The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 31, 1915, Image 4

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tul U..uw4 ! I I
Demonstration of Actual Operations
in Held Would Enlighten Mem
, bers of Lawmaking Body.
Washington.' D. C Congress will
fcsve an object leeeoo in prefiaredneee
i for modern warfare if Senator turn
'. herlain. of Oreeoo. chairman ef the
. senate committee on military affairs.
succeeds In carrying out a plan he haa
conceived to illuatraU graphically the
' problem of national defense
When entrre reassembles the
ator will h-odom that a division of I
regular troop or of regular and Na
tional Guard troops bo aaambled at
tha noaraot auitabe point to Washing-
ton. He would have thee troops
when mobilised dig trenchea and Other-
viae fort'fv a defensive position.
Although the poaition would not bt
1 defended by troop and no men would
be under fire at any time, the Senator
" la of the opinion that tha attack would
' furnish a mora valuable object leaaon
than an ordinary rnaneuver or eham
i'r. Chamberlain believe that after
- witnessing the mobilisation of a divis-
, loo and an attack of thia cnancter
senator and representative would re
turn to Washington better prepared
to legislate for the equipment and
training of an army required by mod
era conditions of warfare.
Here are some of the issues which
would be illuminated by such an object
First Tha training, organisation
and discipline necessary if a division
is going to dig itself in properly and
otherwise prepare for the defense of
anv Bosition it mav hold.
Second The difficulties attending
' the defense and attack of a poaition
and the training and discipline abso
lutely essential if such defense or at
tack i to be made. '
Third Effect of high explosive shell
and grenade fire and what it mean to
have to face it.
Fourth Our lack of heavy field
urns needed to smash infantry trenchea.
Fifth How difficult it would be for
a to mobilise one complete division.
, which is the smallest complete division
of an army.
"I am constantly impressed with the
difficulty of creating a thorough under
standing of the necessity of providing
adecrante National defense." aid Sea-
ator Chamberlain. '
"People read how battle are fought
newadavs in Europe, but they are of
the preparation to fight such battles.
Ctise Kitf is Assssstcd
in &a frasaso tact Bali
San Francisco Wong Yuen Yang,
. former editor of the Asiatic News, a
paper published at Shanghai, as the
f official organ of Chinese favoring a re
1 turn to the monarchial form of, govera-
! merit, was shot In the back ; and killed
while attending a Chinese Christmas
banquet tare Saturday night.
The assasain escaped and was unrec-
' osnized.
V Wong had taken his Christmas din-
ner in a private dining-room wttn u
V ri.l r T li both Chinese
' commissioners to. the Panama-Pacifiel
exposition from Chili promlce, China. I
in we adjoining oanquei oaii nun-
" Wiaf
i adrtdbiner
Wong left his eomproion for a mo-
ment to light a cigarette at the cash-
' ier'a desk. Just a bs was about to
X return to his - table an unidentified
' Chineea fired two shots, both of which
took effect - Wong fell and. crawled
7, to the room ha had left a moment be-
v fore. : fie was dead: when medical aid
) reached him. -A '
The assasain threw his weaoon to
v the floor and dashed down a long stair-
i way to the street, where ho was lost
to view in a dense crowd of Chinese
and sightseers. r - - ; I
Oregon Goes to Militia.
San Diego, CaL The battleship
Oregon, "the bulldog of the Navy,
will be turned over to the California
naval militia at San Francisco on Feb
ruary 15, according to orders received
Monday by Commander Reeve from
Secretary of the Navy Daniel..
Tb militia will not have an oppor
tunity to handle and fire the 13-inch
gun on the Oregon, in Commander
Reeves' opinion, . because of the heavy
cost, of . operating these oig pi
and of tha long course of trainnig
quired. -,, - - ;
, German Attack Costly.
Paris t- "Information received re
garding the fighting, on December 21
between ;. Ypre ' and Armentiers" indi
cate that th Germans aaustained a
loss of more than 8000 men without
gaining any ground," says a dispatch
on the northern front. "The fighting
was most severe and a large quantity
of asphyxiating gas was used, but the
Enrlish line remained intact.
