The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 12, 1916, Image 1

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NO. 4T.
vol. xxxv.
Ericf Rfisisnc of General News
Frca All Around the Earth.
Uve News Hems of All Nations and
,; Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
Chief Justice Charle C Hughe ttM
been Invited to deliver a Fourth of
Jul oration at Salem, Or.
The munition ' liner Cymric I re
ported torpedoed off the weat eoart of
Ireland, and It in linking condition.
Pour mora IrUh revolutionary load
ers ara huC Nlnateen other an
tenced to death are (Won prison aen-
tencee. .
A Rotterdam dlipatch declares Ger
many U formulating terme upon which
to offer Pr. which Include relin
quishment of Belgium and all territory
In France.
Tka fWtanif la hullJln elrahlna of
the Zeppelin typo tu diarloaed In the
hoo of common. How much such
aircraft Croat Britain poaad waa
not rrveaiao.
TKa haua ralarta tha senate amend-
Mu.f tka hill ihnrain It waa
voted to Increase tha iamilng army to
150.000 man. ina measure waa re
turned to aonf aronea. '...,.
Two nan wara It Iliad In a feud batUa
at tha Jualin mining camp, Juneau,
, Alaska, on Bamet'a Bay, TaeanUy.
Forty man took part In tha fight,
which Moulted from card gamaa.
A mar If ana who hava enlUted at
Toronto for army eervlea to Europa
ara danlad tha uaa of tha nama "Amer
ican Legion," nnder lntrwtlon from
tha Dominion authorities at Ottawa.
Tin destroy tha Chicago Grain
company elevator and 80.000 bushel of
rln. rauatn a 1200.000 toe. Ctar
ence C Fox, preeWent of tha com
pany. Intimated that tha nre might oa
attributable to a war plot.
President Wllaon'a approval of tha
. nomination of Louis' Brandals for tha
Suprama Court bench, In a letter to
tha senate, declare tha charge
- aai?lwt Mr. Brandela ara 'lntrlnel-
caily Idcradlbla to anyone woo anow
w" --v.:.-,
Tha Britiah chip Gal gate, from Port
land. Or., January 4, for porta In tha
United Kindirdom, we sunk Saturday,
according to Uoyda. Tha Galgata waa
laat raportad aa having arrived at St.
Michael April 84. 8ha waa 2356
Tmn lar bnlldlnaa of tha Dlant of
tha Cadillac Chemical company at
Cadillac, Mich., wara cwatroyea oy nr.
Tuaaday, with a loaa aatimatad at
1160.000. Tha, company la under con
tract to furnish an Ingredient for
smokeless powder to tha British gov
eminent. '
Dr. Ban L. Reltman la aantanrad to
60 daya In tha New York worknoue
for distributing literature, alleged to
ba Impropar. relating to birth control.
Dr. tollman waa arreatod at a meet
Ing hald recently to protest against tha
conviction of Emma Goldman on a
similar charge.
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, prel
dnt of tha National American Woman
Suffrage association. In an address be
fore tha MiaeiMlppi Valley Suffrage
eoniarence at Minneapolis, declare,
that the formation of a woman's po-
luteal party would not be necessary
this year to obtain national enfran
chieement " ; . -':::.
,A robber enters tha National bank
at Francis, Okia., covare tha caahler
with a revolver and fled with about
1 000. After an exchange of shot
with a pursuing posae, tha robber
forced tha driver of one of the posse's
- automobiles to take him in and, with a
revolver held at the driver's head, dis
appeared In tha hills.
i With the moWn mows no longer
delaying the descent of the Russian
Caucasian army from tha high Armen
ian plateau Into the plateaua of Asia
Minor, where the Turks, having gath
ered all available reinforcements, ara
ready at last to make a determined
atand, tha campaign In Asia Minor baa
' reached a most Interesting and pos
sibly a decisive stand.
An uncensorad letter from Mexico
declares Carransa Is the chief obstacle
; In the way of capturing Villa,
The sinking of a French fishing ves
sel 160 ratios from land by a submarine
la reported In an official communica
tion issued In London.
