The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 31, 1916, Image 2

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ft X ti fc5
Three hard combinations, to ..beat .. They are
at your disposal.
Preferred Stock groceries in tin, glass and
cartons, are the best on the market.
The Inland Empire Biscuit Co.'s biscuit, .
crackers, fancy cookies, cakes and can
. , dies are the best on the Coast. -
The remainder of our large stock of Grocer
ies is in the same class.
We sell only the best of men's standard shoes, hats, caps, under
wear, hose, overalls, gloves, neckwear, collars and shirts.
Which Store Will Give You the Greatest
Value for Your Money?
It is the store that sells you good merchandise at fair prices.
It is the store where you are waited upon promptly.
It is the store you can get what you want when you want it
(Phone Main 241)
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established 1891
iX here and avoid a trip to Pendle
ton; and if you wish, we will secure
your statement for you. First half
should be' paid before April 5th, and
second before October 5th, in order to
avoid additional costs.
The largest stock of
Gigars Tobacco and
. Pipes
, . in .town
fate mmrm ryjntf i arna
Irm. Sa4 MM SC Sd
trinia r FKI SEARCH s4 iseart
303 Sweats St, Washingtoa, 0. C
nd Surgeon
0..iC In Brandt building;
f Dale Rothwelli
Optical Specialist
I give all my time to the fit
ting mad grinding- of glasses. I
have practiced in Pendleton six
years. AH work guaranteed.
American Nat'l Bank Bid. "
Oregon 2
i :ovt3 Tin: time
Ms J 7or Y'rston Leader "sub"
in all State
and Federal
Slricllt i Afinc
The Year fl 50
Six Months..,. 0 76
Fnnr Months 0 AO
Per inch per month. ............. .0 60
Per Inrli, oo insertion... Sw
l.orie, tier line rsrli insertion. ....
4 . i
MAKCn 31. lylo
E alert ( the fttelBce at Westee, Ore,
M Mceao-clsst sasH gssttcr.
"It would be a miatake td nominate
me unless the country haa in its mood
something- of tbe heroic. "Col. Roos
evelt. . , :
Move to amend by strains; out as
impertinent and irrelevant all after the
Tbe buzzing presidential bee is quad
rennially reposing amid the Fairbaiks
of Indians.
"The birds of spring; are on tbe
wing;, they chirp in every tree; and
m we U swish away to nan witn Dan
enough for three." Exchange.
WsL we dunno. We reckon Kernel
Boyd would aay that two gallun ain't
any too much bait fer wun.
Germany is so resourceful that it can
readily produce an apology for every
torpedo.' ''
Our own late unpleaaantneas may
have been of leaser magnitude than
the European mixup, but it was at
least a civil war.
We are able this week to authorita
tively announce that Old Sol haa not
deserted to another planetary system.
palnlic trip at the time the postnfncs
safe was blown, waa "merely a eoliicl
denes." All the earns, It would be wtll
enough to friak 'em. '"
Woman editor waa prevented, from
horsewhipping a man editor at Klamath
Falls, thus forestalling s dangerous
"i ILJLt J-L. L.-1H .
Lord Nortbeliffs says the Germane
are drugged for lhlr charging; but
innocent Americana art charged for
their druf(t-at war prices, toot
What haa become ef the fellow who
need to earner you in front ef the bul
letin board and espials to S the or
rct wsy to pnoajnce IVtemyalT'
Dean Collins in The Or!""'1
Wa buried him at iiWnlght under the
Ions pine, with the . craven coyotes
chanting his requiem. v
Portland'! city won! pits la abort a
thousand corda, whkh the authorities
regard aa sinister evident of a burning
American scientists are hunting s
blue tiger In central Asia. We can re
member the time right here In this
county when the hunter was blue after
finding the tiger.
' L .
The Kaiaer has presented the Sultan
with the baton of a German field mar
shal, but a pair of running ehoea might
come in handier If the Rusaiana keep
on rushin'.