"The attack is ' thought to have
been th prelude to aa offensive or
to test tb strength of th English
front." -
' Silk Hosiery Worn More. :
- Washington, D. C A report of an
investigation of the hosiery manufac
turing industry by tb Department of
Commerce was transmitted to Preei-
c"-nt WHson by Secretary Redfield.
Americans were found to be wearing
siik hosiery more and more, and as a
rsn't cotton hosiery manufacturers
rs tu&klng ees profit than silk manu
fsrturera. American manufacturers
mem reported to he making a profit of
rwij 12 per cent on ecpiul invested.
sa-i:if a: v,;;;i u
viiliiit J,
Now York One of tha weirdest
storms the East baa seen In many
years rain, bail and snow, accom
panied by thumlor and lightning and a
g that reached a mavtmum veiocuy
of Wil muse an aour oeacemwa iruoa
the northwest early Monday as the ef
termath of a Christmas tog. It indi
rect) caused seven deaths in this city.
carried down telegraph pole, damaged
shinning, crippled railroad traffic and
cauaed coniderebte property damage.
The phenomenon of thunder and
lightning In the midst of driving snow
awakened New Yorkers at the height
nf tha atom about 7 o'clock.
Twenty-five persons aboard 15 canal
boat driven ashore off Sandy Hook
were rescued by the coast guard crew,
A barge sprang a leak and sank IS
mile east of Ambrose Lightship.
Seven Erie railroad barge loaded with
automobile sank in the East river.
The deaths in the city resulting from
the gal all occurred while the blind-
Or. David Starr Jordan, president of
Leland Stanford, Jr, university, sug
nested to President Wilson that s
conference of neutral nations b
called to act as a voluntary court 1
arbitration to receive and consldsr an
plana that may be advanced lookinf
toward peace In Europe.
ing snow storm was at its height. A
fireman was fatally injured while re
sponding to an alarm. A woman was
run over by a streetcar. Another
woman collapsed and died in the street
while battling against th gale on her
way to church. A flagman at Totten
viUe, Staten Island, was blown in
front of a train and killed instantly.
A bicyclist in a heavy rain ran into an
automobile at Mineola and was fatally
injured, Hia wife, wV was riding
with him, also suffered injuries from
which she may die. ; An aged man fell
oir an icy pavement in Newark and
died of a fractured skull on his way
to a hospital.
' five Provinces Revolt
, San Fiancisew-Tb punitive, a
edition against "Juan Shi Kai"is the
nune selected for tha organised revo-
luticnary party reryrted to be active
in China against th return to mon-
archial government and the coronation
of Yaan Shi Kai as its emperor. This
information was contained in a eable-
gram received here Tuesday by Tong
KingChong, president of the Cbee
Kong Tong (Chinese Republic Aseocia-
tion) fro the headquarters of the
movement - at Shanghai. From the
same sources came the first news of
the declaration of independence from
tha role of Yuan Shi Kai by Yunnan
province and the reported revolt of
four other Chinese provinces.
Marshall's Tree Costly,
Washington, D. C. Desiring to eon-
form to an amiable Indiana custom of
allowing no Christmas go by without
a tree Vice President Marshall sent
his chauffeur to Virginia to bring
Later the vice president waa advised
that hi chauffeur had been arrested
for speeding, and the vice president's
secretary. Mark Tbiatlewaite, went to
the rescue The vice president had
bis tree in the apartment in th Will-
srd. but he said that ha would- advise
his chauffeur next time not to be
such a hurry about it.
Germany Draws Tighter. :
Tb Hague American and other
neutrals are further restricted from
entering Germany under new regula
tion issued by th German foreign
office. To obtain a vise of bis pass
port, the bolder will be compelled to
proceed personally to the German
(diplomatic or consular office and pro
vide two photographs lor tiling, stmt
lar to thst affixed to the passport, and
also show birth or naturalisation cer
tificate The holder of the passport
must prove the urgency of his journey,
and submit his business papers. ,
Rocks Rolled on Town,
Roma, via- London The following
official statement was issued Monday:
Along the Tyrol-Trentino-Carnia
front there has been sn intense artil
lery engagement. The enemy also
rolled enormous boulder on th vil
lage of Loppio, in th valley of the
Anige. from overhanging cliffs, with
out causing serious damage. '
"Our artillery shelled numerous
calumns of munition stores on the
.- ". ' ,i
Vi.-, :-,;;- .. .J
.v..-,,. trv. ntn-f.m 7l
bushel; forty-fold, Te club, ; red
Fife, tic; red Russian, 810.
