The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 05, 1916, Image 3

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    Winter or Bummer, whatever the aeaeon, you will elwaye And "that wa
. . . . i I .. ... 1. ... I L. . . 1 I II 11.... . .. I L
llavle-kaeer alea of Mrvlee-aaetuardlnii the Interest, of Ita customer, tn tht
malt" ' qualltv. In the matter of price and by having the proper merchandise
when wanted. Noting the tendency of the markets wt placed larg order for
ur principal wuore price auvanree uecame effective, as a resun wo ara
able lo Bell moat of our Hnee at last year's prices ao Imtg M present stork laata.
Hut none should delay purchasing. Our edvantaceoua prlcee ara likely to da
iilala our atorka bafnro tha aaaaun laevar, and Whan wo have tn replenish wa
will hava to pay almoat aa much In aomo eaaaa aa wa ara now aelllng for. Huy
now -It pay a.
Among tha line wa ara eelllng at old price, fur tha
praaant ara Iho following:
Palmer Hammorka and Couch Hammock.
Automatic Refrtirenitora, l-a Craam Kreeter..
Croquet Hela, 11.00 lo M OO.
Washing Machine. Wringer.
A. H. C Metal Heda and trll.
Goodrich and Chieftain Keel lloaa.
ftturgle l.uiury (io-('arta.
Monarch Malleable Kangao.
. Vudor Porch Hhedea.
World Ilrand Hllverware. Klne Cut Ulaaa.
kuga. all grade. Huy Kuga now.
All manufacturer nf Kuga hava advanced prlraa, vary eh.rply lit many
Kadoa, and eome cuiorliura will nut ba obtalnabla when praaant Block, ara
ueted. Then too, our Block ia unuaually complete aa to atyla, quality and
ske, while at praaant price they ara distinct bargalna. .
Do not ba aurpHaad at higher price If you delay purchasing. Thla p
4kM to almoat all goude.
Complete Rurnbher of llomea, OftVes, Church, Hcboola.
Ilanoe, Phonograph, Music.
IMO Alder itt. - (0M Fellow.' Temple) - WALLA WAI.LA, WASH.
llouae lor rant. Mr. Hatty I'owera.
Cleor.e Chapman, paetor of tha
United llrelhren church, e.pecta la re.
lire Iron (ha mlnlelr at (ha fonrlu.
lalun of hla work hereif Mr. Chapman
'and family will leave during the lat
I ler part of May for Jtillemalh, Ore
gnn, near whir place' he baa an
I acre farm. He eipecla lo ocrupv
himself with da I rains, chicken ralalna
.. )ana otnar Tarm scimuea. navina ,
M Weaton real estate la for eal or aerved conilnuoualy la lha ministerial
. . I 1.14 wamm aaat kawln faaaaaal
Dr. Alfred F.Sempert
Cradttata and Kegiatarad
IM to 110 A. M.
I. -00 to 6.00 P. M.
It's True Economy
Tis E:ij:dj Store
Wa bny for rash and aell for
caahat email marglna.
Crash and Linen Goods
School Supplies
gjr I'Hdnk no. eta
, i
rield tor It yeara. and having paaeed
hla Ihree-arore mlleelone, Mr. Chap
man reela lha need or a change or oc
cupation. He also thinks thai lha
work ha la relinquishing can ba car
ried on lo belter advantage by young
er men.
Athena High weal triumphantly
home with Ihe long end or a ten lo
three score after a ball game with
Weston High on tho local diamond
Friday afternoon. Oa lha mound ror
Athena. Ilsnlster wee a mfsierr lo
the heme guard and' tooled them lime
after time with a teasing drop. Kvan
Klrkpstrlrk and Wood, first at ring
men who belong lo Ihe school leem.
could do nothing with Ilanleter'a twlet
era. and railed lo gel a hit. Klrk
patrlck started Ihe twirling ror Wes
ton, and nerrlrked hlmaeir In fsror or
Lundell when he round lhal tha v ta
ilors look loo kindly lo hla offerings.
A Ford automobile occupied by
Walla Walla and Adama young people.
was aucneo oy s piie ti "-
Hluo Mountain etsXIon flundsv and
turned comoletelv over. Miss Kath
arine Mchlffner Buffered a fractured
collar bone and fractured rib. Jamea
I laiia I lata. Hrai laaiillir. HI . eiMIUl. Kile
a.... nr r tne couniv e . - . . . -- - h,. rtav Vauffmu sustained a Ola-
...k. has been brought tron, r.... - yMH
jamea Itluhey has aold hla reel- card waa aevereiy oruiaeo oooui
neaa ana enouiaerv- w oi m y"""
men Is a son of J. T. Lleuallen. an e
tensive Umatilla county wheatgrower.