If the German people want peace
they eould doubtless secure! it under
the most favorable of terms by flrst
deposing the houee of Hohentollern.
The trained army doga of Europe
bring succor to friend and foe alike
which of course merely proves that
they are doga.
With America's leading humorist at
the Willard-Moran ringside, we had
succulent kernels of fUtic misinforma
tion right off the Cobb, ao to apeak.
If any baseball magnate in the Blue
Mountain league puts anything over on
the president he'll have to aaw Wood,
and aaw Wood in two, t, -
From tbe amount, variety and at-
tractiveoeae ef tbe atocka now carried
it becomes quite evident thst if Weston
people do not trade at borne it will not
be the fault of the local stores.
Reading again that war with Germa
ny ia "imminent," moat of ua mentally
turn over and snore, serene in the ra
tion that It is about as imminent as the
end of the world. ,
Dam r. Umlih of fendWtoa has
aounl hlmaelt aa a candidal ',
in office of disuu-t attorney ol t m-i
una county. Mr. Hmlth to a native of
Wisconsin, v. here he receive h's early
ePhMlinr. Uier he .Headed the Vnl-
verelly of Colorado, at Poulder, I olo- j
rado. from whk-h lnlllulla ns
raduated In the year Ills. Me haa
laye been S reBUWicaa ana n ,
a resident of I'maima :
w.n. I'i.ob first cumins to
rvadleton he waa In the law olfl.e.
of Kaley Haley, but for the pet
,U. ii 1 1 - mi --
(Usmer E. Smith.)
year haa been pracilclng by himself
with offlcea In the American National
Pank bulldlns. He maseeThe follow
ing etaiement concerning hie candl-
dTn ofnee of dlatrlct attorney la S
publlo office and therefor all per
eona are entitled to lt treatment
and benefit. If I am nominated end
elected I shall conduct the affairs of
the office In an economic and bunlnee
Ilk manner, with equal wmiih
m an whether they be rlvh or poor,
t .hall ndeavor to enforce all laws
recardleaa of who lh violators may
be. I ehalt do my very beat to appre
hend and prosecute all vlolatora of the
prohlbltloi and all other la. and U
nominated and elected It will be my
urnm deslr that the public lo
op rale with m In then enforce
ment," (Paid Adv.)
In view of the fact that Uncle Sam
has' no wearxm but a pork barrel. It
seems to us thst the Administration's
prudence ahould not bs so often and so
bitterly enndemned as cowardice.
We concur with Soy Ritner in his
loyal sentiment that, "Pendleton get
there with its own feet;" but In recall
ing its local election ebulliency we are
reminded that Pendleton raise the
very denes of an odor when It proceeds
to change ita box. ,
Eugene man. 103 years old. ssys he
has used tobacco 96 years having thus
confessed to practically wasting five
years of his life. ,
The Warren Bros. Construction com
pany b cutting a fifty percent dividend
melon, which indicates that it manages
to get its bit out of bithulithie.
Evening Teleeram tan that what
Portland needs is community team
work -which is all right enough, we
ween, if the community's team
helped by community 'steam, .
T. R. Discovers Bird With Whiskers
Thst Eats Nuts st Night. "-JoumaL
There's one around sn Athena sanc
tum that might prove edible enough,
if this nut-eating bird is immune from
stomach trouble. ..-'
Our own war with Villa is st least
big enough to crowd Europe's little
fracas off tbe first page.
In order to "hang Pancbo Villa on s
sour sppls tree," the trifling details
only remain of catching him first and
then finding tbe tree.
Villa is pronounced Vee-ah and like
wise diabolical. '
The Weakly Bulldogger is charitable
enough to explsin thst the presence of
Mayor Best, Superintendent Young and
Coroner Brown in Milton on s cam-
Charlie Chaplin ia to get $650,000
year, ws are told, wntcn in inia case is
three or four ciphers excess salary.
