The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 24, 1916, Image 2

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Vc arc doubly prcpared-with CHICKEN
Both 50 with the warm Spring Days
We're ready for you with Diamond
Chick Feed; Standard Chick Feed; Diamond
Grit, coarse and fine; Oyster Shell, Clam
Shell, Fish Scraps, Beef Scraps and Oil Meal
and we'll buy the eggs from you at the
highest market price.
Full line of Ferry, Morse and Starrett's
Seeds tested and guaranteed. These three
great seed houses have been selling seeds in
this territory for 20 years, and hundreds of
satisfied customers are their best credentials.
m M HMM eSaaawaBgaaawaftsl "
We Pay TOP PRICES for Your Produce
In 1903, be u united In marrlsgs to
Mis Jennie Cain of Medford. Or.
t'port flniahlnf at Harvard In 1907
Watta jumped itrtMwt at enee Into suc
cessful prattle at Athens, where he
also follows farftsln; We k-fisl queliA
cations sre lndiputW ; He hae prac
ticed in the Orwgoa -circuit courts lit
the Wasfcingtosi superior courts, wi the
iaiml court of both commonwealths
In Ik (Wffnn lutimM court. Hi
jaiuKNiiicM no platform u that If
elected be will do Kti duty. 1 1
Aa to tha prohibition law, w fl
certa'ui that Horacr I. Watt aa district
attorney will enforce it to tea letter.
SL-ft LU LIMH U - , j
Being a professional optimist, Karnal
Lucas anay refer Ut the recent muddy
deluge m an active Movement of U-
quidatloft in local real estate. .. .
jfcw- mm
(Phone Main 241)
If variety Va tba aiica of educational
Ufa. Pendleton will never have a wa
trict bored by It diatrict board.
IneWiug tba combiiwd fortunes of
Kernels Boyd and Wood tha tUl
waalth of tha United Stataa la est!
msted at two hundred and twenty
Tha severity" of tha federal can
eorship ia only exceeded by tha volume
and detail of tha news of army move
ment in Mexico.
With whatever fooling wa may re
gavd tha aateemed Oregonien'a pro
found editorial advice to tha vote re to
pick tha f . o. p., it is by no mesne one
of astonishment.
- - -: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaataattttttta tttttf ttt
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established 1891 .
4L here and avoid a trip to Pendle
ton; and if you wish, we will secure
your statement for you. First half
should be paid before April 5th, and
second before October 5th, : in order to
avoid additional costs. " .
The largest stock of
Qigars Tobacco and
i - in 'town
BtlXfft r.SyE "Safe at
3 tnuSe marks andmtWrt'M"" ra
tr. Rrnd awrtH, muntm Or jmaum mmt w-
rrii for Fttri SEARCH and rwort
ea pttrntUbOKr. kakwliww
To. Om Irm bootlBU Uil "Ml Unemt
mat am t m. Writ. totUr.
D. S17IFT & CO,
iTinr LiwvEti.
303 Seventh St, WasfainntM, 0. &
riiyslcfcn and Surgeon
C;T!ce in Brandt building
'37f3 THE TII.IE
t ,y yiHjr V."e?ion leader "aub"
Dale Rothwclli
Optical Specialist
I give all my time to the fit-
ting and grinding of elaseea. 1 J
1 nMHliAwl in Panflljtfin CIV X
years. AU work guaranteed.
American N&t'l Bank Bid.
Pendleton - Oregon i
Stridh in A (Tittle t
The Year
Six Moulin........
Fnnr M mi llm
.11 SO
. 0 75
. 0 Ml
IVrtnrh per month An M
Prr inrli. on iiieertinn 2"
ljnri. ier It earh iiirrtlon 05
MAJtCn 24. W
Carftte at Ut peetefllca at Wulee, Orrea,
mt Mfea4-(iaH aail auttcr.
Practicea in H State and Federal
A three-cornered fight baa developed
for the Republican nomination aa dia
trict attorney, with Homer I. Watta of
Athena at, we think, the winning apex
of the triangle.
