The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 07, 1916, Image 3

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Dr; Alfred F.Scmpcrt
fjraduaW and Registered
.-00 lo IfrOO A. M.
1 .00 lo 1.00 I. M.
BRANDT IH.IK., upetaln.
at Weston Bakery
Cea and Pastry.
Mn Candle,
feed MeaW at All Hour, SBe.
Wa apeclallae In Llga
ant .'arty itupiwni.
Tttim the BAKER
j Dale Rothwell
, Optical Spcciatbt
! 1 give all m- time to Dm At
' tint and grimlii f glna. I
ttav practiced in Pendleton all
year. All work guaranteed.
Aawriran Nat'l Rank Bid.
; PeiwSeton Oregon
Qh. H. CarUr Dan P. Smyth
; Carter & Smythe
, at Davis-Kaser's January Sale
TbeWmier IxiVirain event of the year begins Fri
day, Jinuary 7th. 1100,000.00 worth of choice Home
Furnishings cohaisUnff of Furniture, Floor Coverings,
Draperies, Vacuum Cleaners, Stoves, Sewing Machines,
(Starts. Dinnerware, Fancy China. Glassware, Cutlery.
Silverware, Cut Glass, Bra.ware, Willow ware, Lname
ware, Ahiminumware, Nickel ware, LamM, Electrical
Appliances. Wooden ware, Toys, Games, Kitchen Utensils,
Sheet Music at big reductions.
With half a dozen exceptions every item except a
tow mntrart troods. is sharp
bears our yellow January Sa
oui lite regular price aiw
ee just now much the reduction is. And, remember
saving, for our regular prices are ,rockbottom and the
same toalL
But this time the Yellow Tags tell only half the
ttory, for the price advances which have taken place
since our present stock was bought amount to as much or
more in many cases as these reductions, liberal as they
are. It win'De a long time before the great values of
fered by this sale will be again equalled. Terms of sale
Cash or Bankable notes.
Complete FVirnlahan of Ilomea, Offlcwa, Oiurchea, Schoola
1040 AHkr St. - (Odd Mlowa' Templa) WALLA WALLA, WASH.
v 'Mirsim. w-i
IV Irfaf,- M em faV ' L a ak AiJ)l II I 1 I, lm 'tJa T Jit. ff a.' .
Magnificent hotels cater to your every
wantand you eat, drink, sleep, play and
live outdoors.-What better way to
gain true rest and health?
Tp enjoy every minute of your California visit, uY the
Oreson-Washlnfiton Railroad & Navjgatton Co.
i 1 a, V.
tO pun yow trip. u easy w -
your local ant toKlay. or write the General Pa
M 7 . . ti , fr. lirpratuic and information.
See your local agent to-day,
r' .
Muitr Traok Couch la hr from
KnirtM Im fur a el with hla raiiier,
H. U. Couch.
l'ae Fleiaeliman'a CVimnreeaed Yeast
lb beat (or l-read-maklng. tor aaia
b Uesum Haksry. (AdvJ
Don't forget lha singing ela nt
Thursday averting ai. lb lnltd
Urethras eliurch. A. W. Uiml.'ll.
t'oiinolliuan Kd. At.orone pro
longed IIIium lift reached a sarluu
lurn, and be la eonnnea mi hi noma.
Tha reception room' of fVielet, hall
ha h-en very euxlly "tied ui by tha
MU fellow (or lha aeeowmodailua at
their candidate. ( ' '
Prewtr hat lha largest ia lev
l Ik. a.aa.Ml,f till Wilt. USi
mill. Athene and WUM are neat.
with.,1 aallleeaoh.
Motor car ecrvlr lo all aolala, day
ar nlahl. Also livery and feed bfc
optMMiu lha IJ.uall.B blackemlln
shop. Ia.fe Mrllrlrt.
Ir. J. A. Best, mayor-alert of Pen.
dleloa. u quit eavereljr bruised and
Injured la vi aartomoblle accident near
that clly Friday afternoon.
Maa. aa-.ll " HA B MMlHItt taW
- ,... aaal ika .taMaM. haa tlMll
1-tloLafe MBrldt 9iM per year.