Cotton 8acks for Wheat,
Eastern Washington farmers are
talking cotton narks to counteract tbe
so-called "war prices" that dealers
are putting on Jute , bags. They
pre the belief that Importera are
holding back their aacka with a view
of getting higher prioes later, using
the war demand aa an excuse. At any
rate, they aay. Jute cornea from India,
and It is time to break away from the
British and build up American lndua
tries. '.:
At a meeting of the Trl-County Far.
mere Union In Dayton Saturday It was
decided to correspond with Dr. H. P.
Alexander of Matthews. If. C. presi
dent of the North Carolina Farmers
Union, to aee what can be done.
Dr. Alexander Is a. brother of A. T.
Alexander of the ,Up-to-the-Times
magazine. The latter aays that while
he ha no figures at hand now he ia
fully convinced that a cheap cotton
aack rood for a year's use can b
made, ahlpped by tbe Panama canal
and laid down Inland at prices, less
than wanted' for the dute bass.
"Of course, the aacka would not be
made of the finer grades of cotton
saya Mr. Alexander, "but of what la
known as yellowa, at rain or late cot'
ton cotton with the strength of the
more valuable article, but not auita-
ble by reason of color for fine gooda.
"Ships can be secured for this bust
nens when the canst la opened. There
ia no question of that. - The northwest
will use t0.000.e00 bags this year."
To Whom It May Concern:
I will b responsible for no obllsa-
tlons except those contracted by my
self. RALPH fiTAOOS.
Weston, Or., March 5, 11.
Egrs for Hatching.
Brown leghorna. extra good strain.
at II cents per aettlng.
Tnrta Itube" a Ilrsl llcwbea).
Weston'a reputation aa a dramatic
center waa given another boost rtlday
avnln bv the marked auccvas of lh
r.pworth Leaau production. "Unci
Rube." Thla hlshly diverting and In
te resting rural play was presented to
a crowded house with s degree of
smooth nrs and understanding aeldom
approached by amateurs.
Our dramatic critic haa a well-developed
hunch that If Ttm McBrlde
aa "Uncle Rune" had falteu under.4n
eye of some Broadway manager. Wes
ton might have lost a useful ssrliul
turlat to the professional boards, lie
had the nasal twang, the action and
the make-up for this stellar part, and
showed conclusively that he has grab
bed off several chunks of histrionic
comprehension aloca hla flret appear
ance before the local footlights not
that McBrlde hasn't alwaya been
there or "somewhere with his line.
H seem to have the "know how" In
toltlvely , clinched, . Dr. Sempert aa
"Ike" ahone out in bucolic distinction
to only lesser degree, snd made an
excellent foil for Reuben s rustic wit.
Aa ths leading "heavy." an aged hypo.
erite of tha countryside yclept "De
con Bmalley." B. L. Blomgren divided
honors with the other princlpala. Vil
lainy lurked In hla wrinkled eyes, and
diooled from his thin lips In alow and
measured tones.
The aucoaa attained by these three
principals waa due In no email meas
ure to the meritorious support accord
ed by the remainder of the cast. It
consisted of Claud Price, Earl Olson,
Rutin Smith. Allison Wood, Karl Mc
Kemle. Ellra Morrison, Doris Bsrnes
and Josle Lavender.
The play wss directed by MIsa Em
ma Johnson. Pleasing music waa fur
nlshed between acts by Keen's or
chest ra.
Thackei sy's Sstire.
Thackeray creatled quite rmneoos
Impression of himself by often indulg
ing In Irony lu the proMcm of people
wbo were Incapable of understanding
It One curious lustauce which be gave
was l Us: Thackeray bad been dlulug
at tbe Gurrlck and was talking In the
smoking room after dinner with vari
ous club sciiunliituiircs. One uf tliera
happening to have left bis cigar case
at borne, Thackeray. t!tou,b dlMlIMug
lbs man, wbo wss s notorious tuft
banter, good nuturediy offcro.l bliu ue
of his cigars. Tbe man actvpied I lie
cigar, but, not finding It to his liking,
had tbe bad taste to ray to Tlmtkrruy.
