
New York; Henry F. Cochema, of
Wisconsin, and John M. Parker, of
Louisiana, vigorously protested against
the Indorsement of any candidate for
President and fought tha majority at
every step ox tna proceeaings. im
minority's first move waa to insist on
an open meeting of tho committee,
which it won after a number of the
committeemen, led by John M. Parker,
bolted the meeting.
After Secretary Oscar King Davts
read Colonel Theodore Roosevelt a let-
Big Cannon to Be Bought
Washington, D. C, Five million
dollars was added to tho fortifications
bill as it passed tha house by a senate
committee Tuesday to ba used for pur
chase and manufacture of mountain,
field and siege cannon.
The committee eliminated tna 7bu,-
000 provision for the purchase of the
John Hays Hammond, Jr., inventions
for wireless to control the torpedoes
and $417,000 for installation of one of
the Hammond plants, and substituted
an appropriation of $30,000 for Inves
tigation of tha Hammond Inventions.
A "vv
Fortune to Wed.
np an Income of 12110,000 a year and
a boma worth mora than $1.(00,000 to
wed another man. Her husband left
her a trust fund of $5, 000,000 and bis
magnificent noma on Fifth Avenue, to
he forfeited, under tha terms of his
will. If she married again. She
wedded to W. K. Dick, tha son of a
sugar manufacturer, last week, and
the, trust fund and tha home thus re
verted to Vincent Astor, eldest son of
tha millionaire, to whom ha had willed
nine-tenths of his great fortune. Her
I . j
little son, John Jacob Astor, Jr., w
born four months after bis father went
down on the Titanic.
ter, in which ha finally declined the
Presidential nomination of tba party
and urged that Charlae E. Hughea be
supported in order to defeat President
Wilson, the committee voted to accept
tba Colonel 'a declination and took a
for luncheon.
11 Giro by H Powers Begca
Oa A3 Sides of Cestrci Powers
London At last the long-heralded
and much-delayed grand offensive of
the allies aeema to be at hand. If
events rather than official announce
ments mark its opening, it is already
well under way. v
Paris and London have said nothing
regarding the important operation de
veloping. ' It has been left to admis
sions from tha central powers to es
tablish their existence.
Thus aa against the silence of the
British war office, Berlin chronicled
the opening of "important battlea" in
the sector held by Sir Douglas Haig.
Vienna supplements this ' with the
admission of a 20-mile retirement in
tha Trentino. "To retain our freedom
of action,'! Is tha tribute the Austrian
war office pays to General tadorna'a
offensive, which observers expert to
spread rapdily to Isonio front
In the east tba Russians, wnue atiu
held op in their advance on Kovel by
the Germans, are continuing their ad
vance against tha Austrian in the
south. Their flank now protected by
tha Carpathians, they have turned
northward in their sweep through Bu-
kowina and ara now approaching Ko-
lomea. They ara already within 10
miles of tha town.
Thus, though tho Germans succeed
in preventing tha progress from the
north, tha Russians may still force the
evacuation of Lemburg and Tarnapol
by advancing from the south. Similar
tactics were successful when tha Rus
sians took the city before.
.General Brus Kofi's main efforts ara
now being diverted to overthrowing
the Germane in these positions. He
hag brought his batteries which routed
the Austriana, to bear here.
Congress to A2sw $28,000,000
for Increased Kabs&u mti
Washington, D. C. Nearly $28,
000.000 exclusively for tha national
guard ia carried in the army appropri
ation bill which haa been reported to
tha house and ia now on the calendar.
In recent years tha United States has
contributed about $6,000,000 a year to
tha support of the national guard,
chiefly in the matter of material fur
nished. The states individually have
expended on the national guard an ag
gregate of about $7,720,000 a year.
Tha tremendous increase in the
amount to ba expended by the national
government on the service ia due to
the provisions ia tho recently enacted
army organisation law which gives the
United States a larger measure of con
trol over the guard and also provides
pay for the officers and men.
Aberdeen Company First
Aberdeen, Wash. More than 3000
citisena assembled at the Union sta
tion Sunday rooming to bid "God
speed" to tha members of Company G,
who left for American Lake. Mothers,
sweethearts and wives wept and there
waa hardly a dry eye among the many
women in the throng.
Company G was the first in the state
of Washington to reach war strength,
and left here for American Lake with
185 men. Forty-three of these men
will be transferred to other state com
panies, aa Company G needs but 142.
