The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 26, 1916, Image 4

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Rose Festival Visitors
are cordially Invited to visit
Entire Fifth Floor, TUford Bldg., cor. Tenth and Morrison Sta.. during
Festival. June 7. 8, , AU wUl be welcome. School in eeasioe all jw.
"A Better Barrel
of Flour Cheaper"
A flak Tkmwg K3 far J2C00.
Omui oa raa It. Rrarr Warn aWae! have
en. Write. .
5X LamW Exchange, PortUmd, Or.
All Yonr Yeal Pork, Ponhj.
Butter, Eggs, and Provisions.
Hnn Bverdln started this bulnM
la Uit and conducted It up to two
yeare arc, at the time of his death,
when the bualneas passed Into the
hands of the F. C. Barnes Company,
who recently eold It to the present
owner. K. it. Cronkhlte. The aunt
reputation for giving- farm a re a
equare deal In every Instance and
paying- the hlgheet market prtcea at
all time will be maintained. One
trial shipment will make jmu
steady and satisfied shipper to the
old Kverding House, which has been
In existence 44 yrars. Write for
snlpptng Xaga. Chock by return mail.
48 Front Street, Portland. Oregan.
Farmers, Ship
Ymr twin lot ef Vl. Han to far. MoheJr.
WaoL Hasaa. Pa, Etc, to SCHatAlZ if roe
want hattar aviaaa. Check ssaiied yeadarafur
arrival Market information, taea. eU, tmjropttr
supplied. rl.-flMciee.MWe la.; , emlf eWne. i&c lb.
Aak youraeeiihor to try na. Waatad. aO Veal
and Noam: 1 Braihn aad Baas. Writa today
fir taaa. nwnuonina- wa papwr. r. -
aV Ce. Paid-ep capital UU.OOO.
Wewant aO yoo have. Write for ericas and
anippua- - rraaa SU Pertleaw. Ore.
Bo-.kt. Sold. Raatad aad RapeM
Buisaida, cor. UM. Portland. Ore-
He Wg Wig. ;5-;
He had been calling on her twice a
week for alx montha, but had not fro
posed. He waa a wise young man, and
didn't think It necessary.
"Ethel." he said, as they were tak
" tag a stroll one evening, "I er am
' going to ask yon an important ques-
"Oh, George,", she exclaimed, "this
is so sudden. Why. I "
"What I want to ask is this," he in
terrupted. "What date nave you ana
your mother decided upon for our wed
ding?" Detroit Saturday Night
For obstinate sores use Hanford's
Balsam. Air."
Fooled Her.
' Hub (feigning complaint) It isn't
like what mother
Wife (Interrupting sharply) Tom.
you know how that remark annoys
me! What isn't?
Hub Why, in your housecleaning,
vnn don't make half the muss
and discomfort mother used to make.
Boston Transcript
When the Shock Cornea.
"Yes," said the old grad. "1 guess
that the thing that surprises the col
lege man most when he gets out in
the world Is to find out how much
uneducated people know." The Wid-
. 0W. ' "
Its Use.
-' "I wonder why so many girls are
marrying the family chauffeurs?"
"It must be the influence of the
sparking plug." Baltimore American.
Double Tread, Puncture Proof Tires
If ade from your old on, Last kmr
kas Bran Nw Tiros. W ALSO BUT
lOLD TIRES. We pay as hiss, as 10c
per lb. for soeh as we eaa nee la Doable
Tread work, and the highest aaBrkat
for junk. Ship yoer Tires at once or write as.
Portland Y.UX A. Auto School
Day and eight classes. Expert training
h repairing, driving and machine work,
including forge, lathe, aheper, drill PreNt,
tractors, ate. Time snlimited. COMPE
Fords Fords Fords
1915 L-tL, $395
1915 JZ. $335
1914 $295
1914 'Tirr $275
1913 ZZL $245
1914 MJgZitS? $295
East 13tb aV Hawthorne Ave
P. N. U.
No. 22. 1918
i"'V wrlnag te aalvartisara,
tkia aaper.
Sixth ead Kvwrett StieeU
- Erases voatenaa
rrtvate paeaee la every resss
Ceavesisst te kealaeae aad akaw
Ftna aad WasMagtea Ms, PertWad. Oa.
The homelika stopples? plac
for those who appreciate, the
dollar's full worth.