Tha rural credits bill has passed tha
A body believed to be that of
O Kollly. a loader of tha Irish rebel
Hon, baa been found.
" neuter's Amsterdam correspondent
telegraphs that Information, which is
regarded as trustworthy, has been re
ceived there that Meu is being evacu
ated by the civil population.
Baker, Ore.; voters decidedly reject
ad the proposed change to the city
manager form of government by a vote
of 80 to S69. The city commissioners
won a salary raise by a somewhat
mailer margin. j
An Irish President for Five Days.
MiUljl W iiimi HIM i Lew iw m.., , ,! i,. as. n S Ml .nisi I I
" !
i - ' . ! '
.. " ' " ' ' ! i
; Patrick J. IL Pcarse.
Patrick J. II. rearsa was "provisional president of tha Irish republic"
for Ave daya, Tha Sinn Felnere called him that when they began their "revo
i..ti..n" in HuUin. lie was executed by the British after ha had issued a
proclamation calling on all those who
Wa.hlnvtAn. D C Rtudv'of the
German submarine note la convincing
President Wilson's advlaera that an
other reply must ba made in order to
answer certain charges against the
United Btatae made in mat aocuroenu
These chergeo are:
l-l i T,i t Via tlnltad Ststea had
discriminated atralrtst Germany and in
f. nf Craat Kritaln la ita demands
that International law ba obeyed.
Second That the united etause Um Knaitrkt fraadnm fif tha
aeaa bad It Inaisted on Ita righu
agalnat Great uriuin.
Third That ha United Sutea has
.Llxt r.nrm.nv'a enemiea bv eUDIily-
Ing them with all kinds of war mator-
iala. .
Tha Prwtldiwtt and his advisers de
clare there has bean no discrimination
for or against any belligerent since ins
war began.
T.. .kniit the adontioa of a
submarine policy based on tha recog-
. " . . . l l la.
nised baais oi intornauonai iaw, n w
Mn tnr tha United Slates to con
duct negotiations with Germany which
have extended over a perion m
months. For 15 months tha United
at.tM k. iwtan Mmrtlatlno' with Great
Britain and her allies to put a atop to
violations of international law leveieu
against neutral commerce,
u. wiiann his advisers de
clare, that it waa far mora important
to obtain protection ror numan iue
tv. It in arranira for protection
for dollars, and It waa for this reason
that ha proceeded with aucn vigor
gainst Germany. Attention la called
. a is. MnMnantatlona and nroteats
which have been mada to Great Bri
tain and Franca as proor or ma euorc
of tha administration to prevent the
seiiure of Innocent gooda by ships of
the allied power.
If Germany will give the government
kakMaa. as Attain. It ta declared. Germany
"-" - . -
will have no reason to complain of the
lack of vigor of tha rreaiaeni.
Won Rejects AH Peace Talk;
UOes TOing to Wait EcUcr lice
JUUIUaU'si a'w -
papers Monday laid great emphasis on
Uermany a aiiegm ueoir u
i Wilion accents the
German note aa a basis for further die-
cussion," says tha Daily cnromcie,
"his motive must he aougnc not in m
terms which Germany oners, out in
tha wider suggestion which waa ax-
Navy Run by Telephone.
Washington, D. C A working sys
tem of wire and wireless communica
tion eaid br rmy and navy experta to
ba unequalled by that of any other na
tion was effected Saturday by the
Maw doDartment aa an adjunct to the
preparedness program. It was Inaug
urated oy a wireless hjii
eation, the first ever held, during which
n.nUL in tha Naw denart-
ment, gave instructions to a command
er on a warship-operating against a
tkuntlral anamv far off the Virginia
capes, and received reports from him.
Brvsnlte Threatens Bolt.
Boston Formation of a political
party to uphold peace principles was
advocated by George Fred Williams,
i-mtnUter to Ureece, tn an aauress
mass meeting in the lntewts of
peace here Monday night. 'i am
raariv ta return to noli tics to fight the
Bght for peace and leave my party if
necessary to do it," saiu aar. wiiiiama,
who for many years was prominent In
the Democratic party nt n ardent
supporter of William J. Bryan.
followed him to lay down their anna.
pressed by only a hint In tha document,
but waa presumably amplified In verbal
communications with tha American
ambassador. Germany now la at tha
top of ber military achievement. If
she can make peace now it would ba on
terms more favorable than later. If
aha can strongly enlist American pub
lic opinion that la a great step toward
the accomplishment of this object.
