The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 31, 1916, Image 1

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NO. 41.
Brief tec of General News
.Trcni AH Arcund Ihe Earth.
isnrostt baitdcigs n A RUBBOl
Uvt News Items of All Nations ind
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
Columbua, Ohio, resident are Racing
the lowland because of th hl(h wtr
Inthe Scioto.
The rainfall at Portland for March
reached 10.91 Inches, 1.86 inches lees
titan March, 1873, the highest figure
on record.
Villa la fleeing southward hoping
to reach the Sierra, where. It la
claimed, it will Uka many months to
capture him.
Failure of senate Republican to
taka any action at a conference on I ha
M i Iran altuatlon leaves the adminis
tration unhampered in dealing with
tha problem.
The aanaU bill dwilgned to Increase
tha number of eedefa at Waat folnt
was ordered favorably reported by tha
bouse military committee, with a few
minor changes,
Turkay haa Infurmad tha Unltad
Stats It waa not a auhmarlna of tha
Ottoman government which aank tha
llnar Paraia In tha Mediterranean last
wintar with loaa of American life
Tha lirltUb infantry storm and
taka tha firat and second Una Carman
trenches along a front of 000 yarda at
Bt Elol. Tha Ilritiat official com
munication g Ivss this information.
R. C. Stoddard, of Vancouver, D. C,
and two othar passengers were serl
coaly injured whan tha Wolverine
riyer, on the Michigan Central rait-
I way, Jumped the track near Kalame-
ion, Mich.
I, Tk Britiah itMiwr ManchaeteT En
gineer, from Philadelphia March 11
for Manchester. hM been sunk, accord
ing to Information received by Lloyds.
The membera of tha crew ware taken
board a tug.
Mia Catherine Prehm, editor and
publisher of the Merrill. Ore., Itocord,
waa arreeted in Klamath Falla on a
charge of disturbing the peace by at
tempting to boraewhlp George Brad
tack, editor and publisher of the Mer
rill Tlmea.
workhouse for Portland prisoners, ee
eaped by aawing the bare of a call.
The exit waa only 7 inchoa square,
therefore large number of heavy
weight prlaonera ware detained. The
break waa not discovered until day
light. The most sensational of the Mann
act eaeea in Chicago ainee the passage
of that law. Involving William Kufus
Edwards, wealthy St. Paul lumbar
man, aa defendant and Miaa Ada Cos
aa complaining witness, waa begun be
fore United Slate District Judge An
derson. The literacy test, barring, with a
few exceptions, ail aliena over 18 years
old, physically capable of reading, who
cannot read the English language or
aoma othar language or dialect, was
approved by the house working as tha
committee of the whole, by a vote of
125 to 82. Tola presaged thepeaaage
of tha bill by an overwhelming major
ity despite the record of Presidential
vetoes of several similar measures on
account of the literacy teat.
Villa is reported to have held up a
train and searched It for Americans,
but found none.
One of the American eolumna pene
trated 60 miles into Mexico before it
waa discovered by tha natives.
Congreaa avoids any unnecessary
discussion of tha Mexican question,
but ia ready to authorise war measures
at a moment's notice, '
A. dispatch to the Balkan agency
from Bucharest says the chief clerk of
the American legation at Sofia ia re
ported to have been arrested by tha
Bulgarian authorities, accused of giv
' ing a present to an employe for using
greater haata than ordinary in issuing
Men of the Hungarian landtturm
born in 1868 and 1869 and also the
men belonging to the classea of 186E
and 1897, who hitherto have been em
ployed In making war materials, now
are dismissed iron, wna -rvi.-
ordered to Join the army on April 6,
ecording to a Reuter dispatch.
Yuan Shi Kal renounces the throne
of China and proclaims the restoration
of the republic, but hia opponents aay
the change ia too late to save him.
Instructions to recruit the 12 Na
tional Guard companies of Ariaona to
war strength immediately were trana
, mltted to the company commanders by
order of the War department.
An army aviator waa found by a
wagon train after being lost in the
Mexican desert fer 48 hours. He re
paired hia leaking tank, received a
supply of gasoline and waa soon on his
Washington, D. C. Aa the Oregon
4 California land grant bill waa final
ly agreed on by tha house committee
on public lands Wednesdsy, the land
grant counties will get 10 per cent of
the net receipt from the timber and
land aalea, tha state of Oregon will get
20 per rent for it school fund, 40 per
cent will go to the general reclamation
fund and 10 per rent to the Federal
John Lind and other holders of out
standing executory contracts are left
out In the rolo, the committee by a
vote of seven to nine having decided
to reject section 7 and othar portions
of the bill bearing on tbaee contract.