Bnakfaat tad Laaiaaia
Hazelwood. Portland
The Wttar the CREAM. Ha setter Ike Price
. Dlgnltiea of Office.
This story which is perhaps true
and perhaps not la being told in
many Italian mesa rooms. On on of
his royal tours King victor Kmmanuet
spent the night in a small country
town, where the people showed them
selves unusually eager in caring for
his comfort So when be naa gone to
bed he was surprised, to be wakened
by a servant who wanted to put clean
sheets on his bed. However, he wait
ed good-natured it while it waa done,
and wished the servant good night
He had dosed off to sleep when he
was roused for the second time by a
rsp on the door and the servant re
appeared, asking to cnange me sneeta
Naturally the King asked why the
change was made so often. The ser
vant answered reverently: "TO one s
self one changes the sheets every
week, for an honored friend every
day, but for a king very hour."
Made since 1846 Hanford's Balsam.
' . Cruel.
A young man who has theatrical as
pirations loves to boast of his connec
tions with the stage business.
- In company with some traveling per
formers in the lounge of a hotel, not
long since, the young man carelessly
"Oh, yea, I took a show out once."
But the wind was knocked out of
his sails when one of the actors asked
"Who brought it back?" Philadel
phia Public Ledger.
If yon cant get Hanford's Balsam of
Myrrh write: O. C. Hanford Mfg. Co,
Syracuse, N. T. Two sixes: COe and
$1.00. Adv. ; .
Journeyman John Plane waa having
a quiet amoke when the foreman hap
pened to pass.
Foreman I say. Plane, why ain't
yoo getting on with your Job?
J. P. I don't like this Job, gaffer.
I'm a conscientious objector.
Foreman What the deuce do yon
mean by a conscientious objector?
J. P. I have a conscientious objec
tion to hanging doors. London Ideas.
Chance For a Hug.
"Men have such queer slang. Now
this article speaks continually of the
main squeeze. Doesn't that sound
"Ob, I don't know," said the other
glrL "Main squeeze sounds rather
nice to me. I think I'd like to meet
one of them."
Or Criticise.
"Baseball is a remarkable game."
"How now?"
"A man who has spent his last EO
cents for a seat on the bleachers feels
perfectly at liberty to advise a player
who is getting (10,000 a year. Kan
sas City Journal. ; ' :
Dr. Pierce's Favorite ' Prescription
makes weak women strong", sick women
well, no alcohoL Sold in tablets or liquid.
'. Tired.''".
"I'd like to see that office hoy of
mine 30 years from now."
"Why so?" , .
"He ought to make a wonder as a
tired business man." Louisville Courier-Journal.
- Lesson In Floriculture,
"Dad, what do they mean by peren
nial?" "Continuing from year to year," an
swered pop.
"Like my hat" interposed ma.
And then there was a deep, porten
tous silence. Louisville Courier-Journal.
. - "
For sprained wrist rub on and rub la
Hanford's Balsam thoroughly. Adv.
Long and Narrow.
"Our friend with an eye to the main
chance has a long head.".
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne; "but
isn't having too long a head likely to
make a man narrow-minded V Wash
ington Star.
" The Only Kind.
I've come across a man who known
how to manage his wife." -
"Lead me to him at once!"
"Can't; this isn't visiting day at his
asylum." Baltimore American.
More Businesslike.
Tou never encourage mud-sllngiss
in a campaign."
"No," replied Senator Sorgham; "if
you're going to throw something,
throw a rock." Washington Btu.
Wnaat Rlueatem. 11.04 Dar bushel:
fortyfold, 4c; ctuh, Mc$ red Fife,
Sc; red Russian, 93a.
Oats No, 1 white feed, $2,50 ton.
BarleyNo. 1 feed, $27.60 per ton.
Hay Eastern Oregon timothy. $24
tt24.0 per ton; valley timothy, $21
U; alfalfa, old crop, 18C19.
Milfleed Spot prices: Bran, $25.60
2 per ton; aborts, $28.60fc29; roll
ed barley, ttl.60etSt.60.
Corn Whole, $36 pet ton; cracked,
Vegetable Artichoke; $1 per dot
en; tomatoes, $4.25 per crate; cab
bage, $160iS per hundred; garlic,
10e per pound; pepper, 174f20;
egsplant, $Ofil25; horseradish, 8e;
...iiiffeaM. ?Swsftl.lO: lettuce. $1.85
S.2S crate; cucumber. $ljl.tSpr
box; spinach, 4 6c per pound; aspar
agus, $1(0:1.26 dosen; rhubarb, le
nar rjound: Deas. 7ic: bean. 8121c;
celery, $3.60 per crate.
