The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 12, 1916, Image 2

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Next Monday night we're going over to the
Weston Mercantile Company4 'horse, foot
and dragoons." We hope you'll come with
us, and we'll continue to try to please you in
service and quality. We thank our friends
for the splendid patronage they have accord
ed us in the past seven 'years and we feel
now as always that the Weston country and
the Weston people are the "best on earth."
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established IS91
H7HE REASON banks are glad to open accounts
4L (especially with the young) is that it makes
better, more useful, substantial citizens who work
for the betterment of the community. Open an
account with us; make it grow; be useful
Striclfr m AJnct
Tin" YMir
Si Month.
Fonc Month. ....,......
IVr inrlt "T month.
Per iurli, wit insertion
l-nrttia, Mor lino each insertion.
...l IM
... 0 75
... 0
,..0 80
... SO
... PS
CattM at Utt pMlk at Welt Oft,
m Mte-cli Mil MiUr.
Horace J. Stiliman
of Pendleton, Oregon,
Democratic Candidate for
County Treasurer
Subject to the Democratic choice at the Primar
ies May 19, 1916.
Paid advertisement.
Weston Meal
Prime Beef
Pork, Mutton, Vea!
Dressed Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
Phone No. 53. Order taken by
phone for mail routes.
Ten percent Interest on all ac
count after 80 days.
Perry & Weber
S i
I j
i J
From what we hear, the people of
Weston and of the adjacent uplands
are almost a unit in opposition to the
county bonding issue. "
The general feeling aeems to be that
ways and means should be provided for
the improvement of the many dirt roads
which the fanners use for hauling
rather than of one through road which
he and others use chiefly for pleasure.
Moreover, in view of the virtual fail
ure of the costly macadam experiment,
a well defined fear is manifested that
the county might chance to spend
million dollars for so-called hard sur
faced highways and find them in the
end a fiasco. .
Especially among the uplacd farmers
is there a pronounced aversion to con
tributing toward another fifty percent
dividend melon for the paving trust
when their own roads are largely neg
lected. '
To the TVople of Weston and Vicinity!
What are you going to do with the
macadam road?
You know Ita present condition.
Ton know tt ts caput golug to plov'r.
Tou know that the bulk of the road
taxes of the entire county haa twen
aunk In thta foolish piece of road
building and la In danger of being en
tirely wiped out. Ilow are you going
to save it? There Is a quarter of a
million of dollars and more of the
road tax money of t'matilla county
Invested In this macadam.
If you vote down the bond Issue,
how and where are you coin to get
the money to hard surface thla ma
cadam T Tou cannot get it by a pe
dal mllUre tax levy, for the other
eertlona of the county will vote solidly
against you. for you deny them a road
and their only chance to get roads Is
by this bond laeue. Tou cannot take
the bulk of the las money of the en
tire county any more. ' The last legl-
lature panned a law prohibiting thla
very thing.
Tou are facing an acute road con J I
tloa and a serious one tf you stop to
live It a little Intelligent thought. Pn-
lees this macadam Is hard surfaced at
once, tt will be a total loss and the
only method and only source from
which you can expect money aufft
clent to lay thta hard surface la
through the bond Issue.
Thla bond laeue, you know, la not
going to Increase " your taxea. The
figures are very plain. The tax is 0
centa on each II0 of aaeeaeed
valuation for the first four years and
the average tax foe the entire fourteen
yeare ta only tl M per liooe, and fig-
lured upon the present assessed valua
tion of the entire county of H 1.004..
too, Aa thla valuation Increases the
tax will decrease: as new lands ere
brought on the market the taxes wilt
decrease and above all aa the enor
mous maintenance charge of $I0 a
mile against your macadam road un
der the present condition ts wiped out
your taxea will decrease,
Tou wsnt good roads and you know
down in your hearts that the only
feasible way of securing this Is
through the bond Issue, Tou build
your city water system, your school
houses and all other necessary public
Improvements through Issuing bonds
and yeu do not consider these bonds a
mortgage on your homes, nor will
you consider the road bonds such.
Tou get th roads and you get back
in labor and through labor Ts per
cent of what the roads cost. In other
words. tlOS.Qoo of this money will be
expended for labor alone.
But laying all thla aside the actual
situation which now confronta you
demands serious thought If you are
going to save your macadam road ou
must get busy at once and unless yit
do get busy and save It by hard-stir-
facing It, you are going to lose all that
you even now have. Tou know you
cannot expect people of the rest of th
county to donate you money to hard
surface this road when the other na
tions have not even a macadam bv
for their ure.