Hay Eastern Oregon timothy,
ffilT ton: valley timothy. 112514: al-
falfa. 1S.60U.60; cheat, $10(311;
oata and vetch. 11 168 H.
Illlireed Spot price: Bran, $21
ton: aborts, 123, rolled barley, tm
Com Whit. 135 ton: cracked, 31
Vegetables Arttcbokea, $1.10doa.t
tomatoes, California, $l.t6$l.M ease;
cabbage, 90s cwt; garlic, l&e pound;
pepper. 10 O ; eggplant, lOe;
snrouta. 8c: horseradish. 8ie; eault
flower, T6!l$l.5 dosea; eelery. 0
Oc; bean. ISiatlSa pound; lettuce,
I?M r7B crate: neaa. 16c pound.
Green Fruit Pear. I1SI1.60 bos;
grape, ti barrel; cran berries, $10J
U 60 barrel.
PoUtosa Oregon, tldJl.lB sack;
Yakimas, t.l6Sl.Z5; sweets, 12.50
1.76 cwt.
Onion Oregon, buying price, $1.10
f . o. b. hlpplng point.
Apples SpiUanbergs, extra fancy,
$125 box; fancy, fl; choice, $1.1
1.60: Jonathans, extra fancy, $1.60;
fancy. $1.16; choice. $1; Yellow New
town, extra fancy, l; lancy,;
choice. $1 en 1.26: Baldwin, extra
fancy, $1.60; fancy, $1.26; choice, $1:
Russeta. orchard run. $1.
Erse Orecon ranch, buying price
No 1. 65c: No. 1 18c: No. 8. 18c
Jobbing price: No. 1. 88c; Oregon
storaf. 2628c
Poultry Hsna, amaU. 11 fj lite
pound; large, 13114c; springs. 12(J
ISc: turkey, live. 15f(20e; dreaaea,
1324c; ducks, 1216c; geese, 10a
lie. -
Butter City creamery, cub, ex
tras, selling at 29ic; firsts. Tie;
print and carton, extra. Price paid
to producers: Country creamery, 24(
He; botterfat. No. 1. 11c; No. I, EM.
Veal Fancy, 1010ic pouno.
Pork Fancy, 6(s$?c pound.
Hons 1916 eroD. nominal.
Hide Salted hides. 16e; salted
kip, 16c; salted calf, 18c; green hides.
14c: gpreen kin, 16c; green can, ise;
drv hide. 25c: dry calf. 17c.
Wool Eastern Oregon. 18 zm;
valley, 2526c; fall Umba' wool, 26c;
mohair. Oregon. 28c
Caaeara bark Old and new. SK'e.
CatUe Choice steers, $7 & 7.50;
good, $6.76 T; medium, $86.75;
choice cows. $5.2605.76: good.
6.26; medium, $i.605; heifer, $3.60
6; bulla, $3g5; tags. i.wX(;a.j:o.
Hog Light, $.96$B.1Q; aeavy,
Sheep Wether. $4.70.75; wea,
$46; lambs, $67.60.
No Lowering of Apple Standards.
Spokan . Refusal to sanction any
lowering of th standards of grade and
pack featured th annual conference
her Thursday of Washington fruit
The warmest fight of tha day can
tered around an attempt to allow the
putting of worm-stung apple Into th
fancy, or No. 2, grade Th Yakima
Vallev delentioa led tha battle in
favor of tha plan, but was beaten by a
vote of 160 to 20, th opposition being
championed by th Wenatchee growers.
Th fruit men also voted, 90 to 86,
to exclude worm-stung apples from th
"C" grade : In th heated debate that
oreeededtbe vote J. S. Sugrae of
Cavere, leader of th Wenatchee dele
gation, said sentiment in his district
that eventually there would be
only two grade of apples, and that the
Wenatchee growers favored tha estab
lishment of a combination grade to In
erase ooui we saucy w w
tie ursea uwt we mrwnvutumm v u 1
by-products industry, prefersbly tj ws i
growers themselves, wouw bare to D
depended upon to handle tha large ton-
nag of cull fruit.