"In such a aituation tha allies' cause
needs a plain declaration by tha allied
statement that no peace negotiations
are admissible at the preaent- etage.
Public opinion In the allied and neutral
countries need to ba clearly reminded
of tha essential issue underlying the
present struggle." ,
$27,593 a Year to Support Him.
; '
lohn Jacob Astor. Jr.
M.-. .tnhn J.inh Aatnr. last widow
of the multi-millionaire land owner,
who went down on the Titanic, insists
I. (97 KQ9 a ur tn mirrort her
I VW l(V-. J 1 1
four-year-old son, John Jacob Astor,
Jr. There was allowed from the es
tate of hia father $20,000 a year for
hia support. That ia not enough aaya
Mrs. Astor, in her last report to tha
umirate of New York county. She
spent over $7000 additional. The As
tor estate was worth between hu,
000,000 and $100,000,000 at tha death
of John Jacob.' The major portion
went to hia eldest son Vincent Astor.
Transport Strikes Mine. '
Berlin Tha sinking of an allied
transport In the Mediterranean late in
April with the loss of nearly all the
600 Russian troops who were on board
Is reported In advicea from Chief Cor
fu Monday. The transport waa sunk
by striking a mine about the same time
thaBritiBh battleship met a similar
fate, It Is said. "According to relia
ble reports from Corfu, In addition to
tha battleship Russell, a transport
steamer with 600 Russians on board
struck a mine and Bank. Only a few
were rescued." .
26,000-Mile Flight Plan.
Atlantic City, N. J. Porter Atwell
Adams, a Boston millionaire, la going
to circumnavigate the globe in a spe
cially built aeroplane, with a crew of
six men to help him. The young man
expects to fly frem San Francisco west
ward to San Francisco, Mr. Adams,
who is a descendant of John Quiney
Adams, is staying at the Hotel Tray
more here, making out hia itinerary.
His preliminary plans call for IS stops
in his 25,000-mile air journey.
ruEsoDa wises icons twt
KM TO Sffil noiuy
Washington, D. C A note cabled
by Secretary Lansing to Ambassador
Gerard Tuesday for delivery to the
Berlin foreign office Informs the Ger
msn government i that tha United
Slates aerepta IU " declaration of
abandonment" of Ita former submarine
policy and now rellea upon a acrupu
lous execution of tha altered policy to
remove the principal danger of an In
terruption of tha good relation exist
ing between tha two eountriee.
With thla acceptance ia coupled
formal notice to Germany that tha
United Slate cannot for a moment en
tertain, much lee diecuee, a euggee
tion that repect by German naval au
thor I lies of tha righto ofeitlxenaof
the United States on tha high aeaa
IwmiM in tha aliirfctaat defree be made
contingent upon tha conduct of any
other government affecting tha right
of neutrals and noneomDauinu.
Thla la In reply to tha concluding
la Lament In tha laat German note to
tha that while submarine com-
mandera had been ordered not to aink
peaceful freight or paaeenger-earrying
hlna without raniina? or Without
safteyfor passengers and craw, tha
Uerman government wouia reeerv- w
iteelf complete liberty of decision do
le the United Stetee waa successful
In ita effort to break tha BrltUh
blockade. '
fosstfii (9 Sad Trocps u Hat
M cf Hods. Esricr Csws
Washington, D. C Administration
nmXata ara .till honeful that effective
co-operation between American and
Mexican troops to exterminate- in
hanf nl Maxiran outlaw, which raided
Glenn Springs, Tax,, last Friday night
will result from tha conference at El
Paso between Generals Scott and Ubre
gon. In tha meantime both at the
War and State department, it waa
stated officially that General Funston
ha full authority to send hia troops
acroaa tha border oa any hot trail.