Tbara we on othar bid, .
Interesting revival meeting ara la
nightly piwre at lha Miho.llt
rhureh. with He, t". A. Reiroad of
Corvalll assisting lha local jMor.
Urn ahoe and barnma ahon, Wbwtlrr
hiKal biilldlnf. N manaiffmenl,
new aqulnnianl. I'hona 91 H. Raton.
xil: Mm ttnlai lift Wadnaada
on bar rat urn u aldo Hall, lnrallla.
of abUsh aha la nraiiaai. m rranma
bar atudle In Orfo Afrlaullural
U.ll P.prl.r Tlarhart flakar mm lup Mar a wrmti tila 'rind-
tall," alilch' eama ihl lima In lha
ahaa of auma dalaeialila pork and
auaaya from ma Karl uoaivy rancn.
Toaatlay vaa Waaton'a eoldaal olghl
Ihla aar. erlib lha niareury at lo be-
- . - la Ai
low, irovemmam nr"ro. rwiui,
ac ona balow, raporlad tta eoldrat nlifhl
In hniryaara. liana eama io imm n
u 1.-1... aa.talatl taL Blbl Wa IMfll 1 V trttfttl.
M V Hflwa, HUH aaa "-- ---pa
M'l.aa am.u.a.lHM tlKHaMt-aa I aa4 Vav-UrilV
and Itmuvhl eonaldaralde fraahano.
I '. K. l.tUlo, loreat. raaifar, naa oarn
llvlnf In a (ant la the mounulna la
mllaafrum VVaxon iih ilv n.aroury
frUkln around 10 below. A Utile
fy reduced. Every such item
l. tn tr shnwinir the sale Drice.
left on the goods so you can
l'1 (tt I
1 1
or write uww
a C'"-a ; aa. '
The "Kolli-ifa KUk," olliaralae "All
Htara," of whom uaaier w narra
Mlulaa antral and Hallvn, did a
eoma back elnaaiUy aauU, bul
tfliln'l eoma rar enu)rn.
with a ruab and eiwueaded In lliroalnif
a ornnwumtad aoara Into Waatoo H ,
bul aflar Ihal yooih and oowlH loo lold.
The hla-h aebool laila (rmduelly draw
-i.-A !,. a,.iltlaa with
llie lonf end of a W to 1 anora. 1 be
old tlmera inula inrir
(0 Hlororrana. H. O'Harra, Buuns
Mauallan, fneliail ami Kannard,
Weatoq 111 itraaented Ibelr ua.ial llne-
ia La ii-.i,Blal rafairaad. and ea-
eapad a-liboul Injury, rollowln the
vaine the vletora ae a Unqual to
Hie reno,ulahed and ibalr laillea.
u. I..ka 1lanr llaworth and MlM
Anna Maria Johnaon ware unllad la
marrtase liacambar la la ine pmra.
nal baranae at Paadlatoa by Kav.
Charlaa Qulnnav. The aaaaing waa a
nulet ona, wltnaaaaa onijr vr "
Nallle Nalaon and Mr. Karl iohnaon,
brothar of the bride. The eetlmable
dauhtar of Mr. and Mra. Allrk John
aon, promlnant mambare of the farm.
..-.mhIi la lha laaMar nlh-
berhood, the bride la bald In high Ba
laam by a lama clirie or rrianoa,
the brtdaaroom la alae wall and favor
ably known. Mr. and Mra. Hawortll
have aone te nouealaapina- on na
llanry Uarratt farm.
n.,-.a Maw In catabrante al Paa
dlatoa whoaa artlvltlaa la a dad I ham la
a. ii ati.1 mi mill tiwii lta.mborae whea
behind the bare, but prooeadad te
a aa . 1 . .8 .
braaa op aome aii oiana v
..niiiii aarh at I ham waa eivaa a
line of 121 or a Jail eanteneo of twelve
daye. Hut one of them. Marion near.