FlOUr Takes Another Jump.
The rtrength of the wheat market
IT .v- n ra r.l ! rmJ
m u rmuc iwuirot, .www
flour prices upward agian. Tb ad-1
vane is 20 cents a barrel In patents
which puts wholesale quotation at $5.
20. Other domestic grades underwent
a similar advance Export flours
also higher at $4-204.80. Millfeed
ia holding steady in spite of large
stocks, aa there is excellent demand.
Wheat Is decidedly strong in all th
country markets. Bids on the basis of
$1 Coast were mad for bloestem, but
farmers asked $1.02 adjnor.
Wheat Outlet Cloa.
The embargo on wneat snipmenis io i
Atlantic seaboard terminals is now
miMii enmniata. and aa the larffer
k. hnfin. l.f. hu Wn far I
shipment of that character, the result
..... . .... .1
niiM, nhiMiiiiM r mffttrttv in 1
tha Northwest. Export operttions I
have not entirely ceased, however, and
it is said there is little buying against
tUm nn..hllit that tha Mnharon will
not be of long duration. Thar is also
aim trade for Eautern milling account.
hot. on the whole business passing In
tha country is of much smaller volume I
Coal Boom Expected. '
Chehalis. Wash. Report of the
possible building of a railroad through
tbe Cascade mountains in tb vicinity
of the Cowlitz Psss have aroused much
(ntereat here, owinc to the ownership
by Chehalis people and others, of val-
uable anthracito coal deposiu in that a Iillputisn auditorium, where cmi
vicinity. These holdings msy be sold dren's plays will be given, and a ba
te Eastern coal operator who are look- xaar for the free .exhibition of new
imr for Western property lor develop-1
ment. Msny who have examined th
district declare there Is a large tonnag
of high-grade eoaL No coal has
been shipped from that field.
Klamath Falls Packing Plant Starts.
Klamath Falls, Or. Klamath Falls
has a meat packing plant that began
operation this week. Th plant is an
extension of the operations of th
Klamath Packing company, of this
city, and, in
addition to supplying
Klamath FalU market, it will
ahln to Is
California pointe An expert
ia in charge
f All rcad mmc KCO
tAlcego-rui reoonis in me
of railroad Uaffla war broken In Oct-
bar, who the flood or export snip-
emu for Europe, coupled with tha
&SU2U&1 "ttsX ti Astumn artlrlty.
gross revenues of United States rait
wavs war carried to a total of mora
than $313,000,000.
Simultaneously, for th first tint In
almost two year, expense recorded
aa Increas over th year before.
These are features af figures forth
month compiled for road which oper
ated mileage of more than $66,000
miles, omitting th smaller road.
October, ISIS, tha previous record
month, reported a total of about $306
000,000. Th old record thus is beat
en by about $7,000,000. Striking a
thia October gross seems agtnt th
Door earning of recent year, it is
Senator Charles 8. Thomas of Colo
rado, chairman of the aenata ci
mltte an woman uffrg, pacified th
suffragists by providing for a hearing
before th eommltte on th Susan B.
Anthony amendment removing from
the aallet tha qualification of aa.
noteworthy that tha growth
years sine October, 1912, '
lightly more than 2 per cent.
Sine then about 7500 mile of oper
ated mileage have been added. Nor-
growth in traffic with which
ingle exceptional months eannot
holly be compared, I considered
about 8 per cent a year.
Abnormal conditions In expenses,
which left ia September a record-
bearking net revenue, continued in
October, and another new high point
for net waa set at nearly $120,000,000.
$7,000,000 abov September'
record. ...... ,
U'osi lastsir Yard Cants
' At fzfihzi Will Great Less
Damag of probably $100,000 .. to
$160,000 was caused to th plant of
tha Emerson Hardwood company, at
Twentieth and North Front street,
Portland, at 1 o'clock Tuesday morn
Th fir broke out in a dry tun at
.lw.fc n.. W,k f the nrda
1, i
It Waa estlmsted that 200,000 feet
h.nT.nni inn,iutr had bean da-
tt was valued at $60 to $160
a thousand feet, according to th
trraAem of wand.