These same men and same Intre
who are so loudly protesting aealnii
the bond Issue on the grounds that !t
will increase taxes are the reguV
ca!amlty howlers who raise this same
cry every time a public Improvement
of this character 'Is proposed. The
are the- big rich men of the co ii
and In proportion they pay less tare.'
than the small farmer or small busi
ness man, but they always raise this
howl and make their' appeal t the
to?le to protect them and make It
nnmtble for them to escape their Just
and proportionate share of the taxa
tion. Let them howl. The money' they
have they cannot take with them.
Many of them will be dead before
the bonds terminate and the streets
psved with gold wPI be no Joy or sat
isfaction to either, them or their de
scendants left In I'mntilla county.
Think this over; take it home with
yon snd seriously consider It. f Adv.)
league Mantling.
. V.
Pilot Knelt. 3
iVtxIlrdtn. , i . ,, 3
Went on S
' league Heorea,
Went on ft, Ki'ho 1
IVmlMon 4, film Hues
Next tiuiMlaya flame.
Weston kl Kolio.
t'llo Hook al Pendleton,
Koho haa a tall ball team excess
ively and preternslurally tall. Goliath
of Oath could have nalked under the
extended arms of it catcher, pitcher
and first baseman without doffing his
brass head piece. When the lti he
stopped a ball he merely reached half
way to first base and handed the
sphere to the stalwart guardian of
that ststlon, who likewise met hint
half way, Either of these three Broo
dlgnsgtana O.loll and the Iloaklns
twins would make a good telephone
lineman, aa he wouldn't have to don
climber when he went out trouble
shooting. Carl Gilbert saves baa
balls In practice down at Kcho, aa his
lanky hopefuls merely reach up and
grab the moon when they feel Ilk
"tossing It around."
Hrlll had a hard time pitching to
these visiting giants, aa he could hard
ly shoot the ball above their kneea
without throwing It over the grand
stand. Pvich was th elevsted trajec
tory that "Dumpy" Hlomgren requisi
tioned Manager Price for an aero
plane In which to do hi receiving.
Tel Drill managed to beat them, la a
pretty duel with Odrll, hla elongated
Kcho opponent. Itrttl got th Jump
and hxlil it. while it aa not until
the fourth Inning that Odvll settled
down to effective marksmanship. He
began mixing his fast ones with an
easy teaser that la hard to gauge, but
It waa too late. Hrlll did llrtlltant
work throughout and held th visitor
to four hits on of them n long triple ;
by C. Hosklna. Ills support wss en-
couraglng. )
Weaion had to get om runs, of
course, else Brill could not have won
These were all five provided by K.
Hlomgren and Kirk p trick, whose bat
ting and base-running were gpectscu
tar. Ernie got four singles In tour
times up. Jim got two doubles and n
home run In four times up, tils drive
coming each time with Krnl on the
paths. It was grand Indeed to watch
this talented duo perform. Prana
waa the only other Mountaineer to ne
gotiate a bingl.
Echo's run were due to a grounder
through third by Markham and to C,
Iloaklns' three-ply swat.
Weston needrd this game. Also, li
needs another, and will try to annex
It next Sunday down at the Kche
The score:
Murphy, rf. . .
See what you can lave on the small items.
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over and sco what you can save
tad pencil
Safety plus
l'aiwr iilus
tUMm-h tape measure
tVttun tape
r.liien tat .................. ...
Pearl buttons ,
Costs darning cotton
klnnoii s trtiriiin tatwtler
Colgate' tnlrunt Hiicr ......
Colgate's ahavlng aoatt.,, .....
Hair net (wdh wtastii' ........
Tatting liulilc.
Stlcken braid
Three In On oil ,
fch'mil polish
, le-
, Itj-oc
, Sc-oe-Hr
Cllt Rtg HUh
Hicycl playing cards
hteaml'iwl playing cards
Hhlnol Mig !
Drees shisUI ,
Kin combs i.,..
1'iH'ket tombs
. IM
... loa
IImi.kv llirl rra.iio of alliiiMiils Kits
m IllHiirli fare powder,....,,,,,. 4fwl
I'aiH garter ltd
Cot.ts thread ,. .... , 4e
Ncnli.a ........... .44
Coats rr ri'st IIikmiI (all alive., IM
U. M. C. ciikIibI thrvsd cokr.7t
lllnrk and tan sxk ........,..
Soo the now Stri Jliddys. Have them In
Green, Itose, Cojien, Navy and Ulack StripcB.
YOU CAN DO better; AT
J.C.Penney Co. nc.
Athena - - - OncooN
tie figrUrV 1
Markbnm, cf
Hale. 31
Luneall, 2b...
V: Himklna, c .
