The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 28, 1916, Image 3

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    Dr. Alfred F.Sempert
. Gradual and Reglster-d
'szr ernes uou&s
i , I.OO U 11:00 A. M.
! -I 1:00 I 1.00 P. Mn
ri BRANDT ULIX1., upstairs
: 7'-.
l v.
: , '.'
I. - - ;
Herbert W. Copeland
Eyesight Specialist
will be In Weston on
Saturday; Feb. 12, 1916
, Consultation and examination
i v f jre fro.
Price rwasonabUj and work Ant elaas.
I Mjgf Remember tb data.
Oas. H. Carter Dan P. Smyth
1 Carter & Smythe
lawyers v
W. M. ramN C. K. BluSe
Peterson & Bishop
' uvvtts
PvnJUnn, Or. , PrawaUr, Or.
ompare ana wsmer
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; Ar n mw of thewaf If not, why not InaaatitraU rlfht now. Don t
; i ir . t yur;f lo d.i thla, tt (nvat:rt thoroughlwr Can you. in Jua-ru-.'
ry.wirr:r, aflitrtl t k this o.p.lult pans wbaii It maana that iwjt
i;-n th.r IJ iikt .t will bo buying tl aama rn-Ja at vlrw frmn 15 to S5
tvrttiX m..r f..r tbmr Tbafa oihi of tha baaulie of DAVlS-KAStK S JAN
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ft ivtt t I rfi--vBTt, lha tvfcla and Eitda ami Iba DlaconUnuwi paturna.
U ; ) - nilcrtktiit apply on lh ninal slaila. Bll-yaar-rouiid ttacaaaithM
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Complcta Furnlaliorg of Homaa, omcea, Church, Schools
1040 AMer St. (Odd Fellows' Templa) - WALLA WALLA, WASH.
lair : m a " 41 X a
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I nave lhra . f M fcereis
for aaia at una dollar earn. Mr. I
Wo4. '
n.v W. a. Payne of thla city la a-
alstins Rev. O. A. Ilarmoa, formerly af
Athena, la revival service at Appla-
loa, Wash. , .
Unlnr rar aervlc (a all aolnta.
. m.hi. Alas livery and feed alabV
aaBoelte lha Mauallea lilathimlta
shop. Lets McHrlde.
Mr. a4 Mm. Will Hum and B. C.
n..ra wera absent Ihla nl
bualnssa trip la Wnehluraa. Waah
where Mr. llora haa lead Intereeta.
Mr, ft, P. Miliar of rstsrpruH..
Wallowa county, waa here daring lha
mt for a visit wtlh her stater, aira.
Kdward Anderson and brother, J
liiosigren, r
I im needing moaey badir alara lha
rtra destroyed ir buaiaeae, ana
must Inelet upon prompt settlement
from IhoM Indebted lo ma. K. M.
Xaam, (Adv.),,
la view of lha "lump" of grain bags
to sieve eenla. lha Kagle reporta tnai
several MIIU farmer ara planning
elevators p ihelr oarp la ordar lo ml
out lha each problem la future.
Credit patrons of lha Weatoe) Meat
Market ara notified herewith that wa
will hereafter charge mtereei ai iaa
par cant on aarr arcount wlihla
thirty daya aflar ama la raaaarao.
l-arry di Wabar,
John Haamar, ona of Waaton'a aub.
ataallal farmara. haa baan anjoylng
milt hla laU amoaa old rriaoaa
and araaaa la North trollna, hla aa
tla alata. Mr. Haantar la aipactad
homa la February.
Arranaamanta hava baaa mada by
tha Saturday Aftaraooa flub of Wra.
i... i. nrtMt Tha N Mlnlaiar ai
Athana aait Monday avaaln. Thla la
tha muairal romady play whl h waa
x BucL-aaafullx alvaa hara a Caw waaka
Tha Praaa raporta that a aambar ol
Athana farmara hara b-an raaomt
hunarv nma birds la that lhbor-
hood. Tm Urrraara Is raring for twa
flucks of phaaaanta and ona roray or
iiimmrtan nartrldaaa at nis raneo
north of Alhana.
Kotlra la haraby glraa to tba Wom
an of Woodcraft that Fvdora circis
kin tit at Waatoa has changad Its
ragular tnaatin night from tha flrat
and third Tuaadaya to tha first and
third FYIlaa la aawh mosth, Allrf
Kirk pal lit k, O. N.