Of Ceneral Interest
About Oregon
m Firs Loss ,100,000 at Banks.
Banks Fully a million feet of lum
ber ware lost In tha Bra which de
stroyed tha mill of tha Ecclee Lumber
company Saturday, and an estimate of
tha lose la placed at fully $100,000 by
officials of tha company.
Whether or not tba mill will ba re
built haa not been decided. M. H. E-
clea. of Baker, owner of tba mill, ia
axDeetad here thla week, when a de
cision may ba announced.
Tba mill waa inaurad, but officials
were unable to aay to what extent
Tha milt was new and bad been in
operation only a few months. Shortly
after completion nearly two years ago,
it closed down after operating a few
weeks and operations were not ra-
mlvnntn thla anrfnff- - In th mn.
time aplanar waa added. Tba plant
waa equipped witft tna latest ana most
modern machinery.
How tha Bra started ia a mystery.
It waa first observed about tba center
of tha mill, and before any steps could
ba taken to check the flames, it had
spread throughout tha entire milL
Tba Ecclea Lumber company owns
several mills la tba state. This la the
second loss they have sustained within
a few months. Last winter their prin
cipal mill at Baker was destroyed, but
has been rebuilt
Dog Saves Oregon Professor's Son,
Eugene Because of a fox terrier
belonging to members of the Kappa
Sigma fraternity recognized that Rog
er De Bosk, aged 8 years, waa in dis
tress aa he floundered in tha millrace
near the University of Oregon, tha life
of the little fellow waa aaved Wednes
The dog ran np and down the banks.
aa it greatly excited, attracting tna
attention of Glenn Sboekley, a member
of tba fraternity, who went to the
boy'a rescue.
Roger is s son of Prof esor E. W. De
Busk, of the university. He had fallen
from the Aider-street bridge, and, be
ing unable to swim, waa carried down
stream about 60 feet before being rea
med. No ona witnessed tha accident
and but for tha dog's conduct tha boy
probably would have perished.
Arguments to Come High.
Salem It will cost about $55 a page
for all arguments submitted in favor
of or against any initiative measures
to be placed before tba voters ol tns
state in tba November election, as
cording to Secretary of State Oleott
It ia impossible to aay just wnat tne
sise and extent of the pamphlet will
be, or how many will be printed. The
registration in 1914 was about 305,-
000, while tha registration before tne
primary waa about 230,000. This year
tba registration before the primary
ran about 260,000, and it is expected
the final figure will show a correspond
ing increase. Ona pamphlet ia sent
to each registered voter.
Lumbermen May Meet
Klamath Falls Plana ara now under
way for a convention of tha California
White and Sugar Manufacturers asso
ciation here in August Harold D.
Mortenson, President of the Pelican
Lumber company of this city, haa
charge of tha arrangements for this
During tha first week ox August.
the White Pine Manufacutrers associa
tion of Spokane, will hold its annual
convention at Bend, Ore. As this
meeting will be attended by all pine
lumbermen of the Inland fcropire, tba
two organizations may meet here to
gether to talk and formulate plana lor
better grading and market conditions.
r Fire Patrols Sent Out
Salem The - increase of logging
operations, with consequent greater
fire hazard, should be offset by in
creased efficiency of the fire patrol
system of tha state, thinks State I or-
ester Elliott who ia directing tha an
nual campaign against destruction of
Oreeon'a moat valuable resource.
Although its organization ia not
much larger this year than last pre
vious seasons' experience has enabled
him to get closer working efficiency
throughout the whole organisation
than ever before.
Twenty-six of 27 district wardens
have received their badges and gone to
their poata already.
Oregon Steer Worth I7I.
Baker That an Oregon steer had
brought tha highest price ever paid for
a western animal of its kind in the
Kansas City, Mo., market waa the
word received Wednesday. The sale
waa made by F. C Oxman, of Durkee,
Baker county, and waa "king" of a
herd of 400 steers shipped from Mer
cer county, California. It weighed
1560 Bounds and brought $171.60. It
waa a shorthorn and waa 4 years old.
The steer haa never had any grain or
other kind of feed except the California
range grasses of last winter.