F. il.kin, lb
CWell. p .....1
r'-wlune, If 3
llatvey, ta 3
H It
0 0
It 0
2 0
1 II
0 12
0 0
1 o
0 0
R. Hlomgren, If.....
Klrli pat tick. 3I.....
I Hlomgren, e
Krnrix. It ,. ...
Barnes, cf
.31 2 4 24 II 2
Kennaril, 2b ..........4
Grlnrirlt. as .......... .2
WoihI, rf..... .4
3 2
n in
1 1
ment and progress. Her home la here
and always haa been and her people
However, the Weston country can development of thi wuT
put but little steam in its blow against ty Jn the eariy dBV. A, , natjv clti
theroad bonds with a scant two-thirds ! sen she' is entitled to the sincere sup-
Farmers and ' Port of every patriotic, home-loving
and consistent Republlcsn or the
county, and her election will be an ad
vance In home government and the
franchise of women. A vote for Miss
Gllllsm will be a step in th right
direction. (Adv.)
of its voters registered.
taxpayers opposed to the bonds should
do some thorough missionary work
among their neighbors who have not
registered and persuade them to per
form this duty on election day. The
way to beat the road bonds is to get
out the opposition vote, inveighing
gainst them is merely a waste of
It should be remembered that regis
tered voters of whatever faith, inde
pendent, socialist or prohibitionist, are
eligible to vote on the bond issue. Also
that the question will be finally settled
at the primaries May 19, and not later
on at the general election.
The stay-at-home voter doesn t help
to put the kibosh on the million dollar
She WiH Itcqnlro No Deputy.
Miaa Orace Gilliam of Pilot Itock,
Business Man for Commissioner.
If you want a business man who I
capable of conducting big businesses
snd handling big affairs, you want to
vote for W. M. Blusher for County
Commissioner, for 'he is thoroughly
qualified to give to the affairs of the
people of the county th. same con
scientious thought and consideration
which he gives to hie own prlvats af
fairs and which are sadly needed in
this day in the conducting of county
Mr. Blusher is a thorough, compe
tent and solid business man and is
willing to give the benefit of this ex
perience to the important office of
County Commissioner. ,
The west end of the county, which
Is acknowledged to be entitled to this
commissioner, Is unanimous In Its sup
port of Mr. Blusher for they know
Brill, p...... 2 0
Totals 32 S 8 27 9 3
Score by Innings
Kcho....,:.......,OOOO0 110 0
Weston ...... ....2 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 .
'Summary Two baae bits, Klrkpat-
rick z. reityne; three inn nit. t;,
tloakln: horns run. Kiikimtrlck:
atolen baaea, K. ftlointrren, tirlmlell.
(:. Iloaklns. heaeltyne: Ural on hsll.
off Hrlll 2. oft (AMI 2: struck nut. lit
Hrlll 0. bv Oilell II; wild pitches, by
Brill 1, bv Odell 1; time of gnmo, lull);
umpire, lox.
Mcculloch for public
Votcri Should KiU R Mistake la FUliog
This ImstrUnt OlUce.
who Is acknowledged to Be tne iirai
... kA ! (, fA th nomination lor .
'county Treasurer on the Republican him, are neighbors to him and have
i ticket, was called to Los Angeles isst full confidence in his Integrity ana
, Saturday on .account of th serious ill- j business ability and they sak the peo
ness of her sister. It is not deflnlic'v Pe f the east end to accept their
j known when Miss Gilliam will return, ; judgment in the choice of a man to
'but she will try to get bock before ths fin this vacancy.
'orimaries. In the meantime hsr Mr, gUsher has been a resident of
friends and supporters are vigorously : Umatilla county for many years; has
Th office of public servlcs commis
sioner Is among th most Important In
the state, and great care should be ex.
erclsed in choosing a man to fill this
office. The right kind of a commis
sioner can be of inestimable good to
the state, and a commissioner who I
not thoroughly qualified for the posi
tion can do the state great (tamaxs. J
W. McCulloch Is endorsed for this po
sition by Judges, bankers, public f
flcialf. business men. farmers, stock
men, granges and all claim of cltl-
zenr. ? -Everybody admits that he
would make a good commissioner,
Vote for him. (Adv.) t
County Surveyor Wlllard Bradley
and Viewers Joe Btockman and lMl
Roth rock were here Spain Monday,
viewing the propoaed change in the
Pine creek road above Weston. . , .
oushing her campaign for the nomjn
ation and there is every indication
that she will be the choice of the ma
'jority of the Republican voters f-r
thla office.