T.-'ir ft; but truly, you could hardly
i-iojiUbly in any other way as by
the prices our J&nuary Yellow
ftSi Af
'VewtawaJwi "l
1 V?.f
or wricc uie vjcnti - i - , . ,
alurdar was a big day in tha atarU Ihroughaut lha Inland
Kmvlra, by raaaoa ef lha subalsnllal
Bdani la prlrw and tha artlva buying
of M. If. Mouaar, tha big roriiana
buy.r. Kvra prior la laat Saturday,
lluuwr kf aradliad wNh kavlag bought
fla million buahata alaoa lha flrat of
lha yaar. Tha purrhaaaa of hla ran.
diatoa ag'Bl Halurday aggrrgataf
lt.t bufhtui st ana dollar par buah.
at. ui lha rum day Haalua farmara
dlapoaad of about H. buahals at lha
dollar rata through Frank frtra.
managar at lha Waatoa Warahouaa
rompany. nral of lha larg local
holdara war parauadad to lal go by
lha tempting prtra off.rad, but ana of
lha largaal atlll baa hla whaal. Imm
yaar ha naarly hit lha top of lha mar
kat, aad la aWdanlly ambitious la ra
paaL .
flural Mall Carrlar (lay Umlth and
hla faithful govaramanl mul. did
mini marry gilding tha othar day aaar
lha HanH March pla aa Iry rraau.
whara thara la a rary aiaap grada.
Whaa flay sad hla aulfll atartad dowa
lha grada a anowailda atartad wiib
thorn and rarrlad thara fur dlaunra
of It fact to tha bottom. Tha alalgh
and mulas war aaarly burlad la tha
anow but (! was on top, aad wllb
rharartarlalla anargy ba bagaa to gig
lham out. la thla ha eurraadad. and
finding hla rig undamagad. rama oa
Inl tow without furthar mlahap. ,
Walla Walla' a flrat raid uadar.tha
Waahlngtoa dry law waa mada Batur-
day Bight by tha pollra. wba roan
an unlawful quantity of whlakay la
aoft drink amporlum rondurtad by
("harlra roltar. Pottar rlalmad that
ha had lafl lha booaa In bla plar pro
para lory to taking It on a trip which
ha and hla wlfa wara lo maka, and
had no notion of disponing of It un
lawfully. Ma waa put undar
bonda lo appear In tha auparlor rourt
Tha da fan da nt la a bob or tha la's
Chart Pottar. lha vetaraa ataga
drlvar who waa a familiar flgurs la
Waatoa In plonaar tlmra.
Waatnn rattlamm raport that
.. .
hrrda ara keeping fat and frlaky and
will evidently roma through tha win
ter In good ahapa. despite tha pro.
longad period of anow. Feed Is aald
lo ba holding out wall, and no ansloty
Is felt oa Ihla arora. I. P. Uausllaa
and Kalph Tucker ara feeding- at their
reapsctlva ranchea In lha luotnina.
Mrlirlda brothers and Jake Karkaua In
tha Iludaoa Hay let. and John
Thorn nana at hla homa placa oa tha
ITmalllla rlrer. la tha aggregata
theaa stockmen ara wtnlartng aaarly
ona thousand head.
Thara Is talk In baseball rlrclea of
tha revival of the Western Trl-alala
league for lha coming aeaaon, to co
tain tha towns of Wslla Walla. Ba
ker. Pendleton aad La Grande. Theaa
aam towns mnfle up tns oio inter
state leagua about II years ago. whea
profeaalnnal ball waa first Introduced
n lha Inland Bmplra. Than, ana
sine professional ball In this section
has never bean abls to psy Its own
way, snd his depended for support
upon ths generosity of fandom.
Mr. James H. ftturgla of Walla Wal
ls, alder son of Mrs. Una H. Bturgls of
Pendleton, and Miss Cecil Anns
Poyd. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. B.
Poyd of Athena, war united In mar-
rlaga Saturday at Portland. Tha wed
ding was quietly aolemnlrad at ths
Hanson hotel. Doth brlds and groom
ara prominently Known, ana nave
many friends tn'wl.h them happiness.
Mr. snd Mrs. Bturgls will ba at boma
In Walla Walla after February II.
This from ths Milton fcsgls Is about
ths most pathetic cold snsp Item wa
hara had tha sorrow of reading: Tha
worst complaint wa hava heard about
tha weather haa been lha fart that
several MOtonlte have bean unable to
eat breakfast until so lata In the morn
ing, owing to ths fact that their fate
teeth froie solid In tha water la which
they had been put to sosk ths night
Residents of Weston war deprived
of thalr wster supply Saturday and It
was generally supposed that tha res
ervoir had been emptied for the pur
pose of cleaning It. On tha contrary.
It emptied Itaelf of Its, own' accord
through a bursted pips crossing Pino
creek In tha Brehm field. Chief Wil
son repaired tha break, and the r
ervolr waa aoon full again.