Mra B. O. DeMoea waa hostesr
i ! ta in thai aturdsv Afternoon
Club, which held lu annual election.
resulting aa follows: Mra. E. ua
Unaa nrealdent: Mrs. K. C. Rocera.
vloe president: Mrs. Robert Proud fit.
w-MUn: Mrs W. B. Price, treasurer;
Mra. F. D. Walla, reporter. The omv
numher m the oroarajn aa a Vocal
solo by Mra. Oeo. B. Carmlchael. Re
freshment were aervea. ana ine unsi
meeting ot Ihe club season waa an
nounced lor May IS al lha home of
Mrs. Wilbur B. Woods.
rani. A. i'iillllpa.
W. II lialley. a Mlltonlte who la al-
vaya an agreeable vleltor nere, wee
In town Munday.
Mra. K. K. ZUm and children have
returned fnim Spokane, wh-ra her
hrother'a lllnese resulted fatally.
Mlaa Sella Toilette, student IB Ihe
Pendleton hlah achool, waa a last week
end gueel of Mra. A. M. Doyden.
The Weaton Hatha and Tailor hop
III meet all prlree. For ratea oa
cleaning, look lor ad. R. U Iteynaud.
I am hara w uy. awl will run my
auto atage each day on achlulo I line.
Kl.le with ma at tralo prlora. J. O.
u,. j.mM Mini or Milton .la visiting
her alater, Mra. Jack 'alder, prior lo
Mra. gillie departure tor iiBr
Join her huaband.
.. a n-II kflae
Mr. Ramie i"u" WB.
..... i-hii were united In marriage
t...A.e sfternnon at lha Methodist
paraonage by Rev. N. D. Wood.
. Ml a. a alrMll SSalO I h IS I
soring, having found met year e v.....e ,
This wcatHcr should make J
yJA IQU JUM Uiv vs w
We1 Are
dence property at the corner ol Water
and Pomeroy atreeii in "--Wllma
Mlnnlik or llrldal Veil. Ore
gon. The civil action brought In Jua
Ilea Ueuallee's court by L. I. 0"Harra
against Albert Hennell lo collect an
account or lll.t. haa been aeltled and
The husky Kcho Ull loawa will
make lhair Brat aparanca al W'
next Hiimla). Thay piay """'-'"
lha M.iunlaloeent liecausa lha heno
' grounds aia not lo readiness.
An automobile party constat Ing of
I Mr. and Mra. H- U Hedrlck. Mra. Ma
I bel Htaaaa and Mra. Welln '"
among lha Weaton people who attend
ed Ihe production of "The Mirth or a
Nation" at Pendleton.
Tha street eomrolllea waa authoi
lae.1 at Wednesday evenlng'a eouncll
mfetlnir to apply oil to eston a thoi-
oughfaree. Kuierinlndenl llson a
mum Illy rennet siHi-rM
recel for March ol 2M.7o.
Jack Htamper and family, awim
panled by Henry Stamper, left Won
d. bv learn for aouthern Idaho
. . . , .. Their Immediate deetlnatlon ta Amer-
Republican camlidata for nomination aa . j, whr, they will look for an
llUlrla-t AttnrfMtV. I .... klal nf iaimi farm-
" - ' npponuniiy iw
My platform: "To do my outy. mg lend.
Homer I. WatU
ik v uv district manaa-er or
the Woodmen or Ihe World lor Walla
Walla district haa been working tnia
neld In preparation ror tha Eaetern
Oregon district convention at Athena
May 17. Claaaea from renaieton.
Weston. Athena and Adama will then
t l.
Frank ISallng
Republican candidate for nomination aa
County Clerk
Subject to the will of the elector at
tha rrimary Election May IK. 1916.
(Adv.) Pkmkkt Incumbent.
The East Oregonlan reporta that
suit has been begun In the circuit
! court by Flora Hlmpaon Rose against
Mra. Nellie Blackman and Harry Mc
Brlde to foreclose a mortgage or II.-
M 1 SO. MrBrlde Is named as a de
fendant through claiming an Interest
In Ihe mortgaged land.
a MaaatttTT
! Ford Cars!
Roadster $442.45 i
Tourin $492-45
r.u nr. WaalHi Cmrmvu. Phnna ' '
Z No. 21, and I will be pleased to I
demonstrate Ford efficiency of T
aV a . a: J W
; , power, iuei, consumpuun aiiu , ,
, , moderate upkeep.
;; H. L HEDRICK, Proprietor;;
ii ' '
You may plan Jsh for breakfast soon, for our force In town got
busy toward a fish ladder near Umapine. There was something
doing last Wednesday that steelheads may reach us.