Th plant was located in North Port-
gtoe, Work, A West-
em jLAimoer company.
on tha water-
Tb Eastern ft Western plant was
not in any danger, but tha firemen be
gan playing water on tha Iron works.
The Northern raeine owl train, leav
ing Portend at 12 :80 o'clock, was
halted bv tha fire ' -
Tha fire was moot spectacular, Mtng
visible through the mist from nearly
every part of th city.
; Estat Goes to Charity.
Wew YorkMrs. Laura S. Rockefel
ler, wife of John D. Rockefeller, who
lat March, left an estate valued
lt i 490,471, according to th ap-l
Inralsal filed in tha Surrogate's court.
Th balk of the estate as announced
when the will was probated, goes to
cnarwaDie ana eaucuiomu iibuvuhm.
. . n 1 .tt huJJi..
an, nocaeieuw wums '
whicn sn Dequeatneu to ner son."
apparised. at 3. Her most jsluable
piece 01 . jeweiry, mauwiw
icnain. vaiueu Bt Ke w "
Bantt Will buiio noma.
New York Christmas day brought
the announcement that architect have
been commissioned to prepare plans
for a monument to Santa Claus in th
form of a which will serv a
hasAroarters in this city for the Inter-
national Santa Claus association. The
structure will exemplify the 'spirit of
Christmae Th plan will provide for
toys to encurage ino wj-uuiun w
austry in tcis country.
War Airmen Not Citizens.
Washington, D. C. State depart-
meat officials have Indicated that no
action would bo taken on demands for
the internment of Elliott Cowdin, Nor
man Prince and William Thaw, three
Americana now bom on furlough from
th French army. Tha department
nrobsblvwUl take tbe position that
when th three mon Joined the army of
foreiam nower they retiouncea their
Ameircan citizenship ana entered wis
country as soiaiers unsraieo.
" "-if- " :
tio miosny ni
Hat Wrought
, tn Feelings.
French eld!r View MmMee f I
th Downfall f Nspolssn, Ishlb
Ked In tritlsh Capital, With.
aut ixprsasloa ef Imotlsis
Kvry America visitor to London,
probably, make a call at tha three
storied building opposite th Hon
Guard, th former banqueting ball of
th palace of Whitehall, from a win
dow on tb second Door of which
King Charts I stepped onto tb lo
cution platform and, after addressing
tha gathered throng, brarsly mat hi
t raglo fate remarks tha London
Th building I bow called tha Royal
United Servlc Museum, and la th
mala hall, contrasting strangely with
th richly figured calling by Petr
Paul Rubene are thousands of rsllcs
recalling tha almost numborlsss war
In which th manhood of this country
ha engaged.
Yesterday tha writer followed
through th turnstile of th museum
two French Infantry soldiers, on laav
from th front, fresh from month af
Sghtlng. ld by side with Tommy
Atktne against a common foe. Ia th
great hall, la eoormou show caaee
are models setting out tha exact posi
tions at tha battle of Trafalgar and
Waterloo, those hlstorlo combats oa
land and on sea which did so much to
mar tha fortunes of Napoleon and to
hatter tha predominant position of
In on case little patch of msie-
believe amok trace th two Itnee th
allies and tha French, while cluster
of tiny red brick house mark th po
sition of village of Belgium familiar
area to vry follower of the present
world struggle.
Ia th second cm th fleet of Nel
son ta shown at tha critical moment
when, led by th Victory and th
Fighting Temeralre. It pierced tha
line of th French and Spanish fisets.
Indeed, It eemed to th writer h
hung orsr th showcases and studlsd
th poslUoue that Nelson used th
phalanx" as affectively as did Von
Mackeosea In Galicia. and aa French
and Joffre are trying to do la Franca
and Belgium now.
But. beside the two cases, tber
are mora Immediate Ilnka with tha
French and English past. Nearby Is
th skelston of Ns poison's favorite
charger. Ia another case Is th curved
sword wore by Wellington at moat of
his famous engagements Many are
tha relics of tb peninsula campaign.