Ernest Cooper haa ao far recovered
from tha effects of hla recent serious
accident as to ba abla to make an oc
casional trip to town. H evidently
takes mom than a couple of broken
ribs and a punctured lung to keep
Mr. Cooper In the house. Ha is pre
paring to leave In tha spring for Roy.
Idaho, near which placa he haa leased
480 acres of state land. ,. - -,..
Acting with the Oregon delegation.
Congressmen Nick Slnnott has intro
duced a bill In congress lo appropriate
111,000 for the building of bridge
across the Umatilla river at Thorn
Hollow, and Mission. When the
bridges are built, the county court hsa
agreed to refund to the federal gov
ernment one-third of their coaL
Standing on the bed on which lay
hla wife and child, H. M. Spencer, a
Wasco, Oregon, rancher, atunned a
mad coyote with the butt of hla shot
gun and then beat the dangerous beast
to death. After -fighting wlta Spen
cer's dogs the coyote entered the cabin
door, the rancher having flrat fired at
It and missed. ,
Mr. and Mrs. X D. IMley or North
Yakima, Wash., were here tor several
days on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Orval
Duncan. Mr. Riley and Mra. Duncan
are father and daughter, and this waa
their first .meeting for twelve yeara
Mr. Riley la superintendent of a hop
and grain farm near North Yakima.
Herbert Baker, .rural mall carrier
on Route No. l, waa prevented Mon
day from making hla rounda In the
Lamar neighborhood by a, bad .wash
out on the road near' Pine creek. Re
pairs were subsequently mada by
nearby realdenta. ' , '
Anson B. Woods came over from
Walla Walla Monday on very pleas
ant business, which Is said to havs
consisted In the receipt of a check for
his wheat crop, sold to the Wes
ton Warehouse company.
A not true bill waa returned by the
grand Jury at Pendleton Saturday In
the case of the police officers who
were accused by K. W. McComaa of
assaulting him during the December
election riot
Dr. Copeland has fitted many palm
of glasses in Morrow and Uinat.llla
counties where other tiecialista bad
failed. See him in Wesun r eu. 12.
A daughter waa recently born to
Mr. and Mra. Rome Kemp at their
home on Weaton mountain.
Tell Watts & Rosrert what you think
about lt-Tiie Uljf Ad. (Adv.)
Ha what Wat la 4 Rogers offer lb
t'blldran la Ulg Ad. (Alr.)
Tba gralraV barjcals In aa auto
my liudsuassr. P. l. H aUs. (Ada.)
Mr. snd Mrs. M. i. NurDeaa ars as
paetad iiiim tomorrow -,fraea their
iWt la Bpohssa,
Itottart T. Ilroan, former deputy
elerk, will Im a r'ulllcn rsrHlldais
iut Vhsoouuty cioraip nvemiiateiM
Do nisi fall lose Pr. CuprUml at
Mrs. Km lioaiiling Mts, WaeMtn,
February II. If your yea need atten
tion. (Aiir.)
K. P. Johaaoa haa re-purchased the
Johnson place la the foothills south
east of Iowa from Will Koaa, who bss
been farming II for arveral years.
Clyde maris motored over from
Milton Wednesday, aad raporta lha
road la fairly good eondltloa be I wee a
Wtua and Its Interesting northern
suburb. , , , i
Mr. and Mrs. Oakler Taylor of Wal
la Wall ars lha parents of an elght-
nnaod daughter, born January in.
Mrs. Taylor was formerly Mies G India
Richmond, -
A. f'bllllne left Wednesday evening
for I'ortlaud lo attend the automoMIe
show, lie la especially Interested la
tractors, which lis ntnuamplst htnuV
liny la Weston. , . .
in a casual sod familiar way. Billy
Graham cut loose lha word 'heteroge
neous" the other night in Odd FelluwS
Mir, and Is now locked upon as sum
thing of pbllolujftsU
Count rv roads la Ibis neighborhood
k..a hm. nMi had la snots because
of the eoow drifts. Kl riy were an
set In ooedsy by a deep drift near the
McGrew plar Kllding out into ine
anow. none or Ue occupants were in
jured. ,
A new floor Is being told In lbs
Sating building at the comer of Main
and Water atresia and It Is being
otherwise Improved for occupancy by
K. Zehm and Orval Duncan, They
will fit up tha lower story as a bil
liard and pool hsIL ' - -
Mra. J. & Kali and Visa Mary Lans
dale returned Tuesday from their
visit to Ken English at Auburn,
Waah.- J. R. English- who secom
panled them from Wealon. stopped at
Portland on the return Journey for a
visit with Frank J. Van Winkle.