The district attorneyship shoo Id not
properly be regarded at ft training
achool for young lawyers, and Watta
bos the advantage of comprehensive
legal know lege and experience. More
over, he is a sturdy, upstanding man
with an inelastic spinal column, and
when be eaya "I'll do my duty," we be
lieve be will go ahead and do it without
fear or favor. A mayor of Athena, to
which office he was returned by hand
some majority, ne nas aemonsirsiea
his sense of civic responsibility.
The Leader is well aware that Watts
has his faults, in common with the gen
eral ran of humanity; but to a much
less degree than the average run of
public men does be endeavor to conceal
them. He ia refreshingly frank and
outspoken. His innermost hie and
thought are almost an open book. One
knows just about what Watts is and
what Watts will do. Having decided
upon ft certain course oi action, ne is
unlikely to be swerved by the persua
sion of a friend or the threats oi an
Homer I. Watts is a son ol the Eaet
TxiA soil. He was born in 1876 at the
old Watta homestead on Pine creek ft
few miles below Weston. Hia educa
tional qualifications are excellent. He
wa graduated frcm the Weston Nor
mal in 1895; from the Monmouth Nor
mal in 1897; from the civil engineering
course of Throop college, California,
1899: from the University of Oregon
in 1903; from the Harvard college of
law In 1907. He was captain of the
University of Oregon football team
in 1902 and was honored with ft place
on the Ail-Northwest eleven for two
consecutive seasons one year as end
and the next as halfback. This abowa
that be la no weakling. Hia educa
tional Groundwork was bad in the grade
schools of Weston and Athens. When
attending the Weston Normal he and
his brother Marville were members of
one or Weston a nrti winning oan
teams. While a Harvard law student,
A recent news item bringa to the
Leader man's mind certain degree of
Utankfulneaa that he at least will never
be robbed of twenty 110.000 bills.
An fl A. C ken has iuat laid Its
thousandth egg, and wa are going to
say before somebody else saya it nrst
that this ia an eggstraordinary record.
although ahe doesn't even crow
about it
We cannot endorse the frequently
published assertion that Bryan is not a
Democrat, although sometimes
would like to wish him onto the g. a p.
There are two blind men in Congrexs.
and some of that ftogiist body's critics
are ready to maintain that the remain.
der cannot see.
If that precipitate precipitation Sun
dav bad lasted forty bours-not to
apeak of forty days snd forty nights-
it would have had the Great Deluge
looking like summer shower and
Noah like small boy sailing pea-pod
boat in hia mother's, wasb-tub.
Heavy losses at tbe Pendleton road
meetinar were nrobsbl preventer by
the lack of machine guns, hand gre
nades and howitxers.
Wtstta VUltif It U ntttett tail 4 Ml
Stern to Ucil llttarf.
U.fvfc to running trua to form as
wraallle weethsr month. About
tour o'clock 8un lay afternoon It tetd
aa eleetrleaJ etrm het would very
llkly have wiped Weatoa off the Ore
atnr'a footstool had It a of lonr
duration. Almost simultaneously, aim-
liar storms occurred at union an" ,
rtwtr and throihiul tna
w.iia val and eiae at i-onian.
wbare twe fatalities rultd. One
man. a prominent farmsr named
Thorns "hemwell. was drownsd near
Walla Walla, and heavy property
Zantac wsa done alont the foothills
of the Plue. A rioudbunt on Hi!
suleh weet of Pandle-toa was followed!
by ft wall of water four feet neep (
sweeplna- down the eanyoa. Pendleton
wsa hit llahlly. and Aintn eacapea
with flooded basemanla.
tUinrfay M Weston was elesr ani
beautiful until the atorm urt almoin
without wsrnine It lasted about an!
hour, and for half an hour a perfect !
torrent of hall and rain descended. o ,
much precipitation In so short a limej
was never witnessed before In this lo-
callty. Muddy water came tearlnsi
down from the hllla la convenient
ulrhee and ran from curb to curb:
and at a depth of one foot or more on
some of the thnrouajhfaree. Teller i
wrw flooded, chickens drownsd. endi
nearly every lawn and garden a'ons
the west aide of Waier atreet. the
town'a principal residential dMrtct.
was slithered over with a thick plaster
of mud. straw, hall and silt.