Secretary Baker conferred with
Preeldent Wilson Tueaday evening, but
k. .M latav than had been no devel
op menta in the aituation. He declined
to discus what steps naa oeen iaa
h rwmaral Funatou of what recom
mendations ha had made.
Offlciala would not comment on bor
der advicea saying General Fun ton
bad repeatedly urged that hia force be
strengthened. -Tba question of calling
out a portion of tha National guard is
not under Immediate consideration,
however, and aa the only means of
adding materially to tne Doraer guaiu
auill ha tit amnio coast artillery
troops aa Infantry for that purpose,
there la nothing to Indicate that Gen
eral Funston' force ia to be increased.
Senator Borah issued a statement
urging that additional troop be or
dered to the border, and that any man
or party in Mexico which nought to
embarrass tha task of protecting
American interest ba treated aa an
enemy of the country.
Gcrma Ccol kMd
for Procffiing false Passport
Naa, Vnrk Carl JL Luderit. Ger
man consul at Baltimore, MiL, waa in
dicted by tha Federal grand jury here
Tueaday. charged with procuring a
false passport for Horat von der Go!,
confessed apy. Another Indictment
was handed down cnarging mono
T.l . Crmaa anretarv of Captain
1KB., " -
Franc von Papen, recalled German
military attache; Dr. Walter D.
Schelle, already indicted in tha alleged
"fire bomb" plot, and Guetave Stein
berg, alleged aide of Fran von Rinte
l. nrman rant with consDirinaT to
falsify a ship' manifest in sending a
cargo of lubricating oil to Germany.
The indictment against Luder
it charges that he obtained a passport
for Von der uoiia in wo nam-
Rn'rlnmill W TvlOT fUIt UlO SeCTe-
tary of State at Washington on Au
gust 24, 1914, and that on October 2
of the same year the passport was
vised by tha Italian consul general
here. - ' :
Wilson Sharaa Peanuta.
- Washington. D. C President Wil
son went to tha circus Tuesday. , Seat
ed in tha front row, and sharing a bag
of peanuta with Secretary McAdoo, ne
apparently lost notmng or me uouuay nf tha occasion. A BTOUP of
clowns found a particularly apprecia
tive spectator in we rresiaeni, wuo
man timH laughed heartily.. When
t. 'antjtrad the biir tent the
crowd rose and cheered. A he passed
one of the rings the rrewaent too on
his hat and laughingly made a motion
aa if to throw it In.
$600,000 la Given Yale.
v YnrkA tEOaOOO beauest to
Yale university and two bequests to
. i ,T V . r.nnfnTtnrl.n Knanital
I tne new ww iotmj
smountinir to $350,000 are contained
in the will ot the late nsxiee r.
u. .L.n.oa ' Rtandard Oil com Dan V di-
UM."M ww-- -
rector, which was admitted to probate
here Tuesday, ine Document
indication aa to tne touu vaiue oi me
esUte, The chief beneficiaries axe
the widow, Mrs, Mary Warden Haric-
nesa, and other relatives.
Shot Taken From Brain.
Sacramento. Cel. Chris Evans, fa
moue California ex-highwayman, Tuea
day submitted to the surgeon's knife
at the Sacramento county hospital and
a buckshot was removed from the
right side of his brain where it had
been imbedded during the last 23
years. Despite the seriouaneaa of the
operation and his advanced age, Evans
is expected to recover.
Of Central Interest
About Oregon
Equality in Distribution of
Slate School Money Shewn
That the state and county official of
Oregon are much more aealous in eafe
vuaniinff tha school fund than are
soma of tha neighboring atatea ia
shown by an Investigation staneo a
tu- ilma aa b the Wialative com
mittee of tha state of Washington
representing tha State reueraiion oi
fahnr. tha Farmer' Union and State
Grange. The secretary of the commit
tee wrote to State euperintenaem .
a ninprhill ratlins- attention to the
fact that 28 per cent of tha moneys
derived from tha aala of timber and
rentale of the foreet reserve ia paid
by tha Federal government to variou
tetea and that tha law provide that
it shall ba by them divided among the
counties in which tha foreet reserve
are aituated, and tha money expended
for tha benent or ina puDiie cmi
and tha public road thereof, and not
A comparison of the way this money
la AiwAmA In I ha different atatea ia
quite interesting. Thla committee
sent a statement which snow mat in
many counties of Washington all the
money ia expended for tha benefit of
road, and the schools receive notaing.