Mra. Dora Buckroaa. slater of L 8.
Wood of this city, died Tueeday at
Mankato, Minn. Mrs. Buck man had
been a resident of Waseca, Minn., for
many years, and was highly regarded.
Mr. Wood Is bow- th sole surviving
member of a family Of fire brother
and five aisle rs.
Fir in a room occupied by a girl
student In the girls' dormitory build
ing, yesterday, burned a hole through
the floor and destroyed the window
cunaioa. It was extinguished by Chief
W ilsoa, who happened to be near. 1 he
girl is aupuoseu to nsvs leit a nre
burning when she went to school.
In tha circuit court Monday Charles
Mortamer of Weston entered a plea
of not guilty to an Indictment return.
ed by the grand Jury charging him
with larceny. The complaining wit
la la Nat Hale, and a watch and i
a mall sum of money are Involved.
Mortamer claimed that be took theae
for aafe keeping whilaiattendlng' Hate
during the letter's Illness. .
J. A. Lieuailen. 'chief of police of
American Falls, Idaho, visited with
Weaton relative and .friends Sunday
while on his way to, Walla Walla to
teatlfy in a case there.. Jess aaya that
American' Falls Is a fin town and he
la glad ha landed there. He Is kept
quite busy Jailing bootlegger under
Idaho's atrlngent dry tow. aa hla Juris
diction ta not very far' from the Utah
Revival aervicea wilt begin 8unday
evening. February t. at tha ' United
Brethren church and will continue for
at least two weeks. The revival will
be conducted b,y an evangelist from
Philomath,' Oregon. "Rev. Guy Fitch
Phllps, assisted by tne local psstor.
Mr, Phil pa has recently been holding
union meetings In Portland at the
United Brethren and Evangelical
churches. . ; . '
Tom' MeCarty,' who resides on the
ITtoe place ami is looking after the
Keen pi ace on Weston mountain, per
formed an unusual stunt Monday by
killing a lynx with a pitchfork. He
found the animal on ton of a pile of
timothy hay in the Keen barn, and af
ter calling nia wife to see it aailed into
it with the fork. The lynx showed
light, but was soon impaled and help
less. It measured more than three
and one-half feet In length.
Hack Wirmtr Tu&peiatoj TUa U Ui Law-
' land SwwlaH 1)0 behes.
Some Interesting weather facta
were obtained by 'phone Wednesday
from C Wi Avery, manager " of the
Blue Mountain sawmill, twelve mile
east of Weston,
Snow is now 53 Inches deep at the
mill, with a loose top layer of about
It Inches. The total anow fa '.I aince
winter began haa been ISO Inches
During the cold weather la the low
lands the temperature was fairly
warm at the sawmill, ranging from 10
to SO degrees higher than at Weston.
When a minimum temperature of 14
degrees below aero waa registered
here, the mill thermometer read 14
degree above a difference of S8 d
greea In the mill's favor. Thla dia
crimination on the part of the weather
gods toward the "mountain district Is
unprecedented lo local weather his
tory. The temperature - even grew
warmer aa the summit of the Blues
waa approached. At the Lucie n Oat
chet. place near the aummlt It waa
four or five degrees higher than at
the sawmill. Were It not for the SI
Inchea of snow, the aeveral popular
summer resorts In the' Blue moun
tains might make a tempting bid for
winter patronage -if the aame pleas
ing brand of winter climate could be
guaranteed In future. ' '
The Chinook thaw Friday and Sat
urday in the lowlands was followed by
another heavy faN of anow, ranging
In depth around Weston from eight to
ten Inchea With ' a much milder
temperature than that of the preced
ing week, a quite Ideal brand of win
tar weather waa provided.
Tha Chinook melted the anow la the
hills and caused several troublesome
washouta on the O.-W. R. A N. One
of them, on Dry creek, was soon re
paired. Another on the Wild Horse
i between Pendleton and Havana, caug-
with tie llig!
It seems that Hardware, Lumber and Implements are on the UP Toboan
' and keep going up, in Bpite of our sending word down to Wilson three differ
ent times.
To help balance up matters for our customers and ease up on ourselves a lit
tle we are about to make th following change relative to discounts. , .
A Discount is a saving not generally figured on. How would it suit you if on
and after February 1st we remember the children, the good wife or (if you're
an old batch) the tobacco pail? We to place in The Farmers Bank of Weston
in behalf of the Children (Your Children) an amount equal to five percent of
your cash purchases or cash settlements made before your account is placed on
Our Ledger every thirty days and on all goods that will bear a discount Said
amounts to be placed in interest-bearing Certificates as the sums justify, but
to be kept under W, & R. guardianship as a protection to all concerned.'