"I aay, Thackeray, you won't mind my
enying I don't think much of this ci
gar r Thackeray, no doubt Irrltuteu at
tbs moo's uugrucluusnesa ami Iwurlitg
in mind his tuft hunting preililectloua.
quietly reponded. '.'Yon ought to, my
good fellow, for It waa given nie by
a lord." Instead, however, of detertlug
the irony, tbe dolt Immediately' at
trlbuted the retuurk to snobblHlinoM on
Thackeray's part aud to tbe eud of
hla days went about declaring that
Thackeray bud bousted that bs bad
been glveu a cigar by n lord.
' Show Your Gratitude.
Gratitude to one of the prettiest
posies In tbe bouquet of human virtues.
Cultivate u and It will bloom always.
Gratitude cunts nothing, but repays
macb, and yet it to a gein of character
that Is rare indeed.
Never forget the friend wbo threw
you the life Hue. To do that to treason
of tbe rankest kind. Keep green In your
beait the memory of every obligation
and lose no opportunity to repay it
8bow your gratitude for a kind act
done yon by dolug a kind act for some
one else.
A grateful "Thank your for s seat In
s street car reimburses me man woo
hangs to a strap. Silently accept tbs
seat as a matter of course and you
have started that man on tbe slide to
Kick out of your selfish shell and ex
press your gratitude on tbe least provo
cation. If you never give gratitude
never expect It In proportion to your
gratitude ao will you be graded by your
fellow men Boston Tost.
Look them up nnd compare them with our
comiH.'titors . , v
Shelf oilcloth .
House lining ..
,., 4e and be
"Lily" cotton hall, 1 lb, 80
"IJly" cotton halt1, J H
Hop mualln TSi
ltnmlale muslin
Fruit c-f the Loom Mu-lln lo
No, W IWrkelcy cambric 13a
No. 100 IWrkcloy cambric.,,... I5e
N 1M IWrkeley cambric le
t4 Foxcraft aheeting tic
repperlU 104 sheeting tte
Foxcraft 8 4 aheeting 21c
repperlll 4 unbleached heeling
pepperlll M bleached ahesllnsv.
Apron rheck gingham eC-sV
Quality tlreaa gingham...,
Red Real Dress Glngnsm IK
Men's flock f"rd socks N
Men's lb, ford sfk (t"r)-v'
... I for toe
Men's cotlon ghives (anil trtot,
, Jto and lot
gloves (Wal her
.!. I&t
roll on
Boya' overall! tit snd law
Men's Oshkueh-UndrhlU-."Rlg
" overalls. W
See our lino of Ladies Shoes. Have the
new "boot" in champagne, ivory and black.
Children's Hats in all the latest styles.
Have the new Tokio IHirscs. Come In and
see all tho new things. .
irrra at
rihe Golden Hulo
trial rttiov
1 l.C PENNEY CO.. IHC (83 Iluay Stores)
I "Brassd New"
Made of Malt a refreshing
temperance drink.
Pool and BiHi.rd 11.11
Zehm & Duncan
Weston Meat
R. T. Brown
Candidate fur County Clkrk (former
ly deputy to the present County Clerk)
requests your vols sod Influence In the
Republican irimaries. May 19. (Adv.)
Prime Beef
Pork, Mutton, Veal
Droscd Poultry
FISH Monday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
t'mm No. M Order taken by
4iun for mall routes.
Ten percent interest on all ac
count after ) (by.