Banka Mill In Doubt,
Baker No definite plans for the re
building of the $40,000 Ecclea mill at
Banks, destroyed Saturday by Ore, will
be made until the return of W. H. Ee
lees, president of the company, now
in Ogden, according to tha announce
ment by Roland S. Ecclea. Only a
minor part of the contracts held by the
Bonks mill can be handled in Baker, it
ia aaid, because of the different class
of lumber available.
Brief Resize of General Ifevs
Frca All Arcund the EetUl
Live News Items of All Nations end
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
Miss Jane Davis, of Scranton, Pa.,
who waa touring Glacier National
Park, fell from her horse while ford
ing a small stream and wea drowned In
tha Two Medicine River, into which
bar body wsa carried.
The United States now la waiting
for General Carranza'a final word in
reply to tho note sent Sunday demand
ing release of tha prisoners taken at
Carrixal and a formal diplomatic an
nouncement of Intentions.
Respites of 80 days pending hearing
of pardon applications were granted by
President Wilson to S. D. and W. S.
Simpson, officers of tha American Na
tional Bank of Caldwell, Idaho, con
victed of issuing a fraudulent certifi
cate of deposit.
A general retreat of tha Austriana
in tha Trentino district over a sector
about 20 miles In extent ia announced
in an official statement issued by tha
Italian war office. The statement says
that the Isliana ara pressing tha pur
suit vigorously.
Fighting activity in the Western
theater on the fronts occupied by the
British and the north wing of tha
French army waa important and baa
been ao for tha past two days, saya tba
official statement isused by German
army headquarter.
Veterans of the Civil War began ar
riving at Spokane Tuesday for the an
nual encampment of tha Grand Army
of the Republic, Department of Wash
ington and Alaska. It ia expected
that 900 of tha 3000 veterans in Wash
ington and Alaska will attend the con
vention. .
A joint meeting of all train, enginj
and yard men working in Eastera
Washington will be held in Spokane
July S, at which tha outcome of the
conference for an eight-hour day, re
cently held in New York, will be dis
cussed. The next step to be taken
will, it ia aaid, also be discussed.
Tha body of a man came ashore at
Agate Beach, near Newport, Or.,
Tuesday. From the fact that wreck
age of fruit, etc, similar to that lost
from the steamer Bear, haa been wann
ing in on the beach near where tha
body waa found, it ia thought that the
body may ba ona of the wreck victims.
Tho Zeitschrift Fuer Frauenatimm-
recht, the German woman suffrage or
gan at The Hague, haa sect tho fol
lowing greeting to the women of
Franca: "We feel, think and suffer
like you, and swear that after this ca
tastrophic war the women of all na
tions shall work unitedly to prevent
forever its recurrence." ,
Carranxa authorities have released
all prisoners confined in jaila in Sonora
towns. A dozen prisoners were re
leased from the Nogales, Sonora, jaiL
among them a Mexican held on three
separata charges of murder. It ia be
lieved the men are being released upon
a promise to join the Mexican army
and because of tha difficulty in obtain
ing food for them.
The United States consulate at Tor
reon, Mexico, waa demolished Juna 13
by a mob of 8000 civilians, led by the
mayor of the city and a Carranxa army
band, according to American refugees
arriving at Eagle Pass, Tex., lata
Tuesday. The populace was attending
a bullfight, according to tha refugees,
when the de facto government troops
forced them to join in an anti-American
A Urge force of Russian cavalry,
after a battle with Austro-Hungarian
troops, has occupied a position near
Pezoritt, about Si milles west of Kim
polung, in Bukowina. The foregoing
was announced in the official statement
issued by the Russian war office. Re
garding the operations in Bukowina,
tha war office announced that Russian
forces also were advancing southward,
approaching the passes leading Into
Transylvania. , ,
Tha hospital tent of Oregon's mo
bilization camp haa not yet been occu
pied. Four new companies of Oregon
Coast artillery will be formed at once
and offered to the government tor use
wherever they may be wanted. -
Francisco Villa is reported to be (n
Juarez, Mex., across the river from
El Paso. t
Edward S. Ellis, 76 years 61J, noted
u writer of boys' stories, died at
Cliff Island, Me. At 19 Mr. Ltlis t
gan to write, his first work beirg
dime novels.
The fortifications appropriation bi't
carrying a34,ain),u'.' i'.r acienise a- s
for both coast and field ord
nance and ammunition, waa r-j i by
the house, 165 to 9. Its total in sn
increase of about $17,000,000 ovr h.t
year's bilL