A new provision waa added under
which homesteaders taking eutover
landa will be relieved of the payment
of 12.60 an acre, and need only comply
Mrs. William Ataxander ef New
York la taking an active part In tha
campaign fer national preparedness.
with the requirements of the home
aired law.
In all other particulars tha bill
agreed upon was tha bill completed by
the sub-committee.
Representative Ferris Introduced in
the house the bill on which the com
mittee haa agreed, and aa soon a print
ed this bill wiU be referred to the at-
torney general, secretary oi ne inter-
olr and secretary of Agriculture for
comment and suggestions.
It ia not expected they will now pro
pose material changes oi policy, mil
the committee before reporting the
bill to the house want it to have tha
approval of the three department.
II. S. Navy far Second Place
Advocated by Assistant Secretary
9 ejaaasBMBja
Washington, D. C Assistant Sec
retary Roosevelt recommended to the
house naval committee that the United
States navy be restored aa aoon aa poa-
lible to second place among the world
Dowers on the aea.
A naaxtrlne, hvnnthetlral nueatlona bv
members of tha committee, who were
Interested in comparing the German
and American naviea, ha aaid tha
United Statea could outstrip Germany
in a race for naval supremacy. He
personally favored a building program
this year larger than recommended in
the administration's five-year pro
posals. While the assistant secretary de
clined to discuss naval policies, which,
h ..1.1 wr within Secretary Daniels'
province, he gave hia personal vlowa
in advocacy or large ana immediate
naval upbuilding. In case of war, he
aaid, the United States would need
225,000 men for its navy, judging from
England's experience in trebling her
naval forces ainca the war began.
Big Guns Held Up.
London The Parliamentary under
secretary for munitions revealed to the
house of commons a condition of strike
promotion and what he described aa a
deliberate, organised policy of holding
up munitiona of war, which, 1n tha
opinion of Sir Edward Carson, who
followed him in the debate, mignc
ustlfy the men involved being charged
with high treason for assisting the
king'a enemies. James Henry Thom
as, labor member and union leader, al
so spoke, demanding that the men
should be put on trial.
8000 Acres to Ba Opened.
La Grande, Or. More than 8000
acres lying north and west of Elgin,
bordering on the Promise (Wallowa
county) territory, will be opened to
entry und aettlement May 10, accord
ing to information issued by the and
office. Persons hsving prior valid aet
tlement righta or praferencea will be
allowed to make entry in conformity
with existing law and regulations.
Intending settlers are also warned to
ascertain the status of tha landa.
Secretary wa$ Proposal to
Dismantle to Refused.
mm mm roun m m
Alleged Disregard of Germany for
Treaties Basis of Rejection
Case of Belgium Is Cited.
Washington. D. C All of the en
tente powers through their smbaaaiee
nere n.v.
formal response rejecting the propoe-
al made by the Stole department in
It circular memorandum that they en
ter into a modua Vivendi and disarm
all of their merchant ahlpa with the
undarstandino' that the United States
envarnment would endeavor to secure
from tha central powers s pledge not
to attack aucn unarmed snips wiuxhh
warnln and without drovldina for
the safety of the passengers and crew.
Soon alter tns proposition waa
broached, through Interviews in the
pre and otherwise, reaponaible offi
cial of the entente powers indicated
their docided opposition to such s plan.
It wu eanerallv believed hers that
tha unanimous expression of disapprov
al inspired toe uerman governroen.
to promulgate the new order which
now la In fores far attacks without
warning by aubmarlne commanders en
any armed belligerent merchantman.
While Secretary Lansing aaid be bad
not had anv onoortunitv as vet to con
sider the formal replies, it is known
that, though baaed on different lines
of reasoning, each of the enetente
powers has with polite expressions of
regret declined to accept the proposal.
The nature of their objectione waa in
dicated in the unofficial statements of
various officials when the American
iMimnndum waa aubmittad. and it ia
understood that they have simply been
elaborated in the communications be
fore the State department.
It wu mtendd in tha unofficial
discussions that Germany's contempt
for treaties and other formal atipula
tions aa evinced by her treatment of
Belgium had made it unaaf e to rely on
any German pledge. ' The fundamental
object urged, however, waa that there
should be no change in the principlea
nf International law durinr the DrOff-
res of hostilities such aa would be in
volved In the acceptance of the modua
Vivendi at thia time.