. Mies Gilliam makes a straightfor
ward statement that she will con
served in the legislature, but has never j
been an active aspirant for any politi
cal office, and It waa due entirely to
tne urging or nis irtenos in tne wen i
end and the exigency of the situation
that he permitted himself to become a
candidate for County Commissioner,
duct the office without a deputy, land he Is leaving his campaign entire-
lysicisn and Surgeon
Office in Watts building
Py your Weston Leader "sub"
thereby saving th county at least $0
a year. She is also a very capable
woman and eminently qualified to
handle the affairs of this office, giv
ing her undivided personal attention
to It. She is a life-long resident of
Umatilla county, a taxpayer and has
every interest of the county at heart.
She era and will give far better con
sideration to the affairs of this im-
James LI. Kyle
Public Service Commission
As candidate for nomination on the
Republican ticket to the offico of Pub
lic Service Cotnmifioner from the
Eastern Oregon District, I promise that
if e!ected I will endeavor to administer
the office so as to encourage the advent
ttAm.lp and rnnital into the district
and the State fur the greater develop- out deputy when it Is a well knowsi
ment snd improvement of its msnifolrt j fact that there Is not sufficient work
to require sny asslatsnce. Miss Gil
liam is one of the good citizens oi
ly to the people, relying solely upon i
their good Judgment in the election of
a business man who. is qualified to
handle their affairs. (Adv.)
Among the special, numbers on the
program for the pioneers reunion at
Weston will be an original song. "The
Oregon Pioneers," by the Gilliam'
any other person who Is merely a tem
porary resident of the county and haa
no other interest in tne omce man
the mere salary which it pays.
Neither of Miss Gilliam's opponents
say they will conduct the oilic wnn-
reROUrcea, at tne same time noimng an
coriwrations to strict accountability
under the law, James M. Kyle,
(Adv.) Star, field, Oregon.
Umatilla county, and is personally and
financially Interested in its develop-
ten by Grace A. Gilliam and the mu
sic by W. Albert Gilliam. The. song
will be sung by Mrs. F" McBroom,
Grace A. GlIHam, Wy Albert Gilliam
aLd Itollln McBroom.'
Barred Plymouth Kock etg for
hatching at SO cents per setting of IS.
Mrs. L, 8. Wood.
A tennis racket await the winner.
Wat U & Rogers.
I ' 1
. ' I
Illlll. Ill I ' 1 1 lit
! Mrs. Mabel Wolfe, candidate for re
publican nomination for County Treas
urer, Platform: "Honesty and Economy."-
Paid Adv.
QeoroeW. Bradley
Kepubllcan Caiidlilal fur
tftvw-ut Inrimtxai)
of Umatilla County
Itviuet your vote ami Influvnre In the Republican
l'riiiiarle. May 1U.
Efflclpncy Courtvay lnnomy In EinecdJlur
(Paid Adv.)
Stop! Look! Listen!
HOM VUUH ALU It work while you !xp. You. Mm. TAX
PAY Kit, are tod viibtally bound f.r lb full am Hint t.f Uu $5i.taJ0
KOAU HKKliS, if voted.
I7.6.T0 EACH DAY DAY IN TIIR YEAR f. r InUre-t. yet the
PAVINU HlVst are CAl l.INC YlU to pluW jotir aropwrtt for nn
a.lilitional !HU!t T(JA(5K of . SU..a. tlut they may rliUife this fui d lit.
PAVINU CoMKACiS twlween themaolvee, YOU PAY THK,
llll.l.H. Hw wouUl yit II. for the law i r. micl yi u to sign your'
NeigliW NOTK nt tie It.u.k for ISsO.OfAt T.i.t ia jul what It
, means if the ROAD IIONI.S are voted. It nmarw an Interval charge,
of WUO.OOO; total prlticipnl and interest .
$1,470,000.00 Z
In the end th TA XPAYKR gets !-a thin l'lO inl.Va of JOY
ING on hat d-surf seed road.
.. (Signed)
(Paid Adv.)
ote NO and uve the tX.ayr MUCH
Clialt man Joint CommltUw.
SPRING CANYON COAL-The coal that makes the wliit heat;
A jf(od supply constanly on hand.
RED CEDAR FENCE POSTS from I'uitot Hound in any quantity.
They are well tnrred, or we will sell you th tar to tar your
old posts. . . . . ...
A-l RED FIR and TAMARACK WOOD from Ksmala; 16-inch, 12
lnch and 4-foot loiiutbs.
aimiiaaaayawii - "i' ' u"' )Jy' 1 t'J ' " "'
We say that Kyanize is the best
Finish for your floors and furniture
It will make every inch of woodwork in your
home like new. Kyanize is the most durable
finish made. You can easily put it on. In clear
and seven colors.