Her la tha uniform, capa and hat
worn by Wellington during tb whol
peninsula campaign, and "deposited"
la th mussum by hi valsL On erery
Id are guns taken from tha Freach,
while overhead are battle Sags bear
ing tha car of honorabl warfare
And tha two Freach soldlar viewed
It all without enmity or unpleasant
comment. -
Novsl Armored Suit That It 11
Thought Would 8v Llf la
' Cvsnt of Aceldsnt
A pneumatic armor ha been pat
ented for tha purpose of earing tha
lives of motor-cycle ridere and par!
tlcularly racers, wbe with this pro-1
tectiv garb, may smash Into each
otber or dive Into a fence without tb
least regard for tb consequence.
The armor consists of a one-plecs suit
of stout material into which th wear
er Is laced.
Attached to th exterior of th suit
la a long tub curled back and forth
until th entlr person of th wearer
is protected by a cushion of air. Tbe
latter ! pumped Into tbe tub In tb
am manner a a tire 1 moated, and
when It Is desired to pack tb suit tb
air may be allowed to escspe so that
th outfit will tak up as llttl specs
as possible The Inflation and defla
tion is don through th mean of th
check valves at tha bImvm and at tb
trousers top.
Perpetual Restraint
"When I was a boy," said Mr. Cum-
fox, "my father used to reprova m
for reading dime novele"
"It waa meant for the Dest. '
"But a person ongbt to get beyond
tbat sort of discipline sometime Now
mv daughters reprova m lor wanting
to see all tha moving plcturee"
Th Masculine View,
His Wife Isn't my new gown Quit
becoming to me dear
itu ti ...K.nI C tira tlifna- AtiA I
anrno(. ths bill for it will soon b
omlog to me
Odd Dream Adventure
"Talking of dream," said th Jolly
arid man, "tbe other nlht an luoau
descent bulk burst tn our bed room
whtl 1 was doting and dreaming that
I ... jrivina mv aula ilunc a cnun-
I try road, on hearing th esplostoa 1
got out, ana wnea I woae up
under the bed tinkering the prim
with my wife's maalour mC iiostoa
Th Call af th Llnke
"Jock. moa. I'll go y a round ea
IKa links I' lha mitfulll'"
"The morulu'T" echoed Jock, da-
"Ay. mon. th morning', I'll o 1
a rouad If v like "
. "Ay. well" atd Jock. "Ill to 7.
But 1 had Intended to get marrlt
th morula'.' Uosloa Traniorlut
. Were Trouble Avertse
"Ttiav rieht like eats and doge"
"Then you don't tbluk It waa a for
tune! mArrlaaet" '
"Oh. ee In a wy. If tbsy hadal
married each other, each wight bar
married someone else, and mada four
people unbappy lusteau of twe,, Boa-
ton Tranacript
f Tw USwl fWH iwX.IHUm la Pal
Baxilae ifc I'urwk riiaiJne V,
M Um
Wa fih Mothsrlssef
"W hsv Just loarned that Adam
aa tha first man," aald th 8unday
School teacher to tha Infant elaae
"Now It Adam waa tha first man, eaa
you tell ai who was tb first woman r
And tha little chap at th and of
tha mw declared confidently !
-His metherP Philadelphia Ro-
ord. .
Thy urely 0 It
"I don't ue why Terbody I ao
dowa oa the war censors Areat they
merely performing a couslslent dutyT
"How soT"
"Well, what good la a censor antes
h incense th people rlial Urn ore
Te Bm U te tw ise
Alwaya haks In aura's rool-SMS, s powder.
1 eumfcoi, Hitlit. soi!t . oH hwt
arwearu,tnrawliig nilsua aunlAo. At
til Sruxl.u auS b Una. SM. tKwl aMWnl
utTiutitiui. Miai'leMilxiratJt. AAdrea
titoa a, oiiMKd. Say a. I. .
Lt, Not Qon Befare
An elderly gsntlemaa waa obaerved
acting rather nervously la a depart
ment store and tha floorwalker ap
proached him.
"Anything 1 can do for your
"I hare lost mv wife"
"Ah. ves. mourning good two
flight up." responded ta floorwalker,
boston Transcript.