We tackled that for fish and now we have tackle for fish.
You should see Culley's "Car hauling three big Dutchmen
across his fields.
Wm. MacKenzie has Diamond T;res that have carried him 7000
miles and are still good. We have the Diamond and others.
Deere and Dutchman plows.
McCormick and Deere binders.
Weber and Winona wagons.
J. I. Case engines and threshers.
times In the Klain
Hour.. II to I
lliiildlng, Mllu.n
: and I lo 5
The question of public dancing la
..ii.iina union and Freewater. and It
to said lhat a petition asking for tne m,n. six or more candidates
discontinuance of this amusement l' Weston will be InltUted.
be received Into the order, the cere
monies to conclude with an elaborate
banquet. The work will be conducted
by the Pendleton -degree team or I
be presented to Ihe authorities. School
teachers are crltlclaed ror attending
the dances, which are aald. however,
to be conducted with Indubitable propriety.
r -
At Attractive Prices
White Shoes
The new atylce for women and children. Emma
Lou, Veranda, Mary Jane Oxford. In white rubber
and white leather aolc. Ladlea'. M.30. .W.
$1.79, ll.Se. Mlaaea', 1 1.10. fhiWren'a, Me.
Dainty Summer
Wash Voiles
A variety of dainty and pretty patterna eapee.
Ully designed for the eeeaon'i atjMaa, 2Cc and 69c
Printed and White
Rlee cloth and many of tha wanted fabric, for
tha aummer wear, 12c, 15c, 18c, 20c
White Crepes
No other food, hava met the demand for .uch a
variety of purpoaes. Our eu.tomer. uae It for la
diea', chiMren'. dresses, middiea, .kirU,
underwear. Priced at 16e and 23c
Auto Hats
W. have the new "Maria Doro," tha wrrect
auto hat. StylUih. pretty, comfortable. A very
. -.1.I r eninra; aoma have vena at-,
apienoia " ' 0R tnA .1.49. I
tached. ITlcea antc irv, t--.
Sailor Hats
An endless variety of ahapea and color, for la
dle, and children. Ladiea,' from 49c to 1.26.
Children'., from 15c to 49c
Trimmed HaU, Shape, and Flower..
Men's Clothing
We carry the famou. Hart Sch.ffner & Marx
and Clothcraft clothea for mn. .: f '
Men's Work Shirts
Good, well-made ahlrta, full .lie, comfortable
fitting. Price. 39c, 49c, 98c.
Mens Shoes
A .hoe .pecially priced, one that will wear, a
real bargain, 11.79.
Men's Gloves
A cotton glove at 8c.
A leather glove at 49c
A Saranac glove at 98c
A horeehide glove at i..
tefon Mercantile
Will Preston, will known here and
who haa many friends In Weatoa and
Athena, waa eerloUaly hurt In a recent
accident at Huntington Beach, Cali
fornia, where ha ' haa resided ror a
number or years. ' Mr. Preston was
run over by aa automobile, austalnlng
a broken collar bona, three broken
ribs and concussion or the brain. At
last accounts, while hla condition la
precarious, there waa considered to ta
ground ror hope of hla recovery.
The local barber ehop and preaaery
conducted bjr R. 1: Reynaud waa
broken Into Friday night through a
window at the rear or the ehop. A
suit or clothes belonging te Matt Van
derpool waa stolen, and that the thief
might complete his sartorial adorn
ment he also took a collar. Finding
twenty-one cents In the money drawer,
he took this ror change and went hla
way. Nothing elae In the shop waa
May Day waa observed by the Wea
ton schools with a pleasing May pole
dance given on the terrace by high
achool glrla In eultable coetumea.
With Ita greensward aettlng. tha dance
waa even mora attractive man uni
Ita Initial presentation at tha recent
entertainment , . A . number ot the
.mailer puplla rememoerea mew
teachers with glfta of May Basnets.
Bahimin. Cram a huslneas trlD to a
number of the leading cltlea In Mon
tana. F. O. Lucaa reports -Doom
times" In that commonwealth. Metals
are high and the mining centers are
especially active. It la eatlmated that
100 Immigrants are coming into "
tana dally, their Influx being atlmu
lated by exceedingly low colonlat
ratea. Revnolda and Frank Graham
motored to Couse creek Sunday on a
fishing trip and returned with a catch
nraham frsnklv acknowl-
edgee that only a doaen trout fell tor
klai Awn hati Revnolda aettlna the re-
mainiter. Revnolda lately took five
trout, ranging from nine to fourteen
Inchea In length, from Pine creek wa
ui.. M.tiati Twmnleton of Pendleton
ataaal ha" aniialn. Mlaa Anna Sal ins. who
teachea achool at Cayuae. were knock
ed down and aevereiy nun oy an nuiu-
nKiia air tvan hv Ouv Connerly at
Pendleton Saturday. Mlsa Templeton
la blind and waa being led by Mlsa Sal
Ing acoraa the-atreet when the accl
dent happened.