Potatoes JoDOing pnees: vregon,
$1.60 par tack; California, SiQ$4c per
Onions Oregon, $1.86 1.60 per
tack; Texas Bermuda,
Green FruitStrawberriea, Oregon,
eo RAfiT.e no orate? California. $1.60
L10; apples. $1 IJ i.75 per box;
gooseberries, i(oe per pouna; cner
riee, $1.26il.60 per box.
Egg Jobbing prices: Oregon ranch
eandled. lS?24c Dor dosen; ttncandled,
21(22c par doaen.
Poultry liens, I7e; tiaga, ioc,
Wiloro 8S,7S(W; turkev. live. 1862
tOc; dressed, choice, 23(2 5c; ducks,
16dil8c; geeee. 10c
Butter Extras, prima, a Kac ,
first, 26c; cube, 24(5 1 25c; butterfet.
Mo. 1. 27c delivered Portland; No. t.
25c; store butter, 187320c
Veal Fancy, 10c per pouna.
Pork Fancy. llJllie per pound.
Hope 1915 crop, lOfjille; coo tracts,
Wool Eastern Oregon, 20 ? 80c;
alley. S336c; mohair, new clip, 40
50c -
Caseara bark Old and new, 4c per
Cattle Steers, choice grain and
pulp, $8.909.16; choice hay. $S.60a
8.85 choice grass, $88.60; good.
$3.16j8.50; medium, $7.608; cow,
choice. $7.60 7.80; good, $8.76
7.25; medium, $6.25 7.25; heifers,
$5.60(18; bulla, $36; ataga, $4.607.
Hog Prime light $99.15; good
to prime, $8.60(88.85; Kh beavy, tt
8.60; pigs and skips, $7.608. .
Sheep Yearlings, $8.259; weth
ers, $89.05; ewes, $78.25; lamb.
More Apples Are in Storage.
The United State department of
Agriculture, through its Office of Mar
kets and Rural Organisation, hat is
sued a detailed report of eold storage
apple holdings on .May 1, 1916, a fol
low: The information received Indi
cate that there were 92 per cent more
apples in eold storage on Hay 1 this
year than were held on Hay L 1916.
The barreled apple holdings show an
mu nf 127.7 ner cent and the boxed
holding an excess of 31.1 per cent
over those of a year ago. uunng
April 16.7 per cent of the December 1
holding moved from storage, as com
pared with 20 percent during March.
Strawberry Prices Jump.
Tacoma Strawberry price jumped
to high points this week on account of
the scarcity of the fruit and the high
priced Kennewick berries were nap
oed no by dealers who had placed only
light order, California berries
jumped from $1.75 a crate to $2.16
and $2,25. This is due to the fact that
the California berries are nearly all
gone, say dealer. The Ualiornia snip-
.wm oo rnmlnc dnern order because
the demand is greater than the supply.
Clark seedling etrawDernes irom
ITannaaripIr were ananned 03 at $3.75
crate, and the jobber and their buyers
are asking lor more.
Cherry Men Defer Action. '
Wenatchee, Wash. Cherry growers
who met at the Commercial club to
nnifjt in a cash Belling Dlan will hold
their plana in abeyance until the season
develops and a more definite estimate
can be obtained on the local and for
eign crop and on the possible market
value. At present there it a decidedly
bullish feeling, not only on the part of
growers, but also or shippers ana sel
lers, who believe that the entire crop
can be disposed of at good essh prices.
iTivlflr these circumstances it appeared
that it would be advisable to wait
Four Hundred Tone Oatt Sold.
Portland Four hundred tone of
inn. oata woM anU at the Merchants
Exchange Thursday at $26.75, a quar-
. .. . . . 1 A. 1 J
ter under tne price oi we last ooaru
sola It. ia rnmrted from Washinffton. D.
C, that the government will soon be
in the market lor io.uuu tens oi oau.
Tho Lwal wrheat market Wat dull and
bid prices were unchanged. The coun
try wheat market were also quiet
Tha viaihU annnlv of wheat in the
United Kingdom is 92,952,000 bushels,
an increase for the week of 2,040,000
bushel. -
Gold Imports From Canada.