4.rff i,ail Bald hta flaa at laet a
e unie. Mr. Daardorff formerly llvad
In Waatoo, and hie amualnlancee hare
will doubtlaaa be (lad to leera umt
he had the 131. , '
r ...... I. iha fraahlv fallen enow
iaiiraiad nnndatf mornlna that aome
one had triad to enlar the bark door
of Ihraa Main etreet buatnaaa hoaaaa
durlna- the alaht. Anar evtdantiy
..nKliaa with iha Inch, he cave It up
In each Inaunre aa a bad Job. Aa a
eure-enouirh bunrier would net have
lat a loak bother mm. ina nnaaewa
wanderer la auppoaed to have baaa m
aearch of ahaltar.
A danrlna Hub la balHC OrCBUbwd
la Waaton, and eapacta lo five weekly
aaniaa aurina tha winter. Under club
aueplcea, a nambar of lha anoot ap
proved modem danren will probably
be Introduced In Waa ton. which la
eomewhat backward In a terpelchore
an way and haa hitherto contented lt
aalf lanrely with the time-honored
walta and two-etep.
Wad nunula. Wat la it Roaare pop
ular and Indlapenaable factotum, re
turned with troat-btltan feet rrqan
recant trip to Waaton mountain.
.,... .a tnatallad a asa enrlne
pumping outfit for Roy May. He me
eubeequantty cauead no Utile anaoy
anea and irlbulatlon. . Kred'a feel be
in a rather Important part of bla
a lav Waikar. wall-known retired
farmer of Waaton who haa been ao
Journtnc for the winter In Oakland.
California, wrttaa that ha haa found
a. nrnnm tnt'mn tmnrovament la health
by the change of climate Mr, Walkar
la pleeaantly located In ma varmei
Aaartmanla. 4l Twenty-flflh elreet
and Telegraph avenue.- ,
tv. mtiMa murt mat TuaadaV and
flaad the county tax levy at eeveo and Thi. will ralae a total
of im.OO on the countya taxable
wealth, which la nearly M.e.00.
Th diffarencea with the Milton li
brary board which threatened to hold
up the library tax. were aatlafactorlly
adj tinted. i
u-aa w t. miman. formerly of
Athena, died recently at her home In
Rock Mprlnga, Wyoming. Mra. Oil
man waa a alaler or Mra. K. S. Uallnr,
formerly of Waaton and now of Amar.
iraa eviie. Idaho. Prior to her mar
riage aha waa Mlaa Etta Irona. and re-
aMed In Milton during ner ginnooa.
iiaav ahinmanta of wheat are be
ing made thla week from the Waaton
Warehouse companjr'e warahouae here
to Council Blufta. Iowa. J na gram m
empUed from the bate and ahlpped la
bulk, aa unueuaJ proceeding here.
Parley la alao going out in conaui
ble quantltlea. billed to Tacoma.
The Athena Preaa r porta that "the
electric motor out at the power plart
of the city waterworha went on the
blink when a couple of cella burned
,.t anil rha eltv will be abort of a
water aupply until a ateam plant la
put In condition or new ceiia nave oaan
Ii ami led In tha motor."
Ever ready, willing and ebla to
booet. The Weakly BUIWogger eaye:
"Now that the aaloona are cloaad.
eome of our cttlaena are going to die
cover that Pendleton haa a fine wa
ter aupply. Heretofore they hav con.
demned the Thorn Hollow water Juet
becauae It waa water."
A new Boor la being laid and other
. - - .1 .laaa lawaaa. a.lnW
improve mama ntwa ' " "
building owned by the Baling eatale
and lately vacated by Earl Coutta, at
tha corner of Main and Water atreela.
It will be occupied aoon, having been
laaaad for a terra of three yeara by lo
cal buatneaa men. .
Dr. J. O. Turner of Low a. Turner,
.naxiuiiata nf Portland, will be In
Weeton again Monday, January 10,
and In Athena Tueaaay, January .
Headachea relieved: croaa eyea
atratahtened. No charge for conaul-
tatlon or examination. (Adv.)
Ben and Charlaa DuPuia. who ara
admlrera of Waaton hlatrionlc talent,
motored In from the Adama country
laat week to eee "Blundering ssiuy.
It la almoat auoerfluoua to aay that
their respective wlvea accompanied
them. ' ' , '
The French government wanta S00.