In aome counties a very email aum is
spent for road and schools and the
balance ia "otherwise" expended.
Superintendent Churchill sent a let
ta a aarh mnntv ot this state asking
for a statement aa to how the money
ia expended In Oregon, ne naa re-m-imA
uttava fmm naarlv all tha coun
ties, and in every instance the money
ia equally divided between the acnooi
fund and the road fund.
Government Crop Report for Oregon
Waahington, . D. C A summary ol
the May crop report for tha state of
Oregon, aa compiled by the Bureau of
crop estimate, U. 5. oepartmem ra
Agriculture, ia aa follows:
Winter wheat Mav 1 forecast 12.-
400,000 bushels; production last year
(final estimate;, jo.ziw.vvu; wo
veara aero. 13.684.000: 1909-13 aver
age, 12,955,000 bushels.
Rye May 1 forecast, 436,000 bush
el; production but year (final esti
mate). 414.000: two years ago, 836,-
-000-tmshebji. - -
Meadow May 1 condition 93, com
pared with the ten-year average of 96.
Pasture May 1 condition 93, com
pared with the ten-year average of 95.
Cnio nlnarinv Per sent dona to
May 1, 1916, estimated 89 per cent,
compared with 9Z Hay I tasi year anu
84, tha ten year average.
nlantinar Per cent done to
May 1, 1916, estimated 75 per cent,
compared with 86 May 1 last year and
80, tha ten-year average.
Hay Old crop on I arms may i, es
timated 75,000 tone, compared with
120,000 a year ago and 173,000 two
years ago. -, :;. V:VV 'VC
Prices The first price given below
ia the average on May 1 this year, and
tha second, tha average on May 1 last
er- .... .
Wheat, 87 ana lie per ousneu torn,
85 and 89. Oata, 39 and 61. Pota
toes, 77 and 77. Hay, $13.10 and
$9.60 per ton. Eggs, 20 ana is cents
per dosen. :- ;'" - - -
, Timber Sale Approved.
Announcement ia made by the Foreet
nriM that the district forester.
Portland, Ore., has just approved the
contract ror the sale to crown oros.,
nf Hubbard of 8.900.000 feet of timber
on the Crater Lake National forest in
Southern Oregon.
The timber ia located on Crystal
rVaaV An the west side of Klamath
lake and consists mostly of western
yellow pine, although mere ia some
nina and other BDecies. The
prices paid for tha timber are $3.20
per M feet ror tne yeuow pine ana
sugar pine, and 50 cents per M feet
for the other species.
Mill Refuses Business.
Mnl.flnlrl Frank W. RehfeliL a
myrtle wood manufacturer here, has
more orders than na can nu ana nau w
turn rinwn a larire contract for myrtle
bobbins for spinning mills in Calcutta.
Myrtle wood novelties nave oecomo
mnoh anuo-ht since thev were exhibited
at the San Francisco exposition, and
orders for the wood are Being rcceivea
from many sections of the United
Stataa Tha Ttehfeld riant ia now busy
on an order for 1,000,000 auto writers,
a contrivance used in teaching cnuoren
to write.-. ' - -
Fruit Pest Fight Planned.'
Hood River Professor L. F. Hen
derson, . formerly bead of the depart
ment of botany of the University of
Mann who has iust been appointed
county fruit inspector to succeed H.
M. Hoi brook, win wage a campaign
to keep the orchards of this district
fna fmm disease Desta. Non-resident
owners will be made to clean up tracts
that have grown to weeds. was
mtrvncr tn ii h of the Uddct Valley
community to meet with such co-oper
ation from Professor Henaeraon, earn
Colonel W. F. Tucker.
Mill Burned; Loss 1 5.000.