Robert Mlchael'a residence on South
Water atreet auatalned the principal
dimaae, Seine moved several feet from
tie foundation. Nearly all of hts
chickens were drowned, althouah they
could easily have escaped by ftvtn te
their roosts. The Plnkerton residence
Just eouth of Mr. Mlcheafs and occu
pled by Robert Proudf't and family,
was surrounded by water, but la on
higher ground and ewaped much
damage, Mr. Proudflt's little daugh
ter waa absent from the house, and In
rushing out to locate her be found
himself strussllng In several feet of
water and waa nearly swept from his
feet A muddy torrent descending
from the Panlater field through the
gulch near the Brethren church be
came clogged by a mixture of hall and
debris, and when It burst this barrier
swept fiercely down upon the Proud
fit and Michael homes, which had to
stand the brunt of Ita altark.
McHrl.le's llverv barrw were flooded.
Prom east of town the water cam
driving down the Duputa gulch and
overran the Implement and lumbet
yard of Watta A H oners, which sus
tained considerable damage. It awept
by like ft mlllrece both In the front
and rear of their store, finding ad
outlet on rranklln atreet. More or
less damsge waa caused la other pacta
of town, and general Inconvenience re
sulted from the overflow.
Caning holes were washed In a
number of plowed fields and Weston
Hew WafofcG
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"Bmsid Mew
Made of . Malt a refreshing
temperance drink.
Pool and Billiard Hall
Zchm &. Duncetn
Readins? in out-of-town papers that
wall of water four; feet high swept
through Weston, we are led to infer
that most of its Inhabitants were
washed away and drowned; but were
unable while swimming to gather au
thentic statistics. However, we can
nnaitivelv announce' that Sim Barnes
escaped he being ten cubits tall and
heavily ballasted. - ; :
We would Judge from looking over
our county exchanges thst there are
just about as many .differing opinions
on the road question as there are ways
and means of expressing them.
With due deference' to the hopeful
views of President Robinson, we are
nevertheless inclined to think that the
road bonds have sbout as much chance
of carrvine in Umatilla county as s
vote of thanks to the Kaiser In the En
glish parliament, r-i
We Infer, however, that t Walla
Walla's big automobile show there'll
be no show for ft Ford. '
We are inclined to wonder which of
two presidents Is enjoying a larger
share than the ether of cerebral activ
ity at present Woodrow Wilson or
Jack Robinson., ' - '
The peace of Europe is said to be In
sight this happy consummation de
pending largely on whether or not tbe
biggest piece of Europe is Demanded
by each of the warring powers.
New president of . Washington Uni
versity says "we are an intellectual
scrap heap," and we reckon be ought
to know his own mind.
The Mexicans are very proud, but
like most proud people they hsve ex
ceedingly little to be proud of.
. The fact that , he needs his whole
army to chase Villa ia proof enough,
we think, that Uncle Sam ahould have
t least a half-a-dozen soldiers more.
Carrara dollars ere quoted st two
cents each, snd it would only take about
fifteen of them to subsidize the Athena
Press. .
Tot Sale One of the very best
quarter sections in the upland region
ly, milea east of Weston; 114 acres
In cultivation, balance mostly timber;
family orchard and berries of differ
ent klndn; good building;; lots of
water. Price $ 12,000, 16000 down and
time on balance, - tf sold within 10
days. Cha. M. Schneider. ,
Shoe repairing promptly and neatly
done at m.v new shop next door to the
Leader office. U. haton. (Adv.)
k n B
Pendleton, Ore.. March H.--To
the Kdltor of The Leader.) After
listening to the argument of the dis
gruntled few at th. ros meeting Hat-!
urday, t am convinced that the pPi i
of 1'matiHa county aa a whole arej
more strongly In favor of the bond Is
sue than ever before. These people I
who are now snd alwsv have been j
onnosed to the bond bone are opposed i
..t..n.i t anit'lo It from purely selfish motives.