OOb.000 feet of lumber for Immediate
delivery from Oregon and Waahlng
ton mllla, and have placed contract
tor thla material with a Ban Francis
co lumber broker.
Mr. and Mra. A. P. Perry have -tabllahed
their residence upon the
Geo. It. Dlaamore place above towa.
which haa bean leaeed by Mr. Perry.
He will look after hla market bualneaa
In town aa usual. :, . . . . , -
Mr. and Mr. Fred Butterworth,
Fnrmarlv of Valda. Alaska, who were
gueata of Mr. and Mra. E. O. DeMoaa
for the Pt two week, i Monauy
for Pullman, Waah.
Only one " week mora of aeoond
hand bargain In Weaton. Come early.
We may hav- Juat what you want, and
th price la bound to ault you. B. E
Zehm. (Adv.)
A party of friend were pleaaantly
entertained by Mlaa - Rene Banlatrr
Saturday evening at the Baniater rts
Idence on north Water atreet. .
All bills due me are payable to Or-
al Uunran.1. Earl Cealla. (Adv.)
' County Clark Frank' nllf waa In
town from Pendleton Monday on a
bualneaa vlalt,
Mra. Uaal ManaftaM haa returned
to Athena after a vteil with her aie
ter, Mra. . . Harrla.
Mra. ghlrley Paraeit of Portland
haa been visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mra. A. 1. Harnett.
George Carmlchael, aow.a real ee
tate operator of Walla Walla, was
her Monday oa a bustnees vlalt.
Mr. and Mr. George I Horaeman
have returned from a visit to their
daughter, Mr. Walter U McC'redle at
Earl Lleuallen aad Joe Read, pop
ular Weeton young men, ar with u
again, having returned front America
Palla, Idaho.
v Joaaoh PorraaL a prominent farmer
f th Athena neighborhood, ha beaa
ertoualy III of tat at hi bom eootb
of that city.
Dr. A. P. Bam pert i again at hla
dental offices In Weetos, having re
turned Monday from a holiday vlalt
with hla parent at Portland.
Than Wilder, who baa been engaged
In farming for eevera! yeara all mile
weat of Pilot Rock, la here for a flail
with Mra. Wilder parent. Mr. and
Mra. H. Key. ,
Wok 1 j.i haa aavrd eOaflned lo hla
hnma with a dlalocafed elbow reeult-
Ing from a fail which occurred during
a Hide eelrbratloa Drier to the advent
ef the "dry" New Tear. j
Aa 1 expert to rloee my aecond-haad
tore at Weeton within on week
and move the atock elaewhere. Intend
ing purchaser would do well to call
at once. E. E. Zehm. (Adv.)
' laorals Wh Doe hie Header.
Weeton HI took Athena HI Into
camp, ! to It. In th flrat acheduled
came of the Eat End division of the
Umatilla county basketball league.
It waa a fast and diverting arralr.
played Friday evening In the local
court. Between halve, with Waaton
only two point ahead. Coach "Ernie"
Rlomgren waa obaerved to be talking
eomewhat emphatically to hi crew.
Poaalbly he threatened to remove their
hide and anrlnkl them with pepper
If they didn't speed up a bit. Any
way, th things they did to their vis
itor In th second half were hardly
charitable, to aay the least. Line-up
and score:
Waaton Wood 14 and Klrkpatrtck
IS. forwards; Duncan 4. canter: Mae-
kenale, ftmith and Lnndell, guarda. -
Athena Klllgore 4 and Harmon I.
forward: Grant I, renter; Payne 4
and Booh ar. guarda.
All but two of Wood points were
from free throws, while all of Grant'
points war similarly scored. Klrk
patrtck tossed all six of hla baskets
from the field.
Th second teems of both ' schoola
alao clashed, and Weaton took thla
contort. It to It. Its player were:
Ray Oould and Burcy. forwards:
Webb, center; King, Otla Gould and
Tuck Smith, guard. Burgy led In
the acorlng. "
Thla (Friday) evening the lorala
have a double header game with Mil
ton HI. For thla occasion the girls'
team will co-operate with the flrat
team of bova la upholdine; Weston's
laurels, plenty of ., excitement and
amusement for followers of the game
la anticipated. - .