. m York Additional imnortt of
gold from Canada were received by J.
P. Morgan A Co. Saturday, making a
total that far this week of more, than
$3,000,000. The gold, which it more
or less equally divided into sovereigns
and bars, csme irom iniawa in con
nection, it it believed, with recent
purchases of supplies cy tne uominion
of Canada.
Clarke County Prune Buyer Out.
v.nimTM Prnna imvers are active
Im ttiia mnntv and it ia reDorted that
as high as 6 cents a pound has been
offered for prunes or tnis year a, come
knin hnannr. It ia known, are at
tempting to close contracts for 6
cents for prunes tnat run ou-ou a
Big Sugar Crop In Porto Blco. J
e in.. Pnrfo Ricn The revised
n tha ancar riroduetion of
the Island for the season now ending
thowt that tne production wiu iccw
all previous estimate and it expected
to be in excess of 463,000 tons, as
compared with 845,000 tons last year.
rtRNt ARK 0000 TO I AT,
Considered Great Delicsey by Nip.
ponete, Who Kst Puget Sound
Plant Like Asparagus.
irnlverslty of Washington. The
common fern or brake that grows In
the Puiit Bound country is good to
eat. accurdiug to university o waan
tngton Japanese students, Several
Japanese families have been gather
Ing the stems Of tne piaut on tne cain
mi. Mumlv The are boiled and
eaten like "fukL" the Nipponese rhu
barb, or the American asuaragua.
To take out the acid taste of the
fern, tbe stoma are boiled in water,
to which ashes are added. When near
ly cooked tbe ator and ashes are
poured off. Clean boiling water Is
then poured on and the cooking la
railed "warahl" and Is considered a
great delicacy, waraot may i eaten
at once or It may be dried and stored
away for wluter use. When mixed
nvaiora tt la called "aho-YU."
which means oyster sauce. The food
ran be mixed witn moai tueaia, sneu
fish and vegetable.
A Fatal Mistake.
That parrot of theirs! Why, It
rattles off all of the gossip of the
BoinhDornooai -"Yes,
When It waa learning to talk
f.irmii take It nut of tha room
the day the sewing society met."
urowntngs aiagasiue.
Tha Seat ef Disease.
Paw, which aid ia the heart on?"
"Every heart should oe on me rignt
"Then where'a the liver?"
"On the doctor's tide." Richmond
Time Dispatch.
W . w wS.,wri,
Keep Kids Kleen
TW aaat anMWnUaM nkrtha,
MSffw wweaa1 asvWwVawa vv? Csswlnew I w8
vmm i rVW i mm pmm wtk
rO hmt. tAai tw$iiirt m faff tkW
Esaely Wtaarwatj a ftwrst k t-Mta
to mihm,m, him m htm
wlwastaf. aaJ Ufss) Maal mm laka0
mmim JI 4t rm nmJL Aim
AaUinito .ha. aw m date we
Psf fle?A?aTjaaBf' wfesasta fa ftBVswwSVtsW
mi waa tae-4r eakm.
Klakai Dakk aac viiAn
aWw end awk aac4 ea4 beg
75c the suit
W J wmd It, thmrtm $
m memtM $wr, e .
aw IweHianasI
Levi StratiM 4V Ce,Saa Franciaoe
Work ef Supererogation.
"What do you think of training girls
in military camps?"
"They don't need It. Why, they
take to fighting as instinctively as a
duck takes to water. I know plenty of
women who have never bad a minute s
military training In their live and yet
look at them in the meetings of wo
men's patriotic societies." Baltimore
Must be provided when the
Appetite it Poor
The Diestion Weak
The Liver Lazy and
The Bowels Constipated
It is an excellent tonic, appe
tizer and stomach medicine.
V. Get Tlia Genuine -
Leading Up.
Maude What makes yoo think bit
Intentions are serious?
Mabel When he first begrn to call
he used to talk about tha books I like
to read. ,
Maude And now.
Mabel Now be talks about the
things he likes to eat Life.
Need Only Trust to Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Con
pouncLsays Mrs.Kurtzweo;.
Buffalo, N.Y. " My daughter, who
picture is herewith, was much troubled
iWlin pains in uw
back and sides every
month and they
would sometimes be
so bad that it would
seem like acuta in
flammation of tome
organ. She road
your advertisement
in the newspapers
and tried Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vetre-
citable Compound.
Rha nraleoa it hipfilv as she haa been
relieved of all these pains by its use.