"Mr. Redlnk." aald tha boss, vra
ly. "you got off yeaterday afternoon
nnder tha Dies of being lck. I saw
you afterward going to tha races, and
u'i inuir ta be at all sick."
Mr. Hedlnk waa fully equal to th
occasion. . ro ought to haa eea
me after tha second race sir," h
said. Puck.
GmIkm IuU tMtnwU-M lot 4tao-l
twt C IMrUMttt. mua.
MIndrteod. "
"Tou will understand," aald tb
elocution teacher, "that when 1 wave
my bands In the air and more my lips
without being beard. I am "-
picture of profound mental anguish."
"I m glad to snow (nai,
th pupil. "I thought you were giving
Wf IU1IWUVM W. k.b.w
Washington 8ur.
Sim naaiife. Iima Reeallrel rres
Ocaiiau ai4 rsriMtoua m4 Martae Se
Kady away year batare H was Itn4 ae a
DeaMsiM are ateauiM. aimue m uu
madad by Out Fhf Meteaa aa goanuHoea
by Ibm aa a Bailable Halt! tor Sr Ul Need
Can. Try It In roar sad la '
We eeMMtlng Jul T Cfnn. KnyfelarlBe
af rear Brastlat aeSMilMlMela, aad li
llfWd wrtt lot ef UM rw.
atttuHM mvm tumnutt ctx, cuxuauu
, In Safa Hande
"I hear there I a movement on
foot to weed out all unscrupulous law
vara at tha Plunkvllle bar."
"We Investigated and found there
are no unscrupulous lawyers at th
Plunkvllle bar."
"Who investigated
"Us lawyereVLoulsvlila Courier
XsurnaL . "".
A Running Account
"I bought this armchair on th In
stallment plan,"
"Kasy termst"
"itatherl A dollar down and a dol
lar whenever the collector eaa catch
me." Boston Transcript.
, Making Coin Fly.
"'I suppose you get soms good busi
ness from th 400 T" "
"Oh, yes," aald th New York mer
chant. "But tbe dlssy spender are
the ones who are trying to break into
th 400." Louisville Courier-journal.
Incrsassd Consumption.
"Why do you insist tbat peopt are
not Ilka they wer In your youth T"
rwhen I was young," replied Mr.
Dusttn 8 tax, "I burned the midnight
oil. - My boys burn gasoline 14 hour
In tb day." Washington Star.
" Just 80. ' ' KT
It may be that there Is to snob
thing as luck. Still, It Is sometimes
difficult to understand why one side
of a street should be so much busier
than th other. Lcutsvllt Courier
Journal. .Her ' "reference.
Sunday School Teacher Tou must
grow up to be good. Don't you want
to be looked uo tot.
- Little Km ma Wayup No; I'd rather
be looked around at Judge,
The Autocrat
My father U a captain in the army,"
aid tbe little boy in blue, "and what
ever be aays the men have to do it"
"That's nothlnl" retorted the boy in
the red sweater. "My old man's a
Janitor." '...- ;, ; .
. . On Its Hssls.
First Father What! Your son !
aa undertaker: Why, I inougot you
aid be waa a doctor.
Second Paternal Relative "No, I
said he followed the medical profeslon.
Harvard Lampoon.
Yotf mm
Ihrourh vour atabla
mil 01
whn rnu baaln tha traiinrit. N mMr how "";
SPOHN' la aafa to um on any coll. !t la wond-rCiit bow It
iimiM all dltmpra, tin nrnttr bf" ro!t or hwtti st
anv an. are "awael.- All 'l and turf SxlS
Ln, anil mantirarlurera e!l (vPOMN'8 Mf art eenta ami It
a Iwltla: 15 and 110 a eon. S.'OHN C-O-i C
.lata sd RsoterloleBista, aor.n, Ins.. U. e A.
To C!::nso
Rusty Mail
Always CM
te tha
a a a e r--. 11 rx
For CaH. Wirt
Cuts. Lamaneaa.
f (rains. Dunoktt,
Tfcrwsh. Okl Sor.
rutuU, DIfng, L.
liads Since 1840.
rrle 23s, 10 aad 1100 : .
All Defers
Dalles CoIumhiT Lino
Winter chdul14tgJ. 05 to Mar. I.