Three taericaas KHied cs Border. '
Douelaa. Aris. Three Americana,
two woman and one man; were killed
near Gibson's line ranch on the New
Mexico-Mexico boundary, eight miles
west of Columbua, N. M., between 4
and 6 o'clock Wednesday, presumaoiy
hv Mexican, according to the story
brought here by a party of five Doug
las people, who aaid they arrived on
the scene shortly after the bodies had
been removed by soldiers.
A command of United b tales sol
dier stationed at the Gibaon ranch
waa aaid to have croased the line in
pursuit of the slayers.
The automobiliats were on s pleas
ure trip. Near the ranch they were
stopped by Twelfth Cavalry man,
who advised them to go to the ranch
house immediately so mat toe aeiacn
ment there could afford them protec
tion. Thev were guarded at the house
all night by seven troopers who had
arrived there rrom uacmia, n. in
raanonaa to tha alarm riven when the
three bodiea had been found. The five
inree Douiea naa men iuuin.
civilians passed a sleepless night, sit-
in .ha, ... whila tha aoldiera
tine in tha ear. while the soldiers
crouched around them in' the pouring
rain on guard. Peals of thunder and
Intermittent nasties or iigntning in
creased the apprehension of the wom
en. '" v . .
The soldiers told them that the bod
lea of the two women and a man had
han found In an automobile near the
ranch, but they did not know what dis
position bad been made oi wiem. Al
ter daylight they were allowed to pro
ceed toward Hachita. They did not
stop there, they aaid, to make inquiry
about the an air.
fatfft I. AAlt ! fill ff Ik aft.
w. ....... -
Tl1:m Vim wImIau a Cav-rilla-.
VU 41 -1 IBB TV WW
Dr. Karl Helfferich. secretary of the im-
Dr.K.rl Helfferich. secretary ' or tn. in Tniirt Tby H. W. Col
perial treasury, told the reichatag Sat- Uns wm a tryout in Umatilla
urday that the fourth German warjoaa
had been a brilliant success, the sub
arrintions havinr reached more than
10,000,000,000 marks, not including
subscriptions abroad and at the front.
was pointed out mat me uerman
war loans have now reached a total oi
86,000,000,000 marks, while the Brit
ish loan have only totaled 19,000,000,
000 mark, and those of France 11.-
944,000,000 marks.
Steamer Englishman Sunk.
London The steamer Englishman,
tha Dominion line, has been sunk.
according to Lloyd'a. It la aaid that
thua far 68 aurvivors have been ac
counted for. The last record of the
steamer Englishman shows that ahe
sailed from Portland, Me., February
1 7 tnr Naaaira and Avonmouth.
The Englishman waa a vessel of 6257
tons and was owned by the Miaaiasippi
A Dominion Steamshin eomcanv. of
Liverpool She waa built in 1892. , J
Of General Interest
About Oregon
Farmers' Week Is Plan at
McMinnville June 21 to 24
McMlnnvllls. A "West Side Farm
ers' week and picnic is to be held In
McMlnnvllls June n to 24, under the
auspices of the Me M Ion Tills Orange.
Other graegea sad fanner' unions as
wall aa all other farmer' organlsa
Uon are Invited to participate.
RnMb.r. of national atandlnr aa
well aa leading educators of the north-
wet will be Invited. The axncuiiurai
colleae will be asked to bold farm
era' institute la connection with the
week'a program. The committee has
been aaaured oi m aaaiaianc i
County Agriculturist M. S. Sbrock,
whose woik 1 alone aimllar lines.
Following are soma of the apeakers
who will be Invited: Secretory of Ag
riculture David F. Houton, Governor
D.' HetSL ofUe atiuiturU col-
,r(t. pent P. I Campbell, of the
Wltbrcombe. President w. J. Kerr ana
University of Oregon; J. Frederick
Thome, of the earns Inetltutlon; Dr.
C 1L Chapman, of Portland; J. A.
Churchill, eupertntendent of public in
struction; U R. Alderman, super! n
tanrfont nf Portland school: "Karmer"
Bmllh. of the O. W, R. N. Co.; Dr.
Hector McPberaon, of the bureau of
markets and rural organisations of the
Oregon agricultural college.
It la tha Intention of the committee
to ask the candidates for president on
the republican, democratic and prohi
bition parties to participate In the
Opposes Inviting Laborers to Oregon
University, of Oregon, Eugene Let
ters that invito laboring men to come
and settle in Oregon should not be sent
byOregonlana to Eastern friend or
Eastern newepapera. Thia admonition
waa given by O. P. Hoff, state labor
mmmiaaioner. to atodenta in the Uni
versity echool of commerce. "Oregon
off era less opportunity for the laboring
man than any stats in the Union. A
ritv tha aixe of Portend haa five times
aa hard work taking rare of a surplus
of 10,000 men a a city or we same
aixe in Massachusetts has, because
Portland doe not have the great man
ufacturing establishments of the
East," aaid Mr. Hon.