All mothers should know of this remedy,
and all young girls who suffer should
try it. "-Mrs. MATILDA KCBTZWSO, 629
High St, Buffalo, N. Y.
Young women who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spells or indigestion, should
take Lydia K. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Compound. Thousands have been re
stored to health by this root and herb
If yon know of any yotintf wo
man who it sick and need help
ful ad vice, ask her to write to tbe
Lydia K.Pinkliarn Medirlne Co,
Lynn, Haa. Only women will
receive her letter, and it will be
&eid la trlctett confidence
ii. in ii ii i
I k, - .J
Orkf lssss cf tei Kcvs
frcm Ul Lround the ferth.
Live News Items of All Nations and
' Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
A Greek collier was tunk Thursday
by an Austrian submarine. Twenty
seven members of ths crew were
picked up by a French torpedo boat
The resignation of Charles Ware at
general manager of th Union Paclfte
waa announced TueadaV at th Coro
na nv 'a haadauartert. No reason it
r , .
given. v
The Swedish steamer Rosalinn. $77
tons, from Copenhagen for Stugsund,
In ballast, haa been sunk by a mine off
th Stockholm Skerries. Th crew
waa saved.
By a Tote of 80 to $7. the house In
committee of th whole haa adopted an
amendment to grant suffrage to th
women of Porto Rico. It was proposed
by Republican Leader Mann.
Notices of contests from the Sixth,
Seventh and Fourteenth districts of
T.naa Invnlvinw four detente to th
Repubican National convention are re
ceived by Secretary Keynoiut.
TK kattliahln Nehraaka left the
navy yard at Boston Tuesday under
order to proceed to Mexico. She will
take on a complement of apprentice
teamen at Newport, R. I., tn route.
Victor Carlstrom, In 160-horsepower
biplane, flew from Newport
N.vo Va tn tha Sheenehead Bay
speedway, In New York City, Tues
day, a diftanc ox 10 miiea, in tour
hours and on minute.
Mora than 1300 French. Including $1
officers, 16 machine guns and ight
cannon, were captured in a uermen
aaaault on th Verdun front in the re
gion of Dead man's hill, th German
war office announced Tuesday.
PraalrUnt PblneaM haa conferred th
war croat on Queen EUxabeth of Bel
gium at an expression of "th admira
tion of the people for the magnificent
.uuimim anil lint I ri no devotion tO th
vvw.v - --- ,
wounded which the hat never ceased to
show under the enemy fir. '
Inrwinn underwriter chare 60 per
ni tit Insure affainst a declaration of
peace between Great BriUln and Ger
many before January 1. The rate in
dicates that in th underwriters' opin
ion th prospects I or an eariy peace
are better than two months ago, when
th rate for the tame risk was only 30
per cent.
It la nfflolatlv annrntneed from Dub
lin that In addition to th BenUnC of
death imposed on Jeremiah C Lynch,
American, a similar sentence was im
posed upon Peter Gaiiighan, out tnat
thla aontunea waa commuted tO flv
years' penal servitude. A number of
other persons also were sentenced u
various terms of Imprisonment.
Nine residents of Pacific COUnty.
Wash., were arraigned Wednesday be
fore Judtre Cushman in the United
State District court at Tacoma, on In
dictments returned by th federal
grand jury last Saturday, cnarging
conspiracy against Mrs. Margaret Rosa
and anna The defendant are th al
leged nightridert who are accused of
having forcibly restrained Mrs. koss
and her ton from exercising their
righU at settlers on the public domain.
The'administration'a five-year navy
program was rejected by a house com
mittee. Th. Nnrl hweatum railroad at Omaha
haa annnnnrMi an increase of 6 Per
cent in wages of some classes of em
ploye. .':,;'.'"',""
k Ran Francisco ludff hat decided
that it la as much a crime for a woman
todeaert her dependent children at
for man to deaert hit family.
Four mice, whose ancestors had been
inoculated with tumor germs for 16
years, took up their residence n the
Crocker cancer research laboratory at
Columbia University, New York,
where they have been brought from
London to be safe from war's ravage.
Estimates of the government's re
ceipt and expenditures for th re
mainder of the current fiscal year and
the fiscal year ending June 80, 1917,
tend to show that much less new reve
nue will have to be raised to meet the
hill for nreDarednest and other large
contemplated expenditures than had
been supposed.