Tillamook The Yellow Fir lumber
mill 1 1 milea aouth. was destroyed by
fire one morning this week. The flames
originated in the engine-room rrom a
hot bos. There waa no insurance.
The toss is put at $15,000. Some 80,-
000 feet of lumber was ournea. me
plant will be built immediately to fill
biff orders ahead, according to Frank
Long, owner. .
GGitr iss'jsjLm) m Tcrs
co to enenct" tzzix falici
Vsshlngton, D. C. With 8000 ad
ditional troop under order for the
Mexican border, Including 4000 Na
tlonal Cuardcmen from Arlxona, New
Mexico and Texaa, administration offl
eiala felt Wednesday night that neeee
aarr steps had been taken to prevent
further raiding of American border
towns by bandit.
President Wilson and hia cabinet
discussed the Mexican aituation, but
tha President had authorized the new
troop order before hia aevsiere gath
ered. General Scott and General
Funston recommended early in the day
that additional forcea ba aent to the
border. After an exchange of tele
grama General Funston uggested that
the National guard from tha three
tataa namad ha failed out In addition
to tha sending of ail the remaining in
fantry to join bi eomroana. tiis aug-
Canada's Only Woman
Recruiting Officer.
. -K
Mrs. Clara Sanderson Laub.
Mr. Clara Sanderson Laub spent
more than a year in hospital work in
France, and then returned to Canada
to do what she could to induce men to
enlist. This photograph shows her in
her recruiting costume. She is the
only woman in Canada engaged wholly
in this work, and she has' brought
many men to tha colors.
gestion waa promptly approved and or
der were dispatched. '
$10,000 Offered for 103 Scats
ia Republicsa National Ccnvestioa
Chicago From the pile of mail that
was stacked high all over hia office
Wednesday, Fred W. Uphara, chair
man of the Chicago committee that
brought the Republican National con
vention to this city, extracted a letter.
The letter made an offer of $10,000 for
100 seats for the convention that will
assemble in Chicago June 7 to name
tha candidate of the Republican party
for President.
"The demand for tickets of admis
aion to tha convention ia enormous,"
.M Mr ITnham. aurvevine the piles
upon piles of letters awaiting hia re
turn to Chicago. " we are gemng av
least a bushel of mail a day, and al
most every letter asks for seats.
"I've been connected with the Chi
cago committee that has handled four
National Republican conventions, and
I never saw anything like the demand
for ticketa that there ia for this year.
It is four times aa great aa ever be
fore." ;. ,
Prosperity Due to Stay.
Washington, D. C. There will be
no industrial depression in the United
States at the end of the European war,
in the opinion of Secretary of Com
merce RedBeld, who wrote William P.
Malburn, assistant secretary of the
treasury, that the country's so-called
war business does not exceed probably
5 per cent of ita total industrial and
commercial activity. ,
The letter was in reply to a sugges
tion by Mr. Malburn that the Ameri
can people are in danger of overlook
ing preparedness for peace.
Moonshiner la Arrested,
rmvonnort Wash After lying in
wait on a nearby mountainside for sev
eral days and through a spyglass watch
ing the movement of the moonsmners
from thair nlace of concealment. Sher
iff John A. Level and two deputies
swooped down on Willis Tuba, oi tne
Spokane river country north of here
Wednesday, and captured him while
he was operatnig one of the most com
plete still ever located in this section
of the country.
BfRUfrSMBl :
puts off bs;;
Assurances of Gne h S:)
m states to m nimoT
German Embassy Declares Nev Note"
Gives President Wilson Ail Ha )
Asked Congress Quiet
Washington, D. C Germany's note
has postponed, if it actually has not
averted, a diplomatic break with the(
United State.
President Wilson will make tha de-
eiiion after be baa read tha official
text, which readied the State Depart
ment bite Friday night by cable from;
A mk.d.ulii. fiuru r-A at Rarltn. It Wan
aid authoritatively after tha cabinet ;
meeting that if the official text bore
out the unofficial version transmittea
In Berlin'e new dispatches, Germany'a
aaanranraa nndouhtediv would be ac
cepted, and before taking another tep
the United State would await we iiu
fillment of her latest promises.