RnrccaKTul Amalrur Comedy. .
Weaton'a reputation as a local cen
ter of amateur dramatic art waa sus
tained and enhanced by the recent
production of "Blundering Billy" by
a well-balanced cast. The play pleas
ed a crowded house, and at popular
price netted nearly t So for th ex
chequer of the Ladle Guild,
"Blundering .Billy' I a genuinely
amusing comedy, without a doll line
and brim-full of action. . Comedy to
aauatly difficult for amateurs, but
thla one went through without a hitch
and scored an Indubitable hit. Judging
from lha hearty enoonlums bestowed
upon play and players.
Cast, fur the tit le role. Frank Graham
waa fully equal to the demand made
upon him for affective blundering
throughout the piece.- He looked and
acted hla part with th adaptability
of a Nat Goodwin. Miss Lois Porter
waa delightfully winsome and Interest'
lng aa Dorothy Tut tie, the Ingenue of
tha play, (-lark Wood as Kara Tuttle.
a rich mine owner, "struck It rich" for
the only time In hla life. Lela G. Sal
lng supplied the needed dramatic
touch" aa the hdventureea, ably supple
mented by Claud PHoa in th role of
Lieutenant rGriswold. Tim McBrlde
waa an exceedingly brlney old salt as
Hank Dibble. Mabel Graham waa a
charming little Japanese girl, and
Valph Baling an Inimitable Chlneae
servant. It was a good cast through
out, tn fact Doubtless the member
would admit thla themselves.
Pleasing music waa furnlahed for
the performance "by a local orchestra
consisting of Rudolph Proebstel, vio
lin; Mra. A. James, piano; Leon Lun
dell, cornet; Virgil Lundell, trombone.
AaaftataAt Manager for Weaton Store.
' J. H. Williams arrived In Weeton
Monday to take a position aa assist
ant manager of the Weston Mercantile
Company, and haa since been In active
pursuance of his new duties. Mr.
Williams doea not succeed . Manager
Mover, who retains the general direc
tion of the store and will also do Ha
buying. Relieved, however, from de
tail work In connection with the Wee
ton store, Mr. Slover will be enabled
to give more time to hla Important
mercantile interest at Freewater. He
haa been working almost night and
day since the Weston store waa estab
lished, and was beginning to feel the
strain of his exacting duties.
As assistant manager, Mr. Williams
will have Immediate personal charge
of Weaton'a popular merchandising
establishment- He I well fitted for
his duties here by a number of yeara
of successful experience with the de
partment store of Roberts Brothers In
Portland the necond oldest mercan
tile house In th metropolis. He ex
presses entire confidence In the con
tinued success of "ths Weston Mer
cantile Company, saying that he finds
Its good, quarters and arrangement
to be admirable, Indeed. He haa
taken $580 worth of atock in the com
pany. In order to Identify himself with
It In a financial way,
Mr. Williams ha a wife and two
children, who will Join him oon In
Weston and take up their permanent
residence here.
Basket ball tonight.
) , Ss;: v ' AbOllt It ;':.:-,:';'; .
J --a-tosBa--- "A1 " J-IL 'L -L- '-M r1' r'li t '""ILJ) "I " ' ' an ! 'i , jifflyB, f ff -TmXTT"iri"i IHt Hi ll'linHalaa
f. ' ' '
' It's to be a good year, friends, for all of us.
"We feel it in our bones." And we wish you all
health, wealth and happiness, for your prosperity is
ours also. With entire confidence we'll write it
The new eouocU took bold Wednee-
day evening of Weeton' affair. May
or Hanltr succeeded lo the gavel of
Mayor Harbour, and Cotinclimen v. n.
Wood, Frank Price aod Ralph Sal I o if
mmrnr In Uar Rsnieter
announced hi committee appointment
aa followa:
Water Wuraer, Roger, Prlc.
Street Baling, Brandt, Wood.
Fir aod IVlice Wood, Prioa and
Brandt- -J ,,
Ordlnaoea-Kogera, w uraer, oaimg.