An earthnuake of Darticular violence
has occurred along the Adriatic coast
of Italy. At Ozena a dozen persons
were injured. Interior aistncu were
also badly shaken.
A handhae- enntainlnff six $10 bills
was found in a bundle of clothing by
Salvation Army worxere in roniarn.
TTrvm return inff the money to its owner
they received a $10 bill at reward.
Sariraant Pnrman. a member of the
machine gun company of the Twenty
third infantrv. waa ahot and killed on
Mexican soft a mil and a half esat of
Juarex by Mexican customs guards.
Gypsies up-to-date 14 motor cars
full of them the band numbering 100
member, left Eugene, Or., en rout
from San Diego to Minneapolis.
It it generally believed that the vote
of credit which Premier Asquith will
ask from Parliament toon will be for
300,000,000. Thit will bring the
total thus granted to 2,882,000,000.
Tbe German ambassador to the
United States hat issued orders to all
German residents to cease violations
of American laws in their efforts to
hamper the tending of munitions tnd
supplies to ths tllles.
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It tells you how to save money on your stump blast
inc. It shows in 40 illustrations the most effective ways
. a a a t I . ...... ...! L.
of preparing charges, loading ana uiasung stump wun
Thit valuable book wt written specially to nut Jt'ttitr
condition by men who have Ms. ted hundreds of scret of
ttumpi likt yours. It contain! many lettrri from Pacific Coa
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Dealers every where rsrry Giant Farm PowJrra in tio. k, or ran icrutt them.
If yours dues out we will see that you are supplied.
t7; nMlr Cma W itiue tv hrlpful bnoll on Msiiing Stump
rive iook rree. Wtmmit id,, im,,,, u,lw otthetd
TillasSi Suheml BUiting snd Ditth llsatin(. Chooes the one that you prefer
and writs for I Hem today, NOW, before you lay this suds. A port cstd wiii do.
BJtAMCH OmCUl Seaeih. Saaka , Partlaaa. a take Cwr, Daaiaf '
, nail W
ts, KaaahY Aan Caw maat tuaaaaa aava
.l aA rWfinaihfc
Kill All Files!
ritmd mTW f KiwtMtw Mis4kt1lH
hm lia StaaS, aanaataiawiltW. mm i-kt'wm, m4 9tm.
f-: 'Jilt! J. tW ? O ? f eel wtiT m
JRp 'r&J' 'Daley rbj Killer
g . . ,-..t' t js aaa a. anani. m f aa
taatiw BH.rfi.i .. iiill"'i'aw .1,1,1,. h itK (
aaaese sensss, is ma'aiire,e.v.
It was th last half of the fourth
inning, and the home team had three
men on bases and nobody out. The
next man up was the best batter on
the team, it nut In tha entire league.
He advanced to th plate swinging
three bats and wearing a confident
smile on his face. The stands were
in an uproar of enthusiasm.
Suddenly the umpire stepped for
ward and held up hla band.
"Game called on account of dark
ness,' b announced.
lie leave a widow and three chil
dren. .
What to Do for
Your Itching Skin
Ectema. ringworm and similar itch
ing, skin eruptions are eo easily made
worse by improper treatment, that one
haa to be very careful. There Is one
method, however, that you need not
hesitate to use. even on a baby's ten
der skin that la, the rttslnol treat
ment flaalnnl la I fin nrescrintlon Of
a Baltimore doctor, put up In the form
or restnoi ointment ana resmot euni.
This proved so remarkably successful,
,v. ikML.tiii. nf nihav nhvalelane
IU.I, - r .
have prescribed It constantly for. over
ZO years.
Reslnol stops Itching Instantly, and
Intnat llalVI tlpala ttlS CrUDtlOn
quickly and at little cost llcslnol
ointment ana resmoi soap can ue
bought at any druggist's, and are not
at all expensive.
' A Flying Squadron.
'1 wonder why they ordered ua to
Newport," aald th commodore.
"What do you mean?" inquired tbe
flag lieutenant
"It's out of acanon and nobody Is giv
ing a dance." Kansas City Journal.
In Doubt .
She talked and talked and talked.
Till be said to himself with a groan:
"Te gods! have I married a woman,
Or is it a gramophone 7"
a & d
I f
l Flll Jaistai I
All people In America and especially
those who are past middle age are
prone to eat too much meat and In con
sequence deposit lime salts In tbolr
arteries, velna and joints. They often
suffer from twinges of rheumatism or
lumbago, tometlmet from gout, two!
len hands or feet Such people are
not always able to exercise sufficient
ly in the outdoor air or drink enough
pure water In order to sweat freely
end excrete Impurities thru the skin.