Tha atata labor commissioner thinks
that aa a partial remedy for winter un
employment the state anouid arrange
to get needy men onto email tract of
tump land. "No man can make a
profitable investment by buying such
Und and putting all hia time on it,"
aaid Mr. Hoff, "but by using hia idle
time any man could build up a good
home in a few years."
.1 l
Mr. Hoff aaid compulsory aaiegui ira
would nut an end to 50 per cent of all
accidenta in industrial plants in Ore
Electric Line Proposed.
Pendleton. An electrie road from
n.utin to Walla Walla and from
Cold 8prlnga Landing through Pendle
ton to Bingham Springs Is an under
taking projected by an association of
capitalists represented by a W. Let
ler, formerly a farmer In the Cold
Springs country- It la understood E.
W. McComaa, of Pendleton, la connect
ed with the undeUking.
Mr. Letter aaid there was plenty of
money back of the venture. The plan
la to lay the rails on concrete uea hi
reduce the ooat of maintenance.
Tha mii.A haa hem aelected with an
idea of topping much of the freight-
producing area oi we country, aa u
aa the area of passenger traffic. The
. -mm ium to Hnld Snrinn Land
ing would be a feeder to the open river.
Mining Property Bought.
T.trn rtna nf tha most imnort&nt
mining deals in the Sumpter district
la many years haa been consummated
i ih. nnrrhua of tha Bald Mountain
property by the Ibex Mining company.
The Ibex mine naa neen iaie ae-era
yeara because It was deemed unwise
to run it until the Bald Mountain mine
I could be secured, and the acquisition
o( tBe utter will insure the operation
I - rtlAa within & nhnrt time.
of both prppertiea within a short time
A tunnel oeiwean un iwu uu
ready been started, and with the use
of a gravity system both mines can be
operated in an conoiuiua- maun. -itnrfi
aav that the mlne'a eautnment
will be greatly augmented, and that
both will be operated extensively this
season. The price paid for the Bald
Mountain mine has been kept secret.
Sack Offer Guaranteed.
Tai. i. nn Tha firat ETu&Tanteed
aack delivery offer of the season waa
made thia week to me iniana jumpira
grain-growers at their meeting in Pen
dleton bv the BalfourOuthrie com
i pan ii i- win. javv
I n1mssas ha v ttAAfl fttfftnhnd
pany at 14 cents. Heretofore war
I V ' - "
county. The sentiment aeema to u-
that a carload ot eu.vuv couon aacas
r. nnn.inuH at 11 and IS cent each
Wesley Harrah, John Mumm, Henry
Hudeman and outer rarmer are ouuu
lng portable elevators to take care of
th 101B mn. The rrain can be taken
by the elevator from the field to the
cars lor loading.
50,000 Hotel Deal Made.
Dallaa. One ot the most important
deala in this city for the past several
years waa consummated on Saturday
when, for a consideration approaching
150,000. Lew A. Cates. publisher or
the Polk County Obaerver, and K. N.
Wood, until recently one of the own
ers of the Dallaa steam laundry, took
over the Hotel Gall property, one or
the leading hostelrlea of the Willam
ette valley, purchasing the furniture
and fixtures and taking a lease upon
the building tor a term of 10 years.
The new owners take charge at once.
to the preaence of a limited number of Invited gueais in uni.ea oiaiea . V., Z o "
launched qZZ. M.aa Miaa M.rjori. Sampson mith fat left), a granddaughter of Admiral W. T Sampson.
baof t?a ba'ue ot Santiago, acted a aponsor. The ahlpbuildln, company expect. to d.Uv.r he 8
to the United State, government April L Thia will be aeven montha ahead of ?7e,, "D;
HeTrontract speed Is li'k knots. She baa a displacement of 1.126 tona and will. coat 1,93.000. SUe la to be
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quippea who tour zi-inco . a .
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Tb. uerma. "Theoewecaptured s'rt'pa.'ss'riiSsh 'navalfncera,' 168 membera ot'erow aud j
prlaonera and spoils of war The Moewe "Ptured 15 "'5 ramn..nder tt, 0rder Pour le Merita.
1,000,000 marks ln gcia to icr
The wedding ot Prince Joacmm.
place at Potsdam. Germany, oa Marcn
to mas tour ot Inspection ot the
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anow - covered Hum la Poland In a motor
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