Perry & Weber
Sjmmsj ef tW aaaasl t'swaisal t
til ratnTAStt ttrt aUBcs SO.
cicrr or ins ot; tiiJ.
f tb. wot tt Xn la
Y. tm fx SIM -l p-HinWr. ISIS,
s4s tb. iwnrtmw M is
tut ef Oto. iMmii In lw;
ASMSSt f (SDlUl (lurk II4 1 I
14.1 BrstmsM tr,ii, , $ 3OIA,ftrrt f
s.5. wii mn woisie-
i,i4 during iim ra sufis im fmt. ...... smmte
SsM for f' wlfniuul M
sultlr. twA ..irrrttofw ,.ttt..-.t a.(EM,STSM
PKDW.U MM ft SofcrAS
ftnrlns 1T. rrw 1H4J.OU.ST
pl.ldnuls VSI4 m rspllal sin k
4i)fi.s ik fmMr,m
CommUMnnm n4 sshwlss s 4
durins Ik a.SJ1.TSI.O
Tm. it. , sn4 fm u. 14
turliif lb. J Ling IS
Asmi sc n vtbw esssMlUiirm,1M
Taul stptaSltstM. . . . . . .
4 3 IT.
Hum vslss s twl ss
MarkM v.ln. f slwiis SMI
ti tmtwn
fai as sswl(im snd solUt-
nl, vie ...........
fSfllpy Iron
( Is banks ami tm Saixl
K.t nnrilvi.4 sih! srrrva
I fi.iun,
OlWr aaasts six
Total saasts...,
taa aMM.lal ilrtMalta la
ststa (It sr Uwrs bsl...
I lt,4T.MsJ
ua.iavi.en.ti ins
t mi ism
.SMMisxe a
- tM.SAa.TS
Tots ssssts sSnlllsS la nr.
,vtfl.iHn .siies
Tul ir'H'J rlalma supaM 4,tl Ml II
brr llabiutlas.
T"l llaMllllw, sirhtalv nf
eapllal ala-k uf IIIW.MO.WI
Sn4 atiri'lua a.Hl 4lvlUrwt
(un4a S4M.Slie.CPTM
Tttfal Insurants In Tore !rem-
bar l. IUIS II..US.SM.IA1.00
busimcss is oarooii rot TBS VIA.
Wrtal Inaurancs wrltlas 4urtf
tha rr I.SIK.S2S.0S
Omas (rrtt.liltna rartlva4 during
tlw ZAS.lKM trl
Iiaaaa Ml.t 4nrln( tha raar.... I I.:IMT.T'J
Ismm Innirn.4 .luring tha )r. ) 111. tail, 71
7utal atlimint .UT lura.M nt.l.
aiandlxg In Oragne lHtmm
Hnula nt anhjaat to sranrHsallnn and
SIMka at starkvl qwlatlan aluvff ImskIs si
SOKirlisatl vain.
li) Jllll.x II 1.1 M.l.ll,
. Vic I'riMlJrat,
Ststntorf raai4aal gnrMl and att.iiwv
(or gsrlsss KUUAH w. aui'iH.
rarUasd, Utagus.
It's True Economy
Ws buy fnr rash and sell
cash st small margins.
Crash and Uncn Goods
School Supplies
gM PHONE NO. 233
ilHi I1EHII?
lonce to ctcsiTcu.
In ths County
Oregon lue Umatllls County.
In tho Matter of the Kslat of fUlwanl
Anderson, Ueceaaed.
To Ai.t, Whom it May CoNtTJtN:
Notice is herebv riven that Anns
Anderson Is the dulv snnolnieil anil
aotlnir executrix of lh bImivs entitled
estate, and all persons lisvlajr olalms
AKnlnst said estate are herebv required
to present the same, with proper
vouchers attached thereto, to aalil ex
ecutrix at her horn In '.Vest on. Ore
von, or at the office of Fee A r'ee In
t'emllnton, Oreyun, within six months
from the 17th day of Mai eh, Win.
Kxecut rlx of the Kstate of v
Wward Anderson, Deceased. '
Butter Wrais at Leader offlcs.
Term Contract on City and Farm Property
NO BONUSES, or other expenses.
, gW Jut like getting- It from a bank. Lare or small amounts. Loans
quickly closed. If you need money COME AND BEE US.
MATLOCK-LAATZ Investment Company
112 East Court Street, Pendleton, Oregon.