In uch ease the United States might
nnt renlv tn the note and would await
evidence of the actual abandonment of
Germany' preaent practice of ub- '
marine warfare, wmcn ia oeciareu.
Pnitnt Wilaon is described b? those
-!..aa atmnt him aa bc-in? in a position
where he cannot question the good faith
of Germany' assurance, which must
stand or fall by the future conduct oi
her submarine commanders
The Germany embassy' view is that
the note gives all President Wilson
auirwt fnr- that it sicnalize a return
to "cruiser warfare" the use of ub-
marinea as regular naval cruisers, irt
tjrrantinir mmmcrea with visit and
search, and that inasmuch aa it makea
no mention of the armed ship question,
that perplexing feature of the contro
versy is not involved.
Congress took the note quietly, and,
although member expressed a variety
of views, the general sentiment
seemed to be in favor of leaving tha
situation in the hands of the President.
rin tha enrfnr-A thara WAJI ISO Slim Of
activity in the group which haa been
working to prevent the rresiaeni irora
pressing the situation to the point of
a diplomatic rupture. "
Following are 20 vital points in tha
German note:
i AHmita "nossibilitv" that Sus
sex waa torpedoed by a German sub
marine, i. JJeaiea -ueuoeraie
method of indiscriminate destruction."
3 flnnt.nrU it has exercised "far-
reaching restraints" : on submarine
operations. 4. Asserts tt naa issuea
orders to "visit and search," except
aa to "enemy freight ship in war
zone." 6. Asserts "good faith" in
giving and executing these orders. 6.
Admits "errors" and pleads for "al
lowances" for them. 7. Seeks to
shift blame for killing Americana to
TTn;tt RtatAiL Asserts man v
deaths would not have occurred had
United States "accepted German pro
posals." 8. Refuses to dispense with
ita submarine weapon. 9. Offers "a
further concession" (ace 18, below.)
10. Accuses Britain "beginning" vio
lations of international law. 11.
Pleads "self defense." 12. Charges
United Statea with "discrimination"
against Germany. 13. Allegea Brit
ish violations of international law. 14.
Asserts United Statea has- "power to
confine war to armed forces." 15.
Accuses the United State of partiality
to allies. Revives "munitions" ques
tion. 16. Discusses plea for human
ity. 17. Blames allies for continuing
the war. Germany "ready to maker
peace" on Germany's: terms.- 18.'.
Offers new pledge to observe interna-
tional law provided: 19. United
States successfully insists that Britain ,
observe, as laid down in notes of De-
camber 28, 1914, and November 5, !
1915, "forthwith." HO. Reserves '
"complete liberty of decision," should f
United States not meet this require- f
ment. .: : ' ' s "- ' -
Raider May Be In Pacific.
San Francisco As the schooner W.
G. Irwin, from Roche Harbor, Wash- ;
ington, was passing Point Reyes, Cal.,
at - midnight Saturday a war ves-
..i ,..MKr ratu directiv in f ront '
OC1 buuuwiij v -
of the Irwin and carried away the lat- ;
efa fore rigging. This report waa '
made by the master of the sailing ves- 5
sel, which' arrived here loaded with
lime. The steamer Tjikembang, of the ..
Java-Pacific line, which just arrived in :
port, waa warned by wireless three 's
days out from Honolulu to be on the ,
lookout for a German commerce raider. ;
American Flag Stays Up.
Columbus, N. M. Thirty Carranza
customs guards stopped an American
motor supply train at Las Paioross,
;rht milM south of the border. Satur- '
day, and ordered the commend? r to re
move American tiaffa flying rrom me
cars. The Mexicans, who had been
celebrating "Cineo de Mayo," the Mex
na holi.ldvr. informed h'tn
American flags could not be allowed on
Mexican soil. No attention pa,.,
to the demand and no trouble rtsuSuJ. '
Packers Are Convicted. .
Chlcaeo Swift & Co., m-i ;
found guilty by a j'ry l:i the f--: -1
court on" ail 2S ciwm Sa i
ment charging It wi'it vMau-'O f.f
interstate cowmerce la.