Ed" May came p from Oregon City
for three daya 'of visiting on Weaton
a..iiiiiii Ha Waa comoelled to re-
..... unai.w tn ttia vanev. sa nis aireu
ana ratline rssc ana nrru nw
constant care. Mr. May aaya that
thla country la a delight to the eye.
and found much, pleasure In hla short
. u'.N.a waa a Pendleton via
jDen . biutii '
Itor during the first of the week, and
receives "honorable mention- in mi
!.- .l.n whlrn aavs Of htm
Mil pi".'."--. - . a r
i.u. wain cams to OreaTon In lssi
and belongs to a well known pioneer
r the state. He la a cousin of
Senator Harry wine.
I t .Main a In ralae a Champion
porker. John BonewlU haa neverthe
leaa brought In tha biggest bog of the
1 . iki local market. It dr eased
i Itl pounda. or Just one pound mora
1 . a w m UAH.
than the eeumaie meue jr ...
rf..rina the uaual gueaalng con
Bernard E. Anderson, commonly
known as Barney Anderson, demo
cratic candidate for the nomination or
county commlasloner at the primary
nominating election on the lth day
or May. 11. la making a statement
In order to correct an erroneous re
.hia.h haa keen Inadvertently
spread before the people by the newa-
papera to the errect mat ne is a re
publican candidate for aald nomina
Mr. Anderson la forty years old. naa
lived ta Umatilla county fifteen years;
Uvea In Fulton precinct; Is a wheat
rancher; la married and haa one child.
U. tm-mm IIR tmt nf land, la B ISTCe
mMV -
taxpayer and la interested In an econ
omical administration or county af
ralra. He was born and raised In the
state of Minnesota where he lived un
til he came to Umatilla county fifteen
veara aeo He la president of the
Farmers Union In Umatilla county,
and haa taken an active part aa a
member thereof ever since Ita organisation
Mr. Anderson aaya that he haa al
waya reglatered aa a democrat except
on one oocaatoa and ha does not aa
deratand how tho report ever got
started that ha la a republican candi
date. He bellevea. however, that par
tisan politics ahould not be seriously
considered In the selection of a coun
ty commissioner. He atates that If he
la nominated and elected he win serve
the people honestly and fairly and
will make It a part of hla duty to fa
miliarise himself with every part of
Umatilla county In order that he may
know the needs of the taxpayers In
each precinct. Being a large tax
payer himself and realising that
marintr hleher each year, he feel.
that aomethlng must be done In order
to curtail expenses and lower taxea
Krtr 'tha. hmiu confiscatory. He
will appreciate all votea that may be
cast for him at tne primary election.
" MnfOR ME! i
T.wt Riiol.or U here from Forest
Grove, visiting the scene, of hi. boy
I have three B. P. Rocks cockerela
for sale at one dollar each. Mrs. U 8.
Practlcea in all State and Federal
SPRING CANYON COAL The coal that inakee the white beat.
A good supply conatanly on hand.
BED CEDAR FENCE POSTS from Pugt Sound in any quantity.
They are well tarred, or we will acll you the tar to tar your
old posts.
A-l RED FIR and TAMARACK WOOD from Kaenela; M-iacky Mr
inch and 4-foot lengths.
l "Brand Mewlf j
Made of Malta refreshing
temperance drink.
'. I
' : . .-
Pool and Billiard Hall
Zchm & Duncan
tiill.M.MMTiinM.l.l.tttHIM ItHMMtttM
J.M. .Ashworth
Republican candidate for
County Commissioner
Primaries May 19, 191C. (Adv.)
R. T. Brown
Candidate for COUNTY (XKWt (former
ly deputy to the present County Clerk)
requests your vote and influence in the
Kepublican mmanes, mjr . -
Osmer E. Smith
Candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for .
District Attorney
(Paid Adv.) .
W. M. Ptttnaa
G. ItBUhep
Peterson & Bishop
. J UWYtR? ... '
Pendleton, Or. Freewater. Or,
Where Only the Best
is Good Enough "
tn temDt DeoDle with the
' " J x A a
o-lamnr of lnw nrices. It is really wonder
ful how a small price in large type fills the
eye so completely that the quality Dacx ox
the price is lost sight oi. ;
This is a Quality Price Store
DeUOSS FUlinif UR!
m ii
test. ' '