IShwi i Hi rmil Tln till-
ewra em r rhiar. u r
(Miae Tajrw si. iv .
1Mb Jnd Pncttgri IW Im
Mad fnaa ymit tM m l-at k
H ! N TIKka VkHI. am. ,
HO WaakiasM 8U rorUand, Or.
n.i... I urwAlala tan a.4 anlMn1
BMaltM iMiKlnt. pnaiUMM aM.l-l f
ft mum aad HrlMkn, WUHum.
. Iuf ravta aad UliUial IwaaM. IW
aalU MiuMU. rarUaad. Uneu.
A guaranteed remedy for Colt Is and
1 Crinne Price Itf of your dniirgtat.
It s good. Take nothing eue auv,
MosascBSe Oils ssd Grc
Til lUnlaa,
motom oar svrrLr CO, fne
lj Broadway Me remand, Ore
"Tou will anderstaad," said tha lo
cution teacher, "that when 1 war my
hand In th air and move my llpa
without being heard, I am giving a
picture of profound mental anguish."
'I'm glad to anew mat,- answered
tha pupil. "1 thought you were givlug
Imitation or a train policeman,'
Washington Star. -
Tha Only Way. '
Peddler I have a most valuable
book to sell, madam. It tolls how to
do everything.
Lad (sarcastically) JOs it ton
how to get lid of a pestering peddler?
Peddler (promptly) on, yes, msa.
ami Duy something from htm. Ill
mlng Age-Herald.
A Literary Rarity.
How did you hsppen to buy this
boot and shoo Journal r
'It didn't bav a airi on in rront
eover. Tb novelty mttc cf appeatey .
to me" Loulavlllo Courier-Journal.
"Do you belle la telepathy"
"I shouldn't Ilk to it carried to
an extrema," replied mis tayenne
If verybody could ascertain what
everybody else I thinking about, so
few of us would bo oa peaking
terms!" Washington 8tar.
Cool. V " -
Say. old man. wfll you lend
rows a five dollar bill?"
Ia he rvallv ia need or 11 T
"Rather, lie wants to pay ma with.
It" Boston Transcript, ,
One of th Ways' . .
She An agent waa &'- h J
with a nacbin for Dewd.r
Ithout tbe us of bah'
bought one . h way or blow.
He Well, of al!ii---n tp-..., '
ing OU' dOUghl-jMOatuT'l?Sa;iipt
fllllam Do It
"That aon
uf yours Is a lifceiy iao.
Sam. Wbyion't you lot blm Join id
and help ust to end the war?
"What! mjv boy, BIIIT Naw, Bw.
What I say la ufiat tpere kayser,
started tb war. let ImlflnlaU it Is
If." .
Rsvsrss Influence
"So vou voted for nrohllilUonT'11
"Sure." renlled Uncle Hill lloltlotiiTJ
"For years every ticket I voted for hash
been defeated. So 1 didn't take any
chance." Washington Star.
Mssri tumy rprvoiTrj
br ? aiukU rim. !.
Hfvd. fr-fc, wit.ti' wttrmi a
Vmwi Noiun.a tow" f
tnt em iwl la
Wrtai for tort: nl tnmili
(-im. . b'cwi.f em. i 1 .as
fm an. Inlarlar. CullarM be
rh mttMHf ar Cxuu amlucl. U W m
Man a! Hllln In MmlaH tii '
SHUllh Kiiwa
'C,Gcc Wo
aerfanfal Raaw
ffl. (wMi'.ful barb
cl r-mrnli.4 ear all
kln-t. uf MtrnanU of
MM aMi WblMMUffllh
out ofi-ratwi-t,
C'hinaM bmv-Sv
htxl. arvtl vnlmtiM. whtch ar en.. . v
fha aMtlkal aeianea of On. aountry. W
Writ lot blank and elrc-uiar. H-rwl nm
la! C. Cet W Chinese Mdicht Ce'
1821 fint m. Portland. On
ManUoii Papar.
P, N. U.
No. I, 1918
IVBEN wriltae aaVarlUara, alaus
" um Ihla aaixir.
it a
II. la tmilhiioml di-ima from
an 1 ture all the cu fuHnlne
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