Dr. Pierce has conducted experiments
and thoroughly tested a uric acid sol
vent at bis Invalids' Hotel and Surgi
cal Institute which he is convinced Is
many times more potent than lltbla
this be named "Anuric." It can be bad
at almost all drug stores by simply
asking for Dr. Pierce's Anurlo for kid
neys or backache. It will overcome
such conditions as rheumatism, drop
sical swellings, cold extremities, scald
ing and burning urine and sleepless
ness due to constant need of getting
out of bed at night
Our grandmothers have told our
mothers and our mothers bar In turn
n. koaiNXXt bow KfwtmNm
stinralata. tha amue enraw eJ "a a t-
avfol br-lla kaakt. Mwa aa. aalvlne aw
ri-aaine a4 ptmnu aulk.tavar, tnilo al
has f l fart ear 4i- lhai mm alia. a
M wkM la a aaa.a. awdllkat, w
KwvlitkMaw wiU tnwaea tha Saw ml awik
to U see eml wllhaatt aa Ineteaae la ft'.
rw.ltatiaass Calf aVaer saw fawa be1
d, wtU bwira raxr ralvaa aealnrt "' eawnv
hii. aaawre ea4 ealf atailara. a4 laeae Ihaas
.annmi. , . . . -
t U are searaeMO. er wrlM W
tow m. Portlanj Oregon J
4C5 AHA Crtaoiaiel Cyelltfi,
E qukklv rtUeeed by Herts
Druggists or Maila f) BatMdy Ca., CUuio
And H Llvtt.
" Thi tlory tellt how a printer got
two aewt stories mixed in line, hav
ing a wedding notice aud a public aal
notice to handle at the same time:
"William Builth, the only son of Mr.
and Mr. Joseph Smith, and Miss Lucy
Anderson were disposed of at puhllo
auction at my farm one mile east la
the presence of 70 guests, Including
two mules and 11 head of cattle. -
"Iter. Jackson tied the nuptial knot
for the parties, average 1250 pounds
on hoof. The beautiful bom of the
bride waa decorated with one sulky
rake, one feed grinder and two set of
work harness, nearly new, and, Just
before the ceremony was pronounced
the Mantlet and Sunt wedding march
waa rendered by one milch cow, S
yeart old, on Jersey cow and one
sheep, who, carrying a bunch of
bride't reset in her hand, wat beauti
ful. . .
"She wore one light spring wagon,
two cratea of apples, thrpe rarkt of
hay, one grind stoue of fnoussclln d
sole and trimmings, with about 100
bueheit of spuds. The bridal couple
loft yesterday on an extended trip.
Terms, spot cssh." ,
Rub It On and Rub It In. h
For lame back and soreness, spralna
and strains, sore throat and stiff peck,
you must rub on and rub In thorough
ly Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh. : He
member that one good application at
first It better than several light ones.
. Another Run, f
Gives a fellow quite a Jar
You can safely bet
When his handsome motor car
Kuns him into debt '
Loultvtlle Courier-Journal.
The Wifely View.
"My dear, what do you think I
bought youT A nice cook book."
"A man buying a cook book? My
word, that canvasser must have been
a peach." Kansas City Journal.
Instructed ut that In case of sickness,
resort to Dr. Plerce't dependable
household prescriptions. These med
icines as put up for sale by druggists
have never been recommended at
"cure alls," but only as superior rem
edies for certain common and easily
recognized diseases. Had these medi
cines been adapted to all classes and
forms of chronic dlsoases there would
have been no necessity for organising
a competent staff of expert physicians
and surgeons, to act In th treatment
of difftoult, obscure and complicated
cases of chronic diseases, at Dr. Fierce
maintains in his Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute. Of his home rem
edies the most widely known art hit
"Favorite Prescription" for womanly
troubles and run-down conditions pe
culiar to the womanly sex; his "Golden
Medical Discovery." the greatest or
all herbal system tonics and vltsliiers,
for stomach, liver and blood disorders,
aa well as his "Pleasant Pellets," the
tiny, tonio laxatives, overcoming con
stipation and cleansing tbe system of
poisons and accumulaUont la tha