(finance and PropertyBrandt, Rog
ers. liog. , , .
Heailtt t'rice, vtuuu, immr,
rk. aM tkpM annlleanta for the
offlc of chief of police -W. a Price,
Georire Noabitt and ii. L. Wilson. The
tar will be retained by Chief Wilson.
Fred MeGrew waa appointed elly at
tornev, aod Dr. C H. Smith health of-
lloer ana city poysician
tt'arer receitxa of tljd wer report
ed for December.
I'aw... Ual.llt aniinilUM OV SUDeriO-
undent Rol.ineon the local high school
waa granted in ireeootai
ball gym. 1
Aouual report were read and re
ferred to the finance committee.
Rettca tf StothtOmf Umt ITU
Wtstaa MercaaUi C.
rnLa aaUtn nf Ma-kltoMerS
of The Weeton Mercantile Company
f ) 1. 1 .1 I tk. kl.aruilM Hail at
Will W ... ...a. '
Waaton. Ore tr on. on Wednesday, Janu
ary 19. Win, at 1 M o'clock p. m.. for
the purpose or electing a noeru w i-
. - aul Af I Mnun.intf aueh Other
bualneaa aa may lawfully com before
aid meeting.
Weaton, ur., Jan. i, ivio.
(Signed) J. V. SlaOVBH,
Notloa of StockltoWcra' Meeting. '
The annual meeting of stockholder
of The Farmera Bank of Weston wit
be held at It office In the City of
ifi.. rnnni it ITmatilla. State of
Orek-on. on Friday, the 2ih day of
I-.....-.. iai at l-.ia o'clock tn tha
afternoon, for the election of directors
for the enaulng year, and for tne wan,
action of uch other bualnee a may
properly come before the meeting.
Weaton. Or.. DecemWr 31, 1915.
, K. M. SMITH, Caahler.
Wa ara tilefclv Dleased With the
QITICK action of buckthorn bark, gly
cerine, etc.. aa mixed In Adler-l-ka,
ha annendlcltls preventative. ONE
SPOONFUL -relieve eour stomach
gas. and constipation AT ONCE. H
Goodwin, druggist.
Elklna. V. Va. Wild hog rushed
down the mountain and Into th
home of Sanford PhlHipa In th foot
hill, where they attacked Phillips 1
y ear-old son. The child, frightened,
rushed to the corner where a mirror
hung. When tha hoga saw their re
flections In the mirror, they became
panto-stricken and ruahed hack to the
hills, leaving th child uninjured.
and Tailor Shop
I A clean place, morally, 1
ana samvary.
I Expert Barbering f
We clean, alter, preaa and
I jpgr And don't forget "Little
Jimmie." Shoes chined for
X ladiea and gentlemen. -
I R. L Reynaudi
(jJvN: THIS rather snappy
f New Year it's a good
time to resolve to fill your
coal bins. We have plenty
of Spring Canyon and Kem
merer . coal. Weston Brickyard.
iBiHiEil mfo
an - --r- r- ' if r .i-i ..I
A lev Year
"Resolved, That my home will
be made more cheerful this com
ing year than it was in the past;
because I will visit the DeMoss
Furniture Store and purchase
some article that will make the
New Year truly a happy one."
Let not this be neglected, but
come at once. We are ready.
The Leader Prints Butter Wraps
. Zia aJl Cak Sa-a Naa II . fr'S JfWfX WAHWWiiM
Homt Merchant Prices
25 pound pail stock food...... 12.25
12 pound pkg. stock food .... 1.00
14 pound pkg. atock food..... .65
' 2 pound pkg. stock food 25
Comparison of dosage two
tables poonful twice daily.
$ f
-S .-I i j
ax , 1 Ml aeH . f
aaVwa.'Saaf 1k-a V
Mail Order and Ped-
. . .' d!er$' Price . J
25 pound pail stock food..f3.E0
7 pound pkg. atock food 1.09 i
3,4 pound pkg. stock food ... .59
' lis pound pkg. stock food ... .5 f
Two tables poonful three
time dwly.
rug toro I?
m. m m