...i.i.n. r ura A n Iniev say In effect. th-t unless you;
Winn In the Little Dry creek neighbor. build this road lo run to my farm or j
hood east of town Is reported to have , build a private roai for the so.e b.-m
been filled "with ft foot or more of ,nt or ft rew weannr wnra, -"---. . j
mud. and the county road camp In the ; are opposed to bonding for gooa roioe
sams vicinity was wrecked. IteaUlents
Weston Meat
of the foothills say that heavy boul
ders were carried down the canyons.
The attractive surroundings of A. J
Mrtntyre'a commodious farm home
north of town were completely burled
under ft blanket of mud.
The carcassea of dead animals bur
led In ft canyon at the Bade place on
Dry creek were awept out of their
graves and carried for ft half mile to
the creek bottom. Fearful of pot
luted wells, the residents of that
neighborhood were forced to haul wa.
ter for farm use. "
A band of aheep belonging to
Charles Demari. residing on the Wal
la Walls river above Milton, Is said to
have drowned In hia barn. ,
Water rushed down the main atreet
of Milton and Into the store fronts.
and W. E, Plersol navigated the street
As a matter or fact, nt prolan ;
could be devised which would meet
with their approval un'ese H served
them Individually to the esclunlon of.
the remainder of the conty at targe.
They submitted for approval of thei
meeting the Parrett-Harrah-fllmln (
proposition to levy a two-mill addi
tional road Ms for ft period of five
yesra for th building of roads. They
do not specify whero three roads shall ,
be built or where the r-oney shall be
used and I am convince that the vol-'
era of t"metlll(i county will relert any;
such proposnl for aM!'lnal tatatlnn
unless they know where the money li
going to lie apent and a-e assured that
it will be spent for th building of
permanent hard-surface roads. J
They entirely overlook tbe fact thst
ths greatest traffic of he county. In
fact to per cent of It, I carried over
Prime Beef
Pork. Mutton, Veil
Dremd Poultry 5
FISH Monday nd,Thunday
Get Our Prices
i'hone No. 53. Orders taken by
ihone foe mail rowtos.
Ten percent hitereet on all ae
counu after SO days. ;
Perry &
., 9 in. ei..m. f Miitnn'aitn rostis Drnponeo to ne ra-owr-
iiih nian't waa damaeed and the town ! faced under the bond tf ' but Instead
left in rfarkneaa. they want the people and taxpayers
Th Walla Walla river ia said to ' of irmatlllft county to abandon the
bond Issue and us thr name amount
of money In building a nnmher of
mile of road to accorfnodate 10 per
cent of the traffic of the county,
I assert with confidence that no
road Improvement prorram could be
devised which would meet wltlTth
approval of these self'xh Individuals
without entirely eliminating all con.
slderatlon of the rights of 0 per cent
of the voters and ; taxpayers of the
county, ,
We are going to put the bond Issue
on the ballot and we want the people
Tottiwer Set Hsar St. Patflcfc IO nowsiano n inoro..n.r. an iu
isaaca am mmm au rsuiw. unj-ratand that a def nit sum Is ap-
The Evening Tribune has this to any , proprlated lo build roada the location
have reached the highest stage record
ed for ten years, Pine creek at Wee
ton wsa turgid with mud. but behaved
Itself admirably otherwise In fact,
Weston appear to have been In the
southernmost edge of the atorm. Ha
resldenta are saying that dreadful
things might have happened had th
storm center broken along the upper
reaches of Pine creek.