Think this over and tell us your idea of it.
Last week waa a disastrous one for
the basket ball losaera or westoa
High. Friday evening the first team
of boys lost to rrrndals at Ferodsle
he 23 to 21. Saturday evening in tne
home court, th girls' lost to the Pen
dleton girl by S to tl. and th sec
ond team of boys lost to the Miltoa
Juvenile by t4 to It.
It looked like easy plcmng lor wes-
ton during ths esfller stages of the
slrls contest. Plsylng In fins form.
and with the effective co-operation of
her team mates, Gladys Smith tossed
basket after basket from the field be
fore Pendleton began to score. Soon,
however, the visitor . began finding
both themselves and the baskets, and
afterward ahowed aupenor team work
to that of the local defenders. Their
Junoesque Jumping center became re
markably agile, their forwards nimble
and accurate and their guards alert
In the second half the visitors drew
rapidly away and finished ths game
with a good margin. Weston was
handicapped by the loss of Its Jumping
center. Miss Ferol McBride. who wss
Injured In the first half In a collision
with one of the Pendleton girl She
plucklty finished the halt but had to
be carried home during the Intermis
sion. She hss since recovered.
Th line-ups:
Weaton Smith and Cooper, for
warda: McBride. Read and Proebatel.
centers; Pric and Banister, guards.
Pendleton Rugg and Temple, for
wards: Chestnut and Ferguson, cen
ters: T. Thompson and C. Thompson.
guard -
; Smith aeored all or Westona i
points. Temple scored IS for Pendle
ton. Rugg tossing the remaining two.
The game Waa fast and furious be
tween the Milton and Weaton eecond
team neither team leading through
out the contest by more, than two
points. Burgy starred for the local
The line-ups and points scored were:
Weaton Burgy IS and Ray Gould
i. forwards: Webb S. center: Otis
Gould J, Tuck Smith and Cooper,
Milton Kyle 14 and SheKon 4.
guards: Markham, center: Crlmmlns
S and Lane 4, guards.
ed by torrents of water sweeping
down the gulleys, proved much more
serious, and held up the trains for two
days. Weston received Its flrat mall
Tuesday since the preceding Saturday,
and ita people were quite at a loss
without their daily papers. The mall
trains have since been running regu
larly, v.
Because of snow drifts, the road
between Weston and Athena was al
most Impassable for several days. Be
low Adams, along the Wild Horse, the
vounty road was washed out In aev
eral places, rendering travel by auto
mobile Impracticable.
Fine, fresh and beautiful hut alto
gether auperStious snow la today fall
ing and drifting. ,.
130 d'i
January 15 to February 15, far
In advance Two gents' or La- !
dies' Tailored or Plain Suits
eleaned and pressed, and one
pair Trousers or Skirt sponged , ',
and pressed.
(Regular rates, 13.50 to U.)
Try our hand and electric mas-
age i or tne lace ana scsip.
First-class Workmanship. '
Clean Bath Room.
fJ9 1 Shoes Shined for Ladies
- and Gentlemen.
Weston Baths and i
Tailor Shop I
R. L. Reynaudf
. Dentist
Office In the F.lam Building, Milton
Hours, 9 to 12 and 1 to 5
gTS A good time to fill your
coal bins. We have plenty
of Spring- Canyon and Kem
merer coal. Weston Brickyard,
; mtt ilffitciiv
. - assuasta i.aiiai "", .ai,
I I "'ii . :
j .. s ii i1 r - J
Reds , ,
A Brass Bed of Artistic
High Quality
ITS impossible to illustrate all the beauty of this bed. all Its
refinement of design and elegant simplicity. Wc want you to
see it, whether you need a bed now or not. If its remarkably
low price does not induce you, we will not urge you to buy.; ,
You will have to see it to realize just what an imposing effect it
creates. ... J
The Leader Prints Butter Wraps
Home Merchant Prices ;
25 pound pail stock food 2.25
12 pound pkg. stock food ..... 1.00
7. pound pkg. stock food..... .65
2 pound pkg. stock food .25
Comparison of dosage two -
tablespoonfuls twice daily.
looiiwio's Iroi Store
1 Weston - , - - ' -
. ,. , . r .... Sa
: S!
Mail Order and Ped- 1
dlers Prices
25 pound pail stock food M.M
7 pound pkg. stock food .GO
3 pound pkg. etock food ... .SO
l' pound pkg. stock food ... .2T
Two tablespoonfuls three
. times daily.
Ore:; ii