Two days of rain and wind followed
Sunday'e outburst
of a social event in Pendleton which of which Is definite, snd that
. ..,i.i i.- . n,iui. '.., roans so bunt are roais wnicn
roung people. flc of Umatllln county 65 dare of the
Among the prettiest of the number year,
of HU 1 'at rick's Day affnir wss the
chsrmlnifljr appointed party (or which
Mie nets Han ana Mis sierio nt
were hostesses st the home of Ml.s
Hall. ' The parlor, living room and din
ing room were artistically arrangcil In
green with green shades hooding the
lights. Later In the evening the llgliis
were turned out snd candles gave a
soft glow to the scene. Hon an I
reading provided entertsinment, I
Miss Hall contributed s resiling ami
M las Host and r lovd Hall a il.aMiue. I
Hovers! of the guest sang the favorite
old Irish air. At a late hour delicious
refreshments were sorved by the host
esses, rihamrocks were prevented to
each guest at the tnble as place card",
and fascinating Irish hats with printed
verses on them served as favots. The
guest list liicludnd a uumlier of the
younirer set bf Weston. Those pres
ent were the Misses Pints Hall, Merle
Best, eosephlne lavender, l helms
Anderson, Huby Price, lails Porter.
Ferul McHriiie. Myrtle Hodgson and
Kuth Itend; - Messrs. Hulln Hmith,
Teonard Hlomgren, Earl MacKenzie,
Allison Wood. Earl Olson. Floyd Hall.
Robert Hodgson and Lowell Hyatt.
President t'mntllla County Oood
Itoads Association.
Hunflchl for Speaker,
To Whom It Hay Concern:
I wlH be responsible for no obliga
tions except those contracted by my
self. RALPH BTAGaa.
Weston, Or., March XS, Hl.
Fggs for Hattdilng. ,
Brown leghorns, extra good strain,
at f 0 cents per setting.
R. N. Stanfteld. who will be return
ed to tha legislature stain this year
as Joint representative from Umatilla
and Morrow counties, announces him
self s candidate for speiikcr of tha
lower house. For the past two ses
sions Mr. Stanfield has ably represent
ed thla district In th legislature and
has been Instrumental In securing the
passage of a large amount of con
structive legislation. He has been
foremost In the drafting of legislation
beneficial to the Industries of Eastern
Oregon, being thoroughly acquainted
with the needa of the eutlre eastern
section of tha state,
Mr, Htanfleld has an '. excellent
chance to be speaker of tha next house
and his election to that important po
sition would be a high tribute to his
ability and effort and a Just recogni
tion of ths rights of Eastern Oregon.
It's True Economy
TLs Ecfiiiomy Store
We bny for rash am) sell for
cash-at small margins.
Crash and Unen Goods
School Supplies
iotice to oomu.
In the County Court nf the State of
Oregon for I; mat 1 1 la County.
lo the Matter of the Estate of Edward
Anderson, Deceased.
To Aix Whom it May COnckrn:
Notice Is hereby (riven thai 'Anns
AndVon Is the duly sppulnied ami
actios executrix of the shove entitled
estate, and all person having olalins
against said estate are bereoy rrquirea
w irMiii tow wniite, vnn ffrupeir
vouchers attached thereto, to aahl x
ecuirlx at her heme In Weston. Ore
gun, or at me omoe or ree A re w
Pendleton. Oregon, wlihln six months,
fruin ths 17th day of March, 19ti
Anna Aiviikhron, '
Execut rix of the Estate of
Edward Anderson, Deceased,
' Uncle Hube" tonight.
Motor ear service to all points, day
or nlnht. Also livery snd feed stab!
opposite ths Lleuallen blacksmith
shop. L It McBrlde. ,
Term Contract on City and Farm Property
NO BONUSES, or other expenses.
IW Just like getting it from a bank. Large or small amount. Loans
quickly closed. If you need money COME AND SEE US.
1MATLOCK-LAATZ Investment Company
112 East Court Street, Pendleton, Oregon.